Diana works in the Southern Zone against the Rift monsters. She was pretty much forced into it when she and Brian had somehow ended up in the danger area. She works in the defence department but does sometimes go out scouting on the field with Halifax and Ross. She has a habit of calling others 'Bud'.


Full Name: Diana Olivia Bell

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Species: Fox

Accent: Scouse

Personality: Naïve, Easy-going, Nervous around new people

Alliance: Good

Theme Song:

Favoured Weaponry: M-24

Relationships with Others

Brian Chambers: Best Friends, they are very close and get uneasy when the other is out on the field without them.

Halifax Young: Good friends, they like to banter a lot. She treats him too much like a child though.

Tori McClane: Neutral, but she prefers to avoid him. Diana doesn't like the amount of swearing he does.

Ray Cutter: Good Friends, since there aren't many other females in the base they find each other as good company. Diana doesn't mind the complaining Ray usually comes out with.

Logan: Her Boss. Diana finds his crush on Grace cute.

Grace Valentine: Friendly, they mostly talk when Ray isn't around as she knows what Ray would think.

Ross: Good Friends, She gets concerned when he breaks off from the group on scouting missions.

'Aussie': Friendly, feels bad when the other judge him for what he's done in the past. She hopes he might change Tori.

'Jekyll' Cox: Neutral, Diana gets a bit unnerved from his personality changes.

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