Eon the Wolf
Eon Is one of the Time Guardians, a group of time controlling beings whose job is to make sure that balance between good and evil is maintained, and keep time flowing smoothly.The Endless Ones and Eon dwell in a dimension mobians Legends call The Time Rift, Eon as well as other Endless Ones can manipulate the dimension itself.Eon is the Time Guardian of the Main Dimension and watcher of the Corrupted One who is one of the most Power Creatures in the Multiverse.

Eon's powers include the ability to open dimensional portals and control time in ways such as slowing to completely stopping time around targets and creating after images by slowing his own time, as well as controlling temporal energy into beams, orbs, waves, and shields.

Chaos, dark, light, and cosmic based attacks, Eon has no natural defences to magic.  As well he dislikes fighting, so he Is less likely to end a fight with force.  Magic and time based powers can nullify his own time and dimensional powers.

Eon has no real story to tell as he has only interfered a few times in history

Eon and his brother Era were chosen to be the time guardians stationed to watch the main universe many years went by before something happened.  His dimension was chosen to house the Elemental Crystals a set of items which could imbue the wielder with unimaginable power of said element, but could not imbue one of the Time Guardians excluding one, The Crystal of Corruption, which tempted Era into removing it from it's shield and quickly took over him turning him into the Corrupted One, Paradox.  Eon managed to seal Era away until he found a way to remove the corrupted power from Him.
Many years later Era broke free and disappeared only to be found talking to Connor the Hedgehog trying to tempt him with power.  When Connor refused aka firing a chaos spear point blank in the face of Era he lashed out in rage and would have killed Connor If Eon did not save him, then Eon and Era both clashed.  With Eon barely winning, but unknown to him, Era tried to posses Connor prior to their duel, transporting himself into Connor's body.  
Eon managed to trap Era in Connor's mind using A series of mental barriers until He Could duplicate his spell that trapped him the first time.  Eon then wiped Connor's mind of what Era had done and that Era was even there but he has said Era might be able to eventually corrupt Connor but it is unlikely.

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