Ive made an adoptabls page

.Anyone can adopt

.Adopt in comments(first come first serve,and once youve adopted ill give you the characters link)

.you can only adopt 1 every 3 weeks

.Admins can adopt 1 every 2 weeks

.Admins can adopt Star adopts

.1 pet per 2 weeks(applies to admins)

.Rapidly updated

No stealing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(your character can steal duh)

Pets(for your character)

Dark dragon chao

dark dragon chao 9 in stock

Halloween chao

Halloween chao 5 in stock


Monchie 15 in stock

basic adopts

Zero the hipno

Zero the hipno(adopted by spike the fox)



Mucle the crook

Mucle the crook

The witch rabbit

a witch rabbit (the ears are in the hat)

==Normal(have the wiki for 2 weeks)==

Jamie the fox

Jamie the fox (adopted by pit)

The mummy echenda

.....A mummy echenda

The Zombie echenda

Chain bot

A robot with a chainsaw hand

advanced(have the wiki for 5 weeks)

The living scarecrow

A alive scarecrow?

The devil hedgehog

The devil hedgehog Halloween (unavalible)

Star adopts(admins only)

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