General Info

Name: Fae the Cat
Saturn the Angel-Cat

As she appears on Female Furry Dollmaker.

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Species: Mobian/ Cat/ Angel

Alignment: Good

Personality: Polite, caring, quiet.

Likes: Her sister, flying, helping others

Dislikes: Demons, being taunted, the dark, her wing feathers being pulled out.


Hair color: White, black

Hair style: White bangs that frame her face in the front, long black hair that falls down to about her knees in the back.

Fur color: Gray, white

Eye color: Ice blue

Attire: Blue ribbon/ scarf thing tied around her neck, olive green and white tube top, light green skirt with white lining, brown belt, white knee- length socks, brown boots with black soles/ heels, brown fingerless gloves with light green ties at the wrists.


Friends: Rebel the German Shepherd, Sabine the Echidna

Relatives: Andromeda the Bat (Adopted sister)

Neutral: Nobody x3

Enemies: The demons that conquered her city.


Ability Type: Flight


- Flying

- Martial Arts

Weapons: A knife that she randomly found. (Though she rarely uses it.)

Weaknesses: Isn't very strong, hates water, is easily distracted by things, afraid of spiders.


Her parents were killed when she was really young, so she can't remember them at all. Andromeda the Bat's parents knew her parents and adopted her. Andromeda became her big sister, and the two are very close. She used to be accused for being part- angel, because people complained if she was part- angel, why was their ruined city not getting any 'help'? She tried numerous times to explain that she was uncapable of such things. Most of the accusing has died away, although a few people still hold grudges against her.

Other Info

- Her original name was supposed to be Saturn.

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