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Fernun the Bionic is a cyborg hedgehog that plans to take over Mobius. He hates Sonic AND Eggman, and constantly plots to destroy them both.


Fernun was a normal engineer. He was working one day when an gas leak caused by Eggman caused a machine of his to explode. The accident caused his arms and legs to be destroyed. His partner created the bionic body parts for him.


Fernun is bionic. His arms give him immense strength, whereas his bionic legs give him immense speed. One fault is that the arms and legs have a limit. If he goes too fast or pushes too hard, they will shut down and he will not be able to move. His anger also shuts his body down. He also has a battery in his back. If it runs out, he dies. He has made escapes to recharge in some of his attacks, because no charge equals death. His shoulders are bulletproof, as are his knees. His hands can become various weapons, ranging from a hammer, a mace, a chainsaw, and, one time, a rubber chicken.


Fernun first encountered Sonic after the explosion. Sonic rushed him to the hospital. HIs speed was so fast, however, that it destroyed the only remaining limb he had left: his right arm. That enraged him, and he plotted to destroy him as well as Eggman. His plots ALWAYS fail, and he always loses. His intellect lacks common sense.

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