Dexter Rains

Full Name

Dexter Alberto Rains








Neutral Good


Dexter uses the ground to fight for him by causing small earthquakes or throwing rocks


June 21st, so he's a Gemini


He is a little shy and can be blunt at times, he's also very quick to anger and a good judge of character

Ability Type


Sexual Preference

Dexter is straight and doesn't feel like that is changing


Dexter wears a brown thermal jacket along with some cut up green shorts and a pair of short blue hiking boots. And on his left wrist, he wears a yellow wristwatch.

Hair Color: Chocolate Brown.

Hair Style: Long buzzcut.

Fur Color: Ivory White

Eye Color: Hazel.

Height: 2' 7"

Weight: 89 Lbs.


Favorite Food: Pizza Sliders. He likes the taste of the bite-size pizzas and likes them with ranch.

Favorite Color: Brown. He likes it because it was the first color he ever saw and it brings back memories.

Favorite Song Are We There Yet by Black Gryph0n. It addresses his fears of the future and he finds it very relaxing.

Favorite T.V. Show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. At first, he hated the show but after his accident, he decided to give it a chance and found himself enjoying the characters and episodes.

Favorite Sport: Soccer. He loves the feeling of run across the field with the ball.

Favorite Book: Beautiful Creatures. He enjoys the plot and always makes them ask someone to read it to him.

Favorite Movie: Spirited Away. He remembers it fondly and can recall everything that happened down to the last minor detail.

Favorite Video Game: While he doesn't play video games much anymore, he did enjoy playing Cave Story and exploring new places, but the story wasn't all that interesting to him.

Likes: Playing with friends, eating, taking a nap, going camping and playing pranks.

Dislikes: Getting up in the morning, being made fun of, P.E class and being lost.

Dexter's Family

Jonna: Mother. Dexter and his mother were very close before the accident in which Dexter was struck by a meteor causing him to go blind. But now, try as he might, he just doesn't know what to do. She tends to spend as much of her time possible avoiding her son, whether intentionally or not.

Marir: Father. Dexter and his father's relationship wasn't so great before the accident, but now he and his son are very close due to their new found interest in researching the meteor and trying to find a cure for Dexter's blindness.


Friends: Chauntal. A friend from school and Dexter's first friend since his accident. She is very supportive of him and cares about him a lot. Ricky. Another friend from school and a member of the judo club, he and Dexter spar whenever they get the chance and enjoy it. And, Wolve. Dexter's next door neighbor who has a penchant for mysteries. He usually recruits Dexter into doing what he has planned.

Rival: Tamashi. A member of the judo club, Dexter and her first met at school and soon became involved in a rivalry due to both wanting to be the best in the school.

Enemy: Clarence, Dexter's best friend turned enemy when he started picking on Dexter for his blindness. Dexter has no idea why he started and wishes they could become friends again.


Abilities: Dexter is well skilled in judo and has won several awards for it. He also is a very capable farmer using his connection with the earth to help.

Special Ability: Due to being hit by the meteor and parts of it entering his bloodstream, Dexter has the ability to control the earth and use it in any way he sees fit.

Weaknesses: Dexter doesn't like getting wet, he also can't stand the cold and is also allergic to some types of fish.

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