Name: Edkhil

Age: 17

Spiecies: Hedgehog

Eye Coluor: Black

Relatives: Lolo The Hedgehog (mother), Edmund The Echinda (feather, deceased)

Powers: Super speed and Power Laughter which stuns his foes.

Weapons: None

Likes: Laughter, Singing, walks

Dislikes: Evil, guns and bad guys

Personality: Edkhil is always laughing and smiling no matter what is happening, and he is always trying to make people laugh. This gets him into trouble sometimes cause, sometimes, when times are tough and people are angry, Edkhil's tries are making people angrier because he isn't taking the situation seriously.


When Dr. Mechanik (a bad guy who is a different diemension version of Dr Eggman, but he doesnt know him and he has a different second name) takes our Moebius by unites his world with the normal world (the Sonic the hedghog world) and creates a new dimension which is filled with new chacters. Edkil is the son of two of Dr Mechankis experiments, but he never knew his father becuase when they escaped from him while Lolo was pregnant. Dr mechanik killed his father (or he didn't?)

Edkhil the hedgehog gets trapped in this new world, and he has to team up with his new pal Sonic to help him fight Dr. Mecahnik, and maybe even Dr Eggman too!


"Ohohohohoho!" (Thats how he soudns when he laughs)

"Lets go do some damage!"


"Watch my dust punks!"


I wiill add pictures here when Im able to.

Also this is my page SammyThehedgehog

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