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Doug The Hedgehog

Doug the Hedgehog's current look

Doug (Real name Douglas) is an Anthromorphic Light blue colored Hedgehog who hails from the planet Mobius. Doug is an adventurer and has been one for about 5 years.

About Doug the Hedgehog

Name: Douglas Mitchell Maxwell

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Fur: Lightblue

Attire: White longsleeved shirt, black pants with a dark cyan line going through both sides, Dark Cyan gloves with blue wrist rings, and Blue and Dark Cyan shoes.

Sexual Orientation: Straight. Hometown: Somewhere near Station Square and Emerald Town.

Facial Features: A large bang and another bang thats alot smaller and Blue eyes.

Alignment: Good

Likes: His friends, doing good.

Dislikes: Evil.

Relatives: Barry the Hedgehog (Dad), Nancy the Hedgehog (Mom) , and Atomix The Hedgehog (Brother)

Friends: Justin the Armadillo , Ryan the Fox, James the Hedgehog, Garo the Hedgechidna, Alexandria the Hedgehog, Yuri the Hedgehog, Jenny the Fox (Somewhat), Molly the Labrador (Girlfriend), Exc.

Love Interests: Alexandria (Alex) the Hedgehog (Still finds attractive), Molly the Labrador (Girlfriend)

Ability type: Speed

Abilities: Light Elemental nature.


Will be made another time. D:


Super Doug

Doug's Main transformation with the use of the Chaos Emeralds. Doug's Fur turns a golden yellow and his eyes turn an emerald green rather then the usual red. His top and bottom quills spike up while his middle quills spike down. He gains several new abilities such as the main ability to fly and he gains more powerful Chaos Abilities.

Hyper Doug

Doug's Transformation using the power of the Super Emeralds. Nothing much has changed for his super look other then the fact that he's flashing all the colors of the Chaos/Super Emeralds and his middle quills spike upward too. His abilities are more powerful as well.

Midnight (Dark) Doug

Doug's Transformation from an extreme amount of rage, sadness and stress, and when he absorbs Darkness, it can also trigger the transformation. When Doug begins to transform, he will begin to glow black and will start to struggle to keep control over himself. But it usually doesn't work and his pupils dissappear and turn red as the glowing consumes him and and a giant black explosive (Not harmful, kinda like when Sonic turns Super in Nazo Unleashed but it's black) blast occurs and Doug will emerge with his top quills spiking slightly upward and his middle and bottom quills spiking downward, his quills also get longer as well. After transforming, Doug will go on a berserk rampage and attack anybody, even his friends because he has no control over himself. He will probably barely remember what happens. In this form, he will usually be seen floating an inch off the ground because he moves faster with the air dash move. His Light powers turn into Darkness and he can shoot dark blasts at the opponent. If he reverts, he will usually be unconcious for some time. Usually ways to get him to revert are to calm him down, when he sees a loved one who isn't harmed, but that second case usually isn't likely to work.

Arch Angel Doug

Doug's Powerful Transformation which is only used as a last resort. Doug's fur turns white, his eyes turn a very bright pale-ish yellow color. After Doug is weakened to a point of practical utter defeat. The rings on Doug's wrists fall off and reveal Light electrical energy that is in the shape of his wrist rings except smaller, they then spread around his body, and then white energy "steam" go off his body and it causes his fur to turn white and then his eyes glow and turn into the bright pale-ish yellow color and his top and bottom quills spike upward and his middle quills remain the same. Doug's attire also changes slightly. Now where his wrist rings were, now there are light energy wrist cuffs that are made of special light energy called "Arch Angel Energy". He also grows 1 angel wing out of the right side of his back, with which he can glide with and do better air dash related attacks with. All of his attacks also become more powerful and light infused. He can also shoot out the "Arch Angel Energy" in somewhat powerful attacks.


  • Doug was originally a Lightblue Sonic with Orange and Blue Shoes.
  • Doug's Mom (Still pending about his Dad) was originally going to have been killed by Eggman, but now i just made it an unknown person who did so after realizing that's overused.
  • Doug tends to flirt with girls that he likes unless he's with somebody.
  • Doug was originally going to have a sword that could be engulfed in blue fire. But it was later changed to an Orange Z-Saber.
  • Justin and Doug met when Doug was 7 and he was 9.
  • Doug and Ryan when Ryan was 8 and introduced him to Justin later on.

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