Major Characters:

Faith the hedgehog

Rouge the bat

Blaze the cat

Julie-su the echidna

Amy Rose

Fiona Fox

Minor Characters:

Red the hedgehog

Knuckles the echidna

Sally Acorn


Demitri Marcini

Flanigan Marcini


The pale bat's blue green eyes- darted to the left then the right before she did an ariel flip from a tre. Landing with a graceful roll. She put her hand to her ear to accept a current transmission.

"Rouge, what is your status?" A familiar lavender colored cat asked.

"I'm walking up to the base right now, honey." she said in a serious tone, then she teased." This would make one helluva movie huh?"

Blaze chuckled," Lets focus on our current task right now okay?" she stated."I want you to penetrate the fortress. Then Amy and I will follow up."

"Got it.." Rouge barked out.

It was a heavily guarded base. Rouge had on her stealthy attire, everything covered in black accept her eyes.

Two guards stood at their post. One guard named Harry was actually nodding and falling asleep. His partner tried to wake him by bringing his hand forcefully to the back of his head.

"You idiot! Stay awake, If we screw up we could get in a lot of trouble!" Charles barked.

"Sorry Charlie! I've just been so tied down with the family and all" he yawned out.

Harry who had three beautiful girls at home, cut him some slack."Eh, I feel ya buddy!" he stated much to Harry suprise."I mean I dont even see the point of us watching this damn place! I mean, who wants to steal guns?" He asked, shaking his head.

Harry let out a forcefully loud grunt. Which scared Charles to a high extent."Harry? Bud, are you alright?" He said placing his hand firmly on his shoulder. That's when Harry's body fell to floor his side exposing four kunai's deep into his rib cage. Charles retreated a coulpe steps back, before slipping in a small puddle.

That when the atramentous figure appeared in front of him. Her blue-green eyes looking deep into his soul.

"W-Who are you?' he asked.

"It doesn't concern you, just put the code in and open the door. And I might consider sparing your life." She said codly. He followed instructions. "Please dont kill me, I have a wife and five kids to feed!" He pleaded.

Rouge, walked up to his face a lips distance away."You wouldn't happen to be lying to me now would you..... Charles?" She smirked.

He gulped and shook his head "no".

"Okay, I was just making sure."

She backed a little, and drove her leg straight to his face.The spiky heel of her boot driving into his eye. Then she used her other foor to kick of his chest.His ramming into the stone wall.

"I hate liars....." She said walking inside the base.

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