Digit Maybelle
Digit (Finished)

Full Name:

Digit Briana Maybelle








Lawful Good


Force Flute


March 15th


Digit is very shy and insecure. She is easily manipulated due to this. But if you get he mad, she will show you her Aqua Attitude

Sexual Preference

Digit is straight, but has been feeling curious

Voice Actor

English: Leah Clark


Digit wears a Magenta blouse, blue shorts with the side cut out, and blue school boots. When she goes to school, she wears a purple vest with a blue blouse, a purple plaid skirt, knee-high socks and short heels.

Hair Color: Pink.

Hair Style: Long braid in the back short and wavy in the front.

Fur Color: White and Black.

Eye Color: Blue.

Height: Three feet and six inches.

Weight: One hundred and four pounds

Digit wears glasses and keeps her hair neat and tidy. Whenever she's embarrassed, her ears tend to turn a slight shade of pink that matches her face's blush.

Digit's Family:

Martha: Mother. She rarely has time for Digit due to being busy with her numerous roles on the big screen. But Digit knows she loves her.

Gizmo: Father. He is a director known for doing independent movies. He and Digit keep in touch, though that's not always easy to maintain.


Friends: Kenz. A friend that Digit met at camp that she tries to keep in touch with, he feels grateful for her friendship. Morra. The student president at school who felt sorry for Digit and became her friend to help her. And, Tyler, A guy Digit met while at a dinner party with her parents, the two became close due to their uneasiness being from affluent families. 

Rivals: Minuet. A friendly rival Digit made when both tried out for the lead seat in band club. And, Celeste. The more competitive rival Digit made while at camp. Celeste would challenge her to everything, much to Digit's chagrin.

Enemy: Nash. A bully at school who pick on Digit for being rich. Despite wanting him to stop, she doesn't feel brave enough to stand up to him.


Abilities: Digit is a pretty good chef, having spent a lot of time in her home's kitchen with the chef. She can cook only pastries at the moment but hopes to get better. She is also a decent swimmer due to her unusual connection to the water and has been known to set some records. And, she is known for being a fairly great dancer due to her parents hiring a trainer. 

Special Abilities: Digit can manipulate water to her will by use of her Force Flute. She can play different combinations of notes that lets her use water in different ways.

Weaknesses: Thunder, she has been scared of it ever since she was a child. She also has a very low pain tolerance, and she gets extremely uncomfortable in crowds of large people.