digital is a hedgehog from the virtual world,he was created by tails to combat some virus who where invading his computer,but,after defeat the virus,digital somehow is in real life,and now he lives a real life.


after seeing his computer was invading by virus,tails make a hedgehog named digital to fight them,after some battle with the virus,somehow digital comes to real life and begins to have some aventures with tails,his father.


digital is a purple hedgehog with green,purple ears,purple spines,purple tail,black jacket with red stripes,yellow shorts,blue gloves with white stripes,blue shoes with white stripes and a scarf.


he´s always sarcastic every time,but he also get´s angry easily.


digital can create every type of weapon from virtual power.

using chaos emeralds,he can teleport to every place(like everyone).

he can make others angry with his sarcastic(what kinda of power is that?).

he can create every person he imagine with virtual powers(again another virtual power).


using the chaos emeralds he can turn into super digital.

using the hyper chaos emeralds,hyper digital.

using virtual excalibur,he can turn into excalibur digital(don´t ask me why he can make a virtual excalibur).


he´s the mostic sarcastic hedgehog i ever create.

when he get´s angry,digital becomes red(that´s make sense).

he hates eggman(who don´t hate right?).