Dylan Moretti

Full Name

Dylan Zill Moretti




Snow Leopard/Hartian






Dylan carries a toolbox that houses his weapons which are ordinary tools that have been customized to function like boomerangs


February 18th, so he's an Aquarius


Dylan is very naive and stubborn, but he's also very curious and intelligent

Sexual Preference

Dylan is straight and doesn't bother to question it

Voice Actor

English: Crispin Freeman


Dylan wears a red jacket that has been opened with no shirt underneath along with brown work pants and a pair of black combat boots. He also wears a pair of brown leather gloves that help him hold onto objects.

Hair Color: Red.

Hair Style: Dylan styles his hair in a crew cut, mostly because he doesn't really want to care for it.

Fur color: Dylan's has white fur with icy blue spots.

Eye Color: Dylan's eyes are pale yellow.

Height: Three feet and eight inches.

Weight: One hundred and fifty pounds.

Dylan's Family

Tonna: Mother. Dylan's mother a full-time agent for the government. Due to her busy schedule, Dylan only sees his mom for short periods of time, but the that they do spend is very precious to the both of them.

Benjamin: Dylan's cousin who lives with him and his mom. Benjamin was kicked out by his parents and so was offered to live with Dylan. Dylan hasn't seen in a long time and so doesn't know how to act around him.


Friends: Fleur. Dylan's childhood friend, The two met in daycare and soon grew close. They enjoy playing and going on walks together. And, Dorian. a former bully of Dylan who befriended him after realizing how nice Dylan is. The two are close, almost like brothers.

Rival: Boris. Dylan's rival for the school's pole vault team. No matter the time of day, whenever the two meet, something is going to happen and probably nothing good.

Enemy: Junifer. A girl at school who picks on Dylan because of his knack for machinery. Dylan doesn't see why she does it and just tries to avoid her.


Abilities: Dylan is very well skilled in many types of gymnastics and even has set a record for the balance beam. He is also a very skilled mechanic and loves to work on old machines. And, he's quite the gifted runner being able to run up to seventy-five miles in under ten minutes,

Special Ability: Dylan has the ability to hypnotize people using his aura. The downside is that it only lasts for up to half an hour.

Weaknesses: Dylan is not a very good swimmer and usually has to bring a device in order to do so. He's also very allergic to lettuce and he is not a big fan of frogs.