About Flame

name :Flame the Mutant Hedgehog

age: 15

Race:Mutant Hedgehog

DOB: Sept. 6th

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship status: In a relationship with Blaze The Cat, and Synchro the Jackal

Alignment: Good

Speed: Same speed as Sonic.

Power: Fire powers, Can turn super, Same strats as Sonic.

Flight: Can fly.

Strengths: Good climber, Strong legs, kicks hard and can lift heavy objects.

Weaknesses: Ice

Personality: Cool, hyper,

Likes: Espio, Bunnie Babot, Nevileene the Lion, and Synchro the Jackal,Cold & airam the badger

Dislikes: People who doubt themselves.

Other Info:

He's in 10th grade classes at Mobious Arts.

Mobious Arts Scheldule.

1st.Photography Practice with Cassa.

2nd.Choir with Melody Poprock.

3rd.Plays and Movies with Alara.

4th.Sequins,Buttons,Chains,and,Lace with Rosalia.



5th.Improv Acting with Alara.

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