Dusk the bat

dusk is the brother of rouge from an alternate time line. 


dusk was the twin brother of rouge the bat. in his timeline, rouge died at an early age.

dusk enlisted into G.U.N at the minimum age of 16, and trained as a spec ops agent. when silver the hedgehog altered time during the events of sonic the hedgehog (2006), dusk was sucked into a different reality. dusk once again became a member of G.U.N and performed many missions.

powers and abiltys

dusk has the power to fly and glide with his wings. as well as this, dusk has a device that allows him to become invisable and also he has gloves that allow him to climb up walls.

friends and enemies

Friends: dive the falcon, rouge the bat (sister), shadow the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog.

Enemies: dr egg man, metal series. uszee the vast.

Rivals: knuckles the echidna.

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