Diablo the hedgehog smexy by lunarmist studios-d5c6vny

Diablo the Hedgehog

Name: Diablo

Name Meaning: Spanish for "Devil" (And no, he is not a demon, or in any way RELATED to the Devil)

Nicknames(s): Hot Head, Klepto

Age: 18

Species: (Present) Mobian/Hedgehog/Werehog / (Future) Mobian/Wolf/WereWolf (In the future, a spell was placed on him and his species will suddenly change)

Gender: Male

Height: 3'9'

Weight: 35 KG

IQ: 133-140 - Quite Intelligent

Maritial Status: Depending on the Alternate realities he is either with A) Adela the Vampire Cat, B) Saris the Hedgehog, C) Selania the Hedgehog

DOB: 08/22

Birthplace: Spagonia

Current Residence: Spagonia

Occupation: Theif

Social Class: Womanizer

Alignment: Hero

Top Speed: 600+ MPH - Gifted Runner (He is actually faster than Sonic) (And my only OC faster than Sonic)

Basic Stats: (1 = Weak / 10 = Strong)

> Agility: 3

> Speed: 10

> Strength: 3

> Defense: 5

> Evasiveness: 10

> Dexterity: 3

> Intelligence: 8

> Skill: 5

> Special Attacks: 10

Abilities: Super Speed, Strength, Pyrokenesis


> Super Diablo: His “Super” form

> Wereohg: His “Werehog” form

Hobbies: Stealing, Writting, Cooking, Flirting, Painting, Dancing

Talents: Winning over a womans heart

Weaknesses: Water, Ice, Snow, Chaos Energy (Whether negative or positive it still hurts him)

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