Fifi La Fume (ill also do a sonic version, and she'll be older)


Official Info found here: this page

General Info (of my own)

Age: 19

Friends: Surge, Beta (somewhat), Cari, Radar, Racquett

Enemies: N.S.S. , Mobius Mafia,

Likes: Boys (especially Surge, who saved her), Romance, Working in SPOM

Dislikes: Being Hunted, Creepers (not stalkers), being left behind.

Personality: Flirtacious, sweet, naive, positive.


How she ties into SPOM

Fifi was cryogenically frozen in her time period due to an accident when recording an episode of Tiny Toons. She was melted years later when a creeper exploded where she was in infected area 12: the tiny toons studio and surrounding area. She was unharmed by the explosion. After she was rescued, she proclaimed her love for Surge. Surge said,"Fifi, I appreciate the gesture, but you already know I'm dating Beta. Maybe if things go wrong with us you and I could talk about any relationship." Fifi is now trying to find all of her friends, who she said were also frozen, with the help of Surge and Beta.

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