Desert Commando (Filipino: Desert Kommando), a wrecker robot and appeared in Sonic and the Steel of Darkness. He was design from a demolition truck to wreck everything in

his path. He's even a mine sweeper robot that removes traps along the way. He was made of manufactured hard-sand element that weights about 4 tons. Eggman placed an anti-gravitational device inside him to performed high jumps.


He was obviously design after CommandoMan. JamesTechno998 replaced the bazookas with a normal arm and a wrecking ball


He will try to ram you or creates shockwaves to stun you. He will also fire the Commando Ball but it's hard to dodge this attack. His overdrive attack, Commando Barrage, can range in different ways. His weakness is the Bubble Parade.


"Hahaha, I hope you like the sound of that."

"I am Desert Commando, toughest robot on Mobius."

"Lets see who's laughing when I buried you in the sand."

Battle Quotes


"Take this"

"Commando Ball"

"Grr..." (got hit by Bubble Parade)

"Don't make me mad" (got hit by Bubble Parade)

"Who's laughing now..." (prepares an Overdrive Attack)

"COMMANDO BARRAGE" (prepares an Overdrive Attack)

"NOOOOOOoooo..." (Defeated)


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