Ferno vs Meta Ferno


Ferno's sword, the True Destiny Dragon

"Sometimes I wonder why I go through such endevours, so much turmoil, so much conflict..."~Ferno the Dragon~

Back storyEdit

Ferno the dragon was born in the mountainous regions of northern Scotland to Incinerate the dragon( his father) and Scorch the dragon( his mother). Before he was born his bronze colored egg rolled from the nest and into a pile of treasure, which ended up becoming the reason he is still alive today. Suddenly, a military squad rushed into the cave where they lived, shooting down both of his parents and breaking any eggs they found. Thankfully, Ferno's egg was hidden and was the only suvivor of his family, hatching out to be the last dragon on the earth. Stumbling out of his broken shell, he saw the massacre and was later taken into the forest by a group of animals and raised until he was old enough to fend for himself. After he left, Ferno returned to the cave of his birth, finding a mysterious black metal chain making a light hissing sound. The chain wrapped tightly around his neck and he wasn't able to take it off, this chain granted his fire abilitys a dark influence, turning his fire purple. Also in the cave were several books of dragon history, religion and tales of the dragon plain. The Dragon Plain is another dimension where dragons have moved to when the humans began hunting them down. Determined to meet his kind, Ferno made it his quest to go to the dragon plain to meet other dragons once and for all.

Powers and QuotesEdit

Archane Pyrokenesis: Because of his draconic blood and the influence of the eclispe chain, Ferno is able to control violet flames at will. He can shoot them as beams, fire balls and large flaming claws.

Flight: With his Black wings, Ferno can fly or glide for long distances. Because he wasn't raised by dragons, Ferno can't fly for long periods at a time but he eventually gets better at it.

Speed: Ferno is able to run near the speed of sound and can fly fast enough to surpass it.

Sword play: Though prefering the sword, Ferno trains with several weapons in case of the abscence of his sword. He is also really effective with lances and sythes.


  1. " In all honesty, what were you expecting to happen?"
  2. " To make full use of the True Destiny Dragon, is to prove you will bring a great future to the dragons..."
  3. " What's the matter? Can't take the heat?!"
  4. " To mess with my friends is to mess with me, and to mess with me is to mess with the forces of Hell."

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