File:Erica Chillaxin'.jpg

Erica the Seedrian==

Name: Erica the Seedrian

Age: 13

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Pink

Personality: Smart, tomboyish, funny, kinda cocky

Likes: Manga and anime, comedy, cartoons, video games, art, cute stuff

Dislikes: Evil, bullies, pain, being annoyed, being scared

Favorite shows: Sgt. Frog, Hetalia, Kick Buttowski, South Park, Family Guy, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Drew Carey's Green Screen Show

Favorite Music: Rock songs, Japanese music

Friends: Punk the Lucario, Aqua the Ginuea Pig, M.G. the Goose, Serenity the Mew, Bolt the Seedrian

Boyfriend: Dale the Pug

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