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Emysha-Enth is a 17 year old Side Striped Jackal and princess and soon successor of the Blue Headed Jackal Clan.


Full Name: Emysha-Enth-A

Title: Princess of the Blue-Headed Jackal clan

Job/Occupation: Princess, hunter

Other Names: Emysha, Emy, Enth.

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Species: Side Striped Jackal

Family: Anput-A (mother), Blue-Headed Jackal Clan

Romantic Interest(s): Shapes the Hyena (current Boyfriend)

Fur/Muzzle Colour: All fur a Blackish/Blue, has Silver streaks in her hair

Eye Colour: Black.

Homeworld: Secret Temples, Ancient Ruins, Mystic Cave (with Shapes) Mobius.

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