H-hello peeps! Welcome to the one and only fabulus 1<3's Gem High Roleplay! As some of you may know, Gem High was my first ever and most popular RP I've hosted. Due to popular demand, I have decided to make a year two. I do warn you, this RP will be slightly more compicated than last year, so be prepared fellow peeps. This is a free join RP, but that still means you need to ask, okie? Have  good time, and make sure you follow the rules. Any rule breaking will lead to immidiate expulsion. THANK YOU!!!



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  • Bad words must be censored ;)
  • No thing too sexual, there might be kids RPing with us ^ ^;
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-Just put you're character's name {and the owner in ( ).}. Then, put if they are Popular (very "hip" or cool), Semi Popular (Sort of Popular), Neutral (not any of the listed)Anti Popular (NOT popular AT ALL).  DONT FORGET TO PUT A LINK! Example:

-Hazel Moon, Angelo the Mink, Drew the Marten, Aurora the Epixie, Megami Moon, Candy the Bat

-Rage the Hedgehog(Popular) Owned by Rage the Hedgehog

- Telpa The Mink  (Popular)/ Tesla The Hedgehog (Semi-popular)/ Martin Newell The Hedgehog (Popular) Alphonse Uprising

- Lyra the Hedge-Wolf (Neutral) (New Student) Owner: Warriors Fan97 (I don't know how to do wth the link, sorry, you might have to search for her)

River the Echidna (Neutral), Elias the Echidna (doesn't attend the school, anti-popular), Rogue the Bat (Popular, attends Emerald High)

- Upsilon the Mink (Anti-Popular), Theta the Mink (Neutral), Sigma the Mink (Semi-Popular), owned by SA3

-Hedge Blackstone


- Zipper-mouth the hedgehog/Badnik (popular), -Paws the Wolf (neutral), Kniro the Amur Leopard (anti-popular), Tito the Mink (doesn't really attend highschool but is in Kniro's backpack, neutral), Mwah the Raven (popular) - owned by KniroAndTito3915

- Gavin (New student) [[1]]

-  Jacob The Mouse (Anti-popular(Couldn't get links working)) and Cyndriz The Cat (Semi-popular) (Don't know if im to ask in the comments or here so delete this bracket section If I can join.)

-Kagome the Hedgehog(Semi-Popular),Kassie the Hedgehog(Semi-Popular),Nieve the Tiger(Semi-Popular),Luther the German Shepard(Semi-Popular) [AngelFlames,I'm making the paaaage.]

-Lucentio The Immortal(Anti-Popular)[Played By InfinityToast]

-Kate the Tiger Quoll(anti popular) [Played by kool816]


General Math With Mr. Peet

-One:Rage The Hedgehog

-Two: Gavin the Mongoose

-Three: Lyra the Hedge-Wolf

-Four: Euphoria Bean

-Five: Alinoa The Cat

Six:Hedge Black stone

-Seven: River the Echidna

-Eight: Sigma the Mink






Honors Math With Mr. Wolf

-1: Tesla The Hedgehog

-2: Stormy the Echidna

-3: Upsilon the Mink

-4: Theta the Mink









Language Arts With Mrs. Deener



-3: River the Echidna

-4: Upsilon the Mink

-5: Theta the Mink

-6: Paws the Wolf


-8:Gavin The Mongoose






Honors Lanuage Arts With Mr. Marcus

-1:Rage the Hedgehog

-2: Tesla


-4: Stormy 

-5: Alinoa The Cat

-6: Sigma the Mink








BAND with Mr.Osko

-1: Mwah the Raven (he's the only one LOL)

-2: Lyra the Hedge-Wolf











SPANISH with Mr. Rios


- Stormy







FRENCH With Mrs. Ehjeh



- Alinoa The Cat

- Upsilon the Mink

- Theta the Mink

- River the Echidna

- Paws the Wolf

- Kniro the Amur Leopard (with Tito)

Machinery Wich Mr. Fech

-Rage the Hedgehog

- Tesla


-Hedge Blackstone





Potions and Further Sciences With Ms. Tod

- Tesla

- Gavin the Mongoose -Stormy

- Alinoa

-Hedge Blackstone




Track With Mr. Kingsley

-Rage the Hedgehog

- Tesla

- Kniro the Amur Leopard (with Tito) (why is he even in this class?!)

- Alinoa

- Sigma the Mink




Computers and Tech With Mrs. Marina

-Rage the Hedgehog

- Tesla

- Lyra the Hedge-Wolf

- Stormy

-Hedge blackstone

- Gavin the Mongoose







Rage the Hedgehog

Rage just learned he had to go to school here if he wanted to live here. He wasn't very happy about it, but he agreed. He went to the orientation of Gem High, and thought it might be a good school. The day before school starts, he pretty much just chilled out and drank root beer.

Alphonse Uprising

So it was summer time, all through the night, nobody was stirring... well, except for Tesla in his Koenigsegg! HAH! "Dashing through the road, in my Koenigsegg, the fastest car in the world, because why not?" Tesla sang in rhythm of Jingle Bells, your average Xmas song. Tesla was decided to go to his warehouse so he can work on it and STUFF!

Oneheart (Stormy and Euphoria)

Stormy had just applied to her new High School and into her new home. Even tho everyone was supposed to be having their second year, Stormy was too late and had to start her year where a lot of peeps already knew eachother. She went outside to play some basketball after packing everything into her room.  

Over the summer, Euphoria had found out Hazel and her siser were moving to a town called Percy. She had lost both Tesla and Euphoria's phone numbers, so Hazel had her sister Megami send Euphoria a letter. Euphoria wrote back giving Hazel her phone number, but after that Euphoria had gotten a letter saying that Hazel could no longer be freinds with Euphoria, and Euphoria was confused and heartbroken. The most mysterious thing was how sloppy the writing was for Hazel.... 

While playing, Stormy got tired after a while. She went back into her house and took a shower to clean herself up. She looked through her droors for a T-Shirt and some shorts, but she had forgotten to was clothes. All she had was a light blue top and navy blue skirt.

"What?! Where's everything-oh. I'd better put this on...geez I must not have worn this in years...I'd better go and wash." Stormy said, getting dressed as she went outside with her clothes. Once she was done putting them in the washer, she looked to the beautiful day outside.

"Hmm...Maybe I should take a walk." Stormy smiled, walking off to go wlak around the park.

Stormy walked around the park. She was very embarassed to be dressed to girly, but then she remembert that's what girls 'were supposed to do' and felt much better. Stormy was quickly spotted by Sally Acorn, a second year just like Stormy. Sally loved the blue, and saw right through Stormy to he tomboy side. So much potential...this will earn me much more popularity... Sally thought.

"Hey, girl!" Sally said, walking up to Stormy and waving to her. Stormy loooked around, then realizing she was the one being waved to. "H-hello?" Stormy said back.

"You're like soooo pretty!" Sally said, touching Stormy's hair and touching the soft silk of Stormy's flowing shirt. "I'm Princess Sally Alicia Acorn~" Sally said, expecting a bow.

"U-um, your majesty...I am ...Stormy Lina Aquawater. "Stormy said, bowing.

"Oh, no need to bow! Just call me Sally, I want us to be besties, okay?" Sally winked to Stormy, grabbing her arm.

"Wow, really? D-do you go to Gem High?" Stormy asked.

"Do I go to Gem High?" Sally giggled."I am the queen of Gem High~!" Sally said, taking Stormy over to her freinds. "You like have to come over with me and my buddies, they'll just love you~!"

"U-uh, okay!" Stormy said.

A group of mixed guys and girls sat in a group surrounding a table talking and laughing. Ovbiously the popular group.

"Guuuuys! Everyone shutup! This is Stormy, everyone call her Sorra!" Sally said, giving a small hug to Stormy. Sorra??? Stormy thought. Well, it can't be that bad, I mean, these are the popular kids so they all must have nicknames...

"Hey Sorra.." they said waving to Stormy. They knew she would special, she had a nickname...

"H-hi everyone." Stormy said, then looked at her black watch with red highlights. "Oh no! I have to go, I guess I'll see you guys at school Monday!" Stormy said.

"What is that?" Sally said disgusted. "Oh, no. Just no. No no no no no....ugly watch, so boy-ish. Take mine!" Sally said. Stormy put her watch awy, putting on a sparkling pink and green one Sally gave her. "Oh, so cute!" Sally said. "Bye!" Sally gave Stormy a big hug. Stormy left, going home.

When Stormy got home, her clothes were ready.She put them back and went to her room to get into her PJs.Then she went to sleep.Ah, can't wait for school Monday...  Stormy thought.


River lies around in her apartment, unsure of what to do. School was coming up tomorrow, and she had hardly done anything over the summer. Sighing out of boredom, the girl got up and decided that she should find something to do to occupy herself until tomorrow. There was a few chores she could do, but instead she shrugged it off for now. Maybe she could call some friends? No, either she didn't remember their numbers or they don't even have a phone. River looked out her window, maybe there was something outside that she would find to do.

She opened her front door and walked down the stairs to the lobby, where she saw that there was something in her mailbox. She remembered she hadn't checked it in a while, and opened it. Inside was nothing but a single letter, and it appeared to be personally written. She was tempted to tear open the envelope right there, however she thought that it would be best if she had read it in a less open area. Running back upstairs, she went back inside her apartment and felt a mix of excitement and confusion, just what could be in it?

River ripped open the paper envelope and pulled out the message inside. She began to read, but as it continued, her curious expression began to fade into more confusion, and then eventually she was wearing a concerned face. Finally, she was at the last sentence, and she had read the name of the writer. Her hands began to shake, and she dropped the letter on the table. Without even saying anything, she walked at a fast pace to her bedroom, and her heart began racing. The girl sat herself on the mattress and grabbed the pillow tightly, covering her face with it.


This message is to inform you that I am travelling to the mainland, and I should have arrived by the time you receive this. I am here to visit you, and I am aware of where your new home is, so don't even try to avoid me. Do not mention this to any of our other family members, or any possible friends you have made; this is between us and only us. If I discover that you've spoken, then there will be consequences.

Expect to see me soon,


(Red hedghog sonic fan)

Hedge had a great time at school. He enjoyed his friends Hazel and Tesla, and spent his sumer the same way he always did: at war. He was always being drafted by his war veteran father, and he always sent letters too his friends. Hedge can hardly wait to return to school and wonders if anyone has become bullies or if old foes have returned his family was returning to town via helicopter.


The day before their second year of high school was slightly chaotic for the three minks. Sigma, Theta and Upsilon had decided to live closer to the campus this year rather than transferring between the school and the Lost Hex, as they had done previously. So basically, the day prior to school starting was just a moving day. (Sorry, couldn't think of anything else ^^;)


In a different, non-canon universe different from the regular Lippies one, Paws the Wolf and Kniro the Amur Leopard have moved to this new place and...well for some random reason they're in Mobius even though they aren't even Mobians. Okay. Oh, and instead of Paws being 19 and Kniro being 20, Paws is 15 and Kniro is 16 (since Lippies does take place 4 years later than most of the characters on the site anyway, and otherwise they would be too old for high school). Also, Tito lives in Kniro's backpack random and whenever Kniro needs something Tito comes out and gives it to him. Yeah. It doesn't really make sense but since it's not the actual canon for my characters, it doesn't really need to. Also, Mwah is there just because.

Kniro and Paws were late for school because of unexplained complications that I'm too lazy to think of. UH, they didn't have a vehicle so they had to walk to the school, and then Paws lead them in the wrong direction? Sure.

DUBSTEPxSonic Gavin just exchanged from cortopian high to Gem High, he found it kind of interesting there, as a new student he will work hard and keep focus in this school.


Nieve,Luther,Kagome,and Kassie were just late for an unexplained reason.

The Evilbreaker(sorry my join kinda failed)

Lex was grumpy. Very grumpy. Imagine the grumpiest person with the grumpiest face and the grumpiest reason to be grumpily grumpy in existence, it would pretty much sum up Lex's mood. He had to go to school. Going to school was not something that Lex did. He went on adventures, fought battles. He did NOT sit in a classroom writing about stuff he didn't care about.

In short, he was grumpy.

He was an adventurer, not a nerd. Lex slumped like a wet Papier-mâché model, and trudged as if he was sinking in mud slower than a rock over to his school stuff. He wanted to obliterate it all, and could. Yet he didn't. He facepalmed. Weeks and weeks of boredom awaited him. Weeks of nothing happening.

Or so he thought.


H-hey peeps! Message from 1<3 ;), the host. Bored and you're finished with BOTH CHOOSING CLASSES and FILLING OUT THE DAY BEFORE SCHOOL CHAPTER??? Well guess what, yime to really start the RP! Go ahead and start below, but you can not move onto first period until everyone has made at least ONE EDIT to this chapter. THANK YOU~

Stormy got up to getdressed, when she got a knock on her door. IN her PJs, she tiredly got up to answer the door. As she opened it, the cool morning air swept in and she shivered. "H-hello?" Stormy said tiredly.

"Hey Sorra!" Sally said, giving Stormy a big hug. "I just came here to make sure you looked just amazing for the first day of school. Gotta remeber first impressions are important!" Sally said walking into Stormy's home, then to her room with two an overly large purses. Stormy yawned. "What are the bags for?" Stormy said, walking into her room.

"Bags?! Oh, Sorra, Sorra,Sorra. These are not just bags. These are expensive purses daddy got me just yesterday. I'm going to let you have them~!" Sally said. "I packed them with clothes, makeup, lotion, some money..." Sally said excitedly.

"Yea, I was just thinking of wearing a T-Shirt and jeans today.." Stormy said worriedly. She hated to dress 'girly'.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT SORRA~" Sally said, pulling out a cute uniform."This will be yours, and today after school I'm goging to take you shapping for more!"

Oh no! Stormy thought. I'll look awful in that, I want to wear my T-Shirt and jeans...I'm starting to think Sally and I shouln't be freinds...Stormy sighed. But she'd doing all of these nice things for, you can't do that to her. I'll just have to deal with it....

Stormy put on the outfit and lugged her large purse to school with Sally.

Meanwhile, Euphoria was walking sadly to school. She couldn't believe Hazel wasn't going to join her this year.

Tesla tries to call Hazel. "Ah, Hazel, my love. How are you doing today?" Tesla said. "Hazel? Are you ther?"

A female and a male walks to school in a standard uniform and a scarf.

While Tesla is at Hazels house a military camo choper flys by afully close too the ground and rufills Teslas head fur.

Tesla steps back. "Whoa! Watch the quills!" He exclaimed.

Meanwhile, at the bar, everyone is yelling and having a great time. But then a Black hedgehog strolls in, and everyone shuts up.

The black hedgehog walked toward the bar, admiring the silence. He was wearing sunglasses. He took off the glasses, smiling at the bartender. "If you don't mind your head getting busted open I would suggest you give me a root beer." The hedgehog said, in a cheerful voice.

Whispers started to float around the bar, the only sound was whispers and the football game.

An orange hedgehog, who was in the bar, didnt know who he was. "Who are you?" The orange hedgehog said.

The hedgehog chuckled. "Well OBVIOUSLY You're new around here, the names Rage. Just Rage." Rage said. People near Rage and the hedgehog got up and sat somewhere else.

"And I'm Martin Newell. Tesla's brother. Not sure if you know him." Martin said.

"Whoever this Tesla is, I sure hope he is better in dressing than you are, mister, Martin Newell...." Rage said, taking off his sunglasses as he said this.

"By just looking into your eyes, something tells me that you want to fight me. Is this true or am I wrong?" Martin said, standing up.

"Im not one for starting a fight man-" Rage said, as soon as he finished the sentance, punched Martin in the face, sending him to the bar. The bartender got out and backed up.

"Now you're p***ing me off." Martin said. His hands and feet explodes with fire, burning up to 3,000 degrees Celsius.

People back away from Martin and Rage, knowing what Rage is gonna do.

"Ooh, Flashy!" Rage says as he bursts hotter, at 5,000 Degrees Celsius(9,032 degrees Fahrenheit

"So you're a pyrokinetic, too? Guess we have so much in common after all." Martin said. He spins into a fiery tornado, burning and destroying everything in its path.

As Martin was heading toward him, Rage started to whistle. When the tornado was right in front of him, he stepped to the side.

Martin stops spinning, and regains his balance. 

Rage runs towars Martin, headbutting him, sending him falling over a table. Martin gets up, sets a chair on fire and throws it at Rage.

The chair hits Rage, which Martin threw at such an incredible force, it sent Rage flying through the wall, breaking it. Looks like their taking the fight outside!

Rage gets up in anger, and explodes in a white hot fury. He runs right up to Martin and punches him, kicks him in the face, knees him in the face, and backflip kicks him in a lightning fast combo, and he picks him up, and kicks him against the wall.

Rage walks up to Martin.

"Take this as a warning, Newell. Don't cross me. Mess with the Rage, you get the Fire." Rage says as he puts his sunglasses back on, takes his root beer, and leaves.

As he leaves, Martin tries to flip him off with his broken hand.

How Martin flipped Rage off

Some people help Martin up, and tell him about Rage.

"He pretty much owns this place."

"No one messes with him"

"He's quite possibly the most dangerous man here"

"Each of us get a warning, like you just had. Break that warning, *man moves his thumb across neck, signifying you die*"

The list went on.

"'The dangerous man here.' Yeah right. I was banned from 8 States." Martin said.

"Some one needs to take him down" one man said.

"Yeah right,like anyone here has the balls and the skill to take him down" another man said.

A female cat with shiny orange hair waits at a bus stop. She gets her tablet out and works on one of her songs on FL Studio.

Rage walks along the sidewalk, and sees the cat. He stops. "Heeeey beautiful, how ya doin?" Rage askes to the cat.

The female cat just looks at Rage, before continuing her work. "...okay."

"Makin' music huh? I used to do that." Rage explained.

"Whaddaya say I take you out for some drinks or whatever you like, on me." Rage said.

"Maybe later." The cat didnt seem interested right now.

"Alright, I live on that brick house across the street." Rage said walking away.

"...sure thing." The female cat said, still not interested.

"SCORE!" Rage mouthed when turned away

Stromy walked with Sally, tired from lugging her purse. She swore her high heels had given her 100 blisters.

"Ugh, are we there yet?" Stormy said.

"Oh come on Sorra don't be such a lazy butt~" Sally said happily, carrying her purse and walking in high heels (even taller than Stormy's..) like it was nothing. 

Stormy sighed. 'Okay..."

"So, I'm assuming you don't have a boyfreind. Haha, how sad! Don't worry, there's a cute guy named Jake, he's sooooooo hot. He's like, the head of the football tem. You'll just love him Sorra." Sally said.

"J-J-Jake?!" Stromy said worredly.

Meanwhile in Station Square, River woke up with a start, and gazed at the clock with barely open eyes. It was time for her to get ready. Of course, right at the moment she was FINALLY getting some sleep, she was scheduled to wake up instead. She had been restless all night; after what had happened the day before, it was difficult to relax. She didn't want to think about her Uncle visiting her, or just about him in general. She did her best to push those thoughts out of her mind and continue with her daily routine. 

The girl cleaned herself up and put on her regular clothes; a white shirt with a red midpiece, and black pants. Grabbing a black hairband, she tied all but two of her quills back into a ponytail, and she walked into the small living room. There she saw the letter again, and without hesitation she held it tightly and crumpled it a bit, tossing it into the trashbin. She continued to quickly eat a simple breakfast and put on her gray shoes afterwards.

River walked out of the apartment, locking it as she left, and made her way down the stairs, out of the building, and to the train station. There didn't seem to be many people riding the trains this morning, but she was fine with it as she had claustrophobia anyway. After about half an hour, maybe less, the discolored monotreme was at her stop. She left the train quickly, and began to walk her normal route to school alone, half awake due to a sleepless night.

Rage got up and dressed hastily, and walked to school, nearly sleepwalking.

The mink group quickly made their way to school the next day, as they had a late start getting up in the morning. Sigma was leading the group, pulling along both Theta and Upsilon down the sidewalk, much to their dismay. As she approached the front sign of the school Sigma suddenly stopped, making Theta and Upsilon crash into her and fall down behind, although Sigma stayed sturdily standing.

“Ow…” Upsilon groaned with a slightly bitter tone, rubbing his head. “Why did you just stop so suddenly?”

“You should really be more careful next time,” Theta chimed in.

“Becaaaaaause we’re at the school, silly!” Sigma said excitedly. Grabbing both of their arms, she pulled them up onto their feet in one swift shove. “And we’re not late either!”

“We wouldn’t have been late even if we walked; there’s still a couple of minutes before school starts to spare,” Theta said exasperatedly.  “Oh, well! At least we can figure out where our classes our before first period begins,” Sigma responded.

River stared at the ground for most of the walk, ignoring most of the other students that went past her; she wasn't really focusing too well at the moment. Half the time she was thinking about how the day would go, and the other half of the time she would lose track of her thoughts and let her mind go blank.

Not very long after, the girl bumped her head against something, and she snapped back into reality. She looked up and saw that she had just run into a door. "Uh... what...?" she muttered to herself, before finally acknowledging that she made it to the school without even noticing. She sighed heavily,

"New school year resolution: learn to pay attention." she noted to herself.

Sally walked into the office. "Hey Sally, shouldn't we go to the cafeteria to get our classes???" Stormy asked.

Sally looked offended. "The cafetria? Ugh, silly Soora, those are for unpopular kids. You see, our classes are listed in a special box just for us, okay? As long as you stick with me, you can be the princess of this shcool."

"The...princess???" Stormy said embarassed, blushing.

"Oh, why yes!" Sally said, handing Stormy her list of classes. They matched Sally's. Exactly, except for names.

Stormy looked to Sally's classes then hers. "We...have the same classes.."Stormy said.

"I asked it to be that way, sweetie." Sally said, winking to Stormy. "Ooo yes, let's go meet Jake!"

"N-no! I-I have to go to the restroom!" Stormy lied.

"Oh, don't be afraid sweetheart!" Sally said excitedly. "After me telling him just a little bit about you he's like soooooo excited!"

Stormy was now bright red. "He's...ecited to...see me?"

"Ooo I can't waut to see you two together!" Sally jumped ecited, taking Stormy's arm as she fast-walked to the football feild.

In the football feild, a group of peeps were hanging out on the bleachers, and some on the feild. Sally dragged the now bright red faced Stormy to the group, Sally's smile as glowing as ever.

"Heeeeey guuys! Ooo, hai Onnie, Barbrah, Courtney, Jessenie, Tanya, William, Marc, Taylor, Bryan, Scourgey-Worgey (<---oh god poor Scourge ;_;) and Jaaaaaaake~!" Sally said.

How on Mobious can she remember all of those names?! Stormy thought. She waved shyly and everyone waved back happily and brightly. Scourge drank his soda, relaxing. A blonde fox with short hair(Onnie) combed her hair while a bright red cat (Barbrah) braided a mint colored mink (Courtney). Another pink fox (Jessenie) sat talking to a coffeee colored hawk (Wiiliam). A neon green hedgehog (Mark) played stupidly with his football as his firend, a neon orange tiger (Taylor) agreed to whatever he had been saying (he ust have not gotten much sleep..). Out of all of them, one stood out the most. A tall muscular light brown wolf (Jake) stared at Stormy in a daydream. He blushed when he realized what he was doing, then looked away.

"JAAAAAAAAAKE! This is Sorra, go talk to her, she's been just dieing to meet you~!" Sally pushed Stormy to Jake, going to hang out with Scourge.

As tall, big, and scary he looked, Jake was sweet and shy. "H-h-h-h-h-hh-h-h-hiiii m-m-m-miss S-s-s-s-s-sorra..." Jake studdered, blushing.

"Hi, you must be Jake, huh? I am Sorra Aquawater. You're super cute! I mean, um, not like you think!" Stormy blushed.

"Oh gee, that's really nice of a pretty girl like you to say something to...lil' ol' me..."Jack said, ovbiously he had a southern accent.

"You're accent is cute too!" Stormy said. "So, Sally told me you're the head of the football team!"

"Oh-oh-oh yes! W-w-why I am!" Jake said, scratching the back of his head.

"You don't need to call me Sorra by the way. My real name is Stormy." Stormy said.

"Oh..."Jake said, blushing."That's a mighty pretty name you have miss..."he said as his ears tucked in.

"Thank you." Stormy said in a sweet voice."To tell you the truth, I thought you were going to be some stupid guy who only liked me for my looks and disrespected me a lot. But you haven't one bit, and I can tell you're not that kind of person. Thank you, Jake..."

Jake was now bright red like a tomaaaaataoooo :3"Y-y-y-y-y-y-yoooou're welcome miss Stormy. L-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-liissten, I know I just met you and all....and I hope this doesn't make you feel uncomfortable or d-d-d-d-d-don't have to agree either! B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b--but,Mm-k-m-m-miss to lunch with me today? I-i-i-i--i-i-i don't want to take you away from ol' Sall uh nothin'-"

"OH of corse not~!" Sally said, pushing Jake and Stormy together. "You two eat lunch together WITH US~!"

"O-o-o-o-o-o-oh okay miss Sally. W-w-w-w-w-will do!" Jake said, rapidly hurrying to his freinds.

Aw, he seems like such a genuine sweet guy...Stormy thought.

"Isn't he just so CUTE~!" Sally said. "Oh, in a weeek or two you'll be holding hands and kissing and loving and cuddling and-"

"Oh Sally, we just met.."Stormy said. "If we're going to date, I really want to get to know him well."

"Oh, you love to ruin fun, don'cha Sorra?" Sally winked.

"Yea, I guess so, huh?" Stormy blushed.

The bell soon rang loudly, signaling everyone to go to first period.


Hey peeps! Everyone has edited b4 skool, ry? If not, tell me in the comments below so we can wait for you.


Euphoria Bean walks into her math class, taking a seat near the back as the teacher, Mr.Peet, writes the objective on the board.

Rage walks in Math and takes a seat, everyone near Rage moves back a little. Rage puts both legs on the desk, and his arms behind his back, waiting for the teacher. "Hurry up teach, I didn't come here to just sit here." Rage said, after about 3 minutes of waiting.

"Oh no, guess I'm going to have to get more detention slips from the office." Mr.Peet said, writning one up for Rage just in case any trouble went further. "Okay, class, get out your textbooks..."

The lesson dragged on, and nearing the end of the period  Mr.Peet let everyone work on their assignments.

At the end of the period, Rage asked "So, any homework Mr. 'P?"

"First, no there are no homework assignments this week. Second, please adress me as Mr.Peet." Mr.Peet said as he wrote down some lesson plans.

"You got it, mister Peet." Rage said.

A coffee colored hawk named William was looking to Rage while talking to his freind, a neon orange tiger named Taylor. William quickly turned away, hoping he haden't been spotted by Rage. Taylor and William spoke very quietly to eachother with a sense of fear exchanging serious looks.

Rage looked at the clock. Ten minutes till end period.

Rage looked at William, grinned, and his moved his thumb across his neck

What Rage was doing with his thumb.

William shuddered and Taylor competely got out of his seat to move to the back of the room. Wiliam looked around, then getting up out of his seat to get closer to the exit. Mr.Peet had a competely confused look on his face.

River gazed out of the window, she had intentionally picked a seat next to it. Not exactly the best move considering that she wanted to have better concentration this year, but she prefered it over every other spot in the classroom. She had definintely gained some energy as the day had moved on, but of course she still wasn't at her most upbeat. The girl gazed around the room, observing everyone. She only knew about one or two people, but she didn't know any of their names...

A light brown wolf named Jake drew in his sketchpad a picture of Stormy. Around her he put little clouds, bubbles, and hearts. The picture was very deteailed and accurate, as anyone could tell he spend time on it. Just looking at Jake he did not look llook like one to draw or have an artistic side at all. Taylor and William came up to Jake, hiding behind him.

"Hey Jake, whacha' drawin' buddy?" Taylor said in a bit of a scared tone.

Jake closed his sketchpad. "U-um, the football feild. It's pretty cool..." Jake said.

"Didn't know ol' Sorra looked so much like a football feild, huh Taylor?" William began to relax feeling at least a bit safer with Jake.

"Huh-hu,"Tayor laughed stupidly,"yea, lot like one."

"S-stop!" Jake said embarassed."Okay, I was drawing Sorra, what's wrong with it?"

"Ya gonna aske her out? Ya gonna? Huh? Huh? Huh?" Taylor nagged.

"Y-yea actually, once we get to know eachother." Jake smiled. "I really like her, she seems so...normal."

"Normal?" William said confused. "Thought you wanted-"

"Another Sally?" Jake sighed. "Heeell no. Poor Scourge is going though hell. I don't want to end up like him."

"But she's the Gem Queen. Every guy want someone like her." Taylor said.

"Well, I don't. I'm sure a lot of other guys feel the same way too." Jake said.

Rage walked out, and while he was on his way to his next class, bumped into William, on purpose, with his shoulders. Rage looked at William, and said "Park, 5:00.", and walked off.

"W-what?!" William said, frightened. He seriously thought he was going to die. He stumble walked to his next class.



Sally and Stormy walk into with William and Onnie. They take their seats in the back, talking quietly as the teacher, Mr.Wolf (Henry as mentioned in Stormy's history :D), is waiting for everyone to enter the class. Mr.Wolf's heart suddenly seems to stop as he sees Stormy. it really... her? Mr.Wolf thinks to himself, he quickly looks away afraid someone would realize he'd been staring at her. I wonder if she'll even know me now, I wonder if she misses me...Mr.Wolf sat at his desk, knots in his stomach. I should talk to her after class...just to see how she's doing and all. Mr.Wolf thoguht worredly as he waited.

"C-class, hello there, my name is Mr.Wolf, and I will be your honors Math teacher. U-um, I hope we have an excellent year this year, now, let's get to today's lesson..." Mr. Wolf said, continuing his lesson. It was more of a review of last year to get the class warmed up for much more difficult things to do later.




Stormy walked out to the football feild like all of the other kids since the gym was under construction.

Rage walked out, but instead of using the bathroom like everyone else did, he did push-ups. He walks out to the foot ball field, and sees Stormy.

Rage walked up to her, completely forgetting about Alinoa(even though she's not going out with him any time soon).

"Hey there Storm." Rage says.

Stormy turns around. "Hm? Hello. How do you know my name?" Stormy said a bit confused.

"Saw some kid drawing someone that looked like you, and they said it was Sorra, which I know to be you. He was about, oh, Yay high." Rage said.

"Jake?" Stormy said, blushing. "Y-yea, he's a freind of mine." Stormy smiled.

The mink group went out onto the football field in their gym clothes and waited around for the teacher to come. Sigma and Theta were talking while Upsilon listened in, nodding every once in a while.

River walked outside of the building along with everyone else. She didn't mind the new gym clothes, but she didn't like the idea of leaving her normal clothes in a locker that someone could steal... but then again what kind of weird person would take only a shirt and pants?

Like the others, she waited for the teacher to arrive, and while looking around she caught sight of her friend, Upsilon, as well as two other Minks that were with him. She didn't say anything, only looked, thinking that he was probably occupied talking to them.

Tesla walks onto the field with a gray jumpsuit and orange skinny jeans.

Rage sees Tesla, and chuckles. "Nice getup, loser" Rage said as he is having trouble laughing.

"I'm not about to say who you are to say that." Tesla said, in of course, a British accent...

Stormy walks off, looking for a place to sit. Euphoria accidentally bumps into her.  

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Euphoria said.  "N-no, it's my fault!" Stormy said.  "U-um, I'm Euphoria.  

"...I'm Stormy."Stormy said.  

"Cool name." Euphoria said.  

"Thanks," Stormy smiled,"hey, do you want to be freinds?"  

"Sure!" Euphoria said. The two girls grabbed a seat... somewhere XD. Jake walked up to Stormy and Euphoria.

"Hey, Sorra." Jake said shyly.  

"Hey Jake, some guy told me you were drawing me. What's that all about?" Stormy smiled. 

 "U-u-u-u-um, well....sorry..."Jake said.  

"No, I think that's really cute!" Stormy replied. "I really wanted to sse the picture, really. I never knew you were an artist."  

"Y-yea, here you go..."Jake blushed, handing a picture to Stormy.

Stormy blushed, amazed with the drawing. " pretty in this picture..."Stormy said,"is that really how I look like??"  

"Even better." Jake smiled. 

 "Awwwwww!" Taylor said walking up to Jake, a parinoid William behind him.  "Hey hey hey!" Tyalor said, slapping Jake on the back. "We've got a problemo."  

"Rage....he-he-he's gonna k-k-k-k-k-k-k-kill me!" William said in terror.  

"Kill you?" Stormy said upset. "Do you mean to tell me there is a bully around here?!"  

"N-n-n-n-n-n--n-n-nooooo Stormy! Even worse!" William said, still shaking.  

"Ugh, I just can not believe that." Stromy said, folding her arms. "He won't touch you, William. If he does, he's going through me!"  

"No Stormy! Just lookin' acha' he's said to kill! He's like a medusa!" William shuddered.  

"I'm not afraid of him, and I haven't even met him!" Stormy said. "This sounds like all just a bunch of rubbish!" 

"Hey, person. Dont be scared. I'll handle him. Like he can do anything to me!" Tesla said to William.

Hedge finaly arives in a military camo gym uniform near Tesla and begins doing one handed pushups waiting for the couch without even saying hello and the only way he got any attention from him is the unusual amount of silence he was giving off.

"Hedge-- Is that you?" Tesla said, suprised. He remembered him from the first year in Gem High.

  • Yes soulder and your name is?* in a tone that sounds like he never new or meet Tesla.

"No no no no no no...anyone who messes with Rage either winds up dead, or never found..." William cowered.  

"Rage? Who's that???" Stomy said.  

"What that the guy you just talked to??" Euphoria said.  

"Um....I dunno..." Stormy aid.

"I'm not fighting him. I'm just going to reason with him like men would." Tesla said, walking to Rage. "Hello, sir. They call you Rage, yes?"


"See, a little bird came to me and said that you've threatned to kill someone. Correct me if I'm wrong." Tesla said.

"I was scratching my neck with my thumb. Ya see, I got fleas at my house." Rage said.

"Yes, sure. But it was wrong. I'm not a staff member, not telling you what to do, but I recommend apologizing to him, and take it back and maybe we'll be okay." Tesla said, in a nice tone.

"Okay then." Rage says as he pulls out his phone and somehow  got William's phone number, and texted "Sry" to him.

"Thanks for negotiating." Tesla said, with thumbs up. Wow. Didnt expect that to happen.

"Wonder who that guy was..." Stormy said.

"Who, Rage?" Euphoria said.

"No, Hedge. At least that's what I heard that guy (Tesla) call him." Stormy said.

"Hedge....he was Hazel's freind, I know him too, from last year." Euphoria said.

"Yeah, he... well, USED TO BE, a nice and cool hedgehog. He's one of my friends too-- But ever since that war occured over the summer, he's not what he was last year." Tesla explained.

Hedge asks allowed* Does anyone know when the captin is suposed too get here? The PE teacher is runing late.

Mr.Wolf runs in. "Hello students! I am Mr.Wolf! Mr. D'canon is out today, so I'll be subbing for him! Free play the rest of the period, no wandering from the football feild!" Mr. Wolf said, almost running over to Stormy. 

"Stormy, we need to talk. Now, please." Mr. Wolf said, grabbing hold of Stormy's hand.

Hedge*? Well now what?

"Oh....okay..." Stormy said, as Mr.Wolf led Stormy to the back of the bleachers. 

"Stormy, listen, I know it's been a long time since we've seen echother. Since..the lie. But I've changed, I promise!" Mr. Wolf (aka Henry as some of you may know...).  

Stormy said worriedly tearing up,"No, no, no Henry. I like you, but I already told you the problems we face in a relationship-"  

"That's why I want to take you away from here!" Mr. Wolf (Henry) said, holding Stormy's hands.  

"Where would we even go...I could be your daughter with how young I am!" Stormy said.  

"No, that's just crazy! We're like...6 years apart..." Mr.Wolf (Henry) said a bit worriedly.  

Stormy looked away sadly,"Exactly! Ms. Green is really young and cute, you should ask her out sometime you know-"  

"No. I want to be with you, Stormy. No one else." Mr.Wolf (Henry) said smiling. 

I have to get out of this! I'm only going to get my heart broken again-wait. Jake! That's it! Stormy thouhgt. "I can't, Henry. It's just....Jake. He's my boyfriend, and I love him right now."  

Mr.Wolf (Henry) looked confused and heartbroken.

River had stayed silent so far; not a word has escaped from her mouth. She had noticed that other students were paying attention to a strangely familiar red Hedgehog. She stared at him in slight confusion, he resembled a student from last year that she knew, but... this one couldn't be him. He seemed too serious and silent to be the same guy... right?

The girl decided to ignore it, and now unsure of what to do, she started humming to herself. It wasn't any song in particular, just one that she was making up on the spot. She shifted her feet every so often without thinking much of it, however she didn't realize that she was inching closer to the three Minks.

Upsilon glanced to the right and left quickly to see if anybody was looking at him; he was about to just walk off and skip class. However, he noticed through his glancing that River was not only a couple of yards away. Turning away from the other minks, he called out River's name and motioned for her to come over to the group. Sigma and Theta were nudging each other and smirking.

Tesla just looks around, doing nothing since he doesnt find anything interesting.

Rage was in the bathroom, thinking about girls.

"I like her, but people will see me with a girlfriend and call me out... oh well, guess i'll have to knock their teeth out."

"Here I come Stormy, get ready for the Rage!" Rage thought

"Huh?" River turned her head at the sound of her name. She saw Upsilon beckoning her over to him, and without a moment of hesitation she complied. She walked over to the group, and even though she didn't know much about the other two, she figured she'd learn about them soon enough. 

"H-hi..." River said somewhat softly, hoping that she wouldn't make a bad impression on Upsilon's friends.

Upsilon had an internal squealing moment at River's slight shyness, but it passed. "Hey, River," he said in a friendly tone. He gestured to the other two minks he was talking to before.

"This is Theta," Upsilon gestured towards the brown mink. Theta only nodded in River's direction. He then pointed to the yellow mink. "And this is-"

"HI!" Sigma said in an over-excited tone. "I'm Sigma! It's nice to meet you!" Without hesitation, she grabbed River's hand and shook it.

Tesla lays down and looks at the clouds. (We're not indoors, are we?) (nope -1<3)

"Ah!" She was caught off guard by the sudden excited handshake, but she quickly began to recognize the faces of the other two, and laughed a little, "Same thing to you," she smiled, "I'm River, as you may have guessed..."

Sigma smiled at River and elbowed Theta's side, giving him a strange look. "Yep, we've heard of you a lot from U-" Upsilon interrupted Sigma by grabbing her arm and squinting at her, daring her to finish her sentence. He was starting to blush, too.

"... from other people..!" Sigma finished quickly. Upsilon breathed a sigh of relief.

"Really? I didn't know that many people knew about me..." Her eyes drifted a little, and her face went very slightly pink; she had a feeling she knew what Sigma was about to say before the interruption, but she didn't mention it in order to help Upsilon keep his cool.

Sigma's smiled widened and she winked at River. "Well, what should we do now? We have free time," Sigma said, changing the subject.

River shrugged, "I don't know, it's just kind of an open field... you guys got any ideas?" She asked to Upsilon and Theta. 

"We could leave," Theta said bluntly. "I don't even know where the teacher is. Probably far from here. He might not notice if we left." He set his gaze on Upsilon pointedly, who was playing with an inky mass of shadows in his hands. Upsilon looked up and frowned. "I don't think we should leave."

"Boyfreind?!" Mr.Wolf (Henry) said. "You have a boyfreind?! It's only the first day of school!" Henry had put his arms around Stormy's either side, trapping her.

"Yea, and if you don't let me go I'm going to make him kick your a**!" Stormy said, feeling knots in her stomach as Henry was surrounding her.

"Don't lie to me Stormy, I know you don't have a boyfreind." Henry said, coming closer.

"I know I can call campus security on you!" Stormy aid.

Henry chuckled. "Campus security, huh?" Henry gabbed Stormy's hips and now they were almost touching noses. "If you tell anyone, I will call your parents. And I bet my job and career they'll take you away before you can say goodbye to that Jake a***hole you're talking about."

"I am not moving away with you though..."Stormy said.

"OK, ok." Henry said. "You meet me at my house 3:40 after shcool, okay? I'll be expecting you. If you don't come, pack your things..."

Henry grew nearer. "Get..the hell off of me. Now." Stormy said. Henry backed away, going to the footballfeild's mic stage (just in case the band or choir was to preform in case you peeps were wonderin WHY THE HELL a mic was at a football stadium)

"All right students. The bell will ring in a few momens. Make sure you have everything ready to go for your break time!" Mr.Wolf said happily, walking off the stage as suddenly as he came on.

Stormy sat in a corner, feeling a cold chill run down her spine as she clutched her hands once touched by Henry. Stormy didn't feel good at all, she wish she could do something. Mr. Wolf wasn't far either. He could watch her from anywhere except the girls bathrooms. But Stormy couldn't stay in the girl's bathroom everyday and at lunch.  No escaping him. Not even at home, since the school keeps everyone's address.  

Sally tapped Stormy's shoulder. "Hey, what's wrong?Are you in trouble with Mr.Wolf or something?"  

"Huh?" Stormy said, snaping out of her worry. "Oh, no not at all! It's just, I feel a little homesick from my old school that's all..." Stormy lied.  

"Mr. Wolf is sooo hot. You must've felt super shy around him." Sally said.  

"Ew, Sally! He's like 6 years older than us!" Stormy said.  

"Oh Sorra! You're supposed to date guys older than you. Scourge is suposed to be in college already, that's why we're the perfect couple!" Sally said.  

"That's...Well, in my opinion, it's just wrong..." Stormy said.

"He's our teacher, too!" 

"So?" Sally said.  

"He has a career, he can't mess around with his students!" Stormy said.  

"Oh, come on. No one finds out, with all the dirty secrets the staff has.." Sally said.  

"Dirty secrets?" Stormy said worriedly. Now there was really no escaping Henry. Stormy knew what Henry was best at: Blackmailing.  

"Yea, I've heard everything. Mr.Wolf isn't the only teacher trying to pick up, Sorra." Sally said.  

"Mr.Wolf is 'picking up' too?!" Stormy said. She hoped it was another girl.  

"Yea, that girl last year Hazel Moon. It was heard he captured her like three times!" Sally said.  

Stormy felt sick. "I-I need to go to the restroom..." Stormy aid, rushing to the restroom. She at in one of the stalls, crying.  

Tesla overheard Sally, and hears the word "Hazel Moon." Within seconds, he began thinking about her. "I have to go back to her." Tesla said. 

"So.."Scourge said to Sally."What happened to ol' Haze anyway?" 

"Well...I am pretty sure she moved a few blocks away from where she used to. It's really concealed though, tough to get in... Her sister really hated Tesla too though.."Sally said.

"Why?" Scourge said. "I mean, the dude's not a bad guy. Did he hit on her or something?"

"No, but I heard Hazel's sister Megami was really jelous of him." Sally said.

"Why?" Scourge said. "Is she lezbo?"

"No you idot, they're sisters. Tesla was taking Hazel's attention away. Hazel's seriously in love with him..." Sally said.

"Seriously, huh? Reminds me of a beautiful queen called Sally..." Scourge smirked.

"Oh Scouge, you cutey! Speaking of relationships, Mr.Wolf is like totally hitting on Sorra." Sally said.

"Mr.Wolf? Hm, I don't blame him." Scourge said.

"What do you mean?" Sally said.

"Sally, don't get me wrong, you're hotter than her, but Stormy isn't a bad catch." Scourge said.

"Oh, that's why she's with me! We are like so pretty, and her prettyness gets sucked up by me so I can be even prittier." Sally said.

"That makes no senese, but okay." Scourge said.

"UGH, WHATEVER!" Sally said, storming off to her freinds.

"Mmmm, maybe I can pay Haze a visit, now that I have her address.." Scourge said, pulling out a sheet of paper with Hazel's address. "Heheheheheh, now that she can't see Tesla anymore she's single..."

Jake went up to Scourge. "Hey Scourge, what's that?"

"An wanna ditch class?" Scourge said. "I was thinkin we py Hazel Moon a visit. Just to....speak to her." Scourge smirked.

Stormy wanted to know more about Hedge, so she went up to him. "H-hey, you're Hedge right? Hi, my name's Stormy." Stormy said.

Yes I am solder hold on just a moment I need to talk with someone* Hedge approached Scourge* Solder It would be wise too stay on school premise till further notice you here* coming from the same hedgehog who tore Scourges mind a new one days before that dance

".....Hedge..?" Scourge said, both shocked and a bit scared. "U-um...yea. Come on Jake, let's go somehwere else.."

"???" Jake was confused, blushing at Stormy before following Scourge. 

And? uhm who might you be solder? * turning too Stormy

"I am Stormy Aquawater." Stormy said."Scurge, um, he guy you just spoke to. Do you know him from last year???"

I don't remember him but I must of caused him trouble in the past he was looking to avoid a fight what did you come to me for?

"I came to you because I wanted to know more about Scourge, and Sally, if you know her. They don't seem like good freinds, and I was trying to get more information on them so I can see if I should be freinds with them or not." Stormy said.

I don't know about Sally but I'd say stear clear of Scourge he's not trust whorthy.

"Oh, thanks." Stormy said. "U-um, if you need anything I'm locker 234. Just leave me a sticky not on the front of my locker if you need anything!"

At ease solder at ese.

Stormy looked a bit sad. "It's not easy when you've got someone trying to mol- um nevermind! Yes, i should relax.." Stormy said. She just remembered she couldn't tell anyone about Henry...

Hedge on the other hand locked in tensly once the l came from stormys lips* uh say soney I need to tend to some business so I need to be alone right now.

"Oh..okay." Stormy said.

River saw Upsilon doing something with his hands, however she only caught a brief glance of it before the conversation turned towards him. She wasn't sure what it was; it could have been just her imagination, but whatever it was it certainly confused her.

Upon hearing the announcement by Mr. Wolf, she raised her eyebrow in surprise, "The class is already over?"


A goup of boys, one a powder white mink (Angelo).

"Hey, get together! The race is tonight! We need to get a hold of Weasel if we're going to beat Al Paca." Angelo said.

One neon blue bird (Azee) looked to Angelo in confusion."Weasel? Nah man, we need to go with U-Px, he has the best cars." Azee said.

Jayzee, Azee's neon green twin bother smirked."Or you just want to sav money. Angelo's right, let's go with Weasel."

"But U-Px has been our sponsor for 3 years! We need to buy at least three cars from him." Azee said.

A deep red fox (Jeremih) scratched the back of his head. "....I agree with Azee. We need to buy from U-Px if we want to get more money in."

"Fine, but just because this race isn't that much of a big loss if we do loose." Angelo said.

"What do you mean if we loose?" Jayzee said offended,"we're winning!"

Martin stops his 2015 Ford Mustang in front of Jayzee and Angelo. "About this race." Martin said.

"What are you talking about?" Angelo said, shocked.

"I want in. Allow me to help you." Martin requested.

"Hold on a sec." said Angelo. He huddled in his group, all of them nodding their heads in agreement.

"Okay, you're in. How much do you charge?" Angelo said.

"$50 grand at the most." Martin said. Grand means thousand.

Jayzee had a terrified look on his face. Azee looked to Angelo, mouthing "Reconsider, hell no!"

"Perfect!" Angelo said. "Meet us tonight at 10:00 at this football feild."

"Got it." Martin said, getting back to his car and driving away.

"No!" Jayzee said. "No no no no no no no no no no no no no! We can not afford that! This is what we do, after school we'll tell him we're sorry and we can't do it!"

"What you need to do is relax. I get paid tonight, so that equals money for us, him, and the cars." Angelo said.

Jazee looked annoyed,"But we can be using that money for-" 

"Gambling? Betting? Women?" Angelo smirked. "Stop killing our money Jay."

"Sh**...." Jayzee said. "You don't even know if he's good at racing."

"Oh, but I do." Angelo said. 'I can see it.'

Martin is PRO at racing! He is at a local test track practicing in his car for the race, and stuff.


Hedge: you must be tesla right solder? at tesla.

"Yes, Hedge. And I'm not a soldier." Tesla said.

How exactly do you know my name Mr. Tesla? I never told you

"Because we met before! Last year? Remember?" Tesla said.

Not a clue in fact I wonder how I even know your name by the way did you meet my new friend?

Alinoa the cat edit

This is what the female cat l00ked like.

"N0?" Tesla said. "Who's your new friend?"

Hedge turns around and calls signals someone to come over then a busty looking female with a black t-shirt and black jeanse arrives on the seine who looks like an animal multy hybrid with purple hair and eyes * well Tesla Meet Milly.

"Uh... Hello." Tesla waved. "--But this is not the point! What happened over the summer?" Tesla said.

What do you mean?, *Hedge asks* other than war.

"The war... wasnt there a draft?" Tesla said.

I've spent every year devoting myself to the military just like my father it's got nothing concerning you get too the point.* hedge says in a stern tone changing over to more of an anoyed tone.

"Then that's it! It's Post-War Memory Syndrome!" Tesla said.

Post war what? Says the unknow animal that is Milly

"It ocurrs after a war. You would still think you're in the war preparing for another battle. This happens to many soldiers in the active military." Tesla said.

Scourge and Jake snuck out of school, on their way to go to Hazel's home.

Stormy was at the water fountain, drinking water. Euphoria was beside her, reading a book.

A female cat sits on a nearby bench. She gets 0ut her lapt0p and w0rks 0n her music. 

Rage is sleeping on two chairs set together, his legs crossed because he don't give a fu**. He suddenly wakes up and sees Scourge and Jake outside. He shrugs, thinking their just sneaking out. Rage has done it lot in his other schools, and never got noticed. He closes his eyes and goes back to sleep

Stormy walks past Rage dragged by Sally, Euphoria trailing behind him.

"But I don't wanna!" Stormy pleaded, holding Sally back but Sally kept dragging.

"NO! Sorra-chan will find love!" Sally said.

"Jake is cute, don't worry!" Euphoria said hopefully.

"I just wanna play some basketbaaaaall!!" Stormy nagged, basketball in hand.

"Will you put that thing down?! Ladies don't play that game!" Sally said.

"Ughghghghgh..."Stormy said.

River was wandering around the school on her own, keeping her thoughts to herself. The day seemed to be going along pretty well so far. She hasn't gotten into any trouble, she's met new people, and no sudden problems have popped up. It was a much better start compared to her first year; this time she didn't punch a teacher in the jaw and almost get suspended. However, she felt as though she was forgetting something important that was going to happen. It took her a moment or two of running ideas through her head before she finally remembered...

Elias... she thought, and clenched her fist as she heard his name in her head, Right, he's here, and I have to deal with him... alone. The last word felt like a stab in the chest as she thought it. In all her previous encounters, she's had help. Her family was always there when it came to Elias, and they would never let him do anything to hurt her. But, now that she was far away from them, all she had was herself. As she continued to think about it, she began to ignore all that surrounded her and troubling questions constantly arose. Why would he want to see her? Doesn't he hate her? Is he here to taunt her? Hurt her? Should she tell anyone? What would be the consequences?

Eventually, her hands began to shake without her realizing it, and everyone could see it. 

"Uh, are y0u 0kay? Y0u're vibrating like crazy..." Tesla said.

Alin0a hums as she listens t0 the s0ng she created...........................birds

Upsilon had been sitting in a tree since break began. Leaning on the tree with his head against the main trunk and his eyes closed, he messed with another inky mass in his hands (it was one of his favorite pastimes) and hummed a song, although it was of no tune in particular. However, after a moment or two his ears began to twitch. Opening one eye carefully he noticed River walking across his direction, and she was visibly shaken. Upsilon let the shadow mass fade into the light naturally and hopped down onto the ground quickly, although not abruptly enough as to scare her. “River, are you okay?”

The voices of Tesla and Upsilon snapped her back into the safe reality, allowing her to focus on what was in front of her rather than what was going to come. Her nervous hands had calmed down, reverting to an occasional twitch.

"Oh, er, I'm fine... really, I just... kind of felt a weird chill down my back," She said, being half honest with them. River didn't want to be lying, but of she just told them exactly what was on her mind, then who knew how they would react?

"Okay then. Just making sure..." Tesla said, walking away.

Upsilon was a bit skeptical at her response; he thought she was holding back, but he didn't pry for more information. Instead, he nodded at her. "Okay, if you say so... are you cold? You can have my jacket if you need it."

"Oh? No no, I'm fine. Also it's kind of the only clothes you wear, so you'd be cold too." She modestly reassured him. Just by talking to him River had already calmed down significantly, and her previous thoughts began to return to the back of her mind.

Upsilon, charmed by her manners, smiled at her and complied. "I'm used to the cold, but alright."

River breathed a sigh of relief, That was a quick save... She thought. Although, his offer did make her wonder what he looked like without his jacket, as she's never seen him without it. The thought of it made her feel embarrassed, but strangely not in a bad way...

STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! She shouted in her mind. She regained her posture, and decided to continue the conversation but change the subject,

"So... how were your classes so far?"

Rage woke up a few minutes later, and got up. He decided to take a quick trip to the bar to get some root beer.

Upsilon pondered over the question for a moment. "I suppose they've been alright," he said thoughtfully. "The day's only begun, but it looks like they're starting off well. What about your classes?"

Then the female cat gets up and walks around, a bit lost. "Gem High sure is a large place.." The female cat said. Her name is Alinoa. And that is all I have to say.

"Nothing advanced..." She sighed, a little bit ashamed. She wasn't an idiot, in fact, she probably could make it into some advanced classes. She had the potential... but not the attention span. She can never seem to focus on something unless she truly interested about it, and unfortunately there's a lot of subjects that aren't too interesting.

"But I am in French. A friend of mine told me to sign up for it, and I just decided to go along with it."

"French, eh? I'm in that class too," Upsilon said. He was a bit happy he shared another class with her besides P.E. "I wonder what period that's in..."

River's emotions were shared with his, also feeling glad that they would be in the same class again. But in response to his last statement, she shrugged. "Can't exactly remember right now, but we'll find out eventually..." She said, and was now trying to think of something to change the conversation, "Oh hey, when we saw each other over the summer, you mentioned a little bit about some stuff you were doing, but I don't think you got the chance to tell me what it was..."

As soon as those words escaped River’s mouth, Upsilon’s eyes widened. He tensed up immediately and started to freak out a little. He actually wanted to tell River about what he had been doing over the summer, but he was afraid of her rejection, hence his nervousness. “O-oh..! That?” Upsilon said as though he was calm, although he was starting to stutter. “Um… well, it was nothing important, so it doesn’t really matter… he he…”

"If it's not important, then it's okay to tell me, right?" River asked. She knew she may have been prying a bit, but her curiousity was too strong to stop.

Upsilon was at a loss of words; River was right. He coughed nervously and looked down at his hands, twiddling his thumbs. He remained silent for a while before saying, "You're going to laugh at me, though..."

"Why would I?" She asked, "You didn't freak out like I thought you would when I showed you the whole water powers thing, so how do you know if I won't react the opposite way you think I would?"

Upsilon thought for a while. After a long pause, he finally spoke up. "I make ice sculptures," he murmurred softly.

Rage overheard this, and chuckled.

"Seriously? Big bad Upsilon makes Ice sculptures!" Rage said


Upsilon froze in his tracks. He clenched his fists tightly, intensely resisting the urge to fight back. Instead, he rolled his eyes and continued walking with River.

"Yeah, thats right Upsilon, walk away like the coward you know you are..." Rage yells as Upsilon.

"No, I just don't waste my time on pathetic excuses of life like you," Upsilon hollered back over his shoulder.

"Hey. You better watch that mouth mister, before I have to knock the teeth inside of it out." Rage says very angry

Upsilon turned to face Rage's direction, releasing his clenched fist, although keeping his muscles taut. A mass of shadows was started to form within his palm, and soon the mass started to form into the shape of a dark black broadsword, with a shadowy aura swaying murkily around it. "Hmph," he scoffed, a smirk now forming on his face. "I'd like to see you try."

Theta, who was in the general area, saw Upsilon start to bring out his sword and ran over to him. Theta smacked the shadow sword out of Upsilon's hands quickly before anyone else out of the group could notice. "Upsilon, stop. We're at school," Theta warned.

River was startled by Theta's sudden appearance, but she hadn't seen the blade, and instead was focusing on what Rage was saying. She glanced over at the two Minks, "Hey, it's alright, I've got this,"

Approaching the black Hedgehog in a strangely calm manner, she took a deep breath,

"What. The. Hell. Is your problem?" She spoke in a more mature voice, but with a slightly aggressive undertone, showing that she was trying to hold back. 

"The problem is that I am not going to have some petty, cowarding people here without a little confrontation." Rage said, his fire aura increasing in light and size, and when he was saying "Petty, cowarding people" he said it in a much more agressive tone. He pushed River back.

Upsilon wasn't used to seeing River assert herself, and couldn't help but smile a little when he saw her. But, as soon as her back was turned, he quickly clenched his fist again, and the shadows of the sword rushed back into his hand, and soon dissipated once he released his hand again, and the sword was gone. All of a sudden, he started to feel like pins and needles were puncturing his left wrist, and Upsilon clutched it tightly to try and subdue the pain. Why did I do that in broad daylight? He scolded himself.

Tesla hides himself from a wall, observing Rage and River. "Rage?" Tesla whispered to himself.

Stormy also overheard. "Sally it's a fight, look!" Stormy said. She's hoped Sally would get distracted so she could run away.

"Fight?" Sally suddenly turned to look.

Stormy went off to the feild while Sally was distracted. "Ugh, finally alone..." Stormy siad. For once in her whole life she actually liked the quietness...


Hazel Moon was in her new school, Emerald High. She sat boredly in her seat talking with a group of girls. Scourge barged in the classroom with a unicorn mask and jake with a black mask. The teacher and class was in shock as Scourge and Jake got Hazel (who was screaming at the top of her lungs -_-;) and took her to Scourge's house.

"Phew, that was close!" Jake said.

"Yea, now we've got ourselves a Hazel. So, sup girl?" Scourge said, ripping off tape they had put over her mouth.

"WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT SCOURGE?!" Hazel said, upset at first."H-hey, wait! Scourge!" Hazel hugged him.

"Okay, why are you hugging me? Not like you should stop though, it's pretty hot." Scourge said.

"Scourge, can you take me to Tesla?" Hazel said hopefully.

"Tesla? You're still into him?" Scourge said confused.

"W-what? Does...he have another girlfreind?" Hazel said sadly.

"Probs, the dude's a rockstar." Scourge said with a sweatdrop.

"Oh...I guess he wouldn't want to see me.."Hazel said, beginning to cry. "Oh, Megami was right!" Hazel put her head on Scourge's chest.

"N-no babe! Of course he likes you still, you're beautiful!" Scourge said.

"No he doesn't!" Hazel sobbed."And he'll never like me again!"

Jake held up a suitcase, the words "HENRY WOLF" written in bold on the front. Jake opened it, and injections for memeory loss were on it.

"Don't worry miss Hazel!"Jake said."These are memeory loss injections! If you forget about Tesla, maybe you can move on!" Jake said.

"I never want to forget Tesla." Hazel said."I would be so different without him. It's like a building with no foundation, I'd fall apart. A car with no engine, I wouldn't run."

"Well..."Scourge smirked."Perhaps you could trick your mind into switching your love..for a guy like me~"

"No way!" Hazel said. "I said I don't want to forget Tesla-ouch!" Hazel fainted.

While getting to Gem High, Hazel had woken up.

"Ugh...who are you two...where am I???" Hazel said.

"Hazel?! Oh, you finally woke up love." Scourge said. "I can't beleive you don't remeber me. I am Scourge, your boyfreind." Scourge smirked.

"A-and I'm Jake! Your uh, boyfriend's freind!" Jake smiled, waving to Hazel stupidly.

"'re my boyfreind?" Hazel said a bit sadly.

"Yea, we're in love." Scourge said.

Hazel looked terrified. ""

"Uh-huh, we just brought you back.You got really tipsy at the bar and passed out." Scourge said.

"The bar?" Hazel said. "I...I don't think I've ever been to a bar."

"Well, you did last night. We need to get you to school, you're late on the first day!" Scourge said.

"Oooooooooooooohkaaay."Hazel said, having no choice but to agree with Scourge.

Scourge jumped over the fence with Hazel and Jake.

"Hold on a sec~" Scourge said to Hazel, running over to Sally. A loud angry ear peircing scream was heard followed by a loud sob when Scourge retunred with a slap mark on his face. "Hey babe, let's go hang. Jake, woud ja give us a little privacy?"

"Oh, yea.." Jake ran off to be with Stormy.

"Ask me anything." Scourge said.

"How the hel did we meet and fall in love?" Hazel asked. She wanted to know dearly why she was with him in the first place.

"I saved you from Dr.Eggman and saved the world. Then you fell in love with me and I asked you out and we've been on 100 dates."Scourge aid.

Hazel had a discusted look on her face. "Okay, just wonderin.."


During all the random stuff that was happening, a silver wolf and a red Amur leopard walked towards the school. They had just seen the end of the fight between Rage and Upsilon. It was their first day at Gem High, and they ended up late due to complications.

"What the heck is going on?" Paws, the wolf yelled towards Upsilon and the others.

River tensed up and folded her hands into fists, "You barely even know him! What gives you the right to say he's a coward!?" She ignored the onlookers, and shoved Rage back.

"By the fact that he's not even man enough to try to fight me!" Rage nearly yelled in anger.

Hazel was spotted by Euphoria. "Hazel!" Euphoria said, running over to Hazel. "Hazel, I haven't heard from you all summer, I'm so glad you're okay!"

"....and you are?" Hazel said.

Scourge started to sweat and worry. "H-h-hazel....this....this is Euphoria. You two were freinds last year....."

"How come she doesn't remeber me?" Euphoria glared at Scourge. "What did you do to her this time?!"

"We went to the bar last night and Hazel got--- you know and now she can't even remeber I'm her boyfreind!" Scourge said.

"YOU ARE NOT HER BOYFREIND!" Euphoria growled, getting closer to Scourge. "Scourge, you'd better pray Tesla doesn't kill you when I tell him-"

"What do you think she's been doing all summer?! She was with me, because I love her!" Scourge smirked. 

" can't do this!" Euphoria said.

"Oh, come on Hazel. What about all of our dates, everything I did! The time I saved your life! Tell me you remember!" Scourge said.

Hazel took a deep breath in of air. She knew something was wrong. Someone was lieing.  "Scourge has more current news, Euphoria. I....somehow this happed." Hazel groaned.

"No! Hazel you've got to be lying!" Euphoria said.

"Believe me, I wish I was...but some how I fell in love with this peice of sh**, and I want to find out how." Hazel said giving Scourge an inspective look.

"Uh..."Scourge blushed. His knees began to wobble as he studdered,"Y-y-yea. Back off Euphoria, she's my girl."

"I am going to tell Tesla!" Euphoria ran off crying.

"Who's Tesla?" Hazel said. The name sounded so familiar, but she couldn't make it out.

"No one.." Scourge frowned.

"Okay then..." Paws muttered. Just then he noticed the cyan echidna. Paws suddenly had a bad feeling, like something had happened in the past, but it did not...there was something about echidnas he really did not like, and because of this he decided to stay away from the group unless they tried to talk to him. Which, they probably would not anyway since they were in the middle of a fight.

Kniro, the leopard, on the other hand felt annoyed by the hedgehog. Based on what he had seen, he was bullying the dark purple mink for some reason. The fact that he was bullying a mink in general made him especially angry. He wanted to defend him, but he felt nervous and awkward since he did not even know them at all.

Upsilon began to utter a low growl, and he was starting scowl at Rage. Once again he made the shadow sword form in his hands, despite how much his wrists were aching. "What makes you think I don't want to fight, eh?" His pupils dilated and he started to walk towards Rage, swinging the sword in his hand. Theta, who was still to his side, held him back by his arms. "Upsilon, stop this!" Theta yelled. "You're going to get expelled if some teacher sees you!"

Rage walks up to Upsilon. "If you REALLY want to fight, and if you REALLY aren't a coward, you would ignore what this mink is saying." Rage says while in his face.

One of the girls in Euphoria's class is hiding behind the principal crying. The principal walks up to the scene. "What on Mobious is going on here?!"

Upsilon turned and saw the principal, of all people, in the midst of the group. Stunned, he drops his shadow sword, and the shadows slowly flow back into his hands and dissipate. He didn't speak, at a loss of words. "I..."

"According to this young girl here, Rage started the fight. Is that true?" the principal narrowed his eyes to the group.

Upsilon only nodded in response to the principal.

"Oh please, you were the one critiscising my friend,  do you really think im not going to defend him?" Rage said.

"It seems there is no one person at fault that all of you can agree on. I am not going to waste my time figuring that out, so all of you will recieve lunch detensions." the principal said.

Upsilon knew Rage was lying, but he said nothing else.

The principal wrote down the lunch detensions. "Are you all sure this is what happened?" the pricipal looked to Upsilon.

Upsilon nodded again. He was silently making up a plan in his head for during detention...

"I don't want to see this happen again.."the principal said hading the detensions to Rage and Upsilon, walking away. 

Upsilon only looked down at his detention slip, saying nothing. He looked up and glared at Rage before he decided to walk off from the group. He knew he had been talking to River prior to the fight, and leaving her there was a bit rude, but he couldn't handle being around people right now. He headed towards the inside of the school building.

Meanwhile, Theta was just standing there, somewhat confused. "Erm..."

Euphoria cried. When she stopped, she went over to the girls restroom where she wiped her tears with a paper towel. Then she saw Stormy.

"Euphoria, what's wrong?" Stormy said.

"Hazel..."Euphoria said. "Something is wrong with her, and I'm so worried. I need to go tell Tesla!"

"I'll go tell him. Stay here." Stormy ran off, looking for Tesla. "Tesla???" Story went looking for Tesla.

Scourge waked with Hazel around the school. Sally was walking with Mr.Wolf and they saw, running up to them. Sally pulled Scourge by the ear away behind one of the buildings. "You,"Sally glared at Hazel,"you will go away, Now. Scourge will be back with you after at lunch." Mr.Wolf gave Hazel a worred look hiding behind Sally a bit.

"Um...okay." Hazel said, wandering around the school. Nothing was familiar to her, as she felt scared. She didn't even know wich class to go to next. Hazel found a place to sit, and while sitting there wondered if she could ever regain her memory.

HAZLE!?* Hedge exclamed aproching her and sat next to her

River was unsure of what to do; her fury came so suddenly and left as quickly as the principal interfered. She didn't exactly know why she went into such a defensive state, but she just couldn't stand watching Upsilon get insulted like that. She looked down and some guilt began to wash over her; maybe if she hadn't argued with Rage herself then maybe it wouldn't have escalated as much...

She turned her head as she saw Upsilon leave, and she wanted to follow him and help, but she decided that she's already done enough damage, and he probably needed some time to himself. She gave Theta a brief look of concern, and began to walk off in the direction her next class would be in. While walking out, River accidentally bumped her shoulder against a silver wolf, but she payed no attention to it.

"Hm?" Hazel said."Oh, hi I'm already know that.So, did Scourge tell you about me?"

Thats the problem Hazle I remember your name But I don't remember ever meeting you or this hedgehog tesla who said we've meet before you must remember the whole truth as to who my friends are to my past am I friends with you tesla and Scourge?

"Um..I dunno." Hazel said."Hey, can you show me this Tesla guy? I mean, who is he? I'm sure I've met him...but I can't remember."

Paws growled slightly when the echidna bumped into him. "You could at least say sorry..." he muttered. "But then again, you are an echidna so what else should I expect..." he whispered under his breath.

Hedge signals someone a busty female character arives she has purple eyes and hair but she looks like a multy animal hybrid* I don't know where Tesla is but have you meet my new friend Milly?* Hedge asks. Milly says* Hi Nice to meet you

"Oh, I haven't. Nice to meet you Milly!" Hazel said.

How are you doing? Milly asks

"Good! How about you?" Hazel smiled.

Upon barely hearing that last statement from the Wolf, River immediately wanted to say something back to him, but she knew that getting into another fight right after getting out of one was a dumb idea. Although... she should have apologized, but now that he had just insulted her race she didn't even want to say anything nice to him. She lowered her head a little more and walked away at a faster pace.

Kniro looked at Paws. "That was kind of..."

"Whatever..." Paws muttered, and walked away, leaving Kniro standing there by himself. Kniro did not really know what to do, but he felt bad for River after Paws insulted her species and was pretty much a racist towards echidnas. Kniro wanted to apologise for Paws's rudeness, but he was nervous around people he did not know.

"Um..." Kniro mumbled.

Stormy ran up to Hazel. "Hazel, where's Tesla?"

"I don't know who he even is right now.." Hazel said.

all there shadows mirgh and come to life as a mini version of the place Tesla is at ( look back in the rp for teslas last edit I can't find it)

"Hm." Hazel said. "Let's go, we sould find him."

Hedge and Milly follow

River stopped for a short moment, thinking that she might have heard something behind her, but after a while she shrugged and figured that it must have been nothing...

Kniro watched as River walked away. Oh well, I'll probably see her later anyway... he thought, and decided to wait until the next class started.

As Hazel followed, Stormy led the way to Tesla. "Tesla!" Stormy said, calling to Tesla.

"Yes?" Tesla said. WHere was he even at anyways??

"Tesla, Hazel lost her memory. I have no idea where the hell she was at but she's here and want to meet you." Stormy said.

"Um..."Hazel said getting a swetdrop. "Maybe you can explain to me what's happening???"

Hedge:Agreed tesla whats with are mental blocks.* hedge says without the word solder.

"HEY! WHAD'YA THINK YOU'RE DOIN' WITH MY GIRLFREIND?!" Scourge growled, running over, Sally running behind him.

Hazel frowned."Scourge hold on a second I need to speak to-"

"Mine." Scourge grabbed Hazel and pulled her to him. "Let's go babe."

"Get off of me, would you?" Hazel pushed Scourge off. "I was trying to speak to Tesla here."

"I bet if you'd have your memory you wouldn't speak to him..." Scourge folded his arms.

"Well, I don't have my memory, so I am going to speak to him." Hazel said.

"I forbid you to." Scourge said pulling Hazel closer to him once more.

"Ugh..."Hazel sighed very annoyed.

Hedge felt strange and then jawed scourge then Milly tryed to hold him back but he looked ready to tusle with the puke green hedgehog.

Hazel gaped. "Scourge!" Hazel covered her mouth.

"Oof!" Scourge fell back, but Sally barely caught him. "Grrr..." Scourge growled. "What the hell?!"

Rage walked outta nowhere. "What's going on ladies?" Rage said.

Hedge was swinging at scourge trying to hit him only held back by the echidna like hands of Milly.

"H-ey man it's nothing, Hazel's my girlfreind!" Scourge backed up fearing Rage, Stormy glaring at him.

"This guy Scourge needs to keep his hands off of Hazel." Stormy said, folding her arms. "He's bringing a lot of trouble...."

"Scourge, you need to know this, I have kicked your a** many times back in the Archie days, so watch what you do." Rage explained.

Scourge said nothing but walked away. Sally stood behind annoyed. "You know Hazel, as much as like you, I kinda hate the way you just made an a** out of Scourge. Maybe if you'd just came with us, Scourge wouldn't have dealt with Rage."

"He was disrespecting me!" Hazel said.

"He was protecting you! I can't belive you could be so cold Hazel. Uhg, and after all he's done for you...bye." Sally left.

Hazel felt awful. "I wish I had my memory...if I could only remember!"

"It's okay Hazel." Stormy said to Hazel. "She's lying, Scourge hasn't done sh** to help you."

Hegde plays his flute* you know this flute is magic I just wish I knew a tune that could restore are memorys where is that tesla anyways?

Rage's mind raced around

Rage punches Scourge in the face.

Scourge fell back.

"Wait! You're Tesla right?" Hazel asked Tesla.

"Yes, my love." Tesla said. Speaking in a British accent might jog her memory.

Hazel blushed. "Loove??" Hazel felt she couldn't move, but Tesla began to get more familiar. She could almost remember, it was so blurry as if looking through a foggy window.

Stormy smiled. Wish I had love like that, Stormy thought.

Hedge plays the tune song of healing he didn't know what it done but it asistied in lifting the fog of Hazles memorys.

Hazel got her memory retuned. Then, Jake the wolf came up behind Hazel at gave her a big pat on the back, needle in hand. "Hey Hazel!" Jake smiled to Hazel. Hazel let out an "Ouch!" of pain from the needle.

"Ooo! Soorry Hazel! Didn't mean to hit you so hard! Was hanging out with the dudes and forgot to be gentle with you." Jake said.

"Ow..."Hazel's memories faded away less worse thn before. "Damn it! I was just remembering, then--poof! It went away!"

"Scourge's askin for ya, Haze." Jake said.

Hazel said annoyed,"No, I'm saying-"

"With Scourge we go miss!"Jake picked up Hazel. "He's been buggin for you all day!"

"Put me down!" Hazel said.

"You... so you're the one responsible for the loss of Hazel's memory... you C*CKSUCKER!" Tesla said, enraged! He electrocutes Jake, rendering him incapacitated. "WELL? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR YOU F**K? ERASE MY MEMORY! GET UP! F*** YOU THEN..." Tesla said, walking away.

"I like that Tesla character..." Rage said.

Jake had not been touched (jake has a mutation where in his happy state he cannot be harmed, and not harm himself). "How about no?" Jake said, holding Hazel.

"Let me go Jake!" Hazel pleaded,"Please let me go! I'll get back to Scourge later!"

"No, he wants you right now. His command." Jake said.

"If Scourge doesn't command you to let me go, Rage's gonna beat him up!" Hazel said.

"Hahaha, nope." Jake said, walking away with Hazel.

"Jake, drop the girl. NOW." Rage said, Jake about 2-3 feet above him blah blah blah.

Tesla charges his hands. "P*ss off now, Jake." Tesla said.

THEN,"No. Means. No." Jake growled.  

"Jake, please, all you need to do is let me go." Hazel said. "I said I'll go with Scourge after."  

"One more word and I'l have Scourge know you're throwing a fit." Jake said. 

"One more second I'm in your arms and Tesla and Rage are bound to do something to you!" Hazel held Jake's arm."Please, I hate violence.."  

"Ugh, shutup." Jake said, walking still away.  

Bothe hedge and Milly scream in confusone *AAhhhhhh!* Hedge emits chaos blast on everyone

Tesla walks in the opposite direction where Jake has headed, and then comes back in front of Jake. He took another route. "Sorry, none shall pass." Tesla said.

Jake looked ticked off that he couldn't hurt Tesla. "Gr..." Jake said. He jumped as high as he could over Tesla, walking once more. Hazel looked annoyed as well as Jake held Hazel tighly and uncomfortably.

Hedge * chaos control* teleports in Jakes path* let her go

Rage runs right next to Jake lightning fast speed.

"we aint leaving you alone until you let her go" Rage says

Jake looked even more annoyed than before. Hazel got an idea. Now that he was angry, he was volnerable to injure (<---how you spell???). Hazel hit Jake hard on the chest. "Ow! How come you did-Oh sh***." Jake ran for his life with Hazel in the other direction as fast as his legs could possibly take him.

Chaos control* Hedge poited to jake traping him in the time bind to drop his speed.

Rage sped right next to Jake. "This isn't even my top speed dude." Rage joked.

"OH SH**!" Jake said, now panicking. Hazel wiggled around in Jake's arms tryig to get out. She blurted out for some familiar reason,"Tesla! Tesla help!"

Tesla runs as fast as he could, and grabs Hazel's hands. "Hazel!"

"Tesla!" Hazel slipped out of Jake's arms. "Eeep!" Hazel said, loosing balance and almost falling to the ground.

"Dont worry! I got you, I wont let you fall!" Tesla said. He picks up Hazel and stops on a dime.

How Tesla was picking up Hazel.

"If you want, I can help you guys out..." Rage said

"Uh... go ahead." Tesla said to Rage.

I had enough of this! * Hedge says and storms off

"How so?" Rage asks.

Hazel blushed in Tesla's arms, but then quicly looked to hedge. "???"

"Hazel, Im sure he's just tired of whatever's going on, I know that I am..." Rage said.

"Oh, yea." Hazel got out of Tesla's arms. "Sorry, this is my fault.." Hazel walked away.

"My love, wait! I'm Tesla, remember? Our love is strong! Remember all the greatest times we had together! ...Dont let that slip away!" Tesla said, looking like he's about to cry.

"I dunno what that was about, do you?" Rage asked.

"Calm down Tes, she'll be back." Rage stated

"You dont understand!!" Tesla said, falling to the ground. "We're inseperable! If we came apart, it would be the end of my heart and soul!" Tesla said.

"Wow. Im glad I don't have a girlfriend. Im just gonna go..." Rage says as he runs back.

Hazel felt so empty as she walked away. Something was pulling her back, but she didn't knnow what. It upset her so much what she didn't know...

Sally laughed evily to Tesla like a witch (<---right??). "Heheheheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeee. Scourge will be so happy to hear this.." Sally went over to the gilr restroom with Hazel.

"Hazel, what's the mater?" Sally said, putting her and on Hazel's shoulder.

"Sally! Oh, it's just...memeory loss..."Hazel said sadly.

"Oh, dear child.." Sally held Hazel's cheek. "So, so, sooo awful." Sally made a sad face.

"It's that boy, Tesla, too. I cannot believe how attached I am to him, but how distant he seems in my memory. I do not know either to stick with Tesla or stop the fighting and go to Scourge."

"You heard it both from your freind Rage and Hedge they are so sick of the fighting. Maybe if you were just with Scourge they wouldn't have any trouble. After all, all you do is bother them.." Sally said evily.

"You're right, I'm such a nusance to them!" Hazel sobbed. "If it haden't been for me, no one would've had to fight Jake! If I'd just waited by the bench jake would have been okay! Why am I the cause of so much pain?" Hazel sobbed.

"Oh, you aren't, not with us." Sally held out her bony hand."Join our team, Hazel Moon. You will have the best year ever, as our replacement princess."

"So this is who you replace me with. Gee Sal, you play a dirty game." Stormy said, coming out of one of the stalls.

"Stormy!" Sally exclaimed. "How-but-how did you-"

"I was waiting for you. Never thought you were this much of a snake." Stormy said. "Scram Sally. Or else." Stormy's arms and legs began to surround with lightining.

Sally gasped, then turned to Hazel. "Meet me at the green lunch table if you accept my offer, Moon." Sally said. "As for you, you wil never be princess again!" Sally left.

"Oh, goodie, I can take this off now?" Stormy said. She changed into her regular outfit as seen in the first picture on her page. "Aah, much better. These are my favorite boots!"

Hazel looked to her shoes sadly. She walked out of the restroom, going to a tree. She sat under the tree thinking.

"Geez, never thought it was that bad to loose your memeory." Stotmy said. "Oh, forgot, need to go tell Tesla something. Don't know where he is right now though...Better go ask Rage." Stormy said. She headed out to look for Rage.

Meanwhile, Hazel Moon wandered around campus. After a while, she got tired of walking and thought about going back to the tree she was under. Then, Scourge approached her.

"Hey Hazel. Sally told me about you." Scourge said.

"Leave me alone Scourge, right now is not the time. I'm tired and trying to find a way to get my memory back." Hazel said, rubbing her head.

"I can give you your memory back~" Scourge winked at Hazel."For a price~"

"Hmm.."Hazel thought. "What is this price??"

"Well,"Scourge smirked,"if I give you your memory back, I want you to..."

"What?" Hazel said.

"Ahem,"Scourge continued,"if you come with me a my date tonight for the car race. Angelo Aquawater requested me to bring a beautiful lady, and I want to bring you~"

"Well, I don't see any harm in it..."Hazel said."I will surely coe with you! Now, my memory."

"You'll get it when you come with me."Scourge said."Mr.Wolf found a way to cure yoou and he's going to be at the race."

"Okay." Hazel said,"But, is there any way i can get my memory faster???"

"Wel..."Scourge said,"You can give me a kiss and agree to be my girlfreind, then I'll take you to Mr.Wolf right now so he can treat you~"

" I can wait,  don't want to get my memory that bad.."Hazel said.

"Hmph,"Scourge said annoyed,"so rude...anyways, meet me at house 4513 on K Street at 9:00 so we can see the practice." Scourge said.

"Okay." Hazel said.

Hazel walked away, looking for Tesla o go tell him she could be getting her memory back. "Tesla???" 

"...Hazel?" Tesla said, looking up.

Hazel looks worriedly to Tesla. "Um, I have good news. Scourge might give me my memory back.."

"What's the catch?" Tesla said, a bit worried.

"Well, he's taking me to a rce tonight, I have to go with him. Mr.Wolf is going to be there to give me my memory." Hazel said. "I didn't see anything wrong with it, but the again I've never been to an illegal race before..."

"Well, it's the only way to get your memory back. I'm going, too. Well, if you want me to." Tesla said.

"Yea, please!" Hazel said, grabbing Tesla's hand. "Oh, sorry!" Hazel bushed, pulling her hand away. "Um-it's just that-I didn't know why I did that..."

"Maybe it's because your memory is partially recovering but... I dont know for sure." Tesla said.



Okay peeps. You have signed up for several electives, now choose one, M'kaaaaaaaaaaay???? THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: PICK A CLASS TO BE IN, THEN STAY IN THE CLASS, MKAY?






STUDENTS (S) XD: Mwah the Raven

UM, there was about 20 kids in the bandroom, very confused sitting in random seats talking. William the Hawk was one of them, playing with and instrament like a football. The teacher was on his phone playing Flappybird, because his is fabulus ^ _ ^!

Mwah the Raven was sitting in the class, playin' his flute, staring into the reader's soul no matter where they looked at him. He didn't care that no one else was even in the class.




Hazel Moon

Stormy Aquawater

Hazel took a seat down in her spanish class. Mr. Wolf talked to the spanish teacher, and they left out of the classroom. The spanish teacher came back quickly, starting the lesson.

In the middle of a lesson, the spanish teacher paused. "Miss um-Hazel Moon, may you take this to Mrs.Green room 31?"

"Sure."Hazel said, taking the papers and walking out of the classroom.

Hazel came back, very sad. She walked back to the spanish teacher, giving him his papers, then back to her desk.

Stormy looked to Hazel sadly. "Hazel, what's wrong?"

Hazel sniffed, tears running down her cheeks,"I am not going to get my memory back, ever!"

"Why? Didn't you make an agreement with Scourge?" Stormy said.

"Yes, but now the deal's off.."Hazel sniffed.

"Why." Stormy said a bit upset.

"Because...the only way I can get my memory back is through..."Hazel cried, unable to say.

"Tell me Hazel." Stormy frowned, putting her hand on Hazel's shoulder.

"Is if I betray the one I love." Hazel sobbed,"I can never to that, no matter how hard I try..."

"...."Stormy looked sadly to Hazel, not knowng what to say.

Then the bell reang blah blah blah



Alinoa The Cat

Upsilon the Mink

Theta the Mink

Paws the Wolf

River the Echidna

Upsilon and Theta walked into the French classroom and were a bit surprised they were the first in there. Nevertheless, they took their seats (Theta was sitting next to Upsilon).

The teacher was old and stuff and yea saying de rules and stuff and like sayng "mkay" all de time and um "et cetra"???? and stuff so yea the teacher looked like herbert the pervert from family guy ^ w ^ so kawaii.

Paws the Wolf walked into the class. When he saw the teacher saying "mkay" and "et chetera" he was already starting to get weirded out. He decided to ignore it and sat down in one of the empty seats.

Upsilon leaned into Theta and whispered so only he could hear. "Duuuuuude? This teacher is making me kind of uncomfortable?" Theta glanced over to see Paws walking in, then looked at Upsilon and rolled his eyes.'

Alinoa walks into the class late. "Did I miss anything?" She spoke in such a beautiful voice. She sits in her seat, 2 spaces behind Paws.

River walked into the classroom, as she was already on her way there before break ended. Instead of noticing the Teacher's strange behavior like the rest of the students, all she took note of was Paws. Remembering what he said earlier, she decided to take the furthest seat away from him; in the corner next to a window...

Paws was about to answer Alinoa's question, but he got distracted by River. "Oh, great!" he muttered.

Upsilon overheard Paws and then followed his gaze to see River. Wait, what? He thought.

Even though he was clear on the other side of the room, and didn't hear what he said, she knew what Paws was thinking. Part of her just wanted to curl up and pretend that she wasn't there, but that would just look weird. Instead, River tensed up a little, and tried to avoid any eye contact.

She was also still feeling guilty about the dispute between Rage and Upsilon, thinking that it wouldn't have gone as far had she not intervened. She quickly glanced at the dull blue mink, hoping that he wasn't thinking the same thing. River looked back down at her desk, quietly sighed, and laid her head down on it.

Upsilon glanced at River and saw her head on her desk. He raised an eyebrow; he hoped she was okay, as she seemed a bit bereft. He also wanted to go over there and talk to her, but he decided it wouldn't be the best thing to do right now.

River looked up, still draped over her desk though. She began to wonder when the teacher was going to continue on with the lesson, and that thought reminded her to reach into her backpack and pull out a notebook and pencil. She wasn't expecting to be overwhelmed by the classes, it was only the first day after all, so there shouldn't be too much to take in. After a while of silently observing the teacher's behavior, she could tell that he was a bit... odd... to say the least. As he continued, it just began to feel downright uncomfortable. She straightened herself back up, and tried to avoid looking at him, praying that he wouldn't notice her or call on her.

"OKAY STUDENTS," the techer said loudly to scare everyone,"you my socialize for the remainder of the period."

Upsilon and Theta flinched slightly at how suddenly the teacher spoke up, but then they started to talk.

"Aah!" River flinched as well from the abrupt change in volume. She calmed down when he returned to his normal tone. Did he do that on purpose? she asked in her head, He probably did...

But upon hearing that the class was free to do whatever until the period ended, she looked over to Upsilon and Theta almost instinctively. They WERE the only people in this class that she knew, other than the silver Wolf, but she didn't know his name or want anything to do with him. A little bit hesitantly, she stood up and dragged her chair over to where the two Minks were, and she sat down next to them, "... Hey guys..." she said.

"Ugh!" Paws grumbled when the teacher screamed at them. Seriously, what is with this creepy teacher? Although it was socialising time, Paws was not sure what to do. He remained in his seat and looked around the class instead, since he did not know anyone in the class well enough anyways. Except for the echidna, but he did not really want anything to do with her either. He did not even know her name anyway. He would have maybe tried talking to the two minks, but they were clearly friends with the echidna. Well, this is boring, he thought.

Upsilon, who was previously in a slightly sour mood when he was talking to Theta, immediately lightened up once he saw River sitting by the two minks. "Hey, River," Upsilon said in a happy tone. Theta saw this total change and smirked at Upsilon, but Upsilon only ignored him.

Paws noticed Upsilon's reaction upon seeing River. "Oh God, please no..." he muttered, fearing some kind of romantic relationship between the two. Who would want to be with an echidna?! he thought.

River had only caught half of what Paws was muttering, but she just rolled her eyes, Nope, nope, ignore him. He's not your problem... she thought. She tried returning her focus back to the other two, "... so, what'cha guys talking about?"

Thankfully, Upsilon didn't hear what Paws said. If he did, who knows what he would've done... "Oh, how perfect for you to join us now," Theta said smugly in Upsilon's direction, causing Upsilon to get nervous. "We were talking abou-" At this moment, Upsilon elbowed him in Theta's side, but Theta continue.

"... Talking ab-" Then, Upsilon elbowed Theta in his stomach with a lot of force and squinted at him. "... talking about nothing in particular," Theta finished.

At this point, River was trying to hold in a laugh. It was a bit obvious that whatever they were talking about would have been embarrassing for Upsilon, but she wouldn't dig deeper into it. But after a few moments, she looked down at the ground, "Well I... I just kind of want to say I'm sorry about earlier..." she spoke softly, "I shouldn't have tried involving myself in that fight, maybe that Hedgehog guy wouldn't have gotten as angry if I had stayed out of it..."

"They were talking about puberty!" Paws decided to blurt out, in an attempt to steer things up between them. Although, it probably wouldn't work anyway, but he did not care. It's just an echidna, so what if I make another enemy...

Upsilon looked over at the wolf who had just ratted him out and glared, although his face and ears were getting red as each moment passed. What was with random strangers singling him out today? "N-no, we were not!" Upsilon said defensively. Theta couldn't help but laugh a little at how defensive Upsilon was getting. He looked over at River nervously. "River, don't believe that guy!"

"Seriously?!" Paws laughed. "Now you're just going to lie to your 'girlfriend'. Shows how honest you are."

"Uh..." River didn't say anything. Of course she wouldn't believe Paws, but she did think it was a bit odd how random people kept interrupting them when they were trying to say something important.

Upsilon tensed up at the word "girlfriend". "S-She's not my girlfriend, either," Upsilon stated.

"It's kind of obvious..." Paws remarked. "Plus why are you hanging out with an echidna anyways? They're all creepy..."

River, in response, covered her face with her left hand and groaned, "Thanks..." she said with a heavy sarcasmn in her voice.

Upsilon, angered by the wolf's words, stood up from his desk. "Excuse me? 'They're all creepy?'" Upsilon growled. "What gives you the right to say that?"

Paws thought back, however his mind was interupted with some sort of distorted flashback. "The...the..." he muttered. "Those jerks..."

Upsilon raised an eyebrow at Paws, as he couldn't quite understand what he was talking about. "... Well, whatever's happened to you in the past, holding a grudge won't help. It just makes you a jerk."

"...I guess..." Paws grumbled. "It's just...I don't know...and they are still kinda creepy anyway..."

"For whatever reason could an echidna, an animal, just like you and I, be creepy?" Upsilon queried.

"Do you seriously not know?!" Paws exclaimed. "It's probably worse than the subject of puberty..."

As much as she'd hate to agree with him, Paws was somewhat right. Compared to most of the other species, Echidnas were strange in a lot of ways. She spoke up, "Well... Upsilon, there are some... things... that are a bit odd but..." She stopped herself, and then groaned, "Can we please not have this conversation!?"

"Why not?" asked Paws. "You should admit these...things to your 'boyfriend'."

"Again, I'm not her boyfriend," Upsilon said. "And what things? What are you guys talking about?" Theta was still sitting down, laughing at Upsilon's confusion.

"Oh boy..." she sighed heavily. She leaned over towards Upsilon, and whispered something inaudible to everyone else. After speaking, she looked down at the ground in embarrassment...

Upsilon blushed slightly, but didn't seem too freaked out by it. "Oh... that's still not a legit reason for disliking someone." Theta rolled his eyes. Pulling Upsilon in by his collar, he whispered into Upsilon's ear for a while. Once he was done Theta pushed Upsilon back into an upright position, with Upsilon having a dazed look on his face. "Wha..."

Paws smirked. "Now do you get what I mean?" he asked.

Upsilon's face slowly became redder and redder with each passing second. He sat down in his seat and put his head down, not saying anything.

River, now extremely uncomfortable, avoided looking at any of them. "I'm... I'm sorry..." she said softly, "I can understand if you think it's weird..."

Upsilon immediately felt bad for making River feel uncomfortable. He lfited his head, although he was covering the bottom half of his face. "N-no, River, it's okay..!" Upsilon reassured her. "I-I..."

"Thought so..." Paws mumbled.

"I know, I know, I should have said something-" she paused, after finally processing Upsilon's last sentence. She turned her face back to his, "Wait, you're cool with it? You're... you're joking... you're joking, right?"

"He just doesn't want you to feel bad..." Paws replied.

Upsilon gave the squint he gave to Theta towards Paws' direction. He then turned to River. "N-no! It doesn't affect me... s-so why should it bother me?"

Even then, River still couldn't help but feel so... exposed. She sighed, and stood up. Just before she left the classroom, she mouthed some obscene word at Paws, and continued to walk out. She made her way to the bathroom, where she wouldn't have to be looked at...

Upsilon raised his hand as she left, and once she was gone he let it flop down to his side dejectedly. But, just as soon as it rose, he clenched his hands and turned to face Paws. "Do you need to be such a jerk to her?"

"You asked why I thought echidnas were creepy!" Paws remarked. I guess I was a bit- he began to think, but stopped himself from finishing his thought.

Well, wish I could help her-- but I think someone else already has it, Alinoa thought. She just looks at Upsilon and Paws arguing and flipping each other off.

Hiding out in the bathroom, River waited for the period to end. She wasn't crying; it would take a lot more than what had happened to start a waterfall, but she was embarrassed and ashamed. She wondered if Upsilon would ever be able to look at her the same way again after he found out everything. She prayed that it would be okay, and she continued to wait, hoping no one would walk in.

"But, really? You're making fun of how someone is naturally. She can't help it if she is that way. I don't care whatever's happened to you before that's made you feel this way about echidnas, but it's biased and stupid," Upsilon argued.

"You're just saying that because you guys are...'in love', or something." Paws replied. "Are you telling me that you don't think it's just a bit creepy...?"

Upsilon blushed at the words "in love". But then, he glared at Paws once again. "F-First of all, we're not 'in love'," he said defensively. I mean, I'm not sure how she feels, he thought to himself. But me...

He shook his head before speaking to Paws once again. "It doesn't affect me at all, so why should it bother me?"

"Suit yourself, I guess..." Paws sighed, as there seemed to be no way to convince Upsilon.




Tesla The Hedgehog


Taylor the Tiger

Mark the Hedgehog

Scourge the Hedgehog

Jake the Wolf

Hedge seen Tesla in the class he still wonderd how they knew each others name and why he helped them when hazle was in trouble but he felt it was too much trouble right now so he sat as far away as he could from him.

A young fox teacher stepped in, bright red hair and big gold eyes.

"U-um, hello students, your teacher is out today, so I will be in for her. My name is Ms.Greene, and I hope we have a lot of fun today! We're not going to do much today. The lesson plans are just to show a movie and then we can do something fun! Go ahead and talk with freinds, just not too loud okay? I'm sure other students want to hear the movie too." Ms.Greene smiled to the students happily as she played a video.

Hazel Moon walked into the class, shlyly coming in with a stack of papers.

"Ooh, for me?" Ms.Greene said excitedly. 

"Yes." Hazel said softly, handing the papers to Ms.Greene. "U-um, it's from room 79, fromt he second's year's spanish teacher..."

"Oh, yes, I am going to fil this out for him. It's going to take a while. How about you stick around to watch a movie with us? Go ahead, take a seat anywhere you'd like." Ms.Greene said.

"Okay.."Hazel said, going over to a random seat closest to Mrs.Greene and taking a seat.

Hedge was trying to focus on the task at hand but he couldn't help but lock his eyes in hazles general direction because of how close she was he tryed to hide himself by lineing himself up with milly so he could use here too hide from view Then,William poked Hazel with his pencil. "Hey, you're Hazel right?"   

"Ouch." Hazel said, rubbing the spot she got poked with a pencil."Yes, I am she. May I help you?"  

"Hey, you're Scourge's girlfreind right?" William said.  

"Well, I don't know.."Hazel said worriedly.  

"Why not?" William said.  

"A lot of things have been going on.."Hazel said sadly.  

"What happen? Did he hit on Sally?"William said.  

"No, there's just been a lot of fighting..."Hazel said.  

"Ooo, di' Scourge kick his a**?" William smiled.  

"No, but Jake got his butt wooped..."Hazel said a bit scared.  

"Scourge didn' do it? Oh I see, so he been hittin' on you huh?" William said.  

"No." Hazel said.  

"Tell me what happen' luv."William said.  

"Don't call me that, I have a boyfreind!" Hazel blurted (in a whispery tone, I know, does not make sense. Just enough only that William heard her) accidentally. She didn't have any idea why, she just felt like she needed to..  

"You're not datin' Scourge? So you have anotha guy?" William got closer to hazel, wanting to hear. 

 "U-um I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say that, I don't even know if I have a boyfreind.." Hazel blushed, suddenly thinking of Tesla. She hit her head and turned away from William blushing.  

William looked confused. But, then he smiled. He knew Hazel had a crush on someone... 

Mr.Wolf entered the classroom. Ms.Green's face turned pinker than ever as she smoothed her hair and crossed her legs. "M-m-mr.Wolf! So good it is to see you, what can I help you with?" Ms.Greene smiled, thinking, so good it is to see you? What am I, yoda???

"Ms.Greene, it's a pleasure. Just came into check in to make sure Hazel Moon was in here." Mr.Wolf smirked to Hazel, and Hazel gave a terrifried look back. Something about Mr.Wolf scared her.

Hedge seen hazles look and felt compeled to help her he still had a military micro spy drone so he activated it and flicked it on Mr.wolf.

Mr.Wolf took Hazel outside. Then he brought her back into the classroom, where Hazel looked like she was bout to cry. Hazel buried her head in her arms as she hid her face in her desk. Ms.Greene looked sadly to Hazel, and wanted to help her. But she didn't want to get into her buisness, so she kept quiet.

"Um...Miss Hazel, I'm finfished. You amy take this back to your teacher now."Mrs.Greene put her hand on Hazel's shoulder.

"Huh? Oh, sorry, okay,"Hazel sniffed,"I'll take it." Hazel said taking the papers and walking away.

Jake, Taylor, Scourge, and Mark laughed to eachother.

"Okay loosers, this is what we do: Hazel ovbiously need her memory back, so just as planned, she will betray Tesla. Tayor, you are going to:" Scourge said.

"I'm gonna hit Hazel with the memory regaining potion."Tayor said.

Scourge smirked evily. "Jake, youre going to:"

"Comfort Hazel, then Stormy'll fall for me." Jake said happily.

"Good."Scourge said,"Taylor, you're gonna:"

"Keep watch for Rage or anyone else!" Taylor said.

"And finally,"Scourge smiled wider and more evil,"Mark, you will:"

"Make sure Tesla knows Hazel's through." Mark sighed. He was the only one who didn't like the plan.

"What?!" Scourge growled to Mark.

"U-um, nothin boss!" Mark said, scared.

Tesla walks in late. "There is no reason that I'm late." Tesla said, walking in to his seat.

"Oh, that's perfectly fine!"Ms.Greene said

"Huh, okay then." Tesla said. He took his seat.

"Um, alright students! Today's first lesson involves memory. We all know it is sometimes difficult to memorize things, and once you forget it seems like you can never reagain the memory. But you can!" Ms.Greene said. "Open your textbooks to page 3."

Tesla opens textbook to page 3.

Ms.Greene opens a big box of flowers. The sweet scent of the flowers fill the room, and Ms.Green puts one on each of the students' desks. Then she passes out some test tubes and strange green rocks and a worksheet.

"Now, let's get started!" Ms.Greene said. "This is the method used by the ancient decendants of the Acorn Kingdom. It has proven successfull by many other students last year and students from over 100 years ago. On the worksheet please write one thing you would like to remember."

Tesla wrote down:

My late parents. It was so long-- 15 years to be exact. I must remember what they look like, sounded like, everything. There was never a day where I didn't think about them.

Ms.Greene smiled to the class. She too wrote something down on her paper. "Okay class, what you're going to do with these green rocks is smash them. But slowly, and softly. If you do this too harshly, it will not work." Ms.Greene said, handing out some small hammer thingies -w-.

Tesla only tapped the green rock with the hammer, and it completely split in half. "What material are these rocks made out of?" Tesla said, curious.

"Scientist haven't figured out."Ms.Greene said as her rock practically fell to dust,"ancient Acornians used them in rituals, sacrifices, and even worshipped the mountain that made the rocks as a god called Toph."

Scourge and Jake laughed to Taylor. After taking a gulp of courage, Taylor hit the rock with force. The rock blew up in ther faces, and Marc laughed silently at them.

Tesla slowly looks and glances towards Scourge, Jake, and Taylor, then looks away, facepalming.

"So we're supposed to write on these strange rocks? Am I correct, Ms.Greene?" asked Hedge.

"Oh, no. Please smash the rocks with the small hammers, then write what you would like to remember on the worksheet I handed out. Did you get a worksheet?" Ms.Greene asked.

Yes I did get a work sheet Ms.Greene I geuss I wasn't giving my up most atention or didn't understand thanks for clearing it up for me.

my memorys I'd like to remember as to what hapend at this school who is friend and foe and why I act for those I don't remember.

"No problem Hedge!"Ms.Greene said sweetly,"okay class, are we ready to move on to the final step?"


"Oops, that's all the time we have today!"Ms.Greene said sadly. "We'll work on this Friday, okay? Leave your worksheets and other things I passed out to you on your deasks, I'll pick them up. You ma go to your next class!" Ms.Greene said.



Sigma the Mink

Sigma walked onto the track and started to do some Sonic-esque stretches, even though she isn't really that fast...

Kniro slowly walked over to the track, not even sure if he was going in the right direction. I wish I didn't end up with track... he thought. The only kid he even saw there was the cheery yellow mink, who did not even appear to look like someone who would be in track.

"Uh..." Kniro began. "Is this track class?"

"Hm?" Sigma said out loud. She turned and saw the red amur leopard and smiled. "Yeppydoodles, this is track class!" Without asking, she took the leopard's hand and shook it with somewhat a lot of force, although carefully missing the claws on his gloves. "Hi, I'm Sigma!"

Kniro was shocked by Sigma's overly-social attitude. "Uh...hi...I'm Kniro..." he mumbled as Sigma shook his hand for what seemed like forever. If she had not been a mink, Kniro probably would have been more annoyed. "...Where's everyone else...?"

Sigma bobbed up and down on her heels out of excitement. "Hmmmm... I'm not sure!" she replied after a moment of thinking. "Maybe we're the only ones in this class..."

"Oookay..." Kniro replied. He stood there and awkwardly looked around as Sigma continued bobbing up and down on her heels repetitively. Suddenly Tito came out of his backpack.

"Tasty fruit!" he exclaimed, dropping two packages of fruit snacks, one at Kniro and the other at Sigma, then he disappeared and the backpack slowly zipped up.

Sigma looked down at her package of fruit snacks, and then at Kniro's backpack incredulously. "... WOAHHHHHH!" she exclaimed after a while. "That was neat!" She then cupped her hand and spoke a little lower towards Kniro's backpack, so Tito could hear, "Thanks, dude!"

Tito's hand randomly stuck out of the backpack with a thumbs-up before it fully zipped.

"Yeah, that's my friend, Tito...he just rides in my backpack all day..." Kniro explained. "And hands me stuff randomly..."

"Well, he seems nice! He's now my newest friend!" Sigma declared triumphantly. She tapped a finger against her chin for a moment and looked at Kniro, before pointing at him with the utmost enthusiasm. "You're my newest friend, too! And no, you don't have a choice!"

"Umm...okay..." Kniro mumbled. At least she seems nice...and she's a mink...but she's really random... he thought. Oh and she's not creepy in a bad way either... "I didn't even want to be in this class...I'm not very good at track..." Kniro said, trying to have some sort of conversation.

"Yeah, me either!" Sigma agreed. "I'm not much of a runner... I'm better at punching and throwing stuff!"

"I guess I'm better at that too..." Kniro said. "Hopefully the teacher never shows up so I don't have to do boring track and running stuff."

"Yeah, me too!" Sigma said. Not knowing what else to say, she kicked the ground and waited to see if the teacher would ever show up.

UM THEN THE TEACHER APPEARED. HE SAID UM LETS SEE OH YES,"Hello little kyles go run 5 laps around the school then come right back here mkaaaaaayy???"

Oh my God, Kniro thought. That is a lot of laps! I will probably end up walking half of it... "Great..." he mumbled, and began running off.

Sigma saluted at the teacher happily and gave a thumbs up. "You got it, teach!" She then sprinted off to do her first lap around the school, as she did not know the concept of "pacing yourself".

As Kniro slowly ran, Sigma sped past him. And she says she's not good at running...she's better than me! he thought.

After about two seconds after Sigma passed Kniro, she slowed down and bent over, panting. "O-okay..." she muttered in between breaths. "N-never... sprinting... AGAIN."

Okay...never mind...Kniro thought. He ran over to Sigma. "Five laps around the school is a lot! We're gonna be here all day..." he remarked. "At least you don't have giant metal feet..."

Sigma looked down at Kniro's feet and gasped, although it was partly because she was still panting. "Oh, it must be awful to run in those!" she exclaimed. After a couple seconds more of panting, she managed to begin jogging once again.

The teacher passed Sigma and Kniro, not the slightest bit tired. He smiled widely listening to his music.

Kniro jogged after Sigma. "Yeah...I would take them off if I could, but, y'know..." he remarked.

Sigma looked up and saw the teacher had already passed Kniro and Sigma. One of those anime sweatdrops appeared on the side of her forehead before she replied to Kniro, "Y'know, what? Why can't you take them off?"

"Uh..." Kniro mumbled. "Well uh...because they're my only feet..." he looked at the ground as they continued jogging.

Sigma gasped, as she wasn't expecting that answer. "Woah, really?!" she said incredulously. "I never would've guessed, they look just like boots! Well, I'm sorry for what happened to your feet..."

"It's okay..." Kniro replied. He tried to think of a way to change the subject. "So,"

Sigma whistled to try to fill the silence, before stopping to ask a question, "Hey, where's your other friend? Is he gonna stay behind?"

"You mean Tito?" Kniro asked. "He's in my backpack...he's not actually attending school or anything. He's too young for highschool. Plus, he's pretty smart anyway..."

"In your backpack?" Sigma replied. "Wow, he must be really small to fit into your backpack... must be hard to breathe in there too... so you basically smuggled him in?"

"Um, I guess?" Kniro said. "He seems fine with being in my bag...I don't really know how but okay."

"Ah, I see!" Sigma said. As she was saying this the two finished their first lap around the school. "Oh geez, I'm already tired..."

"Same..." Kniro agreed. "And we'll probably have to do even more running after this! I'm sure this is only the warm-up..." Suddenly Kniro's backpack opened again. Tito squirted water on Kniro's face, then disappeared back into the backpack. "Um....thanks?" Kniro said.

"Awww, lucky!" Sigma said longingly.

"Yeah..." Kniro mumbled. The bag unzipped again and Tito popped his head out.

"WANT SOME WA-WA TOO?!" he exclaimed.

"What the heck Tito?!" Kniro cried. "Since when did you talk like that?!"

"Sorry sometimes I get bored of doing math in the dark." Tito replied. "Anyway DO YOU?!"

"Heck yeah, I want some WA-WA!" Sigma exclaimed excitedly. "Lay it on me!"

Tito squirted the water at Sigma's face.

She fistpumped the air for no reason and giggled (although it wasn't the annoying type of giggle). "WOOT WOOT! Thanks, Tito!"

Oh God, the "woot woot" thing...Kniro thought.

"No problemo!" Tito exclaimed, and disappeared back into the backpack.

"Gee, your friend sure is nice!" Sigma said to Kniro. "You're lucky he can go to every class with you!"

"Yeah, he is a good friend..." Kniro agreed. "The only other friend I really have is, well, Paws is okay...but we don't always get along."

"I see..." Sigma said. "My only friends are Upsilon, Theta (she said his name a little dreamily), River... and you and Tito!" She smiled at Kniro. "My other friends are back home."

"Other friends?" Kniro asked. Then he remembered over hearing the name "Upsilon" back when they first approached the school and overheard most of the fight. "Wait, is Upsilon that mink with the red jacket?"

"Yeppydoodles!" Sigma answered. "Have you heard of him before?"

"Well, when Paws and I were walking up towards the school, we saw him in a fight with a hedgehog...there was also a blue echidna and another mink there..." Kniro explained. "Which reminds me...Paws said something mean to the echidna and I think he made her feel bad..."

"Paws said something mean... to River?" Sigma asked, with a slightly angry tone in her voice. This was rather unusual, as the only emotion she's shown to the amur leopard was of pure joy. After hearing what Paws had done to her new friend she already had a slight disliking towards the wolf.

Kniro was surprised by Sigma's sudden unhappiness. "Er, yeah..." he said. "I think Paws has some weird grudge against echidnas...I don't really know why, though. He shouldn' makes him seem like a racist jerk..."

"Grrrrrr... yeah, that's kinda mean of him!" Sigma said with passion. "I'm not sure what echidnas have done to him in the past, but they're not all like that! It's very not nice to have a grudge against others because of their race."

"That's what I thought!" Kniro agreed. "He keeps saying how they're all weird, or creepy, or something...but he's never told me what exactly happened. I don't even think he's even had a bad experience with echidnas in his life...he seems to act as if it's some sort of...past life experience thing...does that even make sense?"

"Like how in your old life, something bad happened to you, and in your present life you have a fear of that one thing that happened?" Sigma tried. "Yeah, maybe... but even so, that's not nice to River, or any other echidna!"

"Yeah, I guess that's what I mean." Kniro nodded. "Paws needs to learn that not all echidnas are as bad as whichever ones he knew, or, whatever. And even if there are some...weird things about them that I don't even want to get into...that doesn't mean they're all bad...I wanted to say sorry to that echidna, but uh, I'm kinda nervous around people..."

"Nervous around people?" Sigma asked. "Pish-posh! I'll teach you how to not be so nervous around others!"

"Um...okay..." Kniro said.

"But later, though! Right now we need to focus on running!" Sigma stated. They were halfway through their third lap now.

"Alright." Kniro replied. "I can't wait until we get finished these least we're half way there...I bet the teacher's already done by now."

Rage sped around the school twice in about 3 seconds. He stops in front of Sigma and Kniro. "This is way too easy guys!" Rage says as he "jogs" backwards

Sigma sighed as she jogged around the school, and one of those anime veins showed up by her forehead. "Show off," she muttered in a slightly bitter tone, bbut only audible enough that Kniro and herself could hear.

"Yeah..." Kniro muttered back. "I guess somehow has to be good at running..."

Rage flipped back around, and turned the corner, running like Sonic does(which is normal because he uses his fire to propel himself forward), and makes another 3 laps in 3 seconds.

"Hey Teach, im done." Rage said.

"Okay then,"the teacher said,"take five more laps."

Rage does 5 laps in 6 seconds.

"I assume you want me to just run around the school, Sir?" Rage said(or ma'am if it's a girl :P)

"Just until you begin to feel tired."the teacher said (yes it's a boy teacher XD).

Rage runs laps around the school for the rest of the period, because he doesn't tire that easy.




Hedge being on everything is the first on time with Milly up in the front of the class and even though he may have memory loss he could remember he loved since class.

River knew that she couldn't just hide out for the rest of the day, so she left the security of the bathroom and made her way to the Science classroom. She saw that she was one of the first people there, and although she was calmed down now, she was worried that Paws would be in this class too. Silently walking in, she took her seat, choosing the back corner again.

Tesla walks into the class, and sits down near... someone, I guess.

Stormy walks in with Hazel, as Hazel wipes her tears with a tissue, sitting down close to the back of the room.

Tesla looks at Hazel, a bit confused at why she's crying. He gets out of his seat and sits next to her. "Hazel, my love, are you okay?"

"No..."Hazel sobbed, Stormy gave Tesla a worried look. She didn't know if she wanted to tell Tesla what happened.

"Wh-- What happened?" Tesla said, a bit worried.

Paws walked into the class, immediantly taking notice to River. She's gonna be in all of my classes today, isn't she? he thought. Decided it was better off to stay away from her, Paws took the back corner seat on the opposite side of the room.

Shortly after Paws walked in, Kniro walked in, tired from the long track class. He walked over to a seat at the back of the class and sat down.

Rage walks in and sits at a random desk

Alinoa also walks in, and says "Wow, this is actually the first time I'm not late!" Alinoa laughs.

"Welcome to the club." Rage says

GREAT, JUST GREAT! River shouted in her mind after seeing Paws walk into the room, He just HAD to be in here too...

The three minks walked into the classroom at the same time. Despite Sigma having just came from track class she was already hopping to her seat.

Upsilon had been meaning to talk to River for a while now by themselves, and he knew he'd be in detention the next period, so he walked to the back of the classroom and sat next to River. "..."

Upon seeing Upsilon next to her, River shyly moved one of her quills to cover a little bit of her face. She wanted to say something to him, but every time she tried to say a word, she pulled back and remained in silence. She slightly turned her head towards him, just apologize and it will be fine... she thought.

"I... I just want to say I'm sorry... for everything that's happened today..." She spoke quietly, so that no one will overhear and try to interrupt them again, "Making that fight with that Hedgehog guy go on longer than it needed to be... having to confess to you about that... I can understand if you're a bit upset with me..."

A little bit confused at what River was saying, Upsilon raised an eyebrow. "Upset? With you? Why would I be?" Upsilon replied, although in a hushed tone. "I should be thanking you, River. I really appreciate you sticking up for me. No one's ever really done that for me before, and it means a lot. In terms of the other thing –" He began to blush, but it faded quickly. "– It doesn't matter to me. I'm not bothered by it..."

River looked at him in surprise, "Wha- really?" she was a little shocked by both of the things he said. She was relieved that he could be with her and not feel weird about it, but the first part is what caught her attention the most. Was that really the first time anyone has supported him? She knew what it was like to stand alone all the time, but with the situations and circumstances she's been in it would make sense why she would have to be alone. But Upsilon, on the other hand, had Sigma and Theta before she met him, and possibly many others she didn't meet. Maybe we're a little more similar than I thought... she said in her head. Suddenly, she remembered something that she wanted to say, but was interrupted before she could.

"Oh, Upsilon, I..." Her face turned a little red, and she wasn't sure why, "I... would like to see one of your sculptures sometime..."

Upsilon blushed slightly at River's words, but he was really happy by them, too. He never really showed anyone his ice sculptures. Certainly not his little she-devil sister; she usually broke anything he made. And he felt slightly uncomfortable showing his sculptures to his other friends. But, River actually wanted to see them...

"Really?" Upsilon said happily, and that very rare grin played across his face. "S-sure! Just tell me whenever you want to see them, and of course we can go."

Without a moment of hesitation, she agreed, "Maybe sometime during the weekend?" she asked.

"Sure," Upsilon replied, and he was blushing a lot more now, "The weekend sounds good."

Alinoa sits in her seat 2 spaces behind Raig.

"...."Hazel didn't say a word.

"Hazel might never get her memory back..."Stormy said to Tesla.

Tesla, inside, comepletely became black. (not being racist.). He tries to hold in in and says "No way. Never say that word "never." Even though I said it twice." Tesla said. "In fact, that's a cuss word now. Hazel will get her memory back." Tesla said, optimistically. I wonder if that word is real...

"No Tesla."Stormy frowned."Hazel...doesn't think she can do...something."Story looked worred. Scourge smirked to them, turning to his freinds quickly.

"--But I dont understand that! What do you mean by that?" Tesla said, worried.

Hazel sniffled, tears running down her cheeks once more. Stormy looked more sad. "....If Hazel want to get her memeory back, she hasto betray one of us..."

"And I'm not!" Hazel sobbed, holding Tesla's hand.

"See?" Stormy said.

"Betray? You mean she has to--" Tesla said, thinking he knows but really, he doesnt and needs to be enlightened.

"Hey babe~" Scourge called out to Hazel,"you still gonna meet me at the race?" Scourge smirked.

Hazel stopped crying, and looked scared. "I don't know..."

"C'mon~"Scourge winked to Hazel.

"Race???" Tesla said.

Hedge spitballs Scourge the straw is un seen.

"Ugh!" Scourge said, flicking the spitball to some poor girl next to him..."Yea, a race! You know, cars! Tonight at ten. And you aren't invited.."Scourge frowned.

Tesla steals the invitation slip from Scourge. "Guess I am now." Tesla said. XD WHAT AN AWESOME MOVE, TES!

"Hey, give that back, I have a membership!" Scourge said, trying to snatch the invitation back.

Hazel smiled, to Stormy, who still had a worried look on her face.

Hedge in his head a race I wonder if I can be apart of the race myself? Makes it a mental not too see if hedge can't join the race.

Tesla laughs. "Okay, I'll give it back to you... on one condition."

"What?" Scourge said annoyed.

"Give Hazel's memory back, and dont talk to her again, since you already did enough harm to her." Tesla said, giving a keen look at Scourge.

Scourge frowned. I have to keep the plan...Jake's gonna be pi*** if I don't, and Tesla doesn't even know I really have the cure, so, just go with Wolf's plan...Scourge thought."I can't." Scourge said,"You're gonna have to let Hazel betray one of her dear freinds." Scourge smirked.

Tesla's eyes get more tense. He then eats the invitation (WTF?) and swallows it whole. "I was hungry anyway." Tesla said.

"Wha?!" Scourge sad shocked. He looked red with anger as he looked to Hazel. He smirked. Hazel gave a terrified look as her smile faded, and Scourge grabbed her by the hips and kissed her. "Forgot,"Scourge said angry,"she's still my girlfreind!" Scourge picked the astonished Hazel up far to the other side of the classroom, plopping her down on a seat next to him.

Tesla stands up. "Yeah, she is your 'girlfriend' because you erased her memory, remember?!" Tesla said.

"She hurt herself yesterday!" Scourge growled,"That's why she can't rmember. All summer Hazel and I have been dating! It's so pathetic how you still beleive she's into you!"

Tesla walks closer to Scourge, but still giving him space. "If you refuse to look and realize the truth, maybe I'll do it for you." Tesla said.

Hedge turns to the two hedgehogs* Psst exscuse me I'm trying too learn he can you two keep it down kindly?

Scourge smirked. "Yea Tesla, keep it down." Scourge said, getting back to his textbook. Hazel looked sadly to Tesla, looking down to her book.

"Next time." Tesla said. For a second, his blue eyes turned green for half a second, before going back to blue. He returns to his seat.

"Okay class, that's it for today's lesson."the teacher said. "No homework tonight, go ahead and socialize for a bit." the teacher said, getting back on his phone.

"Oh sh***."Scourge muttered. He was a bit afraid to speak to Tesla again...

Hazel sat at her desk, reading a book to get her mind off of things. Jake went to Scourge. "I can't beleive you waved your inite out like that; yet, I kinda knew you would do that."

"What do you mean?" Scourge said annoyed.

"I have a copy in my locker, so the gateman can't refuse to let us in,"Jake smirked, cracking his knuckles," and you know what happens if he doesn't let us in."

A wide, evil smile spread across Scourge's face. "Hehehehehe...good thinkin' Jake."

Jake looked to Hazel, then back to Scourge."She still comin'?"

"Well, let's see. If she says yes, she'll come with us. If she says no, we'll force her to come with us."

Hazel heard this, and she shivered. She didn't want to get snatched away from Scourge again.

"Hey babe, you still up for the race tonight?"Scourge said.

Hazel thought for a second."....Sure." she faintly said.

"Good."Scourge said, folding his arms.

No, Scourge. If you try to pull a fast one, I will... well, just wait. Tesla thought.

Hazel felt so upset. She stared at the clock and watched at it ticked away. Stormy got up from her seat and went to Hazel. "Hey Hazel, you okay?"

"Hm?"Hazel snapped out of a daydream,"Oh, sorry. Yea?"

"You're going with Scourge?" Stormy said worriedly.

"Yea. I have to.."Hazel said.

"Or what?" Stormy folded her arms.

"Or I'm gonna hit a girl,"Scourge said instensely," a very hazel eyed girl..."Scourge said looking to Hazel , then to Stormy, getting closer to them.

"....I'm really hoping Tesla heard that.."Stormy walked over to her desk, too upset to deal with Scourge.

Tesla stands up, glancing at Scourge angrily.

"What are you lookin' at?" Scourge glared to Tesla.

"Scourge calm down..."Hazel said, a bit afraid as she trembled at bit in her seat.

Rage looks at Scourge, overhearing the conversation, as he sits right next to Tesla

"Better watch that mouth when your talking to ladies, Scourge." Rage said.

"Right, of course..." Scourge said sarcasticly, but somehow everyone except Rage could detect the sarcasam.

"...."Hazel went back to her book as it was difficult to pay attention her stomach in knots.

Stormy sighed, waiting for the bell to ring, bored."..."

Sally tapped Stormy shoulder."Hey, Sorra?"

"That's not my name."Stormy said, looking down to her binder.

"Okay, Stormy. Listen, I'm sorry for what I did earlier. Can you forgive meeee?"Sally smiled sweetly.

"Nope."Stormy said bored.

"What?!" Sally said shocked. "Why not?!"

"You hurt my freind, and that is something I can't forgive right now."Stormy said.

"Well, I'm sorry!" Sally sais annoyed,"C-can we be besties again??"

"No."Stormy said, slightly enjoying Sally's anger.

"Why?!" Sally said,"You need help, look at you! So...tomboyish!" Sally said annoyed.

Stormy blushed, embarassed. "W-what?!"

"You'll never get a boyfreind, or any male hanging around you looking like that!" Sally said.

"....."Stormy didn't say anything, hurt by the comments.

"Well,  Gesundeit, squirrel person," Tesla said silently so she didnt hear him.

Rage moaned. "Man, that Sally girl is a real bummer. Glad im not Stormy..." Rage thought Hazel frowned, really upset. "How dare you speak to Stormy that way! Anyways, she's far better looking than you are by far!" 

Stormy blushed, and Sally looked offended. "Well, who are you to say that?! You're as flat as a board!"  

Hazel took a deep sigh, seriously offenended. "What, The f**. Did you just say to me, B*TCH?!" Hazel went up to Sally, pulling out some plastic cushions from her bra. Sally screamed, holding her chest.

"Ha!" Hazel said, throwing the cushions in the trash. "How big is your 'chest' now?!"  

Several students in the room looked, the teacher not even caring...  "Uh... this changes everything now." Tesla said.

"Finally, someone taught Sally some manners..." Rage said aloud. Just didn't think it would be Hazel, Rage thought.

Sally ran out of the classroom, crying. Hazel felt awful, like she should go say sorry. Scourge smirked at this. He knew Hazel could be mean, but only when triggered...

"Hey babe, that was pretty hot of you~"Scourge said.

"Mm? No, that was mean..."Hazel said.

"Ha, that totoally means you can betray someone."Scourge smiled.

"So?"Hazel said,"I don't think I can.."

"Yea, you can~" Scourge said,"How badly do you want your memory?"

"Really bad..."Hazel said sadly. Scourge looked to his freinds, smirking. He tapped the window three times, and Jake went to the waterfountain. Taylor went somewhere near Rage (but not too close lol), and Mark got behind Hazel, pretending to find his pen on the floor.

"Well, you can get your memory now~" Scourge said, pulling out a small injection fromhis backpack.

"Taylor, why are you standing here?" Rage asked a few moments later

"Oh, I..need to get some water.."Taylor said getting some water from the waterfountain a few inches away (lolwtf 1<3).

"Um...I kinda don't wanna ask how."Hazel said.

"Gimme a hug~"Scourge winked.

"The catch is?" Hazel said.

"No catch. Gimme a hug, babe~" Scourge smirked.

Tesla just looks at Scourge conspicuosly. 

""Hazel said tensing.

Scourge mirked, coming in to hug Hazel. He shot Hazel with the needle of the injection lightly, and Hazel squeaked. "Ouch! Ugh...I feel dizzy-hey, wait-"

"Remember babe~"Scourge smirked, coming to give Hazel a kiss, then-

SLAP! Hazel slapped Scourge, then kicked Scourge where it hurts ;w; how dare you Hazel. Scourge fell to the ground.

"Sh***."Hazel rubbed her head. "Like I'd fall for you pathetic."

Stormy looked to Hazel, wide eyed. "Hmph. Hey Stormy? You okay?" Hazel smiled.

"You...have your memory back Hazel??"Stormy said.

"????"Hazel looked confused."Hazel????I'm Fiona..."


"You treid to kill my memory? Oh sh***, what the f**?!" Hazel gasped looking down to herself,"What the hell- who am I?!"

"Hazel. Damn you're hot.."Scourge said.

"Thanks babe. But I like myself better. Change me back or die."Hazel said, putting her foot on Scourge's chest.

Scourge looked dreamily to Hazel."You're so hot when you say that...but sadly, I can't change you back..."

"YOU A***HOLE!" Hazel banged her foot on Scourge's chest,"IM GOING TO TEAR YOU APART!"

"Fiona?-- Fiona The Fox? Scourge's 3rd girlfriend?" Tesla said, a bit suprised.

"Hm? Third? Sheesh Scourge, you're such a liar, I thought you said I was your first." Hazel growled, letting Scourge go.

"Dohohohoho~ You are love~"Scourge said, almost bowing to Hazel.

"Do I look like a princess?! Get up looser!"Hazel growled.

"My queeeen~"Scourge said dreamily.

"Ugh,"Hazel sighed to Scourge,"So, you must be Tesla." Hazel said to Tesla.

"Yes, and you must be what they call "Fiona". Correct me if I'm wrong." Tesla said.

"Yes, I am."Hazel's ear twitched,"What is your relationship with the girl I am?"

"Well, if you were really Hazel, the body you're in now, you would be my girlfriend, who I love so much." Tesla said.

"...Wow, I wish Scourge would say that to me...less..."Hazel blushed."I...I'm sorry I have to be your girlfreind. It's only going to be for a bit." Hazel grabbed Scourges ear.

"OW!"Scourge said in pain.

"Now,"Hazel said,"this guy loves his girlfreind. If you don't get me back, I will murder you..."

"....No...please Fiona...I can't let you go..."Scourge said.

Hazel punched Scourge in the face. "Ahem. You wanna die?"

"No..."Scourge said,"But I'm still not changing you....Jake is the one who has Hazel's memory!"

Jake turned around, with a horrified look on his face. "U-um...well....not here.."

Hazel glared to Jake. " you wanna die too?"

"N-no!"Jake's ears tucked in as he backed away. Hazel grabbed Jake by his shirt.

"What's going on with the real me anyways?!"Hazel said.

" se...I made you and Hazel switch, sort of...and you know what Eggman was planning...I let him..."Scourge said.

"YOU LET HIM?! Scourge you're such an idot!"Hazel said.

"Well, you won't even feel anything! Hazel will!"Scourge said somewhat happier.

"True...."Hazel said, scratching her head,"but, won't Tesla kill me?"

"He doesn't even know what Eggman's gonna do. And let's keep it that way."Scourge smirked.

I'm actually starting to like the new Hazel, Tesla thought.

Hazel slapped the back of Scourge's head."Hey doofus! Carry my backpack!"

"Yes, my queen~"Scourge said dreamily, carrying Hazel's stuff.

"And you, looser!" Hazel called to Jake,"Go get my lunch or die! And don't bring me a salad, or die!"

"Y-yes ma'm!" Jake hurried off (and it wasn't even lunchtime wtf ;_;).

"Now, Taylor, Marc, how have you guys been?" Hazel said.

"Oh, good..Fiona."Marc said.

"Yea, me too!"Taylor said,"Man, we haven't seen you in such a long time!"

"Yea I know."Hazel frowned a bit,"I'm just glad to see you guys again, and hat you're safe after what happened."

Taylor and Marc smiled. "So, Eggman's gonna chop off your arm, huh?"

"Yea...I have to get rid of..both of them..I've been in pain for months. Well, the real me." Hazel said.

"Ooo. Are the burns that bad?" Taylor said.

"On top of the fact I loose so much blood the burns don't heal well.."Hazel said sadly.

"Good thing you're Hazel, get all that pain away.."Taylor said.

"Yea, I just feel bad for Hazel...she doesn't even deserve what she's going through right now..."Hazel said.

"Mmhm. What are you going to do about Tesla? Are you his girlfreind too?" Marc said.

"Um, I dunno...I better not kiss Scourge, with what I look like...And I'm sure he wouldn't want to be with me, we just met. Even if he is kinda cute, I don't feel like messing with him."Hazel said.

Taylor said,"....should you ask-"

"Tesla!" Hazel called to Tesla,"what do you wanna do? About me and Scourge."

"You should continue what you were doing; Scourge did deserve it after all, and I'm enjoying it!" Tesla said, eating a bag of popcorn.

"Oh, this?" Hazel punched Scourge in the stomach, as he fell to the floor in pain."No, I'm talking about this." Hazel picked up Scourge by his jacket, giving him a kiss, then letting Scourge fall to the floor. "I don't know if you'd feel comfortable with it. If you don't let me know. I'm sure it's kinda weird seeing me kiss him...not that I want to right now.."Hazel cracked her knuckles.

"She's not the nicest girlfreind, but she is mine..."Scourge groaned, slowly getting to his feet.

Hazel folded her arms. "Sadly, sadly I am." Scourge smirked to her, and Hazel blushed. "What?"

"Does that mean we can kiss?" Scourge said.

"Sure, once I'm back to normal."Hazel smiled.

"B-but, I haven't kissed you in...years!"Scourge said sadly.

"Oh sh**, you haven't kissed a girl in a whole hour, I feel so bad for you."Hazel said sarcastically. (<--- once again, we need a spell cheker on this wiki plz...)

"Does that mean a no?!" Scourge said, annoyed.

"Yes, no, whatever. I look like his girlfreind, so I can't kiss you. But, I'll kiss Tesla just to p*** you off."Hazel smiled.

Scourge looked more annoyed, knowing some things Fiona said she really did mean...



Hazel went to the restroom once the bell rang, Scourge waiting outside the restroom for her along with Jake, Taylor, and Marc.

River walked out of the Science room; her spirits were a bit more uplifted, but at the same time she was still worried. She didn't like the idea of Upsilon being stuck in the same room with Rage for an entire period, mostly because she feared another fight would break out between them. She walked into the cafeteria, and sat at an empty table as there weren't many people in there yet.

Hedge went to lunch sitting alone when his nose caught a sent * Echidna? but this is the first day am I caching a sent from last year?* He smells River from sitting in the cafeteria last year.

Rage walked into wherever the detention room was, and took a seat, not even looking at his surroundings. He sat down and just waited for Upsilon to arrive.

Upsilon heaved a heavy sigh and left the Science classroom. He looked down on his detention slip and saw the room number, and walked to the class that would be reserved for the lunch detention. He sat down in the middle of the rows and columns of desks and sighed once he saw Rage. Upsilon tried to not look at Rage as much as possible.

Paws and Kniro left the class and went to the cafeteria. When they arrived there, Paws sat down in an empty seat in the corner of the room, leaving Kniro standing there by himself.

Sigma, who was already at a table with Theta, saw Kniro standing by himself. She waved Kniro over to come join the two,

The lunch detention teacher was a hot headed elderly woman. "OLRIGHT YA TWATS! GO GET YA LUNCH AND REPORT BACK HERE! IF YOU DONT-" WACK! She hit her ruler on the chalkboard (they still have those wtf lol). Several first year student hurried out of the detention room.

Upsilon remained in his seat as the other students filed out, not saying anything.

Tesla sits by Sigma and Theta. "Allow me to sit with you guys." Tesla said.

Sigma gave a warm smile to Tesla as he sat down. "Totally!" she said. "Ooh, I like your accent by the way! You kinda sound like one of my friends I know..."

Kniro saw Sigma's wave and walked over to her table. when he sat down he took his bag off, and Tito stuck his head out.

"Chicken pot pie, my oh my!" he exclaimed and gave Kniro a container of chicken pot pie which was somehow already reheated.

"Hi..." Kniro said to Sigma, a bit nervous of Theta and the other hedgehog.

"Hi, Kniro!" Sigma chirped to the red amur leopard. She looked over to Theta who was daydreaming and looking out the window. Sigma nudged him and the brown mink perked up. "Hm? Oh, sorry, my name is Theta," he said to Kniro.

"'Ello, Kniro." Tesla waved to Kniro.

Hazel walked out of the restroom, Scourge following her like a puppy with her stuff as Jake, Marc, and Taylor followed her aswell.

Rage got out of the detention room last. He wasn't afraid of her, he really isn't afraid of anyone. He got his lunch, and sat down by the first years, as the first years moved away from him.

Rage smiled, he loved it when that happened.

Upsilon simply paid no attention to Rage as he sat and looked out the window.

Stormy came in the room. "Ms.Henne (the detention techer)! I-I thought I would come in to help you!"

"Stormy, child!"Ms.Henne said happily,"Oh am I glad to see you, may you write the standards on the board?"

"No problem!"Stormy smiled, writing on the board.

"Hi..." Kniro repeated. "I'm Kniro..."

"And I'm Tito!" Tito exclaimed, and threw a bunch of TWISTED FRUIT (R) juice boxes on the table for everyone.

River looked around, and saw that Sigma and Theta were sitting close by, as well as some other familiar faces. Trying to look inconspicuous, she scooted a little bit closer to the group until she was about a few feet or so away from them. In the group, she recognized Tesla, however there was a Leopard that seemed vaguely familiar, but she didn't know his name or remember where she first saw him...

Kniro noticed River who had moved down. I could apoligise to her now...he thought, but I'm still too nervous...

Hey, Tito, and uh, thanks for the juice box." Tesla said.

"No problemo!!!!" Tito exclaimed.

Upon seeing Tito all of the sudden, extreme confusion immediately crossed River's face. Wait... is that a Mink kid... in a back pack... handing out juice boxes...? WHAT THE...!? she thought. She just watched for a moment that felt like forever, until she finally averted her gaze, hoping not to look rude for staring.

Tito noticed River was staring at him. "Oh sorry, do you want a Twisted Fruit too?!" he asked.

"Uh- er, nope, no thank you, I'm fine." She nervously laughed. But inside, she questions were constantly popping up in her head. Why is there a kid here? Why is he in a backpack? Why's he so loud? How does he fit in there? is he just in there the entire day!? River thought.

"Oh, alrighty then!" Tito replied, and turned his head back towards Sigma and Theta. After a moment, Kniro said something to Tito that no one else could hear. Tito turned back towards River. "By the way, my friend Kniro says he's sorry about how Paws acted earlier..."

"Huh? Paws?" She asked, "Do you mean that Wolf guy?"

"Yeah, Paws, the silver wolf." Tito replied.

So that's his name... she thought, as she assumed she wouldn't forget it anytime soon. River looked at Kniro, and then back at Tito, "It's alright, you don't need to apologize for what other people have said." she reassured them.

"Yeah....I guess it's just because we know him so yeah. And I think Kniro didn't want you to think we were mean too!" Tito explained.

"It's completely fine... for the parts regarding you two." River said, muttering the last bit a little. While she didn't blame the duo for anything, she was still pretty upset with Paws, mostly angry at him, but also a little bit afraid.

"Are you sure...?" Tito asked, noticing River seemed upset. "Wait, he didn't insult you more while we were in track, did he?"

"Well... kind of, yeah." River said, seeing as there wasn't really a point in not mentioning it, "He caused a bit of a scene in French class, and it was REALLY awkward, but, I still had a few people backing me up.,,"

"Oh, great..." Tito muttered with a sudden slight angry tone in his voice. "Well, it's a good thing you had back-up. Paws can be a jerk sometimes...I guess he did ditch us when we got to the cafeteria..."

"Paws, huh?" Sigma chimed in after only listening to the conversation for a while. She began to frown, although it looked more like a pouty face, and you couldn't really take her seriously. "He sounds like a total jerk!" An anime vein-thingy showed up by the side of her forehead. Theta glanced up at Sigma and did a double-take once he saw her.

"Yeah..." Kniro agreed. "We didn't really get along when we first met..."

"I-It's alright guys," River nervously laughed once more, "He's a jerk, but I've managed a lot worse, so you don't have to get all angry about it..."

"A...a lot worse?" Kniro asked. "Well then...I hope things get better for you..."

Alrighty then... maaaaybe I should change the subject... River thought, as she would prefer to not delve straight into her life's story, "So... how's everyone else been doing today?"

"It has been okay..." Kniro replied. "I've made new friends, which...doesn't happen very often for me..."

"Yeah!" Tito agreed. "I've got a hundred pages of math fun finished!!"

Sigma smiled brightly at River and Kniro, happy to change the subject. "I know, right? I've met lots of new people, too! Like you guys!"

"That's pretty good; I've managed to hold a conversation with more than one person, so that alone is a good sign." River said, glad that she lightened up the mood.

"How's your Twisted Fruit, Sigma?!" Tito exclaimed. "Are you sure you don't want one...uh, what's your name, anyway? I'm Tito and the leopard is Kniro, by the way..."

Sigma winked at Tito and gave a big thumbs-up. "It's fantasmic, thank you!"

The Echidna gave Sigma a strange look for a brief moment, but then she just shrugged and accepted the weirdness, "Nice to meet you guys, my name's River... and I guess I could try whatever that fruit thing is..."

"Okay! Nice to meet you, River!" Tito exclaimed. He grabbed another Twisted Fruit and passed it to River.

With a little hesitance, River took a sip of the drink, expecting it to taste extremely odd. However, instead it was sweet, and completely fine. She looked over at Tito, and asked him another question, "Just wondering... how do you manage to fit in that backpack all day?"

"Oh, it's fine! It's much roomier inside then it seems. Plus there's much to do! I usually solve hard math questions, though." Tito explained.

The first year's area was a little bit crowded, since al of the first years were too afraid to eat with the other students older than them. But Scourge, Jake, and Taylor liked this sense of fear from the first years, and scared them a few times for fun. Sitting under a shady tree sharing a bag of chips was Marc and Hazel (Fiona).

"So Fiona, whan do you think doc'll be done?" Marc said.

"Um...I dunno. I'd expect the process to be really painful though."Hazel said calmly.

"Really? Oh. So, um, what's the docasking for in return?" Marc said.

"....Scourge's planet."Hazel said.

"What?!"Marc said shocked,"You mean, Scourge is giving up the only planet he's conquered?!"

"Marc, I mean it when I say he loves me...a lot."Hazel said.

"Never knew he liked you that much; I  mean, he doesn't really like anyone too much..."Marc said.

"Maybe I'm the only girl who's willing to deal with him."Hazel sighed,"I can easily find a good guy, like Tesla, but I know if I don't stick with Scourge I'll be drowning in his tears forever."

"Forever?"Marc said,"'re joking, I've never seen Scourge cry, I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know how.."

"Oh, he does."Hazel groaned,"And let me tell you, he is a really big baby.."

".....Can't picture it..."Marc said, scratching his head."Nope.."

"Watch this."Hazel said,"SCOURGE, GET OVER HERE!"

Scourge hurried over, Jake and Taylor following him. "Yea?" Scourge said.

"I've decided I'm breaking up with you since I like Tesla. So beat it." Hazel said calmly.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Scourge grabbed onto Hazel's leg,"NONONONONONONONO-"

"See?" Hazel said. "Big baby.." Hazel kicked Scourge off of her,"SHUTUP!"

Scourge stopped sobbing, looking up to Hazel."I was lying, now scram." Hazel said annoyed.

"....Really???"Scourge said confused."I could see no reason why you shouldn't leave me, so I got scared-"

"Quit b**ing!" Hazel said,"I owe you a planet."

"...."Scourge smiled happily, laying down next to Hazel. 

"How are you gonna get Scourge a planet??"Taylor said.

"Yea, how?"Jake said. "Oh, wait, I've gotta run, bye guys!"

"....Hm..."Hazel looked around,"I can give you this planet, babe."Hazel said.

Scourge said,"I've b-been trying to get this planet myself, but I can't..."

"So weak."Hazel groaned,"I'll have doc help us again."

"Bu-but whatta bout Sonic?"Scourge said.

".....Oh fine, another planet."Hazel said.

Scourge said sadly,"N-no! I like this one-"

"SHUTUP!"Hazel growled,"I'm sure others here are willing to stick up for this miserable place too. I don't want my kids growing up in a dump, so I'll choose another-"

"Kids?"Marc, Taylor, and Scourge said all at once.

"Yea,"Hazel blushed,"You think I don' wanna be a mom? Boss more kids around?"

Marc and Taylor smiled to eachother. "You gonna have babies with Scourge??"

"HA,"Hazel laughed, blushing,"NO way! I was thinking about adopting, no way no way I'm going to....Have... babies....ever...ever..."

Marc and Taylor smirked."I wish you could stay Hazel." Marc said.

"Me too!"Taylor said.

Hazel smiled. "I widh the same thing."Hazel said,"But I need to give Tesla back his girlfreind's personality, I can tell he loves this Hazel girl a lot.."

Scourge, Taylor, and Marc frowned. "What, is he gonna marry her?! Fi, he's in highschool I'm sure he's only been dating her for what, a month?!"

"...Well...."Hazel began to smile a bit.

"He'll get over her, she's just a girl to him!" Scourge said.

Hazel began to smile a bit more,"True....."

"A-and, you wouldn't have to go through more pain!" Taylor added.

"Oh fine!"Hazel smiled,"I'll stick like this...but if I change my mind, that's it!"

"Yes!"Taylor said, Marc and Scourge gave eachother a high five.

Rage finished his lunch and walked back to detention.


Fiona (Hazel :3) woke up in slight pain all over her arms. Hazel saw she was Fiona, and gasped. "W-wh- what happened to me?!"

"You're weak miss Fiona, please do not move!" A robot said, putting a wet cloth over Fiona's head.

"....I'm...Fiona???"Fiona sighed,"Oh, so that was what the injection was for...I feel so achey onmy arms, I don't know why.."

"Your arms were taken off miss, so the doctor put some new ones in for you. Don't they feel real?"the robot said, looking to Fiona's arms.

"Oh, my arms! They don't look like they'v been operated on at all."Fiona said, looking to her arms."No wonder they hurt a bit. I don't want to ask why they were taken off...but, when will I leave?"Fiona said.

"When Mr.Scourge picks you up. In the meantime, you are to host tonight's race with the great Doctor, Eggman!" the robot said excitedly.

"Dr.Eggman?!"Fiona said horrified,"I mean, um, yes, quite wonderful man he is!" Fiona said. She did not want to seem like she was an enemy while injured.

Dr.Eggman came in a few seconds later (creepy O_O). "Fiona! You've healed so well. After tonight, Scourge should pick you up in the morning."

Oh, this can't be too long, or too bad..Fiona thought. "Okay, um,"Fiona hesitated,"about this race-"

"The car race!"Dr.Eggman said excitedly,"We, mostly me tho -w-,will be hosting this year! And you will be announcing the racers tonight!"Eggman said.

"Oh...will I be well enough?"Fiona said worriedly.

"Yes, of course!"Eggman said.


Rage got back in detention, and was wondering where Upsilon was. He shrugged and just did his work.

Stormy looked to Rage, then quickly turned away as she went over to go do some homework from another class.

River, while eating her lunch, began to doze off into her own thoughts, focusing on whatever idea popped into her head. She was considering maybe doing the homework she's been assigned right there, but out of procrastination she decided to wait until she was actually home to work on it, thus the name "homework".

But that train of thought led to another, what else would she do when she got home? Other than homework, she didn't really have much. All she could do really was wander the city that she's explored who knows how many times. But then, she remembered the letter from yesterday...

NO! River shouted in her head, and quickly hid her hands under the table before they could start shaking. Don't even think about that, you've been panicking enough today already; you don't need another thing to freak out about! She thought, and quickly tried to focus on something else to ease her mind.

Well I haven't heard any explosions or shouting from the detention room, so I can guess Upsilon and Rage aren't at each other's throats...

Upsilon had just been in detention the entire time, as he didn't go to get lunch.

"What's wrong ups, just aint hungry? Wouldn't be surprised. You could gain a few pounds..." Rage said

"And I'm thinking you could lose a few," Upsilon replied coolly. "Just leave me alone, you stupid hedgehog, or else you'll get yourself into even more trouble than you're in already."

"Uh, excuse me? You better watch who you're talking to, bub." Rage said

Upsilon couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. "You started it," Upsilon countered, "but alright."

"If that's the best "Comeback" you can think of, you better try harder." Rage said as he sat down.

Upsilon only rolled his eyes in response. He didn't feel like trying to deal with Rage so he looked out of a window to his left.

Rage thought about Upsilon, and how Rage would fair against a fight. Rage knew he would easily beat the shi* out of him, but still concentrated on his work

Stormy walked out of the detention room, going over to a bench to do some more of her work.

"Stromy!"Jake called to Stormy.

Stormy sighed, tring to walk away from him, but he caught up to her.

"Hello ther miss, how have you been?" Jake winked to Stormy/

"Leve me alone or die."Stormy said in an upset tone. Jake looked sadly at Stormy, but still followed her. Stromy sat down to read, hoping he would get bored of her, but he didn't. He watched her as she read, and Stormy felt more and more uncomfortable as the minutes passed.



Um...the next period is...English Class :D. The teacher is giving everyone free time! YEA >:3!

River walks into the classroom, setting her backpack on some random chair in the room. This time she didn't really have much of a preferrence where she would be. She was a little bit surprised that she was the first person in here, as she is normally late or there is always someone who comes in right before her.

Rage walks in the english class, and throws his backpack on the back of his chair, and sat down.

Thankful for finally being able to leave lunch detention, Upsilon quickly left and went towards his English class. Theta joined him on the way to the room and when they got there, they took a seat... Somewhere.

Kniro walked into the classroom. He sat down in a seat near River. Shortly after him Paws walked in, who again sat away from River.

Tesla walks into the classrom, and sits next to Kniro.

Scourge happily enters the classroom, Hazel by his side as they talk. Jake, Marc, and Taylor follow them as they all speak excitedly to eachother except for Hazel. She is the only on in the group who's stomach is in total knots.The five take a seat in the back of the room, and Hazel goes to go get some water and waits in line at the water fountain.

River nods at Kniro, and makes a little wave at him as a greeting. Then she notices the other students; Tesla, Theta, Rage, Upsilon, Paws, that Scourge guy from last year, and of course Kniro which she just saw. She was actually a little bit surprised, as she was able to name more than one or two students this time. Even if a few of them were people she didn't know too well, or people she straight-up hated, it was still better than not knowing who they were. This was mostly because she felt awkward talking to people who's names she didn't know, but if she knew who they were then she could say something.

Anyways, as the students had plenty of time to themselves, she looked at Kniro, and then at Upsilon, then back at Kniro, "Hey," she said, "Is it alright if I introduce you to a friend of mine?"

"Yeah..." Kniro replied. "Who?"

"He's just over there," She said, gesturing in the Mink's general direction, "Hey Upsilon!" she called over to him.

Hazel wondered if she should go tell Tesla or not.'s only right I get his opinion...I can;t put him in danger though...Hazel thought. But she went over to Tesla's desk to go talk to him anyways. "H-hey Tesla!"

"Hey... zel." Tesla said, smiling.

Looking over his shoulder, Upsilon caught sight of River calling him. He got up from his seat and walked over to the cyan echidna, slightly smiling, but he also saw Kniro sitting near her. "Hey River," he greeted.

Kniro recognised Upsilon from the fight. He also remembered Sigma had mentioned him as one of her friends. He waved at Upsilon.

"It's safe to assume that detention went okay for you, right?" The girl asked in a slightly optimistic tone, "Oh, and this is Kniro," she said gesturing to the Leopard, "I met him at lunch today, he's pretty cool."

Upsilon waved back at Kniro, and gave a small nod. "Yeah, detention was fine, thanks for asking," he replied to River. He glanced behind to see Rage sitting away from the group. "Nothing really eventful happened."

River laughed a little bit, "Okay; to be honest I was secretly waiting to hear explosions from the detention room..."

"Based on what I know, Rage seems like a bit of a jerk..." Kniro mumbled.

"He's not the most reasonable fellow, either..." Upsilon muttered, but he shrugged. "Neverthelessst, I'm just happy that's over with. It was terribly dull in there."

"You better be glad Im in a good mood today, you stupid red Leopard." Rage muttered, appearing from nowhere.

Kniro overheard Rage's remark. He growled a bit, but did not say anything back.

"Whats the matter, huh? Cat gotchyer tongue? I doubt you'd be man enough to respond... physically or with words..." Rage said

Tesla's eyes glow green again, and back to normal, though, nobody should've saw that. He then looks towards Rage. He is sitting next to Kniro afterall. "OK, you're really starting to p*** me off." Tesla said loudly.

Kniro stood up and turned to Rage, clenching his fists. "Okay, so first off you make fun of a mink, and now you're being to jerk to me too?! If you keep it up you'll have a metal spiked fist to your face!"

Rage looked straight in his eye, and without blinking, said "You don't have the guts, and even if you did, i've been through worse..." Rage said.

Tesla is just about to use ESP on Rage, but chose to wait a bit longer.

"Oh, really?! Like what?!" Kniro asked.

"Parents? Dead. Brother? Probably dead. Friends? Gone. I have been ALONE, for my ENTIRE LIFE. I have been broken, bruised, and battered. See these scars on my arm? I got them from my rival, a sadistic BAST***. So if your going to tell me I haven't been through pain, your saying nothing but lies." Rage started shouting when he said Alone for my entire life, and after that.

"...Whoa." Tesla said. "Rage... you're not alone. My problem is similar to yours."

"I know im not alone when it comes to that..." Rage muttered

"Hmm..." Kniro began, "Well, just because you had a terrible past doesn't mean you have to be a jerk to everyone else. It's not like my past was good either. My mom was insane, and I don't have real feet or hands...but I'm not gonna go into detail...and you don't see me making fun of others and stuff."

"Like the red leopard said. Dont allow your emotions to take over your mind, and let them ruin other INNOCENT people's lives." Tesla said.

"Alright alright, just shut up with the Disney ending, mopey crap." Rage said. "It's hurting my ears."

"Well, that escalated quickly..." River said, muttering a little. It was pretty sudden, as she just got a brief dose of everyone's backstory. She would prefer not to go into her own, mostly due to how overly complicated it was.

"Alright, I think apologies are in order..." Rage said

Rage sticks his hand out to Upsilon for a handshake.

Upsilon looked down at Rage's hand surprisedly, as he wasn't expecting this sudden change of pace. But, Upsilon took it and shook hands firmly.

"Sorry bout all that man." Rage said

"It's fine," Upsilon assured. "I'm sorry too... let's just forget this ever happened."

"I agree... Okay, we should probably stop shaking now..." Rage says as he lets go of Upsilon's hand

"So... is everyone cool with each other now?" River spoke up, hoping that she was right. She didn't say much before, mostly because she didn't want to involve herself in another argument.

Upsilon nodded. "Everything is good now."

"Agreed." Rage said

"Good!" River said in relief, thank god that whole sorted affair ended as quickly as it began. But... she was very surprised by the sudden outbursts that came up during the conversation. Was everyone just holding something in? Rage's family and his injuries... Kniro's Mother and his metal limbs... their stories intrigued her, but scared her a little bit at the same time. She was too afraid to ask any further. Don't act so shocked, she thought, You're probably the same way.

"Well, anyways... um... now what?"

Upsilon shrugged in response.

At that moment, Sigma bounded through the doorway of the classroom huffing, as if she had ran from a far distance to the classroom. She scurried over to the group that was talking, and the anime sweatdrop was by her forehead again. I hope the teacher doesn't notice me coming in late... Sigma thought to herself worriedly. She then waved at Rage. "Hello there, stranger!" she said warmly. Sigma turned to River and Kniro. "What happened?" she asked them.

"Sigma? Where were you?!" River asked, "I mean, there wasn't anything lesson-important, but..."

Tesla said a bit silently. "Um... i'm here, too..."

"Oh, I'm so very sorry!" Sigma apologized to Tesla. She then waved at him and smiled even brighter than before. "Hi! And about where I was before... one of my friends who don't go here dropped by, so I talked with them for a bit."

"Oh, okay then..." River said, "Hey wait, didn't they know you were in school? I could understand if it was urgent, but if they made you late solely because they wanted to have a casual talk..."

"Well, he doesn't come around often..." Sigma said shyly. She looked down, and she blushed slightly. "So, I just wanted to spend a little time with him, 'cause I didn't know when I might see him again." Theta overheard this, and crumpled a piece of paper he had in his hand angrily.

River glanced over her shoulder as she heard the crinkling of paper, and saw a rather grumpy Theta. Odd... she thought, "Yeah, that makes sense. I have a friend that's pretty similar in that way."

Theta, now in a really sour mood, crossed his arms and turned away from the group, not wanting to hear anymore on Sigma's friend. Slightly confused, Sigma only shrugged. "Anyways, I wonder what we're gonna do for the rest of the class!" she said, changing the subject.

"I... really have no idea. The teacher just gave the entire class period to ourselves..." She responded, completely unsure of what to do. At this point, she probably would have been messing around with her powers if there weren't so many people around her, "Part of me just wants to get the day overwith," River yawned after that last sentence

Sigma nodded in agreement. "We should do something fun to pass the time!" Sigma declared, and a devious grin began to form on her face. "Hehehehe..."

Tesla got an idea. "How about microwaving stuff we really shouldnt microwave. I have a room I made specifically for that?"

Looks like he's busy, better back away.. Hazel thought. She went back to Scourge and his freinds, slightly shaking.

"What's wrong?"Marc asked.

"Nothing."Hazel said quickly.

"I can tell something's wrong.."Marc said.

"No, no, it's okay, nevermind!" Hazel said.,"It's just...about the race! I've never been to one before and I'm... kinda scared, y'know? Anxiety (<---not how you spell -_-;)!"

Scourge, Jake, Marc, and Taylor all looked at eachother conufsed.

"Hey, Tesla!" Taylor said to Tesla.

"Hi." Tesla said.

"You know what's wrong with Hazel?"Taylor asked.

Tesla looks at Hazel. "I'll go talk to her." Tesla said to Taylor, walking to Hazel. "Hazel, my love, are you okay?"

Hazel blushed,"H-hi Tesla!"Hazel couldn't stop blushing but she tried her best to calm down,"U-um, I'm fine...I've been meaning to ask you something though..."

"Go on..." Tesla said, a bit anxious.

"Well...I know how....well..."Hazel said shyly, her stomach was seriously in nots as she said,"Scourge and I want to know if Hazel and I could switch permanently..."

"But what do you mean by that?" Tesla said, confused, and scared.

"Well, ya seee..."Hazel said,"You know how Hazel and me, Fiona, switched minds sort of???"Hazel bit her lip," U-um, Scourge really likes it that'know it'd be easier for us...if I'd just stay this way...please?"

"Hazel-- I mean, Fiona... you know I cant say no to... Hazel's face... and the real Hazel may be desperate of wanting her body back..." Tesla said.

"B-but..."Hazel (Fiona) said," really isn't that bad to be me, I mean, Fiona me....I'm sure the Fiona Hazel-"

Bzzzzzzzzzzz (totally not Tesla's ringtone XD) Tesla phone rang (sorry bout that AU, is that godmod??? ;_;).

Tesla answers it. "Hello?" Tesla said.

"Tesla! I know this sounds crazy, but it's me Hazel and I'm trapped in Fiona! Dr.Eggman has me and I have no idea what to do!"Fiona said panicking (<----not how you spell ;_;).

"OK, just calm down and relax. If you can, tell me your location." Tesla said.

"U-um..."Fiona said as the sound of a crumpled paper was heard being opened,"I'm pretty sure it's...right at Elenor Forest? I've been hiking here once..."

"OK. I'll try to get there as fast as possible." Tesla said. He runs outside the school and gets out some sort of steering wheel. He runs as fast as he could, jumps, and then pulls both of the handles apart, which draws a wireframe of a Koenigsegg Agera, before becoming solid after reaching the ground. (lol tron legacy)

Fiona (Hazel XD) waits in her room, looking out a window.

"What are you staring at?"A robot comes in the room.

"Um....clouds..."Fiona (Hazel) said,"Ha...yea.."

"???"The robot was confused XD

Rage whispered to Upsilon. "Is she always that quirky?" he whispered

Upsilon nodded in response, and sighed as he did so. "You haven't even seen her on one of her sugar highs," he muttered exasperatedly.

Rage heaved a heavy sigh. "And is that other mink, that brown one, always so... whats the word... depressed? Or negative?" Rage asked

"You mean Theta?" Upsilon began. "Yes, he's been through a lot, so he understandibly can be negative at times..."

"Honestly I can't blame 'im. Im surprised im not like him at the moment." Rage says as he sits down.

"... Why aren't you?" River asked, as she was silently listening in a little on what they were saying, "Oh, er- sorry if I'm butting in on the subject..."

"Its fine. Honestly, I don't know why im not. I guess its because theirs a lot of evil things in this world, and I need to put everything behind me to help people, but if I don't, i'll just be tired and won't wanna do anything but lay around." Rage explained

"Hmm... that's kind of good motivator," she said, leaning back in her chair a little, "Especially considering how easy it is to become that way," River added on, starting to remember a little bit of what she was like in her early teen years. She leaned back a bit more, maybe a bit too far; because the next second the chair fell over and she landed with a thud.

She looked up mildly dazed, Ow... She thought, but didn't say anything.

Upsilon noticed this, and immediately went over to River quickly and pulled her up gently. "Are you okay, River?!" he asked worriedly.

"Lemme guess, you two are boyfriend and girlfriend?" Rage asked

"W-What?!" Upsilon said nervously. His face was beginning to turn red, and he waved his hands anxiously. "N-no, we're not dating! Why does everyone keep asking that..?"

"Well, it does seem like it. I mean, you two seem like a good couple, maybe you should try it out sometime." Rage said.

River's face, without even realizing it, began to go as red as Upsilon's. It contrasted a lot against her fur, considering that it was the opposite color. She quickly turned to the Mink, "Uh- er- I'm fine," She gave him a reassuring laugh, but it was also somewhat nervous-sounding due to Rage's comment.

Rage takes out his phone and makes an online petition for Upsilon and River.

Suddenly, Sigma slided in next to Upsilon and grinned widely. "Rage is right, you two are adorable together! I ship you two SO MUCH!" she chirped. She then pulled a camera out of hammerspace and began taking pictures of Upsilon and River.

"S-Sigma!" Upsilon groaned. He tried to push the camera away, but Sigma was too strong. "S-stop it!"

Rage mouthed out "Sorry" with his mouth(NO WAIII!)

River was trying to hold in a laugh, mostly because she found all of the sudden enthusiasm hilarious. "Oh come on you two," She chuckled a little at Sigma and Rage, "Don't force it by doing all of that..."

Rage bursted out laughing. "This is just too good. Too bad my phone doesn't have a camcorder, or I would totally put this on Youtube..." Rage said, all while holding back a laugh.

"Perhaps we won't force it," Sigma chimed in with a singsong voice, "but that doesn't mean it won't happen naturally..."

"Sigma, can you not?" Upsilon asked, flustered. His face and the tips of his ears were red now, and he was covering his face shyly.

Tesla finally arrives at Eggman's base! The Koenigsegg hits a ramp and crashes through an extremely unrealistically thin outer wall, in a scene where Tesla is obviously a human stuntman. Tesla gets out of the car.

There are none of Eggman's robots to be seen. In fact, the door of his facility is open :D.

Gavin just walks in seeing everyone but Tesla, he has a teacher walking in with him showing him around, he then says. "huh, Mobians."

Kniro did not even know what was going on anymore, but since they were talking about romance, he began to tune them out. Meanwhile, Paws just groaned and looked at the corner of the room where he was sitting.

"It's okay, Upsilon..." River placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, and then looked at Sigma, "Seriously though, don't tease him about it."

Gavin walks to his seat, waiting for his next class

Upsilon flinched slightly at River's hand on his shoulder, but he looked away and said nothing else. Sigma bit her lip to hold herself back from adding on, and instead smiled. "Oh, you're no fun," Sigma shrugged, "I was only kidding anyways."

River rolled her eyes, but smiled a little while doing so, "Sure you were, Sigma. Let's just go with that." She liked Upsilon, but not in a romantic way... or...

Maybe she did? The thought had never really occurred to her. Yes, of course she liked Upsilon, but she didn't know exactly what way it was. She's never had feelings for anyone before; she didn't know what it was like to have them. She's happy when he's around, and she's always had sort of a curious interest in him... was it friendship? Or, could it really be more than that...?

Sigma smiled as well, and paused for a few moments. She then quickly took a picture of River with her hand still on Upsilon's shoulder and quickly walked off to Theta.

"Gosh, Sigma is a handful," Upsilon muttered once she was out of earshot. "She's just like my annoying sister..."

"Yeah, I have cousins that are kind of the same way..." River blushed a little bit as she still had that previous thought in her mind, but then snapped back to reality, "Wait, you have a sister?"

Upsilon noted River's slight blush, but didn't say anything about it. "Yes, a ten year-old demon child named Kestrel," Upsilon said, but then he groaned and facepalmed. "Greeeeeeeat, when you come over on the weekend you're going to have to meet her!"

"Oh come on, I think you're over-exaggerating. There's no way she can be THAT bad..." River said, a little unsure if she should say much considering that she just now heard about Kestrel.

"Oh, but she is that bad," Upsilon replied. "In fact, she's even WORSE." He leaned in close to her and whispered so nobody else could hear. "She even broke one of my sculptures once!"

"Intentionally?" She asked, still trying to remain neutral on the subject, but feeling a bit bad for him as well. She figured she'll come to a conclusion about it later, "Well, don't worry, I'm sure that the weekend will be fine."

"Hopefully it will be..." Upsilon said dejectedly. "I'll try to get her to stay out of my room, but even then she'll use magic to get in, probably..."

"Magic?" River inquired, unsure of what he meant by that.

Upsilon nodded. "She's a witch, both literally and metaphorically..."

"Really?" She asked, a slight bit confused, but she just accepted it. "So... does that mean you're the same way or...?"

Upsilon shook his head quickly. "Good gracious, no," he reassured. "She practiced all that magic stuff on her own time."

"Oh, okay." River wasn't exactly sure how it worked, so she just went along with what he was saying. She assumed he was 'normal' for the most part, but considering how many people at the school had interesting abilities of their own, she was starting to have a few small doubts.

Not knowing what else to say, Upsilon sat down on the counter of a nearby desk, as everyone else was pretty much just out of their seats. I wish I could just go home now, Upsilon thought to himself. It's awfully warm today, especially in this classroom...

Rage walked up to Gavin. "Hey there, Gavin." Rage said. "The name's Rage."

Gavin just looked up to Rage and said, "yes, Rage?"

"Just wanted to say hey and, I guess, welcome to Gem High." Rage explained.

"Oh, and, by the way, you might wanna take your name off your backpack" Rage said as he walks back

Tesla walks into the base's inner walls. He walks to a surveilance camera and flips two birds. "Hey, Dr. RoFatA**. Let me in so I can free Fiona." Tesla said.

The door opens automatically. Inside, robota re setting up a party. Once they see Tesla, they all pull out GUNS >:3!

"Hello, everybody. Just a VIP coming through." Tesla said, charging his hands with electricity.

All of the robots charge at him, firing lazers and cool stuff!

Before the lazers hit Tesla, they completely stopped moving as if time was frozen. The frozen lazers then returned back the robots, destroying all of them. "You... are.. defeated." Tesla said, before urinating on one of the robots.

A female robot comes. "Hey, what are you- EEP!" she turns around. "Sir, may I ask what you are doing?!"

Tesla is finished, then charges his hands. "Showing my respect for Robotnik." Tesla said. His hands spark brighter as it charges.

"So...ugh."the robot said,"What do you want?!"

"Take me to Hazel. Dont ask why, just do it. If you try to call for help, or if you refuse to do so, your head will be the first to be fried." Tesla said, in a threatning tone.

The robot looks offened. "I am no slave! You go get her, she's on the third flo-"

"Tesla!"Fiona (Hazel) runs down some stairs, going over to Tesla. "There you are!"

"Hazel!" Tesla said, hugging Hazel.

"Tesla.."Hazel (Fiona, ah you know X3)hugs Tesla."Oh, my love...I've missed you so much.."

"Me too!" Tesla said.

"Tesla, listen, Fiona and I could switch again. B-but, can you help me??"Hazel said, holding an injection.

Gavin looks at his backpack and then looks at rage as he does not understand what he meant.

"Of course, my love! Anything for you!" Tesla said.

"Oh,"Hazel blushed,"Okay, um, it's super easy, just inject my arm. I'm too scared to do it myself.."Hazel gave the injetion to Tesla, as she closed her eyes.

"OK, just try hard to relax." Tesla said, as he injects Hazel.

Slowly, Fiona Hazel turns back into the Hazel ^ v ^; (cornfusing sry; you know, Hazel is herself again :p). Hazel begins to feel wobbly, and about to fall after the change.

Tesla grabs Hazel's hands, regaining her balance. Still holding her hands. "Are you okay now?" Tesla said.

"Yes, now that I'm back to normal...and with you..."Hazel smiled and blushed.

Tesla leans forward for a kiss, I guess??

Hazel leans in as well, as she closes her eyes to kiss Tesla.

And yeah, they kissed. Now what?

Enjoy the moment. The fabulusness -w-, the romance. JK! Dr.Eggman came out in his egg carrier! 

"No! You have ruined my whole party setup!"Dr.Eggman growled as a fleet of robots surrounded Hazel and Tesla.

"Hazel, you have to get out of here. Arsesys will take you back home. I will stay here and fight these worthless consumer models off. If I dont make it... know that I love you." Tesla said, still holding her hands.

"Tesla.."Hazel began to cry,"I'm not going to leave you here. I want to fight with you."

Hazel hugged Tesla, and as she did vines spread across the floor. The vines began to crush the robots, holding them to the ground. Vines swung at Dr.Eggman, but since he was in the air he had tie to get away.

Hazel was shocked. "What happened?" she said as she looked at the vine covered floor.

"Act first, think later. Let's leave while we still can!" Tesla said, picking up Hazel like Sonic would pick up Elise. Tesla runs out of the base and in to the car.

"Good plan! Where are we going?" Hazel asked.

Tesla bangs on the driver door, and both doors opened up automatically. "Home." Tesla said, getting to the car, and starting the engine.

""Hazel got into the car. She just wanted to get out of there ^ ^;...

Tesla backed out, and drove offroad until reaching the main route.

"So...are we going to my house or yours?"Hazel asked, looking down to her hands.

"Actually, I just realized that school is still in session, so we'll just go there." Tesla said.

"Oh,'ve got my memeory back.."Hazel said,"So...that's good ^ ^."

Gavin still sitting at his seat, all on his phone checking Facebook.




riiiiiiiiiiiing! INTS NOW AFTER SCHOOL!

River was finished putting away her homework and supplies in her backpack, and she slung a strap over her left shoulder. She was rather tired; today was more exhaughsting than she anticipated it to be, even more so since she had hardly any sleep the night before. She decided she would take a nap on the train ride home. Anyways, the Echidna continued to walk out the school doors, and then start making her way to the station.

Stormy is on her way home, walking alone. She reads a book while walking, sighing.

Rage sped up to Stormy.

"Hey there Storm." Rage said

"Hm? Oh, hey Rage. What's up?"Stormy said, closing her book and putting it away.

"You wanna go for some drinks or something friday errrr, someday?" Rage asked calmly

"Um, sure."Stormy said. Her stomach twisted as she rembered what Henry had told her. 

"When do you wanna go? Im free Friday, Saturday, and of course today." Rage explained

"Um, how about Friday?"Stormy said, as if in a hurry. "U-um, I just remembered....I need to go ask one of my freinds something! See ya!" Stomry hurried of to Henry's house. She couldn't risk Henry caling her parents.

Tesla walks to his car, and it opens up automatically. Tesla gets in, and drives home.

Gavin walks out of Gem High and looks to his left, he sees someone looking at him.

Henry is on his way home. While pulling up to his driveway, he sees Stormy on his doorstep, doing some homework.

"Stormy? You're really early."Henry said, getting out of his car.

"Yea, I am."Stormy frowned. "I jut want to get this over with. What do you want?"

"I don't think it's a matter of what I want....more of...will you accept, really. May you help me?" Henry said, handing Stormy some books and paperwork.

"....Sure.."Stormy said, helping Henry.

Gavin walks by Rage as he gets in his car (the car is a 458 Italia Custom)

Henry and Stomry go into Henry's house. "Storm, why don't you go into my basement, will you? There's a livingroom inside, I want to talk to you.."

"I don't trust do I know you won't trap me down there?" Stomry said.

"You don't know. But, I can call your parents to pick you up..."Henry smirked.

"Mhm..."Stormy sighed worridly. She entered the nice basement.

The walls were of no color, and there was a small bar, bed, living room, and even a bathroom. There were three small windows in wich light shone through, but they were heavily sealed, not meant to be opened. Stormy looked around. "Hmm....I wouldn't mind being trapped I here, now that I know I might be anyways..."

Henry came down, leaving the door open as he came in the basement. "Hello, Stormy. Do you like it?"

"I guess, it's pretty cool." Stormy said.

"So, would you like a drink? I have some fruit drinks, wine, wich I won't let you have, but I'll take some~" Henry poured himself a glass,"Well, you name it, I have it, really."

"I think I'll just have some water." Stormy said, studying on the bed.

""Henry got Stormy some water. "You haven't changed a bit luv."

"Neither have you..."Stormy said, taking her water.

Henry tiled his head to one side (he having a stroke....jk). "I know you don't want to kiss me~"Henry sang.

"I don't."Stormy said, continuing to study.

"Why don't you put the book away, it was only the first day~"Henry sang, putting Stormy in his lap. Stormy folded her arms, frowning.

"Why don't you let me go? What have I done to you?"Stormy said.

"You stole my heart, you lucky girl~"Henry smiled, taking Stormy to his couch.

Stormy sighed. "What are you going to put on?"

"A movie!"Henry smiled,"the one that played on our first date."

"No, I don't like that movie anymore..."Stormy frowned.

Henry smiled,"Let it go, let it go~"

"Please shutup or I'll dieee~"Stormy sang.

"Not until you kiss me~"Henry smiled.

"I'd rather die. Keep singing.."Stormy frowned.

Henry sighed, setting Stormy down on his couch and out of his lap. "I've been very nice to you..."

"And?"Stormy said.

"And you have been very rude to me..."Henry frowned.

"......Henry......"Stormy said worriedly. There was no turning back now.

Henry went up to the the door, seeing if anybody was watching the house.

Stormy began to panic,"H-Henry, wait, I'm sorry-"

Henry locked the door.....

Rage turned around, sensing the car.

"Oh, nice car Gavin." Rage said.

Paws and Kniro left the school. Kniro not seeing any of his new friends decided to start walking home with Paws, who was quite silent.

Gavin looks at Rage and says, "thanks." then drives to see his girlfriend.

Upon exiting the school campus, the three minks started to head home, with Sigma taking on the role of the leader. “ONWARDS, FELLOW MINKS!” Sigma declared loudly as she grabbed both Upsilon and Theta’s hands, pulled them forward, and began running. Theta was blushing, and Upsilon was looking away, pretending to not know Sigma, although that was of no use.

Rage started walking home, when he saw the minks. Rage started to chuckle and it developed into a loud laugh. "That's why Sig is awesome..." Rage muttered to himself and headed home. He was only walking because he, for some reason, wanted to take it slow. He was, personality wise, a lot like Sonic. "Im sure even he wants to take it slow sometimes..." Rage thought. He shrugged and continued walking home.

Hearing Rage’s laughter, Sigma looked over her shoulder and saw it was coming from Rage. She then quickly gave him a wink and a smile before turning back and pulling Upsilon and Theta once more.

River turned around as she heard a familiar voice shouting behind her. She turned her head, still walking, and saw that it was Sigma just effortlessly dragging Theta and Upsilon. Those poor guys... she thought and chuckled a little, Theta seems to be okay with it though...

She slowed down a little bit in pace, mostly due to her lack of energy.

Hazel Moon walked home from school. She began to worry, and as she did litte vines grew on her folder. When she got home, she realized how late it was. The race was starting soon, but she didn't know if she should go or not.

Angelo and his freinds were in the football feild, parking their cars on the feild.

"Is he even going to come?"Jayzee said.

"I dunno.."Angelo said.

Then Martin finally arrives, in of course, his 2015 Ford Mustang. "What'd I miss?" Martin said.

"Alright, he's here!"Jayzee said.

"Nothing much Martin. They're paying us 9 million if you win. Are you ready?"Angelo said.

"Heck yeah! Let's get moving!" Martin said.

"Alright. But first, we just wanted to let you know, if you tell anyone where we're racing.."Angelo said.

"...We're going to have to kill you."Jazee said.

"Anyways, follow us, we'll lead you to the track."Angelo said, going to his car.

Martin follows.


Angelo and Jazee get out of their cars, opening a gate going into the track. Loads of peeps are there, and it looks like a big party! ^ v ^!!!

Gavin Arrives at home after a long talk with his girlfriend and then heads home, finding a note in his car the note said, "Dear Gavin, I know you are in school I am just seeing that the fact that you are happy, I wish I was like that. Sincerely Entillia."

River, despite her slower speed today, managed to make it to the train station a little bit early. It would only take a few minutes for the shuttle to arrive, so she quickly thought over some things in her head so that she wouldn't forget about them tomorrow, just in case her memory falters. Eventually, the train arrived and she boarded; there weren't many passengers, so she was rather comfortable. Sitting next to a window, she leaned her head and closed her eyes, dozing off while the train left.

Only about 20 minutes or so had passed, but when she was asleep it felt like a shorter time than that. The only thing that woke her up was a robotic and feminine voice on the intercom, "Now arriving in Station Square,"

The girl quickly woke up, grabbed her backpack, and the train stopped. Immediately the double doors slipped open, and she left the shuttle as many other passengers boarded on. Now, she just simply walked back to her apartment complex alone. It was quiet, but that was to be expected. Most of the people who lived there worked at night, so of course they wouldn't be home during the afternoon. River scaled up the stairs to her floor, and walked up to the door of her apartment. She unlocked it, and walked inside, forgetting to close it behind her. She took off her backpack, and set it on the table. And then...

"What took you so long?" a Man's voice asked, and the door closed behind her. Startled, River turned around to face the man, and what she saw was the embodiment of her terror. He was much taller than her, an Echidna as well. He had dark red fur, and very short yet very curved quills. He gave her a very faint smile; however, his icy blue eyes weren't smiling at all.

"E-Elias..." she gasped.

"Oh don't be so surprised, didn't you get that letter I sent you?" He said. River didn't realize that she had completely forgotten about him. The day was so long and eventful that she didn't remember anything about the letter or the fact that he was in the city. Her hands began to shake uncontrollably, and her heart racing in paranoia. It was impossible to speak without stuttering,

"W-Why are you h-here...?" She barely managed to say.

"Do I need a reason? I just wanted to see my Niece, that's all..." He responded. She glared at him, it was obvious that he was lying. Did he really think she was stupid enough to fall for that? He hated her with a passion, and she was well aware of the subject. Like hell she would believe him.

Elias approached her slowly, and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. He was about to say something, before River interrupted him, "Don't you DARE touch me!" she growled, and hit his hand in an attempt to get it off. Instead, he swiftly reacted and tightly grabbed her wrist before she could get him. Needless to say he was somewhat surprised; in the past she has never argued or fought back against him. He sighed with an angry undertone,

"River, I think your time here in the mainland has made you a little overconfident," He tightened his grip, "I might as well take you back to Ali'ikai right now."

"NO!" She shouted, and tried to yank herself away from him, but he was too strong. He kept squeezing her wrist until it hurt,

"No? What do you mean 'No'?" Elias growled, "I'd think you'd miss your homeland after being gone for so long. You're heartless. Don't you want to see your family? Don't you CARE about them!?"

"Not if you're in it..." She spoke under her breath. Her Uncle, however, was not deaf. Before she even knew what happened, she felt a strong and blunt force hit her in the left shoulder, knocking her off balance. Then, several more blows landed on her, mostly on her shoulders, back, and once on her left cheek. River had no idea what had happened. Elias released his grip on her wrist, and she collapsed on the floor, completely dazed. In her state of confusion, she looked up, and saw the blurry outline of the Echidna, his fists were clenched. All the wind was knocked out of her, and she couldn't say anything. Elias turned away, leaving her lying on the ground. She heard the door of her apartment open again, and right before he left, he said just one last sentence of warning,

"When I come back," he took a breath, "I hope that you have gained some respect..."

The door closed, and River was alone again. Her vision cleared up, and she had just processed what had happened. He hurt her... again. She shuddered; she couldn't believe she let this happen again. She thought she was safe from him, but he only came back. The girl struggled to get back on her feet, and she hobbled towards her bedroom, taking in small gasps of air with each step. She quietly laid down in her bed, and curled up in a fetal position. Her breathing became slightly more rapid, No... she thought, Don't do it...

But there was no way of stopping herself. Immediately she grabbed hold of her pillow, covered her face with it, and began to sob. She didn't know how loud her crying was, but there weren't many people around to hear it anyway. She didn't want them to hear. She didn't want them to know she was weak.

Martin parks his car near the racing start.

Other racers came out with their cars, and Dr.Eggman comes in his Egg carrier in front of them.

"The race will be starting in 2 minutes 30 seconds. Get ready!"Dr.Eggman said.

Martin starts up his engine, and the car roars loudly. He turns on Aero Mode via his built in computer, and a spoiler opened up at the back, and 2 hood scoops turns into sight on the front of the car. NO2 is fully loaded on the car, and a colorful display of nitrous flames bursts in the exhaust pipes. 

It is finally time to start the race. "Three....Two....One...GO!"Dr. Eggman said from the loudspeaker, a gushot was fired in the air, and many cars zoomed off into the race track.

Just then a car that wasn't there at the starting line came from nowere and looks to have joined the race

Hazel makes her way through a crowd of peeps, taking a seat. Scourge notice her, as he had thought she was Fiona still.

"Hey babe, sup?"Scourge said, putting his arm around Hazel.

"Get the hell off of me looser!"Hazel suddenly said, hitting Scourge in the face as he fell from his seat.

Hazel gasped, having no idea how she could do that. "Oh mi god! Ah, I'm sorry for hitting you- I mean, I'm not sorry, but still!"

Fiona came out, picking Scourge up. "Scourge, I'm back to normal, not Hazel anymore..."

"So that's why she hit me in the face..."Scourge said, now having a black eye.

"Ooo. She did that to you?"Fiona said, looking to the black eye.

Embarassed and confused, Hazel went away from Scourge and Fiona somwhere else and took a seat.

A racer in a 2005 Ford GT drafts a racer in a Ferrari F430 , but ends up bumping the car, causing both cars to lose control and spin out, before crashing on either sides of the roads. The drivers escape the car unscathed, taking off their helmets. (Am I godmodding?)

(No you aren't AU :D) Hazel watches the race, a lil' bit worried someone might get seriously injured. 

The coming to an end. (sorry bout that, we kinda need to end this chapter in a bit! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EDITED :D).

It was getting late, so Hazel decided to go hoe and sleep -w-.



Hazl got up, did all the morning stuffs??? Yesh, then she walk to skooool -w-.

River awoke to the sound of an alarm clock beeping. She shut it off, and still very tired, managed to get up and walk to the bathroom. She had gotten even less sleep last night, as her fears constantly woke her up.

In the bathroom, she examined herself in the mirror, and she saw what she expected. Bruises from yesterday's incident have formed; the darkest ones around her shoulder, and one smaller bruise on the left side of her face. She knew that if people saw it, they would ask questions, and then it would all go downhill from there. She had to cover it up somehow.

River put on a dark blue long-sleeved shirt, which covered the injuries on her shoulder and back. But the one on her face was a dead giveaway. She didn't have anything to cover that one up, but she found that if she let her quills down instead of a ponytail, it at least covered half of it.

She continued with her routine; eat breakfast, ride the train, and etc. Now she began to walk to school on her own at a slow pace.

Hedge woken and got ready for school that day he wonderd where his flute was and his golden sword even though he forgot he gave the sword to hazles faimly for protection ever sence Mephiles he had a copule of scratches and cuts on his arm from the forrest that he went to affter the race he cleaned thoughs up and was on his way

mean while else where MU HA HA HA HA HA soon yes soon I will have my revenge Tesla* the sound of wood and metal hiting side walk ( hedges flute and sword are lieing broken sharded on Teslas school route

At the same time, Upsilon had already begun making his way to school, although he was strangely alone today as he walked. He took note of this as he treaded the sidewalk, glancing around in a couple of directions before settling back on the school's direction. "I suppose they slept in," Upsilon wondered aloud. Although, the prospect of that was certainly peculiar. Usually Sigma and Theta were 30 - 45 minutes early to school. After all, Sigma was the person who always woke everyone up.

Nevertheless, Upsilon shrugged and continued his walk to school alone.

River, for some reason, decided to take a brief look behind her. She saw Upsilon coming up closer, not necessarily because he was walking fast, but because she was going so slow. She began to panic a little, hoping that he wouldn't come up to her and ask why she looked so different. She tried to avert her gaze from him...

River's attempt to not be seen by Upsilon didn't work, as Upsilon caught sight of River and sped up to go talk to her.

"Hey, River," he greeted warmly. Just then, he finally noticed how River's hair was down, and her blue long-sleeved shirt. "You look nice today. Is there a special occasion for the different clothes?"

River turned her head, showing the half hidden bruise on her face, "Oh, hey Upsilon! I just... kind of felt like wearing something different today..." She said, hoping he would believe it.

Upsilon saw River's bruise on her face and stopped dead in his tracks. He didn't really know what to say or how to address her bruise. Upsilon didn't want to be invasive and ask about it, but then again, he would be a bad friend if he didn't at least try to help...

"R-River..." He started warily, "What happened..?"

She looked at him, slowly becoming more panicked. She hadn't made up an excuse or a story to explain it, she didn't think this far. River took a step away from him,

"Ah... er- an... a little accident... last night..." She said, horribly messing up her words. DON'T STUTTER! She shouted in her mind, It looks too obvious!

"An accident?" Upsilon asked worriedly. "Oh, what happened? Nothing too bad, I hope?"

I wish... She thought. Memories of the events that played out yesterday repeated in her head. River tried to give an answer, but every time she tried she could bring out nothing but stutters. She just wanted to forget about Elias today, but she was just stuck there in her own silence. Her hands began to shake again as she kept thinking about it. River looked up at him, and gave the Mink a fearful look.

Out of some weird impulse, she quickly wrapped her arms around him tightly. She didn't know why she did it; maybe it was because she needed security? At this point, River didn't really care if he knew or not, she just wanted to forget everything that happened.

Upsilon glanced down at River, and gasped from the sudden and unexpected reaction she had. He really wasn't sure what was going on with her. He'd normally be blushing intensely at this moment, but he knew something terrible was troubling the cyan echidna. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around River's back and pulled her closer into him. Unsure of what to say, he just remained silent during the embrace.

"I... had someone visit me last night..." She muttered, but loud enough that only he could hear. River leaned her head on his shoulder a little bit, "... and, we got into an arguement..." She didn't continue any further, as she was too afraid to say more.

As he hugged her tighter, Upsilon slowly realized what happened to River last night. Whoever visited her must've hit her during the argument and given her those bruises. But, they hurt her within her own home...

Slowly, anger swelled through him. His expression became stern and serious. "Who visited you?" Upsilon asked, with a sharp bitterness in his tone.

"Elias-" River stopped herself from continuing that sentence. She's already said too much. She knew that somehow her Uncle would find out that she confessed, and she shuddered when thinking of those 'consequences' he mentioned. She looked at Upsilon, knowing he must have been furious,

"Please, don't... don't tell anyone. You have to understand... he's..." River buried her face into his shoulder, her entire body shaking. She was too frightened to go on her own.

After hearing Elias' name, Upsilon glared. He hugged River even tighter than before to try to stop her shaking, and brought his hand to her head. "But River, that man... whoever he is, he might try to hurt you again. I can't just not do anything or tell anyone about this... I don't want to see you hurt anymore..."

"I know... he's still here, but please..." She took a deep breath as an attempt to calm herself down. River felt some safety being held by him, and she blushed without realizing it. She didn't think anyone cared about her so much. No one really liked her growing up, she didn't have many close friends in the present, but, Upsilon...

She cleared her mind, and she knew she had to erase his misconception, "Please understand, Elias... he's my Uncle..."

Upsilon's eyes widened as soon as River had finished her sentence. "Y-your... your uncle?" he asked surprisedly, but his shocked manner sooned turned to anger. "Your uncle hit you?! Why?!"

That was something River wished she knew, but she tried to give her best response, "I don't know... when I was younger we used to get along fine, but in more recent years..."

After a moment of thinking over what she said, Upsilon stepped back and put his hands on River's shoulders, and looked into her eyes pointedly. "River, I don't think you should stay where you live anymore... at least for the time being. Elias knows where you live now... he might try to come back and hurt you even more than he already has."

"What are you implying...?" She asked. While she didn't want to just abandon her home, Upsilon was right. If she ever was home Elias could find her anytime. But, she didn't know where she could retreat to...

"Uhhhh..." Upsilon coughed into the elbow of his sleeve nervously. "I meant that, um... if you didn't have anywhere else to go, you could... erm...

"...stay with me temporarily?" As soon as he let those words escape his mouth he waved his hands frantically. "B-but I don't mean that in a weird way, o-or anything! I was just suggesting, i-if you needed another place to stay.."

Upon hearing that last statement, River's face blushed extremely red, contrasting against her fur a lot. She's never stayed at anyone's home before; especially not a GUY'S house. But, at the same time, she was a little relieved that he was so willing to help her.

"If I ever need it..." She shyly looked at him, "I'll come to you, okay?"

Upsilon gave off a small smile and put his hands in his pockets. "Okay, good... I just want to make sure you're safe from Elias."

"Thank you..." River said, and gained back some optimism. She grabbed his arm, "For now, lets get to school, shall we?"

Upsilon smiled at her and nodded. "Yes, let's." He then started to walk once more to school.

Meanwhile, Paws and Kniro were heading back to school. As they walked, they only spotted Upsilon and River. However Paws did not really want anything to do with them. Kniro wanted to say hi to them but he was a bit nervous, so he stayed behind with Paws.

"I still think they're dating..." Paws muttered.

"Why do you even care?!" Kniro snapped. "I only just met them yesterday but they are friendly, so...stop being so annoying..."

"Whatever..." Paws replied. Rage walked out the door, and started to walk to school. He saw River hugging Upsilon. Rage raised an eyebrow. "Seems like a date to me..." Rage muttered and kept walking to school, and accidently bumped into Paws.

Paws noticed Rage who had bumped into him. "Why do people bump into me so much recently?" he asked himself. Unlike when River had bumped into him the other day, Paws did not seem as annoyed about Rage.

Stormy walked into school with a hoddie covering her face and arms. She swayed side to side as she walked, limping and occasionally tripping. She headed to a bench with her backpack covering her face.

Hedge enters siting next to Stormy with his bandiged arms.

Stormy looks to Hedge from her backpack. Then she turned away, scrathing her arm.

River looked around, I really hope no one saw that... she thought, thinking about how she just hugged Upsilon out of nowhere, If someone did we'd be teased for weeks!

The day was already starting to look up now that she got everything off of her chest. She made a small smile, "So um, where are Sigma and Theta? Did they go ahead without you?" she asked him.

"I... honestly don't know," Upsilon said. "They're usually always on the walk to school this early. I think you've seen Sigma drag us along and practically screaming..." He looked in a couple of directions to see if the other two minks showed up yet. "I guess they just got to school really early today."

"Jeez, how do they manage to get going at this time? I still feel half awake... then again that could just be because I can never fall asleep at a reasonable time..." She laughed a little.

"Heh, yeah, I'm the same way," Upsilon agreed. "I stay up past midnight, normally. Theta's a night owl too, but Sigma loves waking him up at four in the morning for no real reason. No wonder Theta's such a grouch..."

"She's a really nice girl, but if I had to deal with that every morning..." River said, "Well, in a nutshell you would see me passed out in every class."

Upsilon chuckled at that. "I would be the same way, too." Suddenly, Upsilon got a bad feeling. He looked over his shoulder quickly, sensing something wasn't right, but he saw nothing and shook his head.

River saw him look back, and she glanced a little bit behind her as well, but of course didn't see anything. She was about to ask, but then she just shrugged it off as an impulse of his, and didn't mention it. But then she suddenly remembered, "Oh great... I completely forgot to do any homework last night..." she facepalmed, knowing that she would likely have to spend as much free time as she got doing the work she missed out on.

"Oh... you know, if you need help doing it before class starts, I can help you," Upsilon offered.

Hazel happily walked to her third period classroom to ask one of her teachers a question. Then, she slipped and fell in some mud.

"Ugh, no!"Hazel said, her skirt covered in mud. The, she began to get out of the mud. Walking backwards (away from the mud, not just because she is crazy XD) out of the mud, she fell into a deep hole. "Ow, not again, serously?!" Hazel said.

The hold closed in on Hazel "AH! HELP!"Hazel said, trying to dig herself out. But a pair of hands grabbed her! HAHAHAHAHAHA ITS THE CONJURING! JK.

Hedge blinks hesetently at Hazle falling in to the ground and then starts to dig after her echidna style

All that is left in the dirt from where Hedge digs is Hazel's 1<3 barette (love that thing :3).

River shrugged, "Well it's only work for every class after break, so I'm just going to wait till then to do it."

Upsilon nodded in response. "Alright, suit yourself."

Finally, the two of them arrived at the school, "Oh hey, we're already here... that took a little shorter than I thought." She commented, and proceeded to walk up to the doors.

Upsilon looked up to see the school building, and he was slightly blushing. He had been thinking of the hug the two shared before, but he shoved those thoughts out of his head for the moment and went through the main doors. Upsilon looked at his schedule to see his first period was Honors Math, which he strangely skipped on the first day...

"Hey, uh..." River awkwardly looked over to the side, "You don't think anyone saw that, right? That whole... hugging thing..." She glanced back up at him, "N-not that there was anything wrong with it or it was embarrassing! I actually really enjoyed it- er wait- what? I mean, I just don't want people to start thinking- agh- I mean I don't want them to tease us about it like yesterday..."

She facepalmed once more, realizing how stupid she had just sounded.

"Um..." Upsilon said confusedly. "No... no, I don't think anyone saw." He was only marginally hurt that she didn't want people to see them. She's probably embarrassed to be seen around me or something, Upsilon thought to himself bitterly. "Anyways... I'll, uh... I'll see you in P.E." He then abruptly walked off to his first period class.

"Oh.... okay...." River said in a soft tone as he left. Did... did I just mess that up? She asked herself, Oh god I probably messed that up! I didn't mean to- AGH I JUST DID THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WAS GOING FOR! she criticized herself in her head. She groaned in shame, and continued to go to her first class as well.

Hedge stose away the barette and cringes at his arm wounds and rolls down his sleaves so nobody see's them then heads too class

Stormy looked from her backpack to the ground. She got up, and sat down. She got up again, about to sit down again, but then she wobbed over to her locker, banging her head on the door (whatever) of the locker. Stormy slowly opened it, pulling out a bottle of water. Stormy, in less than a minute, drank more than half of the bottle. Then she stumbled over to class, opening the door to take a seat.

Henry greeted Stormy. "Hello there pet. Don't you look alive?" Henry smirked.

" more...."Stormy said tiredly.

"Don't struggle love. Want more injections?"Henry said, taking Stormy's chin. "Your cheeks are so soft...I could just kiss them..."

"Stop...."Stormy cried. " more..."

""Henry said.

Exsuse me!? Hedge said walking in on henry and stormy.

"Huh?!" Henry said, stepping back. "What are you doing here?! You can't be in here!"

Hedge pinches his eyes *Sigh look I've been in the military I'll go where ever I feel is important I'm rather streset right now I beter not here from you what I think I herd or I do have the right to report you too higher athority do you here and understand teacher henry?

"First of all, you adress me as can't do anything about what's going on scram, or I'll report you."Henry growled.

Hedge says* I don't * wistles a flying spec flys from Mr.wolf to hedge* This little thing was on you sence you retreved Hazle yesterday do you know what it is?* holding the spec out for a moment

"Yea, I know."Henry said, as a small bolt of lighning crushed the speck. "Ooops. Did I do that?"

"Meh not like the data is already in the data satlight even if you could scrap that memory too it won't matter for us all in the end once we all become doomed."

"The only one doomed is you and Stormy."Henry said, dissapearing w/ Stormy.

Angelo and his freinds were in to football field. One of Angelo's freinds held a bag filled with money from the race the previous night. 

Martin arrives at the football field. "Great race, last night. Where's the cut?" Martin said.

"Here."Angelo said, giving Martin a bag. "I have to admit, you have some skills. If you wanna race again anytime, just let me know!"Angelo said.

Meanwhile, Henry has brought Stormy to the teacher's parking lot.

"Now that boy is into this..."Henry growled.

"Ah!"Stormy screamed, trying to get away from Henry, but Henry pulls Stormy by her hips closer.

"Don't struggle! Want another needle?!"Henry growled, slapping Stormy. Stormy fell from the force of the slap, crying on the ground.

"Stop...please..."Stormy choked under tears.

Henry slapped Stormy again, before picking Stormy up and holding her close to him. "You're gonna tell Hedge nothing is going it?!"Henry said, pinching Stormy's arm.

"Ow! Yes, I understand!"Stormy cried,"All I want you to do is stop hitting me..."

Henry pushed Stormy back, causing Stormy to bang her back against the trashcan. Both the trashcan and Dtormy fell over.

"I'll hit you whenever I want! And if you don't obey me, I'll hit you more!" Henry growled. "Go to class..."

Tears running down her cheeks, Stormy left to her class.

Rage saw everything that happened on the way to the school, because he took the scenic route.

Rage walked up to Henry.

"Hey, what the heck was that about, huh?" Rage said.

Hedge seen Milly headed his way and he felt he did not want to deal with anyone right now so he rushed to class

"None of your buiness kid. Get to class."Henry said as he, very upset, went to his classroom.

Rage stopped him from heading to the classroom.

"No, I am not having it right now. You hit a girl, you hit me, and hitting me, ooooh thats a bad mistake mister." Rage nearly shouted in his face.

"What are you gonna do about it?!"Henry said,"Touch me, I'll report you. Tell the district or the police,Stormy will die!"

"I don't care what happens to me. If I hear or see you hurt one of my friends, i'll make you wish you were 6 feet under, bub." Rage said. Rage headed to class.

Henry glared at Rage before storming (that pun tho) off to his classroom.

Stormy wiped her tears with a tissue at her locker.

Rage ran up to Stormy.

"Hey Storm, you alright?" Rage asked

Stormy blushed when she saw Rage. "R-Rage! U-um, I'm fine, just...something..."

"Mr. Wolf, I know. Listen, it won't happen again, and if it does, it won't happen after that. I talked to him and he should stop." Rage explained.

"Rage, I'm not safe in my own home...Henry's gonna get me, no matter what you or I do. Thanks for sticking up for me, but it doesn't work that way..."Stormy sighed, getting her books for the next class.

"If I have to kill him, I don't care. If it'll keep my friends safe i'll do it, thats how I am. Im not gonna kill him now, but if I beat him senseless after he does it again... again, then i'll kill em, I don't care." Rage explained.

"Rage, you can't kill a teacher!"Stormy said (not loud),"Rage, he won't, at least I hope not, again. Th-thanks for talking to Henry though...nobody's ever stuck up for me before..."

"Alright... well stay safe." Rage said as he walked into the classroom.

"Bye..."Stormy said, going over to her 1st per. classroom.

Tesla then randomly teleports to the 1st per classroom with a black and blue bracelet.

1st period

Mr.Wolf teaches the class about... science?? (isn't 1st period math???? 1<3: *bangs my head on the wall*)


A black mink with light brown eyes enters the room. She reports to the teacher before going to sit in Hazel Moon's seat (because it's empty :p). Stormy sits in back of her. She seems to be familiar with her. Angelo, sitting a few seats away,is open mouthed staring at her.

Tesla sits somewhere near Stormy, and Alinoa walks in minutes later.

Stormy pulls her hoodie over her head, covering her bruised face. Henry sees this and smirks. Angelo walks up to the mink. "U-um, I'm sorry if I've mistaken you, but are you Kerli Shell?"

"Yes, why do you a-"Kerli paused. "Angelo?"

"Kerli..."Anglo blushed, his stomach in knots. "U-um..."

"Wow, it's...been so long, I couldn't even...tell it was you..."Kerli said.

"I'll t-talk to you later...."Angelo said, going back to his seat.

Stormy glared to Kerli. "Hey brother stealer..."

Kerli looked to Stormy. "Stormy? I thought Angelo and I were older than you."

"I skipped a few grades..."Stormy said. "That's Hazel's purse!" Stormy said, pointing to Kerli's messenger bag purse.

"What?! Who's Hazel???"Kerli said.

"No, it's Hazel's! She has the same BVB sticker on the right side and a small rip on the left side!" Stormy said.

Kerli looked confused at Stormy. "I....I don't know what to say to that. I just got this yesterday. Maybe all the bags are like that.."

River walked into the classroom, trying to make her quills cover the left side of her face as much as she could. She sat in the same place she did yesterday, and said nothing. The girl, even though she was somewhat relieved, had an equal amount of worry as well. She was glad she could confess and get everything off her chest, but at the same time she feared the consequences of doing so. She looked out the window, trying to focus on something else for the time being.

Paws and Kniro walked into the class. As usual, Paws sat in the back corner. Kniro looked around, and seeing as River was the only one he really knew, he decided to go sit near her. However he had a feeling something was wrong.

"Hey Kniro," she waved at him, thankfully showing her untouched side.

"Hi," Kniro replied. "How are you today?"

"Eh... pretty rough morning. Could have been better, but it wasn't the worst." River responded, trying to act a bit more optimistic.

"Oh, kinda seems like you're upset about something...well I hope things get better for you anyway..." Kniro replied, hoping he was not bothering River too much.

"Ah, I'm fine! I'm... I'm alright." She laughed a little as an attempt to reassure him.

Stormy glared at Kerli. "You stole that from Hazel...I always knew you were a little theif...have you assasinated Hazel? It that why she isn't here today?"

As soon as he heard that, Tesla's eyes widen, and looks up, because he was reading a book. His eyes glow green.

Kerli's stomach went in knots and she began to sweat. "F-first of all...I don't even steal anymore...s-s-second...quict being the little b*** you are, will you?!"Kerli said.

"No!"Stormy said (Not loudly though)."Quit lieing! You might be a pretty sneaky theif, but you are a terrible liar!"

Kerli paused. "......You know what, this is tupid. You are nothing but a stupid child, when I talk yo you it's like talking to a wall, I shouldn't bother..."

Stormy folded her arms. "Great comeback brother stealer..."

Kerli sighed, opening a book. Angelo bit his lip, staring at Kerli. "K-Kerli, do-," Angelo paused,"How are you?"

Kerli smiled to Angelo. "I know what you were going to ask me."

"Hehe..."Angelo scratched the back of his head.

"My response is no." Kerli said, starting to continue her book.

"W-what?! Why?!"Angelo said.

"Because...I am a widow..."Kerli frowned.

"I-I know, that's tough girl, but what about us?! You didn't say that four months ago!"Angelo said.

"I was weak to you four months ago, Angelo. Now I m stronger, and no longer need you."Kerli said.

"....................okay..............."Angelo said sadly, walking back to his desk.

Kerli sighed, feeling bad. But then she just ignored Angelo, reading.

"Okay..." Kniro mumbled, although he was still not very reassured. He looked around the class again. "Hey, have you seen any of those minks today? I only saw Upsilon this morning once..."

River shrugged, "I don't know; and he said he had no idea either."

"Oh well...I hope they're alright..." Kniro remarked.

Just then, Sigma sneaked quietly into the classroom as to not disturb the teacher. Seeing that the teacher wasn't really doing anything at the moment, she walked normally to an empty seat and sat down.

Kniro noticed Sigma. Oh, there she is, he thought. He waved to her.

Sigma saw Kniro wave, waved back and got up from her seat, and went over to his desk. "Hiya, Kniro!" Sigma greeted. She looked over at River, too. "Hey, River!"

"There you are, Sigma!" River said, "I was starting to get a little bit worried about you... what happened?"

Tesla tries to call Hazel. He must make sure that whatever Stormy said is not true.

The phone doesn't answer, but vibrating comes from Kerli's pocket. Kerli looked like she's seen a ghost. She didn't move as she pretended to read a book.

Rage walks in the classroom, and takes a seat the left of River, seeing as it was one of the few seats left.

Rage looks at River and sees half of the bruise.

"You know, i'd ask what that bruise is about but im not really in the mood..." Rage whispered to River.

She tensed up after hearing Rage's remark. She didn't say anything, but she was thankful he didn't delve too far. River tried to appear relaxed, but on the inside she was worrying about how obvious and visible the little injury was. She leaned over towards Rage and whispered back, "I'd... prefer it if you don't say anything about it..."

Rage put his finger against his lips and made a "Lips are sealed" motion.

Tesla leaves a voicemail. "Uh, hi, Hazel. Just making sure that you're okay... love you." Tesla said.

Kerli clutches onto her book, looking around the room, but not moving her head. Stormy glared at Kerli.

"Tesla, there's something I need to tell you." Stotmy said to Tesla, turning to him.

"Yes?" Tesla looks at Stormy.

"Kerli, that mink, she's been an assasin ever since she was thirteen, I'm pretty sure even younger. I think it really weird that Hazel's missing, Kerli has the same exact bag as Hazel, and when you tried to call Hazel Kerli's phone rang..." Stormy said.

Sigma looked back and forth from River to Rage confusedly, but then she shrugged. "I was... ah, um... I was running some errands! Yeah, that's what I was doing! Heheh...."

Rage raised an eyebrow. He knew when people keep secrets, or aren't mentioning something. "Sig, is there something you're not mentioning? Sure seems like it." Rage asked

"W-what? Me? Holding something back? Ha!" Sigma laughed nervously. "Pish-posh! Besides, what I did wasn't that important, anyways."

Rage whispered to River. "She's hiding something..." Rage whispered

"... yeah..." She responded to Rage in a hushed tone. River wasn't really used to seeing Sigma be so nervous,

"So, is Theta here too?" She asked.

"T-Theta..? Oh, um... yeaahhhh, he's feeling under the weather today, so he decided to, erm, stay home!" Sigma replied. She glanced towards her seat. "I'm just going to sit down now..." She then slided over to her desk and sat down, trying to avoid eye contact with River and Rage.

River didn't really believe what Sigma was saying, but in order not to seem rude she didn't ask any further questions. Maybe she would ask Upsilon about it later, even though it was likely that he wouldn't know the answer, but it's worth a shot since he knows them better than she does. She gave Rage a confused glance, then shrugged.

"But what does this mean, Stormy?" Tesla said. "Does that mean... Hazel is--"

"Captured by Kerli. I knew it. She's getting paid for it ovbiously, because I can tell her and Hazel don't have history together. But who aould want Hazel now?" Stormy said.

"We'll think about that later-- Right now, Hazel's in trouble, and Kerli will tell me where she is." Tesla said in a bit of a threatning matter.

"Don't even try, she won't spit it out. She never does."Stormy said, galring to Kerli. Kerli threw a wicked smile before going to read her book some more.

"Well, guess what? I'm the one who has the Sixth Sense. I can use it to get all the info I need to track her down." Tesla said, as he uses the sixth sense to find out where Hazel is at. He strains and groans in effort, like he's going #2.

"T-Tesla, you might want to cover yourself or something-"Stormy said, getting a sweatdrop. "This doesn't look right-"

"It's not what you think it is!" Tesla said. Seconds later... he stopped. "She's at 3245 Parkensons Av. in the basement."

"Oh...Um...How do we get there?" Stormy said, biting her lip.

Tesla brings out a device that is almost indistinctive to a Game Boy Color. "Arsesys." Tesla said.

"Oh...okay..."Stormy said, looking to the device.

"What the heck was with that...?" Kniro whispered towards River and Rage.

"No idea, but I know Sigma's hiding something." Rage whispered bak

"It kinda seems like she did something bad to Theta...which is weird, she seemed so friendly yesterday...I hope nothing bad happened." Kniro remarked.

Kerli knew she'd been caught. She asked the teacher to go to the nurse's office; she felt like going home. Kerli quickly exited the classroom trying not to panic.

"... Maybe we'll figure it out later..." River suggested, and as she was exhausted from last night's lack of rest, she laid her head on her desk and began to fall asleep.

Rage occupied himself by snapping his fingers and making sparks fly out, not hitting anything or anyone, but just to amuse himself(He's not shooting sparks at anything, just snapping his fingers making sparks come out of the tip of his fingers)

One of Rage's sparks hits Scourge, the "bad guy" at Gem High.

"AGH!" Scourge exclaimed.

Rage got up, about to apologise.

"Hey, watch whatcha doin'" Scourge said as he shoved Rage back.

Rage gets back up.

"It was an accident." Rage muttered.

"Accident my a**" Scourge said and punched Rage.

Rage gets back up and punches Scourge down and punches him 3 times.

River snaps awake from the sudden commotion and stands up, "Huh? HEY!" she shouted at the two Hedgehogs, trying to get their attention, "What the heck is this all about!?!"

"This sunava bit** here just shot me with fire." Scourge explained.

"Lies lies lies, it was an accident." Rage explained, his fire aura rising and getting hotter from anger.

"Shut the he** up" Scourge said in Rage's face.

Rage shoved him, and Scourge shoved him back, Rage falling on the ground.

"You better watch who your messin' with, 'cause no one messes with the king of this school, baby!" Scourge said.

Tesla stands up. "You better chill out, Scourge!"

"Shut up" Scourge muttered to Tesla.

Rage got back up. He looked Scourge dead in the eye and said, "After school 3:00." He wanted to fight, but he's not gonna give it all he's got with teachers and cameras around.

The teacher calls for attention and says; "We have a new student today, her name is Lyra the Hedge-Wolf and she will be in this school for the year, welcome to Gem High Lyra." Lyra dips her head and heads to her new desk, which is right next to Rage and sits down.

"Everyone listen up. Mr. Firepants here is going to be dead the next day, so pay your respects..." Scourge announced.

Rage's fire aura nearly exploded.

"Your lucky im not gonna kick your a** here..." Rage said.

"Your not gonna kick my a** period. We'll see who's a** gets kicked today." Scourge replied.

"Hey," River spoke up in a low tone, as she was mildly irritated, "Just go back to your seat already; the smacktalk's getting annoying..." she said, referring to both of them, but mostly Scourge.

"Shut your mouth, I ain't afraid to hit a girl..." Scourge muttered.

"You hit a girl, or anyone, I will end you, do you hear me?" Rage said.

Rage sat down too.

She glared at the green Hedgehog, and clenched her fist. She breathed deeply to calm down, There's already enough tension as it is, don't try fighting him... River thought, Besides, you should be used to people threatening you like that...

Tesla looks at River. "Yeah, that was Scourge. They say he's cool. I say he's an a**hat." Tesla said.

"He's supposed to be the quote on quote Tough Guy... Honestly, I don't see anything tough about that clown..." Rage explained.

"well, except for the fact that he was from a parralel universe, and impersonated as Sonic The Hedgehog." Tesla said.

"I can see why everyone's afraid of him. "Oooh look at me im a rip off of Sonic, Im awesome and cool and tough." Please, I can whoop Sonic's a** if I seriously wanted to..." Rage said to Tesla.

Stormy stared at the clock, waiting for class to end. "Ugh..."she said, covering her face with her hoddie as she tried to text Hazel.

"Anyways, I'm Tesla Newell." Tesla said to River.

Hazel walked into the classroom, books in her hand. She wore sunglasses and a school uniform. She sat down in her seat, reading a book.

"Hazel! You're back! How did you escape?" Tesla said.

"E-escape?! I just got up late today, so...yea...Sorry if I scared you or something."Hazel said.

"Oh..." Tesla said. Looks like my Sixth Sense has failed me...

Hazel's hand trembled violently, causing her pen to fall. When she picked it up, he sunglasses fell. Hazel's eyes were a shiny light brown. Hazel quickly picked up her sunglasses and put them on. 

"U-Um, sorry about that!" Hazel said.

"Hazel... your eyes... since when did they change color?" Tesla said, his hand on Hazel's shoulder.

"...................."Hazel didn't know what to say. Her hands trembled violently again. Then she got an idea. "Tesla, to tell you the truth, I wear contacts, okay? I couldn't find them'm wearing sunglasses..."

"Wow. Didn't know sung;asses could help you see.." Tesla said

"I-I can see perfectly, it's just-um- I wear the color contacts because...I don't like my brown eyes." Hazel said; now her leg was tembling slightly.

"Hey... It's OK. Contacts only seemed to hide your indentity. Just be yourself, because that's who you really are." Tesla said, his arm around Hazel, smiling.

Hazel felt sudden relief. "O-Oh...Thanks for being s-so undrestanding Tes...I thought you'd be really upset  with me..."Hazel said blushing.

Lyra, hearing the conversation, tries to keep quiet and turns to her a notebook and starts drawing a rune on the paper. 



Hazel stumbled over to her next class, practically running out the door. Stormy ran after Hazel, wondering what the heck was going on with her...

The second period teacher waited for the class to enter the room.

Lyra enters the Band room and brings out her beautiful flute and starts practicing, only it was the most hardest piece and she was playing it beautifully. 

Hazel sat in the back of the room, her face in a book as she pressed against the corner of the room. Srormy looked confused at Hazel.

Hegde seen Hazle and was releaved to see her He tossed Her Berate to her but acidently beamed it off her head landing next to her Hedge got emberased at that eyes shrunk and his head jurked back to the teacher hoping hazle didn't notece.

Tesla walks in, and sits next to Hazel. "Hey, Hazel. What's wrong?" Tesla said.

Hazel cought her hair thing XD. "Hm? N-nothing! Why?" Hazel said, closing her book.

"Well, just making sure. You can trust me, right, love?' Tesla said.

"O-of course I can!" Hazel said. "Oh, the PE teacher is coming."

River walks into the gym with her right hand placed over her left upper arm. The P.E. clothes that they were required to wear were short-sleeved, which unfortunately showed the bruises she had managed to cover earlier. People had already seen the one on her face, but she worried about their reactions if they saw the larger and darker ones. Luckily, her quills were long enough, and if she positioned them the right way, the injuries would be mostly unseen.

She stood in the corner, waiting for class to begin.

"Hellloooooo childdeerrrreeeen~! My name is Ms.K, mkaaay~"the teacher said. "Today we're gon' do some writing~"Ms.K said."Now, I want three short paragraphs on why it is important to stay active, mkaay~?"

"Hmm... sure." Tesla said. He gets out a paper and begins writing so fast, that he actually finished 3 paragraphs within a minute. He gave the paper to Ms. K. "Hope I didn't misspell anything." Tesla said, before walking back to his seat.

"OK, thank you~"Ms.K said, taking the paper. To her amazement, it was a well written essay.

Hazel finished hers quickly, turning it into the teacher and walking back to her seat. Hazel kept checking how she looked in the mirror, before looking around and seeing Fleetway!!!

Fleetway walked in, boys school uniform on. He smiled to Hazel, and Hazel clutched her hands together.

Tesla leers at Fleetway. Dont we already have enough Sonic wannabes?

"...Ooookaaay then..." River muttered to herself, and began to do as the assignment told her to do. She began to realize how odd the teachers at this school were, and how a lot of them were mildly uncomfortable to be around. After a few minutes or so had passed, she had finished the writing and handed it in to the teacher, not saying anything.

Upsilon and Sigma walked into the classroom area together as they were talking on their way to the next period. They quickly finished the writing assignment and stood… somewhere.

"Fleetway! What are you doind here???" Hazel said, getting a sweatdrop. She trembled again.

"I dunno..."Fleetway hissed,"I thought I'd come stalk to you again.."

"Aw,"Hazel said, trembling more,"I didn't think you'd want to..."

"Who is this?" Fleetway hissed to Tesla.

"This is Tesla!" Hazel said. "My boyfreind."

"Boyfreind? I didn't know." Fleetway smirked.

"Yea!" Hazel said, heart racing. "Do you wanna sit down with us?"

"I suppose~" Fleetway said.

"He looks a lot like Sonic... maybe some sort of recolor." Tesla said. "No offense to you, that's just the way I... think."

Fleetway glared at Tesla. "The maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself you-"

"Fleet. No." Hazel said, holding Fleetway's hand. "Not here.."

Fleetway held onto Hazel's hand tightly. "Hmph."

"Sorry about that. Wont happen again." Tesla said.

Hedge senses the Chaos energy from Fleetway and tenses from it his quills point strait up blushing because of his stand out hair (literaly).

Hazel looked to Hedge. She knew that Hedge could sense Fleetway wasn't easily controlled. Fleetway calmed down, but held Hazel's hand, shaking.

"Don't get so easily offended, Fleet.."Hazel said.

Fleetway looked away.

"I assume that he was your boyfriend before me?" Tesla said.

Hedge reseved a small headache and turned slowly too Fleetway he was somewhat remembering what happened in the past at the school and gave a low toned growl to Fleetway.

"...."Hazel looked down and didn't respond.

Fleetway looked to Hazel sadly. "I don't think you should know." Fleetway hissed. "Hazel took care of me when I was about to die. That's it."

Fleetway sunk his claws into Hazel just a bit. "Ow...Fleetway, stop." Hazel said in pain.

Fleetway took his hand away from Hazel. "S-sorry, I didn't mean to.."

Hazel looked at the clawmarks on her hand. "It's okay.."

"So... Fleetway... Where did you come from? Maybe an alternate dimension, time, Mexico?" Tesla said.

"I wish I came from Mexico..."Fleetway said with a sigh,"I am in need of a vacation. Anyways, I don't know where I came from. Even if I did, I would never tell you.."

"OK... I think I'm just gonna stop talking to you since you're just constantly shooting me down..." Tesla said, feeling challenged by him.

"I am going to go now Hazel. It's better for me to be alone, I'm not good around others as you can see." Fleetway said.

"Okay...."Hazel said. Just when Fleetway was going to go, Hazel grabbed his hand. "Fleetway, tell me if you don't feel so well, okay?"

Fleetway nodded, before walking away.

Hazel turned her head, and from her neck several bitmarks and scars were seen. Hazel covered her neck with her hair.

"Hey-- where did all those scars come from?" Tesla said, a bit scared.

Hazel looked terrified. Fleetway, from a distance away, gave Hazel a glare. "Scars? Oh, um, I...had an accident...they were there for a long time.."

She's hiding something, Tesla thought. "Well, I hope you get better, soon, love." Tesla held Hazel's hands.

Hazel gave Tesla a hug. Fleetway turned away.

"Tesla, Fleetway won't let go of me." Hazel whispered. "He's jealous."

"Jealous?" Tesla whispered. "Is it because of me? I dont know what I did to make him think like that." Still whispering.

"He already knew I had a boyfreind. I don't know how, he just does. Last night he came to my house to see if I had ony chaos energy pills with me. When I told him I'd call you if you didn't leave me alone. He go so jealous I had a relationship he started to attack me. "

"Well, he should've attacked me. Dont worry, Hazel. I'll make sure he dosen't hurt you again." Tesla said, putting his arm around Hazel, so he's pratically hugging her.

Hazel hugged Tesla. Hazel was quickly pulled away from Tesla by Fleetway. Fleetway held on tightly to Hazel's shirt.

Tesla stands up. "A little birdie told me everything. Now I'm looking for a fight." He said to Fleetway, clecnhing his fists.

"You shouldn't have done that. Now you're going to make me fight with this guy, huh?" Fleetway hissed to Hazel, before throwing her across the room and facing Tesla. Hazel knocked out from the blow, and Fleetway hissed as he was charged with chaos energy.

"OH, O-- OHH, OKAY! YOU PUREBRED SPITF***! EAT A F***ING D***!" Tesla said, but then, all the lights dimmed out, and Tesla's blue arrow and eyes turned glowing green.

The teacher screamed.

Fleetway glowed a bright yellow, illuminating the whole room. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! TRYING TO DEFEND HER, HUH?! HOW SWEET~! I CAN SEE YOU HAVE POWER, BUT NOT AS MUCH AS I DO!"

The electricity begins to illuminate the entire room as it flows through Tesla's veins at supersonic speed, creating a weird "throbbing" sound. He soon begins to levitate in the air, and his quills begin to lift up. Everything that uses electricity is drawing closer to Tesla, and all the electrical circuits start to withdraw from all the equipment and into Tesla. The sound gets louder and louder, and the sky becomes darker and darker, becoming SO dark that it becomes greenish.

Fleetway charged at Tesla using his chaos energy to throw lasers at Tesla (what?)

River turned and saw Upsilon and Sigma; relieved that there was someone that wasn't trying to get involved with this strange student apparently named "Fleetway". She began to sort of shuffle over towards them, trying to look kind of inconspicuous. But after a few moments, she shrugged and just walked over to them normally, there wasn't that much of a reason to be shy when approaching them. The girl stood behind Upsilon,

"... Hey."

"Everyone evacuate!" the teacher said, guiding the students out of the room. One of Fleetway's bolts (whaaaat?) almoat hit her.

An Electric type! This is gonna difficult.. Tesla thought. Electric types are less affected by electric moves. Tesla spoke in an unnatural and sort of mechanical voice. "Let's blow the roof of this place." He said, then blasted off in to the sky, piercing through the roof. The sky is completely buried in thunderstorms, and nothing can be heard except for the rapid thunder.

"GET BACK HERE!" Fleetway hissed, going through the roof to get to Tesla. Chaos power surged through him as he shot several rounds of bolts(???) to him.

Tesla reflects almost all the bolts, sending it back to Fleety. Tesla charges up and fires 2 lasers of electricity from his hands.

Hedge uses spinball against Fleetway repetedly leting his rage get the better of him puting him at risk of tesla hiting him in the prosses

"HEDGE, **** OFF! THIS DOSENT INVOLVE YOU!" Tesla shouted.

Hedge starts remembering this same thing happening with mephilles and tesla he yells at the top of his lungs stops the ground caving in the whole school and runs off knocking over multipull students in his way leaving the school grounds.

"Hahahahahha! You upset ou freind,how saaaad!" Fleetway said, making a pretend sad face. "All for a silly girl. Ooo, where is the b***?" Fleet way said, diving into the ruins of the school. He picked up Hazel's weak unconicous body. Hazel was covered in bruises and scars, with a possiblr broken arm.

"Broken?" Fleetway nudged Hazel'a arm. Hazel screamed in pain.

Tears ran down Tesla's eyes, then, HE CHARGED AT FLEETWAY AND BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM! He began punching Fleetway 60 times at a very rapid pace.

Rage ran up to what was happening.

"Sorry im late for cla- WHOA. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" Rage exclaimed.

Hedge returns standing near rage with a strange looking device that looks like an oversized tazer shoots it at fleet way it starts draining his chaos energy and rapidly. <----- Hedge has all sorts of Mary Sue devices.... ~ Alphonse Uprising

Fleetway fell back, getting beat the crap out of my hedge and tesla O_O;. Hazel was thrown by fleetway once more, falling.

Rage nearly exploded in Rage at what happened. He charges towards Fleet without even thinking anything through.

Tesla goes flying after Hazel, catching her. "Hazel!" 

Hazel lands in Tesla's arms. Hazel looked at Tesla, and her eyes were hazel again. 

Gunshots were fired. Fleetway tires to take Hazel, and Hazel hlds onto Tesla.

"Hazel, you have to get away! Run, my love! I'll find you later!" Tesla said to Hazel.

Hazel kissed Tesla, hugging him. Fleetway suddenly fell out of the sky, making a crator in the ground when he fell.

Hedge crushes the energy tazer and tosses it aside walking away.

Tesla walks towards Fleetway, every footstep, electricity sparks out underneath his feet. His hands charge up. "I am not about to be finished with you, Fleetway. You attacked my girlfriend, you destroyed this school, you terrorized my friends." Tesla said, and he finally got close to Fleetway. He puts his foot on Fleetway's head. "I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!" Tesla yelled, and is about to step on and crush his head.

"No!" Kerli puched Tesla in the face, getting Fleetway.

Fleetway was shocked, looking Kerli in the eyes. Kerli picked up Fleetway, running away. Fleetway held onto Kerli as she ran.

Tesla turns back to normal, and the clouds slowly break up. He slowly gets up, looking at Fleetway and Kerli run away, letting them go.

"Tesla!" Hazel said, running over to Tesla. "Are you okay?"

Tesla falls down, unconscious. Because of how long he was in his "perfect" state, it did syphon a lot of energy from his life forces.

Hazel gasped. She crouched down to Tesla, not knowing what to do. The got out her cell phone and called the ambulance. The amblusce picked up Tesla and Hazel and took them to the hospital to recover??? yesh???


A messeage from the principal came on, and it sounded very static-y??? "Attention students, please go home. We will send a letter to your homes when it it safe to come back to school."

Rage walked out of the school. It was 2:30. He had 30 minutes until he fought Scourge.

Upsilon and Sigma exited out of the front doors of the school. They were genuinely confused about what had just happened in P.E. class. "Um, well, our ride home is gonna be an hour or so..." Sigma thought aloud. Upsilon just shrugged. "I suppose we're waiting, then."

River left the school, just simply not caring anymore. This year was close to absolute hell compared to the previous one. Last year, about the worst that happened to her was that she got that scar on her knee and had some awkward conversations, but now... being attacked by Elias, dealing with Paws, being threatened by Scourge, having your ENTIRE SCHOOL become a battleground between two guys... why couldn't I just stay home for once? she thought.

She just kept walking, frustrated, exhausted, and completely unfocused...

Kerli took Fleetway to her house.  

"So...we don't have her anymore, huh?" Fleetway said.  

"Ha! Like I'd let the real Hazel go. I just need to get a better clone. The one with Tesla is most likely broken." Kerli said.  

Fleetway was shocked."Wait, what?! B-But tha one had-"  

"Hazel eyes. While looking for the Hazel copy in the ruins, i found her and put contacts on her. She should be a good copy."Kerli said. "I just need to fix her when I see her."  

"W-where's the real Hazel?" Fleetway said.  

"Safe, tucked away in the basement." Kerli said. 

"......Wow. Kerli, you're amazing." Fleetway said.  

"I know, I know..." Kerli smiled, hugging Fleetway.

Looking up, Upsilon saw River walking angrily away from the school. He wasn’t sure if he should go over there and see what was wrong; River didn’t necessarily look in the happiest of moods. Still, he wanted to make sure she was okay.

“Uh, River?” Upsilon called out to her. He stepped closer towards her direction. “You okay?”

Kniro and Paws walked out of the school. They got caught up in some weird...thing that happened therfore their day was pretty much nothing.

"What an eventful day." Paws said sarcastically.

"Yeah, nothing really happened..." Kniro replied. "And now we have to go home for some reason..." He saw Upsilon and Sigma, and River walking off. "Theta is creepily gone with Sigma acting...creepy, and River is just acting depressed or something..."

"Why do you even care about them?!" Paws yelled.

"Why do you hate them so much?!" Kniro replied.

"How many times are you going to ask me that?!" Paws cried. "As I've already said, whatever..."

River turned at the sound of her name, recognizing Upsilon's voice. Just him being there lightened her up a little bit; he was one of the few good parts of the year so far. She approached him, hoping that she hadn't worried him too much already, "Yeah... I guess... just... it's been a pretty stressful day and all..."

The girl didn't think it could get much worse already, but, she didn't know that she would soon be proven wrong...

“Alright, just making sure,” Upsilon glanced back at the school building. “That fight was crazy… it’s only the second day of school and everyone’s at each other’s throats.” He gave off a small smile. “Well, at least we’ll have a peaceful early day, right?”

"I really hope so..." River significantly calmed down already. She's noticed that things seem a little better when he's around, and she wasn't completely sure why. "So, anyways, earlier I wanted to ask-"

"- River?" an all too familiar voice sounded from behind her. Hesitantly, she turned around, and saw a tall red Echidna with icy blue eyes. Her heart skipped a beat, and every muscle in her body froze. Elias had found her. She didn't know how, but he found her. "I heard there was absolute chaos at a nearby school, and I was getting a bit worried about you."

Normally she would have found it strange that he was acting like this, but then again, they were both in public, and right in front of another person too. Of course, he would show his true self to only her, and no one else. River remained quiet, but her Uncle took notice of the dark purple Mink she was talking to. He approached them, and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, making her flinch,

"Excuse my Niece and I; we'll be on our way back home."

Elias turned her around, and began to walk away with her. She quickly turned her head back towards Upsilon, her eyes wide but paralyzed in fear. Before she could do anything else, the older Echidna tightly gripped her bruised shoulder, sending a rush of pain through her. He whispered into her ear,

"You didn't tell him anything... did you...?" He asked, and she finally rose to speak,

"N-no... I... I didn't..." She responded,

"River... I have known you for fifteen years... I know when you're lying..." He whispered menacingly into her ear, "Remember the consequences..."

The girl looked back once more, her entire body trembling with fear...

Tesla wakes up in the hospital.

Paws and Kniro, who were still standing by the school, saw Elias walk off with River.

"There's something about that guy I don't like..." Paws muttered.

"What, because he's an echidna?" Kniro asked.

"Well, that, but..."

"But what?" Kniro asked. "It's probably just her dad coming to pick her up or something..."

"No..." Paws replied. "He reminds me more of...I don't know..."

"Okay then..."

By the way he had forcefully grabbed River’s arm, in addition to how he used the term “niece”, Upsilon reasoned that the older red echidna was River’s uncle, Elias. After realizing that fact, rage swelled through the dark purple mink.  He was looking at the guy who had the nerve to hurt one of his friends, and to come to their own school. And by the way River had looked at him with such fear, Upsilon knew that he would only continue unless he was stopped…

As much as he wanted to punch Elias in the face then and there, he decided that he should try to avoid conflict as peacefully possible first. Upsilon quickly grabbed River’s wrist before she and her uncle could go too far, and started to gently pull her towards his direction. “Sir, your niece and I have something to work on for school. I would appreciate it if she stayed here with me.”

Elias looked down at Upsilon with much skepticism; he knew that the boy was trying to protect her. However, he had to play along in order not to cause a scene, "What kind of assignment?" he asked. River quickly responded,

"Uhm... Sci- no, er- French!" She stuttered, "We have some... French papers th-that are due tomorrow..."

"Oh really..." Elias grumbled, knowing that he wouldn't be able to get his way this time, "Fine, I'll leave you both to your own devices." He approached River once more, leaned in close to her, and whispered one last thing,

"You were fortunate this time... but don't think your luck won't run out..." He turned around and walked away, leaving the two of them alone. River watched as he left, holding her breath... until finally he was out of earshot. She took in a gasp of air and shuddered, slowly returning to an easy breathing pace. She was safe for now. The girl looked back at Upsilon, who's hand still held hers, and out of nowhere she wrapped her arms around him again.

"Th-thank you... thank you so much..." River said, holding a little tighter, "No one... no one has ever really stopped him before..."

Upsilon returned the hug without hesitation as he mulled over the cyan echidna’s words. If nobody ever stopped her uncle before, how long had River been putting up with this? Upsilon shuddered slightly at the thought of her being harmed for so long and nobody having a clue…

“Of course,” He replied calmly, but soon a serious tone was in his voice. “Do you think you will be safe tonight at your home?”

"No, not at all..." River sighed, and she began to remember what he said earlier that day. She was a little bit nervous in doing so, but she would do anything to get away from that monster of a relative, "... I'll take up your offer, if that's alright..."

Nodding, Upsilon thought of the ways he would have to prepare the house for River. “Alright then,” he said, “Is there anything you want to bring over to make you feel more at home? We can go fetch it quickly if so.”

"I don't really have that many personal things, so, I'll just bring what I need." River said, "Like... clothes and such... are you sure your family will be okay with this?"

"I asked them already, and they said they were more than okay," Upsilon assured. "Besides, we've taken in others before, so it's no big deal."

"Oh... alright..." River was able to bring a small smile across her face, and she softly grasped his hand as to guide him, "Come on, I'll lead the way."

Upsilon looked down at their interlocked hands, and his face began to blush. He still hadn't have gotten over the feeling of their hands together, and it made him slightly nervous. "O-Okay..." He stammered.

She led him down the normal path she took to the train station, and she was hoping to ease some tension, "So, uh... do you know how Theta's doing? Sigma was kind of acting weird on the subject..."

Upsilon recalled back to the day prior. “When I last saw him yesterday, he was perfectly fine. But Sigma insisted that he was sick, and decided she would help him out at his house along with one of my other friends… but, I haven’t seen or heard from Theta and my other friend since… hm.”

River looked down at the ground as she walked, "I just hope nothing too bad happened... Sigma was starting to get me pretty worried during Math..."

She looked up as they had arrived at the station, and she checked the arrival and departing times as she didn't know what they were at this time of day. Luckily for them, the next one was supposed to arrive in several minutes.

“I don’t think Sigma would hurt either of them, especially not Theta,” Upsilon said, “... considering how much they like each other. I’m sure they’re alright.” He looked at the amount of time the train would take to get to the station. He was somewhat excited, for he had never even gone on a train before.

"Oh, uh, sorry- I didn't mean to imply anything like that..." River nervously laughed, hoping she hadn't sounded too odd. Suddenly, the sound of rattling metal was heard in the distance, the shuttle was arriving already. She assumed that Upsilon had never been on a shuttle train before, judging by the fact that he's only been in a city that one time over the Summer.

“Hmm? Oh, it’s fine,” Upsilon said. As soon as he heard the sound of the rattling metal, he raised an eyebrow and took a small step back from the boarding dock. He started to wonder what it looked like where River lived (not the city, the actual apartment).

The train came rolling in at a slow pace until it came to a stop in front of the two, making that strange yet satisfying sound of its brakes hissing as it halted. Without much time in between, the double doors slid open, and she took him inside. There were barely any others riding at this time, so it was practically empty.

Upsilon looked around the inside of the train. He had expected more people to be in it, but it was rather early. He leaned against an inner wall and looked out one of the train’s windows. “Your place is in Station Square, right?”

"Mmhmm," River nodded, and the doors closed as the shuttle took off towards the city, "It's pretty small and simple, but when you live alone it doesn't really matter too much."

"You live by yourself?" Upsilon remarked. He had always thought River stayed with her parents, so this was news to him. He also began to wonder where her parents were.

"Yeah, I don't have any family or roommates with me..." River responded, "My family, minus Elias, are still back at Ali'ikai, so they're pretty far from here."

“Ali’ikai? I’ve never heard of that place… I’m assuming it’s pretty far from here?” Upsilon replied.

"REALLY far, like about 3,500 miles away from any other continent. In a nutshell, it's kind of like Adabat met Chun-nan and merged into one island in the middle of a giant ocean..." River laughed a little, and suddenly the train slowed to a halt once more. She looked out the window and saw that they were already in the city, a bit surprised by how short the trip felt. "Anyways, we're almost there!" she said with some enthusiasm, and when the doors opened up, she took hold of Upsilon's hand once more and guided him.

Finding her apartment complex only took about a minute or maybe even less considering how close to the station it was. It wasn't that tall of a building, only about 10 stories at the most, and its brown brick walls were strong and stable. The two of them entered, and she led him up the stairs to the third floor, where her home was. River cracked open the door with some hesitation, as she remembered what happened yesterday when Elias was there waiting for her. When she saw that the apartment appeared empty, she opened it fully and breathed a small sigh of relief. The room wasn't much; just some basic furniture and appliances, as well as several photos lying around that appeared to be taken recently. "I'll just get some of my things real quick, then we can make our way to your place."

River left him to go to her bedroom and pack what she needed, which thankfully wasn't much. Before she was about to go back to him, she saw her black hairtie on the nightstand. The girl grabbed it, and began to tie her quills back into her normal ponytail, fully showing the bruise that she tried to conceal, as there wasn't much of a point in trying to hide it. She came back with a backpack slung over her good shoulder, "Alright, I'm ready,"

Hazel is in te doctor's office. Kerli comes in, kicking the doctor in the face and locking him in the closet. Just whan Hazel was about to scream, Kerli hit Hazel on her nack, causing her to shut down. Kerli healed Hazel, and poked her neck again as she left. Hazel woke up, a cast on her arm. She rubbed her eyes, going over to Tesla's room.

"...Tesla, are you awake?" Hazel said.

"...Hazel..." Tesla said.

" went through a lot. I was just making sure you were okay."Hazel said. She worriedly looked at Tesla wondering if he was alright.

A howl was then heared and a pure white wolf appear at the front of their house, the wolf was then transformed to a hedgehog and she waited for one person to let her in, seem a little shaken at first.

Stormy was walking home, when she was pulled behind a tree.

"Where are you going?" Henry said, holding Stormy's arm.

"Home! Let me go Henry!" Stomry said.

"No. Come closer, I won't bite~" Henry said, pushing Stormy closer.

"Stop or I'l tell Rage!!"Stormy yelled, trying to get away from Henry. She electricuted his hand, but Henry, who had lightining power as well, did not feel it.

"Your powers don't work on me. But mine work on you~" Henry said, shocking Stormy. Stormy fell from the shock.

Lyra (in wolf form) jumps on Henry and pinnes him down, growling, she turns to Stormy she then says in her mind to Stormy; "Run, now!!!" then turns back to Henry and continues to pin him down. 

"Thank you!" Stomry said to Lyra before running off.

Henry shouted,"GET OFF OF ME!" as he kickedd and screamed trying to get out of her hold.

"Unless you don't go near that person again." Lyra says, growling even louder.

Henry electricuted Lyra's side. "LET ME GO!"

Winces, but doesn't let go. Lyra then gives him a good bit (meaning breaking skin) on the shoulder before leaving in high speeds. 

Henry held his shoulder in pain. He got up, waondering where Stormy went and who that girl was.

Tesla tries to get up, but that just raises his heartbeat dramatically, he falls back on the bed. One of the doctors said "Damn it! He's losing blood! Stabilize, stabilize now!" The docotr begins stabilizing Tesla's blood level.

Lyra starts finding that girl she saved by sniffing her scent. 

Stormy saw Lyra. "Oh, hey there," Stomry came up to Lyra,"Thank you so much for helping me back there. I'm Stormy. You're Lyra right?"

Lyra transforms back to her hedgehog form and nods; "Yes, Lyra the Hedgehog at your service. No problem, as soon as I saw you in trouble, I knew you needed help." Lyra's rune starts to glow a little brighter and the glowing suddenly disapates. 

"Huh? So, how did you glow just them? U-um, if you feel uncomfortable, you deon't need to answer.."Stormy said.

"Oh, this?" Lyra asked, showing her rune on her arm; "I've had that since I was 5 years old, I never knew what it mean, but I know, soon, I'll find out."


Tesla suddenly wakes up, in Percy, excpet that it is comepletely white, and everything is frozen. Tesla looks like he is fully healed, but everything still hurts. "What... what the...?" He said, looking around. It looks like he's in some sort of economical park, white trees everywhere, and citizens that are completely frozen, but has colors. He walks to the life-size statues, trying to snap them out of stasis. He feels the frozen statue, and it feels cold. "What is this?" Tesla said. Then, a black/blue blur rushes behind him. Tesla looks behind him, seeing nothing, a bit confused and scared. "Ugh... why is it getting cold here?" He shivers. Then suddenly, a weird ambience plays, and the sky became gray. It was a raging thunderstorm!
PS2 Startup Menu Ambience

PS2 Startup Menu Ambience

What the ambience sounded like.

....out of the dream??? 

Hazel rubbed Tesla's arm, softly not to wake him up. She bites her lip worriedly.

Hazel got up to go see the nurse's results, and saw a glass of water. She felt a sudden feel to stay away from it, but she didn't know why.

The nurse got the glass of water, slightly hurrying past Hazel. The nurse rippe dover Hazel's shoe, causing her to spill the water all over Hazel.

Hazel felt a burning feel from the water, screaming as she stepped back. Wiping the water off of her, she had burns all over her. She fained, blacking out.

The nurse screamed as well, and when she touched Hazel she was shocked (electric-y-yea 1<3LEARN HOW 2 SPELL MKAY). Several doctors came in to see what was wrong.

Back in Tesla's coma dream, he hears Hazel scream. "Was that.... Hazel?" Tesla said. "God d*** it, GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Hazel caoughed violently in her coma/whatever/heartattack/stroke/blackout/IM ELDERLY. Doctors swarmed around her, having no idea what to do. The nurse just said she had spilled water on Hazel. The doctors alllooked to eachother, frowing. Hazel couldn't breathe as she gasped for air. One doctor got a medical knife. He cut Hazel's arm, and the doctor fainted. Hazel stopped breathing. The other doctors were also shocked as one of them picked up Hazel. 

Back to the front of the school...(the other people can edit above this or whatever)

After River and Upsilon left, Kniro noticed Sigma was sitting there by herself (I think she's sitting anyway?) He decided to walk up to her and see if she would actually explain what was going on earlier about Theta. As Kniro walked over to Sigma, Paws ran off in some other direction without saying anything.

"Hey, Sigma..." Kniro began.

Sigma had been sitting on a concrete wall prior, swinging her legs back and forth and humming to herself. As soon as Kniro had spoken to her, she let out a high-pitched scream. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH–“

“–Oh, it’s you, Kniro! Heehee! Sorry I screamed,” Sigma said apologetically, but there was a hint of anxiousness in her voice, “I didn’t know you were there!”

"Sigma, what the heck is going on?! Why are you acting weird today? You seemed perfectly fine yesterday..." Kniro asked.

Not expecting this direct confrontation, Sigma’s eyes widened. “Well… don’t I always act weird, Kniro?” Sigma countered. “What’s so weirdly different about me today?”

"You're acting more anxious and jumpy, and you seem to keep dancing around the subject of're acting like you murdered him or something..." Kniro explained.

“Me? Murder my own boyfriend?!” Sigma asked incredulously. “No WAY! How very DARE you to even think so!”

"He's your boyfriend? Okay then..." Kniro replied. "Well, if you didn't murder him, then what happened? Is it like something weird and creepy and embarassing or something...?"

“Well, it’s somewhat embarrassing… for Theta, mostly,” Sigma admitted. “But it’s not creepy or weird, I swear! I would never do anything like THAT!”

"Alright then. I guess if it's embarassing for Theta then you don't have to tell me...I just wanted to make sure he was alright." Kniro said with relief. He suddenly noticed Paws's disappearance. "Wait, where did Paws go?!"

“Paws?!” Sigma looked around to find the wolf, even though she only vaguely remembered what he looked like. “The mean wolf guy, right?”

"Yeah," Kniro nodded, "he's that silver wolf that had something against River because he's racist against echidnas for whatever stupid reason. I didn't even really notice him leave...that's weird..."

“Well, whatever reason it was for him to go, it must’ve been mighty important if he left that quickly!” Sigma remarked. She still didn’t like the idea of Paws being mean to one of her friends, but she shoved that thought aside for the time being.

"Apparently..." Kniro thought for a moment. "Hey, by the way, what was with that weird red echidna? Was he River's dad or something? Paws kept going on about how he had a bad feeling about him...maybe he followed him or something..."

“I honestly don’t even know!” Sigma replied. “Although, he didn’t really seem the friendliest of guys… he kind of worries me!”

"Yeah, same!" Kniro agreed. "I noticed she was acting a bit strange this morning, but she said everything was fine...I kind of doubt that though. It seems like weird things are happening with everyone lately..."

“Yeah, I’m really worried for River, too!” Sigma said worriedly. “I just don’t like the idea of anyone of my friends being hurt… it’s just a really weird start to the school year. Only two days in, and we’ve got two fights and a weird old guy. I hope it’ll get better soon…”

"Now that you mention it, yeah, it has been a weird start." Kniro remarked. "And on top of that, we just got sent out of school early! And whatever it is that happened to Theta...seriously, what's even going on anymore? It's like weird stuff is happening to everyone except me, Tito and Paws..."

“That fight in P.E. was totally bonkers!” Sigma exclaimed. “I don’t even know what’s going on with this school anymore…  It wasn’t like this last year, but hey, at least you, Tito, and Paws are okay!”

"P.E. fight?" Kniro asked.

“Yeah! This new kid came in and started fighting with this other guy and there were gunshots and thunderclouds and people getting knocked out and punching and it was all in P.E.!” Sigma exclaimed. “It was pretty scary.”

"Oh my God what?!" Kniro exclaimed. "Who was the new kid? Who the heck was firing gunshots?! Was this yesterday before Paws and I got here, or today when we got pulled out of our classes randomly? Maybe that's why we got out early...but that really messed-up!"

“The new kid was some guy named Fleetway, but that’s about all I know on him,” Sigma began listing off, “I don’t even know who fired the gunshots, or how guns even got in the school! But that’s basically why we got out of classes early today… It was super scary. Now look at the school building: it's in pieces! All because of a fight...”

Kniro looked back at the school. "I guess it kinda is...I didn't really even notice..." he said. "That's messed-up...what if someone got killed?! Do you think we'll still have school tomorrow?"

“School definitely won’t be happening here tomorrow, that’s for sure,” Sigma replied, “But I heard from someone that we’re probably having school at a different campus… rRRRRRGH! I wish we had no school…”

"Yeah, I wish we had no school either." Kniro agreed.

Tito suddenly popped out of nowhere. "I'VE GOT NO MORE MATH QUESTIONS!!!" he yelled. "Oh, hey, Sigma! Where's everyone else?"

Sigma slightly jumped at Tito’s sudden appearance, but she smiled. “Hey, Tito! Congratulations on finishing your math! And school got out early, so everybody went home.”

"Oh, well then are you waiting for a ride or something?" Tito wondered. "Would you like a Tasty Fruit snack?!"

"Yeeeep, I am!" Sigma replied, " And sure, I would LOVE a Tasty Fruit snack!"

"Okey dokey!" Tito threw a bunch of Tasty Fruit snacks into the air, just as Mwah suddenly appeared out of nowhere, twerking while playing the tuba, then dissipated.

"Wh-" Kniro began.

Sigma didn’t even have time to catch the Tasty Fruits as they were tossed in the air, as she was staring at Mwah’s behind while he twerked. “Um… how did that guy play the tuba, shake his… butt, and then GO POOF?!”

"I don't even know..." Kniro replied. "What even just happened?! Why is that creepy raven even here?!"

"Mmm, I just love these succulent fruit candies!" Tito exclaimed, not even paying attention to anything else.

"Do you even know that guy?" Sigma asked Kniro. She then began to eat the Tasty Fruit snacks. "Wow, Tito, you're right! These are good!

"Kind of..." Kniro replied.

"TOLD YA!" Tito exclaimed. He looked up. "Wait what are you guys talking about now? I could go for lasagna..."

“We’re talking about that raven guy who twerked while playing a tuba and then FADED INTO THE AIR!” Sigma replied. “And what’s the guy’s name? How do you know him?”

"What?!" Tito exclaimed, dropping his Tasty Fruit on the ground with all the other unopened packages.

"He's like part of this weird Lippies thing where they all have 'lippies' and sell 'Kissy Lips Cereal'. I think his name is Mwah..."

“Lippies…?” Sigma repeated. “Kissy Lips Cereal? Mwah? All this lip-themed stuff… and I saw the raven had some lipstick-looking stuff on his beak, too! Maybe it’s in the cereal…”

"Maybe it is..." Kniro agreed. "I dunno, some lynx named Strider runs it. They all have weird lips, and yet their mouths don't really seem to open, which kinda makes it creepier...and then there's some Dr. Lee Thompson guy, who 'gives you plump, luscious lippies'...."

“They have big lips… but their mouths don’t move?!” Sigma asked in a scared manner. “How is that even possible?! And that Dr. Thompson guy sounds like a creepo. I wonder why I’ve never heard of this before…”

"Yeah it is REALLY creepy. And they're all so obsessed with it! I don't get's like their mouths are sewn shut..." Kniro explained. "I guess...I dunno..."

"Obsessions with lips AND their mouths are practically SEWN together?" Sigma repeated, now horrified. "This is really starting to freak me out... l-let's change the subject!"


Meanwhile, Elias was still walking off elsewhere. He knew that he would have to wait a while before returning to his Niece's apartment, now that she's gotten that Mink boy involved in this. He was clearly annoyed; he specifically stated that this was just between the two of them, and that they couldn't tell anyone else, but what does she do? She deliberately disobeys him!

But it didn't matter now, it's not like he could change the past. He had to work with what he had now.

As Paws ran off, he slowed down his pace as he approached who he figured was possibly River's dad. He kept a safe distance from him, as the guy gave Paws a worse feeling than River ever had. Paws decided to follow him, and perhaps figure out what about him was bothering Paws so much.

"Just because you can't see my ears doesn't mean I'm deaf," Elias smirked, and turned his head to face his stalker. Despite his age, his senses were rather keen, and of course he possessed the ability of Electroreception just like the rest of his species. "If you could tell me why you're following me, that would be great..."

Paws was shocked that Elias had noticed him. "Electroreception?!" he exclaimed. Whatever that is...figures echidnas have it... "Um...I wasn't following you, I was walking home..."

"Hmm... likely story..." He turned his head back around and continued walking, "So you wouldn't happen to go to that High School as well, do you?"

"Well, I just joined...why do you ask?" Paws replied.

"Just curious..." Elias said, "My Niece goes to that same school. I'm sure you must have seen her before; obnoxiously bright blue fur, wears a ponytail most of the time?"

"Oh, yeah, I've met her..." Paws muttered.

"Really? I assume you don't talk very much..." The Echidna said, wondering about the Wolf's opinion.

"We kind of got into a bit of an argument or something, and after that we kinda didn't talk very much..." Paws replied.

"Ah, I see..." Elias said, his tone becoming slightly darker, "It would make sense though, considering her... violent tendencies back home..."

"What do you mean...violent tendencies?" Paws asked.

Elias put his hands behind his back, "Back then, she was bullied often, but then one day..." He sighed, "She just became so frustrated that she attacked the first kid that called her a name. Of course, fighting fire with fire just creates more of a problem and she would get into fights and trouble often... I haven't seen her in a while, so I hope she isn't doing the same thing here?"

"Eh...I guess she was in some argument with a hedgehog earlier, I think...but I kinda started the one between us. Well, she bumped into me to begin with..."

"Hmm, well then..." Elias said, slightly muttering, "I'd suggest you be a bit wary of her. While she's likely grown out of that phase, you never know when she can lose control and revert back..."

He abruptly changed his path, hoping not to continue the conversation with this stranger too far...

"Okay..." Paws mumbled. He decided to let Elias walk off without him. Paws still had a bad feeling about Elias, though. He decided he would try to confront River the next time he saw her. He thought for a bit more, then realised how she had left with Upsilon. Is she staying over at his place? he wondered. We never got a project in French or whatever... he began to debate whether he should return to Kniro, or to go off wandering on his own.

Meanwhile at the Frozen Factory

After about an hour from when Upsilon and River left the apartment, the pair arrived at the Frozen Factory zone of the Lost Hex. The ground had a sheet layer of ice on it (it wasn’t so slick that somebody would fall), and thick patches of snow occasionally spotted the icy floor. Snowflakes were falling from the sky above, and they glistened and shined multiple different colors in the soft sunrays as they made their descent to the ground.

Only a couple of yards away from the two, a medium sized Pacific lodge-styled cabin stood, and a small forest of cedar trees was right behind the house.  A couple of the windows had lights shining through them. That must mean Kestrel is home early, too… Upsilon thought with disdain.

River gasped in amazement at the landscape, her wide eyes trying to take in as much as she could. Even at this point, never in her life had she seen snow or ice covering everything, as she had always lived next to a warm shoreline. Especially considering how isolated her homeland was, just watching it was a big shock. However, it was a lot colder than she expected, as she's never had much experience with these temperatures.

She took one hesitant step forward, hearing the satisfying sound of snow crunch beneath her feet, silently enjoying every moment. The girl looked up at the sky, watching the snowflakes gracefully fall to their feet, and she held out a hand to catch a few. She took a close look at the intricate frozen crystals, observing the artistic patterns and shapes. To her, just being here felt like a myth or legend come true.

"It's... just... wow," River barely managed to say, at a complete loss for words.

Upsilon smiled at River’s reaction to the snow. He enjoyed seeing her so amazed by it, as usually it was River showing Upsilon the breathtaking sights. I remember the first time I saw snow when I was so young, Upsilon thought to himself. That must be exactly what River is feeling, but magnified… I should probably show her the-

All of a sudden, a sharp and frigidly cold pain shot through Upsilon’s upper back, interrupting his thoughts. “Agh–!” He grunted. He rubbed the spot where he had gotten the pain to find a wet spot in his coat, like if a snowball had hit him from behind. Upsilon turned around to face the house and saw no one there.

“Right behind ya, Yoopsilon!” A condescending voice hollered into the dark purple mink’s ear, and he jumped. Upsilon turned around and looked down to see a lavender pika with a witch’s hat smirking up at him. She was tossing another fresh snowball up and down. Upsilon realized she must’ve been on her flying broom if she was able to move that fast. He groaned and turned to River, “River, this is Kestrel, my sister.”

“’Sup, nerd? You’re home early,” Kestrel replied coolly to Upsilon. She finally noticed River standing next to her brother and did a double take. “WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH, WHO IS THIS?!”

“I told you someone might be staying at our house in case of an emergency, Kes,” Upsilon scolded.

“Yah, but you didn’t tell me it was a GIIIIIIIIIIIRL!” Kestrel said. She then looked up at River, dropped her snowball, and started jumping up and down excitedly. “Are you two dating or something? Are you two gonna get maaaaaarried or something?” A look of pure horror and embarrassment crossed Upsilon’s face as Kestrel spoke to River, and the lavender pika started giggling at her brother’s reaction.

Upon meeting Kestrel and trying to process everything that was being said, River's face began to intensely blush a bright reddish pink. "Oh, uhm... nothing like that..." She nervously laughed. Well, not yet anyway... She thought. The Echidna did find the little girl strangely adorable, though, but it also confused her how Kestrel and Upsilon were different species. She shoved that thought to the back of her head, as she figured it wouldn't be an appropriate question for the time being.

River knelt down to the child's level, "It's nice to meet you, Kestrel!" She smiled, face still slightly pink.

“Nice ta meet ya too, River!” Kestrel replied, giving off a cheeky grin. Suck up, Upsilon thought to himself. Well, at least she’s being nice… Upsilon coughed and nudged his head towards the house, indicating that Kestrel should leave.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I interrupt your kissing session or something?” Kestrel asked, looking Upsilon in the eye and smirking devilishly. “Don’t worry, I’ll leave you two alone… you kids don’t get too crazy, mhm? Because then, I’d–“ At this point, Upsilon was rolling up a snowball to throw at the little girl. Seeing this, Kestrel giggled, covered her mouth and got on her broom quickly. “Woahwoahwoahwoahwoah! I’m leaving, I’m leaving!” She said between muffled laughter. And just as quickly as she had shown up, the young pika flew on her broom towards the house.

Upsilon turned to River’s direction, blushing intensely. “I’m really sorry about her…”

"It's completely fine!" River spoke with much enthusiasm, and began to laugh. It wasn't that awkward one that she normally made when she didn't know what to say; it was a real good, long, and uncontrollable laugh. It's the happiest she's been in a while, especially considering all of the events recently.

"I'm sorry, it's just-" she had another short fit of laughter, "I don't think I've ever met a kid like that!"

River was actually being half honest with him, as the other reason for her laughter was that Upsilon's reaction was mildly cute...

Upsilon couldn’t help but chuckle a bit, too; River’s laugh was contagious. He had never heard River laugh that hard, and the sound of it made him happy. He let the snowball he was making drop the floor as he sighed, and his blush began to fade. “Sadly, you’ll have to get used to it for the time being. She just loves teasing people and embarrassing me in front of g-“ He caught himself before he went on, “… my friends…”

"So that's what having a sibling is like? I'm an only child, so I wouldn't know..." River said, still giggling a bit. She sort of had an idea of what it was like being an older sibling, as most of her younger relatives treat her that way, but she didn't see them often enough to get the full experience.

“Yeah, basically,” Upsilon said as he started to form a small smile. “Even though she teases me and we’re at each other’s throats almost every day, she’s my little sister, and she means a lot to me.”

"Yeah..." River made a content sigh, unsure of what else to say. Part of her was still admiring the beauty of the Frozen Factory, and she just gazed in silence.

Upsilon looked down and grabbed River’s hand. He began leading her towards the big lodge that was in the middle of the snow patches. “I’ll show you to where you’ll be staying, okay?” He asked her, starting to blush slightly.

River blushed just a little bit as well, as she was normally the one who would start the whole hand-holding. She didn't mind though, as she enjoyed some of the unexpected, "Lead the way,"

After some walking the two got onto the front porch of Upsilon’s house. Upsilon reached for the doorknob, but it the entire door flew back without a touch of his finger. He only rolled his eyes at this; Kestrel set up that booby-trap to try and scare him when he entered the house, but it was old now.

The door opened to reveal the house’s interior: a large, open floor space with the walls and floors being mainly made of lacquered cedar wood. Upsilon led River up a slightly large flight of stairs leading to a walkway to access rooms on the second floor. He pushed one of the doors open and walked into the guest bedroom. Huge glass panes dominated the west wall, showing off a nice view of the rest of the regions in the Lost Hex.

“Here’s where you’ll be staying…” Upsilon announced.

"Woah..." Was all that River could say. She's never been in a house this large; how many people lived here anyway? It was just huge! The Echidna turned to face him, "Th-thank you... for everything..." She bashfully shuffled her feet on the ground, and set her backpack on the floor, "You've just been so helpful with all of this..."

Upsilon smiled at her genuinely. “Of course, River,” He said to her, “I just really wanted to make sure you're safe…”

"You're just the first person who's been so kind, and generous, and most of all accepting... I've never known anyone with all of that..." River inched a little closer towards him, "And you've been such a great friend- no, better than a friend..." She was at a loss for words, stuttering too much. "All I wanted to say is..."

Oh screw it, she thought. River put a gentle hand on his shoulder, brought her face closer to his, and with slight hesitation, closed her eyes and left a small kiss on his cheek.

She immediately stepped back, her heart racing in nervousness realizing what she had just done, I can't believe I did that! I can't believe I just did that... That was great though! BUT WHAT IF HE ONLY THINKS OF US AS CLOSE FRIENDS?!? Confused bipolar thoughts flashed through her mind...

  Upsilon’s face flushed bright red even when River had just gotten closer to him, so when she kissed him on the cheek, he was blushing madly. He brought a hand to his cheek where River kissed him and said nothing for a while, at a loss of words himself.

For the longest time, he had believed his feelings for her were one-sided, and that she wasn’t interested in him in the same way he was interested in her. But, her gesture showed she liked him the same way, too… After thinking to himself for a couple of moments, Upsilon realized what he needed to do.

He wrapped his arms around River’s waist and pulled her in closer to him. “River… I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now…” Upsilon looked into her eyes nervously, slowly leaning in…

… and gently placed his lips on hers.

River's eyes widened in complete surprise, but she didn't stop him. She wasn't confused anymore, for it was definite; she loved him, there was no more denial. When she first met him, he was just some stranger that bumped into her by coincidence. He was that guy who would nervously try to talk to her on the way to and from school.

But, that's what he was, not what he is.

He is Upsilon, the one who helped and defended her when she was hurt, the one who accepted and understood her strangeness, the one that opened up to her, the one... who loved her...

She gently raised her arms above his shoulders, and wrapped them around the back of his neck, enjoying every moment of the sweet embrace...

As Upsilon was kissing River in her room, Kestrel was walking down the second floor’s balcony area, her spell book suspended in midair and following her as she moved. She flicked her hand towards the book and it flipped its pages to a spell. She was looking for her brother. “Yoopy, come here, I need t-“ It was at that moment Kestrel saw the couple in their embrace. She lost all of her concentration on her book and it dropped to her side on the floor.

“WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH!” Kestrel exclaimed, pointing a finger at the two. Upsilon moved away from River and glared over his shoulder at the little girl.  “Leave, Kes,” Upsilon admonished.

“Um, no way!” Kestrel retorted. She floated over to the two and smiled excitedly. “Your fault for leaving the DOOR OPEN! And besides, I knew you two would be a couple soon enough, I just KNEW IT!”

"U-uh..." River awkwardly stepped back, her face extremely red out of embarrassment. She couldn't believe she just got caught right in the middle of it, AND CAUGHT BY HIS SISTER, TOO! She looked off to the side, trying to avoid eye contact with the Pika, and she brushed one of her quills to the side, "I'll uh... start... unpacking my things now..."

She was still blushing intensely, thinking about what had just happened, and she gently smiled.

Kestrel smirked at River and began pushing Upsilon out of the room. “Alrighty then, we’ll leave you to your unpacking business, River,” Kestrel giggled and began pushing her brother out the door. Upsilon dug his heels into the ground as Kestrel pushed him. “Kes, can you just-“

“I said we’re leaving her to her unpacking business, BYE BYE!” Kestrel shot back. With one good shove, he was out the doorway, although she did utter a small spell beforehand to help get some extra strength to push him out. Just before she left, she looked at River. “We’ll see ya later, okay?” And then, Kestrel shut the door.

"O-okay..." Despite that mildly humiliating event, River still couldn't help but feel so... happy and excited. A while ago she starting developing feelings for him, and she started to catch some hints that maybe he liked her too. However, most of the time she wasn't sure if it was real or if he was just being really nice, and thus she would just try to ignore the subject. But... now that she actually had the courage to say something... she was just so relieved that she knew now, and she sighed contently.

The Echidna unzipped her backpack and began putting away her necessities, as more thoughts entered her mind, So... are we a couple now...? How would other people react to it...? How will MY family react to it?! She tried her best to focus on what she was doing, We'll figure it out as we go along I guess..

Outside in the hallway, the brother and sister stared at each other for what seemed to be the longest time. Upsilon was blushing madly and glaring at his sister while Kestrel stared at him blankly. Finally, she burst out laughing and floated down to her room.

Only a little while later, a violet colored mink with magenta eyes walked in through the front door. She was an older woman, appearing to be in her late 30’s, and she looked very tired, as if she had walked a far distance to get to the house. She hung her jacket on a coat hanger before entering the house further. Kestrel sensed the woman’s presence, exited her room, and walked up to her.

“Welcome home, Mom!” Kestrel greeted. She gave the older mink, whose name was Irmia, a warm hug. The mother managed a weak smile for her daughter’s sake. Kestrel could be so secluded (and even rude) sometimes. It was nice to see her being friendly.

“Hi, deary,” Irmia replied, although she was definitely suspicious because of Kestrel’s expression. The little girl was on the verge of laughter. “So, that person who might by staying with us is actually here today,” Kestrel explained. She pointed up to the room River was staying in.

“Oh, alright, that’s good,” Irmia responded, but Kestrel looked like she would say more. Then, Kestrel blurted out, “ AND UPSILON MADE OUT WITH HER, TOO!” It was loud enough where people on the second floor could hear…

River had heard a third voice downstairs, and judging by the sound she assumed that it was Upsilon's and Kestrel's mother. She figured that once she was finished, which she was close to doing, she would go down and greet Irmia... ... But then she heard what Kestrel shouted from all the way down there, and River's heart skipped a beat. Agh, why would she do that!?! She thought, I think I'm starting to understand what he meant about her the other day... The cyan Echidna reluctantly peeked out of her door, a bit shy to come down and approach them.

“Made out? Are you quite serious?” Irmia asked her young daughter. “I’m very quite serious!” Kestrel replied, “I’ve got photographic evidence and EVERYTHING! At different angles, too!”

“Pardon? You took–“ Just then, Irmia glanced up and saw River peeking out from the doorway of her room. The mother realized that cyan echidna was the girl they were talking about. Kestrel turned and saw River, too.

“Oh, heyyy, River!” Kestrel said. “Now don’t be shyyy, we’re all family here, aren’t we? Well… in the future we will be!” Irmia glared at Kestrel. “Kestrel, that’s incredibly rude.” Kestrel looked down sheepishly and mumbled an apology. Irmia then looked up to River and beckoned her to come down the stairs.

With some hesitation, River fully opened the door, showing herself to the other two, and walked down the wooden stairs. She was exceedingly nervous, as she was afraid that she had already made a bad impression on the woman thanks to Kestrel. She took a deep but silent breath to ease the paranoia, but once she was at the bottom of the stairs she couldn't help but tense up a little.

"H-hello..." River greeted in a soft voice.

Irmia smiled at River warmly to show that there was no tension between the two. The mother then looked down at her doting daughter and flatly stated, “Kestrel, go to your room.”

“Can I just stay to–“ Kestrel began.

“No. Room. Now,” Irmia responded in a sharp tone. Kestrel sighed dejectedly, crossed her arms, and floated up to her room. Once the child was gone Irmia then grabbed a broom and began to sweep the living room floor. “I’m terribly sorry if Kestrel has caused you any trouble,” She apologized to River. “She just can’t seem to figure out when she’s crossed the line. What’s your name, dear, and how long will you be staying with us?”

"Oh, uh, my name's River, and it's alright, you don't need to apologize for anything..." She laughed a little awkwardly, "As for how long... I think it depends on how long my... relative plans to stick around here..." River tried to change the subject.

"So, you're Upsilon's mother, it's nice to meet you!" River held out her hand for a handshake.

Irmia looked at the girl’s extended hand for a moment. “Oh, please, don’t go all formal on me,” Irmia commented. Instead of the handshake, she set aside her broom and actually hugged River. After a moment she pulled away and began sweeping again. “You can call me Irmia, if you want. If you need anything… anything at all, just let me know, okay dear?”

"Oh- uh, thanks Irmia," River said, starting to see some similarities between the woman and the girl's own mother. So far the only difference she could spot was that Irmia was calmer, whereas Anna was a lot more... exciteable, to say the least. I'm just glad she hasn't brought up the whole kiss thing... She thought, but after it came into her mind, she wondered where Upsilon went...

Meanwhile, Upsilon was on the porch outside the house’s front door. He was sitting on the ledge and leaning his head against a wooden column. He had left the house after the… “incident” for a walk in the woods, and was thankful he didn’t have to run into his mother when she entered the house. As he sat on the ledge and stared out into the horizon at the setting sun, all Upsilon thought about was the kiss he and River shared. Does this mean we’re… together now? Upsilon asked himself. I mean, I want to ask her formally, but I fear it might be awkward talking to her now, thanks to Kestrel. Ugh… I’m just happy she knows how I feel, though…

Kestrel was in her room reading a book on making charm potions when one of Upsilon’s shadow creatures showed up outside her window. Kestrel glanced up and noticed the shadowy mass and opened her window. She saw that the Shade had some mail in its mouth (as it didn’t have hands). She always asked for the mail to be delivered to her room first, so that she could check it before anyone else could. Seeing nothing of interest, Kestrel swooped into the living room and dropped the letters in her mother’s hands. “Mail’s here, Mom.” She immediately flew back into her room.

“Thanks, Kessy,” Irmia said. She flipped through the letters, seeing most of them were junk mail, until she came across a letter from the Principal of Gem High. She opened the envelope and skimmed the letter quickly. “Hm… looks like you and Upsilon won’t be going to Gem High for a while,” Irmia said to River. “Instead you’ll be going to… Emerald Academy.”

"Really? Well, half of the school was kind of obliterated, so it would make sense..." The cyan Echidna said, But why does that school's name sound strangely familiar...? She thought. But that didn't remain in her mind for too long. "Oh, do you know where he went? I should probably tell him about this..." River asked.

“The campus was DESTROYED? Oh, dear…” Irmia remarked. “Upsilon is most likely outside, since I haven’t heard him from his room, although I’m not sure where outside…”

"Okay, I'll just find him," River walked past the older Mink to the front door, and opened it. It closed behind her, and when she took a few steps forward, she nearly jumped when she saw that Upsilon was already on the porch. She didn't notice him at first as it was getting a bit darker outside, and another part of it was because she was expecting it to take longer to find him. She cautiously approached the boy, as not to startle him,

"Hey, uh, we got a letter from the school... we're apparently going to some place called Emerald High for the time being..." She spoke up. River, now alone in his presence, wanted to say so much more, but she didn't know what.

Upsilon flinched, as he didn’t think River would be on the porch with him, and so suddenly, too. A nervous tingling feeling was in the pit of his stomach once he heard River’s voice. He had begun to think about all the things he wanted to say to River, but he hadn’t expected seeing her so soon.

He got up from his position on the ledge and instead leaned against one of the wooden columns, looking at the girl. “Emerald High, huh? I’ll have to ask around to find where that place is…” Upsilon managed to say, but he remained quiet for a minute after that.

For what felt like forever, they just stood there in complete silence, unsure of what to do or say. River didn't want to dive straight into the matter; she had to ease her way in somehow. It took her a moment of thought, but what he said right before he kissed her earlier repeated once more in her head, and contemplating it, she began to wonder...

"How long were you waiting...?" She asked.

A look of confusion washed over Upsilon’s face. He was unsure of what River was talking about at first, but he tried to think back if he said anything that warranted River’s statement on how long he was waiting until he remembered… What I said before I kissed her, Upsilon realized. On how I had been meaning to kiss her for some time…

The truth was, he had been interested in River ever since he first met her, when they bumped into each other afterschool of their first year at Gem High. But, as the talked to each other and knew one another more, his crush on her grew stronger until it developed into love.

“Two months,” Upsilon said after a while of silence, his face getting as hot as the sun that was setting on the icy zone.

"Must have felt like forever..." She commented, and moved closer, standing next to him now, "I... don't know how long it was for me; maybe... maybe I've always liked you, but I just kept denying it... however, now..." River glanced at him, and this time without any hesitation, gently placed her lips on his cheek.

"... I love you..."

After hearing those three words, Upsilon’s eyes widened, and he let out a small gasp. Now there was no more doubt in his mind that she felt the same way; she had said it loud and clear for him. Upsilon looked down and gently took her hands into his, squeezing them slightly, and looked into her eyes. “River, I… I love you, too.” And with that, he kissed her once more, softly on the lips. He didn’t even care if his sister saw, or his mother saw– if anyone saw, really. All he cared about right then was being with River.

The girl leaned her head against his, and smiled, "Does this mean we're a couple now...?" She asked.

Upsilon grinned back at River and nodded. "It would be an honor to be in a relationship with you," He said.

She blushed intensely at his words; he just sounded so... charming, for lack of better words. "Then it's settled..." She said, as she put her arms around his shoulders.

Upsilon kissed River's cheek softly and stared out at the setting sun, sighing contentedly.

Kerli's house :3 mkay

Kerli watched TV with Fleetway mkay. 

"Should you go check on her?" Fleetway said.

"I guess. I'll be back." Kerli said, going down to the basement.

Kerli opened the door to the basement. Inside, it was totally different from Kerli's plain old home. (will describe 18r XD)

"How are you doing Hazel?" Kerli said.

"Goood. But, I kinda wanna go home now. My freinds must be really worried about me!" Hazel said.

"No no, your freinds just sent me a text. Thay said you should stay if you're having so much fun." Kerli said.

"Oh, really? I kinda wanna see them though. Can I call Tesla? I've been thinkin' about him." Hazel said.

Kerli sighed. "Um, let me see. I'll call him. Be right back." Kerli said, leaving. She locked the door and went to go sot down with Fleetway on the couch.

" is she holding up?" Fleetway said.

"She misses her freinds. What do we do?" Kerli said.

"Um....we could make copies of them." Fleetway said. "That'll keep her in the basement."

"Mm-hm. Who do you think we should add?" Kerli said, pulling out her computer.

"Ah, add Tesla, that girl Stormy, her freind who doean't show up anymore, Euphoria, and maybe her parents." Fleetway said.

"Okaaay. I've got it. I'm spawning them in the forest." Kerli said.

"Great. Now all we need to do is sit back and wait for him." Fleetway said.

"We're gonna get a lot of cash.."Kerli said.

"You bet." Fleetway said.

Fleetway scooted over to Kerli. Kerli sighed before moving away from him.

Tesla's coma dream, again

"What have I done?" Tesla said hesitantly. He walks through the white wasteland. Then... MEPHILES APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE! Then... Mephiles began multiplying! There were 2, 4, 8, 16 of them! Tesla backs up, before turning around and running away from them. The Mephiles army went into formation, becoming a huge wheel, rolling towards Tesla! After running for some minutes, the wheel collapsed randomly. Tesla kept running away from them, only to be stopped by a square pyramid made out of Scourges. Tesla ran away AGAIN, before being sucked inside a tornado made out of Fleetways.

The Wheel

The Wheel

This is how the army formed into a wheel XD


Hazel was still and lifeless in the doctor's arms. The doctora took Hazel to another room, where they further examined Hazel. Then they came to a conclusion: This was not the real Hazel Moon. All of the doctors were puzzled on how well the copy was. None of the doctors knew wiether Tesla knew or if they should call police. 

One of the doctors called police. Another doctor walked into Tesla's room. Seeing that Tesla was asleep, he wondered if he should tell Tesla when he woke up. 

The police investigated Hazels home. They found nothing wrong, everything was pretty normal in Hazel's home.

The police quickly started to look for Hazel. mkay.

A large line of cars slowly came on Kerli's street. When the line of cars parked, many security gaurds oped the doors to the middle car in the line. Out first came a deep grey cat (Derik). Second was a pure white hedgehog in a shiny red dress (Rue). The two, security gaurds behind them, walked up to Kerli's door.

"Open up!" One of the security gaurds said.

Kerli and Fleetway eyed eachother excitedly. Kerli ran up to the door and opened it. 

"So good to have you here! Come inside." Kerli said, slightly bowing to them.

The two entered the living room. Fleetway wore an evil smirk on his face. "Ssso....what do you need Hazel for?" Fleetway said.

Rue had tears in her eyes. "She's our baby; we miss her so-"

"Rue. No."Derik said. "Hazel is the heir to the money we have and the family estate, and my only child I can find. We still haven't found Megami..."

" cute....she's in the basement...I'll go get her." Fleetway said, walking down to the basement.

"Would you like anything to eat or drink?" Kerli said.

"Here is your money." the king said, handing Kerli a large suitcase.

"Thank you." Kerli said.

"STOP! STOP! LET ME GO! PLEASE, LET ME GO!" Hazel cried, as Fleetway struggled to keep her in his arms.

"Hazel!" Rue said.

"Hazel! Hazel what's wrong?!" Hazel's father Derik said, getting Hazel. Hazel quickly moved away from him.

"You stay away from me!" Hazel said.

".....What?" Hazel's father said, a confused look on his face.

"I am never going to forgive you....abondoner!" Hazel screamed.

Rue began to cry as she sobbed,"Hazel....that was so long ago.....come home, please-"

"Never! You kicked that girl Quinn out of her home, then you took it! How do I know you won't do that to me?! How do I know you won't do that to me huh?! Your parents did that to you!" Hazel said.

"We got our money back Hazel! And besides, we would never do that to you!" Hazel's mother Rue said.

"I will not argue with a teenger! Hazel Moon you are coming home right now!" Hazel's father Derik said, picking up Hazel and putting her over his shoulder/back AH.

"LLLEEET MEE GOOO!" Hazel said hotly, banging her fists angrily on her father's back. 

Hazel's father pinched Hazel and Hazel screamed loudly. 

Police surrounded the home, hearing the screaming. Hazel kicked her father in the stomich as soon as he saw the police, causing hi to drop Hazel. Hazel stumbled out of the house, running out.The police told Hazel to go to the hospital; Tesla was there. Horrified, Hazel rushed to the hospital.

After facing several challenges that dramatically dont connect to reality, Tesla suddenly wakes up. He looks at the clock. "Doc... how long was I out?" Tesla said. The doctor says "You were out for 8 hours. You're very lucky to still be alive. I was especially amazed at how fast you recovered! I think you broke the world record!"

"Where's Hazel?" Tesla says to the doctor.

"Tesla!" Hazel said, bursting through the door.

"Hazel!" Tesla said.

Hazel ran up to Tesla, giving him a hug. "Tesla, what happened to you?!" Hazel said worriedly.

"What do you mean? You were there when it happened, right?" Tesla said.

"When what happened?! I thought Kerli called you." Hazel said."What happpened? Did someone hurt you?!"

"Well, yes and no." Tesla said. "It all began when this so-called Fleetway arrives in the class, while school was in session. As he walks to his seat, he winks at you, and you turn away. As an attempt to make friends with him, he shuts me down and walks out. After he walks out, you are rendered with scars and bites on the right hemisphere of your neck. My curiosity leads you into confessing that Fleetway was abusing you, all because that he was jealous. I promise you that he will not harm you again, but Fleetway comes back, and pulls you away from me, holding you shirt-first. I say to Fleetway that somebody anonymously told me everything, and I'm looking for a fight. Fleetway expresses his anger on you and throws you across the room with strength, rendering you unconscious. I remember blurting words not allowed on television, and after that, I fall down, fainting. From what I heard, they said that I nearly murdered Fleetway, and half of the campus was completely destroyed, and that we are all moving to Emerald Academy." Tesla explained.

"Oh. That's a lot. I wasn't ther for it though..."Hazel said."How could I not remember that...I tried to get Kerli to call you, and she said you were fine. Are you?" Hazel said.

"If it counts destroying half of the entire school, nearly murdering someone, ending up in a coma for 8 freaking hours in the hospital... then I must be pretty fine." Tesla said, in crescendo, before calming down before the last sentence.

Hazel gave Tesla another hug before kissing him on the cheek.

"Well, I gotta stay here for another 2 hours before I'm legally free to leave." Tesla said.

"Then I'm going to stay here wih you, okay?" Hazel said. "I'm really upset this happened to you. This Fleetway a***hole is going to die for making you go into a coma..."



To Parent/ Gaurdian(s) of Gem High School Students:

After an accident, the Gem High School campus was destroyed. Not much is known what happened, but we are having local police investigate. If you or your child have any information on the accident, please call (123)-456-7891.

Because school grounds are no longer safe for students, all students are to go to Emerald High School until further notice the Gem High School campus is ready for classes to start again. Once your child arrives, your child's schedule will be ready in room 14. Thank you for reading this message.


Marc Acosta, Principal

Emerald High Students (yes you may add some of your characters in :3)

A grayish aqua blue squirrel sat on a bench reading a book. It was dark, and dim lights from a nearby pond lit a light for him to be able to read in such darkness of the night. A pink hedgehog was next to him, talking with a blue hedgehog who had his arm around her. Sounds of other kids came from a playground nearby.

"Hey Leif, whatcha' reading?"the blue hedgehog said.

"Hm?"the grayish aqua blue squirrel turned from his book to face the blue hedgehog. "Oh, the classic Romeo and Juliet, Sonic. It's pretty good, I guess...if it weren't so sad.."

The blue hedgehog named Sonic turned to the pink hedgehog. "Didn't you read that Amy?"

"Yes, I did."Amy said, resting her head on Sonic's shoulder.

"I think I'll stop reading now. It's such a beautiful night, isn't it?" Leif said.

"Yea, the lights and stars totally made this place amazing." Amy said.

"Not as amazing as you Amy." Sonic said, hugging Amy.

Leif smiled,"I'll leave you two alone. Better go check on the guys." Leif said.

"Okay."Amy and Sonic said as they looked at the stars.

A purple cat with a pink dress looks at her lunch. "It's a bit too cold..." She said. She uses her fire powers to heat it up. "Much better." She said.

Leif sighed as he went to the playground. A brown mink named Hane hit Leif on the back.

"Hey man! Where you been?" Hane said.

"Ouch....ugh, just hanging out with Sonic and Amy, reading a book..." Leif said.

"You seriously need to work out more if that hut you." Hane said. "Joey! Fank! Leif's here!"

A black and green striped bat named Joey ran behind a neon blue marten (<--yes it is an animal) named Frank.

"What?!" Joey said.

"Hey there Leif! Where's your guitar and crowd or chicks?" Frank said.

"Ha ha ha. Very funny." Leif said annoyed.

Martin sits by Blaze. "Hello there." Martin says to her. "I saw the way you heat up your food. See, I'm a fire type, too."

"I'll believe it when I see it." Blaze said. Martin grins, and sets a tree on fire. It falls on him. Martin crawls out. "Eh?" Marty said. Blaze continues eating her food, seconds later. "I am Blaze. I am the Guardian of the Sol Emeralds." Blaze said. "Then... how come you're not watching them right now?" Marty said. Then Blaze screwed up.

"Would you two shutup?! It's cold, I want to go home already!" Joey said.

"Uh-huuuh. Hey, did you hear those Gem High students are coming to our school?" Frank said.

"Isn't Gem High that guetto school?" Hane said.

"Well that was rude Hane." Leif said, crossing his arms.

"What if a gang comes to our school and starts to attack us, huh?" Joey said.

"Then....we're dead. That was really dumb of the district to put is together." Hane said.

"I heard the princess goes to that school though, so it must be a pretty good school." Frank said. "Alright, I have a shot at the princess!"

"Frank, we both know the princess would never fall for you." Joey said.

"True, but she might fall for ol' Leif, eh?" Franks said, smirking at Leif.

"She's most likely some girl who's really full of herself and likes attention." Leif said frowning.

"Or de beuatiful flower in spring just waiting to be peeked.."Frank said in an accent. Leif glared at Frank.

"Quit it Frank." Joey said annoyed. "When do you think you're going to see Hazel again though?"

Leif frowned sadly as he turned away. "I don't know.

"She...was like de lootus flowehr to me!" Frank said in a spanish accent once more. "Ebryday I long fehr her touch...when I could bootyfool lotus flowehr again.." Franks teased as he overdid his dramaticness.

Joey punched Frank in the stomach, causing Frank to explode in a fit of laughter.

Leif stormed off, going to his home.

"See, now you've got him upset Frank! Hazel and Leif are just freinds, but really good freinds." Hane said.

"Jeez, it was just a joke though!" Frank said.

"He's senseitive Frank. You need to watch what you say." Joey said.

Frank sighed,"I don't know if he's just gay on his own or the drugs his sister gives him."

"Frank if you didn't know how to sing I wouldn't be your freind." Joey glared at Frank.

".....Me too. I'm going home." Hane said, dissapearing.

Joey jumped into a tree beofre taking off.

Frank sighed, alone in the park. Even Sonic and Amy had gone home. Frank headed home to go to sleep.

"Uh... we should be going." Martin said to Blaze. "Go on without me. There's some buisiness I need to take care of." Baine-- er, Blaze, replied. "Well, see ya." Martin waved, before getting in to his 2015 Ford Mustang. (I WILL NOT STOP SAYING THAT UNTIL ITS IN EVERYBODY'S HEADS!)

Meanwhile, Leif, at his home, stared at his phone. His hand trmebled as he picked it up, and called Hazel.

"Hello?" Hazel said sweetly.

"......"Leif was blank. "Hey Hazel, what's going on?"

"Um..nothing much. I haven't talked to a few days. Haha, it seems like a long time, huh?" Hazel said.

"Yea! Actually it does! I-I've been meanng to ask you, I wrote a song, and I woas wondering, since you have a really pretty voice and all, if you could come sing with me!" Leif said.

"O-oh, Leif, I'm not the best singer...I'll try though. I'll see if my boyfreind can come." Hazel said.

"Oh! You have a boyfreind?" Leif said,"Wow! I didn't know Hazel, that's great!"

"Yea, I adore him. Um, not to brag or anything!" Hazel said.

"No, no, I'm sure your boyfreind is super cool..."Leif said. "W-well then, um, so you'll call me back and tell me if you can come?"

"Yea." Hazel said. "Bye."

"Bye.."Leif said, quickly hanging up.

"OH MY GOD!" Leif said. "NO! NO NO NO NO NO! I DON'T EVEN HAVE A SONG WRITTEN! Hazel has a boyfreind too?! Jeez, how long has ir been since I've seen her?! I's only been waht a few days?!"

"Are you like,talking to yourself?" A hot pink squirrel named Chloe said, coming into Leif's room. "Like, so nerdy! So, who's the girl?"

"Hazel. I don't know if she wants to hang around me and the guys since she has a boyfreind now. I respect that she is in love, but I don't ant to loose her. How am I supposed to know if this guy is cool?" Leif said.

"Trust me, Hazel would never talk to a jerk."an almost white light pink squirrel named Cadance said coming in after her twin sister.

Chloe said,"He's most likely sweet,"

Cadance said,"Around Hazel's age,"

Chole sighed,"Slight Amish/English accent,"

"....Electrifying. Most likely is blue or has blue on him." Cadance said.

"Okay. What do I do?" Leif said.

"She's out of your league, kiddo. Sorry." Chloe aid, filing her long red nails on Leif's bed.

Cadance skipped over to Leif,"But," 

"This guy seems nice, I assume he will be nice and let you spend some time with Hazel." Chloe said.

Cadance sighed,"But he will make sure you know Hazel is his, weither it's upfront or with, Chloe,"

"Body language!" Chloe said, shaking her hips.

"Perfect! I would never touch Hazel in a...way she doesn't feel comfortable with!" Leif said. "But of course, I'm still going to want hungs and stuff-"

"No." Cadance and Chloe said in unisin. "That sparks rivalry, even though he'd never want to be like you, ahahahaha!" Chloe laughed.

"Rivalry???? I like hugs though, I thought they symbolized freindship...."Leif said sadly.

"Use your best judgement Leif. The best you can do is not touch Hazel at all. This will keep your realtionship with Hazel stable and non-romantic." Cadance said.

"I've never liked Hazel in a romantic way, and Hazel knows it. But I've given her so many hugs and stuff in the past, I don't get why I can't do that now.."Leif said.

"You can. Not big warm hugs though. Little, and short." Chloe said.

"It's still better not to touch her att all though, okay?" Cadance said. 

"We love you, good night little brother!" Chloe and Cadance said at once, leaving the room and shutting off the lights.

"Good night big sisters! No kisses I guess.."Leif said, as he curled up under covers. "Ah, I'll talk to Hazel about it...." 

"What's all the commotion about?" Rage asked after seeing random things happening near the Minks and River.

THE NEXT DAY MKAY's the next day mkay. If you still need to catch up or something let me know in the comments below. Otherwise make edits in this section ^ v ^. 

Tesla was finally released from the hospital. He goes to sleep and wakes up the next day... and went to Emerald High.

Hazel wakes up at home :p. She gets up and gets ready, walking to Emerald High. Emerald High was a very large school, but had very little students. Hazel wasn't really surprised by this, though, since it was a very new school. The big shiny gates of the school were open with a large student made "Welcome to Emerald High" sign. Hazel walked into the school, and she blushed madly. Every single student around her was wearing a uniform. They didn't tell us we were supposed to wear uniforms! Hazel thought.

Many of the Emerald High students waved at Hazel. Hazel had known them from the previous year, but haden't seen them in a while. The school was so packed with excitetment dispite the little amount of students. Music was played from laptops, many were studying, and sports was going on; everything seemed so normal. And clean. And a lot nicer and newer than Gem High. 

Hazel walked further in Emerald High to see the librairy, food courts, and study areas. Hazel sighed,"I wish Gem High had all this stuff..."

"H-Hazel! Hey, it's me, Leif!" an aqua squirrel said, coming ovr to Hazel.

"Leif!" Hazel said. "It's so good to see you! I-I feel so embarassed I forgot my uniform..." hazel said.

"Oh, Gem High students don't need to wear them. So I got you an extra....I hope it's not to small..."Leif said.

"Perfect size Leif, thanks! I'd better go change in the restroom."Hazel said.

"Sure! I'll wait for you outside. They guys have missed you too, we can hang out!" Leif said.

"Sounds good! I'll be right out!" Hazel said, going into the restroom.

Tesla walks to a door, entering in a code. It opens up. "This is a f***ing locker!" Tesla said suprised.

Leif notices Tesla (tesla got noticed by senpai :3). "Hm?" Hey, that looks like the guy my siters described. Maybe I should say hello...Leif thought.

"Hello there! my nae is Leif Clarke, elcome to Emerald High!" Leif said walking over to Tesla.

"Nice to meet you, Leaf. I'm Tesla Newell." Tesla said, smiling.

"I know this may be a little weird, but do you know a girl named Hazel Moon?" Leif said.

"Yes. She's my girlfriend." Tesla said, and looks at the door. "I'm starting to reconsider that this isn't my locker. Maybe it's for that Gicandice girl or something..."

"Oh, yea. I heard she's really tall. So, she's your girlfriend? I'm Hazel's friend too!" Leif said.

"I see you two have met." Hazel said, smiling. "Tesla, um, sorry I didn't tell you about him, we met last year and-"

"And we're just freinds!" Leif said. Um, shouldn't have blurted that...Leif thought.

"Yea." Hazel said. She forced a little laugh before saying,"U-um, I used to go here last year, so...uniform." Hazel said, pulling at her skirt.

"You look cute Hazel!" Leif said. S**, shouldn't have said that!!! Leif thought, then said,"In a... freindly way..."

Hazel smiled,"Um, thanks Leif-"

"I-I'll leave you two alone, I'll be where we usually go if you need me Hazel!" Leif said, hurrying off.

"Haha....that's Leif..."Hazel said to Tesla.

"Sounds like he's paranoid." Tesla said, a bit afraid.

"Yea, he gets like that.."Hazel said. "He's going to do that a lot. His sisters probs told him something weird. You know, they're mean, so they do that to the poor guy. They go to this school too, but they act like they don't know Leif, and Leif acts the same way to them."

"Hmm.." Tesla said.

A neon blue marten pat Hazel on the back. 

"WHOA! This is your boyfreind?! SO CUTE"the marten said as she pushed Hazel to Tesla.

"Frank. Seriously?!" Hazel said.

"Oh, don't mind me!" Frank said, pulling out his cell phone.


"Go away Frank." Hazel said. "Wht's wrong with Leif anyways!"

"He's gaaay to see loofly lotus flowehr, just like always,"Frank said, snapping a photo of Tesla and Hazel. Hazel grabbed Franks phone.

"Hey! MAH PONE!" Frank said.

"You're being a c*ck and I dont like it." Tesla said to Frank, crossing his arms.

"Whoa! LANGUAGE MAN!" Frank said, snatching his phone from Hazel. "I know I'm sexy,"Frank said smotthing his hair,"but I'm not trying to take your girlfreind. Anyway, POKES!" Frank said, poking Hazel in the stomach before running off.

"UGH!" Hazel said, trying to get him back, but Frank was gone.

"We can just pretend that never happened..." Tesla said.

"Yea."Hazel said. "Um, I forgot! Leif said he wanted to record a song with me, I'd better go find him!" Hazel said, running off to go find Leif.

River woke up the next morning, tightly curled up under the covers of her bed. Normally she would have been sprawled out like a starfish, but with the colder temperatures that she wasn't used to, she was in a more concealed position. For a moment, she was slightly confused as to why she didn't wake up in her apartment, but very quickly the memories of the events yesterday replayed in her mind, and she remembered that she was at Upsilon's home. She was already in a more upbeat mood, partly because it was the first time this week that she had slept peacefully.

River began to get ready and change back into her normal kimono style shirt and red obi, not caring if anyone could see the bruises that were still there.

Upsilon had been up for a couple of hours before; he had a terrible case of insomnia, and slept only for a short while each night. After a while of him staring up at the ceiling of his room while he lied down in bed, Upsilon finally got up and stretched, yawning a bit as he did so. He rummaged through his armoire, trying to find his usual outfit, but only found a shorter, dark red jacket instead of trench coat, and a black belt. Shrugging, he slipped on the clothes, picked up his backpack, and went down the stairs, waiting for River.

The cyan Echidna readied herself as quickly as she could. She slipped on the red and white gloves, and finished by tying her quills back into a ponytail. Hoping she hadn't taken too long, she slung the strap of her backpack over her shoulder and walked out of her temporary room.

She saw that Upsilon was already downstairs, and she took notice of his different outfit. "You look nice today," she commented as she walked down the stairs, "So are you ready?"

“Thanks,” Upsilon responded, giving the girl a small smile, noting that River was also wearing her normal attire. “I’m ready; let’s go.”

A little while later, the two were walking over to Emerald High School. Upsilon had gotten directions from another person along the way, and he could see the school’s campus in the distance. “I wonder what the people there are like…” He murmured.

A Zeti looked down at the couple walking to school.

"Don't tell me he's one of that blasted Hedgehog's friends..." The Zeti, known as Zall, said.

"I'll teach him to wander around MY planet..." Zall muttered. He jumped down off the cliff and landed about 5 feet behind Upsilon and River. When he landed he made a large "thud"

River jumped, startled by the sudden shaking of the ground, "What the-?!" she exclaimed, and turned around to see an a strange creature with a tall body and violet skin. It was like nothing she had ever seen before,

"Woah... what is that?"

Martin looks at the creature. "That thing is THREATNING ME!" Martin said, before burning himself up to 3,000 degrees Celsius, before extinguishing himself with water, calming himself down.

Upsilon quickly turned around to see the creature standing before the two. It’s always got to be something to ruin the day, Upsilon thought. He glared at the Zeti angrily.

“That’s a Zeti, River,” Upsilon explained to the girl. “They live on the Lost Hex, and they mean nothing but trouble.” He then turned his attention to Zall. “Just leave us alone.” He clenched his fists tightly, knowing a fight was inevitable.

"You look nothing like him, but I've warned everyone plenty of times that this, is MY planet, and no one is allowed to tread on it." Zall explained.

"I may not have the rest of the Deadly Six with me, but I can destroy all of them... so you two should be easy!" Zall smirked after saying this.

Martin walks up to Upsilon. "Dont mind me, I just like to fight big and threatning things."

River clenched her hands into fists, and a body of water began to form around them, as she pulled it from any humidity in the air. It had been a while since she had done physical fighting, but she readied herself just in case the Zeti attacked.

Martin's body turns red. HE IS NOT BLUSHING, he is preparing himself just in case in the Yeti attacks.

The purple mink looked up at the sun, and then down to his hands again. This is definitely going to hurt, Upsilon though. But, he had to fight off the Zeti; he couldn’t just do nothing. He released his clenched fists, and slowly inky masses formed in his palms. “This is no one’s planet, first of all,” Upsilon growled through gritted teeth, “Second, I don’t really think you want to fight us.”

"...Especially with me." Martin said, clenching his fists, sparking.

"Let me guess, you're a pyrokinetic? I had to deal with one myself, lets just say, I brainwashed him, until a blasted blue Hedgehog saved him..." Zall said

"And, to the brave couple that wants to fight?" Zall said and struck a lightning bolt through River.

"Aah!" River was blasted back, and fell onto her knee from the sudden hit. She clutched her chest, feeling the electricity course through her body. She shook her head, and stumbled a little bit in getting back up to her feet. There was no way out of this now.

She threw a high pressured blast of water at the violet Zeti, knowing that if it hit it would at least knock him back.

Zall ducked onto his back.

"Oooh, a hydrokinetic as well?" Zall said as he blasted water at Martin.

Seeing River get stricken with the lightning bolt, a new wave of fury surged through Upsilon. He sprinted toward the Zeti swiftly, and with a flick of his hand, a sword made of shadows formed and he brought it over his head. “YOU DO NOT HURT HER!” He yelled, and he brought it down, aiming for Zall’s shoulder.

Zall did not looked scared or surprised, he just sat there, and when the sword came down he stepped to the side.

"Oh contrare, I can hurt anyone I want..." Zall stated as he swept Upsilon's legs, causing him to fall down.

"Hey!" River splashed a ball of water at Zall's face, trying to distract him away from Martin and Upsilon. It was her usual tactic, to draw the attention first, and wait for the others to attack...

Martin's fire was distinguished after being covered in water, and he got mad! "You pissed me off." Martin said, before burning up to 3000 degrees Celsius AGAIN! He throws a long jet of inferno at Zall.

The water destroyed the fire.

Zall grunted and frontflipped over Martin, and dropkicked River. He bended her arm, nearly breaking it, and grabbed her by both arms and started to apply electricity, shocking River until he lets go.

"AAGH!" River collapsed onto the ground, her arms searing with pain. She gasped in breaths of air, unable to focus on what was happening. All she could feel was the burning shock rushing through her.

"YOU HAVE 20 SECONDS! I would make them count if I were you!" Zall exclaimed to Upsilon.

"16!" Zall exclaimed.

"15!" Zall said, he started to count down.

Upsilon quickly swooped back onto his legs in an agile manner. Seeing that the Zeti had his back turned, he rushed forward and pierced the shadow sword into the small of Zall’s back.

Martin throws fireballs at Zall's back, while he;s distracted.

Zall screamed in pain and fell down, and kept struggling to get up.

With one good swing, Upsilon kicked Zall sharply in the ribs while he was down out of pure anger.

River looked up, her vision somewhat fuzzy. All she saw was the outline of the two other boys, and the towering Zeti knocked down to the ground. She realized that her strategy had worked, and attempted to get back on her feet again, but another small shock pulsed through and she fell back onto the ground.

"Uh... I think the echidna needs help." Martin said.

Zall got back up.

"Oh... did I mentioned I used an aftershock?" Zall grinned.

"So... want to have fourth deree burns?" Martin said.

Seeing that Martin was occupying the Zeti, Upsilon rushed over to River. "River, are you okay?!" he asked worriedly.

"Oh please." Zall muttered and shot Martin away from everyone with a bolt of lightning.

Martin falls unconscious, almost looking like he's dead.

"Eugh..." She began to get up on her own again, thankfully not falling over this time, but she stumbled somewhat, "I'm just in a bit shock, that's all..."

Then, all of a sudden, River burst into a short fit of weak laughter after hearing her unintentional pun.

"Now that your done with your sweet moment..." Zall muttered as he shot Upsilon in the abdomen with a lightning bolt

"AGH–!" Upsilon yelled. The blast shot him back a couple of feet and he landed on his left elbow, with it making a disconcerting thud. He winced in pain.

"Upsilon!" River shouted, and she quickly recovered herself and got back into a defensive stance. She placed herself between the Mink and the Zeti, and blasted three high pressured jets of water at her opponent.

Zall dodged two of the jets, but the last one sent him flying into a tree.

Zall grunted and got back up. He brushed himself off, and started to walk very sternly to River.

"You shouldn't have done that, Water girl." Zall threatened as he proceeded to bend her arm, trying to break it.

Upsilon staggered up onto his legs again, but his left arm was slack. Thankfully, he was right-handed. Looking up and noticing Zall after River again, he used his right arm to send out a blast of shadows at the Zeti. They slowly trickled into his nose and throat, and began to cut off his air.

Zall started to choke, and couldn't breathe.

River saw her opportunity to free herself from Zall's grip, and she took it, running away from the purple Zeti and back to the side of her companion. That was when she finally noticed the shadows. She didn't see them before, as whenever they were used she was always in a complete daze, but now that they were apparent to her...

"What the...?

Zall's face started to turn blue, shortly, he fell to the ground.

Thinking that the Zeti had fallen down for good, Upsilon clenched his fists, and the shadows slowly flowed from Zall's airways, back into Upsilon's palms, and dissipated. He then glanced over at River, not saying anything. "..."

Zall struggled to get up, gasping for air all of a sudden.

"You... You sunuva..." Zall started to say after he started charging towards Upsilon.

"NO!" River ran in front of his path, held up her arms, and flinched. She wasn't hit by the rampaging Zeti; but once she opened her eyes and looked up, Zall stood before her, completely paralyzed. She knew what was happening, and she didn't like it, but she knew she had to make the fight end.

She could feel the pulse of their opponent, the blood in his veins... the water within it... that she could control. Before she did anything further, she gave off one warning, "Listen, let's just go our separate ways, and forget this before it goes to far, alright?"

"The Zeti make no promises..." Zall barely managed to say, shocked at what was happening.

River glared at him, and knew what to do. She lowered her hands, but didn't relax them. As expected, the blood in Zall's veins followed her movements, and forced him to fall back onto the ground, "How about now?"

Zall thought about something, he knew found a loop hole.

"Fine..." Zall muttered.

The girl still didn't trust him, she had to make sure. She began to slowly clench her fists, causing a sudden rush of pain to the Zeti, "Louder..."

Zall started to scream. "FINE!" Zall shouted.

River relaxed her muscles, and took a deep breath, releasing Zall from her Hemokinesis. "Now go... get out of here..."

Zall started to walk off, but when no one saw him in sight, started running.

Upsilon stared at River with his mouth hung open, shocked and in awe at what just transpired. “River… how did you…” He murmured.

She breathed a heavy sigh, ashamed of what she had just done. River knew that it was wrong; that she shouldn't control others against their will. But, if she hadn't, then who knows what could have happened to them? With great hesitation, she glanced at Upsilon with the corner of her eye,

"... There's water in a lot of places you don't think about... like plants... air..." She spoke in a dark and solemn tone, "... and people..."

Slowly realizing how she was able to control Zall, Upsilon’s eyes widened, but he didn’t continue the matter further. Instead, he looked down at both of River’s arms, since they had been shocked pretty badly. “Are your arms okay?” He asked after a long while of silence.

"Yeah, they still sting, but..." River approached him worriedly, focusing on his limp left arm, "I'm more worried about what happened to yours!"

“My arm? It should be fine,” He assured her. He attempted to bend his elbow to show her, but a searing pain ran deep from within his arm, and he winced, grunting slightly. “Okay, maybe not…”

"Oh great..." River muttered under her breath, "Come on, we'll get some help at the school..."

Upsilon nodded, and began walking once more to the school.

"Wait, hold on," She looked back, suddenly remembering the other Hedgehog that had assisted them in the battle. She saw Martin knocked unconcious on the ground, and she ran over towards him.

Seeing as how he wasn't able to get up anytime soon, she used the strength she had left to carry the Hedgehog on her back, "Okay... NOW we can go."

Upsilon would've offered to help River carrying Martin, but he decided he wouldn't be of much help with his broken arm. Nevertheless, the two continued their way to school.

River, remembering the shadows that Upsilon used to fight, began to grow curious, but she wasn't sure how to approach the subject. She wasn't shocked by the fact that he had them and could use them, but she was interested as to why she was unaware of it until now,

"So, uh..." River tried to think if the right words, "What exactly was that you were doing? That shadow thing, I mean..."

“Oh, that?” Upsilon replied, “It’s, well… I basically directed the shadows to cut off his airways, and thus choke him… it sounds a lot scarier than it actually is."

Any normal person would have been horrified by that description, but not River, especially considering how she had just used someone's blood like puppet strings. Suffocation was probably a little better than what she had done,

"How come I didn't know you could do that before?" She asked, now extremely curious.

“Hm…” Upsilon mulled over that question. “Maybe it was the way you focused on them, as my powers become more visible depending on how hard someone is paying attention. Like, if somebody only glanced over my while I was using them, they’d look like a blur in one’s vision. But, if you full on focus at my powers, you can see them as I see: dark, shadowy masses. My powers become visible no matter what at night though, and I’m not sure why they work like that…”

"Wait... So has there been a bunch of times you've used them, but I just didn't notice?" River asked, Wow, I really AM oblivious... She thought.

Upsilon chuckled a little bit, "Yeah; do you remember when I had that fight with Rage?" Upsilon recounted. "I used my shadow powers then, but I guess you didn't see."

"R-really?!" She exclaimed, and promptly facepalmed, "It's times like these that make me consider getting glasses..." She laughed a bit, before almost dropping the still unconscious Martin, and catching him right before he could fall off her back, "Or, maybe I could just work on my attention span..."

He thought for a moment. “Now, I wouldn’t go saying that…” He began. “Maybe it wasn’t your attention span at all; my powers do appear pretty faint in the daylight, even to me.” As he said this, the two finally arrived at the school campus. Upsilon used his good arm to hold open the main doors so River could go through.

"Thank you," she said, and walked into Emerald High. Surprisingly, it appeared A LOT more sophisticated compared to their normal school; it looked cleaner, and newer, and even the normal students were required to wear a uniform. She stood there for a moment in awe, before remembering that she was still carrying an unconscious Hedgehog on her back.

"Uh, right, the infirmary!" River beckoned Upsilon and began walking to their destination.

Upsilon looked around at the entirety of the school’s features, shocked at the sharp difference between their normal school and Emerald High. Through this, he noticed a sign next to a nearby door, which said “Infirmary”. He showed River over to it and again opened the door for her.

"Oh, thank you again!" River went into the room, and was greeted by several nurses, who upon seeing the three were immediately concerned. Before saying anything to them, she set down Martin on one of the beds. One of the nurses approached her, "Oh my god, are you alright?!"

River proceeded to explain the situation, "We were attacked by a Zeti on our way over here; I think I'm fine though... My friend on the other hand..." She gestured towards Upsilon, "Pretty sure he broke something... Also this other guy was knocked out cold..."

Immediately after River finished speaking, the nurses swooped in and moved Upsilon over to another bed to work on his arm. After a while of them swarming the purple mink, they had set his arm and put it in a white arm cast, which Upsilon hid with his jacket sleeve. After giving the nurses a shy “thank you,” he got up and moved back over to River.

"You're going to be okay, right?" River asked, hoping she was correct. It seemed like the injury hurt immensely when she first looked at it.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Upsilon responded. "It feels much better now than it did before, thank goodness..."

"Okay, good." She breathed a sigh of relief, "I don't know much about healing, but..."

River moved a little closer to him, brushed some of his hair out of his face with her hand, and lightly kissed his forehead. She smiled,

"... I hope that helps to some extent,"

Upsilon’s face flushed bright red, as he wasn't expecting the gesture. “I feel a lot better now,” He said, smiling, “thank you.”

"Glad I could help," River returned with a grin. However, before she could do or say anything more, a strangely familiar voice sounded from outside of the room, as the door was left open...

"Mademoiselle?" Said the voice, and River's eyes widened in surprise. She turned to face the person it belonged to, and her eyes were met with a male white Bat, with teal irises, wearing the Emerald High uniform. The Bat's eyes widened in sudden excitement, and he immediately approached the two without any reluctance.

"Mademoiselle! It really IS you!" He exclaimed, and proceeded to greet River with an extremely tight hug.

"Rogue, you're squishing me..." River murmured. Rogue let go after a few more moments,

"Apologies; but it has just been so long since we've last seen each other!" The Bat excitedly exclaimed once more. Then, he looked over and took notice of the dark Mink that was accompanying her. It took him a short while to figure out who he was, and he let out a small gasp, "No. Way. RIVVY HAS A BOYFRIEND?!"

“Erm… yes,” Upsilon answered. He was taken back by the Bat’s sudden appearance, and how joyfully he greeted the two. Nevertheless, the purple mink put out his hand for a handshake. “I’m Upsilon… I’m assuming you and River are friends?”

Rogue took hold of Upsilon's hand and shaked it, "No, actually we're mortal enemies," he sarcastically joked. He then turned to face River again, "If you wouldn't mind, chéri, could you explain to me why I didn't know about him until now? I mean, I could have given you SO MUCH relationship advice!"

River's face turned pink in embarrassment, "S-seriously? You're going to go on this now?" she shyly looked off to the side, "I've just never had to right opportunity to bring it up... Now, why are you in a high school again? Didn't you drop out last time?"

"Yeah, I did," Rogue sighed, "But it turns out I couldn't keep my job unless I graduated high school, so I'm back here for the time being."

"Oh, okay..." River responded. Before she could say anything further, the Bat already turned the conversation back towards Upsilon,

"You're pretty cute; I can see why she likes you," Oh great, Rogue was flirting again, just for the sake of making the other two uncomfortable, "But a Mink was unexpected, I always thought she would go for another Echidna or a Chameleon maybe..."

Upsilon’s eyes widened once Rogue finished speaking, and his face was becoming flushed again. “Oh… th-thank you,” He replied bashfully after a while. He was unsure of what to say after that.

"Ahem," River cleared her throat, "Shouldn't you be getting to your first class?" She asked, her face still red in humiliation.

"What are you talking about? Classes don't start for a while..." Rogue replied, but then he quickly realized, and smirked slyly, "Ohhh, right. I'll get to my classes..." He winked, and left the two alone for the time being.

As he left, River breathed a small sigh of relief, "Sorry about that..." She apologized, "He likes to flirt... a lot... with both genders... solely to make them uncomfortable..."

“Oh, um, it’s fine,” Upsilon managed to say, “I just wasn’t expecting that… so suddenly, too…”

"Yeeeaaah... Heh heh..." River forced out an awkward laugh, "I guess he's kind of like my version of Kestrel, only a lot older and a lot more flamboyant... equally as embarrassing though."

Upsilon started to laugh a bit, “If those two got together,” he began, “Rogue and Kestrel… we’d be in for it. Think of all the teasing we'd get...”

"Oh my gosh, I can't even IMAGINE how far they would go with it," River began to laugh as well.

Just then, Sigma and Theta walked by River and Upsilon, with their arms looped together. Sigma noticed the purple mink and echidna, stopped in her tracks, and dragged Theta over to them. “Hiya, guys!” Sigma greeted cheerily with a warm smile. Theta looked away, and he strangely had a black eye.

“Dude, what happened?” Upsilon asked to Theta. The brown mink sighed. “Long story short, Sigma punched me–”

“But it was an accident!” Sigma chided quickly. “I didn’t mean it! I– Wait, woah, what happened to you guys?” The yellow mink was now looking at Upsilon’s cast and River, whose arms looked a little burnt. “Did you guys get in a fight or something?”

River looked at Theta, and then back at Sigma. Well at least she knew what the blonde Mink was being so secretive about the previous day. But anyways, she answered her question, "We sort of got attacked by a Zeti on our way over here... and Upsilon broke his arm... and I got electrocuted a few times... and that Hedgehog guy got knocked out..." She nervously laughed in an attempt to reassure them, "B-but we'll be completely fine!"

Sigma’s mouth hung open. “Oh my gosh, really?!” She asked in a shocked and empathetic manner. “Ugh, those Zeti are the worst! I swear, every day I go to school, I gotta battle at least one of them on my way!” She then looked over the two. “Well, it looks like you two are okay now, thankfully. Aside from all that, has anything new been up with you guys?”

River was a bit surprised by what Sigma had said, She has to fight them all the time? She thought, finding it hard to imagine someone like that girl in combat. But she figured that if she could manage to give Theta a serious black eye on accident, then Sigma could definitely hold her own in a fight, "Um, nothing else much, but it turns out a friend of mine is actually going to this school..."

"Oooh! That's awesome," Sigma responded. "I'll have to meet them sometime during the period that we're here! Nothing much has gone on for us either, aside from the whole... punching thing... hehe."

"Then again there's also... uh..." River glanced at Upsilon for a quick moment, remembering what happened last night. She contemplated telling the other two for a moment, unsure of how they would react. She shrugged, since there wasn't really much of a reason to be quiet about it anyway, "Upsilon and I are kind of... you know... as of last night..." she said, unsure of how to word it the right way.

Teslas name was being called out by an unfimilyer voice  "TESLA TESLA WHERE ARE YOU?"

"Uh... yes? Who's there?" Tesla says, following the sound.

Tesla finds the calling coming from the studen Hedge shown to be Milly bouncing around trying to find him " TESLA HAVE YOU SEEN HEDGE I HAVN'T SEEN HIM ALL DAY!?

The yellow mink looked puzzled for a moment.  “’You know’…?” She tentatively repeated, tilting her head to the side like a confused puppy. Upsilon gave a short sigh before saying, “We’re together, Sigma.”

Sigma just stared at the two for a little while after that, with her eyes widened and her mouth hung open like it was before. “Wait, for realsies?” She asked. Upsilon nodded, and with that, Sigma started bouncing up and down on the tips of her feet. “Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh OH MY GOSH! THAT’S FREAKING AWESOME!” Out of excitement, she grabbed River and started twirling her around. “I so totally called it! I KNEW YOU TWO WOULD GET TOGETHER! Eeeeeee!” Upsilon laughed a bit at Sigma’s overreaction to the news.

"Ah! S-Sigma, you're making me dizzy!" River exclaimed, still being spun around.

"Hehe! Sorry..." Sigma immediately released her grip from the girl's arms. "It's just... I knew it would happen someday! I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly..." She winked at Upsilon, who rolled his eyes in response, but was still laughing.

River stumbled a little bit trying to refocus, but she was still clearly in a good mood, "Y-yeah, so it's a thing now," So far she was surprised how excitedly the people who knew were reacting, as she expected them to be neutral on the subject or just be mildly interested. That Paws guy would probably be grossed out though... she thought, remembering the silver Wolf from the first day.

“Okay, Theta and I will just go now…” Sigma said, “And leave you two alone… together… by yourselves… with no one else but each oootheerrrrr…” Theta started snickering, and Sigma joined in, “Okay, okay, sorry, I couldn’t help myself! Anyways, bye you guys!” The yellow mink looped arms with Theta and then walked off down the hallway.

“Even when we’re together, she does not quit teasing…” Upsilon sighed, but he was smiling.

River laughed a little, "Oh jeez, if she met Rogue who was teamed up with Kestrel..." she went silent for a moment, thinking of what would happen were that situation to occur. Before continuing that thought, she recalled that it was still a school day, but they didn't have their temporary schedules yet, "Hey, you wouldn't happen to have that letter from last night with you, right?"

"Hm? Oh, yes, I have it," Upsilon reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the folded slip of paper, and handed it to River.

"Thanks," She quickly skimmed over the words, searching for the ones that she needed to pay attention to. After several moments, River handed the letter back to him, "So apparently our new schedules are in room 14... wherever that is..."

“Room 14? I remember seeing that room a while back…” Upsilon recalled. “Here, I’ll show you.” He grabbed River’s hand and walked to the room where their schedules were.

Tesla just shrugs, meaning he dosent know.

I hope he's ok I seen him go into the forrest yesterday after the school blown up and I haven't seen him sense by the way could you please meet me in the cafiteria after school it's somthing important I'll descus later ok?

"Uh... sure. I cant really see my girlfriend today because she has some stuff to do with her friend." Tesla said.

Milly say estaticly " after school in the cafiterea I'll hold you to it like a promes" skips away

Martin wakes up in the infirmary, because Riversilon brought him there. "That thing.... he uses water and electricity! But I dont understand... I had him..."

Hedge's house

Lex liked the look of Hedge's house. A homeish feel. "So do you guys wanna hear my story?"


The first period classroom was decked with ribbons, balloons, and tbles with food. The teacher was a short violet cat, who sat at her desk. Her name was Miss Tan (as it was written in cursive on the chalk board).

"Okay, students from Gem High, please take your seat. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the students around you. Grab some food, have fun! Your next period is when the lessons start!" she said.

Tesla sits down in a seat, playing with some sort of holographic ARG.

Martin sits at the far back.

Hazel Moon rushed into the classrom, a binder covering her face as she took a seat in the back of the room. Leif came in shortly after Hazel, sitting in the front next to a window.

Milly asks Hazel if she's seen Hedge at all today.

River was working on homework for the time being, as she hadn't had the chance to do it yesterday or the night before that. It wasn't a huge load, thank goodness, but she was trying to finish it as quick as she could anyways.

Meanwhile, a white Bat leaned against the wall, silently observing all of the students from both Emerald and Gem High. He wasn't shy, in fact he was rather outgoing, but for the moment he was just trying to decide who to interact with first...

Leif sighed, holding his cheek. His friends came up to him, before going back to their seats quickly. Leif looked at Hazel and sighed.

Martin thinks, I never really got the chance to thank whoever helped me back there... Maybe once I see that person...

Stormy walked into the room. "Wow, this place is pretty cool." she said, taking a seat next to Hazel.

"Hey hey hey, what's wrong?" Stormy said, moving the binder from Hazel's face. Hazel whispered something to Stormy, before sitting back in her seat.

"........................................................Oh. Um. Whoa there Hazel." Stormy said. "And.....sorry that happened?"

Hazel frowned. Stormy smiled. "It's okay Hazel.." Stormy said. "Pow!" Stormy said, oking Hazel's cheek softly.

Damn it... didnt read Hazel's appearance correctly. Tesla sits next to Hazel. "My love, are you okay?"

"I just did something really stupid..."Hazel sighed.

"Leif got her by the hips......and to make it worse...."Stormy said scaredly,"Hazel thought he was going to kiss her, but he was actually going to tell her something. But it was to late. Hazel slapped the hell out of him.... she slapped the hell out of him Tesla...."

Hazel covered her face. "He shouldn't have touched me like that! He knows I bite."

"Leif... he seems too nice... but he shouldn't have done that... I'll go talk to him..." Tesla said. He walks over to Leif. "Hey, Leif."

Leif turned to Tesla, and he was horrified. "..........Hey Tesla."

"Hey, don't worry. I'm not mad at you... but please dont go hitting on my girlfriend... I'm a nice person, and we may be friends." Tesla said.

"I'm really sorry about that Tesla. I didn't mean to disrespect you or Hazel." Leif said. 

"Hey, how long have you known Hazel?" the neon blue marten named Frank from before school said. 

"Since last year." Tesla said. "Anyways, apology accepted, Leif." Tesla smiled, and then went back to Hazel. "Leif won't do it again, Hazel."

Stormy was surprised everything went so well.  

"Thanks Tesla." Hazel smiled, blushing, as she was very releived.  

"Wow, that was quick. And Hazel, you got a leeeeettteeerrr!" Stormy said, handing it to Hazel.  

Hazel opened the letter. "How did you get this?"  

"Oh, mailman was running late. I told him I knew you, and he gave me ur letter." Stomry said.  

Hazel opened the letter. "Oh, Megami is coming to stay."

"Who's Megami??" Tesla asked.

"Oh, um, she's my little sister." Hazel said. "I haven't seen her in a long time, ever since we were seperated."

"oh..." Tesla said.

"Um...yea. It was a long time ago though. I'm just glad she's comng home. I'm sure she missed me, because I have missed her!" Hazel said happily, putting away the letter.

After several minutes, River had finally finished her work, and she looked around the classroom. Most of the people she didn't recognize, since they were completely different students after all, but she could see some familiar faces. Eventually, she spots an orange Hedgehog, who she quickly remembers as the one who she had to carry to the school. She was glad to see that he was awake now, but she might as well tell him what happened when he was knocked out. The Echidna approached Martin,

"Hey, excuse me, but you're okay from earlier this morning, right?" she asked him.

"Yeah, I am. Thanks for helping me out back there." Martin said, with a thumbs up.

"Oh, that's good," River smiled a little, "I was just a bit worried, since you were out cold for a while..."

"I'm Martin Newell. You can call me Marty." Martin said.

"Cool, my name's River..." She said, unsure of what to add to the conversation...

"Cool name. So-- I thought echidnas were usually brown and red." Martin said, referring to River's... totally not unusual fur color.

"Yeah..." River awkwardly looked off to the side, trying to think of the least complicated way to explain the story, "There were some... complications regarding my birth, and long story short, I have a pigment mutation due to some Chaos radiation..."

"Hmmm. I think I had a similar problem like that..." Marty said.

Then... a ruby colored mink walks into the class room, and sits behind Leif.

"Hm."Leif noticed the mink, glancing to him. (you have been noticed by senapi) "Hey, I'm Leif. What's your name?" Leif said to the mink.

"Vert..." The mink said. "...Wheeler."

"Nice to meet you! If you need help with anything you can go ahead and ask me." Leif said with a smile, before going off to be with his friends.

"Sure." Vert said, giving Leif a thumbs up.

Leif smiled at Vert before turning to his friends. They all looked at Vert before continuing a conversation.

Vert looks around, and then he saw SIGMA. (notice the italics) He stares at her for some seconds, and then looks somewhere else.

Feeling someone's eyes looking at her, Sigma looked up for a moment. "Huh?" Seeing nothing unusual, she returned talking to Theta. That's when she glanced over at the table of food and saw some cake. Her eyes widened and she sat there with her gaze transfixed on it.

"Sigma, are you–" Theta began.


"That's it?? I came to class... just so the teacher can do nothing? Well, this is the best school ever, isn't it?" Vert said, clapping sarcastically.

Ryder rode to Emerald High in his Harley Davidson and parked it. He walked into the classroom.

"Wow, that's a whole lotta Minks..." Ryder mumbled and took his seat next to Upsilon(if he's even here, I didn't read anything above, if not, he just sits somewhere random.

A white cat with shiny black hair enters the room. The eyes the room in search of Hazel, who she finally sees in the back of the room. She flipped her bangs before walking over to the gray cat.

"Hazel."the cat said.

"Mega-....."Hazel paused, looking to the gothic cat. "...mi...."

"What?" Megami snapped, taking Hazel's binder. "What's this? A binder huh? I'll take it."

"Megami...please give me back my binder." Hazel said.

Megami dropped the binder on the floor, taking a seat next to Hazel as she put her feet on the table. Hazel frowned, picking up her binder.

"I would have liked it if you would have handed it to me." Hazel said.

"Deal with it." Megami said, filing her nails. "Anyways, dad called. You and me are going to hit the road back to Annalea."

Nieve,Luther,Kagome,and Kassie arrived to the glass,panting and gasping for air.

Megami notied the four before turning to Hazel. "I can't go with you." Hazel said.

"Why not?!" Megami said.

"'re making a scene. Stop, I'm not going with you back home."Hazel said.

"..?"Kagome and Kassie looks at Megami and Hazel,having the same confused expression.

"Well... uh, isn't this sibling love?" Vert said.

"'Megami'.... you might want to stop degrading your sister." Tesla said.

"Who are you huh?" Megami snapped.

"Stop, he isn't in this!" Hazel said. "I have a life here, and I won't go home."

Megami glared at Hazel. "You and me are going home tonight. If don't want to know."

Hazel gave a worried look. She knew Megami was stronger than her. "I am not going home with you, because where I live is my home."

"Ha ha, very cute." Megami said, cracking her knuckles. "You know what happens if you resfuse. Your little boyfreind won't be able to help you."

Tesla stands up, and got in Megami's face. "Say that again... to my face." He said in a low, and silent voice. For some reason, it did sound like he was speaking in an American accent.

Megami gives a little laugh. "You. Won't be able. To help-"

"STOP! NOW!" Hazel said, pulling Megami away from Tesla. "I thought you came here to visit me because you missed me, not because you wanted to bring trouble!"

"Please Hazel,"Megami said, putting her hands on her hips."the thing I live to do is make your life hell. This is truly more amusing than it is sad. Oh, and, Eric's single."

"So, what do I care? I love my boyfriend, Tesla." Hazel said, getting closer to Tesla.

"Aw, that's too bad. Dad's made an agreement with Eric and his dying father. You see, once you and Eric get married, our family will get richer. And the great part is, some of the money goes to me." Megami said with a smirk.

"Why can't you marry Eric? You're going through a lot of trouble to get me." Hazel said as she frowned.

"You wanna knuckle sandwich smart a**?!" Megami said, pulling Hazel by her shirt and lifting her up.

"AH!" Hazel screamed, getting lifted up off the ground by her taller sister. 

Kagome looks at Tesla before whispering to Kassie."There's gonna be a fight."

Kassie nods,excited."I know!"She was jumping up and down,eager to watch the fight.

"You're one hell of a sister, Megami. Put her down and just leave her alone!" Tesla said, charging his hands with electricity.

"This doesn't involve you!" Megami said, putting Hazel down. "Hph. You, you're getting it after school!"

Hazel shuddered, whatching as her sister walked up to the teacher, telling Ms.Tan she was leaving.

"Was she ever like that?" Tesla said, comforting Hazel.

"No..."Hazel said worriedly. "Me and her used to be best don't know.."

Kagome and Kassie was blanked faced,looking at Megami."I'm scared of this school now.."Kassie shudders in fearful thoughts."Awww come on!"Kagome wraps her arm around her twin sister."It'll be as fun as a trick or treating frenzy!"

Nieve and Luther was also blanked faced,looking at Megami as well.

"Wow... the girl needs to calm down." Vert said.

A grey koala entered the room. She slowly walked up to Hazel Moon shyly. "U-um, hey Hazel. I'm so glade you're back at E.H."

"Bee!" Hazel said happily, hugging the grey koala tightly. "Ah, I'm so happy you're here!" Hazel said happily as she spun Bee around. 

"Haha, I'm glad you're happy to see me Hazel!"Bee said blushing, as she stopped spinning."So... whao's this?" Bee said, looking to Tesla.

"I'm Tesla, nice to meet you." Tesla said, waving to her, smilig.

"I'm Bee." Bee said smiling.

Kassie and Kagome was just watching everyone,hearing all the nice greetings and stuff.

Vert observes Sigma very carefully. He's illustrating a portrait of her, trying to get every detail. He mumbles to himself indistinctively.

The strange green person at the back of the class hadn't really said much, but now he walked into the crowd of students. The electric hedgehog caught his attention, and he greeted him with a quiest "Um...hi."

Lex gave a reluctant smile. Today hadn't been that bad. But he needed excitement. SOMETHING needed to happen. He decided to speak to the  "Tesla" he spoke to earlier. He seemed friendly.

Recovered chapters

Uh... okay. Let's move to uh... lunch! We're going to lunch becase I'm assuming everybody is hungry. Tesla gets his food and sits at a table!

"Oh, yes, this lunch tastes good! Definitely my favorite!" Tesla said. "I'm just gonna wait here for certain people to begin socializing...."



Hazel walked in the lunch get lunch of course. UHGUGHGU 1<3=BAKA

"Um...hi Tesla ^ ^" Hazel said.

"Hey, Hazel, my love. You can sit by me." Tesla said, smiling.

Hazel smiled,"Oh, thanks Tes-"

"Um, no she won't." Megami said, pushing Hazel from Tesla. "Why don't you sit by me and my freinds?" Megami said, giving a scary glare like 'you better do it'.

"After what you said to me? No way." Tesla said, crossing his arms.

"Come on Hazel. You don't need this looser anyway. Seriously what were you thinking?" Megami said.

"Did you......just Tesla......a........a looser?!" Hazel said, as her eyes turned bright red, and she faded a deep gray, almost black. 

Hazel slapped Megami so hard she flew across th room, slamming into trash cans. Trash covered, Megami stormed out of the lunch room.

Hazel faded back to her regular color, and so did her eyes. "DONT YOU EVER CALL HIM THAT!" Hazel said, as her hair slightly stuck up.

Ooh, I like her, Tesla thought. "Wow. Didn't actually know you had that type of horsepower in you..." Tesla said, chuckling in excitement.

"Stupid b***. Tesla, if she ever calls you a mean name, or hurts you in any way, I will cut her a new a**hole." Hazel said, her claws slightly coming out. Hazel took a deep breath. "I'm sorry for acting so....scary around you...."

Tesla hugs Hazel. "It is okay, Hazel. It was her fault in the first place. We should go somewhere else..."

"Yea, okay. Where do you wanna go?" Hazel said smiling.

And they went outside... to a wooden table outside of Emerald High. "Nobody will hurt us here." Tesla said, sitting down on the table.

Hazel sat down as well, blushing. It had been a pretty long tie since she could spent time with Tesla alone. She smiled as she ate, crossing her legs.

River was sitting alone at a table, remaining silent for the time being. She looked down at her food, but refused to eat it. For some reason, she was just feeling melancholy. The day was going fine, nothing horrible has happened, yet, she couldn't bring herself to be upbeat at the moment...

Martin sees Riv-er, and sits at her table. Nowhere near her... but the same table. "Hey, River." Martin said.

"Oh, hi Marty..." River waved at him a little, still feeling strangely depressed.

The three minks walked into the lunchroom a bit after everyone else. Theta and Upsilon were about to go get lunch, but then Sigma saw River sitting at a lunch table. Instinctively, Sigma grabbed the two boys’ arms, rushed over to the table, and sat them down.

“Hiya, River!” Sigma greeted happily.

"Hey guys," she said, and managed to bring a little smile across her face to greet them.

Upsilon looked at River (who he was sitting next to) and frowned slightly. He could tell something was wrong with her, but he wasn’t sure what. “River, are y–“

Sooooo, how's your day going so far?” Sigma asked the cyan echidna excitedly. Upsilon gave a slightly annoyed expression but didn’t finish his thought.

"It's been good I guess; this place is a lot calmer than Gem High..." River remarked, unsure of what else to say. Other than the Zeti attack this morning, not much has really happened to her.

"Hello... minks." Martin said, waving.

A new face made itself known to the crowd. It was a strange face, almost alien to the students. It was green, with two blue antenna. "Um..hi?" He murmured nervously.

"Uh... hello..." Martin said, waving to the green alien thing.

River turned to look at the newcomer, who looked rather... odd, to say the least. She wasn't sure if he was a frog or some insect, "Hey, dude..." She said, unsure of how to address him.

Ryder walked into the lunchroom, got his lunch, and sat down. He looked towards the Minks. Is it just me or is the number of Minks getting higher...? Ryder thought.

Sigma saw the new face and gave her normal bright smile towards him. “Hiii!” she greeted, waving a bit at him.

Ryder turned around, the back towards Sigma. He wasn't really used to people being friendly. He waved back and continued eating.

Ryder sat down, but once he did, the people sitting in that area moved somewhere else.

"Yeah, sure. Go ahead.." Ryder mumbled.

Martin looks at Ryder for a moment, then back to the minks and River. "The dude over there sort of... well--" Marty said...

"Sort of... what?" River looked at the Hedgehog with a confused state.

"...frightens me." Martin said. "I'm probably the most frightening hedgehog in this school... but I think I was dethroned."

"Uhm..." River's eyes drifted away, as she was trying to avoid eye contact with Martin. She could think of PLENTY of things scarier than him, "... You... You really aren't that scary in my opinion..."

"Nobody ever really said that to me before... well, except for that one guy in my 6th grade class, but that dosent matter. Thanks, River." Marty said.

"Oh, uh, you're welcome...?" River said a little nervously, confused as to whether he took that as offense or a compliment.

"Really?" Marty said.

"Y-yeah... there's a lot of things that are worse..." She responded.

"Th-- thanks." Marty said, sort of blushing...

"Whatch-yall talkin' about?" Ryder ask, hearing River.

"Birds." Martin said.


"I don't want to know." Ryder said

"See, they fly and they peck people, not to mention--" Martin stopped, before seeing Blaze entering the lunch room. She waves at him, and Marty waves back, breaking a sweat.

Suddenly, a light gust of wind blew over the group, and a swooshing sound was heard behind them. A bit startled, River turned to face the source, and immediately she caught sight of Rogue, who was hovering in mid-air by flapping his wings in a certain pattern, "Hello~!" he greeted.

"Hey Rogue-" before she could continue her sentence, she was interrupted,

"Oh, so these are your other friends?" He asked, "That one looks cute," Rogue said as he winked at Sigma... or did he wink at Theta? You know, it was really uncertain...

"....and nice to meet you to, I suppose?" Martin said to Rogue.

The Bat turned his gaze towards Martin, and gave a friendly smile and waved, "My name is Rogue, how about the rest of you?"

"Fine, I guess." Marty said.

Theta glanced up at the bat, certainly surprised by his sudden appearance, but said nothing. Sigma looked up and waved back cheerfully. “Hiya, the name’s Sigma!” She replied happily. She then pointed to Theta. “This is my friend Theta. He doesn’t talk much.”

Meanwhile, Bee went to Tesla and Hazel. Be grabbed Hazel's arm. "Hazel, we need to talk-"

"About what?" Hazel said.

"Something, come on, now." Bee said, as she hurried away, Hazel following her.

"Wait, what?" Tesla asked himself. He just sits there, deserted.


Ryder walked out of school. "Is it just me or did today go by... REALLY fast?" Ryder asked to himself.

Rage walked out of the school, and started to walk casually home.

Hazel and Stormy walked home.

"You sister sounds like a real b*ch." Stormy said, eating a bag of chips.

"But she's not, I sware! She used to be so nice to me!"Hazel said.

"Maybe you should ask her to build a snowman with you."Stormy said.

"No time for jokes!" Hazel said hotly.

"Or a dirtman."Stormy smiled. "Y'know, since it doesn't snow here."

Hazel sighed, walking home with Stormy.

Lex wandered over. He was used to helping people out, and a dilemma seemed to have occured here. "What's up here?" He asked, with a confidence he didn't know he had.

"Hm?" Stormy said.

"HEY, TWAT!" Megami said, going to Hazel. Megami pulled Hazel by her ponytail. "You're coming with me."

"Let her go!"Stormy said.

Megami was about to punch Stormy in the face, but Stormy grabbed Megami's fist, twisting her arm. Megami screamed in pain, and just when she was about to kick Stormy, Stormy jupped up, kicking her leag. Megami fell, and Stormy put Megami's hands behind her back. Stormy twisted Megami's arms, almost breaking them.


"Sure, when you leave Hazel alone." Megami said.

Megami sighed before kicking Stormy in the stomach. Stormy fell back, leaving Megami to pick up Hazel and dissapear.

"NO, HAZEL!" Stormy said, getting up. "Sh**, now what?!" Stormy growled. Stormy ran over to Hazel's house, opening the door. There Hazel was, lying on the kitchen table, coughing up blood and covered in scars and bruises.

"H-hazel....."Stormy said in shock. It's only been like ten did she get hurt like this....Stormy thought as she picked up the phone to call an ambulance.

Hazel was taken to the hospital by an abulance. Stormy stood with Hazel until the doctors told her to leave. Stormy ran, looking for Tesla.

Stormy's phone rang. It was from the hospital. Stormy ran to the hospital. A nurse came up to Stormy.

"Miss Stormy Aquawater?" the nurse said.

"What? Is something wrong with Hazel?" Stormy said. 

"We're going to need to preform surgery on Hazel Moon. Her injures are too severe, and we can't leave her to heal by herself." the nurse said. "You're going to need to sign these forms. Are you over 18?"

"........Yea." Stormy said, taking the forms and filling them out.

"ID?"The nurse said.

"I don't have a car. Don't I look 22? You callin' me a high schooler sugar queen?!" Stormy said, cracking her knuckles.

"N-no!" the nurse said, taking the forms and walking away.

"Phew....."Stormy said, relieved.

Hours passed. Stormy took a nap on a bench outside of Hazel's hospital room. The nurse poked Stormy.

"H-hm?" Stormy said.

"Hazel wants to see you."the nurse said.

"Kay, i'm comin'."Stormy said. She walked into the hospital room. Hazel looked like a mummy as she was wrapped up in so many bandages (or she came out of Sonic Boom :3).

Hazel lifted a finger. "........Stormy......."Hazel said faintly.

"Hazel?" Stormy said, taking Hazel's hand. "Want the band-aids off??"

"Yea."Hazel said almost in a whisper. The nurse took down Hazel's bandages, and long light grey waves fell from a bun Hazel had worn.

" different....!"Stormy said. Hazel now had a light peach muzzle, and was a super light gray. Stormy started to rouch Hazel's hair, putting it in a high ponytail.

"SO CUTE <3" Stormy giggled.

"I look like Blaze....."Hazel laughed slightly. "How about just a back ponytail. I'll let the rest of my hair down."Hazel said. 

"What did they give you?"Stormy said, squeezing Hazel's cheeks with her hands. "Plastic surgery?"

"No...."Hazel said in a voice like a kid since Stormy was queezing her cheeks,"the bad burns made me get lighter... somehow, haha. That's what the doctor told me. He doesn't know homself how I changed so much...and look..." Hazel said, getting out her burnt clothes.

"Ooo...."Stormy said. "I guess you're going to have to go Sally style huh."

"NO, I LIKE CLOTHES :')!" Hazel said quickly.

"Let's get out of here." Stormy said. "I'll take you to the mall."

Hazel sighed. "I...........I......I sprained my leg and broke my arm."

"Who did this to you?! Was it Megami?!" Stormy said as her tone suddenly changed.

"..........................................................yes.............."Hazel whispered.

Stormy growled,"I'm gonna get her and-"

"S-Stormy! N-no, I can't have you get hurt....."Hazel said. "Don't tell anyone about what happened, okay? No one.."

"What about Tesla?" Stormy said.

"Megami is going to come back....if she finds out everyone knows what happened the injuries I have will be much more severe."Hazel said.

"Hazel, I need to tell Tesla."Stormy said, walking out of the hospital.

Stormy, walking out of the hospital, kicked a rock. "Now I have to find Hazel's boyfriend...."Stormy sighed, slightly wishing she had a boyfriend of her own. She quickly turned away the thought, blushing.

River packed away her homework and other supplies. The day seemed to move by rather quickly, but it was likely due to the fact that this place was a little more peaceful than Gem High. She leaned against a wall, waiting for Upsilon.

Upsilon came out of the school’s front doors a while later, with Sigma and Theta walking next to him and talking. The purple mink waved a goodbye at the two before moving over to where River was. “So… you’re ready to go?”

"Yup," River said smiling at him, and began to walk beside him.

"Hm... is it me, or did today feel like it went a lot faster than it normally does?" Upsilon asked as the two walked.

"I know right? It felt like it ended almost as soon as it started." River said, adjusting some of her quills. As they continued, suddenly, what felt like a large hand touched her shoulder, and startled by it she jumped a little.

"Where were you last night?" Asked a voice in a menacing tone. There was no prize for guessing who it was...

River turned her head, surprised that he had sneaked up on her again, and glared at her Uncle, "What do you want this time, Elias?"

"Answer my question," He forcefully pulled her towards him, and spoke with more anger, "Why weren't you home last night?"

Upsilon turned and was actually surprised to see River's uncle standing before him. Wait, what? Upsilon thought to himself, How did he even know to come to this school? But, that didn't matter now...

"Sir, you should really let go of her," The purple mink warned Elias in a cold, sharp tone. He clenched his fists and a whole mess of shadows came pouring into his palms, ready to be used to attack.

The older Echidna rolled his eyes at Upsilon and sighed, completely ignoring his threat, "You have nothing to do with this; stay out of it," He growled, and then turned his attention back to River. He gripped even tighter, making it hurt a little. She only responded with more anger, but not fear,

"Why?" The girl asked, and Elias looked at her with slight confusion, "Why do you hate me?"

Elias remained silent, and only applied more force to his hold,

"Why do you do this? What did I ever do to you!?" River pressed further, and her Uncle only grew more and more furious in his silence. He then removed his hand from her shoulder, and this time held onto her neck,

"You're well aware of what you did!" He shouted, ignoring the entire world around him.

Suddenly, Zall appeared from nowhere and held Upsilon back, grabbing his arms and putting them behind his Upsilon's back, crossing his hands(Like being arrested with the arms behind his back)

Before he could even react to what River and Elias were saying, Upsilon felt another person grab his hands from behind. “What the–?!” Upsilon turned his head and saw that the Zeti had captured him once more, and he groaned. Why is he even here still?! He thought to himself. I thought he was dealt with earlier…

In an effort to be released, the purple mink quickly swung his legs forward and over his head, and with the support the Zeti was giving him by holding his arms, planted a sharp kick in Zall’s face.

"What?" Elias turned his head to see the towering Zeti, and released his grip around River's neck. He stood there in complete shock, having no idea what kind of creature he was looking at. He quickly decided that now was not the best time to continue this family conflict.

"AAAGH..." Zall exclaimed

River, recognizing Zall from earlier that day, shoved her Uncle aside and immediately went into a defensive stance. She groaned, "Great, what do you want now?!"

"I want my planet. Alone." Zall stated

"and YOU are in my way. You don't want to get in a Zeti's way..." Zall said intimidatingly as he picked up Upsilon by the neck and started to apply pressure. Zall held his legs and arms down so Upsilon was practically unable to do anything.

"Let go of him!" River shouted, and pulling water from humidity in the air, shot a high-pressured jet of water at Zall, hoping that it would cause him to release Upsilon.

Zall ducked, and the water hit Upsilon. Zall struck a large lightning bolt to River.

"Aargh!" River felt the full force of the attack, and collapsed to the ground. The sudden rush of electricity coursed through every part of her body; her vision began to falter, hear ears were ringing, it was a little harder to breathe. But she wasn't ready to give up yet. Stumbling back onto her feet, she tried to charge at the Zeti, but immediately felt her quills be yanked back. In even more pain, she saw that Elias was tightly pulling her quills, restraining her from fighting.

"What... what are... you doing?!" She barely managed to say inbetween forced breaths. He gave her a stern look,

"That... thing is not our problem. Leave your friend to deal with it." The older Echidna tugged a little tighter, still glaring at her.

"I'll teach you to set foot on MY PLANET!" Zall shouted to Upsilon and held up a hand, charging a lightning bolt

About 15 seconds later, a small boulder(not a rock, but not a big enough rock to crush him) smacked Zall in the face, causing Zall to be launched about 8 feet back.

Upsilon was finally released from the Zeti's grasp and jumped down to the floor, coughing and spluttering and deeply confused at who threw the boulder. Nevertheless, he summoned for more shadows to form in his hands and sent a large tidal wave-like mass of them at Zall, blasting him back a bit farther.

Zall had hit his back sideways on a tree.

Then, a Mink that looked awful familiar to Upsilon and River had ran up to them.

"Are you okay?" The Mink asked

River looked up, still feeling the effects of aftershock, and recognized the dark red Mink from earlier that day. However, she was unable to get up and help the other two, as her basic abilities were faltering due to the attack and Elias' restraint on her.

Zall had steadily started to get up.

The Mink walked up to Zall. He stook his hand out. "I don't know what or who you are, but lets just forget this."

Upsilon was confused at the mink's sudden appearance. He recognized him from lunch earlier that day, but he didn't exactly know the guy's name. He went over by him anyways, "I wouldn't try to reason with him," Upsilon warned the red mink.

Zall grabbed Ryders hand. Ryder(whoopz, teh mink) pulled him up.

"See? Whoever this guy is might just be a nice gu-" Ryder was interuptted as Zall had started doing the same thing he did to River with the arms and the electricity. Ryder started to scream in pain.

The purple mink quickly formed a shadow mass, almost in the shape of a ball, in his hands and with one quick swoop of his arms sent it into Zall’s stomach, which caused the Zeti to release Ryder and fly back farther than before.

Zall broke through a tree and got a concussion.

Ryder had fallen to the ground in pain, and he struggled to get up because his arms were very weak(and as crispy as a french fry).

Ryder looked at his arms that left highly noticable marks. He touched them and they stung like HAIL.

Seeing as how the Zeti and the two Minks were occupied, Elias brought River back up to her feet. She was already in a stunned state, so she couldn't break away from him. Without saying a word, he began to lead her away from the commotion, and she walked like she was half-concious.

Upsilon noticed how badly Ryder’s arms were burnt, but then he also noticed how Elias was walking away from the scene, and bringing River as well. He looked at Ryder apologetically, “Wait a minute, please.”

He then ran over to where the two echidnas were. The purple mink lifted his hands up, and a huge, shadowy wall rose up from the ground and blocked Elias from going any further.

“Leave River here, Elias…” Upsilon growled through gritted teeth.

Elias gazed upon the dark barrier in surprise, but he did his best to remain calm and collected. He gave an irritated sigh, and faced Upsilon again,

"You're involving yourself in matters that don't concern you; let us through." He demanded

I don’t care if you think this doesn’t concern me,” Upsilon shot back, “You’re hurting River, and that’s all I really care about right now. I won’t tell you again, Elias–“ Upsilon flicked his hand out and his shadow sword flowed its own form, and rested in the palms of his hand, “– Leave River here.”

River could only see fuzzy outlines of what was happening in front of her, and she could hear muffled voices. She heard Elias the most clear, as he was closest to her,

"You're treating her like she's innocent," He said, still somehow remaining calm in front of him, "You have no idea what she has done to me... to my family... and who knows how many others!"

The girl began to return to her senses as the aftershock faded, and saw Elias and Upsilon facing off with each other. She saw the sword in the Mink's hands, and began to panic. Her Aichmophobia was returning, and she remained paralyzed in silence.

“What she’s done… to you?” Upsilon queried, now confused. He looked over at River, who was now visibly shaken. He wasn’t sure what was troubling the girl, but he thought it was probably by what Elias was saying. “What has she done to you before?”

"So she hasn't told you..." Elias glanced down at River as she was trembling in fear, he smirked, "Tell him what you did those years ago... what you did to Kaiyo..."

River was just about as confused as Upsilon was. Kaiyo was Elias' wife, but...

"Kaiyo...? What? She had nothing to do with this! She died..." Suddenly, the girl's eyes widened in realization, and she gasped, "She died in a tsunami five years ago..."

River took a step back, and she began to piece everything together. The time of Kaiyo's death was just days before Elias first hit her; and the fact that River was the only person in her homeland who could control water, it could be possible that someone would believe that maybe she had caused that tsunami. But, even though she was strong with her power, there was no way she was strong enough to cause such a disaster when she was a child. It all began to make sense now... why he abused her... why he loathed her... why he seemed to attack without reason... this whole time, for five years, the only thing Elias ever wanted was revenge.

“A large… tsunami..?” Upsilon repeated. He looked over at River, trying to imagine a girl like her ever killing her family member, and most likely many others, and he just couldn’t make that image out in his head. Besides, what motive could she possible have, what would she have gained? “I highly doubt River would ever do something that awful…”

"What say do you have in this? You've only known her for what, a few months? I've known her for fifteen years; I know everything about her. Why she has that obnoxious fur color, why she has those cursed powers, why she acts the way she does..."

River, however, was changing. Fury and rage began to swell within her. She glared at her Uncle with clenched teeth,

"Five years..." She muttered, "I've dealt with you for five years... and because... because you think I killed your wife?!" River yanked her wrist away from his grip, and swiftly smacked the back of his head. "I cared about her just like you did! Why would I ever turn like that?! What makes you think I was that powerful as a child!?" She shouted at him, as she was now trembling in anger rather than fear.

Elias had never seen her like this; in the past all he had saw was a silent and shy girl. He looked down at her, "You're cursed, River. You have those colors, those powers... you are a freak. You weren't even meant to live when you were born..."

River looked down at the ground; no one back home listened to her reasoning, so why would he?

"Then leave..." She muttered, her voice beginning to shake, "... Leave so that you'll never have to look at me again..."

Elias looked at her, glared, and then turned away. Right now, in public where she is protected, is no time to get his revenge. However, he has been away from home long enough. He began to walk away alone, not saying anything back to her. River watched as he left, and after what felt like forever, he was finally gone.

She gazed into Upsilon's eyes, but then quickly looked away in shame. She could feel it slowly coming, Please... She thought, Not in front of him...

But River couldn't help the first tear that streaked down her face.

Upsilon’s face had a look of pure astonishment, and of slight confusion, over the conversation shared between the two echidnas. He was surprised to have seen River act so assertive towards her Uncle when she usually seemed deathly afraid of him, but he was also confused by the things Elias had mentioned. Not meant to live when she was born..? He wondered, I wonder what that’s all about…

He summoned for all the shadows he had created to pour back into his hands and dissipate with a faint hissing sound. Afterwards the mink moved over to River, unsure of what to say or do. “River…” was all Upsilon could manage to say, but he quickly scooped her up into a hug.

Meanwhile, Zall's vision came into clear. It was very blurry and fuzzy, kind of like River was. He could barely move and see, and couldn't even get up.

River immediately wrapped her arms around him, returning the hug. She leaned her head on his shoulder, and continued to sob a little louder. She was embarrassed to cry right in front if him; she didn't want him, or anyone really, to think that she could become this emotional. But, after what had just happened and River finally understanding, she couldn't help it. This whole time she thought Elias was doing it for a different and more justified purpose, but, it turns out he was just like everyone else back home. Trying her best to return to normal, she looked up at Upsilon,

"I... I probably have a lot of explaining to do, don't I?"

Upsilon nodded, “Yes… perhaps along the way back home. Right now, we need to help that guy out over there...” He turned and looked at Ryder, whose arms were still pretty badly burnt. He also looked over at Zall, who was now stirring and probably beginning to recover from his concussion. They’d have to hurry and help the other mink quickly before the Zeti could finally awaken again and try to fight the three of them.

"Right, got it," She wiped her tears and managed to bring forth a weak smile. River walked over to Ryder, and saw that his arms were burnt like hers earlier that morning, only worse. She didn't know much about healing, but she knew that running cold water on a burn helped a little.

She used her powers to create an aura-like body of water around his arms, "That should ease the pain a bit, I hope."

"Thanks." Ryder said as he got up.

"If you don't mind me askin', what's your name?" The Mink asked

"I'm Upsilon," The purple mink replied.

"Im Ryder. R-Y-D-E-R, not R-I-D-E-R" Ryder said.

Zall had finally gotten up, but still couldn't see very well. He wearily started to walk towards them.

Before Upsilon could continue speaking with Ryder, he noticed Zall had finally recovered and was walking towards the group. He glared and with one swift movement of his hand, he set up the tidal wave of shadows behind him once more. “Don’t move a step closer!” He warned the Zeti who was approaching them.

"I just... want my planet back!" Zall exclaimed. "Im sure the rest of us would agree that we found this planet, it's ours!"

"...Zeti?" Ryder wondered aloud

"Wait, ours?" River asked, "But, didn't you just claim that it was yours?"

"I mean that no one but the Zeti should roam on it." Zall had stated, very clearly annoyed.

“I can understand why you’d be upset that I, along with others, live on the planet besides you and the rest of the Zeti,” Upsilon replied to Zall, but he still held the shadowy mass up behind him, in case he tried to attack again. “You guys were there first. But, my friends and I, and their families have been there for a long time, too.

“So… we should just share the planet. You don’t attack us, we don’t attack you, and we can just go our separate ways."

Zall started to think. "Alright, we'll do that then. However, I can't make any promises about the rest of the Zeti and The Deadly Six... they may have other... plans.

“That’s fine…” Upsilon sighed of relief, and let the shadows crash down behind him easily, dissipating as they touched the floor, to assure Zall that he meant no harm. “We can deal with the other Zeti later on, but your cooperation… it’s a good start. Thank you.”

"Don't mention it..." Zall muttered.

"Uhhh, quick question?" Ryder stated confused. "What's a Zeti?"

Upsilon turned to Ryder. “The Zeti are a native race that originated on the Lost Hex,” He explained to the red mink, “They’ve been on the planet for the longest time, probably even since the planet was first created.”

"Oh, alright. Now this fight makes sense..." Ryder said. His arms started to throb. It wasn't a painful type of pain, just, an annoying type.

"I better head off now."  Ryder said as he walked to his Motorcycle. He started it up and drove to where Upsilon and River were. "You guys stay safe.". He did a wheelie and rode off.

River watched him drive away, slightly confused as to how she never noticed that Motorcycle there before. She shrugged, and didn't dwell too much on the thought. "So..." she said, "We can finally have a normal walk home?"

The purple mink grabbed River’s hand and began walking away, nodding at Zall as he passed him. “Yes, finally, a normal walk home…” Upsilon heaved another sigh of relief, “But, if it’s not going to trouble you… could you, erm… explain what happened beforehand?”

"Oh boy, here comes the life story..." River awkwardly looked off to the side, unsure of where to start, "Well, which part do you want to know about first?"

“Start it… from the beginning,” Upsilon said, starting to feel a bit awkward himself, “On what Elias said to you… about not meaning to live.”

"Oh yeah... that..." River remembered the story that her parents told her about how she was born, and all the complications involved. She didn't really like hearing the story when she was a child, as the thought of dying before she even had a name scared her. But now that she was older she could definintely handle it, "I was born prematurely... REALLY prematurely. Ali'ikai didn't have very advanced technology, so to their knowledge I wasn't expected to live for more than a few days... but..." Before she continued, she glanced at Upsilon, "You know those Chaos Emeralds, right?"

“The Chaos Emeralds?” Upsilon repeated. “Um, yeah, I’ve heard of them… they’re supposed to have an immense amount of power, right?”

"Well, it just so happened that my Dad had one at the time... the cyan one to be specific, and, well..." River said, "He used it to save my life, but as a side effect my fur turned the same color as the Emerald, and I was able to control water. So I hope that clears up a lot of confusion..."

“Ah… that makes sense,” Upsilon replied. “Thank goodness you father had a Chaos Emerald at the time… what would you have looked like without the Emerald, then?”

"Dead." River bluntly replied, but then laughed, "Okay, okay, but other than that... I probably would have the same fur color as my Mother, which is crimson." She tried to imagine what she would look like in that color, but it just seemed too weird to imagine.

Upsilon laughed a little too, and tried to imagine River with crimson fur, but he just couldn’t make the image out in his head. “I can’t really imagine you being or looking like anything else than what you are right now, to be honest…” Upsilon said after a moment of thought.

"I know, right? It's like trying to imagine you as a bright blonde!" River responded.

A look of pure horror crossed Upsilon’s face for a moment, but then he suddenly burst out into a fit of laughter, which was very unlike him. “Oh, goodness…” Upsilon stammered in between hearty laughs, “I would make an awful blonde! I guess we're lucky things are they are...”

River still couldn't stop thinking about it, and she chuckled a bit, "When I try to think about it, you look like Sigma's brother or something,"

The two continued walking down the sidewalk on their way home, talking and laughing. Upsilon was just thankful that they could go home in a relatively normal way, compared to other days…

An Hour Later…

Upsilon was now on the porch of his house in the Frozen Factory zone, fiddling with his keys to find the right one. After a second he put the correct key into the door and swung it open to find the house exactly the same as they had left it that morning. Sighing contentedly, Upsilon casually walked the first few steps into the house, only to have his younger sister knock into him.

“Watch where you’re– Oh… you guys are home!” Kestrel greeted. She looked at Upsilon, “So, Loser, how was your– OH MY FLIPPITY FLAPJACKS, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!” She hovered around Upsilon and lifted up his broken arm, then proceeded to poke his cast. Upsilon swatted her away. She then looked at River’s burnt arms. “Um, what happened at school, ya guys? Get beaten up by a bully or something?”

"Well, more like a Zeti to be precise," River answered, "And we were actually attacked twice... going to school and coming back from it."

“What in the what?!” Kestrel said angrily. “Really? On the way AND BACK? Why I oughta– That’s it! Next time I see a Zeti, I’m gonna bu–“

“You won’t be doing anything,” Upsilon interjected. “We made a deal with the Zeti that fought us to not attack anymore of their kind, and they won’t attack us. We need to keep that promise.”

“But that’s not any fun!” Kestrel whined. “But whatever… do you have something I can help with, though?” She looked down at River’s arms. “I do know a couple of healing spells…”

"I'm fine, I can recover pretty quickly..." River reassured her, and then looked at Upsilon, "You should worry more about your brother, since, ya know... his arm is kind of broken."

“Who cares about him?” Kestrel asked coyly. Upsilon only glared at his sister, and she laughed in response. “Oh, I’m only kidding. Come here.”

Kestrel gently put a hand on her brother’s elbow and shut her eyes tightly. She put all of her concentration on imagining the words of the spell in her head, and murmured the spell under her breath. Upsilon’s elbow had a glowing green aura for a moment, but it faded quickly. The purple mink bended his elbow a little bit; it still wasn’t completely healed, but Kestrel’s spell did give him some more mobility in his arm.

“I know it’s not much…” Kestrel said in a surprisingly sheepish tone, “but at least it’ll help a lil’, right?”

“Right,” Upsilon replied, smiling softly, “I can move it around a little more now, so thank you.”

“Not a problem at all!” Kestrel grinned and looked at the two. “So… what are you guys gonna do now?”

River had watched in awe of the Pika's work. She didn't know much about magic, but seeing the spell be performed was riveting. But once it was finished, she snapped back into reality, "Hmm..." She muttered, trying to think of something to occupy them for the time being, when suddenly an idea popped into her head,

"Hey, Upsilon, remember what we said on the first day of school? In Science class I think?" she asked.

Upsilon pondered, trying to recall the conversation they had on Monday, and soon remembered what they were talking about. He looked at Kestrel sternly and then looked towards the direction of her room. The young girl smirked,

“Oh, I see. You two wanna be alone again,” Kestrel announced. “That’s fine and dandy, just don’t make-out on the couch or anything like that. One, because I like sitting on that couch, and it’d be weird if you two did something. Two, because you guys might leave… stains or something, I don’t know how that whole kissing thing works! Just don’t–“

“Goodbye, Kestrel.”

“...See ya, Derpsilon.” With that, Kestrel floated up the stairs and into her room, shutting her door quietly. Upsilon only rolled his eyes in response, but then he turned to River. “You mean… the ice sculptures, right?” He said quietly.

River had sort of a freaked out blush on her face after hearing what Kestrel said, Wha.... What does she mean by 'stains'...? Does she think that we're going to...? Oh... Oh god... she thought, and immediately tried to shove those thoughts aside.

She smiled and nodded at Upsilon, speaking in a soft tone, "Yeah, the sculptures,"

“Okay… they’re in a place that’s outside of the house. Kind of a walk, but not anything too far… you want to go?” Upsilon asked.

"Of course!" She replied with much enthusiasm. River looked out into the icy snow-covered zone, "Just lead the way,"

Upsilon smiled at the girl and took her hand gently, “Alright, I will.”

He began to walk with her on a stone path right along the outskirts of a huge pine and cedar forest, with the rocks of the pathway barely peeking out of the new (and growing) blanket of white snow. He turned back and noticed River’s bare arms, and immediately scolded himself for allowing her to leave the house without something to wear over her normal clothes, and it was beginning to snow.

“Do you need to borrow my jacket?” Upsilon asked her, ready to take it off in case she needed it.

"Oh, I'm completely fine," She laughed a little to reassure him, but then that was the moment she started shivering. River wasn't used to such low temperatures, as she has lived most of her life in a tropical climate, so anything 5 Celcius and below was enough to make her cold. She blushed out of embarrassment right as she began to shake, as it had just proved her words wrong,

"Okay, maybe... kind of..." River admitted,

Now seeing the girl begin to shake, Upsilon hurriedly unzipped his insulated jacket and took it off. He was blushing slightly; he wasn’t really used to having his jacket off around other people, but he wanted to make sure River was going to be alright going the remainder of the way. After he took his jacket off he handed it over to her. “Here…”

"Th-thank you..." River was severely blushing when she saw Upsilon without his jacket. She stared for several strangely long seconds, and then quickly slipped on the red jacket, the pink on her cheeks refusing to fade.

Out of nervousness and slight embarrassment, Upsilon looked forward towards the path and grabbed River’s hand, his blush intensifying with each passing moment, “L-Let’s just keep moving…”

… After about 5 minutes, the two came across an igloo-like structure built in the side of a snowy hill on the right side of the path. There was a strangely placed and large wooden door on its front, however, and icicles were hanging down from the doorframe. Upsilon hesitantly put his hand on the doorknob and looked back at the girl,

“… You promise me you won’t laugh or anything?”

River observed the frozen structure, wondering if Upsilon had made it himself, "Why would I laugh at it?"

"Because, um... well, the one time I did show... this, to someone else, they laughed at me," Upsilon replied sheepishly. He looked away from her, trying to avoid meeting her eyes...

"Well, I'm not someone else," River placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, leaned in, and kissed his cheek.

Upsilon’s cheeks flushed a light red color, as he wasn’t expecting River’s reaction. Still, he smiled at her after a moment, “I, er– Y-You’re right… you’re not just someone else.” He then looked at the door and breathed outwardly. “Well, er… alright then.” He twisted the knob slowly and opened the door.

Beyond the wooden door was the inside of the room, and it was noticeably colder in there compared to the outside. The walls were practically frozen in a sheet layer of ice to preserve the icy nature of the structures. In the center of the floor, there was an array of ice sculptures, varying in size, shape, form ­– everything. A hole in the ceiling allowed for rays of sunlight to shine down on the structures, and surprisingly they didn’t melt from the rays. The sculptures reflected the light back and shined in all sorts of dazzling colors. A workbench was off to a corner of the room, and a half-chiseled block of ice was on its surface: a work in progress.

Upsilon looked at River nervously, not sure how her reaction to the room would be. “…”

River was absolutely breathless as she gazed upon the gallery; everything about it was fascinating. The intricate and beautiful designs of each piece of art was outstanding, especially considering that they all originated from a piece of frozen water. The girl silently walked into the room with slight hesitation, knowing that everything was fragile, which could end up badly due to her clumsyness.

However, it wasn't the beauty that impressed her the most; it was the time and effort put into each one of them. The dedication it took to make so many, and detail them so well. She looked back at Upsilon, keeping her voice quiet as if her sound could shatter the delicate works, "... How long did it take to make all of this...?"

“Ah, um… all of these? Well, I started doing this when I was around five years old…” Upsilon recalled. He laughed a bit, “The first ones I made were dreadful...”

"You've certainly improved..." River said, and gently smiled, still observing it all, "And you did everything by yourself?"

“Well, my d-“ Upsilon’s eyes widened marginally, not sure if he wanted to continue his sentence, but he looked away towards the door with a gloomy expression and carried on with his thought, “… my dad… he helped with a few of the earlier ones. That’s why only a couple of my older sculptures actually look alright… he, uh, he taught me everything I know.”

River looked back at him, a bit interested in the subject now. He knew plenty about her, but she didn't know much about his background, so his words sparked her curiousity. "Your Dad?" She asked, "So... where was he yesterday? Is he out on a trip?"

Upsilon glanced up at the blue sky visible through the hole in the ceiling for a fraction of a moment, but he quickly resumed his previous gaze towards the door. "My dad is dead," He murmurred quietly after a moment of silence.

River's eyes widened, and she breathed in a small gasp, "... Oh..." was all that she could say. She looked down at the icy floor in silence, ashamed of how insensitive she must have sounded. Upsilon always seemed like a generally nice and calm guy, she didn't even think that something like that had happened to him, "I'm... I'm sorry for bringing it up..." She held her hands behind her back,

"But, they all look beautiful..."

“I-It’s alright… and thank you, I’m glad you think so,” Upsilon responded. He was just relieved River had changed the subject from his father quickly, so he wouldn’t have to talk about it anymore; the topic of his father’s death always made him uncomfortable and saddened him greatly. After a while of silence and contemplation, the purple mink finally spoke up again,

“Besides that… other person… I mentioned before, you’re really the only person I’ve ever shown this place to, River.”

"Really...?" River asked in some disbelief, but she quickly remembered that he wasn't the most open guy, so it would make sense for him to be so secretive about this place. She gave him an optimistic smile to lighten up the mood, "So this is like a once in a lifetime experience!"

The purple mink couldn’t help but smile softly at the girl. “Yes, I suppose it is, in a way,” Upsilon responded, “Although, this doesn’t have to be your first and last time in here… t-that’s only if you want to come back, I mean…!”

River giggled a little; she thought it was kind of cute when he acted all flustered. "Well then since I'm allowed to come back, then of course!" She looked over at the workbench that held a half-chiseled block of ice, "I'm interested in some new additions..."

Upsilon breathed out a small sigh, relieved that the girl didn’t react in a weird way to his invitation, but her words reminded him of something he had planned for her. “Oh, uh… speaking of new additions… I want to show you something I made relatively recently.” He then moved over to his workbench and began searching through the various sculptures on the desk-like surface.

River peeked over his shoulder curiously, her hands still held behind her back. She silently and patiently waited.

After a little bit of more rummaging, Upsilon finally came across the thing he was looking for. He grasped it in one hand and covered with the other and turned to face River.

“I, erm… I made this for you…” He said to her shyly. He lifted the hand concealing the object to reveal a small and intricately detailed ice sculpture of a water lily, which nestled nicely into the crook of his palm. A little ice lilypad was also under the water lily.

River made a small gasp, and gazed upon the frozen flower. It was so... beautiful; there was seriously no better word to describe it. It took her a while to process what he had just said, "You... you made this for... me...?" she asked, and started to understand why he chose to make it a water lily rather than the generic rose or sunflower.

"You know... I think it's official," River said, and leaned in towards him. Careful not to touch the ice flower, she gently kissed him on the lips, "I think you're the sweetest person I've ever known."

After that, Upsilon’s face turned bright red. He scratched the back of his head and let out a short nervous laugh; he wasn’t used to getting those types of compliments from others, and he certainly didn’t expect River’s reaction to his creation to be so positive. “Well, thank you…” Upsilon replied bashfully, “I-I’m really glad you like it, River.”

She smiled, "Well... yeah! I can't even imagine how hard it must have been to make it, and how many times you'd have to redo it..."

“Haha, yeah…” Upsilon laughed a little bit, “I redid this maybe five times… I can be really klutzy sometimes.” He held out his hand for her, “Would you like to hold it? Just be careful, though, it’s really cold.”

"Oh, s-sure..." River began to grow a little nervous, thinking that she might accidentally break it if she touched it.

The purple mink used a hand to take it out of the other hand he was cupping it in. He then carefully placed it in the center of her palm, where it would have good support and not fall out of the girl’s hands.

Now that she held it herself, River could see even more of the intricate details. It wasn't too cold in her hands, as they were partially gloved; but she eased up a little in her worrying about possibly breaking it, "Now that I look at it closer... you got it pretty accurate, every petal even..."

"Yeah, I had to use a reference to help me make the designs on the petals, the difference in thickness of them, stuff like that," Upsilon responded. All of a sudden he got this weird feeling, like somebody was watching the two somehow... but he dismissed the thought immediately.

After a few moments, some nervousness began to grow back, "Uh... will... will it start melting if I hold it for too long?"

“Heh, no, you should be fine,” Upsilon replied. “That ice has been in here for a long while; it won’t melt anytime soon, that’s for sure.” At this point, he looked up at the hole in the ceiling and thought he saw a flash of purple, maybe a little of magenta, too. Rubbing his eyes quickly, the mink looked again and saw nothing, so he dismissed the thought once more.

"Hm?" River noticed his slight actions, and looked behind her shoulder, "Is something wrong?"

Upsilon squinted up at the ceiling hole, trying to remain as quiet as possible. He nodded at River silently and lifted his hand towards the hole in ceiling. Shadows poured out from the palm of his hand and made their way outside thorough the ceiling opening. He summoned for the shadows to come back inside, and surprisingly Kestrel was trapped inside the inky tendrils. She was still giggling in a hushed tone to herself until she finally turned around and noticed the two.

"Hehehehe, haha- oh... heyyyy guyyyyyys..." Kestrel greeted nervously.

"K-Kestrel!?" River exclaimed, extremely surprised to see the little girl right in front of them, "Wait a second- I thought- weren't you at the house? How long were you up there?!"

"Well for starters, I followed you guys the entire way here," Kestrel responded. "So I've been spying on you two the entire time!" Kestrel looked around at all of the sculptures thoughtfully then zeroed in on River, giving her a condescending smile. "You should've seen the look on your face when Derpsilon here simply handed you his jacket! All swoony-eyed... It was some kind of grody!"

"A-ah!" River's face turned a bright red that easily stood out against her fur. Kestrel had seen everything? She prayed that the little witch didn't have any mind-reading spells; she didn't want her to know what she was thinking when she saw Upsilon without his jacket, "W-Well... he was just being a gentleman, that's all..." she nervously laughed.

"My brother, A GENTLEMAN?!" Kestrel laughed out loud, "Please! Have you even read what he's wr-"

"Kestrel, I'm going to give you one chance to leave on your own, right now," Upsilon sternly warned his sister.

"You're not Mom!" Kestrel retorted. "I'm not one bit afraid of you." She then turned back to River. "I even saw you kiss him... AGAIN! Like, twice in two days! Remind me to never leave you two alone again..."

River's face just continued to get redder, and redder... and redder. But she turned to some slight confusion upon one of the things she's said, "Wait... read what, exactly?"

"Ohh, you mean he hasn't told you about it?" Kestrel asked, now smirking. "Uppy should know it's not nice to keep secrets from others, especially not your girlfriend! Well, I was referring to his dr-"

"Goodbye, Kestrel, yet again." With that, Upsilon used the shadows that we're holding her to push her put of the room and shut the door tightly. He then threw a wall of shadows up onto the ceiling opening so Kestrel wouldn't have a chance of coming on. The purple mink sighed, both out of relief of avoiding talking about the topic Kestrel was mentioning, and out of annoyance.

"Oh... well okay then..." River mumbled, still somewhat curious about whatever Kestrel was talking about. She decided it was best not to ask Upsilon about it, but knowing Kestrel she would probably just tell behind his back anyways. She carefully placed the frozen water lily back on the workbench, her cheeks now faded to pink, "Heh heh... you alright, Upsilon?"

The purple mink had now attempted to cover his mouth and nose with his hands, his face now completely red. That was way too close of a call. If Kestrel had continued her sentence...

Upsilon nodded his head quickly and moved his hands away, so his bright blush became pretty apparent, "Y-yes... I'm fine."

"Okay, good..." She laughed a little to reassure him, "Don't worry, I won't ask anymore about it." River shyly brushed one of her quills out of her face,

"So... now what...?"

“Hmmm… I’m not sure myself,” Upsilon pondered. He looked down at River’s hand by her side and gently took it in his own. “Perhaps we should go back…? I’ve noticed the snow is starting to fall a little heavier now…”

"Really?" She looked out of the opening in the ceiling, and noticed the larger clumps of snowflakes falling to the ground and the stronger wind, "Oh, I guess you're right..."

“Yes… we should probably start making our way home now,” Upsilon told the girl, already pulling her out gently and closing the door behind them, “Don’t want to be caught and stuck in there while a storm goes on…”

As soon as they stepped outside, a frigid gust of wind blew at River's face, blowing her quills back a little. She shuddered a little from the cold, but she would have felt it a lot worse had she not been wearing Upsilon's jacket. She looked at his bare shoulders, "Are you sure you're going to be okay out here without it? I mean, I know your fur is a lot thicker, but still..."

“Heh, trust me, I’ll be fine,” Upsilon said, smiling softly at the girl as they walked on their way back to the house, “I’m used to this weather. Besides, I’ve been out here just like this when it was way, way worse in terms of weather. But thank you for being concerned.”

"Way worse? How bad was it?" River asked in a curious tone.

“Well for starters, instead of snow chunks falling, it was hailstones,” Upsilon said, “It was probably in the negatives in terms of degrees outside, but I couldn’t tell because I didn’t have a thermometer with me. Plus, I had no jacket, and my shoes were gone, too. I passed out due to the cold… almost died... thankfully Kes found me before I was well, dead and took me back home.”

"Oh my god, seriously?" River asked in surprise, "Dang... well at least you didn't have to deal with bugs. In the tropics, there are bugs literally EVERYWHERE!"

“Bugs…?!” Upsilon asked. He was actually somewhat interested in the prospect of seeing lots of insects; there weren’t really that many in this area, considering how cold it was. “Are they large bugs, or…?”

"Depends..." River recalled back to her home island, "Most of them are fairly small, which is why they go into swarms, and almost all of them bite! Where I grew up we didn't really have any spray stuff to repel them, so we kind of carried around a torch sometimes so that the smoke would keep them back,"

“You carried around a torch just to fend them off…?” Upsilon queried. “My, that certainly sounds exciting.” At this point, the two had finally reached Upsilon’s home and were on the front porch. Just in time, too– the snowfall was starting to get even heavier than before. Upsilon quickly opened the door and let River in, and then shut it tightly behind him. He looked up onto the second floor’s balcony and didn’t see or hear any sign of Kestrel, but knowing the girl, she was probably down in the basement somewhere, or locked away in her room.

As soon as she was back inside the house, River took off the jacket, revealing her mildly singed arms, and handed it back to Upsilon, "Thank you for letting me borrow it,"

Upsilon smiled at her and put on the jacket, "Of course, anytime." He looked around at the strangely silent house, as it usually was never this quiet. Suddenly, the lavender pika came up from the basement stairs, holding a book with a red leather covering. She grinned devilishly at her brother before flipping to a certain page in the book and began to read aloud, even using a mock slight British accent to impersonate her brother,

"I had one of the weirdest dreams last night, strangely," Kestrel read with the faux accent, "Yet I can't help but en-"

Upsilon knew the rest of the words from the entry all too well, and gasped when he realized what she was about to tell River. He quickly used his shadow manipulation powers to make a long, stretchable hand to snag the book away from Kestrel's hands. "KESTREL, WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!"

Kestrel bobbed up and down on her feet, and said under her breath, "Your fault for leaving your room's door open..."

River glimpsed at the book that Upsilon held tightly in his hands, and judging by the fact that Kestrel read it aloud in an accent made her come to the inference that it was his journal or something of the like. Part of her was curious as to what she was going to say, but, delving into his personal life like that isn't a good idea. She remained awkwardly silent, unsure of what to say.

Kestrel crossed her arms over her chest and gave a fake angry look, although with her face it looked more like a childish pout. "Awww, you didn't even let me get to the best part!" Kestrel complained, "You know, where River comes in?"

Upsilon's eyes widened immediately once those words escaped Kestrel's mouth, and soon after he became furious. He began to stomp over in Kestrel's direction, for which Kestrel giggled nervously and flew up the stairs quickly, "Nooo, stop, I'm sorry!" She yelled in between laughs. She was at the door to her own room now, and she looked down at River from the second floor balcony, "Remind me later and I'll tear out the page for you; you've gotta read it, IT'S FREAKING HILARIOUS!" And after that, she slammed the door swiftly.

Upsilon had now calmed down, but his face began to grow hot after realizing that he'd have to face River. Nervous and anxious thoughts swarmed through his head: Great, she probably thinks I'm a total weirdo for dreaming about her. At least Kestrel didn't continue further... but still! I bet River doesn't want to talk to me anymore... probably...

He looked down at River sheepishly, "E-Everything she said was a lie," Upsilon stammered, "I never wrote anything like... l-like that..."

River immediately disbelieved him; he was stuttering way too much to be honest with his words, "Oh come on, it's alright, you don't have to cover it up," She smiled, and placed a hand on the top of his head. She brushed off a little bit of snow that was on his hair, "I mean, I almost never remember my dreams, but I think it's normal to have dreams with your friends in them,"

Upsilon smiled weakly at the girl, extremely joyful she didn’t react in a weirded out way by the information. In fact, this whole entire time she was at the house, she was being really positively receptive and accepting of him when he thought she would back out, and he was thankful for that. “You’re… you’re right, River,” He murmured softly.

"Okay," She smiled a little brighter. River still couldn't help but think that he was cute when he got flustered, and she gave a short sigh. She leaned a bit closer to him, and gave him a little peck on the cheek, "But yeah, I'm totally cool with it."

The purple mink blushed a little harder than he was before and grabbed the girl’s hands, smiling at her as he did so. Before he could do anything else, Upsilon noticed their backpacks sitting beside the door and groaned softly, “We’ve got homework, I almost forgot… ugh…”

"Aaaand I still haven't had the chance to finish Monday's homework..." River sighed, "Looks like I'll have to do that too..."

She knelt down in front of her backpack and pulled out a few notebooks, papers, and a pencil. She rummaged through them a bit, eventually finding the assignments that were due soon. She was a little glad that school was cancelled on Tuesday; sure, a bunch of people had their lives put into danger, but at least it postponed the homework she never completed.

Upsilon did the same, reaching into his backpack and pulling out a textbook, two notebooks, and a pencil to write with. He looked around and decided the couch would be an ideal place to do his work on, so he sat there, opened the textbook and reluctantly began to read the assignment.

She casually reclined in the spot next to him, peeking a little over his shoulder to read the book. Once River had skimmed over most of it, she began to start writing down her answers on a page of her notebook.

After about two to three hours or so, the two finally finished their homework. Upsilon looked outside and noticed the sun was starting to set on the zone once more, and thankfully the snowfall was lightening up. He also noticed his mother wasn’t home yet; she usually would’ve already been in the house by now. Upsilon figured she probably had extra errands to do, so he thought little of it. He put his hands behind his head and sighed in a relaxed manner, “Thank goodness that’s over with. So… what to do now…”

"I don't know, really," River said, stretching her arms in a relaxed manner and yawning. She was a bit tired from all the events that occurred today, "Do you think Kestrel is still going to try and make me read that book or...?"

Upsilon scrunched up his nose at the thought of Kestrel forcing River to read his private book, but there wasn’t really anything he could do to prevent it. Knowing Kestrel, she’d probably use some sort of magic blocking spell to keep Upsilon away while she handed the book over to River. Upsilon started to yawn, too, “Knowing Kestrel, she probably will. She stops at nothing to torment me.”

"'Torment' is a little on the exaggerating side... But at least she doesn't have any mind-reading spells! Man, if she had known what I was thinking when I saw you shirtless..." River laughed, but then she immediately stopped and covered her mouth, her heart skipped a beat. Did I just say that out loud?! She internally panicked.

The purple mink’s eyes widened, realizing what River just said, and his cheeks began to flush into a red color for the who-knows-how-many time. But, he was intrigued now, and he couldn’t help but ask the question, “Hmm…? What you were thinking…?”

"Uh- er- nothing! Forget I said anything!" River nervously laughed, "I just thought you looked kind of attractive-"

She immediately covered her mouth again, I seriously need to learn when to shut up! She thought.

Upsilon blushed even more after hearing that, "You thought I looked... attractive... without my jacket on?" He asked in a surprised manner.

"Uhm... k-kind of... yeah..." River avoided eye contact with him, her face going red out of embarrassment.

He pondered over what she said for a long time, his blush getting worse with each moment, before Upsilon finally began to speak, "Well... I th–"

Suddenly, Kestrel popped into the room with a worried expression on her face, "Upsilon! Mom still hasn't come home yet! Do you think she's al–" Then she noticed the two's red faces, "Oh my gosh, were you two kissing again? Can you like, NOT, on the couch? You're even sitting on my favorite spot!"

"Uh, s-sorry, I'll move..." River scooched away from Upsilon, still trying to avoid eye contact, "We... we were just talking, that's all..."

The pika scoffed, "Hmmm, from what I heard, it didn't sound like 'just talking.'" Upsilon looked at her skeptically, "How did you hear anything? You were in your room." Kestrel then pointed to her ears peeking out of her hat. They were a little large, so no wonder why she had great hearing, "Anyways, Upsilon, you gotta come with me to find Ma!"

"Do you not remember?" Upsilon asked her in an annoyed manner, "She said yesterday she'd be leaving for three days to Spagonia. We'll be in the house alone."

"Ohhhhhhhhh, okay!" Kestrel nodded in understandment, remembering what her mother had told her. "Wait, the house will be under no parent supervision FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS?!" She then floated over to River, "WE SHOULD HAVE A SLUMBER PARTY. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A SLUMBER PARTY. IN MY ROOM."

"W-wait, what?" River was a little surprised by Kestrel's suddenly odd impulsiveness, "As sad as it sounds I've never had a slumber party... or been to any party for that matter..."

Kestrel let out a huge gasp, "NO SLUMBER PARTY?! NO WAY! Okay, I'm gonna invite Sigma over, too! We're, like, the queens of slumber parties. WE'RE GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FUN!"

She glanced over at her brother, who was smiling at her. Kestrel glared at him angrily, "Say anything and you're a dead man, Derpsilon." The girl then proceeded to float up the staircase and into her room, jumping up and down in mid-air excitedly.

"Wait, say what exactly?" River asked, but Kestrel was already gone. She shrugged, "I'll just change into my pajamas I guess," She walked up the wooden stairs and into her room, closing the door behind her. There, she began to undress, which we will not go into further detail about.

While he was still smiling, Upsilon was very confused at what just happened. He wasn't used to seeing his sister act so genuinely excited, and how it came on so suddenly was even more shocking. "Erm... goodnight, then?" He said to no one in particular, and then he went up to his room and shut the door, too.

River had finished getting dressed; she wore a red tube top, with off-white shorts. With her shoulders fully exposed, she saw that the bruises she received on Monday were already beginning to fade. She creaked open her door a little bit, and saw that everyone was in their rooms, probably trying to get some rest. She closed her door, and turned off the light. After taking out her ponytail, she lay down on the bed, curled up under the covers, and began to fall into sleep...


The noises of footsteps outside of the hallway awoke the girl. She lifted her heavy eyelids, and aimed her gaze towards the door. She yawned and stood up, noticing that it was still very dark out, so she musn't have been asleep for that long. River slowly walked toward the door, and opened it. None of the lights were on, and no one had seemed to leave their rooms. She shrugged, and closed the door again. Before she could return to sleep, a cold hand brushed its fingers through her quills.

Startled, she gasped, and turned around. At first, she couldn't see anyone, but then, her eyes began to adjust to the darkness. Hiding within the shadows, she saw the silhouette of a much taller male Echidna, and she immediately recognized who he was.

"E-Elias...?" River asked, her eyes widening in fear and her breathing becoming more rapid by the seconds, "H-how did you find me here? How did you even get here?!"

Elias had said nothing. She began to back away, but he only continued to approach her, backing the girl into a corner. He was so close to her that she could feel his breath coming down on the top of her head. Now, she could finally see his face; he wore a grim scowl, freezing her muscles with the gaze of his ice-like eyes. Finally, he spoke... "You should have died..." he muttered under his breath. River stared at him, paralyzed in fear.

"It would have been better if you had just died when you were born... without you our family would be so much happier..." Elias continued. River clenched her fists in sudden anger, but tried to act calm and mature,

"No... you would be much happier. Our family is fine-"

Before she could continue, he had raised his hand and swiftly swung it down, slapping her cheek with so much force that she almost lost her balance. Caught off guard, she didn't have enough time to react to him grabbing her wrists, and pinning her to the wall, "You selfish brat!" he shouted at her, "You know you killed Kaiyo! You're the reason why my daughters have to grow up without a Mother!"

With her hands restrained, River was unable to fight back. Her heart was pounding and her entire body was shaking, "H-help!" she screamed in alarm, "Upsilon! K-Kestrel, help!"

Elias clenched his left hand into a fist, and striked her in the chest. The force of it caused her to begin uncontrollably coughing in shock. She looked up at the door in desperation, worrying as to why no one had heard her, "UPSILON, PLEASE!" she screamed again.

"SHUT UP!" He kicked her while she was down. River collapsed, and when she coughed again, she could have sworn she felt several drops of blood escape her mouth. Elias yanked on her long quills, "You think you're so strong when that boy is around; but what about when he's gone? What are you without your shield!?"

River tried to crawl away, but he put his foot on her back, preventing her from moving at all. "N-No..." She barely managed to speak. The girl turned her head up towards her Uncle, and she saw that his hand was raised again. In the split second that he brought it down to hit her once more, she flinched, and the world was dark...


River screamed in her sleep, and she immediately woke up with eyes wide in fear. She was taking in short gasps of air, unable to tell if she was still in the nightmare or not.

At this point, Upsilon had already heard the girl’s desperate screams. He sprinted from his room and down the second floor walkway, clenching his fists and having his powers ready just in case. Yanking River’s door open forcefully and practically loosening the hinges, he flew in and looked around quickly and surveyed the room, looking to see if anything was wrong. The only thing he could think of that could be troubling the girl was someone coming in, but the door was shut tight before he opened it, and the closed windows showed no indication of an intruder making their way into the room. Upsilon was surprised to see the girl alone and breathing heavily as he raised one of his eyebrows and glancing around the room more.

He forced his shadows to dissipate into the dark night, and knelt down to even check under the bed. Then he opened up her closet, as a precaution to make sure no one was hiding inside of it. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, he turned back to River and knelt down beside her.

“River… what happened?” He asked her carefully, in between short pants of breath from his quick-paced running earlier on.

Upon seeing Upsilon, River's eyes widened even more. She curled up in a fetal position, and spoke quickly and nervously, "E-Elias... he was in here. He-he attacked me again and I started coughing up blood..." River's hands began to shake, and she covered her face with them. That was when the first tear streaked down her face, "... And I screamed your name so many times, but..." Her slight sobbing began to grow loud enough that the dark Mink could hear it,

"No one ever came to help me..."

“Wh-Wha…?” Upsilon breathed out, thoroughly confused. He couldn’t believe the idea of him not coming to help her; if she had screamed earlier, he would have definitely heard it from his room and been there to her room sooner. The purple mink looked around near her bed and on the floor, and didn’t see any signs of blood like River had mentioned. Plus, the girl didn’t look like she had any new bruises, just the older ones from a couple of days before.

He finally realized what had happened to the girl and gently pulled her into a tight, yet gentle hug, “River, Elias wasn’t here… I think you just had a bad dream, that’s all…”

"... What...?" She continued to cry on his shoulder, and started realizing the illogical flaws of her dream. Realistically speaking, even if Elias knew where she was, there was no possible way he could travel to the Lost Hex. But, everything he did to her sounded like something that the real Elias would do. Last time she was alone with him, he did a real number on her; but who knows how far he would actually go?

After a moment of silence and sobbing, River looked up into the Mink's silver eyes, "Do you... do you think he'll ever stop with this...?"

Upsilon looked back into the girl’s eyes, and gently used a finger to wipe away some of her tears on her cheek. He slowly responded, “If we do nothing, he just might continue… But don’t worry… I’ll stop him… I can’t let him agonize you any longer than he already has, and I won't let him.”

He looked away from the girl and looked at the snowy embankment visible through the room’s large window. The next time I see Elias, Upsilon thought, He’s dead… this needs to end. River just can’t go on like this...

"Th-thank you..." She spoke softly, and held onto him a little tighter, "Just... promise me you won't do anything too drastic? As much of a monster he is..." River sighed, "He still has his own kids, and he's still my Uncle..."

"I... I know," Upsilon responded. He wasn't sure why she was still concerned for her Uncle, despite all he's done to her, but he didn't argue, "I just need to... well, knock some sense into him... but I won't seriously injure him."

"Alright..." River breathed a sigh of relief, and wiped away her own tears. She gave him a weak smile, "I'm sorry for making you worry so much..."

Upsilon leaned in and gently kissed River's cheek, and then smiled back at River softly, "It's fine River, honestly..." He replied to her. "I'm just happy now that you're alright."

She slightly blushed, and managed to laugh a little, "Though I honestly thought Kestrel would wake up first since she has better hearing..."

The purple mink laughed a little, too, "She may have great hearing, but that's only when she's awake... That girl sleeps like a rock." Upsilon stood up and squeezed River's hand, "Will you be alright now?" He asked the girl, "Because I can... s-stay with you... i-if you're scared or something, I don't mean it in a weird way, o-or anything!"

River blushed a little harder, "I... I think I'll be fine," she smiled, being half honest. She was still very afraid, but she didn't want to over-worry him, "But... if you think it's necessary... I'm fine with you staying here..."

Upsilon looked nervously at River for a moment, thinking of a good answer, before he finally said, "Well... I guess I–"

Just then, Kestrel burst into the room in her pajamas, her broomstick in hand, and she was waving it around. "OKAY, I HEARD SOMEBODY SCREAMING!" Kestrel hollered out, "IS THERE A BURGLAR?! I KNOW GYMNASTICS, AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE MY SKILLS!"

The girl then looked around the room and only saw River and Upsilon. They appeared to be calm and collected for the most part. Kestrel looked angrily at Upsilon, "Oh my gosh, did you scare away the burglar already?! COME ON, MAN! Next time if someone comes in, I want to beat 'em up!"

"I'm sorry, Kes," River nervously laughed, "I just had a nightmare and got a bit scared, that's all..."

"Oooooh... well, I hope you don't have the any more nightmares for tonight!" Kestrel gave a slightly worried expression to River, "Upsilon gets those a lot too... anyways! WE will leave you alone now." She grabbed her brother by his unbroken arm and began to pull him out of River's room.

"Kestrel, wait, I was just–"

"It's not polite to barge in and stay in a girl's room, Upsilon, especially while she's in her pajamas," the young girl said, "You should know this by now... Aaaanyways, goodnight, River!" Kestrel then shut the door to the echidna's room.

"Uh, wai-" River raised her hand, but the two were already gone before she could call them back. She gave a slightly discouraged sigh, and looked down at the ground. She was still scared, and would probably have more nightmares, but she just grabbed the covers and pulled them over herself again. She lied down, afraid to fall asleep again.

Outside of her room, Kestrel was pushing Upsilon down the hallway and scolding him, "Upsilon, you should just go back to sleep. You shouldn't have even gone in her room in the first–"

"That's enough, Kestrel," Upsilon interjected. He put his foot down and looked at his younger sister, "I was just trying to see if she needed someone to stay with her in case she was afraid, not anything else of a nasty sort. You need to go to bed now, anyways."

Kestrel glared up at her brother for some seconds before turning and going down the stairs, "Fine, fine, sure, whatever... just don't try anything... funny. You're gonna need to be a gentleman, right? You must act like one." She snickered, before floating into her room and shutting the door.

Upsilon rolled his eyes as soon as she left. She's the one telling me what to do, Upsilon thought in his head. He walked back to River's room and knocked on her door softly. "Er... River? Are you going to be alright?"

Hearing his voice again, River looked at the door, "I... I don't know..." she admitted, "...Maybe not..."

The mink opened the door, walked in the room quietly, and shut the door behind him. "Alright, I'll stay in here with you, then..." He looked around, trying to find a place where he could sleep, but he found nothing else except the bed, which River was already in... "I-I'll just sleep on the floor, I suppose..."

She immediately felt bad for making Upsilon sleep on the floor, but at the same time it would be awkward if they slept right next to each other. River tried to think of an alternative, but a little memory came back to her, "Oh, uh, wait-" she said, "You can use the other end of the bed while I use this end. Whenever I had to share the bed with one of my cousins, we always slept like that."

Upsilon saw what she meant and smiled weakly, "Alright. I'll do that." He got on the bed carefully and put his head at the end of it, while his feet sat at the headrest. He looked back at her, "Well... goodnight, River."

She smiled back at him, "Goodnight..."

Upsilon laid his head back on the bed, and slowly drifted off to sleep...

Lex was STUNNED. He had simply stood there in shock for most of the time, but now he simply HAD to speak to this girl, no matter how unpoliteit was. He approached her slowly, with a quiet "hi..."

TESLA!" Milly waves at tesla then runs off

Tesla looks at Milly, but didn't get a chance to wave at him/her.

Lex turned. There was danger. He grinned, and charged in to free Upsilon from his restrainer.

"TESLA THIS WAY!" Milly yells coming into view again.

Tesla follows Milly...

She keeps going stoping in the empty cafeteria.

"Okay, what are we here for?" Teslasaid,sorry,myspacebarstoppedworking

Milly pulls out the blue chaos emerald and turns to Tesla " Finally I can finish what I started with you." she makes an evil grin

"Uh... what's with the Emerald and the evil grin?" Tesla said, slowly backing up.

The doors close up and the tables barricade the windows " You don't recognize me do you? Well that's because of benje, we had our differences and he left me with little energy, and I made this form to stabilize myself 'till I could restore my power I didn't even have enough to keep one creture. I wiped your Red friend's memory and tricked him into finding me and the emeralds and now I can take my revenge, I'M MEPHILLES, MEPHILLES THE DARK AND I PLAN ON FINISHING WHAT WAS STARTED! " all emeralds gather and he takes on his original form.

Lex diverted his attention to Mephiles. "WHOA, WHAT?!"

"I thought I sealed you for good, Mephy! Guess not." Tesla said, charging his hands.

Mephiles charged with the chaos emeralds try what he done to sonic in 06 black lance at tesla

Tesla is stabbed by Mephiles' sword thingy. Tesla's final words were "Agh! This is like, the 6th time I'm injured in this series!" He slowly falls to his knees, and his head then hits the ground. He died before he even hit the ground.

muha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA now that I have that taken care of whats next? Huh what?" the chaos emeralds start floating over tesla " how is this posible stop Your in my power i COMAND YOU RETURN TO ME AT ONCE WHAT IS GOING ON!? a figure apeares infront of tesla " I won't let you hurt him. " mephiles is confused " Huh?

Basically, Mephiles somehow lost control of his Chaos Emeralds, since it's floating over to Tesla now, and then a figure (probably Hedge) appears in front of Tesla.

"Tesla, Tesla get up, come on."

Uh... Tesla wakes up, I suppose.... Did the Chaos Emeralds heal him already?

How are you alive? No matter If I killed you once I can do it again. " (Remember what the emeralds done what can't they do?)

Tesla is still remained with the "l" mark on his torso, where the sword thingy went through him. He charges his hands again and punches Mephiles, also electrocuting him.

ARRGG MMFF YOU .... ARE STILL ALIVE..... NO MATTER I'LL KILL YOU AGAIN. " go'ss to pull a black lance again " HUH why... can't I ..... Move" " I told you I won't let you hurt him or any one" says someone from behinde tesla

Tesla moves slightly to the left, averting Mephile's black lance thingy.

Lex grinned, and chucked water at Mephiles, sharp enough to cut his skin. (Wait, am I allowed to do that?)

"Whoa. Nice accuracy." Tesls said.

Enough! " Mephiles brings forth shadow versions of tes & lex to fight

(I am a peep who is too lazy to fine her edit ^ ^; you can go ahead and post above or below this edit mkay) Hazel walked out of the hospital, her arm and leg covered with bandages. She needed a wheelchair, but didn't think she did. She walked home, taking many breaks along the way. She stopped by on a park bench and sat down.

Then Martin sits down at the bench, too, reading newspaper, about an article about the race 2 days ago.

Hazel looked to Martin. "Hey, I was at that race." Hazel said, noticing the article. (you have been noticed senpai <w<)

"So was I." Martin said.

"Cool. Hey, you won the race right?" Hazel said.

"Yep. First. Wasn't easy, though, that Halcyon Racing guy was a bit hard to get." Marty said.

"Must have been. You're a great racer." Hazel said with a smile.

"The best... if what I do was actually legal..." Marty said.

"Yea, tht race was not legal. I don't want to tell you why."Hazel let out a small laugh,"So, you're from Emerald High right?"

Marty nods.

"I usd to go to Emerald High.But, some crazy stuff happened and I'm at Gem High now."Hazel said.

"Yeah..." Martin said.

Megami approached Martin and Hazel.

"Why are you here?" Megami said, glaring to Hazel.

Hazel shuddered, she stood completely still in fear as she looked to Megami. She could barely force out the words she wanted to say, and said softly,"I...."

Megami sighed. "I guess I'm going to have to put you in the hospital again."Megami said, pulling Hazel by her shirt off the bench.

"Whoa, chick. That ain't cool." Martin said to Meg.

"I'm sorry you have to see this."Meg (i am just going to call her that now :p) said. Hazel let out a little screm, struggling to get out of Meg's hold.

Marty slowly gets his hot chocolate coffee and drinks large sips off it. "Just... put the girl down now..." Marty said, calmly. If he's drinking hot chocolate, he is actually fueling up his powers.

Meg glared at Martin. She smirked "Fine."she opened a black hole, dangling Hazel over it. Hazel screamed. Meg laughed. "I can let her go."

Aww hell... Martin thought. He finishes drinking his hot chocolate. "I dont feel like asking where that portal leads to..." Marty said. Small sparks (not really obvious to be seen) began popping from Marty's boots.

"Oh, I don't know. There's usually lots of fire. Or you could just fall forever. I've done this a few times. Maybe I should just get you out of the way..."Megami said, holding Hazel closer to the portal. Hazel screamed, hanging onto Megami.

"Hey, I like your style. Maybe if you put the girl AWAY from the portal, we should go out." Marty said.

"Why are you getting involved with me and my sister's biz?"Meg said, barely hanging onto Hazel. Hazel gripped Megami, sinking her claws into her. 

"AAAAAAAAAAARG!" Megami screamed in pain. The portal closed. Hazel climbed on Megami's head, scratching Megami's face and arms (not on purpose). Megami pushed Hazel off of her, fading away and dissapearing. 

"Well, at least you didn't end up... (blblbl)" Marty said to Hazel.

"Yep."Hazel said, "...............Sorry about her. She' little sister..."Hazel said.

"...She's tall enough to be your aunt." Marty said. "But... that's not the point. I'm Marty." 

"Haha, yea. I'm Hazel." Hazel said.

"So, wanna get a cup of coffee sometime? I mean, if you're single..." Marty said.

"Oh, I can't, I have a boyfriend...."Hazel said, scratching her head. "Um, but, we can be friends! You can bring your friends and I can bring my friends to hang out some time if you want to."Hazel said with a bright smile.

"OK, later." Marty said, walking away.

"Bye!"Hazel said, walking away aswell.

Hey your that Sigma kid am I right?" Hedge says walking over too Sigma

Sigma was a little surprised by the fact that Hedge new the girl’s name already, but she still smiled anyways, “Why yes, I am! How do you know my name?”

Sorry for suprising you but how I know your name is when I concentrate I can look into peoples mind and soul, and I herd your name time to time and you just look like a Sigma to me how are you?

Sigma's eyes immediately widened after hearing Hedge speak. "M-my... my soul...?" She asked incredulously. She was slightly worried, as if he could see into her mind, he could know practically everything about her, but she tried her best to not concentrate on that thought. "Um, I'm okay! How are you, and what's your name?"

Lex was bored. Bored. More bored than someone placed with a rock and nothing else and expected to play with it. Well, that was Lex's description. He had "happened" to overhear Sigma and Hedge's conversation, and was intrigued. He disguised this by greeting them with a simple "Hi, nice to meet you. Um..."

First sigma don't worry I only soul search when necessary I can feel your worry and second who are you first stranger?

Sigma looked at Lex, who had just joined in on the conversation, and smiled brightly. “Hiya! What’s your name?”

Lex smiled. Sigma seemed friendly. "My name's Lex. I'm new here. Nice to meet you! I overheard that your name was Sigma...?"

"Cool name, dude!" Sigma responded, "And yep, my name is Sigma! You're new here, huh? Well, WELCOME!"

Hedge inputed "My name is Hedge Hedgerian Blackstone but I prefur you just call me hedge like everyone else dose, and what where the both of you doing this fine day?

"I'm super, thanks for asking, Hedge!" Sigma responded, "How are you two doing?"

Lex's smile widened. "I'm good thanks! Very nice to meet you two!"

"Nice to meet you too, Lex!" Sigma said. "Hm... what to do now?"

"Let's get to know each other." Lex suggested. I have one hell of a story…

why not let us head to my house for some tea and we may listen to the story there is that fine by you two?" Hedge asks

"Uh... sure! Why not?" Sigma said in response.

Hedge's house

Lex was in a good mood. He had made friends. "So, do you guys wanna hear my story?" He asked with a smile.

Hedge says" well go on." sounding a bit impationt to here the story

Lex was mildly taken aback. "Uh, okay."

"Yeahyeahyeah! Share it!" Sigma said to Lex.

Lex smiled. "First if all- have you ever heard of a place named "The Pulvix"?

chapter :p

Hazel was walking back home. She was really worried about Megami coming back, when she heard a loud whistle. A red-haired tan Epixie approached Hazel.

"Well aren't you a cutie~"the Epixie said, putting her hands on her hips.

Hazel gasped, jumping up. "U-um, excuse me?!" Hazel said, a confused expression on her face.

"You're Meg's sis, aren't you? I'm Aurora,"Aurora said, coming over to Hazel,"you look nothing like your sister."

Hazel backed away slightly,"U-um, are you my sister's-"

"Girlfriend. Yes, I am."Aurora said. "I'm sorry, I just can't help but say you're so pretty."

Hazel felt so uncomfortable. She had no idea what to say. "U-u-um, you know what, I really need to go's super late and stuff!!!"Hazel said, about to run off, but Aurora caught her. 

"You know beautiful, you don't need to go home so soon.."Aurora said with a wink. 

"............."Hazel looked to her shoes, as she thought of an excuse."My boyfriend is waiting for me!"

Aurora glared at Hazel, carefully pushing her back."Oh. Well, then, go to your.....boy." Aurora said, walking off into the night. Hazel gave a sigh of relief as she ran home and went to sleep. Hazel was woken up in the middle of the night by a rock hitting her window (no it didnt break the window ;w;). Hazel poked her head up. There outside of the window was Megami. Hazel felt a chil come over her as she went to the corner of her bed. Megami gave Hazel the death glare to open the window. Hazel quickly got up, opening the window. Megami came in, glaring at Hazel.

"You've met Aurora?!" Megami growled.

"Y-yes, she came over to me!" Hazel said, running off to the corner of her room.

"Little brat! You stay away from her!" Megami said.

"I wouldn't do anything to harm her Megami!" Hazel said in tears.

"You wouldn't harm her, I know. But you're good at stealing....if I see anything.....that pretty long hair of yours is coming off.."Megami said. Hazel shivered, cowering in the corner.

Megami sleeps on the couch, while Hazel tries to fall asleep.

continue below, and if you want go ahead and make a chapter of your own. It cannot be heading 2 though. thx :3

Tesla goes to his house and sleeps. (Just pretend that Tes and Lex defeated Mephiles... at least temporarily.)

Then, a sihouette of a silver mink appears outside the window, before disappearing. Tesla felt wind on his ear. He wakes up, only to see nothing. He goes back to sleep.

New Chapteer

It is finally weekend <3 <3 <3 ・ω・

Hazel Moon wakes up, forgetting her sister Megami is in the living room. The gets ready and goes to the kitchen, where sees Aurora.

Hazel stops, looking to Aurora with confusion. "U-um....hi  Aurora (。・ω・)ノ゙."Hazel said, slightly waving to Aurora.

"Hey."Aurora said, making herself some cereal. 

"How did you get in here???"Hazel said.

"The power of love~"Aurora said with a wink before going over to the table and sitting down.

"Well, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but, after you're done, may you please leave?" Hazel said.

"You asking us to leave?" Megami said, walking into the kitchen.

Hazel gulped, shivering and slightly backing away.

"Goodmorning babe."Megami said to Aurora, tying her hair in a ponytail.

"Hey babe."Aurora said finishing her cereal and putting the dishes in the sink.

I feel so....uncomfortable and scared right now....I wonder if I should leave....Hazel said as she stood still in the corner of her kitchen.

"Hey brat, get out!" Megami said. Hazel rushed out of the kitchen and back to her room.

Hazel sat in her room, looking at her phone. She wondered if she should head out the window to go do something or stay home.

Hazel opened her window to go out, when she was stopped by Aurora.

"Hey beautiful, what are you doin'?" Aurora said, eating a bag of candy.

Hazel stopped and faced Aurora. She saw the candy. Her eyes got very big and dilated as she got on her knees and said,"May I have some?" Hazel's tail swayed from side to side as she stared at the bag of candy.

Aurora blushed bright red seeing Hazel as she was. "U-u-um....s-sure...."Aurora said, gatting out a peice of candy and handing it to Hazel. Hazel took the candy with her mouth and ate it.

Aurora could not stop blushing. As he got more comfortable, she started to pet Hazel and gave her a candy.

"Heeey, you wanna go out?"Aurora said, petting Hazel.

"As long as it is not a date."Hazel said, looking at Auroara for some more candy.

Aurora gave Hazel another candy before picking her up and giving Hazel the whole bag.

"I'll tell you what, if you spend one whole day with me I'll buy you whole bags of the candy."Aurora said.

Hazel nodded hr head as her tail swayed happily. "Okay!!!!"

With Hazel in her arms Aurora went out the window to the park. Scourge was in the park aswell. He saw Hazel and Aurora and walked over to them.

"Hey ladies."Scourge said, hands in his jacket pockets.

"You're Scourge, right?" Aurora said, holding Hazel. Hazel jumped out of Aurora's arms, grabbing the bag of candy.

"Hey, get back here!" Aurora said, chasing after Hazel. Scourge saw Aurora was way too slow for Hazel, and ran ver to help catch Hazel.

Scourge ran in front of Hazel, catching her. Hazel tried to get away from Scourge, letting out loud screams. Scourge covered Hazel's mouth, as Aurora tiredly caught up to the two.

Hazel wiggled and kicked in Scourge's arms, trying to scream but Scourge covered her mouth. Aurora, panting and breathing hard, said weakly,"Thank you..."

"No...rgrrgg-problem!"Scourge said, holding Hazel down.

"Geez....."Aurora said,"She just will not stop."

"Yup.."Scourge said, trying his very best to get Hazel to the floor, wich he managed to do and put his foot on her back, holding her down. "I'm Scourge by the way."

"I'm Aurora."Aurora said.

"Is Hazel your girlfriend?"Scourge said, holding down Hazel.

"Not yet..."Aurora said.

"Oh, guess that means she finally broke up with her boyfriend."Scourge said.

"She has a boyfriend?" Aurora said, very confused.

"Um....well, she could still be dating him."Scourge said.

"Who?"Aurora said.

"Tesla."Scourge said. "Even if they did break up, Hazel would be crying right now. She likes him a lot."

Aurora sighed jealously. "Well, maybe she's wallowing in candy to take the pain away."

"Yea, she's still with him....."Scourge said,"Anyways, if you like dudes, you wanna go out?"

"I'd say yes, but I have a girlfriend."Aurora said.

"Oh; who is it?" Scourge said.

"Hazel's sister Megami." Aurora said.

"Oh oh! You're dating Hazel sister so you can get to Hazel! You're totally messed up!"Scourge said a little excitedly.

"I guess..."Aurora said with a smile.

"Yea, I'm taking you out."Scourge said.

"Don't you have a girlfriend?" Aurora said.

"Yea, but, she won't find out. Our secret babe." Scourge said.

"Sure." Aurora said with a smirk before Scourge put Hazel on his back, taking Aurora's hand as they walked to the mall.

"Let me gooooo!" Hazel said, kicking Scourge.

"Be quiet pet."Aurora said, giving Hazel some candy.

Hazel threw the candy on the floor before growling,"I'm stuffed! Let me go now!"

Scourge sighed, glaring at Hazel. "Listen, be quiet. Or else."

"I'm going to tell my boyfriend!"Hazel said hotly, hitting her fists on Scourge's back.

Scourge looked to Aurora. Aurora shrugged her shoulders with a smirk. Scourge smirked back. He flipped Hazel upside down and held her that way.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Hazel let out an ear peircing scream, ringing out throughout the mall. 

Scourge and Aurora had closed their ears. Scourge waited until Hazel stopped screaming before pinching her leg. "STOP!" Scourge said.

"Ow!" Hazel said. "Fine."

"I'll hold you right when you learn to behave."Scourge said.

"NEVERRRRR!!!!" Hazel screamed, kicking Scourge in the face. Scourge let Hazel go, grabbing his face and falling backwards. Aurora gasped, watching as Hazel exited the mall.

Scourge got up, still holding his face. "Ow.....Well, there she least we're alone. Aurora?"

Aurora had left the mall, chasing after Hazel.


Tesla wakes up, by the sound of a loud engine. That was Marty speeding past his apartment, chased by the police. "STOP THE VEHICLE AND GET THE F*** OUT!" The chief said.

Another Chapter

Lex sat up in bed, disturbed by the noise. "What the bl***y hell is going on out there?!!" He murmured to himself.

Moar Chapter

The light of the morning poured in through the large window, illuminating the bedroom. River slowly began to awaken, but at the moment she was at that halfway point of waking up, where she can feel and hear what's going on around her, but she was still tired enough that she wouldn't open her eyes.

She stretched out her arms, and wrapped them around a somewhat large and rather fluffy object. The girl didn't think much of it, until she felt that object breathing. Startled, River opened her eyes, and saw the dark purple Mink's face very close to hers, however he was asleep. At first, she was confused as to why Upsilon was in her bed, but then she quickly remembered the events that played out last night. But even then, she remembered saying that they would sleep on opposite sides of the bed, not right next to each other...

River looked around a little more, and saw that it wasn't Upsilon who had moved to her side; she moved to him. Well, she did have a tendency to shift around a lot in her sleep, so it would make sense. She wasn't sure what to do; if she tried to move back, he would probably wake up and get confused, but if she just stayed there and stared at him, he would be weirded out. Thinking quickly, she laid her head down again and pretended to be asleep for the time being.

“Nnngh…” Upsilon sighed as he awoke from his sleep, only lifting one eyelid to look around the room. After a couple of seconds of looking around, he finally noticed River was beside him, with her face only inches away from his. Wait, what!? Upsilon thought, Didn’t we say we’d sleep on different ends? Yeah… yeah, we did! Then how did she…? How did we...?

Confused and startled, both of his eyes opened, and his face began to turn red. He attempted to move his torso away from her, only to realize that the girl’s arms were around him, and that she appeared to be still sleeping, too. Well, I don't want to wake her up... Slowly, Upsilon moved his body back into its previous position, and decided to stay there for a while, or at least until she woke up.

River felt Upsilon move around, so he must have been awake now. Oh boy, this is going to be awkward... She thought. Slowly, she opened her eyes once more, and saw his silver irises staring back at her. She tried to remain as calm as possible, "Oh, uh... good morning... heh..."

Upsilon looked back into her eyes nervously, but he managed to bring a very weak smile onto his face. "Good morning, River..." He replied back slowly. He glanced down to the pair's feet at the headrest, and then looked back at River, and it was at this point that he noticed one of his hands was on the girl's waist. He quickly pulled his hand away. I must've put my hand there while I was sleeping, Upsilon realized, and he began to blush even more. "Ah... how did we... get like this...?"

River slowly released her arms around him, and was also blushing, but more out of embarrassment. She laughed a little nervously, "I'm... I'm sorry, I have a tendency to shift around a lot in my sleep..."

Once River released him from her grasp, Upsilon sat up on the bed so that they weren't face to face. "Oh... er, it's fine, River. I do that sometimes, too..."

At that moment, Kestrel knocked on the door and floated in the room almost immediately. She looked a little strange, because she still had her witch hat on despite her still being in pajamas, and her hair was very, very messy. "Yo, I heard some talking, so I came to say good mor–" The girl finally noticed what position the two were in, and her mouth dropped and hung open.

Upsilon turned his head, and once he saw his sister he almost jumped out of surprise. He saw her reaction and began to blush even more, "Kes, it's not what it looks like, I swear."

After a while of silence, she rubbed her eyes and floated out of the room, "Okay... I REALLY DID NOT NEED TO SEE THAT! I AM SCARRED FOREVER!" She yelled as she left.

"No, wait, we weren't doing any-" River said, but Kestrel was already gone before she could finish her sentence. She immediately covered her face in embarrassment, knowing that the entire morning was going to end up being odd. What probably made this situation even worse was that she wasn't wearing the most... concealing clothing, but at least she wasn't the type of person who slept with much less cover.

"We should probably go apologize to her and explain..."

Upsilon nodded quickly and jumped onto his feet, "I'll go tell her," He said to River, and with that he ran out of her room and raced down the stairs to find his sister. He saw Kestrel was miraculously wearing her normal outfit, yet she had left the room only a couple of moments earlier, although it was likely she just used magic to swap outfits. She was heading out the front door. "Kes, where are you going?"

"Giving you two some privacy, because I certainly DO NOT want to walk in on... on that AGAIN!" Kestrel exclaimed, shaking her head furiously.

"Kes, we did not do anything... like... like that!" Upsilon explained. "She was originally at a switched position on the bed, and she just switched around while she slept! We did NOTHING, I can assure you." Kestrel gave a skeptical look at her brother, before sticking her tongue out and giggling.

"Hehehe, I know, I was only pulling your guys' leg!" Kestrel burst out into laughter. "Besides, what are the odds of YOU, of all people, going to actually–"

"Thank you, Kestrel, you have said enough," Upsilon interrupted with an annoyed expression.

"You're welcome, Yoopy!" Kestrel replied.

Now that she was alone again, River got up, and began to take off her pajamas, and dress herself with her usual attire. She pulled back her quills, minus, and tied it back into a ponytail.

While she did think it was a bit odd sharing a bed with him, she didn't recall ever waking up screaming a second time after he came. That fact gave her some comfort, especially considering how terrifying the first one was.

River exited the room and walked down the stairs, and saw that the two have already resolved what had just happened. But even then, she still felt the need to apologize, "Yeah..." she laughed a little, "... Sorry you walked in on that..."

“Oh, it’s totally cool, River!” Kestrel smiled kindly at the echidna, and then turned to Upsilon, “It’s all Upsilon’s fault anyways.”

“What?” Upsilon asked, “This is nobody’s fault. It should actually be your–“

“Can it, dude, nobody cares,” Kestrel interjected, “Also, do us a favor and go put on your normal clothes. I’m not used to seeing you in pajamas. And when you come down, you can make us breakfast! Right? You’re gonna make us breakfast, RIGHT? LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO ON THE WEEKENDS?”

Upsilon groaned in annoyance, “Yeah, sure, whatever…” He reluctantly climbed the staircase to the second floor and went into his room to change. Kestrel looked at River and gave a devilish smile, “Hehe, he always listens to me! The power of being a witch… anyways, whattaya wanna do while we wait for the lose-ah?”

"Huh... I didn't know Upsilon knew how to cook..." River muttered to herself, because she certainly couldn't make food. She looked down at Kestrel, surprised at how quickly she had changed into her normal clothes.

"How did you get dressed so quickly?" she asked.

"Oh, that? I used a spell to do that!" Kestrel explained, "The 'Clothes Swap' spell – imaginative title, I know – just lets me change into anyyyy outfit I want! Super neat, right?" The girl raised an eyebrow at the echidna, "I could do the spell on you, if you want."

River shrugged, seeing as how there wouldn't be any real harm in it, "Sure, I don't mind whatever it comes out with,"

The pika pondered for a moment, trying to think of an outfit she could possibly warp onto the girl. After finally coming up with an idea, Kestrel snapped her fingers and raised her hands up, "Okay, I know! Now, I'm not sure how the whole sizes situation thing works on this, since I only know mine... so this may turn out to be just a wee bit short on you!"

Kestrel flicked her hands towards River's direction, and a vibrant purple cloud of mist shrouded the echidna. After some seconds the mist parted, and River was wearing a coral colored, floor-length princess dress with tulle netting and lace.

"OH MY YES!" Kestrel screamed excitedly and jumped up and down, "This is way more fun when you do it on someone else, definitely!"

"Woah!" River examined the sudden change of her outfit; the dress and frills made her look like she jumped out of a fairytale... or maybe a doll collection, either works. She smiled a bit in surprise, "I was honestly not expecting this..."

It was at that moment that Upsilon came down the stairs in his normal outfit. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he glanced over at River and his eyes widened in surprise at her sudden change in outfit, although he figured Kestrel had used the same spell she used herself on the echidna.

“Wow, River, you look–“

"UPSILON, SHUSH,” Kestrel interjected. She moved over to her brother and pushed him through the kitchen’s doorway, “NOW GET TO THE KITCHEN.” She then turned back towards River and smiled, “You look super pretty in that outfit, River!”

"Oh, uh, th-thank you..." River modestly smiled, "But... you do know how to turn it back, right? It's beautiful, but I can't wear it the whole day..."

"The spell wears off,” Kestrel explained, “It’ll revert you back to your normal outfit in an hour, or I can poof it away right now… if you want.”

A knock was heard from the door. Outside was a red hedgehog, a blue Kirby, a green girl hedgehog, and a kid with a Wario hat on. The red hedgehog was the first to speak up. "Zak, are you sure this'll work?"

"Well maybe if you didn't blow up our house I wouldn't have to do this. Besides, she owes me as her little buddy." Zak said as he knocked on the door again.

Upon hearing the knock at the door, River turned her head, a bit surprised that there was someone else here. She didn't see any other homes nearby, so she had no idea who could be there,

"I'd like to go back to my normal clothes, please," she told Kestrel, knowing that it would be odd answering the door in a frilly pink dress.

Lexi (green hedgehog) turned to Zak. "Dude, are you sure she's legite, because anytime you talk about her, you make her sound like a potential girlfriend."

"Guys, she'll answer. And no, she isn't my girlfriend. We're just, and let me say it again, JUST friends." Zak said.

“No problem at all, Riv!” Kestrel replied. In a similar way as she had done before, she flicked her hand at River, a purple cloud covered the echidna, and she was wearing her normal outfit once more.

The girl then floated over to the door and looked through the peephole to find a group of others standing on the porch. That’s strange, we weren’t expecting visitors… Kestrel thought, but nevertheless she opened the door anyways. “Uh, hello.”

"Heyyy" Zak was starting to say, then Lexi kicked him as a sign to get on with it. "Ok Kestrel, Webster's Dictionary defines friendship as.." Zak was about to finish this sentence when Zapor butted in.

"Look, I blew my house up and now we sorta need someplace to live and it'll take the whole day to rebuild, blah blah blah, we came to your place cuz you had at least nine guest rooms judging from all the windows, shree shraa, Zak said you could help us out." Zapor said all those words quick, and with a straight face.

"Well I didn't exactly say that, but..." Zak muttered.

“What in the–? You blew your entire house up?” Kestrel asked in a quizzical manner, “You know, with a couple of my spells, I could I help you guys rebuild it in even quicker time than one day!”

"And trouble a friend of our kirby friend to do something like that? Nope, I've fired a missile launcher wrong before and waited the entire day, so we can stay at your house..with your bro..who's name is most likely, tell me if I'm wrong, is Upsilon? Did I get right?" Zapor asked.

“Oh, yeah, his name’s Upsilon,” Kestrel responded, “But nobody really cares about him. And dude, trust me, it’s no trouble at all! I LOVE building things with magic! Just show me where the place is and it should be done in two hours flat. Also, we do have another guest over, actually...”

"Hi!" River walked up behind Kestrel, almost as if on cue. She looked upon the others, "Are these your friends, Kes?"

"Mhm!" Kestrel looked back at River, "They're wanting to know if they can stay for a day or so while their house is being rebuilt."

"Um, does anyone smell something. *sniff sniff* Like burnt pancakes?" Leo asked.

"Kestrel, is Popsicle (Upsilon) making breakfast but forgot to put the no stick spray on and the pancake ia burning?" Zapor asked.

“Haha, nope!” Kestrel said, “Upsilon rarely burns any of his food; he’s really good with that kind of stuff, strangely. He’s making French toast anyways... Although, I was making a potion in my room before I came out fifteen minutes ago…” The girl’s eyes widened in realization, and without hesitation she poofed with a cloud of purple smoke into thin air.

Only seconds later she poofed back into the original spot she was at before, “Hehe, sorry… had to take care of that before the house burned down...”

"Cool. So since were all situated, we need to do the best thing that seems totally legite." Zapor pulls out a phone. "Prank calls!"

“Prank calls? In the morning?” The girl inquired, “SURE, yeah! But I think we should really fix up your house too, while it’s daylight.”

"True, but we could fix it and then stay the rest of the day. Oh, prank call Sigma!" Zak said.

“Haha, YEAH! Here, come in guys,” Kestrel moved out of the way so the group could come in the house and then shut the door. She then reached for a phone and began dialing Sigma’s number, “Wait, you guys know Sigma, too?”

"Sorta. We just hang with Theta since he's cool." Zak said. Once Sigma picked up the phone, he gave it to Zapor, who made his voice to sound like Upsilon's. "Sigma, there's a murderer at my house..*grunt*.. He tied us all up, and he already broke my arms and legs. Come quick! Also, your a butthead." Zapor said.

"Well, judging from that, she should be here in about 3 minutes." Leo said.

After about three minutes, the group heard somebody furiously pounding on the door, which was immediately followed by the door being kicked wide open. Sigma walked in the house with her fists clenched and at the ready, and she was slightly bobbing up and down as if she was warming up for a fight.

“ALRIGHT, MURDERER, SHOW YOURSELF!” Sigma yelled out. That was when she noticed the group standing in the foyer, seemingly unharmed. “Uh… wait, what?” Kestrel suddenly burst out laughing at the blonde mink’s reaction.

"Sigma, ma'am...You just got punk'd!!" Zapor said as he joined the others in laughing.

“But, seriously… WHAT?!” Sigma exclaimed, “I… I heard Upsilon on the phone! He said a murderer had broken everyone’s arms and legs!” Then the girl frowned, “And he called me a butthead, too! I could’ve sworn it was him!”

"I do a great Upsicle impression. And it was all Zak's idea!" Zapor said. "And you know that out of all the people who are older than me, the only person who could call you one is Fatty Lobotnik (Eggman). Also, your like the...1st prettiest girl who's older than me, and this is all stuff Popsicle didn't care about me saying!"

"Also, I think Zak and Kestrel might be going out, but I'm not sure if it started yet." Leo whispered in Sigma's ear, and then punched by Zak.

"Aw, thanks Zapor!” Sigma said, but then she put her hands on her hips and looked around. “Where is Upsilon, anyways?”

“He’s making French toast for us in the kitchen!” Kestrel replied.

“Oh, wow, he’s actually using the recipes I taught him? Cool, then!” Sigma responded.

“Hey, now that you’re here, Sigma, I’ve been meaning to tell you something,” Kestrel began. “River hasn’t ever been to a slumber party before, so I was wondering if you could come over tonight so we could have one!"

“SLUMBER PARTY?! YES!” Sigma cheered excitedly, and she began jumping up and down, “I’ll totally come! It’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN, I cannot wait!”

"I'll call pizza!" Lexi said.


"Nah, we like him to much for that." Zapor said.

River was rather surprised as to how Sigma responded so quickly. Did she live around here too? She could have sworn that this was the only house in the Frozen Factory. But that thought didn't stay in her head for too long, "Morning, Sigma," she greeted, "So... how's the rest of your morning been?"

"Oh, it's been wonderful, thank you for asking, River!" Sigma answered cheerily, "I got up at three in the morning today and worked out up until this point, it was super fun! Wait... River? What are you doing at Upsilon's house?"

"I'm staying here for a while until my U-" River stopped herself from finishing that sentence. She couldn't just blabber about Elias right there, it would just seem too heavy and sudden, "U-until my apartment building is done with remodeling... But yeah, my morning's been pretty good too, I had a bit of an interesting wake-up though..."

"Hm... well, I hope your apartment gets remodeled and finished soon!" Sigma responded. She had noticed River's sudden stuttering, but she ignored it for the time being, "What was so interesting about how you woke up? Did you fall off the bed or something? I do that a lot..."

"She probs had a Zakstrel moment." Leo said.

"What's that?" Zapor asked.

"One time while Kestrel slept over at your house while you were gone, in the morning the next day, we found Kestrel snuggling Zak..or was it the other way around?" Leo said.

"Dude, that was our secret!" Lexi punched Leo, with Zak facepalming and slightly blushing.

"Oh, no it was a bit more than that..." River laughed, and blushed slightly, "Upsilon and I kind of woke up... right next to each other... in the same bed... b-but it wasn't intentional at all!"

"Don't be ashamed, River. I stab myself with a knife, stop my heartbeat and blood flow and circulation to go to sleep...and yes, I can't die." Zapor said.

Sigma lowered her eyelids and leaned into River, knudging the echidna's arm with her elbow, "In the same bed, eh? Mhm. Suuuuuuuuure it wasn't intentional, whatever you say..."

"A classic Zak and Kestrel move." Leo said, but was punch by Zak.

"Dudw, we were both sleeping! We don't have control of what we do then!" Zak said.

"Well, you guys did look like you were enjoying yourselves while you cuddling." Lexi said. "Who wouldn't?  I'm a kirby! We were made to be cannibals,  and be cute and cuddly!" Zak said.

"N-no I swear, it was totally unintentional! I mean, I guess it was kind of my fault for moving over there myself and hugging him like a teddy bear, but..." River avoided eye contact in nervousness, "We just did NOT mean for that to happen...!"

"So YOU were the one who moved over to Upsilon in the first place?" Sigma inquired, a smirk now forming, "And YOU snuggled him like a teddy bear? Maybe he didn't mean for that to happen, but it certainly sounds as though YOU meant it to happen, River. Gee, I didn't think you two would warm up to each other that much... and so soon, too!"

"It was AN ACCIDENT!" River waved her arms in a flustered manner like a child, "A-and his hand was already on my waist before either of us woke up so-" She immediately stopped herself, GAH! I seriously need to learn when to stop speaking!

"Let's change the subject. Sigma, I'm going to ask you a real question. How fast do you think it will take for Leo to shut up about his Zakstrel theory?" Zapor asked.

"It might happen!!" Leo said.

Suddenly, Upsilon poked his head out of the kitchen's doorway and glared at Zapor, "The what theory?"

"The nothing!" Sigma assured the purple mink. Upsilon slowly moved his head back into the kitchen, although he pointed two fingers at his eyes, and then pointed them at the group before finally retreating back into the kitchen.

"Uh... anyways..." Sigma began again, and turned her attention to River, "Judging by how your morning went, I'm kind of afraid to ask what happened the night before... ehehehe."

"Anyway, changing the subject, has anyone ever relalized that Theta looks exactly like Upsilon?" Zak said. "Oh come on, Upsicle does not look like........yeah, they look alike." Zapor said.

"T-trust me Sigma, what happened last night was nothing CLOSE to what you're probably thinking..." River laughed a little nervously, "I was just having a bad night and he stayed there to help me out, that's all..."

"Heehee, alright, whatever you say Riv..." Sigma winked at the echidna and giggled, "Well, no matter. At least you two are comfortable being so close to one another... oh geez, I'll stop teasing you know, although it is really fun." The blonde mink looked over at Zapor and Zak, "And it does make sense that they look alike; the two are cousins, after all."

"Woah, Popsilon's related to Theta?...Let's ask Kestrel questions!" Lexi said. "Ok, I found a diary, and it has your name on it. Should I read it, or give it back?" Zapor asked.

"Dude, no." Zak said.

"But my boyish impulses are telling me to read it! Then again,  what friend would I be, so I'll let Leo choose." Zapor hands the diary to Leo.

"Uh, Kes, why is there a Zak chapter in here?" Leo said with a smirk forming.

"Wait, Theta and Upsilon are related...?" River asked, slightly confused, but then she began to piece it together in her head, "Oh, well that actually explains a lot of things... But I seriously had no idea!"

"Yeah, they're both loners, they have names we dould make fun of, and both have crushes on cute girls. And I really need to shut up." Zapor said.

"Yeah, those two are super similar in a lot of ways," Sigma agreed, but she thought over Zapor's words and then turned to him, "Theta has a crush on someone? Hm, that's funny, I don't recall him ever telling me about it, and he usually tells me everything..."

"Oh..well let's talk about crushes!...I already have a girlfriend, so Sigma, who do you have a crush on?" Zapor said.

"Me? Ah... no one," Sigma answered. She began to inch her way towards the door slowly, and looked off to the side with a grin on her face, "I have a crush on no one whatsoever... except cake, though, if that counts. Hehe."

" it me, or has Kestrel been awfully quiet?" Zak said. "She's not even here at the moment..."

Sigma pointed to the spot where the pika had originally been to see that she was not there. As if on cue, Kestrel poofed back into the exact same spot, "Sorry, had to clean up the mess in my room from earlier..."

"Oh. Kes, we're playing Questions, and Dares, and I have a question." Lexi leaned closer to Kestrel's ear. "Would you go out with Zak if Upsilon actually said yes to it?"

Kestrel raised an eyebrow at Lexi and backed up a bit, "Well, I–" At that moment, Upsilon walked out of the kitchen and over to the group. He wiped his hands on the back of his legs and looked at Sigma,

"Hey, Sigma, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, nothing, just dropped by to say hello," Sigma responded, not wanting to get the group in trouble because of the prank call.

"Hi Dale (Upsilon), how are you doing?" Zapor asked.

The purple mink gave a small glare at Zapor before answering, "I'm fine, thanks. Um... so, you guys are all in my house..." Kestrel grabbed her brother's good arm and twirled him around,

"Yeah, they're gonna stay here until their house is fixed up, because it apparently is destroyed... or something!" Upsilon gave a suspicious side glance at Zak,


"Upsilon, we're playing Question and Dare. What's the creepiest thing you've ever seen?" Zapor asked.

"How come Up's giving me a suspision look?" Zak whispered in Sigma's ear.

Sigma looked down at Zak and only shrugged in reply, as she was genuinely confused as well, "I dunno! Maybe he didn't mean anything of it...?"

"The creepiest thing I've ever seen, huh..." Upsilon repeated, "That would probably be Kestrel without her hat... She looks rather... er, interesting without it." The pika stared daggers at her brother before finally punching him in the arm, much to his amusement.

"Come on, she can't look that bad." Zak said.

"What does Kestrel look like without her hat on?" River spoke up in curiosity.

"I've seen you without your hat once, Kestrel," Sigma said, "It didn't look that bad, really. I actually like your hair when it's down; it's very long and pretty!"

"I don't even look bad or anything, Upsilon's just being a jerk!" Kestrel complained, and continued to punch her brother in the arm. She wasn't the strongest girl in the world, so the jabs didn't hurt him at all.

Now, Lex had spent a whole hour looking for the house he was trying to take a friendly visit to. First of all, he knew almost nothing about the Lost Hex. Secondly, it took him 10 mins to find someone to take him there. And thirdly, he had absolutely no idea where Upsilon's house was in the frozen factory zone.

So it was a massive relief to Lex when he finally knocked on the door of the Underwood's house. *knock knock*

Upsilon wasn't really used to being around this many people, so when he heard the knock on the door he slowly backed his way into the kitchen and decided to stay there. Kestrel raised an eyebrow up at the sudden knocking, "Now I'm certain we didn't expect anymore visitors today..." Nevertheless, she floated open to the door and opened it up to see Lex standing before her on the front porch. "Uh..."

"Oh, hey there Lex!" Sigma greeted, instantly recognizing her friend from the previous day, "What brings you here?"

"Well, apart from the fact everything is snow, he probs heard a red head, me, was at your place, cuz redheads rule. That or men have a good way of finding cute girls." Zapor said.

Zak walked up to Kestrel. "You want me to punch Upsilon, buddy?"

Kestrel laughed a little and dusted her hat off, "No, it's okay, but thanks for asking. I'm just not used to him making fun of me, usually it's the other way around..."

"Meh, I'm pretty sure you still look pretty without your hat on..." Zak semi-blushed. "I mean..uh..I'm gonna build a snowman outside!" Zak ran out the door and rolled up a snow head.

"Zak, you are not building a snowman without me again!" Zapor ran out the door with Zak.

"That's a great idea! Everyone should play outside in the snow!" Kestrel exclaimed, grabbing Sigma's hand and beginning to pull her out of the door. "You definitely gotta come outside with us, Sigma!"

"Oh, I would love to, but I'm not really fit for rolling around in the snow outside..." The blonde mink explained, looking down at her short-sleeved t-shirt and her overall dress. Kestrel only smiled and just as she had done with River before, she poofed a sky blue snow jacket and full grey leggings onto Sigma with a flick of her hand. "Well, now you're ready, so let's go!" Kestrel said excitedly.

Zapor and Leo were hiding behind the snowman while Zak was sitting, blushing in a corner. "3, 2,1.." The moment Sigma and Kestrel were outside, Zapor and Leo tossed snowballs at Sigma.

Lex smiled, and replied "Oh, I just thought I'd visit. i'd heard you lived in this house, so I thought it would only be friendly to come and say hi. Wait, you wanna come out to the snow?"

"Oh, I don't live here! My friends Upsilon and Kestrel do, though!" Sigma explained, pointing to the purple pika that had her by the arm. "You should so totally come out and play in the snow with us! Wait a minute... WHO THREW THOSE SNOWBALLS AT ME?!"

"ooooh. DAMMIT." he chuckled lightly. "But it's nice to meet you Kestrel!" Whilst saying this, he curled up a snowball behind his back and promptly chucked it at Sigma's face. (teehee)

"Oh, NO YOU DIDN'T!" Sigma taunted playfully. At the same time, she was rolling up a couple of small snowballs, and then began to throw them at Lex.

Zak inhaled some snow, and spat them out at Sigma like a machine gun. Leo tossed some snowballs at Kestrel. "Zak told me, to tell you, that you look pretty in snow clothes!" Leo was then pelted by Zak's snowballs.

Lex looked like a snowman after having been caught up in the path of about 1000000000000000 snowballs, and used this to his advantage. He started to spin round frantically, flinging snow everywhere.

"Hm? Oh, thanks Zak!" Kestrel called over to the Kirby who was a bit farther away from her. Sigma covered her face with her arm as the volley of snow came towards her, but she still got hit, fell back onto her bottom and began laughing heartily while she started to make a snow angel.

Once all the snow had been flung away from Lex, he promptly fell down clumsily and started rolling around, covering himself with snow once again, and then started pretending to be a ghost. He was having a lot of fun.

Zapor rolled on the ground while Zak made snow angels,  but each one looked like a heart. "How come mine look like hearts?"

Leo walked up to Zak, still covered in snow. "Well, it isn't that bad. I bet Kestrel thinks its cute...and I bet she thinks your cute." Leo was hit by a giant snowball Zapor threw.

Zapor rolled on the ground while Zak made snow angels, but each one looked like a heart. "How come mine look like hearts?"

River, with some reluctance, followed the others outside. She didn't even know half of the people that were here, so she was rather shy when talking to them. The girl stepped outside into the snow, completely forgetting that she wasn't wearing a coat, and saw that everyone was already playing in the snow.

Unsure how to join in, River simply sat down in the cold white fluff at a distance from the others. She began to touch the snow, messing and moulding with it.

Lexi finished building a snowman and saw River sitting in the snow. "Riv, toss some snowballs!"

"Uh... Um, okay..." River looked down at the snow in her hands, and began to roll it up into a somewhat spherical form. She stared at it for a short moment; she wasn't exactly sure what to do. While she knew she was supposed to throw them, for some reason she was afraid to do so.

As sad as it may sound, growing up estranged from everyone she knew, this was the first time she had really done anything with this many people. She had no idea if she was doing the right thing or not, so she awkwardly stood there holding the snowball in her hands.

"Ooooh, that's a nice snowball! And now, you throw it at someone!" Sigma instructed, who had just gotten up from her snow angels. She stood up and opened her arms wide open, "Try throwing it at me, I won't mind!"

"Alright..." River spoke quietly. With much hesitation, she rose her arm, and swung it down rather weakly, so as a result it just barely even touched Sigma. The girl began to grow a bit embarrassed, "S-sorry, I didn't know how hard to throw it..."

The blonde mink laughed softly and smiled at River, "Oh, it's so totally fine!" Sigma assured, "Trust me, I'm a tough girl, I wouldn't mind if you threw it hard at me. Here, try it again, and this time throw it with even more power than before!"

"Watch what I do!" Zapor tossed his snowball, but it went inside and hit Upsilon in the face, followed by the sound of crashes. "...If anyone asks, it was Leo! You get the point!" Zapor then hid behind the snow fort.

Leo popped his head from the snowfort. "Kes, do you think Zak is cute?" Leo was then tackled by Zak, followed by punches.

Upsilon barged out of the house with his fists clenched, a scowl on his face and some leftover snow still in his hair, and barked out angrily, "WHO THREW THAT SNOWBALL AT ME?!"

Upon seeing her brother like this, Kestrel proceeded to fall back into the snow and have a giggling fit, "Dude, you look SO STUPID! Hahahaha!"

"Leo did it." Zak instantly pointed at Leo. Leo's eyes shrank.

The purple mink glanced over at Leo and noticed his reaction; he certainly didn't look like the type of kid who would throw a snowball at him. Before Upsilon could say a word, Kestrel ran over, grabbed Upsilon by his arm, and began to pull him down the porch steps and to the patch of snow where everyone else was at, "C'mon, Derpsilon, play in the snow with us! Oooh... we should have a Snow War!"

"Yeah! But Kes, you still haven't answered my question!" Leo was pelted with more snowballs after he said that.

"Ok, so is it a free for all,  or team battle?" Zak said.

"We should do a team battle, definitely!" Kestrel replied excitedly.

"Team battle?" River repeated, "That might help in showing me how this works..."

Kestrel ran over to River and grabbed her by the hand, jumping up and down, "Can you be on my team, River? Pleaaaase?"

"Ok, so it's Sigma, Kestrel, and River, against me, Zak, and Upsiloon." Zapor said.

"We're doing a girls versus guys?" River asked, "Alright, I'm cool with it."

"Woohoo!" Kestrel jumped into the air with joy, "This is gonna be so much fun! Alright, well to prepare ourselves, we need to make SNOW FORTS!"

Zapor starts making the snow fort. "Look at them. They're probably think of a plan that involves River."

Zak makes snow cannons and tons of snowballs. "The artillery is ready!"

Lex finally realised what was going on, and proceded to launch snow at River. Then he remembered. "Hey! Aren't you that girl with the evil uncle?"

Upon hearing what Lex had just shouted, River immediately froze and stopped what she was doing. She didn't ever tell anyone else about that; the only one who knew was Upsilon. She looked up at him, with some slight fear in her eyes, "How... how did you know about him?"

Lex was taken aback. He had said something stupid. I mean, how did he Expect her to react?! "Oh, I'm very sorry… I was just there at the scene when you and "Upsilon" were there. I was quite a distance away, so I didn't know what was going on, but he acted horribly. I also figured out from a few things I managed to hear that he was q family member, and I presumed Uncle."

River breathed a sigh of relief, but then quickly crossed her arms in a way that showed she was uncomfortable, "I'd... rather not talk about him today..."

She continued building the snow fort, trying to ignore Lex.

Lex facepalmed. He had just dine something incredibly stupid. If Hugo had been there, he would probably have been giving Lex one of his looks. "I'm very sorry...I had no was a really stupid thing to say." He decided to change the subject. "Can I help you with that fort?"

"Hm?" River looked up at him with slight curiousity, "But aren't you on the other team?"

"Heh, oh yeah." Lex realised aloud. After 3 seconds of silence between the two, he jerked his arm and lobbed a snowball at her.

"Hey!" River exclaimed, but she couldn't help but laugh a little. Immediately she quickly curled up a piece of snow in her hands and threw it at Lex, "Take this!"

Lex stumbled and fell back, laughing. He curled up several snowballs in his hands and threw them at River, still laughing.

Tesla does his... daily routines before watching Sonic Zombie in Space in the living room.

Bah how is it such boardom could exist? Hedge exlaims just lieing on the sidewalk

Blaze and Drew (FEEL FREE TO EDIT!!!)

A blonde steampunk style marten happily walked around in the park, holding a set of speakers in his hands. There was a large stage at the park, wich the martn hopped onto, plugging in his speakers.

He turned on some music, playing it so everyone could hear at the park. Several others noticed the music and went over to the stage. In a matter of minutes several food trucks and games were set up. A festival was being held.

Blaze was in the park, and she had been reading her book. Hearing the music, she knew it was time to leave. Just as she was about to go, she was stopped by the marten.

"Hey girl hey!" the marten said with a smile, taking down his top hat and lifting up his steampunk goggles. "There's gonna be a festival, it's gonna be really fun!"

Blaze rolled her eyes. "Let me go. I can't read with all of this noise."

"I'm Drew; Drew the marten."the marten named Drew said, giving a little bow to Blaze. "Would you like to come to the festivel with me anyways?"

Blaze gave a slight smile."........I really have to go home, and besides, I really need to tell someone something-"

"Oh come on! I'll hold that for you!" Drew said, taking Blaze's book and putting it in his coat pocket.

"Hey give me back my- WHOA!" Blaze was suddenly swept off her feet by the marten as he raced over to the fair.

Martin leaves the police precinct, since he was arrested, and was free to leave some hours later. He walks to the park, attracted to the music. There, he sees a festival, a marten and Blaze. He hides behind a bush. He whispers "Blaze" to himself, his heart was racing.

Blaze sighed, jumping out of Drew's arms. "Do not do that again..."Blaze said with a death glare.

"Wanna have some cotton candy?" Drew said, giving some cotton candy to Blaze.

"Excuse me?!"Blaze said, folding her arms.

"Camaaaaaaaaan~!"Drew said, waving the cotton candy to Blaze,"I know you want me ah, you know i wanchu ah, I know you want meeee, I know you want me-"

"Oh fine."Blaze said, taking the cotton candy. She haden't tried it in a while, and it brought back some good memeories.

"Good kitty!" Drew said with a wink.

"Don't call me kitty..."Blaze said, eating the cotton candy.

"No problem!"Drew said happily.

Martin walks over to Drew and Blaze. "Uh, hey, Blaze. Didn't see you here." Martin said.

"M-Martin!"Blaze said, as her face became very red. "U-um, yea, I-I, this guy s-showed me here! His name is Drew!"

"Hey there!"Drew said, taking a peice from Blaze's cotton candy and eating it. Blaze just smiled, but she was blushing and did not move.

"...hi." Martin said quickly to Drew. "I see you two are... having fun." Martin said.

"Yea, it's great here!" Drew said, taking Blaze's hand/

No, he's gonna think Drew's my boyfriend! Blaze thought worriedly. "Since we're all just friends and stuff, you wanna all hang out here?"

"Great!"Drew said, as Blaze took Martin's hand.

"I-I't'll be really fun!"Blaze said.

"OK, lead the way." Martin said.

"S-sure!"Blaze said, going over to a booth that had stuffed toys lined around the roof.

"All we have to do is shoot the spaceship down!" Drew said, paying for a game.

Blaze had never played a festival game, and took hold of the water gun handed to her. Her hands begun to shake, but she didn't want to embarass herself and opt out.

Martin steps back. "Not a huge fan of water..."

"Me too!"Blaze said at once, stepping back.

"Suit yourselves~!"Drew said, and with the ring of a bell Drew shot several cardboard spaceships in a matter of seconds. The game wasn't even over and Drew had finished knocking all of the spaceships down. The person running the game had his mouth open in awe.

"I would like the fluffiest teddy bear for the wonderful lady please." Drew said with a slight smile.

Blaze was shocked. "Wow have really good aim...."

"I know, I know."Drew said, winking to Blaze.

Marty bit his lip, and then sees a ferris wheel. "There's a ferris wheel over there!" Marty pointed towards it.

"Let's go!" Blaze said, going over to the ferris wheel. Drew caught up to Blaze as she ran to the ferris wheel.

And so they got onto the ferris wheeeeel!

Drew was afraid of heights, but didn't want to tell Martin or Blaze. He spotted a woman, and went over to her. Blaze saw this, and a sudden rush of sadness come over her. She didn't know why though.

"Hm...."Blaze said, looking at Drew talk to the girl, looking at her. Blaze rolled eyes, turning to the ferris wheel.

"Is anything wrong?" Martin said.

"Drew seems like a jerk."Blaze said. "Anyways, um..."Blaze blushed a bit,"It's just going to be the two of us on the ferris, is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, sure. Let's go." Martin said, who was discreetly blushing.

The ferris wheel wasn't packed at all, and there was no line. Blaze took a seat in one of the little.....things???? AH Anyways, Blaze's hands were sweaty and began to shake as she sat down, blushing.

"Pretty silent night, isn't it?" Marty said.

"Hm?"Blaze said, turning to Martin. "Ha, yea..."Blaze said, forcing a little laugh.

"Yeah..." Marty said. "Uh, hey. If you're not busy over the weekend, we should hang out, if that's okay with you, that is." Marty said, blushing. Boy, many characters here blush a lot.

I know right lol; :p blush daaay. Blaze smiled and her heart raced. "S-sure." Blaze squeezed her hands together as she just could not stop smiling.

Martin was like YES YES YES! in his head. He smiles like a rapist just to hide that feeling....

The ferris wheel moves up, and as it does the cart (whatever they're in) began to rock. Blaze jumped up, grabbing onto Matrin's arm and letting out a little squeal. It was her first time on a ferris wheel, but she didn't want to tell Martin and embarass herself.

Martin comforts Blaze. "Don't worry. Nothing bad's gonna happen." Martin said. He knew that Blaze was a bit worried about something.

Blaze looked to Martin, blushing as she realized she was holding onto him. She at once let go of him, turning away. The ferris wheel was almost at the top. Blaze loked over and saw the veiw of the whole fair below her.

"Quite possibly the best view of the world below us." Marty said.

"I guess...."Blaze said, looking down. The ferris wheel finally stopped as the....whetever.... they are in.... came to the top.

"Hey, you okay?" Marty said.

"Hm? Yea! I-I'm....I'm....... doing fine....."Blaze said. Down below she saw a couple and sighed. The couple in front of them were already kissing, and Blaze covered her face as she looked back to the view.

Marty slowly, very slowly, moves closer to Blaze.

Blaze notices Martin move closer to her, but has no reaction as she secretly wanted to move closer to him aswell.

Lucentio stands inside a food truck, a image of a coffee bean plastered onto the truck. "I should be the one owning this thing, I shouldn't be working for this fool..." He mutters while waiting for customers.

yDrew walks around, as he soon sees a young white bat with stockings on her legs and arms. The bat was approaching a basketball game when Drew stopped her.

"Hello lovely....what are you doing here alone?"Drew said.

The bat glared at Drew. "Hey twat, would'ga get your hands off of me? I'm no street corner girl you know; and I'm also perfectly able to go out on my own!"

"Ooo, well aren't you a firey one~"Drew said, taking his hand away from the bat. "What's your name little girl?"

"I'm Candy, and believe me when I say I bite back!!!" Candy said as she growled a bit to Drew.

"Haha, cute.....Would you like me to buy you a drink little lady?" Drew said in a seductive tone.

"Please pretty boy! You're going to have to try a lot harder than that! And by the way, I can pay for my own things, i do not need a man..."Candy said, flipping her hair and walking away.

A light blue mouse was walking when a guy shoved him (most likely on accident) into Candy, causing her to fall down. Ray reaches his hand to help her up.

Candy moves back before getting up herself. "...............Sorry....."Candy managed to say, dusting herself off.

Ray does a "no, it was my fault" gesture and holds a card saying his name.

"Um.......I'm Candy.......Candy the bat..."Candy said. "Hi Ray."

Ray waves, and holds out a cotton candy (pun) seeing if she wanted any.

"U-um, no thanks....I don't want to take any of your cotton candy."Candy said with a little smile.

Drew glares at Ray, seeing the way Candy had acted to him was much different from the way she acted to him.

"Ahem,"Drew said,"Candy, is this your friend?"

"Oh, I just met him,"Candy said.

Drew clenched his fists. "Hello, you...."

Lucentio watches the three of them and smirks. "Good, two guys hitting on one girl..." Lucentio sighs and steps out the truck to observe a bit closer.

"His name is Ray."Candy said, slightly glaring at Drew.

"Hello Ray. How old are you?" Drew said.

And Martin and Blaze (probably) had fun at the ferris wheeeeeeeeeel.

Ray gave Martin a card with 14 1/2 on it, and smiled.

Martin recieves the card, and makes a confused look on his face.

Ray took the card and gave it to Drew, and gives Drew a card saying, I'm mute.

Lucentio walks up to the group wearing a pink lace apron, laughing and smirking. "Hehehehe..." Lucentio laughs.\

Drew takes the card before putting his arm around Candy. Candy punches Drew in the chest, and Drew lets out a loud,"OOF!"

Blaze walks to Drew and smiles. "Hey drew."

"Hi,"Drew said quickly, eyeing Candy. Blaze was a bit offened from the cold greeting, but helped Drew up.

"You okay?" Blaze said.

"Fine....."Drew said, going over to Candy. "Hey, sorry about acting so cr*ppy to you. How about you and me just go take a walk; whatever you wanna do."

"Sure."Candy sai. "I'll walk my way and you can walk in the oppostite direction."

Fire was coming rom Blaze's hands as she clenched her fists.

Ray knew where this would most likely go, so he gave Drew and Blaze apology notes with coupons with McDonald's,  and took Candy's hand and walked somewhere else.

"Okay, Blaze, just calm down." Marty said, in a calm, polite voice. He put his arm on her shoulder. Fire dosent burn him since he's also a fire type.

(Wait, who is also a fire type?)

(Marty and Blaze are both pyrokinetics, and because of that, their powers have no effect between each other. If Blaze tries to scorch Marty, he remains unaffected, and vice versa.)

Blaze stopped her fire. Drew's tail ruffled up as he began to tense.

"Drew, you really shouldn't be hitting on thirteen year old girls....(blaze is just assuming her age lol)" Blaze said.

"Not in all of my life have I seen more of a majestic and beautiful woman. That proves me and Candy are meant to be. I shall make her mine~" Drew said.

Blaze rolled her eyes, folding her arms. "How cute...."

"Don't be jealous~!"Drew said with a wink.

"Why should I?" Blaze said.

"Oh, I'll make a list for you soon~"Drew said."I need to go to my lab!!!!"

"Can I go?" Blaze said,

"No way, you're dangerous!" Drew growled.

"......................Just-"Blaze said, but it was too late. Fire exploded from Blaze's hand as she set a bush on fire.

"WHOA! NO WHAY YOU'RE GOING TO MY LAB! CRAZY LADY!" Drew said in fear as she ran away.

Blaze covered her eyes as she began to walk away, small tears running from her eyes.

"Blaze-- wait! That Drew punk is a... punk. He dosent deserve an independent, smart, fiery princess from another dimension like you." Marty said, trying to make her feel better.

Sparks flew from Blaze's chest."Thanks Martin, but not right now......."Blaze said, backing away from Martin. Blaze started to run, leaving little sparks from her shoes; then sparks came from her chest, she looked behind her and ran into Drew, who was trying to find a good place to teleport.   Blaze and Drew dissapeared to Drew's lab. 

Martin couldn't say anything. All he did was fall to his knees, and look down.

A purple Tiger Quoll saw the cat crying, she felt sorry for her but she was very Anti social. "Poor girl" The quoll said softly under her breath. The tiger quolls name was Kate. Kate tryed to walk by but she was drawn to the purple cat. "Hello I'm Kate, Why are you sad? I just got here, its quite a way from where I live"

"Okay I guess I'll go find my classroom then" Kate said as she walked off

Blaze fell on Drew, still crying. Sparks and fire had stoped flying from her though. Drew let out a little scream before backing away from Blaze.  "



Drew sighed, then smiled and got up. "Want some tea? I can show you around since my goddess did not want to join me~"  

"That thirteen yer old girl? You're pretty sick Drew..."Blaze said.  

"No, I'm prefectly fine actually. I kind of love!"Drew said, pressing a button. Two tea cups floated down on copper plates.  

Blaze took a cup, drinking some tea. "Uh huh, i assume you feel this way often?"  

"I haven't fallen in love since Anne died. Would you like me to sing you her song?" Drew said, walking over to the piano.  

"I do not like singing..."Blaze said rolling her eyes. "You're very rude to me would you like it if someone called you crazy and dangerous?"  

"Blaze, I am crazy and dangerous. I am called that all of the time...."Drew said with a sigh, playing a few notes on the piano.

"..................Why?"Blaze said. She meant to say something less straight foward, but she couldn't help it.

"A few years ago my town was invaded by a ruthless king....when i saw he killed my wife, i went on a rampage and killed over 300,000 people.....I don't know how long it was....but it was early in the morning when i woke up....."Drew said.

300,000 people. That was just impossible. The tea cup shook as Blaze's hand trembled.

Drew put his hand on Blaze's shoulder. "You may leave if you would like.....I know you must be terrified of me now....."

"I'm not."Blaze said,"I like you."

Drew frowned. "No one likes me."

"Well as of now that isn't true. Show me around; I want to see everything."Blaze said, setting down her tea cup,"Besides, there'sno way you'd do that again, right?"

"............No."Drew said, as he showed Blaze around his lab. After about half an hour, Drew stopped half way through his lab.

"What is it?" Blaze said.

"We'd better go. Your boyfriend must be worried about you. You aren't still upset, right?" Drew said.

"Oh um, I forgot.....No, I'm not upset anymore. I would be if we stopped seeing eachother. Maybe you me, and a couple friends could hang around sometime."Blaze said.

Drew sighed and said,"I suppose.....alright...."

Then the two were back at the festival; and it was coming to an end. Blaze was amazed how time had gone by so quickly, and already the tents and things were being put away.

Marty is seen sitting on a bench, his face covered by his hand.

Drew saw Martin. "Oh, there he is. You abandoned him. You truly are cruel."

"I was going to destroy everything if I would have stood. I don't want him to see me like that.."Blaze said.

"So? He loves you and I'm sure he still would after. Now if tou'll excuse me, I need to go find me goddess..." Drew said with a smirk.

Blaze glared at Drew. "I thin you owe me something too."

Drew sighed,"I am sorry Blaze the cat. Now, off I-"

Blaze pulled Drew by the ear and went over to Martin.

"Hey Martin, are you okay?" Blaze said, still holding Drew. Drew frowned, folding his arms.

"Never better." Marty said, with his eyes closed.

Drew said at once,"Good! Now, if you'll excuse me I really need to get home-"

"Are you sure Martin?" Blaze said, still holding Drew but tighter. Drew let out a sigh an stood still.

"Yeah, I am. Have fun with Drew." Marty said, still looking down and his hand in his face.

Blaze was worried about Martin. "But-"

"Martin is right. Would you like me to take you home?"Drew said with a wink, holding out his hand to Blaze.

".......Will you be fine here Martin?" Blaze said.

Martin looks up... "Well, just by seeing the way you look at Drew, and where... your hand is... I can tell that you're happier with Drew than with me..." Marty said. " matter what I try to do or say..."

"Whaaaaaaaat?!" Drew said, taking his hand away from Blaze. "I'm insane; if you're going to love me you're going to have to put up with me-"

"Martin, I thought we were friends; the reason I like to spend time with you is because we can relate...."Blaze said.

"Relate=relationship; and that is what you two need to be in."Drew said. Blaze glared at Drew. "Okay, I'll shutup. Just a suggestion!"

Blaze sighed and said,"I.....I'm going to go now...."

Drew folded his arms. "You are very cruel! Hey, wait up!"

Another broken heart... How can a hedgehog so happy... be so sad? Marty thought.

"Blaaaaaaze! Aren't you going to go tell him you feel the same?!"Drew said as his tail ruffled up.

Blaze gave Drew a little slap in the face. "You-just-UHG!" Blaze said in an angry tone,"YOU ARE SO BLIND ARENT YOU?!"

"OWCH! Yes, don't judge me, I tend to!!!! Why you gotta be soo ruuude, dont you know I'm Mobian tooo?" Drew said.

Blaze couldn't help but smile. "You're very funny...."

"I am a funny man; if I was not funny than I wouldn't be a funny man would I?" Drew said, holding his cheek. "I'll get you to fall in love with Martin, no matter what it takes!"

"You can't force love."Blaze said.

"Anything is possible!" Drew said.

Blaze sighed. "Alright...then I guess you aren't going to walk me home?"

"No. I'm gong to take you to my home instead." Drew said. Drew pressed a button on his hat, and in an instant a huge copper car came up and opened a door.

Blaze stood mouth wide open. "Woooow,"

With Ray and Candy.....

Ray walks with her, still eating cotton candy.

"........Um, so, you're mute huh?" Candy said.

Ray nods and takes a bite of his cotton candy.

"Thanks...for um...back there..."Candy said.

Ray smiled and gave a thumbs up, eating more of his cotton candy.

Candy looked to the setting sun. She just walked with Ray, no idea where she was going, but glad she was away from Drew.

Ray finished his cotton candy, and continued to walk. He started to notice Candy was inching closer to him.

"Some hours later, Martin goes to a gas station store and reads a magazine. He read it for 10 minutes, which annoys the clerk and makes him impatient. "Hey, sir, are you gonna buy it or not?" The clerk said. Marty then rips the newspaper in half, and throws it into the can.

"Hey, you're going to have to buy that." Said the clerk. Marty walks up to the cash register. "Yeah, you have to pay for it." The clerk said. They looked at each other for 3 seconds, before Marty ignites his hands. "The money." Marty said. "GIVE ME THE MONEY!" The clerk panicked and gave him all the money and puts in in a bag. Marty grabs it and runs away

Ray sat on a bench, looking at the sunset.

Candy looks to Ray, then to the sunset. "Hey, um, you wanna go to my place or something?" Candy said to Ray.

Ray nods and gets up.

Marty puts the bag in the front passenger seat. He gets inside the 2015 Ford Mustang and drives away quickly, passing by Ray.

Blaze goes to Drew's home. It wasn't a regular home, as it was very bright colored and 1800s looking. Drew got out of his car and opened the door for Blaze to come out. Blaze poked her head out and looked around. Drew's home was very strange...

Candy grabs onto Ray's hand before teleporting them to her home. It was right beside Drew's home....


"AAAH! YOU! DREW!"Candy said, backing away from Drew, who was coming closer to her. Blaze pulled Drew back, holding his arm.

Ray stood in front of Candy, preventing Drew from getting closer, though Ray and Candy were still holding hands.

Candy held onto Ray. Blaze held Drew tight, squeezing him from behind. After momets of struggling, Drew finally gave up. 

"Come on Candy, just spend your life with me!" Drew said with a wink,"I know you like me too~"

Candy growled,"Never! You're a weirdo!"

"His isn't a weirdo!" Blaze said. "It's been a long time since he's had feelings, he needs to get used to it-"

"Easy for you to say; he's your boyfriend!" Candy said.

Blaze blushed and said,"Listen, if you touch him, you're fried..."Baze said, making flames from her hands.

"COME AT ME!" Candy said, getting in a fighting position and getting in front of Ray.

"Let's go sugar queen!" Blaze said,also getting in her fighting stance.

"OH THAT'S IT! THIS CANDY IS GOING TO BITE!" Candy said, sticky webs coming from her hands as she took hold of a candy cane tree.

Ray gives Drew a "should we do something?" look.

Drew gets Blaze and pulls her back. Blaze struggles, then gives up and stops her flames. She blushed to Drew holding her, but still have a frown as she folded her arms.

Candy was going to charge at Blaze, but stopped. "Hmph....."Candy said. "Well then, I'll be going to my home,"

"Stop by if you need someone to talk to~"Drew said, as he took Blaze back to his home.

In Candy's home...

Ray gave her a note saying "are you ok?" with a worried face drawn on it.

"I......I'm fine. I just don't like that Blaze girl or...that Drew guy.....they...I don't know about them."Candy said, folding her arms.

Ray puts his arm on her shoulder and gives her the "it's ok, I'm hear for you" face.

Candy hugged Ray, blushing.

Ray blushed, and hugged her back. 

Candy looked to Ray, biting her lip. "U-um, okay, t-that's...enough. Do you want something to eat?" Candy said, breaking the hug and standing up.

Ray thought for a second, and pulled out a picture of a cheese sandwich. 

"I'm on it!" Candy said, going down to the kitchen and making THE BEST CHEESE SANDWICH LIKE EVER OKAY. Candy went back upsairs with Ray and handed him his cheese sandwich.

Ray ate the sandwich in like 15 seconds. He smiled and hugged Candy as a sign of thanks. Then he realized what he was doing and broke up the hug, sort of blushing.

Candy blushed as well, putting her hands beind her back. "U-um, I'm glad you liked the sandwich......"

Ray scratched the back of his head, blushing.

Candy sists on her bed, looking down to her feet as she tapped them together.

Ray stands with his back against the wall, taking quick glances at Candy. 

Candy glanced ro Ray aswell, blushing and hugging her pillow.

Ray walked over to Candy, and sat next to her on the bed.

Candy's heart beat inreased as she blushed more. She looked out of the window for no reason, trying to hide that she was blushing like crazy.

Ray looked at her and shrugged. He thought for a second, and left a note on Candy's lap and went to use the restroom. The note red "do you have a crush on me?"

".............Fakin hell man, I dunno!" Candy said, turning away and folding her arms, blushing even more.

Ray came back from using the bathroom, totally oblivious to what Candy said. He yawned, then went to the couch and slept.

The last thing Marty knew is that he had cops on his tail. He looks into the rear view mirror. "S**T! WHO SNITCHED?!" Marty said. He floored it, trying to evade to cops. "We have a Code 3 in progress, need Corvette units." One of the officers said. Then, 2 Corvette ZR1s teleported out of nowhere, catching up to Marty.

"Permission to use PIT manuever?" One of the ZR1 units said. "Permission granted." The second ZR1 unit said. Then, the first ZR1 pits into Marty's car. It begins to capsize and barrel rolls before crashing into a brick wall, destroying it. Marty escapes the car, and faces the cops. He ignites his hands on fire, but then, a spotlight from a helicopter is turned on. The sniper on top of it shoots out an EMP dart, accurately striking Marty on the shoulder.

It electrocutes Marty, and falls to the ground. He is not dead, but passed out. "Suspect apprehended, mission accomplished." The chief said. Marty is thrown into the back seat, and is taken to custody.

Hours later, Marty was sentenced to 1 week of jail. He was thrown into a jail cell, and the bars close. He tries to burn the bars but his powers were neutralized-- he is not able to create fire while he's behind bars. He sits on the bed, thinking about Blaze, and getting revenge on Drew.

Meanwhile, Blaze sits with Drew on his couch. "So Blaze the cat, what do you know about Bob?"

"Who's Bob?" Blaze said.

"From now on we will replace Martin's name with Bob. I know Martin can sense we're talking about him  with his super fire powers." Drew said.

"........Um.....whaaaat?"Blaze said. She sighed,"Alright. Um, 'Bob' is a nice guy, and a really good friend to me. Of course, i have no idea about that now."

"Uh-huuuuh. Very good. Will he kill me?" Drew said.

"Uuuuh.....No?" Blaze said.

"Good. Would you like to make out for the next 20 minutes then?" Drew said.

"What?! Yes-I mean no, not to! No Drew! You're such a prevert!" Blaze said.

"Okay, okay." Drew said. "I know you secretly want to though."

"Please! I'd rather make out with Eggman for a month than make out with you for five seconds!" Blaze said.

"I assume this Eggs man must be attractive then." Drew said.

"Far from it." Blaze said. Drew smirked at Blaze before lying down on the couch, his head right next to Blaze's hand. Blaze saw as Drew slowly closed his eyes and went to sleep. Blaze folded her arms, but then put her hand on his head. Drew didn't mind, so Blaze began to run her fingers through his soft blonde hair and rub his head.


Marty was released from jail early for good behavior. He goes to the impound to retrieve his Ford Mustang. He drives back to the city, looking for vengeance.

Blaze is with Drew at an ice cream shop. Drew sighs,"Can we go see Candy?!"

"No. Once you're done."Blaze said.

Drew swallowed his ice cream whole, getting a brain freeze not long after..."AAAAH! NO! CURSE YOU ICE CREAM OF SATAN!!! You put your powers in this, didn't you?! CURSE YOOOUUUU!"

Blaze laughed, watching as Drew held his head in pain. (why u gotta b so ruuuude)

Marty stops at the ice cream shop. He comes inside with sunglasses on. He goes to the front desk thingy. "Vanilla milkshake. No cherry, no whip cream." He lays his right arm on the desk.

Blaze glanced at Martin, quickly turning back to Drew. "Hey, do you wanna go to Candy's house now?"

"You woman of satan.....Okay...."Drew said, holding his head. "Ow..."

"I'll rub your head when we get home. I'm sure Candy is looking foward to seeing you!" Blaze said.

"YAY!" Drew said happily, getting up from his seat and taking Blaze's arm. "WE SHALL BE OFF!"

Marty sighs. She's just playing hard to get, that's all, Marty thought. The waiter gives Marty the milkshake, and Marty throws it in the garbage can.

Blaze heard the crash and jumped before hugging Drew. Drew picked up Blaze and happily took her out of the ice cream shop.

"Did Bob scare youuuuu?" Drew said with a wink.

"Ha, no way!" Blaze said. "Anyways, shutup and keep walking."

"Your wish. Wanna try out my new jetpack boots?" Drew said. Blaze gave a terrified look. "Okay okay, fine, not today." Drew said.

"We need only one more teammate, Kurt." A brown beaver said. "If we dont get 6 members by the end of this month, we're disqualified from the Prestige race." The beaver said. Kurt facepalms, he's a fox. "Yeah, I see that, Brett. I'm trying my best to look for somebody who can take the job." Marty overhears their conversation, and walks towards them. "I can take your job." Marty said. The two laugh. 

"You dont even know what we're talking about!" Brett said. "The Prestige is a... very prestigious race. You won't be able to drive 10 miles before crashing!" 

"I raced before. I can even show you my car." Marty said. He gets out his key panel and presses a button on it, causing the Ford Mustang outside to sound the alarm. Brett and Kurt look at the Ford Mustang. "That's your car..." Brett said.

Marty nods. Brett gives him a ticket. "Dont lose this. This is really important if you want to compete." Brett said. "The winner gets 25,000,000 credits. You'll get a 15% cut."

"I'm not in for the money. I'm doing this for a certain girl I'm dreaming of." Marty said, and walks out.

Drew carries Blaze to his house. 

"Alright, I'll get some coats just in case we return late."Drew said, going into his house.

"I'll wait out here!" Blaze said with a smile.

At Candy's house......

Ray is sleeping on the couch while Candy is slowly sneaking up on him.

"Hey Ray..."Candy said, right behind Ray like a creepypasta jef the killer.

Ray turns around looking scared, then he silent screams seeing her face about 5 inches away from his, and falls off the couch.

Candy gasped, "Sorry!"

Ray quickly gets up and makes a scary face (still 5 inches away from their faces).

"Sahry..."Candy said.

Ray gives her a "I forgive you" look. 

"Hey, um, Drew and Blaze are going to come over soon. Did you want to watch a movie or something? Whatever you'd like to do." Candy said.

Ray nodded at the movie suggestion. He took out a note saying, "which movie?"

"Um.....thats what I was gonna ask you abot...what movie do you wanna watch?" Candy said.

Ray thought about all the movies he wanted to see but never saw since James wouldn't let him. He held up a note saying "Despicable Me 2, I don't know.  I can't tell what movies you had."

"Uh, yea, I have that movie." Candy said. "I'll get it out. Could you make some popcorn?" Candy said as she searched through a pile of movies.

Ray nods and goes to the kitchen and microwaves some popcorn. A couple of minutes later, he came back with a bowl of popcorn.

"Alright!" Candy said. "I'll make something to drink. What are you in the mood for?" Candy said, going to the kitchen.

Ray held up a sign with a picture of soda on it.

"Okay, I'll get it out." Candy said, taking out some soda. Then she set it on the coffee table with some plastic cups next to it. 

"Alright, Drew and Blaze should be coming in a few moments. What do you wanna do in the meantime?" Candy said.

Ray shrugged, taking a bite of a cheese sandwich he made in the kitchen. For a second, Candy thought of Ray kissing her for some reason. She slapped herself and went to the couch to go sit down.

Ray went and sat on the couch right next to her, finishing up his sandwich.

"....."Candy sighed a bit, turning on the TV. She tilted her head and turned to Ray."I hope I don't make you feel uncomfortable, but do you have a girlfriend?" Ray shook his head.

"Okay...."Candy said, folding her arms. She looked out the window, staring outside.

Ray got up and went to the side of the couch so he could look her in the face. He put a note down saying, "do you want to be my girlfriend?" right next to her.

".................okay........."Candy said blushing. She'd never had a boyfriend before, and haden't even had anything romantic happen to her like this. She was a bit worried, but also had the same feelings for Ray.

Ray blushed, scratched his head, and quickly kisses her.

Candy blushed even more, but didn't shy away to kiss Ray back.

Ray still blushing, scratched his head, wondering if they should kiss again.

Candy kissed Ray again, hugging him tightly.

Ray kissed Candy back, blushing even more.

"....."Candy hugged Ray, pressing her head on his chest. "Omigosh...." 

Ray blushed and slowly put his hands on her back, feeling a little nervous. 

Candy slowly closed her eyes as she enjoyed the moment. Her heart thumped in her chest as she blushed.

Ray rested his head on hers, smiling and enjoying the moment. 

"So....I'm you're girlfriend now..."Candy said. She had no idea what to do. But, in her mind, she was screaming for joy like crazy.

Ray nodded to her being his girlfriend. 

Candy said with a blush,"Sorry if I suck at being a girlfriend. I've never done it before to be honest......"

Ray smiled and kissed her again, noting that he would still like her anyway.

Candy smiled, kissing Ray again. "Sooooo....."Candy said, putting her hands on Ray's shoulders,"how about we do something romantic while we wait for Drew and Blaze to come around?"

Ray grinned and began to kiss her again.

Candy giggled and kissed Ray.

Ray kissed Candy back and put his hands on her back.

Marty tries to call Blaze......

Thru phone 

Blaze answers her phone. "Hello?" she said.

"Blaaaaaaze!!!!" Drew said, coming out with a giant coat. "There's only one coat that doesn't have holes in it. I'm sure we can share this giant coat. It kinda looks like a blanket!" Drew said. "Are you gonna wanna cuddle??"

"Drew! No...." Blaze said with a blush, turning back to her phone."Hello???"

"Hey, Blaze. It's me, Marty." Martin said.

"Oh...."Blaze said."Listen, are you aright? It kind of seemed like you were upset about something back at the ice cream shop...I, um, saw you there when I was going with Drew."

"Yeah, yeah... well, partially. I'm sorry for what I said 2 days ago. The last thing I realized is that you had feelings for me, and I wanted to say the same thing..." Marty said.

"Um, Martin, I hope you don't get upset or anything, but I already have a boyfriend. Sort of...I'm kind of working on it.... but anyways, sorry, but I'm just not into you."Blaze said.

"I.... understand." Marty said, closing his eyes. "See you at school." He said.

"Alright, bye." Blaze said, hanging up. "HEY DREW!" Blaze said, going over to Drew. 

Drew was lying on the ground under a blanket. "You can't seee meeeeeeeeee~"

Blaze smashed her foot on Drew's stomach, making Drew laugh (even though it kinda hurt).

"Alright, wanna go to Candy's house now???" Drew said, getting up holding his stomach.

"Yea, let's go. Oh, and after, I need to tell you something." Blaze said.

"Okay, let's hurry!" Drew said.

At Candy's house while Drew and Blaze are coming...

Candy hears a knock at the door. She quickly runs over to the door to answer it.

"Hello my goddess~!" Drew said, giving Candy a big hug,"Ooo, you're so cute!"

"Hi Candy."Blaze said, waving to candy.

"Eeep-"Candy said squished by Drew,"Hi Blaze and Drew..."

Drew let Candy down. "Oh, what tonight?" Drew said dreamily.

"We're gonna watch a movie. Come inside." Candy said as Blaze and Drew walked in.

Ray waved at Blaze and Drew as they came in.

Drew picked up Candy and raced over to the couch. "H-HEY, HOLD ONA  SECOND!" Candy said and Drew placed Candy in the corner of the couch and hugged her.

Blaze grabbed Drew and pulled him closer to her. Candy got up from the couch and said,"I have something to say."

"What?" Drew said, resing his head on Blaze's shoulder.

"Ray is my boyfreind now." Candy said, smiling to Ray.

Ray smiled and kissed Candy.

Candy kissed Ray and smiled.

Drew's mouth was wide open, shocked. Blaze was so happy, she just wanted to squeal. Drew was now free....

"So, um, Ray and I have decided on a movie, so, let's watch it!" Candy said, playing the movie.

Ray sat on the next to Candy, watching the movie start.

Candy cuddled Ray, hugging him close. Drew whatched jealously and Blaze smiled as she held Drew's arm.

Ray wrapped his arm around Candy and took some popcorn.

Candy smiled and hugged Ray, watching the movie and letting out a small yawn.

Drew made a low faint growl as he wrapped his arm around Blaze and pulled her close to him. Blaze looked to Drew and blushed, and Drew glared at Candy and Ray. Blaze sighed, rolled her eyes, and turned back to the movie.

Ray took a glance at Drew, and shrugged thinking it was nothing. He then pulled Candy closer to him.

Candy soon fell asleep as the night progressed. Blaze did also, breathing on Drew's chest. Drew was blinking, half asleep trying to stay awake.

Ray was already asleep, holding Candy in his arms.

Drew got up, carrying Blaze in his arms. Just before a yawn Drew picked up Blaze and took her outside, wrapping her in a warm coat. Blaze hung onto Drew in her sleep, and Drew took her to his house. Drew was so tired that he put Blaze on his bed, took off his shoes, shut off the lights, and went to sleep next to Blaze.

Ray woke up and noticed that Drew and Blaze left, so he picked up Candy while she was sleeping, and put her in bed. Then he went back to the couch and went to sleep.


Candy woke up early in the morning in her bed. She yawned before slowly getting up from her bed and going down to the living room. She saw Ray asleep on the couch and gave him a kiss on the head. She walked over to the kitchen to make some breakfast ofr him.

Ray's ear twitched and smiled, most likely having a dream about Candy.

Blaze woke up to a warm cushion hugging her. Blaze hugged the cushion back, but when she opened her eyes she realized it wasn't a cushion. It was Drew, and he had wrapped her and himself in a large coat. Drew was fast asleep, hugging Blaze and he problaby didn't know it....

Blaze smiled, pressing her cheek on Drew's soft blonde chest fur. After a while, Drew finally opened his eyes and saw Blaze. He assumed she was asleep, so not to wake her Drew stood still and wrapped his arms around Blaze. Her ear twiched, and Blaze hugged Drew back. Drew knew Blaze was awake. He blushed as Blaze opened her eyes and looked to him.

Drew mumbled,"I-I"

"Goodmorning..."Blaze said, hugging Drew tighter and smiling. Drew couldn't move; he couldn't tell if it was because Blaze was hugging him so tight or it was just him being shy...

Candy came out with some breakfast. The smell filled the room as Candy set the breakfast down next to Ray and she walked upstairs to get dressed.

Ray woke up and saw the breakfast Candy left out for him. He smiled and started eating.

Candy smiled, eating her breakfast aswell.

Ray went up to Candy's room and kissed her on the cheek as a good morning sign.

"Goodmorning luv..."Candy said with a blush before kissing Ray's cheek.

Ray smiled and kissed Candy again (lip lock). Then went back downstairs to finish his breakfast.

Candy smiled, going down to the living room and putting on her shoes to go look out the window.

Ray finished his breakfast and was now doing push ups.

Candy was watching, then began to stare at Ray as he did push ups.

Ray did stretches, and didn't notice Candy watching him.

Candy realized she was staring at Ray and turned away blushing. She put a newspaper over her face to keep herself from staring again, though she did peek a couple times just to watch..

Ray did did some leaning stretches, and toe touch stretches, still unaware Candy is peeking.

Candy still peeked, trying hard not to. Shes like a little herbert the pervert

Ray did some sit ups and jumping jacks. Looking pretty sweaty ( which we bet Candy loved) he went to the bathroom to get a towel, seeing Candy reading a newspaper.

Candy was about to have a nosebleed. She watched her boyfreind work out and she wouldn't ever forget it. SUGOI


Ray finished washing up and went back downstairs and sat next to Candy on the couch (BTW, he doesn't wear shirts. :))

Candy blushed violently and din't move. She ddn't want to tell Ray she had seen him work out, but she had to say somthing...

"You look really hot."Candy said, not even thinking about it.

Ray blushed and smiled, doing a silent chuckle. He took out a note saying "so do you".

"...Thanks....but you're seriously.....really hot."Candy said a little bit like a dork.

Ray thought about it for a second, then got what she meant. He then got up and turned on the fan.

Candy watched dreamily at Ray, putting her hands on her cheeks and staring at Ray (not on purpose lol).

Ray noticed Candy was staring at him for a long period of time, so went up to her and kissed her.

Candy kissed Ray back, blushing. She couldn't believe anything currently happening was actually happening. Everything seemed too good to be true; like a dream. 

Ray had a curious grin on his face. He took out a note saying "were you checking me out while I was working out?"

Candy blushed, a little bit embarassed. "Yes..."she said shyly.

Ray gave her another card saying, "It's ok. I sometimes check you out also....wait, were you checking out my abs?"

"Everything actually...."Candy said,"I hope I'm not creeping you out..."

Ray shrugged and gave her another card saying, "I check you out sometimes, so basically we're both fine."

Candy hugged Ray and presses her cheek on his chest. "How are you so cuuuuute?!"

Ray blushes. He gets out a card saying "It's a natural gift.". He then thought in his mind, "Luckily she didn't ask where I check her out from."

Candy blushed and said,"You're lucky. Also, since I'm your girlfriend now, do you wanna go out today?"

Ray nodded. He thought in his head, "Wait, did she want to know where I was looking?"

" the way..."Candy started,"where do you look at me?"

Ray instantly blushes. He takes out a note that read, "If I tell you, you have to promise not to be mad.". He takes a deep breath and pulled out a card that said, "I might be ooccasionally checking out your butt."

Candy looked at Ray wide eyed and blushed. "Thanku."she said softly, as she wanted to smile so much. She didn't really think she was so attractive; but now she did. XD 

Ray looked confused. He took out a note that said, "So your not mad that I said I look at your butt because it's nice?"

"No...I think it's really cute of you actually..."Candy said.

Ray makes a silent "oh". The next card says, "So where are we going out to?"

"Um..."Candy said as she thought,"Oh, I know! How about we go to the next festival! It's gonna take place today; and it's really close to home."

Ray smiled and nodded.

Candy smiled and walked outside.

Ray walked outside to the fair with her, staring. "She has a super cute butt." He thought.

"Okay! Here we are!" Candy said, (shakin her buuutttt jk lol)coming to a nicely decorated park. "Woooooow! This is so nice!"

Ray nodded, looking in the park and all the lights. He took one last gglance at Candy's butt then looked back into the park.

Candy grabbed Ray's hand and took him to the merry-go-round (im prettys ure thats what its called :p).

"Can we go on?" Candy said.

Ray nodded, getting on one of the horses.

Candy got in front of Ray, hanging onto the bar in front of her and putting on a strap.

As the ride started up  he started think about other things, like if merry go rounds speed up, and how a mouse-bat hybrid would look like.

Candy's stocking was falling to one side. She bent over to pull it up, hanging onto the horse.

Ray looked at Candy trying to pick up her stocking (whatever that is) and blushed. He then turned around rtrying not to look at it. 

When Candy was done, she looked out to the fair. Secretly Scourge was there too; checking Candy out from behind a bush next to a Popcorn Stand.

Ray got off the merry go round, and held out some cotton candy seeing if Candy wanted any.

"Ooo,"Candy said, taking some cotton candy and eating it,"This is so cooool!"

Scourge walked up to Ray and Candy. "Hey bebeh, hows it goin?"

"Who the hell are you?" Candy said.

Ray looked at Scrouge, looking confused.

Scourge looked to Candy,"So, what are you doin here little lady~"

"Going out with my boyfriend." Candy said with a frown.














After Gem High: Year Two, the series was forked into multiple story arcs.

Marty's Last Race

Gem High (2015)

Vert & Kasper

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