E-Steam Tanker (Filipino: Pridy Tanker), a mega-tanker robot and appeared in Sonic and the Steel of Darkness and was design from an air cooler. He delivers special weapons
and machines to Eggman in his Steam Blimp. He can produce an unusual gas that can bring up a thunderstorm. There was one time that he was struck by a lightning from his gas clouds and got exploded from the electrified helium inside him (this is the main reason that his weakness is Lightning Overdrive).


According to JamesTechno998, he made several errors in creating the robot. He realized the problem and decided to combined the design of AirMan and CloudMan to form his new design.


He will try to push you off the arena to kill you instantly. He will change the weather to affect the battlefield. He's main attack, Knockout Gas Combo, can damage you and alter the wind movements. The Suction Tornado can drift you and kill you instantly in Extreme Mode, making the battle even more challenging. His weakness is the Lightning Overdrive.


"Sonic the Hedgehog, you will be a lot stronger if you joined Eggman's army."

"Pity, I bet how well can you handle Eggman's control inside your cell."

"If you don't, your friends will die from suffocation."

Battle Quotes

"Over here"

"Knockout Gas Combo"

"Impressive" (after entirely dodge the Knockout Gas Combo)

"What's this?" (got hit by Lightning Overdrive)

"AAARRGHH, THAT'S ENOUGH" (got hit by Lightning Overdrive)

"Eat my DUST" (prepares an Overdrive Attack)

"SUCTION TORNADO" (prepares an Overdrive Attack)

"I'll be back..." (Defeated)


  • The Filipino name term "Prid" deprived from the word "Pridyider" (Filipino word for refridgerator). Additionally, this term was given from a Filipino horror move, Pridyider

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