Dark Jamie

Name:Jamie McCheater(Because she and Jamie has the same name,she is called Dark Jamie or JC)

(JC:We are technically same person,why seperate us D: ?)

(Me:Then If your master is looking for Jamie,which one of you will answer him?)

(Jamie: o3o)

Clothes:miniskirt+black coat(one sleeve),maid outfit(after joined Eggman's side)

Weapons:Scythe,Kitchen knife(JC:Cause it's enough 0w0) 

Voice Actresses:Her creator(me) with deeper voice



Love Interest:Eggman(secret crush+virginity being taken)


Rivals:Amy(one way)(Amy always thinks one day she will steal sonic from her)

Enemies:Sonic or whoever is on his side


Special Abitlites:Mind reading,seeing people's dream(by touching their forehead,Jamie credit),Night Vision.

Personality:kinda Conservatism(I'm not sure if it is the correct adj,maybe I'll say this:If someone take her virginity,she will follow that guy no matter how,and maybe she will fall into him o3o) loyal(JC:only to my master 0w0),

Likes:Her Sickle,her kitchen knives,eyes,something shiny,rainy weather.

Dislikes:girly clothing and colour,being forced to go shopping with Amy(JC:cause it will like you shopping with your girlfriend,your girlfriend tried a lot of dresses,shirts,skirts,shoes,etc.and she asked you if she looks good on them,but all I can see is only 2 things,PINK AND GIRLY!!nothing else!)

Ability Type:Power(JC:at least I could catch up with those "3s" if I want to.),.

Hair Color:Black(JC:but those are spikes :o)

Hair Style:similiar to Jamie,only with longer hair and spikes

Eye Color:red(normal),yellow(Alert),purple(Desire/lust)Jamie's blue(Jamie's mind control spell or body get taken over)

Height:same as knuckles

Appearence:see the picture o3o.


About her(unfinished)

The Cheater family

JC was an orphan raised by the Cheater family,a criminal family known of cheating people,when she was 10,she was taught how to make people believe in her lies,how to make lies become truth.when she was 12,she learned how to draw fake paintings look exactly same as the real one.

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