Age 16

fur black

eyes none

Evil in this form

Love Intresesed Luna the hedgehog

Friends Sonic Silver And all of his Friends

enemys eggman and anyone who gets in his way

Inferno can only transform in big anger mephilies tryed to bring this power out by killing Shine and then witness the full power of dark super inferno2 Inferno can not control this power but Luna helped control this dark power and after training they would hangout or go out to eat Gold and dark say its a date but Inferno and Luna say its a friendly outing but one day Inferno and luna were chaseing each other and both tripped next to each other so they laied there looking at the night sky and luna asked way does Inferno need to push him self to the and only thing he said was he lost a friend in a battle and that he was to late so said he well train to his limits and luna similed at his braveness but after that day luna got kidnapped and inferno did anything to save her and that means going aganst orders and saw luna down at meal sonic base and then Inferno turned to dark Super but tried to hold himself back then he saw Luna and got control of his ultamate challnge

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