Hanna and Katniss the fox

Miley the cat

Mikey the hedgehog

sakia the hedgecat

tobias the hedgehog,Ristar,and Marisa(credits to SonicKnucklesFan92 who made him.I think his character is awesome so credits to him!)

nardia the bat /Emily and Crystal the hedgehog

Chapter 1:W-Where did she go

Emily:Breakfast ready

Hanna,Miley,and Marisa:Yay

Crystal:The smell of yummy delicious breakfast

Tobias:What are we eating?

Emily:Pancakes,bacons,and french toast with any jellies you want.


Emily went to her room...

After 20 minutes

Crystal knocks on Emily's door


Crystal slowly peeks through the door and notice that Emily is gone.


Tobias and Marisa:What Crystal?

Crystal:Emily is gone!*in tears*

Chapter 2:What happened Emily

Tobias,Ristar,Marisa,and Crystal looking for her in the woods.Crystal notice a figure sitting beside the tree.

Crystal:*runs to the figure*Emily?

Emily:Ughhhh*was wounded*

Tobias:what happen?

Emily:It was.......her.



So then Crystal and the others went back home.

Tobias:How did this happen?

Emily:I was in my room until something caught me.She was Nar------

Sakia and Mikey:Wassup!



Crystal:*grasp Nardia right at the neck*HOW COULD YOU!!!!

Nardia:*Deep silence*

Crystal:Spill it!

Chapter 3:The confession

Nardia:My goal was to kill Emily.


Nardia:Have you ever heard of Magic People?


Nardia:Let me tell you about them.Magic People are magical animals that let you wish whatever you want but in return you have to fight people that are call Black People.This is when you turn into a Black People.

1:You might be one when you wish something foolish

2:Your magic will turn black and within 20 days you will become one unless you think something and it is purified.

Crystal:But Emily is-----

Nardia:a Magic People?

Tobias:Thats not true!

Emily:It is.

Crystal:Wait.Then why are you trying to kill Emily?

Nardia:I figure out that Emily will cause destruction when a Black People.

Crystal:*in tears*why...w-why...

Chapter 4:(coming soon)

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