Fire coat vs Nightmare!
Fire Coat is a 13 year old male unicorn,He has the ability to make Fire but is still learning how to control it.So far he is the only male character of mine who has a super form.When he get's really really mad He become's as hot as the sun.His weaknesses are Water and Ice.He is also the older brother of wave pow and the step brother of Jade.


Fire coat is a clam and peacful guy, He is mature and serious most of the time, But can get annoyed very easily, He is also very weak, In fact if his power get taken or his horn comes off, He will die,


.He has different shades of orange in his mane.He has a white coat on.He has a mark(NOT A CUTIE MARK)Which represent's his power.He has purple shoes.And blright orange eyes.


Name: Fire "Babason" Coat.(Fire coat or Fire for short)

Nickname(s): Fire,Idot(By Tag who belongs to piemaster)Brony(By Orange and Sonic)

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

Age: 13

Likes: Peace and quiet,Hanging out with his friends,Being alone(Sometimes)

Dislikes: Getting captured,War,Evil,Stripping,

Voice Actor: Tobias from the amazing world of Gumball

Theme: This is war-30 Seconds to mars[1]


Friends: Pinky the hedgehog,Lily the wolf,Tara the echidna,Alice the hedgehog,Orange the cat,Chum the chipmuck,Katey the armadillo,Violet the chameleon,Alex the monkey,Jade the lion,Duke the dog,

Family: Love wish(Mom) Musical wonder(Dad) Water bite(Little bro)

Love interest: Used to have one but she lefted( I might give him one soon)

Neutral: I dunno

Rivals: Mora the swallow,Nightmare the pony,


Fire coat was born in the kingdom of unicorns the only place that had unicorns,When every unicorn foal is born they are given a mark to represent their power,Fire Coat was given the power of fire,He grew up lonely,Because no other unicorn had the ability to make fire,Though out elementary he had a hard time making friends he was picked on most of the time,He was late to learn most other male unicorns had already learned to controll their power.Fire coat did have a girl friend once though.One day the queen and king picked him to go on a quest.He was unaware of what was the quest for.He was froced to leave his family and his girlfriend.For 2 years Fire coat walked and learned about other places.Though most people tried to capture him.One day he was captured by eggman thinking that Fire coat's power would give more power to his robots.But he was saved by Pinky the hedgehog.They later became friends. He also later shoved his giant cock into Pinky the hedgehog's anus

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