Basic information

Full name: Emilen Johanness Proulx

Nicknames: Emi, Len, Air babe, Birdie

Age: 14

Species: Feildfare bird/Bee

Gender: Female

Height: 3 1/2

Weight: 48 IB

IQ: 84

Marital Status: Single

DOB: Unknown

Birth Place: France, Earth

Residence: Knothole, Mobius

Occupation: Freedom Fighter, FF Airforce

Social Class: Tomboy

Economic Class: Mid-High Class

Alignment: Good Gal

Personality: Kind, tomboyish, has a fun attitude, always friendly to be around

Likes: Eating choclate, cooking, flying planes Gourmet of choice: Chocolate double layer poundcake with chocolate sauce and whip cream on top with two strawberry's on top, and some fudge and icecream. Beverages of choice: Lemonade smoothie Favorite color(s): Brow, Blue

Top Speed: 86 * while running * 160 * when in flight


Known relatives: Claude, Grandma B Enemies: Eggman


Skin Color: Greyish brown/black

Eye Color: Green

Hair/Quill Style: Long strait silky blond hair

Nose: Black and round Ears: Black antenna's Tail: Birds tail Attire: Usually a sporty jacket with a scarf and some black pants

Basic Stats

Agility - 6 Speed - 2 Strength - 10 Defense - 5 Evasiveness - 4 Dexterity - 4 Intelligence - 5 Skill - 4 Powers Special Attacks: Airal cut, Sting, Peck

Abilities & Aptitude: Flying, Swords, Guns

Hobbies & Talents: Flying planes, Planting Flowers, Training

Weaknesses: Can be very slow


"7 days without laughter make one weak!"

"Let me quote William Gilbert: humor is a drug we are fashioned to abuse."

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