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"Your time has ended"


Fate the Echidna

Biographical Information
  • Eternal
  • Destiny
  • Curse
  • The Lord of Time
  • Mercyful Fate
Romantic Interests
  • Lien-Da (at first)
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Echidna
Gender Male
  • Skin: Black with golden stripes
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Jewels
  • Boots. spiked bracelets and chains
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Good, neutral (before he ws evil)




  • Travel through Space and Time
  • Regeneration
  • Teleportation
  • Raise The Dead
Other Information
Theme song thumb|300px|right|Mercyful Fate: Evil
Original Creator JCE inc.

History and description Edit

Fate is a creature that was creted in the future using Dark Matter. You could Fate has ever existed in the beginning of times, but this statement isn't true. Everybody think Fate is dead but it isn't true. In this time, Fate decided to became into Lien-Da´s boyfriend and he was the original creator of the Soul Krushers. Years later, Fate lied to Flames telling Blaze was killed by Freeze (Blaze never died.) Then Fate was killed by Flames (temporally.) He was the person who wanted to found Kairos. Fate created to the Anti-Freeze. All the characters killed him, but he resurrected and Fate became into a "good guy", called Mercyful Fate. He is the only person who can destroy his son, Behemoth.

Relationships Edit


  • Arkyon the Echidna
  • Lien-Da
  • Blades the First Hedgechidna
  • Dr. Galyus (at first)
  • Destruction


Kairos the Hedgedragon

Rivals Edit

Freeze the Iced Hedgehog (his eternal rival)

Enemies Edit

Freeze the Iced Hedgehog

Flames the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

All the Universe

Outrage and all the Soul Krushers


Ixis Naugus

Shadus the Hedgehog

Behemoth the Demigod Conqueror

Romance Edit



Fate is the worst of the worst

Likes Edit

  • Lien-Da
  • Chaos
  • Evil
  • Cruelty
  • Terror
  • Pain
  • Black Metal
  • Mercyful Fate (favourite band)
  • Freedom

Dislikes Edit


Techniques & Abilities Edit

Super Fate (Fate's super form)

Quotes Edit

"Time to die"

"I haven´t got Soul, I am a Soul"

"If you aren't my son, I CAN KILL YOU!!!!"

Trivia Edit

Fte could be Mephiles' brother (not really)

Fate thinks he is God

One of Fate's romance was a girl called Melissa (because there is a song by Mercyful Fate called Melissa)

Theme songs Edit

thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|right

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