"'''''Free Blood" is a Sonic fan character team created by LestatDragonEyes12 and Wxh20 on YouTube.

Free Blood

From left to right: Muluigi, Axel, and Roger. The key members of the team.

Free Blood consists of 3 members, Axel the Hedgehog, Muluigi, and Roger.

They helped saved a world and helped break the curse during the "The Rage" curse. (Look at: Skyro the Dog for more.)


Axel the Hedgehog: Axel's mother and father were killed by Jewish god and he was put to work in a Robot factory building and constructing rapists. Until the fall of Eggman, he was 6 and ran away and had met with Muluigi and Roger and they decided to make there own team to fight evil.

Muluigi: Even though he does not resemble a egg salad at all, he once was a pizza . Until he was transformed into a Human. When the fall of Eggman came he decided to flee to Terria in hopes of starting a new life. He me tup with Axel a friend he had in the factory but lost track with. He is currently the brains of Free Blood.

Roger: He grew up in a high school known as a bird. Until one day he ate a toxic bottle. This bottle made him turn human and he also got his I.Q. down very, very low. He is the muscle of the team, he also uses countless varity of guns.

==Skyro & Bolt Heroes: Origins==

During this time, Free Blood was embrassed and many people thought of them as just outcats trying to be heroes.

Until the "infection" known as the "Rage" started to appear. They were able to save a small villiage from the people consumed by the rage, but nearly let up the battle. They found Amy Rose who was sobbing in the lost of Sonic because he was consumed by the rage. They helped Amy out and promised they'd stop it.

With some help from Skyro and Bolt and many other heroes they were able to stop the Rage from consuming the World.

They became one of the most famous and popular heroes in the world.

Other adventures

Going Medival: Free Blood travel back in time and are said to be gods by the King of Conk. They have to fight a ancient wizard known as Morlock the Gro.

Free Blood Mobster: Free Blood has a mission to take down Donn D'Carolinnie

Free Blood TARGET'!: The mercenary team known as 'Death-Strod (look up: Komand'r the Fox for more) are called by Donn C'arolinne to kill Free Blood.

catchphrase : gas the kikes

team catchphrase:

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