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Six months after the events of what is now known as that Christmas Massacre, Weybrook was back to its full potential, as if it has never happened. It's near the end of Spring, and the news has died during that time. The main antagonist has to lay low, since his planning from earlier did not compensate for sudden backup. Before he does anything on a wide scale again, he planned on removing any forms of help through the use of the black market... AKA, hitmen, assassins, mercenaries, and spies.


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Those assisting to protect Weybrook, either legally, or as a vigilante.

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  • LIVIC 


Those who plan on attacking Weybrook/citizens and visitors of Weybrook. Note that it is not necessary to join the team of the main antagonist in order to place a character here.

Chapter 1: The Calm Before the Storm

It was a wonderful evening, the sun setting over the horizon of the oceans couldn't have been better. The city was still emotionally shook about the threat a few months ago, but other than that, nothing major happened.

TECH facilities found out that they have been breached due to the whole factory incident, and increased their defense effectively. Now with the city back to a calm state, not only has security increased, but security guards could walk the halls once again.

Cops were more alert for enemies... and vigilantes. Despite the work of the heroes, they still acted against the law.

Besides that, the city seemed at its finest... what could possibly go wrong?

Eve O'La Laha (closed)

Having arrived once more to Weybrook; the female hedgehog held her hat in place due to a breeze as her blue eyes look to the city. She smiles a bit to herself yet seem a bit trouble deep down.

Eve's visit was more for a personal reason than any holiday reason, and it took a lot to convince her parents for her to be able to travel back. "Hello again Weybrook." She mumbles slightly as she wore a light blue dress and a overcoat that was dark gray. She sighs as she makes her walk to a nearby hotel, one she had gotten a room for.

The hotel was relatively quiet compared to the rest of Weybrook. People were still finicky about coming to the islands after the Christmas incident. One could even see that at the entrance of the hotel were charity people, the charity being to raise money for orphans and homeless people after the loss of some neighborhoods.

Eve smiles sweetly as she gotten some money out to give to the Charity people, her big sun hat slightly covering her face with some shading. She wouldn't mind the quietness of the hotel either, since it would give her a lot of relaxing time and allow her to think.

The girl scouts thanked Eve for her contributions as she went inside the building. It was an astounding hotel to be honest. The lack of people there ruins its true potential.

A koala was busy at one of the counters, with several room keys on the counter as well.

Eve hums sweetly as she makes her way over to the counter, taking off her sun hat since she was indoors now. "Excuse?" She speaks up, smiling.

The koala glanced up as she placed a box on the counter. "Yes ma'a-- uh..." she stared in shock of seeing Eve personally, but she corrected herself.

"Good evening, Ms. Laha," she said politely, holding her hands to prevent them from shaking. "What is it that you need?"

( Eve isn't married XD ) Eve smiles sweetly at Koala. "I had booked for a room here, Miss." Her smile still bright and sweet as ever.

(my bad, must've been autocorrect, lol) "U-um, yes, you're right." The koala picked up the key, extending her hand towards Eve. "Here's your room key, #010!"

(Lol) Eve smiles sweetly, taking the key. "Thank you Miss." She then bow her head in respect before leaving the counter, she was going to head for her room as she hums happily.

Once a safe distance from Eve, the koala covered her mouth with both hands to let out a tiny squeal, then calmed down and resumed with her work.

The room she entered was dark. Obviously, because the light wasn't on. There seemed to be a silhouette of something, or possibly someone, standing still in the room.

Eve's Blue eyes set on the silhouette as she reach over to turn on the light. "Mine mine, someone was waiting for me?" She questions.

The silhouette was gone. Possibly a trick of the eye. Possibly a very sneaky person.

Eve giggles to herself, going to her bed. "Silly me..." She smiles a little.

It seemed like tonight was going to be peaceful.

Eve was ready for bed, brushing her hair as she hum sweetly.

By now, the sun had fully set, night taking over.

Eve undid the hairtie in her hair, letting her hair drop down to its full length before she pull up the covers to sleep in bed.

After a few good minutes of sleep, a growl might have or might have not woken up Eve.

The growl did, in fact, wake Eve up.

Due to her being asleep prior to this, her eyes would be adjusted to the dark.

Eve was deeply confuse as she sat up, looking around now. "Huh?"

She would see her door open... and Lavo in the bathroom...

Eve seem stun, she close then open her eyes as she stares at the bathroom.

Lavo was gone. Possibly another trick of the brain?

Eve huffs, before groaning as she gotten up to go close her bedroom door tiredly. She was clearly very tired if she thought Lavo of all people was there.

Kendra Littleghost (closed)

Kendra was on her way to Weybrook, where the famed Eve O'La Laha was traveling to. "Oh man, I can't wait to meet her. I've only been here for a little while, but I loved her music when she started singing on the radio!" Kendra said squealing like the fangirl she is.

As Kendra reached Weybrook, the first thing she would notice was the massive size of the place, almost large enough to be a small country.

Kendra walked into the city and went to the nearest hotel as she decided to cash in for the night.

There were two hotel buildings to choose from due to them being right beside each other. The fancier looking hotel was closer to Kendra, the average looking one behind it.

She decided to go into the fancier one since it was closer and she needed sleep.

There was a doorman who had opened the door as she entered. Kendra would notice that the interior was made of a special combination of minerals to give the walls a twinkling white color. Two employees were at the front desk chatting to each other.

She walked up to the two employees. "Could I buy a room please?" She asked.

(seriously, just make a new paragraph so I don't have to constantly find the start of your turn.) "Sure," said one of the employees. "What class room would you like?"

"I'd like a middle class or something i don't know," she said. She was stuck on what to pick as she didn't know what the classes were.

"For one night, including dinner and breakfast, middle class is $40."

"I'll take it!" said Kendra. She was so excited. She took out 40 bucks and handed it to them.

The employee gladly took the money, then took out a key card to extend to Kendra.

"We hope you enjoy your stay here," she said.

Kendra then went running to her room and laid on the bed. "Tomorrow is going to be amazing!" She said squealing like a fangirl again. She closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Lavo Price (closed)

She held some papers in her hand, another hand on her hip as she skim them quietly. A lot had happen since she had arrived back to her home, yet she picked to return to Weybrook in other means. The Mane wolf stares at the city before heading into it, her hands in the pocket of her jacket, her eyes just skimming. She was hoping to find a library and possibly read why folklore or other interesting tales that Weybrook had.

Education was something Weybrook was popular for. As such, it has some of the largest libraries on Mobius. There was always at least one library for every four square miles.

So, the Mane wolf gone into one of the Libraries she first comes across, her eyes skimming a bit as she walks into the place. She was going to have fun exploring it seems.

Libraries were honorary places. Lavo would be able to see the astounding arches and designs in the architecture of this building, having a hollow dome at the top which perfectly reflects sunlight to brighten up the entire building. It would look its most beautiful at noon, but it is currently evening when Lavo entered. It would be an hour before the library closed.

Lavo walks further in the library, she was just going to do some reading and then leave once they need to close. It wasn't too much trouble anyway.

There were five floors of books. The first floor being children's books, the next floor being kids books, third being teens, fourth adults, and the fifth floor being the computer floors, for research and other means.

Lavo picked to go to the fourth floor, only to see if she could find anything about myths, legends, folktales, etc.

There was an elevator, but this elevator wasn't surrounded by walls, but by glass. There was also an escalator that could take her up.

"... No elevators today..." Lavo grumbles to herself as she picked to go up the escalator instead.

The further she went up, the better the view of the sunset behind the glass. She would eventually reach the fourth floor,, seeing a beautiful view of it.

"Mmm... That is a lovely sight... " Lavo mumbles, she pulls out her cell phone and put it on silent to take a picture of the view before putting her phone away. She may try to recreate that view in art; she then goes for the shelves to look though the books.

The books were what she expected. It had all the classical books one would find there. There was one book with no title.

This caught Lavo's eyes, she paused and grab the book, pulling it out to open it. "..."

The words and letters were jumbled. It was basically like reading garble at first glance.

Lavo blinks. "Mmm... Another language?"

It didn't seem like another language, unless one spoke complete gibberish. The first few lines read:


Mbwp Qsjdf

Fwf P'Mb Mbib

Uif Cmbdl Dbu

Uif Cmbdl Dbu jt uxfouz gjwf njmmjpo. Ifs bmmjft bsf pof njmmjpo fbdi.

Along with a bunch of other random writing.

"Mmm... Code possibly? ... I wonder if I can rent out this book..." Lavo blinks, staring at the book quietly.

There was no coding of the book. It seemed as if the book didn't even belong in the library.

Lavo seem honestly surprised, though she takes the book with her and goes to leave the Library. She'll have to find a place to rest at honestly, she didn't get herself a room at any hotel. "Mmm..."

The streets were tamer, making it easier to travel, and the nearest hotel was a few blocks away.

Lavo blinks, walking towards the nearest Hotel with the book- there was going to be a lot of studying. "Mmm... Maybe- No, Krow most likely wouldn't have a clue, he hasn't been to Weybrook... And even then, Mars is running around here somewhere." She mumbles to herself a bit more.

As she entered the hotel, the same koala from before was about to leave, but stopped for Lavo. "Good evening ma'am!" she said happily.

"Ah, good evening, May... I purchase a room real quick?" Lavo asked as nicely as possibly, her ears perked as she looks to the Koala.

"Just in time, there was only one room left. After the burnt down neighborhood, people have basically been living here." She looked around for anyone else watching, then whispered, "the room is right beside the princess singer, you're so lucky!"

Lavo blinks, her ears perked. "Eve? She's here?" She slightly mumbles, this came to a shocked. "I figure her parents would keep her from coming here..." She whispered that last part to herself. "Anyway, thank you."

"It's $20 for an overnight deal, comes with dinner and breakfast."

Lavo pulls out 20 Dollars, handing it over to her. "Very well."

She gave Lavo the key before accepting the cash. "You have a nice night, ma'am. You're room #009."

"Nice night to you too, stay safe..." Lavo stated calmly as she takes the key and starts heading for her room.

As she headed down the hallway, she would notice that Eve's door was slightly open. It could possibly be by accident.

Lavo slightly narrowed her eyes, her mind already thinking of the worse as she goes to carefully open the door a bit more so she could see inside. "..."

The lights were out. Lavo could make out a silhouette on the bed. Possibly Eve. Above her was another silhouette. Its arm was extended over its head, holding something.

Lavo suddenly let out a rather loud growls, pushing the door open wide, but she didn't turn on the light, her eyes not leaving the Silhouette over the one on the bed, she was about ready to sprint in a way to tackle.

This startled the silhouette, and the figure darted across the room to the bathroom. Lavo's growl might have or might have not woken up Eve.

Lavo's eyes narrowed, she wouldn't have notice if Eve woke up as she goes for the bathroom after the silhouette person.

The little light Lavo did have was because of the windows. In the bathroom, it was pitch black. The silhouette was basically nowhere to be seen.

Lavo started to sniff around now, now relying on her other senses. ' Where did it go...? ' She thought.

The smell basically said that the silhouette somehow managed to sneak past her and leave the room.

Lavo glares as she leaves the bathroom and walked out of Eve's room; without even really acknowledging Eve being awake.

The smell of the enemy seemed to have him escaping the building, the smell getting fainter the whole time.

Lavo growls, but she sighs as she heads for her room next to Eve's at this point. "... Lock your door Eve..." She mutter as loudly as she could, but to not shout either.

Speed Man (closed)

Speed Man had gotten a distress call about the aftermath of the "Christmas Massacre". Not knowing what it was or how it happened he decided to do some research on where it happened and how. His findings led him to one single place: Weybrook. Deciding to check the place out he teleported over to the outskirts of Weybrook. "This is the right place alright" he said.

By looking at the city on the outskirts, everything seems repaired already. The islands seemed at peace. from the outskirts.

Speed Man decided to walk into the city to cash into a hotel for the night. He wondered if room service could provide a charger, if there was room service.

There were two hotels right beside each other. The more fancy looking one being behind the other.

He decided to go into the fancier hotel as he needed some assurance they had room service, so then he walked in.

As he walked there, Speed Man would notice another person entering the same building up ahead.

Shrugging it off as someone of no importance he walked in.

As he entered the building, Speed Man would probably take notice of the scenery.

"Seems too expensive for me. I'll go to the other hotel instead," he said as he walked out. Walking to the other hotel he accidentally extended his wheels and went flying into the hotel.

A koala who was about to leave the building scream as she leapt out of the way, the ferret employee frozen, looking shocked at Speed Man's entrance. He had never seen anything like this before.

He ran towards the ferret looking worried. "Do you know what happened to them?" asked Speed Man.

"Uh... good evening?" was all that the ferret could say. The koala got herself up after avoiding the collision with Speed man. She dusted herself as she looked at him, wondering why he went flying into the building in the first place.

"Oh thank god your alright. Sorry about running in like that.." he said chuckling awkwardly. "Could I maybe buy a room?"

The koala let out a sigh. "I just gave away the last room available here," she said as she left the building.

The ferret looked over to Speed Man. "I'm sorry, sir, I'm afraid she is right. You were just ten minutes too late, as a wolf came and had taken the last room here."

Speed Man was thought of a compromise as he was listening to them. "Well I could sleep someplace that's not a room. I'm just a robot after all." he said. "I charge by either plug in or by being near heat. I'm powered by those two things."

"Oh.... um, well I guess you can sit in the lobby then," the employee thought out loud.

"Alright! How much will it be?" he asked pulling out his wallet out his hammerspace.

"Umm.. I.. don't know... I guess if it was a room, it would be $20."

"I'll give you $30 for the trouble I caused with the running in" He handed the money to the ferret.

"Oh..." he said as he took the money, "Well then, thank you, Mister.."

"Speed Man. Call me Speed Man," he said. walking to the corner he sat next to a heater and bid the ferret good night. Hopefully tomorrow he can get some answers.

Mars (closed)

A green wolf had arrived, having ported himself on the roof of the tallest building in the city with a surge of electricity he was happy; he had a chance to explore new territory and have fun! The call of adventure attracted the wolf, that and tidbits he overheard from his best friend Lavo.

Mars would feel the impact of intense winds due to being up so high. The tallest skyscraper was 0.67 miles high.

Any normal mobian probably would've been blown off, but as an electrokinetic Mars could Magnetize his feet to the metal roofing, though he did find it veeeery chilly. 

Looking down, Mars would find it hard to see anything without some form of enhanced sight, because he was so high. However, at this height, Mars would see the best view for a sunset yet, and he would also see the lights of the city almost being magical. 

Indeed, his eyes lit up like a kid at a candy store, the lights of the city serving to excabrate the childish wonder he felt, and were it not chilly he would stay up here for a sunset.

The sunset only continued to sink as time went on, meaning the temperature would drop even more.

With that in mind, Mars vanished from the roof with a surge of lightning, reappearing on some telephone lines and surfing on them. "Wheee!~"

Due to the amount of technology everywhere on Weybrook, Mars could pretty much end up wherever he wanted to at the moment.

Like say.. A bank? Not that Mars was aware of where he was going.

If that was where Mars ended his surfing journey, he would appear over a bank.

"Ooooh~?" Mars looked around, hopping off the telephone wire.

Mars would end up surprising one of the patrolling cops, and they almost shot Mars in the process.

If the cop drew a gun Mars would've reacted on instinct and pumped enough electricity into the cop to paralyze an elephant.

The cop was instantly dropped to the ground, and his partner assumed that Mars was another villain.

"FREEZE!" He yelled as he drew his gun out.

Mars reacted again, by porting behind the cop with a surge of electricity and attempting to deliver a crushing drop kick to the back of his neck.

The other cop collapsed from the shock as well. Surrounding citizens began screaming as they attempted to run from Mars after seeing seemingly attack the cops for no reason. Due to there being two cops on each block, they would begin running to the sounds of commotion.

Mars panicked, now just trying to get away from the scene without getting into anymore trouble by electrical surfing on the telephone wires. He didn't care where he ended up, just that he escaped.

This tactic was successful, and oncoming cops came in, checking their comrades as they woken up from being "tazed".

Hellervein Triplets (closed)

A union of brief hisses formed out as the sun rose. With a sigh, three figures made their way into the nearest building, which seemed to be a packaging center. Seconds later, the three rushed back out, with the female of the three noting "Literature before tape," and immediately they were darting to the library.

The closest library to go to was a quarter mile away, over a small yet glamorous bridge that illuminated with the evening glow. Even the surrounding waters seemed crystal clear.

The three quickly rushed to the establishment, moving underneath the bridge as they went before quickly sweeping under the door, reforming from a shadow form to the left.

Due to cops being more alert, they may glance in the directions of the shadows, thinking that their eyes were playing tricks on them.

The sister of the three felines walked immediately up to the second floor to browse. The brothers looked about for any kind of lounge or perhaps a cafe inside the library.

There was a large reading zone on the first floor which could be considered as a lounge, but for obvious reasons, food and drinks weren't allowed in the library.

The two shrugged before sitting down.  Triven immediately got back up, pacing, while Simble just relaxed.  Glyph started going through various books, most on languages.

An announcement went on throughout the building. "Pardon the interruption, the library will be closing in 30 minutes, I repeat, the library is closing in 30 minutes. Thank you."

"Day just broke recently," Triven hissed.

(hehe... look at the first sentence of chapter 1)

(I'm aware.  It was intentional.)

(skips his turn because he can't continue off of it)

"I am going to find beverages," Triven walked out from the library while Simble remained.  Glyph became quite emersed in her reading, leaning against a wall.

The nearest shop for Triven to visit was a small cáfe. Most other shops were closed that night.

He jogged over, hoping to get inside before it closed.

It was practically empty, three employees were in the building. The one by the cash register let out a wave and smiled.

He made his way in quickly.  "What are the popular meals here?"

"We're a variety cáfe, we have just about anything you can think of," the cashier said with a smile.

"Does that mean you do not have specific popular meals?"

"Well, our three most famous dinner meals are from our deluxe spaghetti, our chicken macaroni casserole, and bourbon chicken meals.

"Three spaghettis," He replied immediately.  "Three... coffees with them?" He shrugged. 

"Sure then," the employee said. He looked back to see that the chef was already at it, so the cashier got right down to business. "$19.26," he stated, giving Triven the receipt. 

He looked it over.  "Dollars..." His arms went behind his back before coming back out with a fifty dollar bill, which he handed over.  "You... may keep the change.  Will the meals and drinks be packaged?"

The cashier took the fifty dollar bill, initially shocked that he would give this much money away. "If you want it to go, then yes, it will be packaged."

"That then," He nodded. 

The cashier nodded in response, then turned around to tell the others that it was a to go meal. 

The cashier then turned back to Triven as time went on. "I'm guessing you're getting a meal for you and some others then, right?" he asked, trying to break the ice. 

"Yes," Triven answered bluntly.  If he was interested in talking casually, he didn't appear very... used to it.

With that awkward response, the cashier scratched his head, then said, "Your meal will be prepared in just a few minutes."

"Gratitude," He nodded, folding his arms with a glance downward in wait.

As he waited, a white fox entered the cáfe. He walked to the cashier and asked for some coffee.

Triven stepped to the right as the man made his way to the counter.

After a moment, one of the other employees came out with the coffee. She gave the cup to the fox, and the other three to Triven in a cupholder.

Triven took the coffees.  "Is the meal ready?"

"On it's way," the waitress said with a smile as she went back to the open kitchen.

The fox leaned near the entrance of the door, sipping his cup and checking his watch.

Triven continued to wait.

In about a minute, the waitress came with the bag of three spaghetti meals. "Thanks for stopping by our cáfe," she said.

(Was wondering about this.) Triven nodded in response before quickly returning to the library with the food.

While Triven left, the white fox checked his watch once more, then he quickdrawed his pistol and shot the waitress with her back turned, now aiming the gun at the cashier, who freaked out, putting his hands up.

Xavek (closed)

Xavek sneered, here he was.. Back at this city; the very same one that heaped upon him trouble upon trouble with no veritable end in sight.. In short, he hated this place; though he got the data from the TECH group he was so fervently interested in acquiring and wasted no time pouring through it all like a nerd in a sci-fi convention.

"Again.. Business calls.." He mumbled, having taken on a holographical human disguise to blend in easier as he approached the city limits.

The city part of Weybrook was less busier than usually with the drop in visitors and tourists, but every now and then, seeing crowded sidewalks were not a surprise. It seems that Weybrook has gotten to peak condition again, relatively fast.

Xavek chuckled under his breath, he found it funny how these fleshbags could simply move on with their lives after the whole fiasco with this Satan Claws. He only heard about it through radio broadcasts so he didn't know too much about the incident.

Xavek would then probably notice that there were at least two cops on every block, all scanning their environments carefully.

Xavek shrugged, he should be fine since he was in disguise.

The evening proceeded only to get darker as time went on.

(running out of things to talk about, where is Xavek heading to right now...)

Oddly enough, he was headed for the slummier parts of Weybrook.

The neighborhood there had the tallest buildings being three stories high. Plans to build it better were postponed after the Massacre. Despite being the lower class, the people around here, minus the homeless, seemed to be very happy with their lives. There were less cops in the area, about on cop patrolling every four blocks.

"Huh.. How odd that people can be happy with just the table scraps of society.." Xavek mumbled as he looked around.

The surrounding was pretty tame. Everything seemed peaceful. There was a cat walking down an alleyway, but other than that, it didn't seem as if anything important was in this part of Weybrook.

He deigned to follow the cat from a distance, as he was no idiot and really bored.

The attire of the cat was covering her up. Despite the fact that it's late winter, this evening was pretty warm, so all of her clothing meant she was either hiding her identity, or homeless. The cat stopped, about to turn around to check if she was followed.

Xavek activated his stealth cloak, deactivating the holographic disguise to do so.

After scanning her environment, she walked towards a dumpster, opening it up and digging through the trash.

Xavek snuck closer, curious as to what she was digging up.

The Cat pulled out a Blue Band book and turned to the second page. She pulled out a UV light as she read an invisible message.

Xavek cycled his vision settings to UV, hoping to read the message.

The message read:

Locate a book in the Chromestone Library, on the fourth floor in the legends and folktales category. The book has no title, and to read the code, change the letters to the next letter in the alphabet. Inform all assassins, mercenaries, and hitman about this, and you will receive a bonus reward.

Xavek silently chuckled, now headed to the library.

Chapter 2: The Rise of Conflict

For some people, they're lucky enough to be on the good side of Weybrook. For others, they're on the not so good side. Then there's a big mystery that is tying up in all of this...

(If you don't want you characters to start in this second chapter, just type "postpone", and I will add them in the next chapter)

Lavo (closed)

Lavo's room was a very decent one, the only flaw with it was that the last room left turned out to be a room for two, so excess supplies were available. Including two beds.

She looks around; an ideal room for if Mars find where she is. Lavo then goes to one of the beds, closer to the window [if there is one] and open the title-less book to look at the shuffle words once more. Trying to decode this will be hard, but she'll form up different theories till something make sense; after all, she was a very restless and tired-less person.

There was a computer in the room. It could possibly have an online decoder, but it looks out of date, and may run slowly.

Lavo looks to the computer. "Mmm... I have my cell phone... But, I'll try the computer." She was about to go to it, but stops halfway, staring at it as she remember Mars, and well.. His abilities. "Mmm..."

Since Lavo is so familiar with Mars, she could probably pick up his scent.

Lavo sniff the air, her eyes widen a bit; she toss the book into her bag and exits her room to follow after Mars' scent.

Lavo would notice Mars in the hallway. Mars seemed panicky, and he instinctively fired a bolt of lightning at Lavo.

"Whoa, whoa" Lavo, however, didn't dodge, taking the bolt to her person as she close her eyes. "...Mars..."

Mars (closed)

Mars pops up in the middle of a hotel. Because of this, the ferret employee did not see him trespass. Which was a good thing, considering the news were already on about his defensive reaction on the cops, exaggerated to be attempted murder.

Mars was panicking now, looking around for someone, in this state he could kill someone with electrical bleedoff.

Someone was coming up behind Mars.

In a panic, he turned around and fired a bolt of lightning at whoever was coming up behind him.

It took a while, but Mars calmed down at the sight of his best friend/sibling figure. "... S-sorry.." He mumbled.

Lavo and Mars (closed)

Though she took the full brunt of it, Lavo didn't exactly collapse, primarily because of the odd properties of her blood.

Mars looked at Lavo, a tad concerned since he did fire a bolt of lightning at her from near point blank while under duress.

Lavo grunted a bit, sighing before petting Mars' head. "... What did you do this time?" She grumbles.

"I-It was self d-defense..!" Mars replied, having some trouble speaking clearly without tripping over his own words.

Lavo sighs, pulling Mars with her to her room, so no one else could see her. "Explain to me, overall, what happen..." So, Lavo pulled Mars into her Hotel room, closing the door behind the two as she looks to Mars.

Mars took a few deep breaths to calm down, before explaining his circumstances.

Lavo listen, her ears perked before she takes her hand and rubs her forehead. "Mars, you need to be more careful with your powers here..."

Mars sighed. "I-it was in self defense.." He mumbled.

"I know, but they won't know that." Lavo pets Mars' head, hugging him.

Mars just sniffled, returning the hug.

"Shhh..." Lavo pets Mars' head, looking to the beds. "How about you stay here with me, Mars, Till it all settle down?"

Mars nodded. "A-alright.."

Lavo pets Mars' head, sitting on her bed.

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Hellervein Triplets (closed)

Six clawed fingers crowned the top of the fox's head a second later as a rattlesnake hiss came from the bothered feline.  "I dropped one of those packages because of your n-" then he saw the shot woman and his hand began to squeeze.

The fox was bleeding, but he didn't seem to feel it. "I'll give you a chance to run now. LET GO!" he demanded.

The blood from the fox began to drain out into the fingertips of the white six-eared cat as he scraped his claws against the fox's head while aiming to swing him out the door behind them.

The fox rolled back onto his feet, eyeing Triven. "Have it your way," he said, pointing the pistol in Triven's direction.

Triven looked back at the fox with a sneering rattling clicking growl before turning back to the woman, stepping over the counter to assess her wounds.

The woman was paralyzed from the waste down, struggling to breathe, and already there was a lot of blood on the floor.

Triven would've been shot at, but the Fox was interrupted by something. It would seem as if the Fox was talking to himself angrily, before deciding to holster his gun. He pressed a button on his watch, got on a motorcycle, and left the scene. It seemed safe.

Triven placed a hand on the wound, slowly soaking up the blood and redistributing it into the woman.  A blue mixture of the liquid began going into her system, knitting the body back together.

The waiter looked Triven, mouthing a thank you.

The cashier remained frozen in place at what happened. However, a closer look shows that the cashier wasn't frozen by the current situation, but something else outside.

Triven turned to the cashier, looking him over for a moment before glancing outside.

There seemed to be a large star in the sky, but the "star" seemed to be getting bigger. If Triven had enhanced sight, he would be able to see what it was.

While Triven did possess a higher set of eyes, he didn't stare out at the star long.  He wove his hand in front of the cashier, nudging them.

The cashier blinked, then knew what he was supposed to do. He leapt over the counter and gently but firmly picked up the waitress, getting her out of harms way. It seemed that the other employess left via the back door.

Triven jerked back at the sudden return to movement, looking back outside for a moment.  With a sigh, he stepped out, gathering up the remaining two spaghettis and three coffees.

The star landed outside, cracking the ground on impact. It turns out that it was a blue fox, looking like it is a cyborg, possibly being one. It went in to search the area, being completely oblivious to Triven at first.

"... What is this?" Triven asked with a grumble to the fox.

The fox remained mute for a second, then robotically turned his head it to Triven's direction. "Get out," he said with no expression.

Triven's eyes narrowed, raising an eyebrow.  "We are already out."

The fox didn't respond, simply returning to its task. It punched through the counter like it was paper, digging through the cash register.

With a growl, Triven rolled his neck, placing the food and drinks down again.  He reached out a hand at the cyborg fox, sensing for any sign of bodily liquids.  Any he found, he would latch to, pulling at.

The only form of body fluids were the few parts of the body that wasn't robot: part of the face, fore arms, and part of the thighs.

Using these, Triven curled his fingers, pulling the liquids, pulling the body, dragging it toward him, that is if the liquids didn't break out from the body beforehand.

If Triven was doing anything, he was damaging the living part of the cyborg. However, the robot continued searching through the cash register. It seemed as if it wasn't going for the money, scattering it all over the floor.

Seeing that he was being ignored, Triven stepped over, slamming the register closed on the cyborg.

The cyborg looked over at Triven and repeated its last statement. "Get out."

To this, Triven promptly yanked the register back, elbowing the cyborg to send him out of the building.

The elbowing technique seemed to not move the cyborg at all. However, the cyborg did take notice of this attempt, and pointed its hand at Triven's face, seeming to open a cannon in the palm of it.

Then, for a moment, the cyborg began shaking. It wasn't staring down Triven, the eyes look natural.

"Run," the cyborg said with plea, or in actuality, the flesh part of the cyborg.

"Never," Triven took hold of the cannon arm, a brief spark of light appearing as a covering of ice began to form over it.

"I.. can't override it.." he struggled to say as the robotic side slowly took over again, having the gun vibrate in order to melt the ice. "You need to... escape, while you can... get... help.."

"Save your energy on the current task," Triven began continually coating the cybernetic parts of the body.  Something was taking hold of the arms of the body, pushing to force them into fists.

"What.. are you doing?" the fox said as he looked down to see what was affecting his arms.

The force then began to apply pressure to crunch down the arms.  With his visible hands, long orange shining claws came out from his six fingers,curling tensly before slamming at the elbow joints of the cybernetic areas.

The fox grunted. "The metals has no pain receptors, but I still do in case you forgot," he notified through his gritted teeth. "Move.. to the side for a second.."

"My intent is to sever the limb," Triven answered.  He did not move at first, but after some seconds... "fine," he stepped aside.

The fox forced the palm of his hand open just for a quick second, and a blast from it destroyed the unlucky wall. "If it kept building up, the damage would've been greater," he replied.

"... " Triven lifted the body of the fox, beginning to carry him outside.  "We will deal with this away from businesses... What controls you?  A virus?"

"It's.. I don't know.. they did something to me, and I can't control myself.." The fox is currently trying his best not to strangle Triven.

Triven sat the fox down, coating over further with ice.  "Who are they?"

"I was kidnapped... I don't know who any of them are, I just remember that white fox..."

"..." He picked the fox up again, walking back to the food and drinks.  They floated upward as he began walking to the library.

Meanwhile, with the Simble, a librarian walked over to them. "Um, excuse me?" she said calmly.

(Simble is on the lobby couch, Glyph is upstairs)

(kk, I'll go with Simble then)

"Yes?" He looked up to the librarian, a very hypnotic aura coming off from his eyes.

The librarian tried not to stare directly at him, her eyes feeling woozy. "It's closing time. You're going to have to leave."

"...Hm... Very well.  Please allow me to gather my siblings," He stood up.

"Thank you, and have a good night, sir" she said as she walked back.

By now, Triven and the cyborg fox would be within a block of the library.

Triven busted the library doors open as he walked inside, causing Simble to glance over toward him.  "... Ah, you have a pet?" He joked.

"A new phone, actually," the fox replied.

The librarian turned around at the sound of this. "Um sir, the sign said that the librar-- oh my.."

"He fell from the sky and seems to be partially under the control of some force," Triven explained.

"... We are in a library," Simble reminded.  Triven simply rose an eyebrow and sat the fox down.

The fox glanced over at Triven with his one normal eye. "You should take me to a safer place. I don't know when that other side of me will take over again, but if it does, I don't want to hurt anyone. I just remembered that if it takes control, it will simply repair its missing arm."

"He raises a point," Simble agreed.

"The sooner the situation is dealt with, the better," Triven countered.

"Or perhaps you simply do not know where we could take him?"

"That... is also a factor."

"Hrmm," the fox thought about this. "I wanna say we can go to the fa--" he began convulsing.

Simble shifted across the floor, his hand planting on the forehead of the fox.  An aura of pink began forming into him.  "Focus," He directed, using his own mental abilities to reach in and help push with the fox's mind.

It was tough, but eventually, the robot side was subdued, for now. "Thanks," he said, "There was a factory abandoned ever since the Christmas Massacre. You could lock me up there until you can help me."

"That will do very well," Simble nodded before turning to the librarian.  While both of his hands appeared at his side, she felt something very much like a hand guiding hers upward just slightly as the tall white cat bowed slighty, planting a brief kiss on the back of her palm.  "My apologies for the inconvenience."

Triven looked to the slightly scratched doors he threw open with a slight cringe before carrying the fox out again.

The librarian stared at everyone with no words as they all left.

Xavek (closed)

Xavek arrived at the library, his stealth field still active.

By now, the library was closed. Since libraries were a big thing to Weybrook, they were guarded decently. It didn't stop the trash diver, however, as she seemed to take an alleyway and start moving a large but thin cylinder rock, revealing a secret underground entrance into the library.

Xavek followed the trash diver.

Once inside, the cat went through a twist of tunnels before finding a fuse box. She placed a device on it, and a few sparks went off before she began to bolt out of the tunnel

Xavek went to investigate the device.

The device was some sort of hijack device, and by the looks of it, it knocked out the power of the building.

Xavek chuckled, this seemed interesting.. Now perhaps he could call up some old contacts of his for a good old fashioned slaughterfest like old times.. But that would have to be handled with the utmost care, afterall.. He did fake his own death to get out of the Bad Egg Legion.

The cat had already escaped the tunnels by now.

Xavek chuckled, going to walk out of the tunnel.

By now he would see a circular hole in the library window, probably where the cat entered.

Noting this, he entered through the library window.

If he went in immediately, he would end up stepping on the glass below. If not, he would be able to see the shattered glass on the floor.

He went in immediaterly, sure shattered glass would make noise when stepped on but it wouldn't pierce through metal.

The glass was the sound that triggered that cat, She glanced back in the direction, and from her point of view, it seemed as if the glass spontaneously broke.

"Damn chameleons," she said out loud as she tossed several shurikens in the area of the broken glass.

The shuriken's bounced off something, as Xavek slowly shimmered into view; his stealth cloak deactivating. "You'll find that your toys are quite useless against me.." 

"...what the fuck? You again?" she replied. 

"Call me a curious little birdy, I see something interesting going on and I can't help but want to know what it is.."

"..Follow someone else for once," she said as she grappled up to the fourth floor.

"Oh please.." Xavek didn't give chase, he felt no need to afterall; he knew what was written in invisible ink.

In the folktales section of the fourth floor, the cat began searching for the book.

Xavek just waited, he had a feeling she would be coming back for something anyways.

After five minutes passed, the cat returned to the first floor via the escalator. "Alright, where's the book?" She demanded.

"Don't have it." Xavek shrugged.

"For all I know you've been stalking me to taunt me. No one else knows where to find this book, and no one ever goes to the folktale section up here. Hell, they were planning on tearing it down. So who else would spontaneously take the book and nothing else?"

"Take a look at the security cameras." Was Xavek's answer.

"After I fried them? Right..." the cat placed her hands in the pockets of her jacket.

"They should still have footage from before."

"The library works online when it comes to cameras. That's why I shut it down," she sighed. "Why did you come back in the first place? After all of these months?"

"Because, I have business here; I find myself rather disgusted that this 'TECH' group is lauded as the most technologically advanced on the planet.. So I plan on hitting their business where it hurts, with superior weaponry at a lower price~" Xavek chuckled.

"...whatever," she responded, pulling her hands out of her jacket. There was some type of technological glove on her hands. "I've wasted enough time in this building. I came here to get information on targets to hunt, so unless-" she stopped herself, thinking... "Hey, Anti Robo-cop, are you able to scan for DNA or fingerprints?"

"Of course I can.." Xavek responded, his optics readjusting the point of focus as he scanned for any signs of forensics evidence.

There seemed to be small flakes of skin, a fingerprint where the book the cat speaks of should've been.

"What do you know, someone else has the book.." Xavek mused, as he examined the fingerprints closely to try and find a match.

"No one else should've known about this book." She said, chin on her fist in thought...

The scan will show a person known as Lavo Price, a wolf.

".... Her..." Xavek hissed. "I found your thief.."

Lavo checked the name, then pulled out a phone as she scanned for names similar to that, finding one of those name currently registered in a Weybrook hotel. "Well then," she smiled, "this makes things much more easier."

She opened a black market, placing a bounty on her. 25k if killed. 50k if brought alive, and 100k if brought alive with the special book. This was sent out to multiple mercenaries and factions for quick and easy cash.

She closed her phone, eyeing Xavek. "Well, it seems I'm in debt to you," she exclaimed.

"Yeah yeah.. If she has a green wolf with her, I want it alive.." Xavek muttered.

"'Dunno anything about a green wolf. Unless he has money on him, I honestly don't care. I'll keep an eye out for him, though," she said, pulling something else out of her pocket.

"Don't worry, this one won't blow up," she joked, thumb flicking a small device in the direction of Xavek.

Xavek caught it, examining the device.

The device suddenly expanded in his hand ten times the original size.

"Oops, I guess it does blow up," she said. "Once I activate the tracker, you'll be able to follow it. I'll try to hook it on that wolf you want so badly."

Xavek shrugged. "Excellent, oh and do try to be subtle about it; I'd rather he not jump ship before I have the chance to catch it.." With that said, Xavek went to leave; the device in hand.

"Heh, wish me good luck with that," she said, escaping through the window.

Xavek chuckled, digitizing himself to leave the library inconspicuously.

Chaotic (closed)

Chaotic finally got back from his dimensional jumping. "Finally. I'm back," he said relieved. "but where am I?" He had never heard of or seen Weybrook.

In the center of Weybrook stood was a small one black large park with a huge fountain. The few people that are here at this late time are usually couples due to the elegance of the lights and fountains.

He decided to look for a hotel since it's late.

There was a fancy looking hotel not too far from here.

"Perfect." as he walked he saw a wolf running hastily (Kendra). He decided to go into the hotel instead of chasing after her.

The doorman gladly opened the door for Chaotic as he reached the door.

"Thank you kind sir" he said. He then gave the doorman a tip of $50 bucks and continued walking.

He met two employees at a counter, both hard at work. They were initially not paying attention due to not hearing him enter.

"Excuse me what are the prices of the room" he asked the two employees

"Depends on what class room you're getting, sir," one responded. "A, B, or C class?"

"I'd just like to know what's the best choice honestly," he said.

"That would be class A then, sir. How long do you intend on being here?"

"For as long as I need to,"

"That plan would be $65, sir," the employee replied. He assumed that Chaotic meant the best deal due to what he said.

"I'll take it," he said while handing the money "Hope you don't mind, but I have this sword here. Is it allowed?" He asked.

"Uhh..." the employee looked at the sword, worried, but calm. "Weapons are allowed, but you do have to fill out a form and sign the contract."

"That'll be no problem," he said.

When given the form, it was required that if a crime happens involving a weapon of similar abilities, you will be treated as a hostage. You were also required to answer things regarding your identity, AKA age, name, home address, etc. There was a place for Chaotic to sign at the end.

"I don't remember where I lived. I've been gone for years." He filled out as much of the form as he could.

"Thank you sir, " he said as he extended his arm with the room key card.

He took the card and went walking to his room.

Kendra Littleghost (Closed)

Waking up with a long yawn, Kendra was fully energized and ready to go. She decided to take a walk around town. Of course, she brought her key card with.

As she was walking, if she has strong hearing, she would hear faint gunshots in the far distance.

"Oh no...." she said. Equipping her Claw Gloves she ran towards the gunshot sound. (would it be fine if she called Speed Man since she knows him?)

(If she knows him, yes)

The gunshots were about 7 blocks away. This part of Weybrook was usually quiet around this time, so sounds could echo and get around easily. "

"I'm probably going to need some help." She then called out on Speed Man and continued running.

If she didn't have any enhanced speed, she would be four blocks away from the Gunshots by now.

She then pushed her speed up more so.

four blocks became three. Ever since the initial shots were heard, no more were made.

She kept running.

Three blocks were now one. An explosion was heard.

Kendra contacted Speed Man. "Speed Man, I need you to get to my location." She read out the coordinates to him.

Speed Man (closed)

Speed Man activated after Kendra's call got to him. He then teleported to the coordinates of roughly where she heard the gunshots.

He would end up two blocks away from the scene. Due to Weybrook being a city, sound can bounce off of many places, so the rough range of the gunshot is rather large. At the moment, there were no further gunshots to assist Speed Man in finding anything.

With his enhanced senses programmed he heard a metal being destroyed. He then ran towards the sound.

Speed man was getting contacted by Kendra. "Speed Man, I need you to get to my location." She read out the coordinates to him.

"I'm on it!" he then teleported to Kendra's location.

Speed Man and Kendra Littleghost (closed)

Speed Man would appear beside Kendra now. They were still a few blocks from the scene.

Speed Man being the speed of sound went full speed ahead. Kendra following, but slower.

The sound of sirens in the distance were now getting closer.

When Speed Man gets there, he would see a building seemingly intact, aside from a hole in the wall.

He decided to look inside. Kendra finally caught up as well and decided to also look.

The only effect that has happened in the building was the blown hole in the wall and a spot of blood on the floor.

Speed Man decided to jump in while Kendra examined the blood.

The blood didn't seem dry.

Kendra decided to take a sample.

The sirens in the distance continued to get closer.

Kendra then checked on what was going on. Speed Man following. He found nothing of use in that hole.

It seems that the sirens were coming towards them.

They decided to go behind the building and run back to their hotels.

The first cop car rounded the corner, and they began entering the building. The second one was coming to the shop from the backway.

Speed Man decided it would be a good idea to teleport him and Kendra away and back to her hotel.

(If you've read the Sonic and Mega Man crossover comic then you would know that when an organic teleports with a teleporting Robot Master, they then get nauseous afterwards. So Kendra is probably going to feel sick after the teleport)

Chapter 3: The Vigilante Awakens

As usual, every night, the Black Cat prowls the city to snuff out crime. She came later than usual due to more cops being alert, but it didn't mean she was any lazier at her job. As she started her patrol, conflicts begin growing at exponential rates.

The Hellervein Triplets and the Cyborg

On the way to the factory, there seemed to be no attempt for the suit to take over. Halfway through the journey, the fox said, "I think I have full control over my uh... 'legs' now."

"It will be momentary," Triven replied as they rushed to the factory.

When they reach the bridge to the factory, the cyborg began clutching his eyes. "Stop," he said in a painful yet calm manner.

Triven paused.  "What?"

"I... something's going on with my eyes," he said. "It feels like it's burning and freezing at the same time.

"Alright, let me see," Simble stepped in front of him.

From Simble's point of view, nothing major looks different. Then, the fox exclaimed "Oh damn, I have thermal vision?"

Simble placed a hand on his head, beginning to scan through him again.

By scanning him, Simble would find out the hard truth. the fox can't be removed physically from his robot side, because it is integrated with his brain. Not just that, his eyes, his ears, just about everywhere.

"Were you cybernetic before meeting Triven?" Simble inquired.

"No.. I was... kidnapped. Set up as a test subject for months. The reason I was able to stop myself from killing him was that I managed to find a loop in their system. I just figured out how to partway gain control of the suit myself."

"Well you have enhancements now at the least," The taller feline noted in attempt to be optimistic.  "Now we have only to fix the mental issues."

"Heh, okay," he thought out loud as he slowly stood up.

"Well, let's not waste time," Triven said.

Simble began focusing in, trying to locate where in the body the opposing commands were originating from.

It seem that the brain and the CPU motherboard were now one and the same. It could basically be described as similar to a mental condition.

"This will involve programming," Simble informed.  "Either of us are capable, but Glyph has studied this area far more."

"Where is she?" Triven wondered.

"Probably st-... Ah..." His ears flattened.  "We... left her... at the library..."

"...I would make a joke, but I'd feel like a hypocrite," the fox said, his eye twitching.

"The computers at the library would be helpful regardless," Triven began picking up the fox again.

"You really can simply... not do that," Simble assured.  With a shrug, Triven set the man back down.

"We will travel faster in this manner," Simble waved his hand about in front of them, a blue portal forming.

The fox's eye started twitching again as he gazed in awe at the portal, then he was in shock that he was "understanding" the portal, from how it was made, to where the destination would be.

The group stepped through, glancing briefly to see if the Librarian was still around.

The librarian was right at the door, about to turn off the lights of the library.

The two cat boys walked casually through, looking for the nearest computer.

The librarian, still startled by the experience, was a little frightful to talk to them. "Uh.. e-excuse me?"

The taller brother sighed before turning his attention to the librarian as Triven continued looking for a computer.

"Um, w-we're closing right now.. b-but I guess we could stay open for a little longer," she said, worried.

"We will handle our business as briefly as we can," He replied.

"Um, okay then," she replied, idle at the door.

The computers were on the top floor of the library.

Simble walked off to find Glyph as Triven sat at the computer, looking for any kind of cable.

There was a cable, for each computer at that. The fox walked to the side of Triven. "So what exactly are you planning on doing?" he asked.

"We are going to use this computer to get into your programming."

The fox paused, thinking about it. "You sure it has the power to do that?" he asked curiously.

"We will see."

"What is happening?" Glyph sighed while walking over.

The fox remained silent, looking in awe as he stared at the computer, information and code scattering over his eye. He initially didn't even notice Glyph's presence.

"Who is this?" She waved a hand in front of him.

The coding transfer stopped, and the fox blinked repeatedly as he looked up. He shyly scratched the back of his head. "Sorry about that. My name is Michael," he said.

"... I saw what you did, Michael," She replied before sitting down at the computer.  Triven took the cable, looking for an appropriate section of the cyborg's body to connect.

"I... I went viral?" he asked, glancing down at Triven trying to connect him. To Michael's surprise, and possibly the triplets as well, the suit morphed a port when Triven put the cable near him.

Triven plugged him in as Glyph pulled up a command prompt.

"This is... awkward.." he thought, glancing to the computer. The once silent computer fan could now be heard faintly.

The sister feline began going through the connection, opening and downloading various malware programs to pull resources from.

A few more seconds passed, then Michael began feeling woozy and leaned on the computer table, having twitching spasms ever now and then. He glanced at the computer, now trying to figure out exactly what Glyph was trying to do with him.

Once enough was gathered, Glyph began to set up a download feed into Michael's system, the same four songs going over and over into the hundreds as she began using the computer to search through the programming in the cybernetics themselves.

The computer now began heating up, the fan sounding louder but useless. Eventually, the computer froze entirely, and a few seconds later a spark came from the monitor.

(What specifically would be causing that?)

(the systems with the cyborg. Don't worry, a few more turns in the roleplay will reveal why.)

(Alright.  I just wanted to make sure the song part wasn't confused.)

"... Oh wonderous," Glyph sighed.

Michael pondered over what happened. After a moment, he said, "This is a library computer... do you think it lacks the power to understand this?"

"That entirely depends on what 'this' is," She replied.  "All that I know of this situation is that Simble wishes that I look into your cybernetics and clean them."

"Well, that's the problem. I don't know what this is, or how it came to be, but I do know that it's my life support. If this shuts down, I die with it... it gave me life at the cost of my freedom." (damn, that actually sounds pretty good. I have to put that quote on his page.)

(Quotes for the ages @_@)

"Well then I am doubly confused as my intent was to analyze and perhaps reprogram, not destroy the programming."

"I was expecting it to be complex," he responded. "It managed to combine Mobian and machine on a whole new level... imagine the evolution of technology if this was widespread... actually..." Michael started thinking to himself about something to himself.

"You are getting ahead of yourself," Triven noted.  "You are forgetting that you can be brainwashed by this technology."

"...right I know that, it's just... I think I may know where to get a more reliable computer."

"Why did you bring him here?" Glyph questioned.

"Because you were here," Triven replied.

Glyph looked to the Fox.  "Where?"

"I know a TECH facility a few miles from here. I could grant us--" the robot began taking control again, and Michael collapsed to the floor as if he had a seizure.

"... What-"

"The cybernetics," Triven informed.

"... Very well," Glyph pulled him up to face her, placing both hands on his head as she began the same process as Simble had done.  "Focus on the room, Triven, Me, yourself."

"T--....trying.." he struggled to say as his hand and feet began charging with energy. While this was happening, even his severed limb began somehow regrowing at a slow but noticeable pace.

She pressed further with the mental control.

The arm was still in the process of repairing itself when Michael went still...

Then he opened his eyes. Eyes that were now blank with expression.

Lavo and Mars (closed)

On the hotel television, the news was still going on about the whole "attempted murder of the cops."

Mars tried to tune out the TV.

Those news had finally ended about a minute later, and then it brought up something new. Something about a restaurant attack, with the news showing a robotic fox seemingly going wild. Prior to this incident, a robbery was attempted but foiled by a citizen.

Lavo was quiet, trying to read the book yet she pets Mars' head. "Mmm... Lot of weird things..."

A recorded piece of footage appears on the screen from one of the restaurant's cameras. The robot may seem familiar to Lavo.

Lavo paused, staring at the footage now. "That Robot...?"

By looking at the robot, she would see that it seems to be some sort of cyborg male blue fox.

"... That seem so familiar..." Lavo mutters. "Male blue fox..." Her ears twitched, looking down at the title-less book. "...Mmmm..."

Mars blinked, looking confused.

Then, due to both of them being wolves, they both will here the sound of the apartment door shutting closed.

'owo?' Mars blinked, curious.

Lavo's ears flicked, confuse. "...What?" She stands up, putting the book into her side bag before going to her door, opening it to looks around. "...?"

There, it would be the first time Mars has seen the vigilante, and the second time for Lavo. Her helmet hid her face, but her stance seemed aggressive.

Lavo paused, yet she didn't say anything as she stares. "..." She figure it had to do with some crimes going on at the current moment, and Lavo figure the Vigilante didn't want attention brought to her.

Surprisingly, the first thing that came out of her mouth was "What did you do?"

Lavo blinks, before lifting an eyebrow. "Mine mine, I'm a subject of questions suddenly? Do tell me what I don't know, maybe I'll enlighten you on the matters."

"You're a target on Weybrook's black market, which was peaceful after the Massacre, and your friend there assaulted the cops."

"Self defense!" Mars shouted in return. "Jeeze.. QwQ"

"Defense or not, you assaulted them, and they'll treat you like that. There's nothing I can do about it either, since the Massacre also lowered the credibility of vigilantes... somehow..."

"They come at me.. I'll handle it with the same force.." Mars muttered darkly.

"I'd suggest you drop that motto if you're not fine staying on this side of the law," she remarked.

However, Lavo stood rather protective of Mars, glaring a bit coldly at her. "Leave him alone" She growls slightly, before glaring. "As for the black Market, I didn't know anything about it. So don't go acting like I commited a crime." She said with a rather cold attitude to her response. "I found a book that didn't belong in a Library, that had no title. I'm someone who takes great interest in supernatural things. End of story. No blood shred, nothing."

"That book is the cause of you being a target. Give it to me," she demanded in a calm but demanding tone.

"No." Lavo bluntly stated, her eyes narrowed coldly at her. "If they want it so badly, then so be it. I'm not unfamiliar with being tracked down." Her arms crossed. "Beside, even if I did give you the book, that won't stop the bounty."

Mars glared at the Vigilante. "Leave us alone.." He whispered, his emotional state was far from stable right now and Szorra was only making things worse.

Still with a blank voice, the vigilante extended her hand for the book. "I know that they'll still come for you. That's what I'm here to prevent. But in order to understand why they're attacking you, I need the book."

Lavo had a glared in her eyes. "The information inside the book is coded, and though I have no doubt that you can decode it. I'm still going to say no." Her tail flicks. "Beside, the moment someone even knows I don't have the book, I'll be consider free game, and possibly a target since they wouldn't know if I knew the information or not." She calmly said.

Mars watched the exchange, slowly getting angrier and angrier at Szorra as things went on; she was making demands and wouldn't leave them alone! He just wanted to be left alone right now and she wasn't helping much. The statement about the law really got to him however.

"There's camera bugs all over this building, there is no one coming. If the book is coded, let me see it right now."

Lavo glares at Szorra, there was a very clear distrust from the mane wolf. "Fine, but you can't take it." She suddenly stated, she took the book from her side-bag, clear for Szorra to see.

Szorra took the book, opening it in front of their faces. After about 15 seconds, she stated, "This is child's play. Literally, they took no effort into this coding. Lend me something to write with."

"Heh, I had a feeling it might be a list of something; most likely something not good since I'm wanted." She gotten a piece of paper and pencil, handing it to her.

As she wrote it down, her face was unable to be seen, but her silent act shows it wasn't good. She turned the paper towards her.


Lavo Price

Eve O'La Laha

The Black Cat

The Black Cat is twenty five million. Her allies are one million each.

"Apparently, Claws is still active."

"Nothing pointed out that he wouldn't be active." Lavo pointed out. "Troubling thing is, Eve is also here in this hotel. And someone had already try to attack her in her sleep, I don't know who though..." Lavo looks to Mars, petting his head.

Mars looked at the two in confusion, rather curious about these events.

"...Get to Eve, get out of the building. The cameras show no one entering the building at the moment, and they work by shockwave sensing. Unless the enemy is just deciding to casually hover throughout the hotel, it's safe for now.

"Issue is... Eve is asleep, and she doesn't know I'm here; and I can't just leave the book with you." Lavo stated calmly.

Szorra was flipping through the pages, glancing at them. With her high level hyperthymesia, she would be able to remember everything in the book with or without it in her possession.

"One way or the other, we--" she stopped, freezing for a moment, then pulled up a holographic view, where she pulled up a camera to see cops around some robot. But this was a different robot, not like the one on the news.

Mars just watched Szorra warily.

The holographic view would show them all from the view of a camera about a robot disintergrating cops. A very low muttered "shit" came out of the mouth of Szorra.

Mars blinked, honestly he found himself not caring about the live disintegration of the cops shown from the holo-feed.

"Someone seem to be a bit too gun happy, and that statement isn't about the cops." Lavo said dully. "Look, I can't take Eve from here, I'd be accused of Kidnapping; however, you got a problem to go figure out." She looks to Mars.

Szorra gave out a device of some kind with a button on it. "If anything happens, whether you deal with it yourself or not, press that button to alert me. I have a new priority," she stated, speed walking to the door.

Lavo held the device, but she looks to Mars. "...She took the book, didn't she?" She grumbles that statement, clearly she didn't seem happy about that.

She pointed at the nearby counter "Placed it there when you were glancing at the video. If you really think it'll help you in some way, be my guest." Szorra then went out of the apartment door.

Mars looked back at Lavo, a tad confused. "Here I thought I could have a normal day.." He said, looking around now.

"Mars, you know it is never normal when it is involving me..." She mutters, taking the book from the counter and putting it into her bag. "Hmph..." She smirks a bit. "So I'm a wanted target... Nothing new to me, right Mars...?" She looks to Mars.

Mars nodded. "Mhm!"

Lavo nods, sitting on one of the beds in her hotel room. "Best to get some rest..." She said.

Kendra (Closed)

The hotel was seemingly quiet. No signs of danger.

Speed Man let Kendra down and went back to the building to see if he could find what caused the hole.

Kendra stopped feeling nauseous. She walked out of the hotel with her claw gloves at ready. She decided to wall jump up to the top

The hotel was the 14th highest tower in the city, so Kendra would have a great view if she reached to the top before her nausea kicked in.

"Damn these boots" she said in a complaining voice before reaching the top after a long climb.

She then went jumping from building to building looking around for anything suspicious.

From as high up as she is, it will be very difficult for her to be able to see any crime.

"Maybe I should go onto a smaller building." She then dragged off one of the buildings slowly with her claws and went to a smaller building.

At this height, she would just barely manage to see Speed Man with a group of people of some sort.

"What could be going on?" She watched.

Kendra would be too far to see clearly what was happening, or hear what was happening.

She then decided to drop down and ask what was going on.

Then she would hear the gunshots. After that, a plasma shot.

"Oh no...not again..."

Having seen the cops get vaporized she was in shock. Speed Man then passed her with a blue blur. Not wanting to get involved she decided to wander.

Looking around she heard some murmuring. Ignoring it anyway she decided to rest.

After she finished resting she decided to go back to the hotel (Chaotic and Kendra will meet soon).

As she got back in she saw a green and blue hedgehog. "Excuse me?" She said to him. The hedgehog turned around. It was silent.

(...wasn't chaotic in his room this whole chapter? What happened with going through the entrance?)

(He came out to take a break. Chaotic is my character so ye-)

(If you wanted chaotic to have a part in this chapter, you could've just said so, because suddenly coming out of a hotel room to take a break is oddly peculiar. Also, since it's your character, I can't really roleplay for him, so don't wait up on my part until you're done.)

(sorry, was at a friend's overnight)

There walked up to each other. Kendra heard about this hedgehog from Speed Man, but Chaotic had idea who this was. "You're Chaotic right?" she asked. "Yeah, and you are?" He responded

"There's no time to explain right now. One of your old robots just killed many people." She grabbed him by the hand and went running out the door.

Speed Man (closed)

The hotel was seemingly quiet. No signs of danger.

Speed Man let Kendra down and went back to the building to see if he could find what caused the hole.

The cops were still flooding the area, and it was already taped off from anyone else.

He equipped Paint Splash and went to a garbage can and painted over it saying "Long live the king" then dequipped it and yelled out over to the cops "Hey I found some graffiti that may be evidence!"

The cops turned around, but not for the graffiti on the trash can. They turned towards Speed Man for being at the crime scene.

He then scanned the scene quickly while they were distracted by him being there. He then ran.

"...we have a runner, possible suspect," one of the cops stated into his radio.

Speed Man then equipped one if his fellow old Robot Master's weapons, the Swamp Shot. It was a weapon that shot greens sticky liquid, if anyone had went on it or been touched by it then it would be slowed. He shot multiple ones on the ground.

Many of the cops were able to easily avoid this, all of them yelling to freeze as they chased after him.

He then stopped and held his hands up. "I'm not the guy you're looking for. I was there investigating before you came over. I don't know who did it or why, but I know it was with a gun. I had a friend hear it."

One of them began to march up as the rest had their pistols trained on Speed Man. "Vigilantism, helpful or harmful, is illegal. You've also trespassed into the crime scene, potentially causing a contamination.

"Well you see, the friend I talked about has a sample of the blood. I also did a scan while you guys were distracted. Also you may want to put your pistol down," he said in a sotto voice "or do you not know the 3 laws of robotics?"

The cops weren't budging. If anything, Speed Man only gave the group more reasons for him to be arrested. "ON YOUR KNEES, NOW!" the same cop demanded.

"I'm a robot. I can help you, if you resort to violence...I'll ignore the first law."


"You won't listen to reason will you. I guess I'll have to take drastic measures." He then started charging his buster. "Run. Now." he was visibly pissed off.

Pointing a gun at cops causes them to fire, which is what they did.

He then shot the charged plasma shot at the cop.

As the cops were hit with the blast, The few who had stayed back, like forensic scientists for example, began to radio in backup for a "meta opponent".

He then went running back towards the destroyed building, extending his skates to enhance his speed.

Due to not being the ones with weapons, the scientists got out of the building for safety, while the remaining cops there shot at Speed Man while backing away as well.

Ignoring the shooting he did a scan on the premises.

Nothing more could be scanned other than for the cameras in the area, which were still intact.

He then slowly turned towards the cops and slowly walked.

A sound of another siren was in the distance. Its lights could be seen as well, but it wasn't red and blue police lights... it was yellow and green.

He then ran off.

The truck that came, bearing a TECH symbol, stopped by the crime scene, but since Speed Man was gone, all they could do was search the immediate vicinity.

LIVIC (closed)

He was looking through the black market, looking for his next contract when he saw one that intrigued him.. In Weybrook? One of his previous employers is currently looking to expand his business in Weybrook so this made things convenient for LIVIC.

"Well.. Time to go and 'Capture' this Lavo Price.." LIVIC chuckled, printing out a photo of his target before grabbing his gear; he would have to get to Weybrook by boat, but that mattered little.

With Weybrook being in the center of the ocean, depending on the type of boat, it will either take forever to reach the islands, or not that long.

It was obviously going to be a speed boat, sides he had his gear packed and ready for this job.

It would be a while to get there, but even from the distance, Weybrook was able to be easily spotted due to its sheer size and amount of lights.

There were a few public ports for LIVIC to stop by.

LIVIC made sure his gear was properly concealed before taking one of the ports.

With the cops on major patrol, there would be a lot checking who comes and who goes. As LIVIC reaches the port, he would see the more than normal amount of cops.

LIVIC chuckled, he had all the permits necessary along with military identification anyways so legally there was nothing the cops could do to him in regards to his equipment; especially since he applied as a foreigner from a country with very loose gun laws so trying to detain him would be an overstep of a police officer's authority.

Nonetheless, the cops weren't one to not give second chances after the massacre, and they politely asked for the forms the moment LIVIC got to the port.

He showed them the forms, of course they were under one of his old aliases; one 'Hakim Mufaridi'.

After searching through them, the cops had returned the papers to LIVIC. Welcome to Weybrook, Mr. Mufaridi," one of them said with a smile.

LIVIC smiled. "Yes.. Thank you."

As he entered the city, it seemed pretty peaceful. Nothing major was happening at this night.

LIVIC paid this no mind, he knew that would change once he was done here. Either way, he decided to board the ferry, his first stop at Weybrook being to find a way to get into contact with the local black market dealer in the city if there is one.

The ferry rides in Weybrook were free, due to it being manufactured in a way to be an automatic ferry.

LIVIC chuckled, taking the time to enjoy the fresh air before his mission began in full earnest.

With the nice weather and the purity of the river passing through Weybrook, along with the Lights of the city it would be a grand five minutes of sight seeing.

LIVIC took in the sights for all they were worth. It would be some time before he would be able to appreciate a sight like this again, might as well enjoy it while it lasted.

Once the ferry reached its next station, it would land LIVIC in the middle of the main city of Weybrook, Arden.

LIVIC chuckled, disembarking at the first stop at Weybrook, now all that was left was to find a black market dealer and purchase some extra supplies at a discreet location.

There was a group of people just outside an alley that seemed to be gang related. No cops could do anything about them due to them not breaking any laws.

LIVIC smirked, walking towards the group; if these people had contacts with the local black market then that made things easier for him.

The group stopped chatting as LIVIC walked up, all of them resting their hands by their waist.

"Evening, you wouldn't happen to know where I could stop in for some supplies?" LIVIC asked, he made sure to phrase it in a specific manner so as to alert them of what he may be referring to, provided they knew about black market trade deals and what not.

The group of six glanced at each other, and after a few nods, the one started talking. "We trades lot of things at our shop," he said, walking into the alley. Most of the group did the same

LIVIC followed them, he did keep an eye out and his hand on the handle of his sidearm just in case there was an ambush or an attempted mugging.

The two that didn't follow initially now began to follow. It seemed as if they were planning on taking LIVIC out if he attempted any wrong move.

"So, how long until we get to this shop of yours?" LIVIC asked.

They stopped at the back door of an apartment. One of the thugs unlocked the door and entered in, leaving the door open for everyone else to enter. Two of them went in first, then they waited on LIVIC.

LIVIC entered the shop, glancing at whatever they had in stock; though he already had a rough idea of what he may need for this job it never hurts to have variety in case the original plan goes down the toilet.

The house had nothing on the first floor but there was a door to the basement. A thug opened it and pointed down. "Talk to the man in there," he said.

LIVIC nodded, walking downstairs to speak to the afformentioned man in the basement for some highly fucking illegal geneva convention grade supplies.

There was a white fox there, counting over the money at the table. The shoulder of his shirt were bloody, even though there were no signs of injury on him.

Around the large basement was an assortment of weapons on showcase. From handguns to rocket launchers, to lethal close up weapons, to explosives. Drugs were in here as well. The fox didn't bother looking up at LIVIC as he entered.

LIVIC took a look at the explosives, he could use a few shaped charges.

There were several choices to go for. Classical grenades, C4s, mines, claymores, even experimental weapons, which to say at the least are highly expensive for reasons.

LIVIC had the funds, however this contract didn't cover equipment costs so he wouldn't go for anything high end. To that end he looked at the close range weapons. "I'll need something for the up close and personal encounters."

"It makes no sense to check out the explosives then," the fox replied as he jerked his thumb behind him, showing multiple sharp and blunt items to use inn CQC. From the brass and titanium knuckles, to the knives made for striking right between ribs and through the heart, the the metal baseball bats and crowbars.

"You'd be surprised on that.." LIVIC shrugged. "I see there isn't much in the way of nonstandard equipment here..?" He muttered, he was looking for something along the lines of a phase-blade.

The fox glanced up, intrigued. People asking for things like this was expensive, and with how low business was lately, this was something.

He got out of his seat, walking over to a black chest and opening it up. He turned his head to the direction of LIVIC, motioning him over.

LIVIC did so, taking a look at what was inside the chest.

There were three types of knives to choose from. One of of the knives were made of Ardoncal, a type of metal that can cut through steel better than a hot knife through butter. There were a pair of daggers that secreted acid when it impaled something, and it was shaped to be both a powerful combat knife, and a lightweight throwing knife. The last ones were two sais made of a metal that vibrated at a high frequency. This frequency allows it to break the molecular bonds of metals, allowing it to cut through pretty much anything not resistant to it... which is pretty much almost everything.

"We had a bigger variety, but that nutjob from the Massacre bought most of it."

"The sais will do." LIVIC said. "So what's the price tag on them..?" He asked, twirling the two sais in his hands to get a feel for their weight.

The fox chuckled. "You know how hard it is for us to grab even an ounce of enervibral metal from TECH? You better have the money to pay. 2.5 grand, each," he demanded.

"Of course I do, the money will be wired directly to your account." LIVIC said, taking out a phone and pressing a few buttons. "Five grand, should show up in your ledger."

The fox's grin faded. He was not one for taking money electronically, wanting to see it in cold hard cash. He glanced over to one of his thugs, making twitching his ear twice before looking back at LIVIC while taking out his phone to check his bal.

Indeed, five grand had been transfered, though LIVIC's hand rested upon his holstered handgun. A clear warning not to try anything fishy with him if they wanted to live.

"You should really work on the subtleness of how you signal your help." 

"And you should really do some research on me before even thinking to point a gun at me," he remarked, putting his phone away with a glare at LIVIC. 

LIVIC didn't point a gun at him, merely rested a hand on his holstered weapon. "The fact that there is information about you floating around on the web is a clear indicator of your incompetence; you won't find any meaningful information on who or what's inside the mask and suit. Matter of fact I'm willing to take a gander that you think your friends will be able to off me?"

(hint on the word "thinking" in my response)

"My crew against you? By your looks, probably not. But I'm not any normal Mobian. Apparently, you've never heard of me, have you?" he said, a small grin appearing on his face.

"No, care to enlighten me..?" LIVIC smirked under the mask. "I can spare a few minutes before my job."

The fox seemed boastful, and for good reason. "No one knows my true name, my true identity. No one knows how old I am. But two things to know: I run these streets, and I am immortal." he turned towards LIVIC. "No bullet will do shit to me."

LIVIC just.. Laughed. "Immortal..? Son, let me tell you something.. Immortality is quite easy to get around; I've done it so many times.. Now let me guess, your 'immortality' is the result of a healing factor, am I wrong?"

The fox folded his arms. "If you considered returning from disintegration as healing, then yes."

"Care to take me up on this wager then? I'm willing to bet my life and reputation that I can put you down with one bullet to the head~" LIVIC asked. "Afterall, you say you're immortal.. So this shouldn't even be a problem to test."

"Bet your life?" he scoffed. "You're bluffing. The moment you shoot me, you'll attempt to make a run for it. And that's where you will undeniably realize that you will never hide from me."

LIVIC just laughed. "You sound so sure of yourself..? But I won't run; death is something I've been seeking for a while now, you can even have your boys seal off the exit if you don't believe me.. So come on, why don't you take this bet.. Unless you're afraid to die~"

"Tell you what," he stated. "You can walk away now, or you can let your stupidity kill you." his smirk was still on his face, as if he was trying goating LIVIC to try.

"Oh I'm willing to gamble~" LIVIC chuckled, drawing the gun and pressing it against the fox's left eye. Unknown to the fox; LIVIC's pistol used nonstandard ammunition in the form of 'Null' rounds; containing a special mixture of elements at the tip of the round meant to disable powers at the cost of penetration.

"Why hesitate? Pull the trigger."

"If you say so~" LIVIC smiled as he squeezed the trigger, firing the round. This would create an entry wound yet no exit wound, leaving the bullet lodged in the fox's brain.

The fox flew back, smacking his head against the wall as he slumped to the floor. The gunshot alerted the thugs right outside, who came in with their guns pointed at LIVIC.

LIVIC smiled, firing two more null rounds into the fox's neck in order to completely sever the brain stem. "Your boss here wanted to test his so called immortality on me.. Tell me, if he's dead does that mean I run these streets now~?" LIVIC asked with a small chuckle.

The fox's eye began blinking as it looked at LIVIC, for some reason with fear in it. The neck and head seemed to be slowly repairing itself, pushing the bullet shrapnel out of it.

(and you realize those rounds were meant to nullify healing factors and the likes? its kinda like that Carbonadium sword deadpool had.)

((Edit; Ignire the previous part in parenthesis, I didnt explain the rounds well enough and this works XD)

"Hmm.. Oh well.." He quickly turned to the thugs before quickly aiming for their foreheads and firing, a two second delay between each shot.

(With the path it is currently taking, I don't think it would be in the fox's personality to state why, so I'll state it now. You bringing up the topic of Deadpool was pretty funny, because that is exactly who I based him off of. When making antagonists for Szorra, I decided to take inspiration from MARVEL instead of DC, my usual choice. When looking at Deadpool, I decided: "What would happen if a god cursed you with regenerative immortality, but you had a serious attitude?" So yeah, his regeneration is a godly curse.)

(Ahhh XD)

With the fox temporarily out of commission, he could only watch what was happening. The next thug entering came in with an assault rifle, firing the moment the barrel of the gun was past the threshold.

LIVIC increased his gravity field to induce bullet drop as he aimed slightly above the next thug's head to compensate for the increased bullet drop.

The bullet did hit, and he dropped to the ground. The next few thugs played it smart. Knowing that their leader would survive, they tossed a bundle of grenades in the room, one of them without their pin. The thug stretched his arm out to close the door and contain the explosion.

LIVIC just ejected the clip while tossing his handgun at the grenade missing its pin, hoping to send it bouncing back into the thug before he closed the door.

The door closed, followed by the door exploding into bits from the grenade when it was knock out. Meanwhile, the fox was up, in the middle of swinging his chair for the back of LIVIC's head.

LIVIC spun around, swinging one of the Sai's at the chair while attempting to deliver a kick to the Fox's chest in the hopes of knocking him to the ground.

The chair was easily ripped in half, but the kick on manage to make the Fox stumble back a bit. The distance was enough for him to open another chest, and pull out a katana of the same properties.

LIVIC smirked, twirling the two sais before making the come hither gesture in an attempt to goad the fox. 

"You really don't know me then? I'm also feared for being the greatest sword wielder on this planet!" He said as he charged at LIVIC. 

LIVIC just chuckled, allowing the fox to take the first swing; since he could use one of the sais for a blade lock and the other to take a swipe at the fox's neck to decapitate him.

The first thing the fox did wasn't swinging his sword, but having his hand prepped to grab LIVIC's wrist when he closed the distance.

LIVIC dropped one of the Sai's, keeping it afloat using his gravity field as he used his now free hand to attempt to deliver a swift strike to the Fox's trachea while making sure to use the other Sai as a means to parry and riposte should the need arise.

The fox batted away the wrist of LIVIC with his free hand whilst sidestepping to fully dodge the strike, taking to moment to try to cut LIVIC in two at his stomach.

LIVIC blocked with the Sai in his hand before twisting the blade to lock the katana in place, taking out his second pistol using his free hand he pointed at the fox's chest and squeezed the trigger.

The shot hit, but it didn't slow him down. He still had his free hand out and used it to reach for the grab the floating sai whilst using his foot to attempt to kick LIVIC hard in the gut to push him back, all while using his katana hand to attempt to twist the sai out of LIVIC's grip.

LIVIC smirked, wrapping his otherwise free arm around the Fox's leg before spinning and tossing towards the bundle of grenades. Most likely this would result in both melee weapon's flying out of their grasps and embedding themselves in the roof while leaving LIVIC free to aim his pistol at the grenades.

"All I need to do is separate your head from your body, you won't be able to grow that back if both are relatively in one piece."

The fox went with the throw, allowing more momentum to make him reach a side to wall flip off of, allowing him to get back in striking distance with LIVIC. He however chose to dive over to one side of a room, grabbing a nova gas grenade. "And all I need to do is let you take a whiff of this!" he said while biting the pin off.

LIVIC adjusted his aim and fired at the Nova gas grenade in the hopes of causing the grenade to explode in the fox's hands while his mask's air scrubbers would activate to filter out any gas that he may breathe in.

While it did explode in his face, once again it seemed to not phase him even though it did cause him to bleed and bruise. There was enough gas in it for the room to be filled with the poisonous smoke. During the mist of this, the fox grabbed his katana again, moving around the apartment well due to knowing the room inside and out, grabbing more gear.

The fox would've had to jump a fair ways to get the katana as it had been embedded into the roof earlier, and even with an immortal body the gasses affects would still afflict him without proper protection as immortality only prevents you from dying; nothing else.

During this time, LIVIC also grabbed some supplies like the floating sai suspended in his gravity field and some of the shit inside the black chest before going to the guns.

(just letting you know now, the reason the fox was never phased by pain was because he was born with CIPA, the rare disorder where you can't feel pain)

The fox near the threshold of the blown down door, where he got to the bundle of grenades, and decided to pull the pin out of one before tossing it in the direction of the other explosives in the room before escaping.

(Yes, but are there any other affects of the Nova Gas grenade other than just inflicting pain?)

LIVIC grabbed the weapons in the chest and some of the experimental grade stuff before activating his utility belt's force field emitter to protect himself and the experimental goods from the soon to be resulting explosion.

(suffocation and inside muscle deterioration, especially in the respiratory system. Death within 30 seconds for unprotected average mobians.)

Due to the massive amount of explosives in the apartment, the entire floor blew up as a result of the explosion, along with the rest of the building coming down.

(And since he is immortal, he wouldn't die; however muscle deterioration and maybe suffocation might've taken its toll on the fox.)

LIVIC cursed, the force field projector on his utility belt should last through the collapse of the building, allowing him to grab what loot was saved by the forcefield and set about trying to escape.

(It will with more time in the gas. plus I guess it would've been smarter to say he held his breath to lower the amount that entered in his lungs.)

The collapse of the building obviously alerted everyone within the surrounding miles, and it wouldn't be long before cops would come.

LIVIC grabbed what he could, which was everything that wasnt blown up thanks to his gravity powers allowing him to carry anything he wants without worrying about weight or encumberance, and places it all inside the satchel he was carrying his trusty Barret 50 Caliber sniper rifle in before moving to flee the scene.

Xavek (closed)

Xavek decided to wait until there were more confirmed sightings of Lavo and Mars before he would act.

As far as the public media knew, they were off the planet.

But Xavek wasn't relying on public media in this case, why would he when he just received reports that a favored tool of his was en route to Weybrook; he could contact him, and his former associates of the B.E.U; this was a prime opportunity to expand their influence afterall, so getting them to the table should be easy for Xavek.

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(Actually, I got this.)

Xavek established a line of communication through a heavily encrypted channel; what may have been odd was the Egg-tech logo on the right hand side of the holographic comms display.

Xavier (Closed)

Looking around at the Weybrook black market Xavier saw a job asking for a "Lavo Price". He then walked out and went on his hunt.

Walking out of the alleyway, Xavier would end up in a quiet part of Weybrook.

"This Lavo should be someone who committed a crime or so help me god I will track down the one who posted that job" He decided to look in a hotel as she may be visiting.

There were dozens upon dozens of hotels to choose from in Weybrook.

"I'll check the closest one first"

The closest hotel was a mile away.

He started walking.

Eventually, he gets to two hotels. One hotel for the higher class, the other high class as well, but not as much.

He decided to go with the latter.

The building was a little while farther to walk to.

He kept walking.

He finally got to the building with no trouble at all. The hotel seemed relatively quiet.

"Anyone here?"

The only one in the lobby was the night employee, who woke up from his doze with a startle.

"Does a Lavo Price stay here?"

"Uhh..." was all the employee said, just now shaking off the last feelings of sleep. "May I help you?"

"I will ask again. Do you know a Lavo Price?"

"N-no.. hold on, sir," he said as he went to the keyboard. "May I have your name please?"

"Why? I'm not planning on staying. I'm looking for someone..."

"I'm sorry, it's just the rules that we have to follow here. For safety reasons." he chuckled. "With all of the assassins here, you'd think our security would've really been amped up by now."

"I am one of those assassins. However I do not plan on killing this Lavo if she's innocent. I only kill those not on the side of justice." he said in a very sorry voice "I will not harm you as I'm absolutely sure your innocent, and I'm 99% sure this Lavo is innocent so someone on the side of injustice is going to die. Guess you could call me one of those vigilantes. Names Xavier. I may actually plan on staying." He said while pulling out some cash

The employee was silent for a moment, then began laughing. "Wow, I almost thought you were serious for a moment!" he chuckled.

Seeing he saw it as a joke he decided to go with it and handed the money "Keep the change." He then went walking out.

"U-um, sir?" the employee asked. "Don't you want your key?"

"Leave it in the room. I have important business to attend to."

"I can't leave it in the room, the only spare keys are the master keys."

He then quickly grabbed the key and walked off just as quick.

Bad Egg Legion (closed)

-Jared, you mind detailing what base the line went to and what the members were doing when Xavek contacted them? Also whether or not they would be surprised that he's still functional seeing as he's a former member of the B.E.U.-


In the office of Dr.Ophelia Danial at the Warsaw, Poliski base in Eurish a encrypted transmission was sent. While the doctor was painting her nails red she heard the phone as her foxy ears picked up the line and started typing on her computer to intercept the transmission. It was no doubt  nighttime in eastern Eurish and most of the base was either on sentry or resting.

-a monitor went off, the odd part being that someone not eggman knew how to contact them.-

"Hmm?" Ophelia said while she opened up the channel.

Xavek's face popped up. "Why hello there, my former associates~" Xavek spoke with a smirk.

"Xavek! Your still functional?" Ophelia said in a rather supprised manner.

"Of course I am, the good doctor only implanted a bomb in one of my bodies.. All I had to do was set it off to fake my own death, but anyways back to business.. I have a bit of a job for your organization.. The successful capture of a runaway experiment of mine along with the one accompanying it."

"I see, what are the details?" She asks.

"Their current location is somewhere called Weybrook, the initial pay on the black market is low but I am willing to sweeten the deal with recently acquired data on the technological advancements of a local organization called the TECH Group.."

"Hmm, while you know I am one to frown upon the utilization of lesser scientific technology than what I can currently develop for the Unit, I do however find it rather interesting to steal the technology from someone else to make it better. Very well, tell me what you need specificly to go happen and I will try to pull some strings." She replied.

"It's quite simple, have a squad picked out for this job and insert them into the city quietly; things have been rather tense due to recent events that ocurred in Weybrook recently and creating a panic will most certainly cause the targets to flee.." Xavek said, transmitting the relevant data along with a few pictures of Lavo and Mars for identification purposes.

"Remember, I want them alive.." Xavek then cut the transmission once all relevant data had been forwarded to Ophelia.

"I know just the group." Ophelia said as she smirked.

Chapter 4: A New Day (closed)

6:00 in the morning, the sun was just starting to peak over the sky. And the city was once again seemingly under siege. The amount of cops increased across the streets, and a public meeting was happening at the duty square about the dangers.

Eve O'La Laha

Eve started to wake up, sitting up as she stretches while she let out a light yawn. She rubs one of her eyes before looking around a bit.

Everything seemed fine, there wasn't much anything out of place at the moment.

"Last night was weird! Maybe I was suffering from lack of sleep or something?" Eve then giggles at herself for that statement as she then gotten out of bed and gets some clothes to go take a shower, a quick one of course; she gotten to plan out what she was going to be doing after all. So, she head for the bathroom as she holds her clothing.

Eve came out once finished and turns on her T.V so she could listen to the news.

The news showed a reporter in front of debris. "--the cause of it. All that the investigators know is that the air is filled with chemical from military equipment, which means it isn't possible make. Either way, whatever caused the building to explode is still at large. So far, over thirty-two casualties were reported, eight of them dead..."

"H-Huh?" Eve was confuse, what happen? She frowns a bit as she brushes her hair and put it into a side pony. Her clothing was of a Dress shirt, knee length skirt, knee socks and shoes. She stares at the news, worry.

"The latest from another building's camera shows the familiar white fox suspect, speeding off the moment of the explosion. Immediately following this, an unknown suspect in a suit of high tech armor managed to reappear out of the explosion, seemingly unharmed, taking military weaponry away from the crime scene..."

"H-Huh?" Eve question, confuse slightly as she watches as she sits on her bed, still brushing her bangs.

"In other news of these latest threats to Weybrook, the store explosion cause is still at large. No one was hurt, and the only major repair needed is a new wall, but investigators are wondering if whether or not these two cases are connected to each other. No evidence points to this at the moment, but everyone is up on their heels." The television then went on to talk about the weather today, with rain coming an hour from now.

Eve was confuse, but she grab her pruse as she turns off the T.V. She was going to find a place to eat breakfast at; she grabs her phone to look up a place in Weybrook that she could eat at.

There was an abundance of places to eat from. Any type of food she wanted was in a ten minute walk from the platinum leaf hotel.

Eve smiles as she goes out to go and get something with Pancakes involve for breakfast meals. She hums as she grab a sun hat and put it on. She left her room and goes to head out of the apartment, smiling brightly; she was going to go for a nearby food place to get some breakfast.

The nearest food store had just opened minutes ago, so there were no other customers in the building.

Eve smiles as she walks into the building, taking her sun hat off as she walks inside.

An employee of the shop greeted Eve, apparently not knowing her. "Congratulations, you're lucky customer number 1! As a reward, anything you buy here is now half priced!" she said, giving Eve a coupon.

Eve smiles brightly at the employee. "Oh Thank you! I want some Blueberry Pancakes please."

"Alright," she cheerfully said as she wrote the order on a notepad. "Anything else?"

"Hot Chocolate as well" Eve smiles brightly. "That will be it, miss!"

"Okay," she said, putting up the notepad. "It will be ready soon ma'am, please take a seat!"

Eve bows her head before heading to a table to sit, humming softly to herself.

A dog, with gothic style attire entered the building, taking a seat on the other side of the table.

Eve blinks, a bit surprised, before giving a very sweet and caring smile at the dog. No words were given though, she didn't want to bother the person after all.

The dog glanced up, nodding then began looking down possibly at a phone. If Eve was professionally good at reading people, his quick glance at her would be suspicious.

Her head tilt, Eve was one for reading people's moods and actions; maybe not completely by heart involving actions; but the mood of the person was how she could develope likeable songs. She blinks as she was confuse at the suspicious vibe she was getting from the person.

Two people would enter the building by now.

Eve looks to the door, before gasping in amazement and shock, she smiles. "Oh my!"

Lavo and Mars

Lavo was sitting on her bed, having some paper out and a pencil as she was sketching out possible places she could go to and where she may best never visit twice. Her eyes skim the paper once she finished drawing and writing out things before looking to Mars quietly.

Mars was just sleeping on Lavo's lap, honestly he needed to sleep after what happened to him last night.

Lavo pets his head, sighing.

Mars shifted around in his sleep. 'Zzzzzz...'

Lavo huff a sigh, looking around a bit. "..."

Unless the TV was on, nothing seemed to be going on. If their sense of smell was above normal for wolves, they might be able to smell something.

She did have the T.V off, but her nose twitched; sniffing. "...?" Lavo blinks, her wolf senses kicked in as she sniffs.

The familiar smell of the assailant from before was back in the building again.

Mars sniffed the air, waking up. '...?'

Lavo gently gotten Mars off of her as she stood up to follow after this smell. "Where are you...?" She growls under her breathe.

The smell wasn't in the room, but it was definitely somewhere in the building.

Mars followed after Lavo, his senses heightened due to the increase of electricity coursing through his nervous system.

Lavo left her room with Mars, sniffing around in search for this person.

The smell was beginning to slowly fade, as if it was leaving the building.

Lavo grumbles as she leaves the building. (will be waiting for Saren)

"....?" Mars followed Lavo still, rather confused at the moment.

The smell was getting stronger, in the direction of someone walking down the street. Cops were starting to walk the streets again this morning, so any hasty movements may attract attention.

Lavo just follows the direction, glancing to Mars before she takes off her jacket and just put the jacket on Mars so he wasn't too noticeable. "..."

While this was happening, the unknown person entered a breakfast shop.

Mars yawned, glancing at lavo in thanks.

Lavo nods to Mars. "Let us get something to eat, shall we?" She enters into the Breakfast shop with Mars at this point.

Mars smiled, nodding his head as he held his belly; the wolf was hungry.

They enter the shop, where the same person they were following sat on one side of the restaurant, apparently not making any hostile move at the moment. Since they were at the shop early, the only other customer here was Eve.

Lavo saw Eve, and notice right away that Eve knew she was here; as Eve spotted her and that happy look on the female's face with the words following. "... Hello Miss Eve." Lavo stated calmly.

Eve, Lavo, and Mars

The waitress was just bringing Eve's breakfast towards her at this moment.

Eve smiles brightly at the waitress. "Thank you!" She then looks at Lavo and Mars. "Come on over!"

Lavo nods, gently moving Mars towards the table Eve was sitting at so they could sit down. [Saren lol]

Mars sat down, though it was plainly obvious that Mars had some trust issues with new people given how on edge he felt right now.

Lavo sits down next to Mars, looking to Eve. "How have you been, Eve? I am still not surprised to see you don't have personal Bodyguards."

Eve smiles warmly at Lavo and Mars. "I have been doing well, Lavo! Beside, Personal Bodyguards would scare a lot of my fans, I rather not have that!"

Lavo frowns a bit. "Even though you could very well be marked up for assassination?"

Eve nods with a smile, brushing her bangs to the side of her face slightly. "Of course!"

The dog made his way to the counter, asking for a cup of water, and once getting it, moved back to his seat, still able to have eyes on Eve at any moment.

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Mars rubbed his eyes to clear them up. "Waaaaaitaminute... Lala's friends with an iconic pop star?" He asked, looking at Lavo and Eve in confusion.

Eve smiles at Mars. "Not like best friends, But we're friends! Lavo was really good at protecting people!" She smiles sweetly.

Lavo blushes a tiny bit. "It had to be done... But, Yes Mars; I'm kind of friends with a Pop Star..."

".... Sooo oddddddd.." He mumbled, finding a sudden urge to focus on something else that was not Eve. '.... Why is it that the oddest things always happen when I decide to take a trip..? q~q'

Eve giggles a bit as Lavo shakes her head. With that, Eve starts eating her Pancakes happily while Lavo glance at the dog from the corner of her eyes.

Eventually, after whatever he wanted was accomplished, he walked out of the building. Due to the windows being very wide, the last glimpse of the dog could be seen going behind the building.

Mars noticed this, and suddenly bolted in a surge of electricity. He was going to tail the dog as something in his gut told him that he was bad JuJu.

Lavo watches Mars leave, nodding. "... I might have to follow him... No, I will have to follow him." She looks to Eve. "Have a nice day miss Eve."

"U-Um... Al-Alright." Eve nods, confuse as she watches Lavo get up and go after Mars and the dog.

Behind the building, its shadow blocking out the rising morning light, the dog was busy breaking open the electrical box for the building.

The electrical box let out a surge of electricity, as if sigalling someone was close by.

The dog instantly backed away, surprised by the sudden output. Guess I dug in a little too much, he thought to himself as he took the cup of water he had, throwing it at the fuse box.

That would've caused it to blow up in his face; and Mars would've landed on his knees as electricity arced off the wet portions of his fur painfully.

Lavo was watching from a 'safe' distance, staring. "Finally, The one trying to kill the Princess show his face; be glad the princess doesn't seem to notice those hunting her down." She spoke, narrowing her eyes.

Due to him backing away prior to the explosion, the only major thing he had to worry about was shrapnel and possible electrical arcs striking him. One way or the other, the assault will have shut out the power in the building, leaving it dark.

Mars growled, slowly standing up before lunging at the dog with the intent to grab onto him.

Seemingly, the dog disappeared just like that.

Lavo's ears perked. "Mars, into the building, now."

In the building, Eve squeaked as she looks around quickly. "O-Oh no."

Mars zipped inside the building.

In the building, the it was completely dark, the dog having a pistol pointed towards Eve's head.

Without even thinking about it, Mars stuck his hands out a la palpatine and send bolts of lightning at the dog, immediately his hands lit up in a torrent of electricity. He was not aiming to incapacitate nor was he aiming to kill, he was going purely on instinct; and instinct involved putting enough volts in the hostile to kill an elephant.

The dog wore a black spandex like suit under his clothing. Not only did his clothing help insulate his body and prevents him from being seen at night, it is also resistant to electricity due to the fact that he attacks it most of the time. The strike did manage to send him back, dropping the gun in his hand as he fell to the floor, singing his clothing.

Thinking quickly, Mars zipped towards the gun as the dog fell. He had hoped to catch it and point it at the dog before the would be assassin could fully react.

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Lavo makes her way into the building calmly.

Eve squeaked a tiny bit, unsure what to do at this point.

The dog seemingly teleported towards the gun the moment he reached the ground, which he grabbed.

Lavo's wings expand a bit as she walks over, pulling Eve into one of her arms.

"Oh! La-Lavo?"

"Relax Eve..." Lavo said, her eyes slightly lighting up as she stares at the dog. "So, Would be assassin, how much are you being pay to go after the head of this poor girl?"

The dog turned to Lavo. "Enough," was all he said, anger in his voice, and anger in his eyes... well, for Lavo. For Eve, she may notice anger, and a slight amount of fear? Anxiety?

"Enough? I guess enough for you to be able to buy all the things you need; However, I think you need to get a new job." Lavo huff in a form of annoyance.

Eve was worry, she closed her eyes and starts humming in a sweet, soft melody. (Now, I'm going to wait for Saren, lol. )

Electricity arced off Mars' fur as he snarled at the dog, he was just waiting for the slightest twitch before Mars reacted.

The dog glanced at Mars, then at Eve, then to Lavo. He suddenly disappeared with the gun.

Lavo huff in a form of annoyance. "Mars, relax..." She looks to Eve. "Are you alright?"

"Ye-Yes I am, thank you Lavo." Eve glance up to, well, where Lavo face would be [She assumes]

Mars took a few breaths to calm down.

The employees were finally able to find the emergency flashlights to shine into the room. "Is everyone okay? What's going on?"

"Someone just had a fail assassination, no one is harmed or dead." Lavo spoke, looking top the Employees as she gently let go of Eve, Eve was exhaling a soft sigh.

One of the employees walked over to a switch, turning on the emergency lights. The room glowed red in color.

Mars looked around, trying to remain calm.

"Was the assassin using some kind of super taser?" One of them asked.

"It was a gun, not a taser.." Mars mumbled

"And that Assassin also put water on your fuse box." Lavo commented bluntly.

Eve frowns as she looks down. "I'm so sorry..."

"Where were the cops during all of this?" one of the employees grumbled under their breath, making their way to wards the exit. The other employees proceeded to do the same.

Mars ported away in a surge of electricity at the mention of the police, evidently to avoid dealing with the guys in blue.

Lavo huff a sigh, shaking her head. "Stay safe, Eve."

Eve nods as she watches Lavo leaving. "..."

(Eh, I'll close it here.)

Speed Man (closed)

He began to scan around him to see if he could find any familiar traces.

(familiar traces of what?)

(anything really)

(so... I honestly have no idea what to say, so this is the part where you explain, or, I just say "continue")

"Nothing....Well I guess I should be on the run since I broke the first law of robotics." He decided to try and find a place they would never look. He pulled up a map of the city to see if there are any abandoned buildings.

The only "abandoned" buildings free of cops were in the burnt down neighborhoods of one of Weybrook's other islands.

"I guess I'll go there..." He then teleported to one of them.

All the buildings were either burnt down or extremely charred and weak. At a glance the place seemed abandoned.

He walked into one of them.

The floor cracked and crumbled under his weight.

(is there anything below to keep him from falling in?)

(Sorry, my fault for not being clear. It's about a two-four inch drop, nothing major unless the houses had basements.)

"This place isn't very stable." He said. "I wonder what I can do to clear my name. I did murder like 20 cops so I may have a bit of a problem there, but they wouldn't listen to reason so I had to do something." he went on rambling about what he had done what he could do better

He decided to go into his non-combat form as a disguise and teleported to the hotel he was staying at. He walked in (Mega Man characters have this ability btw)

(This was what he initally was, right? He transformed into it in the cop fight?)

(Right before that. When he teleported to Kendra's location he went to combat form.)

There was a different employee at the desk. Probably because the day and night shifts.

"Excuse me....Person?"

"Yes?" the employee look up at Speed Man.

"Do you have any open rooms?" He asked.

"There is one room we have. The residents have left and it has just been cleaned up not too long ago," he responded.

"I'll take it. How much?"

"It depends on how long you plan on staying, sir," he responded.

"Not quite sure how long I might be staying...a few days maybe." he said.

"We have a three day deal at $60 for the room."

"I'll take it." He handed over the money.

"Thank you for stopping by" the employee replied as he handed over the key.

He walked into his room. Sighing.

(continue, or end?)


Kendra and Chaotic

"Where are you taking me?" screamed Chaotic. Kendra did not answer and kept running to the building that she and Speed Man were at.

She kept running and was almost there.

It seems the area wasn't as flooded with cops as it was before, but police tape still crossed the area, but now covered with enough space to completely shut down the road, due to Speed Man.

"Damn. Well anyways, your robot caused all this to happen" she said. "Which one?" Chaotic asked. "Speed Man..."

(Would it be fine to put Xavier in? Kendra and Lavo are similar species so he could mistake Kendra for her)

(idk how you manage to mistaken a brown mane wolf for a grey one...)

(never mind then.)

Kendra decided to wall jump up one of the buildings holding Chaotic while doing so. She then scanned around. "Hey Deathstroke, what's going on in the city right now?" Kendra asked. "Who's Deathstroke?" Chaotic said confusingly. He had no idea about Kendra's fourth wall breaking.

Nothing much at the moment was happening. Other than the black market being popular, the city for now, is at peace.

"Thanks Deathstroke!" She said "Who are you talking to...?" Chaotic said. She decided to check out the police station. Chaotic following.

There were multiple police stations throughout Weybrook. The nearest one being seven blocks away.

Kendra looked up at the text above and went walking with Chaotic to that particular police station.

When they get to the same block as the police station, the amount of police officers on the block is enormous.

"Jeez. A lot of them must've died." Chaotic said. They decided to talk to one of the officers.

The cop turned around. "Is there anything that I can help with?"

"What happened over by the blown open restaurant?"

"We're still investigating with that as we speak," he replied, "but there is a robot that you all need to stay weary of."

(I just thought about it and removed the fourth wall breaking that was in the original sentence)

Kendra thought about what she could do. Chaotic decided to call Xavier, someone he had not talked to in years. During the call Xavier mentioned he was busy "looking" someone named Lavo Price. "Do you know a Lavo Price, Kendra?" he asked. "I don't know many people here, but I'll try to find Lavo, she may have something that could help us." Kendra then went on her way to find Lavo. She wasn't just looking for help from her, she was looking to protect her. She didn't know why, but she felt that she was in danger when Chaotic explained it that way (So now they split)

(I'll end it here then..)

Hellervein Triplets

"... This is happening now," Triven took hold of Michael before flying up through the roof, phasing them both through it.

Once through the roof, Michael positioned his power leg in attempt to kick Triven off of him.

Something grabbed hold of the leg, tightening around it as two other somethings grabbed hold of his arms.  They were getting higher into the atmosphere, toward space.

Michael's arms began charging up another blast of energy, while the flesh part of Michael began freezing.

Now at the preferred height, Triven moved back from Michael, some feet to his front while a gel-like substance could be felt forming over him.  A black flat sphere was forming to his left.

The cyborg began expanding its metal parts on Michael's left arm in order to form a shield. However, it was not expanding this to block anything, only to increase the surface area to delay the gel-like substance forming over, and to block the sphere. Michael's right arm resorted to blasting its energy in the direction of Triven.

The sphere immediately traced the energy, absorbing into it.  Immediately after, the gel began converting into some kind of acidic absorbing agent for this energy.  Triven's hands began to light up with a black mist.  "Rasoul..." 

(special acid properties or no?) 

(Acid?  Oh my goodness, why did I sa- I was probably being... colorful.  The gel is converting into an aborbing agent meant to dilute and eliminate the energy.  I guess that kind of sounds like acid.)

(oh, cool then.)

Seeing as the energy was being absorbed, Michael resorted to physical strikes, using the shield as a weapon, and swinging it at Triven.

A brief crinkling sound was heard as the fur on Triven stiffined slightly.  The shield crashed against his front, giving a ringing clang as some part of Triven was causing a richotte effect against the matter.  

The cyborg, confused, used his jet propulsors on his feet to reach back down to Weybrook at dangerously high speeds, due to being so high up in the atmosphere.

He was still being held by this invisible force, which pulled back at him as the gel continued to drain at the energy before Triven reached out with the mist-covered hand toward the metallic arm.

Eventually, the whole cybernetic suit began vibrating at high speeds in order to try to get rid of the gel.

Flicks of the gel were coming off though a great deal of it was already between areas, just being spread further as the hand pressing against the cyborg, burning away at the energy further.

Suddenly, the true Michael came back into view, stopping the cyborg of any struggle. At the cost of this, the 150 lb robot went limp for a few seconds.

A black portal appeared behind him as Triven began moving the both of them through.

Due to not having full control yet, the robot continued to attempt to swing its foot in Triven's direction with all of its force.

Still holding on to the arm with the invisible force, Triven held his visible hand up to the fist, catching it with a burst of the Rasoul Mist filling the metal as they went through.


They arrived in the tech facility mentioned prior, with Glyph waiting for them.  "I located the area while you were.. tussling."

"Yeah... sorry about that," was all he could say in response. "This one was worse, however. I only partly controlled it, even when I was aware..."

"You will be repaired momentarily," Triven noted as Glyph led them toward one of the more technologically advanced computer.  "Your robotic side will be a slim threat against the Rasoul Energy."

"I just want this nightmare to end..." he ended up saying sulkingly.

"That would be preferable," Glyph hooked him up before getting back on the seat.  "I've disconnected the internet links in this facility."

"It won't be that easy. That facility is manufactured by one of the most powerful organizations on the planet."

"You'll have to specify."

"TECH facilities. This one is the least important one on this island, but it is still connected via satellite. We'll need a way to loop the cameras not shut them down, or things will start looking suspicious."

"I wasn't aware we were in the mood for subtly," Glyph replied.  "Wouldn't you prefer to get the process complete as soon as possible?"

"I'd prefer not to have an entire army on my tail," he said. Then he remembered something, and a smirk curled up upon these lips. "Actually... this won't be as hard as I initially thought it was..."

"... What?"

"It's been so long that I've been gone, I almost forgot that I have some security access to the building... I'll need a phone, or anything that can connect to the internet," he asked.


"...N-no?" Michael said, confused.

"I am not going to connect you to the internet," She crossed her arms.  I would sooner have to fend off the entire military than risk whatever malware or mind-controlling technology that is programmed into you."

"Don't worry about it. I'm a member to TECH."

"... Would you prefer that I simply respond to that statement with silence or that I repeat my previous statement?" She blinked stubbornly.

Michael sighed. "Okay, okay, it's your phone, I won't force you to give it to me..." he began thinking for a moment "...So what's your idea?"

"If you prefer that we hide during this, Triven can change the other systems while you are hooked up to his computer."

"Whatever works to get rid of this virus," he replied with a smirk.

Triven groaned before walking off.  Glyph held out the cable to the fox, prompting.

"So how good is your computer?" Michael asked Triven.

Triven paused, turning back slightly.  "What?"

"I'm just asking if your computer could possibly handle, err... this.."

"I do not own a computer," He replied before walking forward.

"..wait, what?" Michael turned to Glyph. "I thought you said Triven had a computer?"

"I have been holding this port in front of you to take for the past ten seconds," She informed.  "Also, I do not recall speaking about Triven's technology."

"Oh.. um, sorry," he said as he outstretched his arm, the port automatically forming. "It's just that, when you said 'Triven' and 'his computer' in the same sentence, I guess I must've gotten confused."

She shrugged, not particularly bothered by the circumstances.  She sat back down and began going through connecting once again.

Michael allowed himself to be plugged into, taking in a deep breath.

Glyph worked into the circuitry, going through each set of programs to find differences.

It was incredibly complicated, almost as complicated as DNA blueprints.

She focused in one finding differences.

(differences as in...?)

(Differences in the programming between the basic body functions in the cybernetics, and the controlling functions not reactive to the body.)

There, Glyph would out that the machine is one with Michael, down to the very muscles and organs of himself. There was a part of the circuitry that wasn't one with Mech, planted on the top right side of his brain.

She focused in on the programming in that section.

The hardware appeared to be damaged. Currently, with the programming in its off state, there was no information coming out of it. However, it had just very dimly began glowing.

"And there we are," She stood up from the computer, extending out a claw, the tip beginning to shrink forward.

Just then, Michael reached out a hand to stop Glyph. "Hold on," he said, struggling to keep the other side of him from coming over. Compared to the other times, this seemed relatively easier, but it still took a while.

She sighed, tapping her foot.

If she was looking at Michael's brain during this, she would see the hardware slowly dim out, and Michael was back in control once again. "Hehe, um, sorry again," he said sheepishly.

She shrugged before sticking the tip of her claw into his head.  It passed through as if phasing... exactly as if phasing, only solidifying the front as it reached the piece of hardware to crush it.

The hardware was seemingly tough, almost equal in strength as titanium.

Using the phasing properties in her own claw-matter, Glyph reformed the tip inside of the material, breaking down its molecular structure as she began spreading the phasing over it in order to pull it out

The hardware was attached to Michael's brain. The process of pulling it out would put Michael in temporary pain, but with no permanent damage.

She eventually removed the device, closing her hand around it before sending a bombardment of high-frequency sound blasts within her hand to distrupt and destroy the innerworkings.

The resulting hardware was damaged beyond repair, and Michael was sitting there, occasionally having a spasm while covering his head. "What did.. what did you do?" he said in gritted teeth.

She placed the small hardware on the ground while sitting in front of him.  "Express your condition."

"Hurt... a lot of hurt..." he grunted. "I think I might explode... not literally. Well, hopefully not." He began rocking back and forth, holding his head. "You don't happen to have any Tylenol, do you?" he joked, now looking up to Glyph.

"I do not," She cupped his head, forwarding an image of a slow ocean to help sooth his mind and calm.

Michael's breathing began slowing, and he was able to tolerate the pain more "Thanks," he said, giving a grateful smile... then his eyes widened. "I remember," he thought out loud.

"You remember... the capture?"

"Yes," he stated. "I remember where it was. It's on one of the empty islands here, somewhere underground."

"I thought you came from space," Triven noted as he approached.

"No, it's... I wouldn't be surprised if this technology is from space, but I'm from here... I've basically been a living experiment. The thing is, you're kind of right. No technology on Mobius has ever been this complex..."

"We will take your word for it," Glyph stood up.  "Best of luck," She turned to walk out.

"... What?" Triven looked to his sister.

"We did not come here for this," She replied.  "It is not our responsibility."

"And?" The orange-spiked feline folded his arms.  "... We will wait for Simble and he will vote."

Michael sighed. "Well then, best get to him, right?"

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(Idk what you're talking about. I never said anything about him being here o3o)


"He was meant to be here with us," Triven vanished.

Michael glanced over to Glyph. "How long does that usually take?" he asked.

"A minute perhaps?"

Michael sighed at this, rubbing his head. "Listen, I-uh.. I'm sorry for pretty much ruining your night..."

"Well we chose to do this so that is also a factor..."

"Yeah, but still, I just feel bad. Every time I seem to try to help someone, or someone tries to help me, things always seem to go downhill."

"I would not consider this 'downhill'... just... inconveniant."

Simble reappeared in front of them with Triven.

Michael glanced over, giving a small mechanical wave. 

"... Yes, greetings.  What is it?"

"Umm, you see," Michael started off, "I think I might need help with something, but it is possibly dangerous, and in the end, it doesn't actually mean anything to you guys..."

"What is it?"

"It's... I remember the place where I was kidnapped and turned into this, uh.." Michael looked at himself as if it wasn't his body.. which it wasn't.  " robot form...."

"Where is it?"

"Somewhere on an abandoned island. I think I may know which one it is, but that place was locked down due to the risk of volcanic activity rising these past few years... we should be safe once we find out how to get underground, however."

"Then you will have to direct us to the location."

The nonrobotic ear of the fox perked up. "Does this mean you're coming?"

"It would appear so."

Michael sighed in relief. "Alright then. It's not far from here...."

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Xavek (closed)

(gonna have to help me with a starter for Xavek, or have him do some batman level mystery solving  ^^; )

(is it in Xavek's personality to try to find the book or no?)

(It's a curiosity, and finding the book may lead him to Lavo; whom he has a few old grudges to settle with. So yes.)

There was an electrical service crew at the library, currently trying to figure out the cause of the power outage in the library. Obviously, they would all be in uniform.

Unknown to them, Xavek was in wait.. Sneaking up behind them with his plasma sabers activated for precise, quick kills. If Scarlet's method of disabling electronics was found then they could tie it to her.. Something which Xavek wasn't to keen on allowing on the grounds that he did owe her a small favor.

With that in mind, he swung, aiming for the necks of the service crew members.

Of course, them not being fighters, were able to be easily taken out. However, due to the size of the library, there was actually a group of 16 people throughout the library. Xavek had only taken out two.

Xavek switched to thermal sightings in order to find the remaining service crew members before quietly advancing on the closest group still alive.

A group of four were going down to the basement. Three more were checking the fuse boxes behind the building. Five were checking the wirings to the buildings, and the last two were in one of their trucks, checking through equipment.

Xavek's left gauntlet reconfigured itself into a plasma flail as he followed the group headed down to the basement.

The group's flashlights were on their brightest setting as they walked into the darkness.

"You know, the only reason why I was up on time was because my newborn son woke me up?"

"Oh, sorry about that. I know the struggle."

"Of course you do, you have three kids. I can't even handle my one child."

"Trust me, you get used to it," he said as the group stopped in front of the basement fuse box.

'Should not have come to work tonight..' Xavek thought as his right gauntlet reconfigured itself into something akin to a rotary machine gun.

However, he paused.. Killing them, while extremely satisfying, would only hamper his attempts at secrecy in the long run.. So he just slammed his gauntlet against a wall to simulate the sounds of an unstable structure in the hopes that it would spook these guys into leaving.

"What the hell was that?" one of the employees said.

"I dunno. I do know that I don't want to be caved in like those other people this early morning."

"Same. We'll get the crew out, and examine the problem from a safer view. This building is old anyways."

The men started walking towards the staircase.

Xavek smirked, following them from a distance to make sure they left.

"HEY GUYS!" One yelled to the upper floor workers. This place could be coming down! We'll safely examine the problem from the truck!" They continued walking towards the exit as lights (from the flashlight) on the higher floors began making their way down.

Xavek smirked, now waiting for everyone to leave before heading to the upper floors.

Once all the men were out, they all went towards one of the trucks to do their safer examinations.

And Xavek was free to gather clues at his leisure, meaning he took the time necessary for a thorough sweep of the upper floors for anything of use.

So far, the only clues as to where Lavo was other than the bookshelf area were her footprints from point A to Point B, saying Xavek is using extrasensory vision at the moment. 

Xavek chuckled, this meant that all he had to do was follow these tracks.. Or so he hoped.

After a moment, one of the workers came back inside. "Turner, John, where are you guys at, we said to meet outside!" he yelled.

Xavek paid the workers no mind, rather he decided to focus on following the trail and attempted to sneak past the workers while his stealth cloak was still activated.

The worker continued on his search. "Turner, John!... Where the hell are those two..."

Xavek was following the trail, so he was probably on the ground floor by now.

The trail leads to the exit of the building. If Xavek leaves this way, he would be spotted. Meanwhile, the worker was still calling for the two missing workers.

Considering he never deactivated his stealth cloak and these workers probably do not have any experience in detecting anything that is refracting light to hide it's more than likely Xavek would be able to slip by undetected, and if the outside temperature is around 90 degrees Fahrenheit then the slight shimmering effect that occurs when in motion it could easily be written off as a mirage.

(It's kinda close to the north, which is how it gets cold weather in the first place. But whatever, they're all in the truck.)

A while after Xavek escapes, the worker searching for the other man ran out, panicky. When the other electricians asked what happen, he said that they were murdered.

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LIVIC (closed)

As for the aftermath of what had happened cops were all over the nearest four city blocks of the explosion, searching for survivors, searching for clues of the explosion, etc. There seemed to be no trace of the fox, but if LIVIC remembered after all the confusion, he would remember that the fox stated that he would hunt him down.

LIVIC chuckled, he would put an end to the fox. Even if he has to slice off his head and cauterize the wound. With that in mind, LIVIC had arrived in a nearby apartment he had rented out for his stay in Weybrook. Setting his duffel bag down he made a list of possible locations Lavo and Mars might be after closing the blinds and changing out his current equipment.

After compiling the list, which had the apartments, the library and a local power station for the city; he then began to look into sightings of a certain princess by the name of Eve O'La Laha

(continue... again... seriously, I got nothing. I'll make up something on the plans right now.)

(Well, if there is a contract out for Eve's head then he might look into sightings of the princess as well.)

(the contracts for her head came by so many times.. I'm surprised this roleplay managed to dodge them all. Must be Eve's power of good luck, since she survived being assassinated early on in the roleplay and slept peacefully XD)

The last sighting was in the Platinum Leaf Apartments, apparently just on a vacation, some reports say.

(now, question... was he looking up where Eve was on the legit internet, or the black market internet?)

(Both the regular internet and the Deep Web.)

"Hmm.. Well then." He muttered, checking on reports of the princess's activities using the deep web as a sort of comparison. He was checking to see what matched up between the two and coming up with a rough mental framework of Eve's possible locations.

The combination of both confirmed that Eve was in that Apartment in Weybrook, but by checking the deep web, LIVIC may also see a new contract of $600k.

"Interesting.." LIVIC muttered, taking a look at the details of the contract.

The news caught some footage of the white fox leaving the scene by a security camera of another building, as well as LIVIC leaving the scene with his gear. The footage of LIVIC was paused at that point. It seems that LIVIC himself was the target.

LIVIC smiled under his mask. "The game of cat and mouse begins.. Looks like I'll have to operate by night, a worthy challenge~"

Daylight was just appearing over the sky. It wouldn't be long until the city awakens..

LIVIC hadn't actually gotten any sleep, so after making sure the blinds were closed and any trails he could've left online were erased he decided to turn in for some sleep.

(...and I'm guessing that settles LIVIC for this chapter?)


Chapter 5: Increasing Threats

It would be an hour before evening returned, but it already seemed like the sun was setting due to the location of Weybrook. With night on its way, enemies will now hit harder and faster more often, and with night on its way, the Black Cat will now roam the streets again...

Eve O'La Laha

Eve left the food place, going to start heading back to the hotel; she was frowning as she unsure how to feel about being targeted.

With the hotel opened, the place was quiet as before... oddly too quiet, though everything seemed normal.

Eve was confuse by this, about to head to her room as she glance around. "It is oddly quiet..."

The employee was there again, oddly tossing a paper airplane up into the air. It seems she was bored of the quietness as well, but didn't take in the account that it was unusually quiet.

She looks around, before starting to hum a sweet melody to keep herself calm.

Then the sound of gunshots was heard outside. The employee screamed for a quick second as she ducked under.

Eve gasped loudly, covering her ears as she goes to quickly hide somewhere at this point.

Someone entered the building after the gunshots, sounds of a gun reloading.

Eve try to stay really quietly, hiding in her hiding spot as she was out of side, she hugs her knees closed to her as she close her eyes as she just keep thinking. 'Go away, go away, please, go away, go away. I don't want to die, I don't want to die.'

After a moment a man came in, ordering for where Eve was. The koala employee possibly sacrificed her life by not saying anything, and the attacker hopped over the counter, checking the computer. He then shot the koala as he walked down the hallway, presumably going for Eve's room.

Eve frowns greatly, goes to peeking since she didn't go to her room at all- nor possibly even left the first floor, once noting that whoever it was not in the room before going towards the Koala, frowning greatly.

The koala was dead, two bullet wounds.

Eve frowns, but she starts moving to leave the hotel to get far away from the place while quietly praying to herself.

Whilst continuing to run, police forces be passing by. Then, a shadow crossed the ground.

Eve was breathing heavily, now being forced to slow down in her running. Her ears flatten as she started to tear up.

From the sky landed the Black Cat. "I'm sorry for what happened in there," she started off.

Eve sniffles, looking to her. "Sh-She died..." She mumbles a bit.

"Who died?" she asked calmly, placing her hand on her back in an attempt to lead her somewhere safer.

"T-The Koala lady i-in the hotel..." Eve sniffles, letting her lead her to somewhere safer. "S-She is dead be-because of me..."

"No one is dead because of you, but I'll find out who is causing this." The vigilante took Eve through an alley for a shortcut, to stray from the cops.

Eve sniffles, frowning as she looks down at the ground.

Once in a quiet location in an abandoned building, the Black Cat began questioning Eve. "So why did you come back?"

"It was a feeling; I needed to come back..." Eve wipe her tears a bit. "Something in me felt I had unfinished business here..." She frowns. "I'm so sorry..."

Szorra's perfect memory kicked in. "Who, the injured fox?"

"His name is Michael! He... Something happen to him." Eve frowns, her ears flatten. "I don't know what happen to him, but..."

"He's been changed into a weapon of mass destruction. I've tried hunting him myself. This may be your friend, Eve, but this isn't your fight." the vigilante began walking away.

"Isn't my Fight!? No, This is my fight! It greatly worries me, and now knowing that someone forced him to be something he doesn't want to be!? I won't leave till I see him with my own eyes!" Tears form as Eve frowns.

The Black Cat stopped walking. For a moment, she breathed in slowly and exhaled. She turned around. "You remind me of myself a year ago," she stated. She took out a tracking device, extending it to Eve. "If you want to risk your life to find him, take it."  

She takes the tracking device, holding it close as she nods to Black Cat. "...Thank you."

"I'd suggest you find help for finding him," she stated. "Right now, I have priorities." she aimed her gauntlet up, fired it, and soon had zoomed up to the top of a building.

Eve glance down at the tracker, she was unsure of who would honestly aid her in her search for Michael- Lavo seem to be far too busy to aid her. "..."

The tracker showed Michael on an island not too far from the main island. It was an abandoned one, but still possible to get there by bridge.

Eve huff a bit, she was going to have to do this alone, so she make her way to a Bridge that would lead her to that Abandon Island.

Lavo and Mars

Mars had left for one of the higher rooftop vantage points in the city, mainly because he wanted to avoid any trouble with the law or any vigilantes.

Lavo searching for Mars, roaming the streets as she skim around a bit.

Mars hopped down from the building, now walking the streets, he was angry and afraid right now so he traversed the streets quickly.

Lavo kept walking, sniffing slightly for a scent in the air that could lead her to Mars.

The smell of ozone was faint, but easily discernible as Mars' scent. Particularly the scent led her to the industrial area of Weybrook.

"...Well well..." Lavo mutters, following Mars' Scent as best as possibly.

The scent led her to the general area he was in before fading.. Though given the light show that was him feeding off power a scent trail wasn't

With that, Lavo goes to where Mars would be by the sight of light.

The nearest industrial area was at peace for the most part. There were a few factories still active for night workers.

She, and possibly the few factory workers, would see Mars doing his equivalent of stress eating.

As long as Mars wasn't trespassing or attacking the factories in some sort of way, the workers wouldn't pay any mind.

Well he was most likely trespassing, as he was draining electricity from the power plant in vast amounts.

Seeing this happening, the workers all began looking about for the source of the problem, eventually finding Mars and yelling at him to stop.

Lavo open her wings, expanding them before making her way to Mars. "Mars." She stated calmly, looking to him.

Mars looked at Lavo, frightened and breathing heavily.

"Relax, calm down, no one is hunting you down..." Lavo stated, looking to Mars.

"Y-you sure..?" Mars asked, as he stopped draining the electricity.

Workers sighed in relief, some actually cheering that Lavo was able to stop Mars. They couldn't tell that it was the wanted suspect Mars from that distance.

Lavo goes over, hugging Mars gently. "Yes, come on, best we leave."

Mars nods. "Y-yeah.. I-I'd like that.." He mumbled softly, returning the hug.

Lavo picks up Mars, before jump away from the location with Mars to leave the area to somewhere more quieter.

Speed Man (closed)

He decided not to just sit around. He needed to clear his name. Still in disguise he walked out of the hotel at normal human speed and make his way to the police station.


As he walked he scanned his area to see if he recognized anyone around him.

The only one in the area other than about a few cops was another stranger.

Needing people to talk to other than the cops who may be very questioning, he decided to walk over to the stranger. "Excuse me."

(Your and Xavek's parts are now combined)


Kendra would try and find and protect Lavo. She called out her name as she walked around.

Not having any response she decided to go up to the top of the nearest building to see if she could find Lavo. When she got to the top, she then looked around both at the neighboring buildings and at the streets.

From where Kendra was, there was nothing in sight.

She went on to different buildings, calling Lavo's name.

There was a momentary light show far off in the distance.

She then went towards the direction of the light

The lights quickly faded as soon as they appeared, still several blocks away.

Knowing the location it originate from she went quickly over.

Now only three blocks away, the industrial side of Weybrook could be seen. It was relatively dark there.

Not knowing what she might find she had her claw gloves at ready.


She jumped down and looked around her area.

Lights had become slightly dimmer than normal.

She slowly walked towards the lights in a fighting stance.

(lights as in the entire neighborhood)

(let's just say she went in that direction ;^^)

When she gets to the factory, the lights would return to their full brightness. The yelling commotions from earlier dim down, actually turning into some applauding. They would be coming from factory workers.

She decided to take a peek.

The workers were applauding, looking up to something.

She went inside sneakily.

There would be a camera that is pointed towards the entrance of the factory, both on the outside and the inside.

Kendra sees the text above. "How did I not notice that?"


She decided to take out the camera and take the.... (There's film right?)

(There is no film, welcome to the city of the future.)

Deciding to fumble with the cameras could have possibly triggered a huge warning bell for security measures.

"Crap." She decided to hide in one of the darker corners of the ceilings. She then waited.

It wasn't long before security to come by, checking the surrounding area.

She climbed up higher trying to get out of their line of sight.


While doing so she looked around to see if she could find a way out without being seen.

There was a small vent about 7 feet away from her, on the other side of the hallway

She proceeded to climb along the walls.

A security guard was just under Kendra when he suddenly stopped.

Seeing this she swung over to at least 2 feet every swing. She was almost at the vent

The guard continued standing there, obviously looking left and right for the sound of Kendra.

She then got to the vent and quietly opened it. Going in she just as quietly closed it although somewhat broken up. She crawled through, hopefully soon she could find Lavo

(would this be a good place to stop?)


Hellervein Triplets

Eventually the group reached a shore, with the sight of three islands in the distance.

"It's on one of those islands, I need more time to remember," he stated as he watched over.

The Triplets looked over the sizes of the islands.

The three abandoned islands were all small, each of them possibly 2-3 square miles on average.

"We are searching for an underground base on each?" Simble asked.

Michael rested his chin on his hand as he thought out loud. "There has to be a way to find this faster...."

"Let's not waste time," Triven started toward the nearest island.

"Alright then..." Michael responded, following behind Triven as they took the bridge to the island.

Triven glanced back and forth for any sign of civilization.

There were signs of civilization alright, but it was a ghost town. It wasn't that big either, due to the island being small.

Once atop the ghost town, Triven immediately phased through the ground.

Other than a few basements of the such, this city seemed empty.

He went further down.

Further down, there was a tunnel of some sort. It was unknown whether or not it was natural or manmade.

He stopped inside of it, hovering through.

It glowed red, the environment uncomfortably warm.

Triven growled slightly.  His fingers twitched a bit, a cooling mist forming as he went onward.

While the environment around him cooled, it seemed that the source of the heat wasn't getting cooled. Triven would have to keep this on constantly in order to stay warm.

Triven narrowed his eyes, focusing in on where the heat was coming from: looking for the source of the area.

The area seemed,,, everywhere. Whatever it was, it was behind the rocks. Then, very faintly, there was a clack sound, further down the tunnel.

With a blue shift, Triven quickly travelled to the source location of the sound.

At the end of the tunnel, the clack could still be heard, but it seemed that the tunnel was at its end.

Triven looked about.

It just seemed to be a dead end in the ground, but the clack sound was at its loudest at the end of the tunnel.

Triven phased his head through the wall, looking about still.

There was a chameleon running a piece of metal through a machine, the machine flattening the metal whilst making a clacking sound.

Triven walked behind the chameleon, a white flat gas-like panel forming at his front.  "Explain yourself."

The chameleon glanced back, then returned to his work. "And you are?" he asked.

"Explain yourself," Triven repeated.

The chameleon finished hammering down the metal piece, and with some effort, picked it up as he carried it to a nearby room. "Want to talk about it over some tea?" He said, crossing the threshold.

"I am interested in an explanation, promptly," He called, though his pitch seemed to remain just behind.

The chameleon came back after a few seconds, apparently putting up the metal piece. "I'm just a guy whos asking a trespasser if he would like tea or not, while the trespasser repeats himself as if he has a few screws loose." He calmly sits in a chair. "That a good enough explanation for you?"

"... Fine," Triven huffed out, the white field disapating.  "I am searching for the origin of a new acquaintence's misforturne.  Our search led us here."

"Would you presume to explain more about this situation?" the chameleon asked, folding his fingers together in a manner that would show interest.

"It involved a kidnapping, cybernetics, and apparently aliens."

The chameleon puckered his lips. "Hmm. Sounds familiar." He then stood up as he went to a closet, possibly pulling something out.

The white barrier immediately formed around the chameleon, Triven using the material to see the contents of the closet.

(sorry for not replying sooner. I went to bed earlier than I usually do)

There were two more toolboxes in there, and there was a shelf filled with many different kinds of minerals. There was also a shelf full of chemicals, two containers with pure chaos energy. As for anything lethal, there was an assault rifle, pistol, and an industrial saw.

The chameleon didn't bother doing anything hasty. He simply turned towards Triven. "Paranoid, I presume?"

"I have indulged your inquiry.  I would prefer to not force the same favor."

"I hope it is not asking you to much to repeat it then?" he said, still remaining all too calm.

"... Are, you, stalling?" His hand closed, the barrier turning to a black substance.

"If I were stalling, what for?" he said with a smirk across his lips.

(okay, I just need to take a nap in the afternoon again so I can communicate with you more often... these past few days were too hectic for me to take that nap.)

The blackened barrier rushed against the chameleon, immediately rushing into the pores of his body.

(No problem.)

The chameleon gasped, unsure of what was happening. "What are you doing?!" he yelled angrily.

The now black smoke-like material flooded through his body, though aside from a tingling sensation, it did not seem to harm yet.  "Right now that material is not specified to take the form of any particular element," The red-striped cat informed.  "I can change that instantly."

"...What do you want?" he said, more rigid than before.

"I want to know what happened to the cybernetic fox."

"I don't know what you're talking about," he responded, too afraid to move, even if he could move.

"What is your purpose here?"

"That's none of your business!" he yelled in defiance.

"Should that statement delay my resolve?"

"Just get OUT!" he demanded once more.

"You, will, answer, my inquiry," Triven peered back.

Now desperate, the chameleon attempted to move. If he was successful in moving, he would reach for the pistol in the cabinet.

He was not stopped, though Triven didn't appear to be bothered... more so than he already was.  "You have three seconds."

THe chameleon flinched at this warning. He was smart enough to assume this meta would find a way to evade the bullet fire. He eventually put the gun down.

"Now.  Answer me."

The scientist slowly looked over to Triven. "They... they said they were trying to save his life.." he started off. 

"They weren't.  Continue.

"They brought me here, told  me to work on him in private. I questioned them, then they blackmailed my family. Said that if I don't try my new experiment on the fox, they'd die. So I did..." he began looking down.

"Direct me to 'them'."

"I don't know where they are. They found me. They've trapped me here for the time being."

He pointed to a room in the distance, down a hallway. "They placed a tracker on me. The moment I try to go down that hallway, it alerts them to blow up the volcanic vents down here, then kill my family. In next room to the right, you will find two switches to press. It's their emergency shutdown mode, that will end this project."

"What else will pressing the switches do?"

"Hopefully, allow me to escape without being caught as well."

"... Very well," He extended his arm to the side.  A white doorway appeared.  "This will take you to the others.  They will protect you, but until I am certain of your honesty, my threat is still dormant."

"I understand," he said as he slowly began walking to the doorway. He found himself arriving just behind Glyph, who was walking along another Island, keeping Micheal within eye-sight distance.

The man paused as not to make a sound, letting them take a few more steps ahead before quietly backing away.

Glyph walked a bit before pausing: realizing that the chameleon was not following.  "I am aware of your presence," She informed.

The chameleon froze, then activated its camoflauge as it ran off.

(so I'm guessing Triven went down the hallway?)


She sighed, reaching out her hand and pulling him back by his bloodstream.

After a moment, the chameleon returned into sight as he struggled against Glyph, being pulled back.

"Why are you attempting to run?" She questioned.

The chameleon eventually knew it was over, and thought fast. "Because he is here!" he said, pointing to Michael.

Michael turned around, now seeing the chameleon himself. After a paused moment, Michael began aggressively walking towards the chameleon.

"We are not to be aggressive to compliant individuals," Glyph held a hand to Michael.

Though Michael physically stopped, he verbally didn't. "He isn't compliant," he said angrily.

"We will deal with the issue through means other than killing," She replied.  "Otherwise, where will we gain information?"

"I have no plans to kill," he stated, "but whatever he implanted into Triven's head to make him walk freely is a lie."

"That can be easily corrected then," Glyph turned the chameleon to face her: a hypnotic paralyzing glare coming from her eyes.

The chameleon attempted his best to resist, but was ultimately taken over.

"The truth, lizard," She commanded.

"The fox was forced into a test experiment to combine the biology of man and robotics to achieve perfect machinery for weapons purposes," he said. "The experiment would've been ongoing if the overrider in his brain wasn't damaged."

"What was your part and where is Triven going to right now?"

"Triven hasn't moved yet," Simble informed, walking over.  "He has informed me of his decision to investigate the immediate area."

"My part was simply building his body. He needs me to in order to survive. Your friend is going to a location that not even I am aware of, other than what I have told him."

"We will all be aware of it in a moment," Simble noted.  The ground was shaking.


Michael glanced down. "What's going on?" she asked.

The ground was corroding open: floating upward now.  Triven floated up, lifting the matter upward.  "I have made an entrance."

Michael peered over the hole, curiosity in his eyes. The chameleon kept quiet, attempting to wriggle his way out of the situation. 

Glyph's hold tightened as she shot him a cross look.  "You will continue your story now."

" need to," he responded with an angered look in his eyes.. and a very slight amount of fear. Meanwhile, Michael was already going into the entrance.

"But you will, NOW..." she took on the same rattlesnake-like growl as she pressed further on his mind.  Triven joined Michael down below.

The chameleon struggled for a moment, then spoke. "His test run tonight was actually a training program to install into the army of androids to run down the city and its resources once the vigilantes are killed."

As Michael wondered around the room, he was slightly shaken up by the memories of the place. 

"What vigilantes?"

"Remain calm," Triven instructed, walking further in.

"Vigilantes always prowl this megalopolis. The same place is capable of being the world's greatest military stronghold if put into the right hands, such as us. There are currently contracts placed by the leader himself to kill them as we speak."

Michael ended up first walking into the lab where he was transformed into a cyborg. He glanced around, shaking less, butt utterly frightened. "This place... this place just needs to burn.."

"Locations, now," Glyph demanded.

"That is quite possible," Triven replied.  "Information first, however."

"Of the vigilantes? Who knows... as for where the leader is... no one knows unless he makes himself known."

Triven may notice to his left being a file cabinet.

"Where can we find the information?"

Triven began searching through the cabinets.

"If you know how to get into the black market business, you can access it," the chameleon stated. He suddenly attempted to impale Glyph with his horn.

There was a notebook with information and sketches on the design and details of Michael's cybernetics.

A ringing went off as the horn hit her forehead, cracking against her.  She looked miffed but not exactly hurt.

Triven handed them to Michael before going through others.

He scowled at his failed attempt to escape, seeing that Glyph was tougher than he had thought.

Michael held the notebook, glancing at it momentarily before opening it to the first page. In the rest of the cabinets were nothing usefulu except for another notebook, containing broader information about the experiment.

For a moment, the sister became... more upset, striking him with her teeth, at his neck.

"No further use is found," Triven noted.  "I require names of participants."

Being stuck and unable to move, all the chameleon could do was yell.

"I don't think they'd put the names of--" Michael stopped as he heard the sound of yelling.

His yelling continued, but the sound around it was muted.  She pulled back, yanking some skin and scale off.  The blood began to dissolve into her dripping jaw before she literally shot it out, spraying it away.

"That is not of importance.  Focus," Triven instructed.

"You.. you BITCH!" he yelled at her, squirming to get loose.

Michael paused for a moment, feeling like he should help, but he returned back to focus. "They probably won't put their names in such an easily accessible place. It's probably somewhere more secluded if it is here..." Michael turned the pages of his design, seeming to stress out because of it as a vein appeared on his forehead.

"You are no longer useful," Glyph released him.

Triven was searching further, not aware of Michael's condition.

The chameleon hit the ground, covering his wound as he back crawled slowly away from Glyph. "You'll regret that," he remarked before running off.

Eventually, Michael abruptly closed the book with more force than necessary. "I'll be in the next room," he said.

By searching through the book, Triven would run into a page that seems to start off with names, but more than half of the page was ripped out.

With a twitch, the chameleon found that half of his blood was torn out of his body suddenly, through his backside.  Through his backside.

Triven quickly memorized the names before walking toward Michael.  "I discovered information."

The chameleon staggered, then collapsed onto the ground.

Michael stopped walking, turning around. "What do you have?"

Slow footsteps turned to the chameleon's front before Simble knelt down in front of him.  "If you are given the miraculous gift of surviving this encounter, know these: Regret is a weakness of hesitation, and none will escape with confidence of revenge if they dare threaten my siblings."

Triven produced the papers with the names.

The chameleon struggled to lift his head up, facing Simble as blood poured from his mouth. "Our Lord," he could barely say, "...will say other wise." His lips curled into a smirk, almost as if he was trying to laugh.

"Then by all means," The six-eared cat whispered, digging into the man's mind once more.  "Lose yourself in your confidence," and with that, he began forcing the laughter out from the chameleon, pressing harder with each second.

Eventually, the chameleon passed out, a few moments before ultimately succumbing to death.

Meanwhile, Michael was reading the few names of the mostly torn page, then froze at one name. His eye widened in fear.

"What is it?" Triven asked.

Simble walked past the body, back to Glyph.  "Your condition?"

"He could hardly damage anything but skin, Simble," She replied.

"Very well."

Michael looked towards Triven. "Jordan Kendall... he's my father."

what a twist! tbc

Xavek (closed)

Xavek was still roaming around the streets of Weybrook at night it seems, though for what purpose remains to be seen.

(any particular place he is roaming for, or just roamin'?)

(he's just roamin lol XD)

There were still an abnormal amount of cops on the street, though not as many where Xavek is due to them being concentrated around attacked areas. However, the few who were there were on high alert due to the recent tensions.

The only one on the street despite the recent dangers was a robot of some sort.

Xavek only chuckled under his breath, taking note of the robot with a tinge of curiosity.

The robot proceeded to walk towards him. "Excuse me," it said.

Speed Man and Xavek (closed)

(Xavek gets first turn)

"Who the hell..?" Xavek mumbled. "Yes, what do you want?" He asked.

"Did you hear about the robot that killed many cops" trying to sound convincing.

"No, nor do I really care.." Xavek muttered, thankfully his holoprojector was still up so he blended in with the organic life infesting this city.

"Well I hope you stay safe anyway. So what's with all the cops around here anyway? Did someone get shot or something?" he asked. Speed Man too was still blended in with the organic life. However, as much as he wanted to he couldn't go out of disguise.

"Don't know, don't really care."

Speed Man put his hand over Xavek's shoulder. "You alright stranger?" (hey Saren is it fine if Speed Man copies one of Xavek's ablities? He can copy weapons of other robots so-)

(How does that work anyways, he just touches a robot and copies their weapons?)

Xavek jerked his shoulder away from Speed Man. "Don't touch me."

(Yeah pretty much. It's how he got Tobias' AT field)

(well Xavek does have measures in place to protect his secrets, so if he could bypass them then yes he'd be able to copy Xavek's tech.)

Speed Man would start getting error notifications, viruses of alien origin infecting his systems as a result of his attempts to copy Xavek's tech.

He began to start hacking through the viruses. Knowing that Xavek is not human at this point he was thinking of tackling him.

The kicker was, these viruses were of alien coding; so his software wouldn't be able to hack through them since they wouldn't even register on them.

Xavek knew the jig was up and reacted first, football tackling speed man and disabling the hologram as his gauntlets whirred to life.

"Well then. You messed up boy-o. You just revealed yourself to the....." and at the top of his robotic voice "COPS!" He then went out of disguise and readied his buster.

Xavek placed his gauntlets on Speed Man's elbows, assuming that he was successful in tackling and pinning down speed man of course, before activating the plasma sabers in both gauntlets in an attempt to sever Speed Man's arms from the elbow and downwards.

The cops noticed the situation, but they assumed Xavek was defending himself, due to Speed Man undisguised being an enemy whilst Xavek isn't. They all came from several directions.

"What are you..." Speed Man said to Xavek

"None of your concern.." Xavek hissed, seeing as Speed Man did nothing else. It could be assumed that Xavek succeeded in disarming him in the literal sense.

"Well, whatever you are I'm pretty sure you don't mean well" Speed Man changed to a color of black and grey. Suddenly, there was titanium music notes surrounding Speed Man. "I wonder what your weakness is." the notes then shot forward right at Xavek's face.

(great, now I can't put in my response at this time, you two are having too much fun... continue...)

(Sorry ;^^)

Xavek hissed, the notes bouncing off his personal ray shield, though forcing him to get off of Speed Man. "I will dismantle you piece by bloody piece for that.." He said with a vicious growl in his voice.

The two would then notice about eight cops surrounding the both of them (which they may have noticed earlier [madface]), both drawing their guns. If they paid major attention, they would see that 6 of them pointed at Speed Man and two pointed at Xavek.

Xavek smirked, raising his gauntlets in the air. He had all of his bases covered and no one has seen his face before now so he was more likely to get away scot free.

Two more cops eventually came in, one for each of the two to pull them away to a different police car to discuss the issue.

"I have someplace I need to be. By the way I found out what exactly you are through the virus I'm purging. This isn't the first time I've come across an extraterrestrial" Speed Man said smirking.

-the odds that he could purge a virus in coding from an alien race never encountered by Speed Man before was quite slim.-

"Gentlemen, he is clearly insane." Xavek sighed, facepalming at the notion. Of course it was true but the police didnt know that.

The police were moreso after Speed Man due to his reputation, they were only after Xavek for his public disturbances, self defense or not. They began tugging at the both of them, unknowingly and uselessly putting handcuffs on the both of them to prevent any hasty acts.

Xavek complied for now, a smirk on his face as he glanced to speed man.

Speed Man then smirked back. "You know I could just as easily teleport out of these handcuffs right?" He said whispering to Xavek.

"Hmm, maybe.." With that, Xavek pulled his arms apart to break the handcuff. "I shall be on my way now.. I have more important things to do than deal with this farce, or that outdated pile of scrap referred to as a robot."

"You think your all that huh? You honestly look like someone went to the junkyard and put stuff together to create you" Speed Man said as he broke his cuffs.

"Ohh, what a foolish pawn you are.. All talk, not like you could do much without your arms.." Xavek said, gesturing to the melted stubs where the rest of Speed Man's arms below the elbows used to be. Since y'know, Xavek had pinned him down and activated his plasma sabers while holding Speed Man's arms down with them.  

"If I did have my arms...I'd be destroying you." He said. "Actually. Now that I remember." He the reattached his arms by magnetising them. "I have a large arsenal to take you down with. Including your weapon."

The police, all in slight surprised, uselessly aimed their weapons at both of them once more, one of them radioing a Meta Breaking Force.

Another yelled to the both of them. "Both of you! On your knees, now! Or we'll shoot!" 

He would find that his arms were still quite useless as simply magnetizing them back on won't fix the melted circuitry and servos inside that allow the arms to actually function, added to that the attempted scam would've failed anyways because of the viruses deleting the data for his weapon.

"You have nothing.." With that Xavek advanced on speed man, ignoring the police for now. "However, I will tear you apart before bathing in the blood of these worthless fleshbags!!"

"Fleshbags?" He thought about what he had done before. "I'll deal with you later." He teleported to the hotel the abondoned buildings he was at before to self repair.

Xavek's left eye twitched before he turned to the cops.

Most of the guns were trained on Speed Man, so most cops stood confused while only two were actually focused on Xavek.

Xavek dissappeared in a stream of data, he had more pressing dealings to worry about like overseeing the construction of a new branch headquarters for Plastech Industries in the property he had bought under a different alias.

LIVIC (closed)

LIVIC woke up and stretched before entering the bathroom, taking off the suit so he could take a shower and do his routine.. Which consisted of brushing teeth, using the toilet and eating a light dinner. All of this combined took around thirty minutes or so before he was ready to put his suit on and try to find Eve, Lavo and Mars.

After LIVIC finished suiting up, he grabbed some of his gear and extra ammo before silently opening the apartment window and using his gravity powers to stick to the side of the apartment complex. After closing the window and making sure nobody saw him he started to sprint towards the roof.

A few buildings away stood another figure in the distance.

LIVIC stood on the roof of the building, letting out a brief exhale. "What a pain.." He mumbled before taking a look at his surroundings. 

There was seemingly no one else in the surroundings, and assuming that LIVIC had to turn his head to scan the environment, if he looks back, the figure will have seemed to disappear. 

LIVIC shrugged, running across the rooftops in search of Eve, his first target's, approximate location.

To his right, the same figure was there again, only a building apart, appearing to run along with him.

"Someone's following me.." LIVIC mumbled. "What a pain.."

This person didn't seem to be attacking at the moment, but was following regardless.

LIVIC decided to utilize one of the newer features of his utility belt, but not before sliding down to street level into an alley way; once he was half way to street level and out of sight from the one pursuing him he flicked a small switch on the left side of his utility belt to activate a personal stealth field generator before slowly walking back up to the rooftops.

(how does ze generator work?)

(by projecting a sort of invisible field around the one using it to bounce light off, as for thermal or sonar/echolocation, LIVIC's suit is meant to conceal him by masking his own heat signature and preventing soundwaves that make contact with the suit from bouncing back.)


Despite this, the building away individual seemed to still be able to track LIVIC down, though it wasn't even staring at him at all. Actually, it pretty much wasn't staring at anything.

"....." LIVIC was veeery unhappy now, looks like he would have to take care of this nuisance with extreme prejudice. With that in mind, he decided to move towards a nearby park with the intent to use the trees as cover.

It wasn't long before the stalker was there again, a block away still, as normal. The stalker is apparently trying to sneak, but its tail gave it away.

LIVIC just waited for the stalker to draw in close, using his gravity field to cancel out gravity's effects on him while he waited on a tree branch, holding the vibrating Sai at the ready. 

The figure was slowly approaching, but stopped when LIVIC took out the sai. After a moment the subject popped its head into view. It was covered by a black mask. There weren't even eye holes on it. 

(How would Szorra even know..?) 

LIVIC noted the figure and jumped at her, using his gravity field to add a degree of control to his descent.

(Who said this was Szorra?)

The figure instantly dashed away a good distance to keep at a distance.

"Identify yourself." LIVIC stated plainly, standing up in a defensive posture.

When it spoke, it was a juvenile voice. "Hi, I'm uh... actually what do you want to call me? I was thinking Blind Mask, or..."

"... What..? What the fuck are you playing at kid..?" LIVIC growled, a kid was following him!? This was just too much right now.

The child shyly laugh, the voice sounding feminine. "Well, actually I thought you were someone else, but now that I have a closer look, boy was I wrong," she said, scratching the back of her head, and still not looking directly at LIVIC.

"What the fuck do you want kid?" LIVIC snarled.

The adolescent took a step back. "Hey! I'm only fifteen and a half, you don't have to assault me like that."

"Assault!? Kid if I were you I would go home and forget you ever saw me.." LIVIC spoke in a dangerously calm tone that indicated he was not to be trifled with right now.

The kid awkwardly began backing away. "Just saying you don't have to curse, at me, no need to get angry."

"Just.. Go.." He hissed.

"Going, going..." the child said as she turned aroynd and began increasing in her speed walk until she was behind a building.

LIVIC headed for the hotel Eve was staying at.

The hotel was about ten blocks where LIVIC was. Some policemen were just rounding the corner.

LIVIC noted the police officers, taking count of how many there were as he drew a silenced Taurus .45 ACP

There were five of them, all of them on edge due to the recent crimes the past two days.

LIVIC took aim at the closest police officer, aiming for the head and firing before adjusting his aim to do the same for the others. 

If LIVIC wasn't 100% serious, after the first one went down, the others would take cover around cars, trash cans, walls, and anything else of the sort. If he were, two cops would be down. 

LIVIC was 120% percent serious, he wasn't going to waste any moves nor was he going to give them time to call in backup. So after the second shot he drew the Sai and manipulated his gravity field in order to start floating for an aerial view so he could take the rest out without any trouble.

With the aerial view, LIVIC would also see the child again, apparently lying about leaving. She apparently took note of LIVIC's actions. 

LIVIC sighed, placing three more shots into the heads of each of the still living cops before spinning upside down and firing the last round in the magazine at the girl's midsection as a warning shot.

The girl seemed to dodge the bullets easily. "What is wrong with you!" She yelled out, ducking behind a wall with a small overhang.

LIVIC floated inside the hotel's front door, reloading his weapon as he searched for Eve.

The employee at the counter peeped up in fear, unsure if whoever came in was good or bad.

"Looking for an Eve Ola'Laha.." LIVIC said in a curt tone that left no room for playing around.

Understanding that this was the enemy now, the koala hit under the counter again.

".... Fucking hell.." LIVIC hopped over the counter, attempting to pin the Koala under his boot while he accessed the hotel records to find out which room Eve Ola'Laha was in.

It was revealed to be in room #010. The meanwhile, the koala was screaming for help as she attempted to fight LIVIC off of her.

When LIVIC got what he wanted, he pointed his pistol at her head and pulled the trigger twice to put two rounds into the Koala executioner style. Having applied more than enough pressure on the pinned Koala to keep her wriggling to a manageable level, though after the second shot LIVIC noted his pistol silencer would only last for a single shot before he holstered it.

Whether or not the Koala actually survived, LIVIC started walking towards Room #10 after looting the master key for the hotel.

The room was on the third floor, the second left.

When LIVIC got there he used the key to open the door and check to see if she had left or not.

Opening the door, the first thing LIVIC would see is a foot in midair as the Black Cat was in the middle of drop kicking LIVIC in the abdomen.

LIVIC reacted quickly, grabbing her foot and slamming her into a wall before placing the barrel of his gun at her throat. He made sure to pin her arms and legs at an awkward position so she couldn't effectively utilize her strength. "Your attempts to ambush me using one of the older tricks is quite frankly unamusing, you must not know what you're dealing with."

"I'll admit, I can already tell you're better than most," she stated in a slightly distorted voice. She aimed a phonelike device at the gun, shooting a highly concentrated laser at where the bullets would be. The primer of bullets must be ignited slowly in order to fire normally. The Black Cat fired to make the primer go off all at once, which would cause a gun to explode.

This would cause shrapnel to launch everywhere, including her throat as the gun was pressed against her throat. Though LIVIC snarled and tossed her away before drawing the two Sai's despite his slightly mangled left hand. "Have a few tricks up your sleeve..? Good, this will make it all the more rewarding when I collect the bounty on your head."

As she was tossed aside, she rolled back into a standing position, wiping the shrapnel off of her neck, a couple of scratches around the area. "There's always a bounty on my head. However, I'm not here to play games, I'm here to do my job. We can talk later," she said before tossing some sort of red grenade in LIVIC's direction whilst flipping out the window, possibly how she entered.

The grenade was halted for a few brief seconds by LIVIC's gravity field for a few seconds as he quickly rolled to the left and started to run.

The grenade exploded in some kind of red powder. Due to no gravity, there would be no friction to slow down the initial acceleration of the particles, and the range of effect that was meant to just filled the room will now flood into the hallways.

The gravity field would've only lasted for a few seconds before dissipating as LIVIC moved away from the grenade, so after those few seconds friction would occur as LIVIC himself ran back down to the lobby.

The sounds of sirens were heard outside the building. Due to the amount of cops on the streets, it didn't take long for reinforcements to arrive from the first shots....

and then that kid appeared at the doorway of the hotel.

"You.." LIVIC hissed, glaring at the kid behind his helmet.

"You.. shot that person!" she said, with a shocked sound in her voice. Which, probably to LIVIC, should be impossible for her to know considering the teen wasn't even there to begin with.

LIVIC was unphased, it wasn't exactly hard to figure out to begin with. "Your point? She signed her life away when she wouldn't tell me what I wanted to know, if she wanted to live she would've told me where Eve Ola'Laha was." 

LIVIC sheathed the Sai's before unholstering a heavily modifed SCAR-H and pointing it at the girl. "I see that letting you go was a mistake, I will have to rectify that unless Eve show's her face here and now."

"I..." the girl stood confused, but didn't seem to be looking at LIVIC. while she wore a helmet with no opening to see her face, it seemed as if she wasn't even looking directly at LIVIC. "...people like you are why the Black Cat is even a thing." 

"And people like the Black Cat are the reason why people like me make a great living and have wonderful paychecks, anything else or are you just wasting my time with useless prattle?" LIVIC said with a derisive snort.

The girl would've responded, but the sirens began shutting off, which meant the cops were here. She threw some type of dime-sized disc before disappearing a second later.

LIVIC cursed, heading for cover before activating the personal stealth cloaking device on his utility belt.

There was a group of twenty officers that slowly made their way into the entrance, all spreading out across the lobby.

LIVIC carefully made his way to the entrance, making sure to keep a fair distance away from the officers and to walk softly until the 20th officer entered the building and left the front door available as an exit route.

And eventually... the teenage girl followed.

Chapter 6 (OPEN)

On the dark web, the targets were published completely to everyone. Previously, only a select few people were chosen to do the job to keep things quiet. Now, whoever is pulling the strings is growing tired of waiting, and with some enemies crazy enough to 'announce their presence,' the chances of assassination attempts rises to a peak.

Eve O'La Laha

The island was dead. Even nature around here seemed empty. Not too far in the distance was an abandoned city. If Eve was keeping up with the Weybrook news, she would know that it was abandoned a few years ago due to the threat of an imminent eruption that could not be hindered nor hampered. So far, the volcano still hasn't erupt.

Eve sighs in a form of relief as she looks around before heading towards the abandoned City. "...Michael..." She softly whispered to herself as she keeps jogging, a frown was on her lips; Of course she was in a lot of trouble, her life was on the line, and how her father was going to be extremely upset that she refused to return home even when someone died to not speak about her. The guilt of it was combine with the guilt of 'abandoning' Michael back when she first arrive to Weybrook. "... No, I couldn't do anything about it..." That was the only form of reassuring she could do for herself at this point.

Now at the town, the place seemed desolated.. unsurprisingly. It wasn't to big to look through at this perspective.

Eve glance around, slowing her jog to a walk as she was going to explore the desolated town at this point- She needed to find Michael, Otherwise her guilt would be far too overwhelming to not know what happen to him.

There was a small patch of light in the middle of the city, a little far ahead.

"Light!?" Eve gasped, starting to pick up her walk towards that Light; even with it being a bit of a trip to get to.

Once getting a little closer, far away were blurry forms of silhouettes in the distance.

Eve was breathing a bit heavy now, slowing down her walk a bit as she saw the blurry forms of silhouettes. "O-oh! People?" She questions herself softly, making her way to them as best as she could, being one to carefully pick her way towards them. "I-I hope they're friendly." She smiles a tiny bit to herself.

She keeps making her way to the Silhouettes, only taking short pauses to look at them to see if she gotten a clearer view. "U-Um! He-Hello!?" She called out to them as she made her second short pause.

Lavo and Mars

(Since the area wasn't specific, I'm going to pull out some plot convienence.) The area of quiet was an empty part of the city, the porch of a closed building. Cops were much less likely to be around this area due to the drama on the other side of town.

Lavo let go of Mars, petting his head. "We can relax here, away from the Drama." She then scan around the area as to take in the view of this part of the City.

Deja vu may reappear, as the  place would look familar. A few houses were standing, but many were burned with various degrees of damage.

There was a sign ahead.

Mars smiled, hugging his older sister figure. "Thanks.. .3."

"You're welcome..." Yet Lavo stares at the sign; of course she would remember this place; After what happen with her first arrival to Weybrook, it wasn't something she could easily forget.

The sign confirmed her memory.


The island where she tried to return Maria the Chipmunk to her father.

"Where are we Lavo..?" Mars asked.

"...Paradise Island, no wonder this place is empty; they still haven't recover from the damages of the last time I've been to Weybrook... But, don't worry about it." she pats Mars' head.

A crunch was heard. Possibly from a pinecone.

"Can I worry about the fact that we aren't alone?" Mars asked.

"...Yes, you can." Lavo pulls Mars close to her as she turn her head towards the sound of the crunch.

There stood Pheonix, the first foe Lavo ever faced on Weybrook.

"Who're you..?" Mars asked.

"I have no business for you...: he pointed his finger to Lavo. "Only her.."

"So, you picked to show your face around me; eh?" Lavo narrowed her eyes a bit. "How was running from death feel like, Mmm?" She draws her dirk.

Mars blinked, he had a metal rod in hand from a building he visited earlier. "Nnnnope, my big sister, get your own."

The Pheonix walked from the shadows, wearing some sort of armor... apparently he learned a lesson from before.

"Do you honestly think that armor would defend you from my blood if you were to spill it?" Lavo completely stated, her eyes scanning quickly to piece together the armor he wore.

"So why do you want my big sister..?" Mars asked Phoenix.

The armor didn't seem like any top tech gear that the Black Cat had, but it did seem a little better than what the get. By the looks of it, he apparently wasn't too fond of getting stabbed again.

Lavo slightly smirks at this. "Don't want to be stab like last time; quite wise."

"......." Mars used thunderbolt on the enemy phoenix.

(read this like a pokemon game.)


The phoenix dodged the strike by diving out of the way. He launched a fireball in reaction.

Lavo's wings spread open and then one pulled Mars close to her as the other double up on the shielding against the fireball, She glares a bit at the Phoenix.

Mars gave a nasty grin as thunderclouds started rumbling. "Yellow rat says hello~!!"

The Phoenix summon fireballs in each hand, tossing them towards Mars. The Phoenix then looked up towards the sky.

Lavo kept Mars safe behind one of her wings; which was taking a lot of burn damage at this point; she let out a sigh.

Mars looked at Lavo. "You don't have to shield me from fire y'know, heat resistance is a wonderful thing..~"

Then, the Phoenix smirked as took about a black tube from his side, raising it up. "Yes... keep your shield up."

Lightning struck the black tube, directed by Mars.

Lavo's wing was away, she was tensed. "..."

The momentarily dazed Phoenix as he stumbled back, but the tube that was struck ignited the Phoenix to an intense heat. He taunted at Mars. "Thanks! You saved me the time to crush it myself! I believe they called this chemical... chlorine triflouride... Long story short, you don't want it touching you."

"Again you idiot... Do you think I fear death?" Lavo steps in front of Mars, her eyes staring at the Phoenix. "Burns, head cutting off, impaled... I do not fear death like you believe." Her wings twitched.

"Don't worry... this time, I'll teach you, and you can learn hands on!" He ignited the grass with the more dangerous flame, and as the flame took an omnidirectional path, it quickly making its way towards Lavo and Mars.

Lavo narrowed her eyes a bit. "Teach me something I already know? How cute." She rolled her eyes before she pick up Mars and leaps right into the air with Mars in her arms.

Mars projected an electrical shield around the two. "Whee!"

He aimed at the shield, performing a flamethrower-like attack. "Fire and lightning don't mix, wolf!"

"Eh? Lightning's hotter though." Mars blinked.

"Try me," he taunted. Then, as he gritted his teeth and had a serious expression on his face, his heat increased a hundredfold.

Lavo holds Mars as she keeps her flight. "Well then..."

Mars tilted his head, the lightning barrier getting brighter as more and more electricity was pumped through it by Mars.

The heat reached its peak of 150,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Whatever that liquid was, it was powerful.

"That's all..?" Mars asked, there was an electrical storm.. Now it was time fir him to retaliate with all the juice he had in him.. Essentially firing a beam of electricity at lightning speed at Phoenix.

Lavo let out a yawn, just holding Mars as she watches quietly. "...Well Well Well."

The Pheonix was struck, hard. He possibly would've been unconscious, possibly even killed, if the lightning strike did not ignite the rest of the containers he had on him. The result was a massive explosion that could destroy a one-story house.

Oddly enough, Mars had a smile that was out of place for him.. Like he was neurotic or something. "Ahahahahaa.. Weeeee!!" He gathered up electricity for yet another beam, this one larger than the last.. He wanted to make sire Phoenix was a pile of ashes.

"Mars, no." Lavo stated loudly, holding Mars close as she goes to land away from the explosion. " No Mars."

"He tried to hurt you.. Kill you.." He mumbled, the electricity stopping.

The Pheonix then shakily appeared from the explosion, more pissed than hurt. "You... you're a real pain in the ass," he said coldly to Mars, the liquid possibly keeping him standing, only now he is fueled by 6 of them.

"He can try to kill me, he is clearly failing Mars." Lavo stated calmly, staring at the Pheonix. "You are hurting no one but yourself, bird. Might wanna drop the act and run back to wherever your safe haven is."

"Hurting myself? I should thank the wolf. Gave me a little shock at the cost of it, but now I have much more power than I ever had before," he said, possibly mentioning the flames. They were hot enough to not be organge, but yellow.

Mars had an idea. "Ne Ne.. do you have any sweets Lavo~!"

"Huh...? Mmmm... No, I don't believe I have any Sweets on me; Sorry little bro... I do have flask of Holy water though." Lavo glance to Mars, blinking.

Mars bit into her arm, hard enough to draw some blood before lapping it up.

The phoenix stood confused at this action... and was also confused why he lost their attention.

Lavo might want to let go of Mars, because he was about to go through the mother of all sugar rushes.

"... Next time, warn me." She let go of Mars to watch him, lifting an eyebrow.

"HEY!" he yelled, "Your opponent is over here!"

Oh Mars stared at him, before suddenly teleporting to phoenix in a flash of greased lightning to deliver a punch discharging mass amounts of electricity below the belt.. Seems he took something as well.

If it connected... Well lets just say there would be nothing left of Phoenix's reproductive parts except the worst kind of pain ever.

Lavo just watched quietly, only to keep Mars in check at this point so in case he does go down, she'll be there... The dull look on her face still there. "Huh..."

The phoenix revved up his new heat, punching where he predicted Mars would strike him from. His new heat was now a few hundred thousand degrees fahrenheit.

Thing is, Mars is going at speeds faster than the speed of lightning as a result of his hyperness.. So his punch would probably connect to Phoenix's nads since he didn't even bother to move out of the way.

What happens next all depends on whether or not Mars can handle 330,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Given that his nerves kinda shut down during a really bad sugar rush because of all of the electricity he generates as a measure to keep his brain from overloading, it could be said that yes, he can withstand 330,000 degrees fahrenheit.

Lavo was just watching, her wings folded up as she just stares at them. "..." Huffing in a form of annoyance, closing her eyes only for a second before opening them to keep an eye on the two.

The majority of the Phoenix's armor was destroyed in the process, surviving pieces being on the forearms and feet. The strike sent the Phoenix flying back 20 feets and hitting the ground, clutching himself.

Mars didn't let up, zooming around thirty meters into the air and spinning with an ever growing charge as he intended to deliver a skull crushing axe kick to phoenix's head. If this hit, most likely it would be fatal.

The phoenix took the open moment to cheat, firing his super fire in the direction of Lavo. 

Lavo didn't seem to be caught off guard, she had been watching... waiting to be attacked, since she was out in the open, Her wings shifted, having unfolded and wraped around herself in time for the super fire to hit her corrupted wings. "Figure you try to do that..."

That and Mars knew Lavo could handle herself better than him, and since Phoenix didn't move out of the way... Splat went his skull most likely.

(did I say super fire?)

Just like his personality, the Phoenix's skull was literally hard headed. There was a small fracture of his skull where Mars did hit, however, enough to send his head bashing into the ground again, He stopped firing at Lavo, now just barely conscious as the scenery around him began burning from his slowly dying heat.

(Yes .u. )

Lavo looks to the burns on her wings, her nose was bleeding slightly as she blinks as there were marks in the ground that shown that Lavo did get driven back a bit from the hit. "... How lovely." She starts wipping the blood with her hand. "Mars?" She called out.

Mars actually found himself stumbling, his rush was wearing off right now. But he pushed on with a singular objective, that being killing this asshole.

The Phoenix was still burning alive, one of his feet twitching.

"Mars... " Lavo spoke softly, now walking over to Green wolf; her wings twitched a bit when she moved closer.

Mars stumbled, dragging the phoenix towards the water with grim intention.

The Phoenix was now into full unconsciousness, though still burning.

Mars dragged him over to the edge.. And shoved him over, though that was the full extent of things before he started to fall.

Lavo dashes over, wrapped an arm around Mars so he didn't fall, she pull him into a hug as she watches the Phoenix fall. "..."

The phonenix was submerged... then floated above the water on his back seconds later, seeming to ignite even more. Thankfully, Neither Mars nor Lavo decided to use water against Phoenix during the fight.

Lavo holds Mars close to her, stepping away from the edge as she looks down to him quietly. "Mars...?" Though, she had to assume he was exhausted after all of this...

Mars was indeed very tired and he fell back on Lavo, breathing yet his electrical output was critically low.

Carrying him was no trouble feet for Lavo, She sighs as she shakes her head quietly. "Overdone it... Can't complain though." She grumbles under her breathe as she looks around at this current position.

A massive flash of light appeared over an island about a few miles away, followed by an extremely loud rumble. The explosion was large enough to outcast the entire island, and momentarily make the current area Lavo and Mars in seem like day.

"..." Lavo glance towards that Island, blinking as she held Mars close to her. "Well... Someone is playing with something quite... Powerful and Dangerous." She mutters, shaking her head calmly.

Mars: ...... 

(I feel as if this sudden change of events for ALL parts of the roleplay means it's better for chapter 7 to start. let me also say this was DEFINITELY not planned to go down like this)

Speed Man (closed)

(It doesn't help to start Speed Man's part when you have other characters laggin' behind)

(Kendra is almost done)


When he finished teleporting he began sparking. He initiated self-repair and went into sleep mode. (short n' sweet)

Kendra Littleghost

Kendra kept searching for Lavo. She knew she was in deep trouble.

(continue. I need info to go off of)

She kept calling Lavo's name once again. Jumping from building to building doing so.

Despite her calls throughout the city,  she didn't seem to respond.

"Dammit. This is getting me nowhere." She said. She thought maybe she could check the hotels. She hasn't heard of Lavo until now so she might as well check the hotel that was behind the one she was staying at. She then made her way there.


When she got to the hotel she tried opening the door.

She would then realize that once again, a crime scene had occurred, and three cop cars were already at the building, the police tape stretching aorund the entrance. A gurney was being pulled out of the building.

"What in the world happened?"

She climbed up onto the building's roof to see if there was any alternative entrances. She had to know what happened.

There was a way to access the top floor via stairs. 

She walked down.

By walking down to the first floor hallway, an emergency exit foor was propped open for other apartment people to exit the building without trespassing onto the crime scene in the main lobby, where cops were still looking for evidence.

She walked down.

Once near the lobby, it was noticed that a line police tape crossed the pathway. Then a rumble like non before has occurred.


Now that Xavek's cover was blown, he focused on the construction of his Weybrook underground bunker located near TECH group. He had the rights to the land so they couldn't do anything about it.

If he was connected to the news, Xavek would see that he and the other robot were apparently caught by a traffic light camera. 

"Curse thise traffic light camera's.." Nevertheless, he continued overseeing the project.

(of course, i dunno specifically what this project is, so.. continue)

(it's in the opening statement lol, an underground bunker.)

Now in a calm environment, if Xavek were to take the time to check his body, he would notice a millimeter sized bug on him.

Xavek growled and smashed the bug. "Someone's tracking me.. Fine, I'll give them a show.."

It would be several moments before the tracker actually came.

Xavek did not bother hiding his appearance. "Welcome, to my incomplete lair.." Xavek spoke, turning around to face his tracker with a calculating expression.

And then, it was the fleshbag in body armor, known as Scarlet. "It sure does look incomplete, Terminator."

"You.. What do you want..?"

"Two things. One, what goes around, comes around. Stop spying on me."

"Lady, I haven't been spying on you; I've been busy with my own troubles.. Now, anything else or must I evict you in person..?"

"Fine, fine," she said, annoyed. "The second thing is... I need your help."

Xavek considered it. "... You've done me a few favors, so I'll help you.. What is it that you need help with..?"

"I've been doing some research... found out a few things." She tossed a picture on the nearby table, some sort of Eve. "One of my targets, but as I was tracking her down, I found out she's heading in an area looking for a cyborg... news coverage have shown that same robot casually trashing a restaurant, buuuut I'm sure you already knew that." 

"Of course.. But what does that have to do with me.." Xavek may have figured it lut, but he waited for her to tell him in case he was wrong.

"Well," Scarlet continued, "that cyborg looks awfully familiar to this guy, who went missing several months ago, immediately after the massacre," Scarlet tossed another photograph on the table, showing the son of one of the important TECH members.

"Things could get a little hectic with TECH if he returns, which isn't good by whatever you have planned with them."

"He disappear then." Xavek chuckled.

"Exactly. As a small bonus, I'll add a 20% deal from Eve's contract to you."

"If someone else doesn't nab her first, it is a possibility." Xavek chuckled.

"I'm getting to her first." She stated in a cold tone. "I've set up warp points across this entire Megalopolis, I can get everywhere here within seconds to three minutes, tops."

"Heh.. We'll see.." Xavek smiled, the greed of organics was an amusing concept of his.

"Candove Island, I'll see you there." and with that, Scarlet left.

"Yes yes.." This left Xavek alone to formulate a plan, as his optics acquired a purple gradiant to them.. "Dark Matter eh.. I guess a field test will do.."

A rumble was felt where Xavek was.

"What.. Seismic Activity..?"

Scans would show it was coming from the volcano. It seems that it's due.

"Perfect.." He grinned, digitizing himself and heading for the volcano.

Upon arriving there, Xavek would see Scarlet prepping a sniper rifle.

Xavek did the same, cloaking before his left gauntlet turned into a souped up version of a barret fifty caliber that was fueled by dark matter and aiming at the cyborg.

The group of unknown individuals that were with Eve and the cyborg had moved in front of them. A moment later, the two alien leaders Xavek had met before walked into view as well.

Xavek charged the literal dark matter sniper rifle, rage boiling over as he essentially overcharged his rifle for maximum murder.

Scarlet glanced over at the charge. "What, you plan on blowing them up? I need Eve's body as evidence, y'know."

"Take a video, it's just an ordinary person." Xavek said as he fired the massively overcharged Dark Matter beam rifle o death... At the island itself.

At the last second, Scarlet attempted to deny this shot by kicking the rifle to arch upwards.

It succeeded, and shot towards the actual volcano. ".... Eh, tidal wave."

(okay, for plotholes to be fixed, I'll act as if the weapon was a launcher instead of a beam, and let it take one roleplay turn in the air. Continue)

"What do you mean, tidal wave?" Scarlet demanded.


"What do you mean?!" She demanded, the shot now two seconds away from hitting.

Xavek only grinned even more. "You will see in two seconds."

Scarlet then glanced up, her eyes widening as she saw the process of an eighth of the entire island get destroyed.

Xavek let out a low chuckle, before a full blown mad laughter. "AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! YES!! YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!"

(I feel as if this sudden change of events for ALL parts of the roleplay means it's better for chapter 7 to start. let me also say this was DEFINITELY not planned to go down like this)


LIVIC continued his search for Eve, tracking footprints that may have belonged to her depending on the footwear she chose to wear.

Since he was just out of the building where Eve was, this wouldn't take him long to do. Eventually, he would end up finding out that the footprints were heading down the block, taking a turn in an alleyway.

LIVIC looked around briefly for any ofher footprints that may have belonged to Eve, before heading down the alleyway.

As he headed down the alleyway, a very faint shadow was casted upon him. Due to it being night, there wasn't much darkness shifting this shadow could do anyways. 

However, his eyes noted the slight differentiation in lighting and he glanced up.

There stood the same child again, stopping once more as LIVIC stopped.

"That is it.. You die tonight!" LIVIC hissed, drawing the two sai's with murderous intent.

The kid stood up. "Jeez, relax... I'm surprised you saw me up here to be honest."

"You've interfered with me for the last time kid..!" LIVIC hissed, running on the walls towards the kid.

"Okay, okay, I admit I was following you... but I never interefered..."

Thinking back on it, she never bothered to interfere, just follow him. ".... So what do you want..?" He asked, sheathing the sais and standing infront of the girl.

"I'm just curious, is all," she leaned over to a wall. "You shot some cops, took some shots at me. I'm no snitch, but I just want to know what you're after so badly that you almost killed me for it." The way the teen said it, she was definitly inexperienced with... vigilantism? Mercenary? Who could know.

Knowing LIVIC,  he would probably check her gear. She seemed to be wearing a chestplate and that helmet for armor, only carrying two custom made metal escrimas and a couple of tubes of... something.

"Eve, after that, retirement on a nice island.." He muttered.

"Eve? Like, the singer?"

"Yes, the singer.. Look, do you know where she is?"

She jerked a finger in a direction. "Last I checked, she was going there... 'dunno why, that island is at risk of erupting any moment.. I can feel it."

"...." LIVIC suddenly shoved her out of the way and looked for a still running motorcycle, he planned on getting to that volcano.

"Hey, jerk!" she yelled, scampering back onto her feet. "There's a thing called walking around around!"

"I don't have time to wait girl!!" LIVIC hissed, finding a sports bike and driving at full speed to the island volcano.

The teen seemed to keep up to the motorcycle on foot, but it wasn't long before the distance between them began increasing.

LIVIC didnt cafs, he needed to get to that volcano fast.

Eventually, he would be crossing the bridge, feeling a small vibration on he ground..

Thankfully his bike had tip assist, so he wouldn't fall over.

The vibration stopped. Apparently, it wasn't coming from the old bridge.

He kept driving towards that Volcano. "C'moooon.. C'mooooon."

To LIVIC's right, he would see an explosion on  the shore of the island he just left.

"Not my problem.." He said as he headed for the volcano.

(any special sights being used atm?)

(no, that would actually interfere with driving at highspeeds on a motorcycle.)

LIVIC would have to drive a quarter mile longer after crossing the bridge to get to the abandoned city there.

"Heh.. Shouldn't be too long."

As he got nearer, he would notice that more an more people began noticing his appearanc-- wait, wasn't this place supposed to be abandoned?

"...." He stopped to investigate.

Due to motorcycles being pretty loud, he had already attracted the attention of people, no investigation needed. From all sides minus the road, weapons were being drawn as they told LIVIC to get on his knees.

LIVIC smirked, drawing two machine pistols and stepping off the motorcycles. "Let's go boys~"

Just as he asked for, the enemies fired their variety of weapons at him. M240s,MP5s, and AK-74s were the main type of weaponry used.

He just stood there, his gravity field acting like a rotary device for the bullets to spin past him and sling towards the other guys.

The bullets did hit most of them. The few who realized what was happening switched to blades.

That's where the two machine pistols came into play, for he sprayed lead at those who rished him with blades.

Now down to five people, each of them began resorting to grenade tactics, not throwing them directly at LIVIC, because of blast radius.

He aimed for the grenades midflight, his gravity field would stop incoming shrapnel headed for him.. But his bike was trashed.

The opponents were now fearful, each of them beginning to hide behind the trees, firing the rest of their rounds at LIVIC at random moments instead of in unison.

LIVIC just waited until these guys were out of ammo. "...."

Eventually, they all began running from the immediate area, disappearing into the woods.

"Bunch of pansies.."

A blob of darkness darkened the sky momentarily as it whizzed by.

LIVIC was confused, so he followed the blob.

The dark orb crashed into the volcano, and an instant later, a bright light flashed as a massive explosion covered the area, so powerful nearby trees were bending to the point that some of them snapped back, and the wind instantly rushed throughout the area at high speeds.

"... Fuck." LIVIC said simply.

The sudden shake of the trees also dropped down someone on it... the same teenage girl from before.

(I feel as if this sudden change of events for ALL parts of the roleplay means it's better for chapter 7 to start. let me also say this was DEFINITELY not planned to go down like this)

The Hellervein Triplets

Michael backed up into the wall, unsure how to feel once those words came out his mouth.

"Your father is responsible for your condition?" Triven asked.

"No... no he saved me... he... I was about to die, he wouldn't..." Michael began sinking back to the ground.

(I'm heading home a little earlier than usual..)

"Well, if he was responsible, it may have been to salvage your body.  That is my optimistic theory."

The triplets would be able to sense another heat signature in this area, heading towards them from a quarter mile away.

"I.. I known my father. Lately he's been more stressed out, but he actually cared for me.. this isn't something he would do..." Michael stood up. "This list has to be different, it has to."

"Are you prepared to leave now?"

"...I'm not done with this place, but I'm ready to leave now," he said solemnly, anger in his voice. Once that bit of anger came out, the robotic side twitched a little.

Triven began to float out.

Michael followed, clenching the book tightly, his living ear sulking.

The heat signature continued to travel closer.

"There is something approaching," Simble informed as they neared.

Mech glances over, tuning his ears to listen for it. For the triplets, the body signature would be moving slightly faster.

Triven placed a hand on Michael, turning him to a non-tangible form.

The figure was now in a more visible distance. It seemed to be a female grey hedgehog.

"U-Um! He-Hello!?" She called out to them, sounding rather tired.

Eve, the Hellervein Triplets, and Michael

"... Greetings..." Triven replied cautiously.

Eve smiles slightly, breathing a bit heavily as she makes her way to them; she lightly brush her bangs as she had dark blue eyes looking to the four. "O-Oh Good! I di-didn't know if there was anyone friendly here or no-not!" She gives a nervous yet shy smile, brushing a bit at her dress as she then bow her head a bit to Triven; She seem quite harmless, and clearly unarmed by the looks of it. "I am deeply sorry if I have seem as a threat or anything!" She nervously said as her eyes shift to the ground as she slightly frown.

Michael froze, turning towards the hedgehog. "Eve?" he said, almost stammering in confusion.

"What brought you here?" Simble inquired, stepping closer to the new arrival.

Eve paused, her ears perked as she glance to Michael as they seem to light up; but before she said anything, she looked to Simble. "U-Um, Honestly; I was looking for Michael!" She then looks back to Michael. "Mic-Michael? Is that you?" She question with clear worry and concern.

She would notice that Michael's midsection, entire legs, forearms, hands and the part of the right side of his face was all cybernetic. "You.. you came back just to find me?"

"What is the relation here?" Glyph spoke up.

Eve smiles a tiny bit to see Michael, though tears were slightly appearing. "Ye-Yes, Michael..." She then looks to Glyph. "M-Me and Michael are just Friends, I am Eve O'la Laha, me and Michael were in a situation that aided us t-to be friends!" She responded to Glyph the best she could, though she was really worry for Michael.

Michael, on the other hand, was very worried for Eve. "You shouldn't be here.. this place has been too dangerous for anyone to return to due to the crime here and the volcano!" As soon as he said that, there was a tiny vibration that died out rather quickly.

"... Are you going to turn her away now?" Simble questioned Michael.

Eve looks to Michael. "I arrive all this way, I won't leave now!" She frowns, even though she felt the vibration. "Please, I am not leaving Michael."

Michael looked at her, then look down and shook his head, a smirk on his face, the same smirk as always. "Still have that heart of preserverance," he noted to himself. He looked up at the princess. "Welp, I guess you're with us then, Eve."

"Highly preferable," Simble noted, extending a hand to shake Eve's.

Eve smiles as she accepts Simble's hand shake. "I'm so glad."

The vibrations have died down by now.

"I'm honestly glad that you just came out of the drama a few months ago unscathed... well, at least physically," as he said this, he gazed at the palms of his robotic hands, sulking a bit.

"Months?" Simble inquired.

"Yeah, um... this kidnapping took place several months ago, and the city was under attack.... Now thinking about it, we've overreacted, but better safe than sorry."

"That was mainly because it wasn't like we knew what was happening at the time." Eve frowns. "When I was home, I felt so guilty about what happen, I couldn't Stay home if I didn't know if you were alright or not Michael... I'm sorry for happen to you." She softly spoke as she took one of Michael's hands with her own.

(Nothing to add at this time)

(It's cool. We have thoses moments, me especially)

Michael gave a small smile in return, then it quickly faded as he started glancing about. "My thermal sights, it's seeing something... do you guys see it too?"

The Hellerveins glanced about.

"H-Huh?" Eve looks around, though now she seem quite worry about who it could be.

Around them, with thermal vision, one could see that in  a 25 foot radius, a group of people have began sneaking up to surround the group. They possibly came from the abandoned buildings.

"This one would require shade promptly," Glyph noted, phasing into the ground.

Eve wasn't sure what was going on, staying close to Michael.

Mech kept an open eye out, keeping Eve slightly ahead of him so he could see a potential strike to her from all sides.. He knew of her being a target.

Then... two people began walking towards the group. These pink skin creatures were definitely not Mobian. One was an average height, lanky with spines popping out of her body, the other one large and bulky, less threatening spikes appearing out of him.

A thin blue layer began to form over the ground as Simble and Triven stood to the front of Michael and Eve defensively.

The brute stopped at a distance, the smaller one stopping five feet ahead of the group. "I hope you all are having a nice evening..."

"A lovely stroll in the Carribean," Simble replied.  "... If... that is where this is."

Eve doesn't say anything yet she glance around with a form of worry.

The pink alien girl's yellow eyes landed on Eve. "Hand her over, and we never saw you guys."

"The dead do not make ultimatums," Simble peered.  Just as he raised his hand--a black smoke-like material flaming out toward the pink alien, the floor beneath the aliens shot up with rapidly portruding ice-structures.  With his other hand, Simble firmly took hold of Eve's arm as Triven charged immediately toward them.

The initial alien was pierced, by it, taken by surprise. The larger one was more pricked than pierced, immediately breaking the ice, then charging towards Triven.

In retaliation, bullet fire from the foes came from all directions, in which Mech changed his arm into a shield once more, moving over to protect the rest of the group as best as he could.

Eve squeaked a little as she was just surprised by all that was happening around her; Easily able to be firmly held by Simble grip on her arm. "!!"

The black mist went to wrap around the head of the pink alien while a long orange spiked apendage grew out from the top of Triven's arm as he slammed a fist toward the larger alien.

Simble ignored the bullet fire himself, most simply bouncing off or faintly impacting his skin before falling to the ground.  The ice shards were now rapidly spraying up and down, following the aliens.

Eve started to feel more worry, more concern at the bullets firing, or just all the combat going on around her, she slightly whimpers as she frowns a bit.

The beast raised his fist, ready to collide with Triven, seemingly unstopped by the icicles.

Meanwhile, the pink alien stood there, in some pain from the icicles. She looked towards simble as she attempted to control his blood, stopping it around his heart to momentarily put him down, as well as the black mist ( unless I'm wrong and another triplet is doing this).

Michael began using the energy blasts from the palm of his other hand to incapacitate the gunmen.

A kinetic burst came from the impact of Triven's fist, slamming against the large alien.  Simble tensed at the attempt at his blood, his eyes narrowing significantly.  Resisitng the invasion to his body, he took this as an insult, and immediately tightened the draining, assimilating, controlling mist once it would near the face, pores, eyes, of the alien.

Eve found herself pulled through the ground by Glyph now.

"Ah!" Eve was easily pulled through the ground by Glyph, having closed her eyes tightly as she was slightly scared but also worry.

The large alien connected the punch with his own, punching with a force to easily destroy a wall, plus some.

The smaller one clutched at the attack of the mist, and sharp bloody boney blades extended out of her forearms, using it to easily cut out of the icicles, followed by her retreating. Fast

Triven kept a steady-pressed arm against the impact, doubling with the portrusion from his arm as the impact of his own punch was a fair 90,000 pounds worth, but increased with a reverberating thousand.  Regardless, he was not intent on leaving a single mark: his other hand charging through to penetrate the chest of the alien.

The mist tore into the pink alien, dragging and pulling at her as it seeped away at her body's nutrients and life force: all at the same time a demanding and darkly agitated tone spoke "Your, unwilling life, is, mine," slight pink sparks sending suggestion and control across, tearing at the barriers of her will.

The larger alien shocked, seeing how his initial strength was outmatched and he actually got pushed back some. His next strike was with his true strength, which was capable of mostly destroying a small third class house.

The smaller alien's inner body systems were attempting to push back against the mist entering her body, her spikes fluctuating in and out of her body, attempting pumping the mist out.

Triven easily caught the second strike with his first hand, using his own pressure to dislocate the wrist-area joint with claws piercing against it.

The mist continued to grow as she pushed against it, going in and out until surrounding her entirely: dragging her back to Simble as the pressurized mental control bombarded her.

"They seem to have the situation under control," Glyph turned to Eve.  "What connection do you have to those individuals?"

"None! I don't even know them!" Eve squeaked a bit, she seem in quite a panick when Glyph turned to her. "I-I don't even know what is going on..." She slightly tears up as she looks down at the ground.

The giant grunted in pain, though not as if it was in true pain. However, he was not the one who liked being outmatched in something he was known for. This caused him to get angrier, and his size grew about two inches as he attempted to kick Triven with his foot.

The smaller alien began slowly losing her ground, her body succumbing to returning to Simble, spikes across her body continue to try to pump out whatever it was. As for the mental attack, she still seemed to be resisting it with more ease than the actual mist cloud itself.

Michael glanced over to Glyph and Eve. "You're a contract, Eve. They probably wanted you alive for a higher pay... we're going to have to find the person who put the price on you," He eventually took out the last gunner who was willing to fire, the others seeming to have disappeared.

Something caught the giant's foot as Triven gave a growling "Enough," forcing the alien upward into the air as he charged into the atmosphere, a series of what seemed to be invisible punches slamming against the body of the giant at a rate of twenty-four per second while the hands gripping the giant tensed tightly in hold while sending repeating bursts of sound across the body.

By the time the mist brought the pink alien to Simble's front, he reached out with his hand, and cupped the back of her head, dark purple claws grappling her forehead.

"Why is she involved?" Glyph questioned.

Eve frowns, looking down at the ground as she try to think of anything; She was honestly hoping it wasn't due to the fact she was a Princess.

"I can't answer that question, sadly," Michael started off. "I haven't been up to date these past few months."

The small alien gripped at the arm grabbing her head, screaming in pain from the mist as she attempted to use her spiky tail as a way to either strike Simble or force him to back off.

The large alien took in the beating, seemingly unable to do much in this situation. He was in obviously great pain, yet somehow still managing to stay consciousness. He also heard the scream of the smaller alien as he continued to take a beating. He began growing some more once again. 

"Let, GO!!" he bellowed, loud enough for the leaves of the trees in the surrounding area to  get pushed back from it.

Triven slowed for a moment, tipping just slightly as if contemplating the idea of ramming the alien into the ground, but resumed course definitively.  With the black mist forming around himself, a large hand seemed to grow upward before striking down at the head of the alien at a force of 200,000 pounds.

Simble did not respond verbally, simply muting the sound in front of her and slowly pressing that further toward her mouth and lungs: a slow choking as he continued the bombardment regardless, the mental commanding remaining as strong, as if determined to make it through.

Eve just ended up closing her eyes and covering her ears at this point; not even sure how to deal with all of this that is around her.

The brute took the force, seemingly no bone breaking nor head damage, though he did went limp from the strike.

The alien attempted to force blood clots and strokes onto Triven as some last attempt to breathe. While she was being choked, it was not actually due to lungs, as her spikes do the breathing.

With the area being mostly clear, Michael positioned his shield in front of Eve as he tried to lead her out of danger, sure that the Triplets were dealing with the aliens fairly well. Speaking of the aliens, he turned to Glyph. "Some of their jobs include holding hostages for ransom. Could you make sure your brothers, uh, don't take it too far?"

(Quick note, Glyph took Eve underground.)

Triven repeated the strike, each time tearing away at the giant's life force: pushing and pulling at the blood inside.

Simble pressed his own resistence to the blood manipulation, growling lowly as she pulled the alien's head back to face his own.  "If you wish to meet my veins so persistently, consider this an agreement of terms," With his eyes now fixed upon hers, a blinding pink light corsed to her sockets, flooding the psychic persistence as he came down at her face with a forceful, faintly biting kiss to her mouth: a slow stream of a freezing liquid spreading out from him to her.

"You wish for hostages of our own?" Glyph asked.

"No, I'm saying those aliens have innocent hostages themselves," Michael responded. "If they die, it'll be a unnecessarily longer search and rescue mission."

The brute eventually fell into unconsciousness from the strikes.

The smaller alien was taken by surprise, and while trying to push Simble off with her legs and one arm, the girl seemingly threw a punch at Triven's stomach, only for an incredibly sharp bonelike blade to immediately portrude from the her skin.

Meanwhile, some weird dark orb whizzed across the night sky.

With the enemy defeated, A spike formed out from the back of Triven's elbow as he prepared to slam it into the face of the alien... but stopped.  With a growl, he floated back to the ground with the alien in hand: the mist fading from his body with a slight burn on the back of his head.

The arm was caught, something like a hand crunching the bone-like blade... along with that hand.

(i'm guessing this is something supernatural then?)

The girl was running out of air, and lacked the ability to scream. Her movements were vastly more lethargic as she slowly began passing out as well.

(I... y-... you're asking that... now?)

(Also question: does the pink alien have complete mental defense or...?)

(they both have incredibly high resistance to mental damage, due to them not having a brain-like area [Basically a concentrated area]. And by supernatural I didn't mean anything different, I just meant the hand grabbing the blade. I know the rest was extraordinary.]


His patience lost, Simble retracted, pulling out the mist from the alien's system along with the remains of her energy.  "To me," He called out.  Triven approached as Glyph began floating herself and Eve upward.

Eve open her eyes a bit, though she was still pretty scared at this moment.

Michael had relaxed, glancing at the bodies to see if they were still alive. "Well then.. I guess the worst is over," he said solemnly.

"That is a massively optimistic statement," Triven replied, carrying the larger alien over.  "It is doubtful."

"We will learn what we require momentarily," Simble informed, placing the pink alien on the floor.  "They are defended well, but I will be most intruiged and impressed if they can resist our combined pressure."

"You certainly held no sympathy in your encounter," Glyph peered.

"... And I have a limitless supply of apathy to provide against their reckless threats, particularly toward our defended," He replied sharply.  He looked to Eve and Michael.  "Your conditions?"

Eve frowns, her eyes shifting to the ground. "I-I'm fine..."

Michael looks at his hands for the reflection of the light from his cybernetic eye. "Confused.." he responded, "but okay otherwise." 

"Confused in what regard?" Simble inquired.,

"Like... something's... off with the air..." as soon as he said that, a bright light flashed as a massive explosion covered the area, so powerful nearby trees were bending to the point that some of them snapped back, and the wind howling instantly rushed throughout the area at high speeds, however dwarfed by the sound of the explosion itself. It was as if the sun had landed on Earth.

(So it would be hitting them?)

(no, but it is near)

(Just leaving it open for Eve)

Eve closed her eyes tightly as she covers her ears while she crouched down, she didn't like what was happening right now and she was scared at this point.

Simble grabbed hold of the group, phasing them downward until the explosion passed.

(I feel as if this sudden change of events for ALL parts of the roleplay means it's better for chapter 7 to start. let me also say this was DEFINITELY not planned to go down like this)


Chapter 7: The Tides Turn

Everyone had awoken to the booming sound of the volcano, now on the verge of awakening once more. However, due to the explosion, not only will the volcanic eruption be more severe, an aquatic danger threatens the islands of Weybrook.

Eve, the Hellervein Triplets, and Michael

After the initial explosion died out, it was five seconds of silence before Michael spoke up. "...What the hell just happened?"

Simble rose his head above the surface to observe.

Eve looks around quietly, not wanting to speak nor make a sound honestly.

A tidal wave was approaching the main island in the distance, and the volcano dropped in height by nearly a half, its vents unleashing lava.

The area seemed to be clear of enemies however. The large alien seemed to be stirring awake.

(Simble had been holding the small alien, and Triven the large one.)

(I take the blame. I've been inactive this whole week. I must have skimmed over it.)

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(Tables were flipped that day.  No one survived the war.)

"... Barrier," Simble instructed.  The ground moved around them, forming into a large rock dome as a light pink tint formed around it.  "We will perform here."

"What are you planning on doing?" Michael asked, glancing at Gore, who had seemingly appeared to have stopped stirring.

"We will be inspecting his mind."

Eve tilts her head, a bit confuse. "H-Huh...?" She frowns slightly.

"Who, the big guy?" Michael asked.

"Yes," Simble placed his hand on the alien's head, beginning the intrusion.

The brutaliene seemed to have woken up from sensinng an invasion of his brain, immediately getting up to attempt to backslap the closest foe.

Simble pressed him back to the floor, pink tendrils from the barrier slamming down to restrain him.

Eve seem a bit worry as well as slightly frighten in seeing this.

The big guy wasn't at his full potential due to just waking up, and therefore was already reasonable to pin down, though it was necessary to keep him pinned.

Michael looked over to her since they had the time. "How did you even know I was here in the first place?"

Eve looks at Michael, she blinks. "Oh! Right." She pulls out the tracker that The Black Cat gave her. "The Black Cat aided me a little. She wanted me to leave but I refuse to because I wanted to found you." She smiles a little.

Simble continued his intrusion into the larger alien's psyche.

There was some psychic resistance, but he was kept still.

(What be in the mind @_@)

(your wildest dreams)

The alien seemed to have plans of taking Eve alive and bringing her to an unknown person. There were several other people to be taken as well, but it seems that the Triplets prevented those kidnappings before it was too late. 

Simble was not satisfied with mere intelligence at this level, and thus pressed to take control of the alien's mind.

Eve frowns, watching all of this.

"You risked death just to find me all the way out here?" Michael said, surprisingly shocked.

The monster fell to Simble's control over him. His mind wasn't as resistant as his sister's, who just woke up. Realizing the situation she was in, she knew it would be dumb to even bother anything, so she crossed her arms as she watched what was happening.

Eve looks to Michael, she nods quickly. "Ye-Yes!"

"Welcome to the living," Glyph greeted to the alien girl.  "Would you like to confess something?"

Simble had the alien stand up.

Michael's ears perked up. "That's... wow... I didn't expect this..." Michael was completely dumbfounded and out of words. in how to respond to Eve, but in a good way. He scratched his muzzle thinking about this.

The female alien glanced over. "Yes... this is bullshit." She notices her brother getting up, and knows this isn't his attitude. "What did you do to him?"

Eve smiles happily at Michael.

"The same thing I am apathetically going to do to you," Simble replied darkly, his glass-like eyes grazing her face for a brief moment.  "Be very afraid of your chances while in our presence.  Be blood-freezingly stiff, because you are at our limited, draining, mercy."

Triven and Glyph were silent to this, but they did not look to either the alien nore Simble, but they did not appear pleased.

She didn't seemed to be scared, though she was more unpleased. "What do you want?"

"All the information you have that could prove useful to us.  Your reward is that if we are satisfied, your memories will not be wiped and then replaced by a cattle animal."

"I-Isn't th-that harsh?" Eve spoke up, frowning.

Michael looked over at the alien.

That threat actually did get to her, but she only shown it by the arch of her eyebrow. "...Hmph," she grumbled, eyeing the Triplets. "Fine then. Anything specific you would like to know?" She said it to Simble, but glared at Eve.

"Your intentions, your reasons, the strengths and weaknesses of your group, your biology, and finally, their location."

"...Whose location?" she asked. 

Eve just stays quiet at this point, sitting there and watching quietly.

Michael had concluded the situation. "For all we know, whatever explosion hit us out there, it might've triggered the volcano. We shouldn't be here for too long."

Glyph prepared to port the group.

"Your group," Simble replied calmly.  "That is the last time I will clarify the obvious before acting firmly."

Eve looks to Michael. "O-Oh dear..." She frowns a bit, before watching this quietly.

The alien seemed to take this situation as another way to stall. "I'll tell you once we're in a safer setting," she noted.

Immediately after saying that, for a brief two seconds, a very faint rumbling was felt, then it died.

The others were soon brought elsewhere by Glyph as Simble took the female alien by the neck, pinning her down at the ground as his fangs grew out thin an inch, small pores being quite visible on the undersides.  "You will answer now..."

She struggled in the grip, trying to get Simble off of her, panicky from the fangs and the threat from before.

The black mist returned, narrowing into a small stake that poised just above her head.  "I do my utmost to act as a gentlemen with a leveled temper, and you are pressing my limits."

Michael took the time to look at where they were, scanning the area for enemies as well.

Meanwhile, the female alien panicked, but didn't attempt to struggle. "Okay okay! I legitimately don't know where they are, honest! How am I supposed to know where they ran off to?!"

They were still underground though it was a bit moist.  No biological life outside of plant was seen above.

"You have some sort of home base?" Simble interrogated.

Eve looks around at her surrounding, being underground with Michael and the others, she frowns. "..."

Michael was in the middle of trying to find out who was the one behind this, but had no clue. "Eve, any chance you were followed?"

The alien glared at Simble "Even if I told you where the base was, they're not dumb enough to stay on this island. For all I know, they're on the bridge. Now get off!"

"If the indication I was giving was that we believed they still resided in the residual area, allow me to correctly specify the span of matter you will provide," A barrier formed between the two of them and the others.  Black and purple mist come out from Simble's fangs, slithering toward the head of the alien.

Eve looks to Michael, frowning a bit. "I-I'm not sure; I know someone is looking for me, but I don't know if I was followed..." She looks down at the ground.

"OKAY!" she begged. "Just please stop, I'll talk!" The alien began squirming away from the mist.

Michael looked around the area, seeing if anyone was there. "That person was probably the one who tried to hit us with that explosion... you guys can sense heat signatures, right?"

"We are more than hundreds of miles from our prior location," Glyph informed.  "And yes, we can."

The mist did not stop nearing the alien, nor did Simble respond, but that did not mean he did not wish for her to answer.

Eve looks to Glyph and Michael. "I-I doubt the person who was trying to search for me was the cause of that attack. H-He didn't sound like he carried anything can could cause that..." She mumbles as she glance down at the ground.

The alien frantically spoke. "There is an abandoned factory base that we hide out, alright?!"

Michael pondered about this. "then if it wasnt your hunter, whether or not he is out there... Who could it be?"

"Where, is, the factory?" Simble asked further.


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Eve frowns. "I'm not sure."

(Saren's parts are starting to overlap again. I am waiting on him.)

Lavo and Mars

The first thing Lavo would see is a wave. A big one.

Lavo holds Mars close to her, leaping straight into the air as a high jump before her wings expand largely to count for her weight and Mars' weight as she then takes flight higher into the sky.

The tsunami began to grow to a height of 50 feet, the tsunami warning system only now activating.

Lavo flew up higher to a save height of 60 Feet, she was keeping her breathing calm so she didn't suffer the sudden change of height she has done. Her wings flap as she skim her eyes over the island, Mars still protectively in her arms.

The water managed to get pretty far in shore. The island which exploded in the first place seems in even worse conditions,

Lavo keeps flying, watching this as she holds Mars' pass out body. "...Hmph... Well then." She shakes her head a bit.

The body of Phoenix was washed back onto shore, his fire completely distinguished.

Her wings flapped, judging if it was safe to land on the ground; her eyes landing on the body of the Phoenix.

Phoenix's body was tossed on a floating roof. Dry land was at least a mile inward in all directions.

Mars was still sleeping, getting feverish it looked like.

Lavo looks to Mars, though she easily flies down, using on while arm to hold Mars close as she grabs a hold of the Phoenix, she flies up and goes for a random direction for dry land, her wings flap.

"Everything's cold.."

Lavo keeps Mars close to her. "I'm here... Shh..." She stays in flight, gripping hold of the Phoenix as she was heading for dry land at this point.

Mars held on tight, trying to avoid falling.

The water within a nearby area began to recede

Lavo starts landing onto the dry land, droping the Phoenix a bit away from the water. "...I know you try to murder me, and try to harm my little brother... But, I am giving you Another chance to live..." She growls a little, but carries Mars in her arms as her wings folded. "...I shall make my leave."

Mars looked deathly ill, judging by the paleness.

Lavo held Mars close, letting him use her body as warmth as she then runs off; she needed to find him a safe location, and she needed to aid him quickly. Her ears perked, shifted as she runs off quickly, her wings wrapped around her and mars like a Cloak.

The buildings that were burned on Paradise Island were still dry due to Paradise island being well above coastal waters. Some buildings were on the verge of collapse, others stable enough, and all burnt in one way or another.

There was even the house where the kid chipmunk lived. 

Lavo dashes over to the building, going inside as quickly as possible; she needed to care to Mars as quickly as she could as she goes for a bedroom. "No, no, don't die, come on..." She mutters.

No response.

She had kicked down a bedroom door, going in to see if the bed in that room was still together, for once emotions were showing as she had concern and fear in those lifeless eyes of hers. "Your Big sis is still here." She whispers.

"I-it's... C-Cold.." Mars shivered, his voice a whisper.

Lavo searches for a Blanket, or blankets to wrap around Mars.

Things were pushed around the place, as if someone raided it, but there was still spare blankets in a drawer.

Lavo takes all the spare blankets, rushing to Mars' side as she starts wrapping the blankets around him.

Mars curled up on the blankets.

Xavek and Scarlet

The first thing on Scarlet's mind was to throw a punch square into the jaw of Xavek. The same fist has helped her casually move boulders weighing several tons.

Xavek sidestepped that, his external cybernetics dropping before delivering a solid kneestrike to her gut.

Scarlet tanked the hit, taking the time to roll back a few feet.

"....." His gauntlets detached, revealing sharp fleshy talons underneath as the outer shell ripped itself apart.. Revealing Xavek in his alien glory.. "Power.. I have it all..!"

"I don't care what you have, you almost sabatoged my my money!" she yelled, aiming a custom machine gun in his direction.

"Pathetic.." He spoke, walking towards her.

She fired the bullets, the bullets travelling four times faster than the fastest bullets.

and they bounce off harmlessly, as Xavek grabs her head and attempts to slam her into the ground.

Scarlet quickly ducks from the grabbing hand of Xavek, attempting to clip him with a sweep kick.

He caught her by the ankle using his talon like feet, preparing to pull a general grievous and toss her out.

Scarlet allowed herself to be thrown, but immediately after ended up behind Xavek, she shot her grappling hook  at Xavek at close range. Depending on whether or not Xavek was clutched to the ground, he may be plucked in the air from the velocity as well.

Considering Xavek has eyes on his back, and they function, this gave him ample to move out of the way by rolling.

Where the grapple landed, Scarlet crashed, dropping two pins on the ground as the grenades she tossed headed towards Xavek.

He jumped down from the building, activating his stealth cloak in midair.

Scarlet looked over the building going through all scans of vision other than gamma rays and radio waves.

Nothing, but that was because Xavek hid himself quite well.

"...Motherfucker's gonna pay," she thought, turning around to walk off. 

LIVIC and Roselyn

The teen shakily sat up, rubbing her head. She seemed not to be acknowledging LIVIC's presence right away.

LIVIC sighed, picking her up by the back of her gear.

The girl glanced to LIVIC. "What are you doing?" she questioned.

"Dragging you away from this shitstorm."

Roselyn didn't bother to struggle against him, seeing as she wasn't in danger yet. Due to this, she was easily picked up. "What did you do?" she asked, thinking it was him.

"Nothing, that was something else."

"Who would bomb a vacant island of all things..." she ended up thinking out loud, then after a a moment of silence, "....huh... apparently it is not as vacant as I thought." 

"Yes.. Lets just go."

As they walked along, Roselyn's ears perked up. "How did--" she says in confusion, "there's someone ahead.. with supernatural properties I guess." Surprisingly, she didn't even look at anything but the ground.

"Huh, lets go see."

"Well, not ahead ahead," Rosey corrected herself. "Moreso in front of us... but underground, I guess."

(Just making sure, LIVIC cant be sensed by thermal vision, right?)