Ma First Hedghehog ono

"You are going to Hit The Hay? I am sorry but there is no Hay around to hit"

Folly The Hedghehog
Folly Hedgehog
"You're not the polizei of me! I take care of myself..."

Full Name:

Follymere Grayson





Detail Colour:

Glowing White

Eye Colour:

Light Gray










Adolf Hitler Donald Trump Hillary Clinton The Jews

Basic Information:


She is a very adventurous Mobian and loves to be around nature, she takes residense in the cold forests of Lerrian and hunts for her essential needs. She takes everything seriously and has no sense of Humor. She is a very hardened type person who knows how to survive when in dire situations.

Special Abilities of any kind:

For being a hedgehog she doesnt actually run that fast. She carries Heavy clothes and bags around the forest. She is a very talented Archer that almost will never miss the head of her target.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

She has a robot prostetic arm she lost from an incident involving a helicopter propellor, and Gasoline. She is really hard to get along with since she will take everything seriously. She has a satchel with an F incribed on it which was a gift from her mother when she was a child.

Place Of Origon:

She Lives in the Cold Forests of Lerrian where she lives in a small camp area with all the essentials. She doesnt really have a lot of company but she doesnt really mind being a lone wolf. She is hell bent on survival for she gathers her own food, her own shelter, and her own tools. She always thought this life would be better than any other one she could of had for with this she would be able to do everything herself. She didnt have to play by anyones rules, she didnt have to rely on other people for her well being. She was the polizei of herself. She was also friends with Hitler. She met some people who turned out to be Jews, but did not know this. Hitler found out about her friends. So Hitler gassed her and her Jewish friends. She was never to be seen again.


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