Felix The Hedgehog

Backstory:He was only energy,separated into parts which stayed in other dimensions(ex:Arabian Nights).One day the whole energy combined its parts togheter,then merged with copies of the Chaos Emeralds,Super Emeralds,Master Emerald,Excalibur, Sol Emeralds and The Positive World Rings(the ones Darkspine Sonic used).Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik found him before he was complete.Robotnik gave him implants to his body,making him stronger.He did try to mind control him,but it failed and Felix escaped to Earth.There he found Sonic,Shadow,Silver and many other people.He became friends with them quick.

Personality:Carefree,but helps his friends when needed.He is also a bit cocky,but always ready for surprises.\

Extreme Gear:Velocity Board(made from the most resistant material in the universe and having unlimited fuel,this gear is very fast and uses gravity powers).

Powers:Electricity,Darkness,Light,Telekinesis,Chaos Powers,Metamorphsis,Illusion,Water,Earth,Pyrokinesis,Normal Fighting (used the most)(Spindash Included),Air,Flying,Teleportation,Time Manipulation,Speed(can be as fast as Lightspeed),Ice, Mind Control.


Nick Names:Mr.Morph,Elem The Hedgehog,The Timer,The Knight,Mr. Mastermind,Mysto The Hedgehog.

Weakness:Engaged by more powerful lifeforms.

Love interests:Diamond The Cat.

Likes:Peace,Love,Friends,Dancing,Fun,Techno,Rock,Pop,Rap(only Power Rangers and Knuckles rap),Good Games,Interesting Stuff.

Dislikes:Wars,Evil,Fights,Being Sad,Bad Games.

Friends:Sonic,Shadow,Silver,Diamond,Blaze,Amy,Tikal,Knuckles,Tails,GUN,Sally,Cream,Vanilla,Charmy,Ray,Vector,Mighty,Espio, Cosmo,Rouge,Jet,Wave,Storm,Flynn,Falcon,Rudy,Dust.


Enemies:Gyro(the cheap recolour)(Gyrohedgie453),Robotnik,Steel(the cheap recolor)(silvertehhedgehog42),Mephiles,Iblis, Eggman Nega,Metal Sonic,Nazo.

Quotes(some are from Power Rangers and some other sources):

It's Morphin Time!(using Metamorphsis) It's Time To Kick it.(about to fight) Time For Travel!(time manipulation) Galwit Mysto!(using Metamorphsis or sometimes when using another power)(favorite quote) It's Showtime...(about to do something) You Suck.(provoking enemy) Gyro,you will fly like something non-important...(provoking Gyro) Let's Party...(about to fight or party) Let's Dance...(about to fight or party) Need Help...(needing help) Damn it...(angry,defeated,sad) I'm gonna use you as steel.(provoking Steel) Lightspeed!(about to use lightspeed) Oh,you wish...(when correcting an enemy)(not a spelling error) I've had it!(when angry) Suck it!(insulting enemy) What a waste...(when realising that he does something non-important) What a waste of metal.(insulting Robotnik's robots)(Metal Sonic included)

  • Yawn*...(when bored or when knowing that his enemy is weak)

Surprise sucker.(when surpising his enemy) That's what she said...(joke reply) Shut up Meg...(joke reply 2) Eggs can't be brains...(when he showed Robotnik that his mind control didn't work)

Favorite Show:Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Dream Wish:To become a Mystic Ranger(Indigo Ranger).

Favorite Color(Colour):Blue,Indigo.

Favorite Song:Power Rangers Mystic Force Rock Theme(by Ron Wasserman),RPM Morph Theme(Get In Gear),Power Rangers SPD Theme.

Favorite Food:Vegetables,Fruit,French Fries,Pizza.

Achievements:Played Classic Sonic Games.(gam3r score 400),Became one of the best players on a server of Counter Strike(gam3r score 3000).




Pet:Soli(Angel Chaos Chao).

Theme:With Me(Sonic and The Black Knight).


Weapons:His Sword(Gallexus).

Defences:His Armour(Valeenis).

Team:Team Mystic.

Rank of Member:Leader.

Type of Member:Speed.

Team Members:Felix(Speed),Diamond(Speed),Falcon(Fly),Flynn(Fly),Dust(Power),Rudy(Power).

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