384px-557px-Worgen crest

since I still havent updated the crest. heres a somewhat fitting crest that actually doesn't belong to me /o\

"Forever engulfed within the shadows, shall our souls be taken for our master and thus let the demonic embrace take us to glory" - Headmistress Zhavria

Creator: 'Blight' Soulblood

Leader: Headmistress Zhavria

Three cults that are separated around Mobius, doing dark dealings and rituals to help further achieve their goal. The three cults are somewhat merged together to create the Darkmoon Anguish Cult.

-- Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Affilation: Shadebrood

Our goal is not quite clear. Blight technically works by himself, others that are righteous for this cause, most likely seek the old artefacts, more power. Blight only says it loud and clear, that the group should focus on finding a way to destroy Skyaros as a whole planet itself and just destroy others that stand in their way. This cult follows the Headmistress, who she follows Blight. They will do anything without question but they still have their ambitions.

[This is a group that any character may join, it leads to Shadows of Fate: IF story The character could be a good that turned evil, a goodie who thinks this is the right way or just plain evil, there is just a few things to remember when bringing this character into the cult.]

Secondary Cult Leaders:

Neldra Frostmaw - Raveneous (She's a Raven? Get it? XD okay...maybe not ;-;) Harbringer of Frost: Cult of the Remorseless Winter

Mobian Death Knight -1 Neldra

This one seems to be shaded, lol XD

Kratos Memphilis - Mink, Mysterious Warlock of the corrupted unholy and death: Cult of Darthak Ruin (Or may be known as Rose of Decay to some people)

Kantos Memphilis

Kantos Memphilis - Darthak Ruin

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