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This is an epic battle between the Sonic,Final Fantasy,Dead or Alive,Ninja Gaiden,the Legend of Dragoon,and Kingdom Hearts worlds,so sit back and enjoy the most action packed adventure ever.
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Episode 1.The Start of an Adventure.

Character debut: Mitena, Felicia, Tammy, Ayane, Kasumi, and Hitomi.

We start with Mitena running; perhaps she was running away from someone. She ran all the way into a temple.There she met with her stalker. A human girl with orange hair stood in front of her."Who are you?"Mitena asked her. The girl just stood there.

"If you're not talking, then get ready for this." Mitena said. She loaded her pistol. The girl started running toward her. Mitena started shooting, but the girl kept dodging the bullets. Despite her efforts,Mitena couldn't stop her. She was tackled by the girl. "Get off me."Mitena said.

The orange haired girl got up. Mitena noticed her gun had been switched with what seemed to be a magical gun. But then the girl said something."I'm Kasumi,your worst nightmare."She said. Just then,a girl with purple hair appeared."Bout time you showed up, Ayane."Kasumi said.

"Well, I'm here now, let's take her down."Ayane said.They agreed. Before she knew it, Mitena was being punched and kicked. Just as it seemed to be over, a bat girl showed up. She had twin daggers."Need some help?" She asked Mitena."Thank you."She said."No prob,I'm Felicia."The bat girl replied.

They faced their opponents and ran toward each other. Mitena continued to shoot bullets at Kasumi, while Felicia was busy with Ayane. Felicia tackled Ayane and threw her at Kasumi knocking them both out. Then Felicia and Mitena double teamed them. Felicia slashed them and Mitena shot them close range in the head, the girls got up and went after them again; it took a while.

But Felicia and Mitena were able to weaken them, so they decided to finish it.Felicia threw the two, then Mitena shot 2 huge blasts at them. But they didn't connect, because another girl got in front of them. She was brown haired and wearing jeans."Nice try, but you'll have to better than that if you wanna get past Hitomi."The girl said mocking them.

They instantly went after the two girls. Ayane knocked them down, then Kasumi punched them over and over, finally Hitomi threw a piece of the temple at them, knocking them both outside.While Felicia and Mitena rested, their rivals came after them, but before a blow could be done, a magenta colored hedgehog girl appeared and reflected their blows.

"Looks like you could use some help; I'm Tammy."She told Mitena and Felicia. The 6 got ready for battle. None of them wanted to lose.

Episode 2.The Icy Battle.

Character debut: Quistis, Rinoa, and Rachel.

We begin where episode 1 ended, with Tammy, Felicia, and Mitena standing in front of their rivals: Kasumi, Ayane, and Hitomi.Now we see who wins.

Tammy went straight after Hitomi.She started off with a round of kicks and punches, while Mitena took off after Kasumi and Felicia went after Ayane. Mitena was able to shoot Kasumi in the head knocking her out for the time being. Felicia tried to slash Ayane, but she kept doing back-flips.

"Stay still."Felicia said. But Ayane wasn't going to. Tammy was about to finish Hitomi, but she was unable to connect, so she threw Hitomi into the ground. Hitomi got up and started to fight back. In the middle of Ayane and Felicia's fight, Kasumi pulled her sister out."Plan B?"She asked. Ayane agreed.

So, while Kasumi was busy fighting off the double team of Felicia and Mitena, Ayane climbed to the top of the temple and started praying.Tammy instantly knew what she was going to do, so she started running toward the temple, but every time she got close, either Hitomi or Kasumi would repel her.

About a minute later, it was too late and Ayane punched the top of the temple and blew it up causing a chain reaction making the entire temple cave in. Tammy and her team-mates stopped and started running toward the edge of the temple, seeing there was no other choice, they jumped.They were soon followed by their rivals.

Now you would think them falling would leave no room for fighting, well wrong.Hitomi went after Tammy again, but she was ready.Tammy threw a fast round of punches at her, then Tammy threw her head into part of the temple, while Mitena continued to shoot magic bullets and Felicia kept trying to slash Ayane.

The girls kept fighting until Tammy and Mitena decided to do their own double team, Mitena shot bullets at Kasumi while Tammy sent a blast of energy. It connected, injuring their target.

The ground was coming fast, but perched near the end was a figure, she jumped off the ledge holding a giant hammer."Rachel,come on."Ayane said. Rachel attacked Tammy, trapping her in the hammer. Mitena and Felicia ran to help her, but they were hit by Ayane and Kasumi.

Hitomi threw incredibly fast punches,weakening the 2. Rachel finally let go of Tammy,just in time for Ayane and Kasumi to hurt her too. All of them finally saw the ground,but it was covered in lava. Just then the lava froze over into ice. The fighters landed on the ice.

Waiting for them was a girl with black hair and wings. She spoke to Mitena."My name is Rinoa,how about some help?"She asked. Mitena agreed. Then a woman in a black dress appeared."Finally made it Quistis?"Tammy asked. Team Sonic went after their enemies.

Quistis took out her whip and went after Ayane. She was soon joined by Felicia. They took turns alternating attacks until they struck her down. Kasumi went after Mitena. Mitena loaded her gun and shot at Kasumi.Then Rachel used her magic to send fiend type blasts at Felicia and Quistis, but Rinoa shielded them with her wings.

Rinoa then brought forth a huge tornado made of wind and water and threw Kasumi, Ayane, Rachel, and Hitomi into it.Next, Mitena shot blasts into the tornado, Felicia threw her daggers, Quistis used her whip, Tammy slowed down time in the tornado,and Rinoa shot a blast toward it. But,the Team Dead or Alive girls avoided the attacks.So, Rinoa brought two giant rocks. Quistis, Felicia, Mitena, and Tammy jumped on and Rinoa sent them into the tornado.

Inside, the 4 girls attacked their rivals. Mitena shot Kasumi and Ayane.Tammy threw Hitomi into the rocks.Quistis grabbed Rachel and slammed her.Then Felicia slashed them. Finally,the Sonic Girls jumped out of the tornado and Rinoa flew in and sent a final huge blast at the 4 inside.They fell hard into the ice.

Then, once the girls got up and went to their sides, Rinoa cast a spell to bring forth portals."What are they?"Tammy asked."Get someone in one to find out."Rinoa said. So,Team Sonic went after their rivals.Tammy threw Hitomi in one, and Mitena shot Kasumi into one with her. Felicia kicked Ayane into one and ran toward her.

Quistis went after Rachel, but missed and ended up in one alone. Finally,Rachel targeted Rinoa and tried to strike her down to continue the massive fight, but Rinoa brought another portal just as Rachel's war-hammer connected, meaning Rinoa and Rachel were in one together.The portals shot out in different directions.

Episode 3.Tammy V.S. Hitomi.

We start where part 2 left off,Rinoa brought portals to take the girls to one on one fights,everyone but Quistis.But,now to see what's next.

We start at a church,where two of the fighters have just landed:Tammy and Hitomi.They got up and looked at each other."Well,look where we are."Tammy told her rival."Sind Sie bereit zu verlieren?"Hitomi asked."English."Tammy snapped."あなたを失うこと準備ができている?"Hitomi asked."I said English."Tammy replied."Are you ready to lose?"Hitomi asked."Bring it."Tammy said.They stared at each other."So,you think your gonna win?"Tammy asked.

"I know I am."Hitomi replied."Then bring it."Tammy snapped.They ran after each other.Tammy started by throwing punches and kicks.While Hitomi was busy trying to gain an area to hit.Tammy continued to punch and kick,but neither was going to let up any time soon.

Tammy threw everything she had at Hitomi,but she knew she was going to get tired soon,so she had to wrap it up.Tammy threw Hitomi up into the air and tackled her.Hitomi stood up and ran up the wall and jumped onto Tammy,but was soon thrown onto the ground."Stay down if you know what's good for you."Tammy told her enemy.

Hitomi got up and realized she had been half blinded."If I keep this up,I'll lose,no that's not going to happen."Hitomi told herself.She ran after Tammy and kicked her in the stomach.This started a chain of tackles,punches,kicks,and,possibly bites.

It wasn't long until Tammy started getting angry,and we all know that's not good.Tammy fought back with all that she had,but she was losing blood fast,she used the last move she had.She grabbed Hitomi,threw her into the air,then went up herself and started to do mid-air punches and kicks,then threw her down.

Then,she grabbed Hitomi by the neck and kicked her in the ankle,followed by a chop to the stomach,and finished with a head-butt.Hitomi hit the ground hard,but she was still ok,so she decided to finish it.She grabbed Tammy,kicked her in the leg,slapper her and chopped her neck.

Tammy went down hard.It was over.Then a man in a black suit appeared and put Tammy in his arms."What are you going to do with her?"Hitomi asked."Well,miss,this girl lost to you,so we're going to take her to Fighter's City for rest."The man answered her.He left with Tammy in a helicopter.Hitomi just stood there.

Episode 4.Mitena Vs Kasumi.

Character Debut:Helena,Kasumi Clones,and Red.

We start with an adult girl walking into a factory.She walked up to a computer.As she got closer,a holographic sign came up."Warning,estimated lifespan without mechanical support:14 hours."The computer said."Hmm,maybe I shouldn't,it could ruin my career as an opera singer."The girl told herself."But then again,this is my tourney,so ok"She finally made up her mind.She pressed a red button and the machine started up.

Meanwhile at a flowery meadow,Mitena and Kasumi was facing off."Which one of us is going to win?"Kasumi asked her enemy."I don't know,but let's find out."Mitena said.She loaded her gun while Kasumi got out her sword."3,2,1,go."Mitena and Kasumi said together.They rushed at each other.Mitena started it off by shooting magical blast after blast while Kasumi dodged every single one.They met up with a spark."Hm,not bad."Mitena said."You too,by the way I'm still going to win."Kasumi replied.

They broke apart.Kasumi started slashing,trying to get a good hit.But Mitena was shooting as many blasts as she could.Mitena finally got the upper hand,but just as she was going to finish it,another Kasumi stepped in."What,there's two of you?"Mitena asked.Then she looked around her,about 20 other Kasumi's were standing in a circle around her.They all met up with the real Kasumi.

"So,21 against 1,well fine with me."Mitena said reloading her gun.The clones came after her and slashed her while the real Kasumi just watched stunned.Mitena started by shooting 20 rounds a seconds at the clones,but no matter how many she killed,more would come."If I keep this up,I'll lose in no time."Mitena told herself.After several minutes,Mitena was feeling weak,but just as the clones were going to end it,a red hedgehog jumped in front of Mitena and stabbed them with a flaming baton-dagger.

"Are you ok?"He asked her."Yes."She answered.Kasumi saw this and stepped in front of the clones."私たちにどこかに送信."She whispered.A bright light flashed in front of the two's eyes,and after a second,Kasumi and the clones were gone."Thank you for saving me,Mr,"Mitena started after a couple seconds of them both starring at where Kasumi was."Red,and don't call me Mister,now hop on."He said showing her his motorcycle.They got on and was off.

In Red's mind,he was still going over what had happened a couple days before.He was standing on a mountain top looking over the cliff,when Tammy walked up next to him."Why am I here?"Tammy asked him."Because I trust her."Red answered."And because... you remind me of someone,that I said goodbye to,a long time ago."Red replied.Tammy was awestruck,but sad."... It´s only after you truly understand love ... That you understand absolute fear ...; She needs my help."Tammy's inner voice said.So she jumped off the cliff.Waking up on the bottom of the temple from the first episode.Red came back to reality and saw Mitena asleep.So he just continued riding.

Episode 5.Rinoa and Rachel's Jungle Battle.

Previously on Dead Sonic,Tammy lost to Hitomi,Mitena and Kasumi fought,but clones got in the way,so Kasumi sent them with her to another place,and,Red helped out Mitena and is now riding with her,who's fighting next,find out.

Rinoa and Rachel woke up to find themselves in a jungle,but on opposite sides."Well,this is something."Rachel told herself.She walked around examining the jungle."Where is that Rinoa,I can't wait to find her,so I can get her?"She asked herself.She kept walking,she walked for hours until she found a waterfall.

"I might as well wait here,she'll find me eventually."Rachel said sitting down on a rock.Rinoa on the other hand was eating some bananas."These are good,but I need to find someone else.She grabbed her Gun-blade,just in case and started flying using her limit break.

She searched through the entire jungle,ending at the waterfall Rachel was at.She sat down to think.Rachel got up and walked around the waterfall,she saw Rinoa."Well,she finally made it,but let's see her escape me this time."She said holding her axe-hammer.

She charged at Rinoa.But,was dodged when Rinoa shot at her with her Blaster Edge."So,this is where we duel."Rinoa said."Prepare yourself."Rachel laughed.They went after each other.Rinoa broke her blade to reveal a gun."Oh,gonna bring in the big guns,well so am I."Rachel said.She pulled her axe-hammer into the water."Hayt Monju."She said.

Instantly her hammer turned into water."Let's go."Rinoa said.They ran into each other.Rachel tried to slash Rinoa,but Rinoa jumped into the air and did a corkscrew kick,knocking the hammer out of her rivals hands.Rachel quickly picked up the hammer and trapped Rinoa in it,choking her.Rinoa gasped for air.

When she noticed Rinoa trying to free herself,Rachel let her go."Had enough?"Rachel asked laughing at Rinoa."Nope,take this."She answered.She combined her Gun-Blade and her blaster edge,creating a Gunner Edge."It doesn't matter.your gonna lose."Rachel said snarling.

She took Rinoa in her blade and threw her into the ground ad stepped on her.Rinoa got up,she had dirt and blood all over her clothes,so she decided enough was enough and came after her.She threw her weapon,but it missed her by a few feet."Ha,missed me."Rachel mocked.

But she was in for a surprise when the weapon came back,hitting her in the back of the head.She feel hard and that was that.The same man who took Tammy,picked up Rachel and took her to a heli-copter.It flew away,So Rinoa walked away tired and weak after her victory.

Episode 6.Sora and Kairi VS Ryu and Momiji

Character Debut:Sora,Kairi,Ryu,and,Momiji

We start with two figures running along several roof-tops.Ryu,how long until we meet our target?"One of the figures asked."Any minute now,she's nearby Momiji."Ryu answered.They kept running until they found her,a girl in a pink dress.The girl turned around

"Who are you people?"She asked them."The winners."Momiji replied."That's right Kairi."Ryu added."If you want me,come get me."Kairi said holding a Key-blade.Momiji rushed after her ready to slice her with her long sword.

Kairi did a back-flip and tryed to strike,but her blow was cancelled when Momiji jumped.Kairi kept up her attempt to strike,but no matter how many times she did,Momiji would either jump or duck."Stay still."Kairi said getting angry."No,now let's see you take this."Her rival replied.

She jumped into the air and went after Kairi's head,but just then Ryu pulled her back."Look."He said.They turned to their enemy.She somehow gained another Key-blade.The two ninjas looked at each other and nodded.Momiji went after Kairi again.Momiji ran toward her opponent.

But she suddenly felt a sharp pain.Kairi had stabbed her with a Key-blade from the back.Momiji feeling weak stepped back.Her and Ryu looked at where the blow was dealt.

The Keyblade started going into the ground.All the blood on it flooded a little portion of the roof,then it started rising until it vanished,where the blade was,a boy now stood."Sora glad you could make it."Kairi told him."Me too,now let's take them both down together."Sora replied.They ran after the two ninjas.

Kairi took on Momiji while Sora fought Ryu.Kairi swung her Key-blade,it connected to Momiji's back drawing more blood.Sora used his expert knowledge of the Key-blade to deal several blows to Ryu.But,they weren't down yet.Ryu threw a shuriken hitting Sora's leg,Momiji took a dagger and cut Kairi in the arm.

"Ow."Kairi said.Sora and Kairi decided to double team them.Kairi grabbed the two and threw them,.Then Sora jumped up into the air and flew down onto them,and struck them,both.Knocking them both out.A helicopter appeared and carried the losers away.

Kairi and Sora hugged each other and left to find their next opponents.

Episode 7.Felicia Vs Ayane in the Factory.

Character Debut:Haschel.

We start at a factory where Felicia and Ayane were just waking up from their journey.They both looked around until they saw each other.Felicia grabbed her daggers and Ayane pulled out her staff."Well,here we are."Felicia told her opponent."Yes,now one of us will walk out of here a winner,let's find out."Ayane replied.

They ran at each other.Felicia started out with a strong slash at Ayane's leg,but Ayane wasn't down,so she took her staff and made an attempt at Felicia's arm,but her blow was deflected.

"We're too evenly matched."Ayane said."I agree,so let's make this interesting,we'll count to 3,and whoever turns around first,get's to make the first blow."Felicia suggested."I have a better idea,start praying."Ayane said running toward her.Her blow was unfairly steady,Felicia's daggers were knocked out her hands.

As she scrambled to get them,Ayane took advantage and hit Felicia in the head.Felicia was hurt badly,but that also woke up a part of her that was silent for a long time,her want to win.She picked up her daggers and stood there."Come."She said."Ayane fell for the taunt and went after her.Their weapons clashed many times,

They continued their dance for over 20 minutes,neither of them wanting to let up."Your good."Felicia said."As are you,but we both know how this going to end."Ayane said picking up the pace.After seeing their weapons were getting worn out,the 2 girls took out their spares and went back to the fight.

Felicia slashed at a chain holding a pipe above Ayane's head.The pipe fell and nearly knocked Ayane out,but she dodged it.Ayane took after her enemy.They met again at the top of the factory.

They both looked over the edge,all they could see was a boiler."If we do this,then one of will die."Ayane said."Then let's go."Felicia said.She jumped over Ayane and kicked her down.She threw one of her daggers,pinning Ayane to the ground.

Then she took her last dagger and sliced her opponent's arm drawing blood.Ayane tried to stay awake,but quickly fainted.A man came and picked up Ayane and took her away.Felicia sat down tired from her victory.

Meanwhile in a remote desert,a human man around age 60 was getting up from a nap.He looked at his watch,it was blinking,so he pressed a button,a man around 18 appeared."Haschel,you better get going,you have a long way to go before it's your turn."The man said.He then disappeared."Well,better get going."Haschel said.He ran off,leaving a trail of dust in his path.

Episode 8.A battle of Heroes.

Character Debut:Roxas,Namine,Dart,and,Shana.

We start with Sora and Kairi walking through a city."Sora,where are we going?"Kairi asked."According to my Key-blade,their just around the corner."Sora answered.They turned the corner to find a guy in red and a girl in white."Are they our opponents?"Kairi asked."Yes,now let's go."Sora replied.

They rushed at the two with their Key-blades out and ready.But the other two jumped into the air.When they came back down,the guy in red was wearing a weird set of red armor,it had wings,while the girl had the same thing but in white."So,your our rivals,i'm Dart."The guy in red winged armor said.

"And,i'm Shana."The girl in white winged armor told them."I'm Sora and this is Kairi."Sora told them.After getting all the introductions out of the way,the fight started.Sora went after Shana leaving Kairi with Dart.Dart summoned a sword while Shana brought out a bow and arrow.Dart and Kairi clashed several times,while Shana shot arrow after arrow at Sora.

Kairi jumped up and her dress changed colors.turning red.she then brought out two Key-blades and did triple spins to get a hit.Sora took his Key-blade and tried to take Shana from the back,but failed.Kairi's pink dress came back and the second Key-blade vanished.The two Key-blade users were getting tired just trying to get a good hit.So they stepped back.

They nodded at each other.And instantly two feathers came out of their heads,a white one from Kairi and a blue one from Sora.They struck their feathers.Suddenly,their clothes changed.Kairi went from a pink dress to a white one.Sora's jacket and shorts turned black. and Kairi's red hair turned blonde and so did Sora's.They transformed into their Nobodies.

"I'm Roxas."The blonde guy said."Namine.'The girl said.They wasted no time.Roxas and Namine ran at Dart and Shana.Shana tried hard to deflect Roxas' blows,but she was soon knocked out by the many blows.Finally,Namine stabbed Dart in the front and back drawing a lot of blood.

He eventually fell from the combo of blood loss and fatigue.A man and woman in black suits carried the two losers onto the helicopter parked right next door.And,Roxas and Namine left to find more opponents.

Episode 9.On a Beach,Mileena V.S. Helena.

Character Debut:Mileena.

We begin with a peaceful beach,well it won't be serene for long.A hedgehog girl was walking along the shore."Wow,this feels great,too bad I have to fight someone soon."She told herself.

She continued to walk along the shore.She kept walking until she found her target."Hey girl are you ready?"She asked her target:Helena.Helena stood up."Are you ready?"Mileena asked.

"Yes,this is going to be a good match."She said."How about for this fight,we do it hand to hand combat?"Mileena asked."Agreed,now brace yourself."Her rival said running toward her.

Mileena jumped She landed right front of her and stared at her.Helena stared back."My turn."Mileena said.She ran up to Helena and kicked her in the stomach.Helena grabbed her stomach and punched Mileena in the face.

Mileena and Helena continued to exchange punches,kicks,and,chops.Neither of them were getting tired,if one of them didn't think of something,they would be fighting forever.Helena thought about it.

Then,she grabbed Mileena and threw her into the water.She stood up as Helena came toward her.Mileena did a couple back-flips and stuck the landing,giving her sometime to recover before Helena rushed at her.Helena kicked her repeatedly and in a last ditch effort to end it,she slapped her in the face and punched her.

Then she twisted her arm and chopped her in the back of her neck.Finally,Helena gave her a head-butt.Mileena went down.This time she didn't get up,she lost.A woman in a black suit took her."Thank you,now how many do you have?"Helena asked her."About 7 miss."She said."Good,it's all coming into place."Helena said leaving with them.

Meanwhile Kasumi was still fighting her clones.And she was losing blood fast,even though she had only 4 to go.She took out her sword and slashed the remaining 4 clones.She finally did it,she beat the clones.Now she needed to rest and heal her wounds.

She walked around until she found a cave.She limped into it and sat down."Now,a good's night rest should help me."She told herself..She grabbed her Insta-tent and went inside to sleep.The next morning,even though only half her wounds healed,she still went on to find her next opponent.

Dead Sonic Specials,music video 1.Obsessed.

We start at a forest where two of the fighters:Mitena and Kasumi are meeting."You wanna finish our battle?"Mitena asked."No,how about we."Kasumi started before she leaned into Mitena's ear."Ok,let's do it."Mitena agreed.They walked into a room with bright lights,there was a girl with brown hair."Hi,i'm Cissnei,so let's do it."The girl said.

All 3 started dancing and singing.

Cissnei:So, Oh, Oh Oh Oh. So, Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh.
So, Oh, Oh-O- Oh. So, Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh.
So, Oh, Oh-O- Oh. So, Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh.
So, Oh, Oh-O- Oh. So, Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh.
Mitena and Kasumi:Will the real MC please step to the mic?
MC You need an MC, place to be.
MC the MC.

Cissnei:All up in the blogs, sayin' we met at the bar,
When I don't even, know who you are.
Sayin' we up in your house, sayin' I'm up in your car,
But you in LA, and I'm out at Jermaine's.
I'm up in the A, you're so so lame,
And no one here, even mentions your name.
It must be your boys, it must be my girls,
Cause you be poppin' hood, you get it poppin'.

Cissnei with Kasumi and Mitena singing back-up:Ahhh Ohhhh.
Why you so obsessed with me?
Boy I want to know, lyin' that you're dating me.
When everybody knows, it's clear that you're upset with me.
Ohh, finally found a girl that you couldn't impress,
Last man on the earth, still couldn't get this.

You're delusional, you're delusional,
Boy you're losing your mind.
It's confusing yo, you're confused you know,
Why you wasting your time?
Got you all fired up, with your Napoleon complex,
Seein' right through you like you're bathin' in Windex.

Then the music's beat picked up.And,so did the choreography.

Ooh Ohh Ohh.
Boy why you so obsessed with me?
So, Oh, Oh-Oh- Oh. So, Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh.
And all the ladies sing,
So, Oh, Oh-Oh- Oh. So, Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh.
All the girls sing.
Mitena and Kasumi:Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed, obsessed, obsessed.

Ahhh Ohhhh.
Why you so obsessed with me?
And boy I want to know,why you lyin' that you're dating me.
When everybody knows, it's clear that you're upset with me.
Ohh, finally found a girl that you couldn't impress,
Last man on the earth, still couldn't get this.

You're delusional, you're delusional,
Boy you're losing your mind.
Mitena and Kasumi:(Mind)
It's confusing yo, you're confused you know,
Why you wasting your time?
Mitena and Kasumi:(Mind)
Got you all fired up, with your Napoleon complex,
Seein' right through you like you're bathin' in Windex.

Ahhh Ohhhh.
Why you so obsessed with me?
And boy I want to know,why you lyin' that you're sexing me.
When everybody knows, it's clear that you're upset with me.
Ohh, finally found a girl that you couldn't impress,
Last man on the earth, still couldn't get this.

Then the lights in the room starts to fade.
Cissnei,Mitena,and,Kasumi:You're delusional, you're delusional, (He's all up in my George Foreman).
Boy you're losing your mind.
It's confusing yo, you're confused you know,
Why you wasting your time?
Got you all fired up, with your Napoleon complex,
Seein' right through you like you're bathin' in Windex...

After the music stopped,the 3 girls stood around and decided to talk."Hey,i'm still full of energy."Kasumi said.To Be Continued.

Dead Sonic Specials,music video 2.Gee.

After Kasumi,Cissnei,and,Mitena finished their first song,they decided to talk."Hey,i'm still full of energy."Kasumi said."And,you know,we have a few days until the second round."Mitena told them."Let's do another song."Cissnei told them.They agreed on a 9 person song.They all set to find 6 more.After looking,they found,Kairi,Shana,Ayane,Felicia,Htiomi,and,Rinoa."Ok,let's start."Cissnei told them.

South Korean music started.

Cissnei:Aha! Listen Boy My First Love Story
Kairi :My Angel and My Girls
My sunshine
Uh! Uh! let's go!

Mitena:Neomu neomu meotjyeo nuni nuni pusyeo
Sumeul mot shigeosseo tteollineun geol

All:Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby

Cissnei:O neomu puggeureoweo chyeodabol su eobseo
Saranghae ppajyeosseo sujubeun geol

All:Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
Gee gee gee gee bab bab bab bab bab bab

Shana:Eotteoke hajyo
Shana:Tteullineun maeum
Kasumi:(ddeuleeneun maeum)
Shana:Dugeun dugeun dugeun dugeun)
Kasumi:dugeundugeun georyeo
Shana and Kasumi:bamen jamdo mot eerujyo
Kairi:Naneun naneun babongabwayo
Geudae geudae bakke moleuneun babo
Geulaeyo geudael boneun nan

All:Neomu banjjak banjjak nooni booshuh no no no no no
Neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun oh oh oh oh oh
Neomu jjarit jjarit momi ddeullyuh gee gee gee gee gee
O juhjeun nunbit (oh yeah~) oh joeun hyanggee (oh yeah yeah yeah~)

Shana:O neomu neomu yeppeo mami neomu yeppeo
Cheot nune banhaetseo kkok jjipeun gul

All:Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby

Ayane:Neomuna ddewguhwuh manjil suga eopseo
Saranghae tabeoryeo hookkeunhan geol

All:Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
Gee gee gee gee bab bab bab bab bab bab

Felicia:Eojjeomyeon joa
Hitomi:(eojjeomyeon joayo)
Felicia:Soojoobeun naneun
Hitomi:(soojoobeun naneunyo)
Felicia:(Molla molla molla molla) Hyoyeon mollahamyeo maeil
Felicia & Hitomi:geudaeman geurijyo

Mitena:Chinhan chingudeureun malhajyo
Jeongmal neoneun jeongmal motmalryeo babo
Hajiman geudael boneun nan

All:Neomu banjjak banjjak nooni booshuh no no no no no
Neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun oh oh oh oh oh
Neomu jjarit jjarit momi ddeullyuh gee gee gee gee gee
O juhjeun nunbit (oh yeah~) oh joeun hyanggee (oh yeah yeah yeah~)

Then the music started to slow down and went through a steady beat.

Rinoa:Maldo mothaet geol
Neomu bukkeureoweo haneun nan

Felicia:Yongiga eopneun geolkka
Eotteokhaeya joeun geolkka
Mitena & Kairi:Dugeun dogeun mam jorimyeo barabogo itneun nan (ya~)

Then the music went back to normal.

All:Neomu banjjak banjjak nooni booshuh no no no no no
Neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun oh oh oh oh oh
Neomu jjarit jjarit momi ddeullyuh gee gee gee gee gee
O juhjeun nunbit (oh yeah~) oh joeun hyanggee (oh yeah~)

Neomu banjjak banjjak nooni booshuh no no no no no
Neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun oh oh oh oh oh
Neomu jjarit jjarit momi ddeullyuh gee gee gee gee gee
O juhjeun nunbit (oh yeah~) oh joeun hyanggee (oh yeah yeah yeah~)

Shana and Cissnei stayed behind while the other 7 left."So,we should do this again."Shana told Cissnei."Yeah,how about after the second round?"Cissnei asked."Deal."Shana agreed.

Episode 10.Start of the second Round,Hitomi vs Felicia.

Previously on Sonic's Final,Tammy fought Hitomi and lost,then Mitena fought Kasumi,but due to several of Kasumi's clones appearing,Kasumi took them with her to another place,leaving Mitena with Red,then Rinoa and Rachel fought,with Rinoa winning,next,Sora and Kairi fought Ryu and Momiji.

Sora and Kairi barely won,but did,then Felicia and Ayane had their duel,with Felicia winning,next Sora and Kairi fought Dart and Shana,but in the middle of the battle,Sora and Kairi turned into their Nobodies:Roxas and Namine,both Roxas and Namine won,finally,Mileena and Helena fought on beach with Helena winning.And the girls of Dead Sonic performed in two music videos:Obsessed and Gee.Now it's the start of the 2nd and final found,who's fighting next,find out.

Felicia was flying around looking for the others,when she noticed Hitomi sitting on a tree stump.She decided to land and take her by surprise.She crept up behind her opponent with her twin daggers ready.

But before she could make her attack,Hitomi jumped into the air and punched Felicia.Felicia went down hard,but got right back up."So,let's get started,I have another person to fight."Felicia said."You mean,I do?"Hitomi asked.They charged at each other.

Felicia combined her daggers into a sword and slashed Hitomi in the leg."I didn't even feel that,but you'll feel this."Hitomi said as she threw the bat girl and punched her in stomach.Felicia coughed up blood,but got back up."Oh,your gonna pay for that.'She told Hitomi.

She switched her daggers for a rod with two ropes attached to the top.She swished the rod and the two ropes wrapped around Hitomi.Felicia then flicked the rod toward her dragging Hitomi with it.Once Felicia had Hitomi in her sight,she dropped the rod and performed a series of punches and kicks.

Hitomi fell but got right back up.She then did something weird,she changed her fighting style.Then Felicia went after Hitomi and started attacking her,but her foe kept countering "Why can't I get you?"Felicia asked getting tired."Because this is the Wing Chun style."Hitomi answered."I don't care what style it is,I will win."Felicia snapped.She jumped back and grabbed a bottle from her pocket.

"Thanks,Rinoa."Felicia said as she drank what was in the bottle.Her wounds healed and she continued the fight.She combined her rod and daggers into one creating a dagger wand.She went after Hitomi with all her might.Hitomi simply jumped over her and punched her in the back.

Then followed with an open-palm chop in the spinal;cord.Then she kicked Felicia in the head and ended it with headbutt.Felicia fell for the final time.A man arrived and carried Felicia into a heli-copter and flew away."Well,that's that,time to go."Hitomi told herself.She ran off.

Mitena and Red were still trying to find Tammy when they received a call stating she was in Fighter city,so they headed there hopping to put an end to all of this."Red,are you sure we can win?"Mitena asked."We have to,for her."He said.

Episode 11.Rinoa VS Helena,Sorceress and the Opera Singer.

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