Eliot Kinsey
Eliot the Cat

Full Name

Eliot Andrew Kinsey








Lawful Neutral


When in a fight, Eliot uses a blend of martial arts that he has learned


July 10th, so he's a Cancer


Eliot is very gentle and kind. Even when in a fight, he'll ask who he's fighting if they are okay. He's also intelligent and reliable.

Ability Type


Sexual Preference

Eliot is straight, although he has been experimenting


Eliot wears a crimson hoodie with gold on his cuffs and down the front. He wears a matching pair of crimson pants with gold on the waist and each leg. He also wears a pair of glasses but takes those off when he's involved in a fight.

Hair Color:Honey.

Hair Style:Long and Straight,but only shoulder-length.

Fur Color:White.

Eye Color:Sea Blue.

Height:3' 3"

Weight:121 Lbs.

He has a slim face, wide eyes, and his hair slightly covers his eyes.


Favorite Food: Shaved Ice with Wasabi. He likes the kick of wasbai mixing with the coolness of the shaved ice, he finds the combined taste really interesting.

Favorite Color:Blue. He likes it because it's a calm and peaceful color.

Favorite Song:B.e.a.utiful by Megan Nicole He likes the song because the vocals are good and the message is really amazing.

Favorite T.V. Show: The Voice. As an aspiring performer, he watches the show to get advice on how to best use his voice.

Favorite Sport: Martial Arts. He's been trained in fighting since age 3, and as such has come to love it.

Favorite Book: Charlotte's Web.It was his favorite book as a child and still carries the first copy he got with him.

Favorite Movie:16 Wishes. He likes the message of Be careful what you wish for. and how extreme the characters go to fix things.

Likes:Herbal Tea, it's very calming to him, Harmonica, he likes to play it when he's feeling too tired to play his guitar. Guitar, he's been learning to play it for a few months and enjoys it. And, Training, it keeps his healthy and in shape though he doesn't really enjoy waking up so early to train.

Dislikes: Waking up in the morning, he gets a tad grouchy. Making a mistake, he prefers everything be perfect, Ghosts, he's had a fear of them since he was a little kid. And, Insomnia, due to his busy lifestyle, he has a hard time falling asleep at night.

Eliot's Family

Caret: Eliot's father and sensei. Caret has been training his son since age three in the ways of fighting and is known to be very strict during training. Outside of training, he and his son are close.

Joane: Mother,  Eliot and her run a flower shop together and he helps her with chores around the house. Eliot loves his mother very much and when she sometimes pushes her too hard, he makes sure to make her some tea.

Grace: Twin Sister (Estranged),  A few years ago, Eliot's sister and their father had a falling out and she left home. Eliot hasn't seen her since and is worried about her.  


Friends: Mark-Ross, Eliot met him while on a visit to the The Daqx Islands, the two bumped into each other. While Eliot was a little hesitant, Mark decided that the two were friends now. They meet up for sparring every now and then.  Neol, Eliot met him while visiting a G.U.N branch. The two swapped stories and discovered they had some things in common.  And, Fa, the two met while Eliot was training in some mountains. She asked for directions and he accompanied her to her destination. The two meet up to chat every now and then.

Rival:Grace, while she may not be home now, back when they were younger, the two had an intense sibling rivalry and Eliot still wants to face her just to get her to come home.

Enemy: Dangan: He and Eliot met while Eliot waas out looking for his sister. Seeing that Eliot was alone and deciding he was weak enough to rob, he attacked. Eliot repelled him and they began fighting. Ever since, Dangan picks a fight with Eliot just to beat him.

Other Info

Number of Video Game Appearance: 2

Video Game Appearance:

Platinum Aura: Starting fighter and tutorial instructor.

and, Flower Mania: Tutorial instructor.

Eliot is searching the world to find new styles of martial arts to learn and to find his estranged sister.


Eliot is a superb and adept master in a significantly large variety of mixed martial arts. His typical fighting style is a dance like practice which contains moves from several different martial arts including Ninjutsu, Karate, Judo, and a large mixture of several others, which aid him in battle while he makes full use of his unusually acute gymnastic capabilities .

In addition to his near-perfect fighting style he also happens to have great aspirations to singing and has a tremendously exquisite voice for someone of his status, thus making him an extremely beneficial subject to whatever team he's on.

He is a uniquely gifted vocalist, composer, and happens to be a very talented guitarist who specializes in brief/slow as well as long/fast guitar duets, solos, or music of which requires a group to perform.He also is skilled in acting,though he usually keeps it a secret.

He also is the 3rd place winner of the annual Inter-Continental Mayak Dueling Championship.He uses 3 decks called:Destiny Dash,Fighter's Rejoice and Entertaining Tactics,his main deck is Destiny Dash.

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