Digit Maybelle
Digit (Finished)

Full Name:

Digit Briana Maybelle








Lawful Good


Force Flute


March 15th


Digit is very shy and insecure. She is easily manipulated due to this. But if you get he mad, she will show you her Aqua Attitude

Ability Type:

Power and Speed

Sexual Preference:



Digit wears a Magenta blouse, blue shorts with the side cut out, and blue school boots. When she goes to school, she wears a purple vest with a blue blouse, a purple plaid skirt, knee high socks and short heels.

Hair Color:Pink.

Hair Style: Long braid in the back short and wavy in the front.

Fur Color:White and Black.

Eye Color:Blue.

Height:65 Cm.

Weight:26 Lbs.

Digit wears glasses and keeps her hair neat and tidy. Whenever she's embarrased, her ears tend to turn a slight shade of pink that matches her face's blush.


Favorite Food: Peanut Butter Sandwich

Favorite Color: Magenta

Favorite Song: Sneakernight by Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Favorite T.V. Show: Mayak Fashion Police

Favorite Sport: She's not good at sports, but if she had to pick one it would be Kickball.

Favorite Book: Shrinking Violet

Favorite Movie: The Muppets

Likes: Cooking, working, swimming, playing her flute and reading.

Dislikes: Being noticed too much, being bullied by others, messing up on a song and being ignored by her parents.

Digit's Family:

Martha:Mother. She rarely has time for Digit due to being busy with her numerous roles on the big screen. But Digit knows she loves her.

Gizmo:Father. He is a director known for doing independant movies. He and Digit keep in touch, though that's not always easy to maintain.


Friends: Dani, Kenz, Morra, Tyler and Arran.

Rivals: Minuet and Celeste.

Enemy: Nash.


Abilities: Telling jokes, Albeit badly, and Cooking.

Special Abilities: She can swim at very fast speeds and can manipulate water to her will.

Weaknesses: Thunder, Pain and Large crowds.

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