Basic Information

File:Aja and Buttercup the Dacer Chao.png

Name: Emily

Age: 8

Species: Rabbit

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Personality: Emily, unlike her sister Kathy, is very open to meeting new people. She is also very adventurous and never backs down from a challenge. She has a very short temper much like her big sister and she loves playing pranks on people. She's a bit of trouble-maker but luckily she always has her family to get her out of a jam.

Likes: Playing Pranks, the Color Green, Chaos, Exploring, Flying and Dancing

Dislikes: Scary People, Bugs, G.U.N., Pain, Theifs, the Heat and Boring Television Shows


Hair Style: Two short pigtails held with green ties.

Fur Colour: Gold Blond and Dark Red

Eye colour: Periwinkle

Attire: A green jumper with a yellow smiley-face on it, a dark green t-shirt under the jumper, green fingerless gloves with dark green cuffs, green sneakers with dark green cuffs and dark green shorts under her jumper.


Relatives: Anastasia the Rabbit (Mother), Kathy the Blue-Jay (Older Sister), Rick the Hedgehog (Older Brother), Michael the Echidna (Oldest Brother), Robert the Rabbit (Father), Scratch the Chameleon (Older Brother), Paint the Fox (Younger Sister) and Buttercup the Dancer Chao (Her Chao)

Friends: Sonic, Tails, Cream, Silver, Blaze, Espio, Charmy, Patricia, Kyana, Rouge and Knuckles

Love Interest: Tails

Neutral: Shadow

Rivals: Shadow, Knuckles, Charmy and Sonic

Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Scourge and Mephiles

Theme Song: Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

Voice Actress: Ashleigh Ball


Ability Type: Flight/Speed

Abilities: Electrical Manipulation, Flight, Very Agile, Gymnastics and Can Jump High

Weapons: Spark Hammer and Baseball Bat

Super form(s): (Electrical Form) Her eyes, pupils and all, turn yellow and her eyes are traced with heavy black circles. Her clothes dissapear and her body becomes pure electricty.

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