Rough model of Faze

Name: Rayden "Faze" Swift

Age: 18

Alignment: Neutral Bad

Gender: Male

Nicknames: Stealth, Fazer

Likes: Darkness, Forests, Hunting, Free-running,

Dislikes: Deserts, Small spaces, Easy opponents, Snakes

Relatives: Marrisa Swift(mother), Cole Swift(father), Jenny Swift(sister)

Friends: Acid The Hedgehog

Enemies: The Snake Squad, any who gets in his way.

Weapons: White Chain Sword, Hidden Blade knuckles

Abilities: Will allow himself to turn into his Ultimate Form making him stronger, faster and smarter

Love Interests:

  • more to come*

Back Story

Rayden is Faze's real name. He got the name Faze by his father for how he has ninja like reflexes and follows quickly with his training. Faze lived in a small village until he was 12 because at that time his village was attacked by an evil squad and burned it down. His mother and father died in the fire so he ran off with his sister Jenny who was 14 at that time. Because of what happened to his village, all his life he wanted revenge for what that squad has done and because of that he is showing his inner evil. His sister ran off to find civilisation but never returned so Faze followed where she went and found out that she was kidnapped. His life is filled with complete loss so he took down the whole guild of the squad that destroyed his village. Ever since then all he ever wants is revenge.

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