On a bright and sunny day in metal city, a alarm clock sounded in the nearby resident house of Honey the cat and Red the hedgehog. Red was grogggy while still in bed hitting the alarm clock off."Goodmorning sweetie" honey said as she got up out of the bed"Goodmorning" red anwsered. After getting up and eating breakfast and brushing their teeth they were ready to go. A golden envelope slowing but surely was pushed through the mailslot,Red walked over to pick it up, it seemed important he thought. He read what it said out loud: "Dear, old freedom fighter members and leaders, due to the recent meterex situation there has been a meeting called upon in the inetrgalactic freeedom fighter base. We hope that you can come. Sincerly,Princess Sally Acorn." red smirked.

When they finally arrived in the base, they were awstruck"Man! talk about humongous!" red said staring."Well, it sure is good to be here once again.Suddenly, a blue hedgehog appeared in front of them,"Long time no see bro!!!"Sonic said just as happy as he could be.Miles"Tails"Prower arrived moment later"Hey guys, haven't seen you in a while..." he said waving.In the distance, they heard voices:"Uncle red, Uncle Sonic,Aunt Honey!" A young female fox voice said"Hannah!" red said as he got down on his knees and reached his arms out for a hug, hannah jumped in his arms."Hey blake" he said greeting his nephew. Sonia and burst walked over shortly after"Hey, guys!" sonia said happily"Hey sis" sonic and red said at the same, they walked over to them hugged there sister, and greeted burst.