This is a Non-Canon Private Roleplay between Sonicsilva1 and Alexneushoorn. The idea for this roleplay was crazy, and at first, I wasn't sure about it, but I decided to go for it. If you're offended by the idea of this roleplay, don't read it.


Sonic the Hedgehog was respected by many Mobians, and for good reasons: He was a hero, always saving the planet from Dr. Eggman and other foes, and was also a total ladies man. That is, until he had a sex change operation and was now a girl. Sonic's sex change operation has torn his circle of friends apart, as they all went their seperate ways. Amy Rose, Sonic's self proclaimed girlfriend, has moved to the town of Hoofton, where she meets Randall the Rhino and Asonja Masenko. Will the boys be able to help Amy get over the fact that her blue crush is now a woman? Read to find out.


Randall the Rhino/Alexneushoorn

Asonja Masenko/Sonicsilva1

Zoralth Masenko/Sonicsilva1

Amy Rose/Alexneushoorn/Sonicsilva1

The RP of Crazy Genderbending Ideas

Amy Rose was driving her car towards the town of Hoofton. She was ready to begin her new life. She just needed to get her mind off her old one. For years, she had been chasing Sonic the Hedgehog, Hero of Mobius, because she had a crush on him, but just recently, Sonic had a sex change operation and was now a girl. This hurt Amy so much that she smacked "her" with her Piko Piko Hammer, grabbed her stuff and left her friends behind. Her parents helped her start a new life by buying her a house in Hoofton.

Amy: *thinking* Okay, Amy, you're finally going to do it...You're going to begin your new life...Let's hope it'll be worth it...

(Now I gotta bring up the car from the driveway into the garage. I hate driving...hold on a few more minutes.)

(You're lucky you can drive. I have a lot of trouble with shifting and gearing. When my dad gives me driving lessons, he does the shifting and gearing for me. But I'll probably learn it eventually.)

(Alright, back)

Asonja was just sitting at his usual spot in the cafe, looking just as young and weak as he always has been. He was just reading the daily news as he does when he gets bored. "Tch. Dumb politics." He grumbles and sets the newspaper down. "Seriously, why is everyone looking up to someone who's clearly not fit for the House Floor? Ugh...I'll never know for sure."

Meanwhile, Randall was making things in his lab.

Randall: I'm gonna be making weapons for Merbians. People called me crazy for believing in Merbians, but I don't care. They need to defend themselves in case they will be hunted.

Zoralth was working as an undertaker for Randall during this time. Or, in this case, his assistant. "No kidding. Also, I do believe we ran out of iron a little while ago. I forgot to mention that minutes before."

Randall: Don't worry, we'll get that from the store. Let's go get it right now.

Randall put down his equipment and walked up the stairs to the first floor. He then walked out the door to see Amy's car stop in his neighborhood.

Randall: Look, Zoralth. A newcomer.

He flew up the stairs and behind Randall. "Huh, you're right. I might know who that is."

Randall: Me too...We'll just wait and see...

Amy got out of her car and grabbed a suitcase filled with clothes from the trunk.

Randall: Hey, isn't that Amy Rose?

"Definitely," Zoralth says, stopping for a moment. "Knowing Amy, she's always with Sonic. But something's up and I'm getting to the bottom of this. Come on." Zoralth got outside and calmly headed to Amy, making it look like he wasn't concerned.

Amy looked at Zoralth and Randall as they walked up to her.

Amy: Oh, hi. Are you my new neighbors?

"We are." Zoralth stops at a comfortable distance. "Zoralth Masenko, at your service. And, this is Randall, my good friend."

Randall: Hi.

Amy: Hey...

"So, Amy, what brings you here so suddenly?" Zoralth asked. "We heard you were in a different city. Is this your summer home?"

Amy: No, I came to Hoofton to start a new life. After what Sonic did to himself was just too much for me.

She then explained to Randall and Zoralth about Sonic's sex change operation and how it tore apart Sonic's circle of friends.

Randall: Whoa...I can't believe my old friend had a sex change operation...

Amy: Yeah...Almost all of Sonic's friends abandoned her, including me...Only Tails and Knuckles are still by her side...All these years I've loved him, but then he gives me the finger by getting a sex change operation...It's unbelievable...

Amy started crying from the painful memories.

Zoralth rubs the back of his neck, rather embarrassed and upset by that as well. "Sheesh...I'm sorry all those things happened. Well, in other words, we can always help you with your new life. My brother, Asonja, should be coming here soon to visit. He got kicked out of his apartment again for not paying rent..." He huffed a bit after saying so.

Amy: O-Okay... *dries eyes* Well, I'll be checking out my new house. It's right next to yours, so we'll be seeing each other a lot.

Amy grabbed her new house key and unlocked the front door. She opened it and went inside, but not before locking her car doors. After doing that, she closed the front door.

Randall: Man...Why would Sonic have a sex change operation? Was being a man not good enough for him or something? I'm just...I'm just overwhelmed by this...Zoralth, I'm going inside to lie down on the couch...Can you go to the hardware store and buy iron?

Randall gave Zoralth the money for the iron.

"Yeah, sure thing." He takes the cash and jumps up about 30 feet before his wings spreads and heads toward town at around the speed limit.

Randall walked into his house and laid down on the couch in his living room.

After about several minutes, Zoralth returns with bags upon bags of iron ingots. "I'm back."

Randall: Good...

Randall sound confused and sad at the same time.

Zoralth only sighed and put the bags in the lab before coming back up. "Oi's not our fault Sonic decided to change himself. It is shocking, I know, but there's really nothing we can do about this..."

Randall: You're right, Zoralth. Life carries on despite the changes Sonic made to himself. Let's get back to work in the lab.

"Right away." Zoralth bowed slightly. "I'll work on the rest of the project by melting these iron first to put into the molds."

Randall walked into the lab and began working. As he worked, he sung Holes by Passenger. (Passenger is a British musical artist, his songs are awesome.) (I'll take a listen soon)

Zoralth joined in, going into the Smeltery Room and began melting the iron without safety gear. The thing was, since he was naturally a dragon, he's invulnerable  to extremely hot temperatures. His Identity powers also help with this by cooling down his core and interior.

Randall was wearing safety gear because he was a rhino and not a dragon. He continued singing as he worked.

After the molds were cooled, Zoralth picked them up even though they were still considerably hot. "Alright! They're ready to be put together. They might still be malleable, but it should be easier to put them into shape."

Randall nodded and he put together the molds to make the weapons.

(Going to bed. See ya later!) (Seeya)

Zoralth only observed. He was interested in what he was making.

Randall was making swords for Merbians to use to defend themselves from Mobians.

"Perhaps you should leave the weapons dull for right now so that they're easier to purchase, and I can petition a smithery to be built there?" Zoralth asked. "Or, maybe...wait, Iron rusts when it's in the ocean. We need to find a coating for this to prevent rust."

Randall: Yeah, let's find an anti-rust coating for the weapons.

Meanwhile, Amy was in her new house, watching girly shows.

Amy: This feels great. Relaxing in my new home and watching cool shows. Feels really great.

As she had a good view of the window nearby, nobody seemed to be on the street. Suddenly after a few seconds, a black hedgehog showed up in a black trench coat, adjusting himself before knocking on Randall's door and shifting right through it.

Amy: What the heck? Did that hedgehog just walk through the door? I have to check this out.

Amy turned off the tv and went to Randall's house. She knocked on the door.

Randall: Hey, Amy. What's up?

Amy: I think I just saw a hedgehog walk through your door.

Randall: Oh, you mean Asonja? Yeah, he has all sorts of weird abilities, he and Zoralth can explain it to you better than I can. Right, boys?

They both nodded and made a thumbs up. "Yeah," they both said at the same time.

Amy: Alright.

She then walked up to Asonja.

Amy: So you're Zoralth's brother? If you're his brother, then how come you don't look like each other?

Randall: Their father was a dragon and their mother was a hedgehog. That's why.

Amy: Oh, okay.

(Why did you say "I'll delete myself from existence if I have to"?)

(Because Deathstroke was making jokes about "deleting pages" when he really wasn't, and Silver came in to say "I'll delete you if you don't stop" and I jumped in to, ya know, make my depressing jokes like I always do XD) (Ah, I see.)

Asonja shrugged. "It's hard to explain even by our standards. But, what I can tell you is that our parents were Identities. They have these strange magical skills with their body and chaos energy that dwells from within. It can be used for so many things, like this."

Asonja demonstrates by looking at a literal block of iron Zoralth made earlier. "This thing, looking at it now, is about an entire ton. Nobody can lift this thing even if they tried. Well, watch this." He proceeds to put his hands to the side of the block and lift it up. "Feels like a feather to me."

Amy was amazed by this.

Amy: That's amazing! Zoralth also told me you'll be staying with him and Randall because you didn't pay your apartment rent. Is that correct?

"Unforuntately, yes," Asonja says and sets down the block. Zoralth looked at Asonja confused and asked, "Why do you say it like you don't want to be here?"

"Don't get me started on you, Zoralth," Asonja replied, facing him. "I know that you have way more abilities than I do, and face it, Dad liked you more than me."

"Well, of course, he did because I was a dragon and you're not," Zoralth replied back. "You were primarily a disappointment to him which caused him to whip you countless times because you wouldn't learn your lessons he taught you."

"Whatever," Asonja says, dropping the subject.  "Just go do your own thing with the rhino and I'll go ahead and take a nap on the couch."

With that being said, Zoralth moved a bit so Asonja was curl up on the couch, instantly going to sleep.

Randall: ...

Amy: ...Is Asonja always like this?

Zorath nods, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah...he was abused by Dad several times because of his autism. And because of that, he hasn't been able to learn much about himself and the world, but more so what he likes to do. He just wanted to have fun for once and all of us including myself would ruin it for him. The only way someone would let him play was our mother, who would hate what Dad would do to him. She's protective of him, yes, and would do anything to keep him and I save. But she passed away years ago and so we were forced to live on our own."

Amy: ...I'm sorry to hear that...It sucks that you two lost your mother and that your brother was abused because of his disability...

He shrugged. "He should be over it by now. It seems to me that he developed PTSD as well. When he goes to our childhood house or even goes near it, he'll act strangely like he gets agressive and starts crying. I've never seen him cry."

Randall: Must be because of your dad abusing him and your mom's death...

"That's what I'm assuming," Zoralth says. "Anyway, let's leave him be for right now to calm him down. It's a touchy subject for him to get into, so if you have any questions about us, come to me and I'll explain everything."

Amy nodded.

Amy: Okay, I will. See you later!

Amy left the house to go back to her own.

(I'm going to bed now. I'll see you tomorrow evening. I'm free then because I don't have any tv shows to watch at the moment. Later!) (Alrighty bye bye)

Zoralth nods and goes back to work with Randall.

The Next Day...

Amy woke up and made breakfast. She ate it and then went to watch tv.

Asonja was finally awake and went outside to just lay out there. Some nanites swirled around him like a storm of bees, mainly to just protect him from the heat. "Least this is better than staying inside doing nothing..." He grumbled.

Randall had woken up, went to the bathroom and prepared breakfast. He was currently eating.

Randall: Maybe Asonja, Zoralth and I could show Amy around Hoofton today...I'll ask Zoralth if he's up for it when he's awake...

Zoralth was actually already awake. He's been up all night as dragon don't typically sleep, only when they're extremely exhausted. He went up the stairs and saw Randall. "Oh, Randall, good morning. Good news, I created a chemical that we can coat over the weapons to prevent rusting. They're drying now and I believe it would be a good idea to ship them after 6:00 PM tonight."

Randall: Great idea, Zoralth. Also, do you think we should show Amy around town since she's new here?

"I do not see why not." He shrugs. "Let's go ahead and do not now while we're thinking about it before more work begins to pile on us."

Randall: Sure.

Randall finishes his breakfast and walks out the door to Amy's house. He knocked on the door. Amy then opened it.

Amy: Hey, Randall. Hey, Zoralth. What are you guys up to today?

Randall: We're going to ship weapons we made tonight. But first, we wanted to show you around Hoofton since you're new here.

Amy: Sure, I'd like that. I'll turn off the tv and then I'll come.

Amy went inside, turned off the tv, went back outside and locked the door.

Amy: Let's go.

Randall nodded and he, Amy and Zoralth walked off.

Zoralth stopped for a moment to see Asonja taking a nap outside. He sighed, at least knowing Asonja was safe and followed back with Randall and Amy.

Randall: Over there is the 24/7 supermarket, it's really useful for keeping yourself fed. There's also a beach with a pier, it's really nice and has entertainment features, and we also have a club named Club Ned, run by an axolotl (a type of salamander) named Ned. The club opens every day at 8 PM.

Amy: I'll definitely check it out then.

"I've never been there personally, but from witness accounts, the Club has great food there," Zoralth states. A wind of sand came in and appeared Asonja, who smacked Zoralth at the back of the head. "All you care about is food these days..." He says. Zoralth just chuckled and smiled.

Amy: Hey, Asonja. How are you doing?

"Doing pretty well, thanks for asking," He responds. "Just took a nice 14-hour nap."

Amy: Good. Well, I'm gonna go for a walk around town. See you boys later!

Amy then left.

Randall: Well, let's get back to work at the lab, Zoralth.

"Right away," Zoralth nods. "Asonja, come along. We got some jobs for you to do." Asonja groans at this and follows them.

Back at the lab in Randall's basement, the boys continued working.

Zoralth gave him materials to work with, as his job was to inspect and polish the weapons. Asonja was confused as to why they were making weapons, but he didn't bother asking. He did as Zoralth told him, at a rather quick and well pace.

Randall molded the weapons and then passed them to Asonja so he could make the weapons.

The nanites he had swirled around the weapons to polish and do the other things that work in the polishing/sharpening stage and he placed them in the hanging area. Zoralth only made sure the stock was good as he sets goals for the amount of weapons he wants to make.

The boys continued to make weapons throughout the morning before stopping around lunch.

Randall: Okay, that's enough weapons.

"Sweet," Zoralth and Asonja both stated. Asonja vanished and reappeared on the sofa, taking his nap. Zoralth just sighs, chuckles, and rubs the back of his head. "He does that all the time.."

Randall: Alright. Let's pack these weapons in chests and wait until tonight.

He nods and does exactly that, carefully yet quickly.

Randall: Amazing. Say, how about we hold a little podcast on my radio show?

"Sure! I'd love that." Zoralth says, nodding.

(Gotta stop here, need to get ready for work. Later!) (Bye!)

Randall took Zoralth to his second basement, where he had a radio studio. Randall began setting up stuff for the podcast, and once everything was ready, he went on air.

Announcer: Up next on Rhino County Radio, it's the Rhino County Radio Community Hour with a podcast by Randall the Rhino and Zoralth Masenko.

Randall: Hello, hello! Welcome to another podcast by me, Randall the Rhino! Today, I have my assistant Zoralth Masenko joining in today as we will be discussing a possible zombie apocalypse. If you have something to say on this topic, then leave a message for the show by calling the Zombie Apocalypse Hotline through the following number: 555-188846. Alright, let's cut to my assistant Zoralth. Zoralth, what do you think? Will a zombie apocalypse happen in the future?

"It's a likely possibility," Zoralth says. "Though, there are several theories of it, but I have actual proof that zombies can be real. There's a certain virus that scientists haven't covered completely yet because they don't know how to study it. But, I got that covered. I got my notes here somewhere, hold on..." He went to his desk nearby to find them, and eventually came back a few seconds later with them.

"Ah, yes, here they are. Anyway, I called this virus XG-324. It's a virus that creeps into the nervous system and takes control of it. They work better in rotting corpses, as I have done multiple tests with rats a few months back."

Randall: Interesting, interesting. Here's a caller who finds this as interesting as I do.

Male Caller: Hey, Mr. Zoralth, I have a ton of respect for the way you explained the virus that could lead to a possible zombie apocalypse. Is there a way to cure this virus so we could prevent a zombie apocalypse?

He chuckles and says, "I do appreciate your flattery, sir, but unfortunately, as of right now, there is no certain cure for this virus yet. All previous attempts that I have made showed no positive results but it only helped the virus. I'm still trying though."

Randall: You've heard it, sir, as of right now, there is no certain cure for the virus yet. Maybe some time in the future. The next message was from this good man.

(You can do the next message.)(kk)

"Heya!" The caller says. "If there was a zombie apocalypse coming this way, what would be the best way to survive?"

Zoralth stood there for a moment, thinking, "Hmm...that's actually a tough question. What do you have, Randall?"

Randall: Well, I'd suggest you'd get as many bullets as you can, as well as a firearm. By watching The Walking Dead and other zombie related tv shows and movies, I've learned that the only way to kill a zombie is to shoot it in the head. The only part active inside a zombie is it's brain. So shooting it 15 times in the chest won't do anything. Also, try to make as little sound as possible. Zombies are attracted to sound, and if you fire a gun, zombies that are 5 miles around the shot will hear it, so be careful when you shoot a zombie. Also, choose your allies wisely. A zombie apocalypse changes people. So choose your allies wisely, and make sure they won't stab you in the back, literally. And also go on supply runs. In a zombie apocalypse, you can't go to a supermarket or mall, so go scavenging for supplies on a weekly, if not daily, basis. And also know emergency first aid in case of minor injuries. You can't go to a hospital in a zombie apocalypse, so you're dependent on your own knowledge. That's all the advice I can give to survive. Any more messages left on the hotline, Zoralth?

"Not that I know of, no," Zoralth responds. "You pretty much explained as much as I could ever explain."

Randall: Alright, while we wait for new messages to come in, let's discuss zombie apocalypses in fiction. Let's begin with The Walking Dead. It started as a comic book series by Robert Kirkman way back in 2003. In 2010, the series got a tv show and later on, also a video game series featuring new characters that didn't appear in the comics or tv series, although the Greene family does make an appearance in the video games. In the tv show, there were characters that were made for the tv show. One of these characters is Daryl Dixon, he's one of the most beloved tv characters ever. I personally love the show, although it has dropped in quality lately, since it's become more of a survival drama than a horror series. But I still love it regardless. Here's a caller who agrees with me.

Female Caller: I heard you talking about The Walking Dead, and I SO agree with you! Daryl Dixon is one of the most beloved tv characters ever! My sister and I love him so much, in fact, we both want to date his actor, Norman Reedus! Does Zoralth watch the show? If so, who is his favorite character?

Randall: Well, can you answer this girl's question, Zoralth?

He scratched his head. "Uhm, unfortunately, I haven't gotten to watching it QUITE yet. I only got through the first episode; everyone's ahead of me." He awkwardly laughed.

Randall: Alright, then I won't spoil anything.

(Last year, Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (I think he's the guy who plays Negan), along with another TWO actor were in The Netherlands for a fan meeting. I don't watch The Walking Dead myself, but I do like it's characters.)

"Please don't, I'm trying to get into it," Zoralth chuckled a bit. "Long story short, I don't have a favorite character as of right now; please give me more time, ma'am."

Randall: Okay. The next message on the line is a fan of the show. Let's see.

Male Caller: Hello, my name is Geoffrey, I love your show, Randall. I have a question for Zoralth: What kind of weapon would you recommend in case of a zombie apocalypse?

"The most affective weapon but the most quietest," Zoralth states. "I prefer to not attract any zombies while I'm already killing off some that have found me, so I'd suggest a cheap pistol with a suppressor so it's not that loud."

Randall: That's really great advice, Zoralth. We'll be right back after a little commercial break. See you soon!

Randall then started playing radio commercials.

"Sweet," Zoralth says. "I've never been on a podcast before, it seems pretty cool."

Randall: I do these podcasts once a week for Rhino County Radio. I volunteer to do it because I like doing this as a hobby.

"That sounds like a nice hobby to do," Zoralth says. "I'd love to do my own soon."

Randall: You could ask Rhino County Radio if you could do a podcast on their radio channel sometime. And then you could use my studio do it.

"I'll think about it," Zoralth nods. "Anyway, what should we be doing now? Are we going to deliver the weapons?"

Randall: It's only lunch time, and my podcast isn't done. After the podcast is done, we'll think about it.

"Alrighty." Zoralth spawned a club sandwich and began eating it.

Randall: Hey, can you spawn me a hamburger with fries and mayonnaise?

"Sure thing." Zoralth's tail flicked and just like that, Randall's burger with fries and mayonaise were right in front of him.

(I have to go get ready for work so I'm going to be showering and eating an early dinner and what not. Later!)


Randall began eating his burger and fries. He enjoyed every bite of his meal. Eventually, he finished eating and then continued his podcast.

After the podcast was finished, Randall went off the air.

Randall: That's a wrap. What now?

"I believe it's time to deliver the weapons," Zoralth states. "Shall I get the boat ready?"

Randall: Sure, let's do it. I'll get the weapon chests in the boat.

Zoralth nods and heads outside to get the boat to bring to the beachline.

Randall puts the chests in the boat one by one.

Randall: Alright, let's get in my car and bring the boat to the beachline.

Randall attached the boat to the car and got in.

"I'll be back here so it doesn't fall away," Zoralth says as he gets onto the tip of the boat.

Randall nodded as he drove off to the beach. Once they got there, he drove the boat into the water.

Randall: Can you get the boat off the trailer, Zoralth?

He nods and waved his hand to the lock and it comes right off. The boat, along with him, were floating in the water.

Randall nodded and he got out of the car and took the keys with him. He got into the boat and they brought it off shore. Once they were out at sea, they dropped the weapons chests into the water.

Randall: I wrote the Merbians a waterproof letter for when they find the chests.

"Good. I forgot what these weapons are for, though..." Zoralth rubbed the back of his head for a moment. "I forget things pretty often..."

Randall: These weapons are for the Merbians to defend themselves if they were to be hunted.

(Also, let's say Emma is a born Merchidna in this RP and she's friends with Merna and Summer? :3) (Sure)

"Ah, yes, that's right. Have you been down there before?"

Randall: Yes, but I've never seen a Merbian before. I just know they exist. But for now, let's go back to shore.

Randall brought the boat back to shore.

Meanwhile, a young Merchidna was swimming happily. She had pink fur and a purple fishtail with a waistband, along with a purple shell bra. Beside her swam an orange Merhog with a yellow tail. She wore yellow gloves and had webbed fingers.

???: This is fun, right, Emma?

"Sure is." She says and swims a bit more. "It seems pretty nice on the surface as well. I love the rays on my scales."

???: Yeah, me too. I love sunning myself at the surface. Sometimes, you, Summer and me. Merna love to sit on a rock and talk about all sorts of things. We really enjoy it.

Emma giggles and nods. "True that, sister." She laid there for a moment before seeing some shadows. "Eh? What're those?"

Merna: I don't know. Let's check.

Merna sped over to the shadows. They were the chests.

Merna: Hey, Emma, look! Someone dropped some chests in the water!

She swam over. "Who brought this down here? Is it dropped cargo?"

Merna: I think so.

Merna opened one of the chests and saw weapons in it.

Merna: Look, weapons! And there's a letter with them too!

Merna took the letter and began reading it.

Merna: "These weapons are for self defense in case you will be hunted. I thought you would need them, so I made them for you. - Randall the Rhino"

"Randall? A Rhino from the surface?" Emma was quite amazing as she looked at the weapons. "These are made of iron but they're not rusting...the surface seems so technologically advanced!"

Merna: I know! Let's get these weapons back to Mertopia!

Merna held onto one side of the chest.

Emma picked up the other. "Lets go! I'll think about a message to send back as a thanks."

Merna nodded as she and Emma brought the chest back to Mertopia. They brought it to Emma's house. They put it down in the front yard. Emma's father, a blue Merchidna named Zeke came outside.

Zeke: Emma, what did you and Princess Merna bring back?

"A chest from the surface filled with weapons for self-defense!" She says. "It's from Randall, a Rhino from the surface."

Zeke: I don't really trust surface dwellers, but if they send us weapons for self-defense, then I like them. Did they send any more chests?

"I think there are more, enough for everyone here," Emma says.

Zeke: Alright. Tim will be coming along with us to get more chests. Tim, can you help your sister and your old man out?!

Tim: Sure, dad!

Emma's little brother, also a blue Merchidna named Tim came out.

Zeke: Well, Emma, Princess Merna, show us the spot where the chests were dropped.

Merna: We will. Follow us.

Merna sped off towards the chests. Zeke and Tim followed.

Emma didn't follow until much later. She was looking up at the surface of the water for a moment, looking back at the note. "I want to find out what the surface is like. One day..." She then puts the note and swims after the group.

The group then arrived at the chests. There were two more chests. Zeke and Tim picked up a chest and Emma and Merna picked up one too. They took them back to Emma's house.

Zeke: Let's show this to the Queen!

Merna: Great idea! I'll go get my mother to look at this! Let's go, Emma!

Merna sped off towards the palace.

Emma nods and follows. "This is so exciting! Finally some people from the surface actually understand our struggles!"

Merna: I know, it's incredible!

Emma and Merna made it to the palace. Merna saw her mother and swam over to her.

Merna: Mother, you have to come to Emma's house! We found something amazing!

Queen Diana: You did? Well then, lead the way.

Merna flexed her tail and swam back out of the palace back to Emma's house. Queen Diana followed.

Emma was getting tired of swimming so quickly but she was rather happy so it didn't matter as much.

Merna: A friendly surface dweller made weapons for us to use for self-defense against hunters! Amazing, right?

Queen Diana smiled.

Queen Diana: That is indeed amazing. We should have both male and female Merbians learn how to fight with these weapons. Let's have a public event to do this.

Merna: Great idea!

Back on land, with Amy...

(You can play Amy for a bit.) (k)

Amy was watching TV, just minding her own business. She looked around the house, observing. "Perhaps I should clean up a little bit around here." She says to herself as she does just that to pass the time.

Meanwhile, Randall and Zoralth made it back to Randall's house.

Randall: So, what should we do now, Zoralth?

"I believe we wait." He responds. "We have nothing else left to do, unless you have any better ideas."

Randall: We could watch some tv, I guess.

<spanstyle="font-weight:normal;">(Unfortunately, I won't have much time today as I'm going somewhere for the entire day. I apologize for the inconvenience and I'll be back as soon as I can.)</span>

<spanstyle="font-weight:normal;">"Sounds fine to me. Perhaps we'll wait for a reply from there."</span>

Randall nodded and he turned on the tv.

Back under the sea in Mertopia, Queen Diana, along with Emma and Merna, were on stage with the weapons chests. A bunch of Merbians, both male and female formed the crowd.

Queen Diana: Thank you, people of Mertopia, for taking time out of your busy schedules to be here. My daughter Merna and her friend Emma Capulet have found a gift from the surface: These weapons for us to use for self-defense against hunters!

Emma and Merna both held up a weapon and the Merbians cheered.

Queen Diana: Now that we have weapons, we can set up a military force and teach all residents of Mertopia to defend themselves with these beautiful weapons. You will be testing them out on punchbags we made out of sand and cloth. Good luck with your training, everyone, you will need it.

The people of Mertopia nodded and they swam over to the stage, getting in line to receive a weapon. Emma and Merna handed out weapons to everyone in Mertopia. Eventually, there were three left. Emma, Merna and The Queen each took one.

Merna: Well, let's get training, Emma.

She nods, with a determined smile on her face. "Right behind ya!"

Merna nodded and she began practicing her weapon on a punchbag.

Emma began doing the same thing, but had trouble lifting the sword correctly and for long periods of time.

A few hours later...

All Merbians had finished their training.

Merna: *panting* That was quite a training, right, Emma?

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"Y-yeah..." She was on the floor, panting. "Picking up that sword was a pain on my back..."

Merna: Maybe you should train your muscles more.

Suddenly, a Merbian boy came swimming in.

Merbian Boy: Princess Summer is coming!

Merna nodded and swam over to where a bunch of Merbian boys were waiting. And there she came: Princess Summer of Atlantis, one of the most beautiful Merbian princesses in the sea. She had long blonde hair with a red hairband in the middle, light blue eyes, beautiful silver fur, a purple shell bra and a long green fishtail.

Tim's dreadlocks raised as he saw Summer. He had a crush on her but was too shy to tell her. Summer knew Tim had a crush on her and knew he was gonna tell her eventually. Summer saw Tim and swam over to him.

Summer: Hey, Tim, honey. How about we head over to your place to hang out?

Tim: U-Us? Hanging out?

Tim blushed. His face was as red as a tomato.

Summer: No need to be shy, honey, I won't bite.

Summer placed her hands on Tim's cheeks and wrapped her tail around his.

Summer: So, you up for it?

Tim felt like he was gonna faint. He's never gotten this close with Summer. He looked at Emma for help.

She only giggled and helped Summer. "I think he's definitely up for it."

Summer: Okay. Let's go, Tim, honey.

Summer took Tim by the hand and they swam off to Emma and Tim's house.

Merna giggles.

Merna: Those two were made for each other, I think.

"Seems that way to me too." Emma says and giggles (Last edit for me right now, it's 3 AM here XD) (Okay, night.)

At Emma and Tim's house, Summer and Tim were watching tv. Summer had her arm around Tim. This caused him to blush again.

Summer: Say, Tim, honey, do you want some sugar~? (I'm guessing putting a ~ at the end of a sentence makes it more flirt like? XD) (Obviously .w.)

Tim: *blushes* U-Uh, okay?

Summer: Alright~.

Summer placed Tim in her lap and began kissing him. Tim actually enjoyed it. Summer was a great kisser, and so was Tim. Zeke and his wife Xenia looked at Summer and Tim making out. Zeke smiled.

Zeke: *whispers* My boy is growing up so fast...

Xenia put her arms around Zeke.

Xenia: *whispers* Isn't it lovely?

Zeke sighed happily. Summer and Tim didn't notice and continued their make out session.

Summer: <3

Tim: <3

Emma was secretly recording the makeout session, giggling quietly. She's never made-out with anyone before, and was just, well, being a typical teenage girl with these kinds of things before stopping her recording and swimming away to Merna nearby. "They're so cute~!" She whispered.

Merna: *whispering* Aw, that's so romantic~!

She was showing Merna the video, squealing softly.

Merna squealed softly as well.

Merna: That's so cute~!

Emma giggles some more before going silent. "Man, I wish I was as lucky as Tim."

Merna: Maybe you'll find yourself a sexy Merbian boy someday. Anyway, we should start thinking of sending that Randall a thank you message.

"That's a great idea," Emma nods at Merna's plan. "How should we do it though?"

Merna got out Baby Krabs (From Spongebob. XD), who's about the size of a human baby.

Merna: We'll send Baby Krabs to bring them a message. Baby Krabs is a crab, he can breathe on land too, and he has legs to walk. That's a win win. How about you write the message?

"Sure!" Emma nods as she gets a writing utensil and something to write on. "Okay, what should it have in it?"

Merna: Hmmm...How about..."Dear Randall, thank you for sending us these weapons. Finally, someone understands our struggles against hunters. We will be waiting for you at the beach that's the closest to your home. See you soon~. - Merna the Merhog and Emma Capulet"

She had written all of that down, nodding occasionally. Once she was done, she handed it to Baby Krabs. "Alright, Baby Krabs. Please bring this to the surface for Randall."

Baby Krabs: *unusual deep voice* Don't worry, Mrs. Capulet and Princess Merna, I won't disappoint you.

Baby Krabs then sped off at a speed like Sonic's.

Merna: *giggles* He's such a cutie~.

"I didn't know he had a low voice." She giggled.

Merna: Well, he's currently 24, but despite how old he gets, he'll always look like a baby. That's a trait his species, the Spongebob Babies share.

"Huh..." Emma sits down. "Never thought of that."

Merna: Spongebob Babies are a complicated species, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, Baby Krabs made it to Hoofton, and was walking around town. He had asked people where Randall lived, and one person gave him the address. Baby Krabs made his way over to Randall's house and used his stretchy arms to press the doorbell. (I used Sonic the Werehog's stretchy arms ability for Baby Krabs, because it's the only Werehog ability I think is neat, and it would be useful for Baby Krabs due to his small size. :3) Randall came outside. He looked down and saw Baby Krabs.

Randall: Hello, little guy. What are you doing here?

Baby Krabs: I have a message from Merna the Merhog.

Randall: Merna? I know her! I met her years ago together with Sonic and Tails!

Meanwhile, Emma was nervously waiting for an answer from Randall with Merna. "Do you think he got the letter," she asked Merna.

Merna: I'm pretty sure he did.

Back with Randall...

Randall had read the letter.

Randall: Aw, that's sweet. She says she's waiting for me? I gotta go see her! Zoralth, I'm going with this little baby to see Merna!

"Alright Randa-...wait, baby?" Zoralth zipped right to Randall, looking down at Baby Krabs. "Huh...well alright, but be back before dinner please."

Randall: I will. See you.

Randall and Baby Krabs went to the beach and walked into the water.

Baby Krabs: Take this, it'll help you swim.

Baby Krabs handed Randall a shark tooth necklace. Randall nodded and put it on. His legs turned into a turquoise fishtail. Randall smiled at the sight of it.

Randall: Whoa, I turned into a Merrhino!

Baby Krabs smiled and nodded.

Baby Krabs: Yup! Follow me, I'll take you to see Merna.

Baby Krabs dove under the water and Randall followed. He took him to Emma and Merna.

Baby Krabs: Ladies, I brought Randall with me!

Randall arrived.

Randall: Hey, girls!

"Randall!" Emma was the first to come up and give him a hug. "Oh it's great to see you and I'm so glad that you paid attention to our struggles. We can't thank you enough."

Randall: You're welcome. I knew you'd have trouble with self defense, so I thought I'd make you something for it.

Merna recognised Randall.

Merna: Whoa, you're THAT Randall! The one I met years ago together with Sonic and Tails!

Merna swam up to Randall and gave him a hug.

Randall: I'm glad to see you too, Merna.

"Hey, how about we go see the Queen?" Emma suggested. "Since you're here in person, she can thank you"

Randall: Great idea. Let's go!

Merna: Alright!

Merna flexed her tail and swam off. Randall followed. They then got to Mertopia and to the palace.

Randall: Whoa, Mertopia's got a lot more technologically advanced since my last visit! Look at all these electricity powered buildings!

"Yup!" Emma says. "We've advanced a lot and we just recently found great alternatives to glowstone, which if you remember was vibrant in the deep oceans. They were extremely dangerous to get. But now, we were able to figure out how to make electricity underwater, which I can't explain because it's WAY too complicated."

Merna: Yes, it is. Here's the palace. Let's go inside.

The guards let Emma, Merna and Randall into the palace. They swam to the throne room, where Queen Diana was sitting.

Queen Diana: Merna, who did you bring with you?

Merna: This is Randall the Rhino, mother. You know, Sonic the Hedgehog's friend?

Queen Diana: Ah, yes. I remember him.

Randall was shocked at the fact that Merna's a princess.

Randall: Whoa, you're a princess?! *bows*

Merna: *giggles* Yup. I never told you, Sonic and Tails because I didn't know how you guys would react to it.

Emma giggled in the back before speaking up, "He's the one who brought us these weapons for self-defense. I'm not sure how to thank him."

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Queen Diana: Hmmm...I think I know a way to thank him. Let's go outside for a ceremony.

Later, when everyone was outside, it was time for the ceremony. Merna was wearing a pearl tiara as she was floating besides her mother. Randall swam up the stairs of the palace. Queen Diana then knighted Randall with her trident.

Queen Diana: I knight you, Sir Randall.

Everyone cheered.

Emma too, as she was clapping her hands. "Knighted by Diana! I never would've thought...!"

Diana: Thank you, Randall, for bestowing these weapons upon us, and thank you, people of Mertopia for taking time out of your busy schedules to be here!

Diana then swam back into the palace, but not before Merna gave her the pearl tiara she was wearing. She swam over to Randall and Emma.

Merna: Hey, Randall, how about we go get a snack at Chateau de Sirene? We have lots of talking to catch up to.

Randall: Yeah, you're right. What about you, Emma?

"I can tag along," She says, smiling. "I've never been there, surprisingly, but I'm willing to go."

Merna: Okay, let's go!

Randall and the girls went to Chateau de Sirene. Merna had a cup of coffee and some coral cake. Randall had a glass of sea fruit juice and sea weed ice cream and Emma had some cola and a sorbet.

Merna: So, Randall, how's Sonic and Tails been? You gotta take Sonic with you next time, I'd love to have a date with him. He's so handsome... *sighs happily*

Randall already felt guilty and he hasn't even told her yet. He gulped and just decided to spill the beans.

Randall: Well, I have to tell you something, Merna...Sonic had a sex change operation and is now a girl...

Merna's pupils shrunk.

Merna: H-He did...?

Randall: Yes, I'm sorry...

Merna began crying.

Merna: *sniff* I can't believe it...My speedy superstar is now a girl...I hope she's happy... *sobs*

Randall held out his arms.

Randall: Here, need someone to cry to?

Merna: Yes!

Merna swam into Randall's arms and buried her head in his chest, sobbing. Randall hugged her as she cried.

Emma was a bit sad too, but was more confused. "Why would he...she... do that?"

Randall: My guess is she's transgender...I mean, that's what most transgenders do at a certain point...They get a sex change operation and then continue life as the opposite gender...

"Huh..." Emma was sitting there, thinking all of it through. "But still, it doesn't make sense. Sonic left all her friends behind like that...does she not care about them anymore?"

Randall: Well, according to my new neighbour, Amy Rose, Sonic's friends abandoned her. Amy did the same thing and came to Hoofton, where I live. Anyways, I think we should find a way to cheer up Merna...

Merna: *sniff* Sonic...How could you do this to me...?

"Did...Did Merna used to love Sonic before she turned female?" Emma asked, curious.

Randall: Yeah, and Sonic loved her too. In fact, they even kissed.

Merna: *sniff* Yeah...But now she's a girl...What will I do now...?

"I'm sure there are surface-dwellers and merbians that are willing to be your boyfriend." Emma looked mainly at Randall, possibly hinting at him casually.

Randall pointed at himself and mouthed "Me?" at Emma.

She smiled and nodded. She even motioned to how Merna was hugging him.

Randall looked at Merna. She was hugging him like she felt comfortable with Randall. She looked back at Emma and smiled too.

Merna: You're right, Emma...There are enough other boys out there...

Merna dried her eyes with a napkin.

Merna: Well, let's go continue eating and drinking and then I'll go on a boy hunt by myself.

"Well, actually..." Emma swam up to them, smiling at Merna. "If you're low on time, you got this hunk of a knight in your arms. And he's single~." She said the word 'single' like it was a happy note.

Randall: Yep, I am single. :)

Merna smiled.

Merna: Alright, I'll give Randall a chance. You up for a swim after this, Randall?

Randall: Sure.

Merna smiled and continued with her meal. Randall did the same. Once their meals were finished, Merna paid and she and Randall got up.

Merna: See you later, Emma!

"Have fun!" Emma waved back, just finishing her meal.

Merna took Randall's hand and together they left the café. They swam off out of Mertopia.

With Amy...

Amy had finished cleaning her house and was now at Randall's doorstep. She knocked on the door.

Amy: Randall? Zoralth? Asonja? Anyone home?

Asonja poked his head out the door, opening it just a bit. "I'm here. Zoralth just left to go to the store. What's up?"

Amy: I felt like spending some time with my neighbors. I mean, I'm new in town and I'm trying to make new friends.

"Oh, sure sure, I understand." Asonja opened the door fully. "Come on in then. Just me here anyway, so...what's the worst that can happen?"

Amy: Alright.

Amy walked in and looked around.

Amy: Randall's doing well for himself. He's got a nice big house with an outdoor pool. He's so lucky.

"Yeah...all I have is a stolen apartment room," Asonja shrugs. "I've been in that room for...8 or so years and nobody has noticed so far."

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Amy: You actually STOLE an apartment?!

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"Yup. I have nowhere else to go after I ran away from home, so I just took this empty apartment and made myself hidden up until today."

Amy: Wow...You've had quite a rough life after you ran away from home...I'm curious, though, how did you manage to pay rent for all these years if you never had a source of income?

"Simple," Asonja says. "I never did. Since they don't know I took the room, I don't have to pay."

Amy: I see. So, you up for something? You look a little hungry. How about we go to Burger Queen?

"Burger Queen," Asonja asked and looked up at her. "You're talking me out to eat? ...Nobody's really asked me that, but, sure, I'd love to go. I eat there all the time."

Amy: Alright. You get a house key. We're taking my car.

Amy walked outside to her car.

He took the spare housekey and followed Amy, locking the door behind him.

Amy: We're taking the Drive Thru.

Amy drove off to Burger Queen and they went into the Drive Thru.

Female Employee: Hello, welcome to Burger Queen, how can I help you?

Amy: I'll have a Biggie (Whopper) with cheese, please. And I'll also have an orange soda with it.

"And I'll have a Little Biggie (Whopper Jr.) with cheese, and with just ketchup and mayo. And I'll have a large coke soda as well with that please."

Female Employee: Okay, that'll be *total amount*, you can come to the first window.

Amy drove to the first window, paid for the food and then drove to the second window. Amy and Asonja got their food. Amy drove the car into the parking lot so Amy and Asonja could eat. Amy enjoyed her Biggie.

Amy: I don't come to fast food restaurants like Burger Queen too often, because I'm trying to watch my weight.

"I can understand," Asonja says as he takes very small bites of his Little Biggie. He doesn't actually eat much for some reason. "Though, I do appreciate you taking me out to eat. My brother hasn't been doing it much to me lately as, well, I don't have any money."

Amy: Well, maybe you should find a job to get a source of income. That way, you'll earn your brother's respect.

"I would find a job, but there's no job that would want to take me, mainly because I've never been to college...or a school."

Amy: Maybe I could homeschool you?

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"If you want, that's okay..." Asonja looked a bit nervous. "I was homeschooled when my parents were alive."

Amy: Okay. We could do it at my house. How about we begin tomorrow?

"S-sure that's fine," Asonja says. "As long as it doesn't kill me."

Amy: I don't see why homeschooling would kill you.

After Amy finished her Biggie, she started the car and drove back to Randall's neighbourhood, Glove Street. She stopped the car at Randall's house.

Amy: See you later, Asonja.

"Later," Asonja says, getting out of the car. Before he closed the door, he looked back at her. "Oh and...thanks again..." He shuts the door and walks back inside with his food still in hand.

Amy smiled and turned off the car, got out and locked it, then went into her house.

Meanwhile, with Emma...

She was inside her house, texting with Merna her regular gossip back and forth.

Suddenly, Summer and Tim came downstairs.

Summer: *to Emma* Hey, girlfriend!

"Summer~!" She swam up to Summer and hugged her and even gave Tim a quick hug too. "How're you two?"

Summer: We're doing great. Tim and I are going out on a date now~.

Tim: Yeah, I'm taking Summer out to the movies. We're going to see the movie Merbian Nomads.

"I love that movie," Emma says. "Well, I hope you two have fun being together. I was heading out to lunch myself."

Summer: Alright. How's Merna?

"Good, I was just texting her on my phone. We're just gossiping like we always do." She giggles after saying that.

Summer: *giggles* Alright, good to hear. Let's go, Tim, honey~.

Tim smiled and nodded, and the two swam out of the house towards the cinema.

"Have fun!" Emma waves and closes the door and continued texting Merna.

Merna texted back frequently. She and Randall were sitting on a bench in a park in Mertopia. Randall was bored because Merna was busy on her phone. Merna looked at Randall and texted Emma: "Randall's bored, so I gtg."

"Alright, seeya bestie" She texts back and puts her phone away. ", what to do now..." she wondered.

Zeke: Emma, can you help your old man out for a bit?!

"Sure thing! Be right there!" She swam over to him, smiling a bit too. "What do you need help with?"

Zeke: Can you help me lift all these boxes with Tim's childhood toys to the attic?

"Sure thing!" She takes a few boxes and carefully makes her way up to the attic. She only lifted what she can carry, not more.

Zeke also only lifted what he could carry. He also carefully made his way up to the attic. Once he gets there, he puts down the boxes.

Zeke: You know, Emma, you've grown up to be just like your mother: Smart, kind, talented, beautiful, the whole package. My grandma was just like that as well. When was 18, she'd tell me stories about how she was popular with all the Merboys down here in the ocean. I'm sure she'd be very happy with you being just as beautiful as she was when she was your age.

She blushed, and her tail flicked. " I that pretty?"

Zeke smiled and nodded. He then swam over to box with photo albums, and took out a photo album with pictures of Emma's great-grandmother, Marilyn Capulet. Even though the pictures were in black and white, Zeke could still remember her tail and bra color.

Zeke: This is your great-grandmother when she was 17. She had blonde hair, and a silver colored tail and bra. She also had red fur. She was very beautiful back then, and she managed to steal lots of hearts, including your great-grandfather's.

"Wow...I can see that even from this picture. She's goregous.." Emma seemed to smile.

Zeke: Say, how about we go play some games on our Fintendo Wii?

"Sure!" She puts the picture back and goes downstairs. "You've never shown me pictures of my great-grandmother to begin with, going back to that. Why is that?"

Zeke: I guess I never had the urge to do it. I actually don't talk much about my family because of how dysfunctional it was. My grandpa Sherrington was abusive towards my father because he was alcoholic, which stems from the fact my great-grandfather disowned my grandpa for picking up after my great-grandmother, and my father was abusive towards me on so many levels. One night in December, he sexually abused me, and I was so pissed after that, so I poisoned his dinner...Afterwards, I was charged with murder and spend my entire teens in jail before being released at age 18...My grandpa committed suicide 3 days after dad died, because he felt responsible for dad's death...I know it's shocking, but sometimes it feels good to talk about it...

"I see..." She seemed a bit upset afterwards. "I'm sorry to hear about that..."

Zeke hugged Emma.

Zeke: It's fine, because now I got your mother, you and Tim to help me forget about it. Now how about we go play Wii Fit?

"Sure!" She hugs back.

Zeke smiled and put Wii Fit in the Wii. He then got out two Wii Balance Boards and put them on the ground. Zeke then stood on the board with his fins.

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So did Emma. She was a little unstable for a minute, but managed to get it right. "I'm ready!"

Zeke nodded and he booted up a session. The session began and Zeke began doing the poses instructed on the screen.

Emma followed, a little slower and less reactive, but still did everything as instructed. "This is pretty fun!" She giggles.

Zeke: I know, I did this a lot with your mother when you were little. It was really fun, and it still is. By the way, where's Tim?

"I think he went out with Summer on a date," Emma says. "They should be in the movies by now."

Zeke: I see...You and Tim have grown up so fast...It makes me feel kinda sad...

"Aww, don't be!" Emma says, looking at him. "I'm still kind of single, so.." she giggled a bit.

Zeke: That is true...Well, let's continue playing.

Zeke continued playing the game.

With Zoralth...

He was arriving home with groceries on his back. He saw Asonja sleeping on the couch, assuming he was there all day. He sighed and closed the door behind him to put the groceries away.

Amy was watching tv again. She was watching the news. Suddenly, Sonic was on the news, being interviewed. Amy's eyes began to fill with tears as the painful memories returned. She turned off the tv and ran into Randall's house, crying. She laid down on the couch next to Asonja, crying.

Zoralth jumped when Amy came inside and he poofed over. "Amy? What has gotten you?"

Asonja also woke up, hearing Amy's cries and he looked over to her, asking the same question but silently.

Amy: *sniff* I saw Sonic being interviewed on the news...The painful memories came back... *cries*

"Oh dear..." Zoralth says and comes over, kneeling beside her. "If you want, you could stay for lunch and vent to us if need be. My brother and I are good listeners."

Amy: *sniff* O-Okay...

Amy dried her eyes and sat up.

Amy: Yeah, I could use some food right now.

"Great, have a seat." Zoralth says as he stayed standing. "Anything specific you'd like to have? I'm an expert cook in this house."

Asonja rolled his eyes at that, feeling rather jealous.

Amy: I'd like to have some Chili Dogs.

Amy sat down at the kitchen table.

"Sure thing. Asonja's going to have just a hot dog as he doesn't like Chili Dogs that much."

Amy nods as she awaits her food.

As Zoralth had stated before, he was an amazing cook. He was actually making the hot dog roll meat by hand too.

Amy was amazed by Zoralth's cooking skills. She can cook very good too. She learned at a young age, because her parents wanted her to become independent rather early, because she was full of potential.

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It took about 10 minutes to cook the hot dogs and make them as well. He handed them out, like a professional cook he was. "Lunch is served, my brother and Amy."

Amy: Thanks, Zoralth.

She then began eating her Chili Dog. She really enjoyed it.

Amy: You make some nice Chili Dogs, Zoralth. Great job.

He blushed a little bit and his tail swished behind him. "Aww, thanks..." Asonja rolled his eyes and begins eating his hotdog. "You're too easily flattered, Zoralth..." He said.

Amy: Don't be so pessimistic, Asonja. That's not good for someone.

"Sorry, I'm too used to it..." He responds, finishing his plate. He put it in the sink for Zoralth and went back to sleeping on the couch. Not a single thank you from him to Zoralth, but Zoralth didn't mind this.

Amy: ...Man, Asonja is such a source of negativity. Is that because of his Identity heritage?

"No, not really. It's mainly his childhood I talked about earlier."

Amy: Maybe he should see a therapist to get over his emotional trauma.

"I was thinking of the same thing, but I'm not sure who would be a good therapist."

Amy: During a walk in town, I saw a therapist clinic ran by a guy named Dr. Sherman. Maybe he could help.

" you know his number or do I have to search it up the old fashioned way? Please, don't tell me that I have to go through the Yellow Pages again..."

Amy looked up the number on her smartphone.

Amy: Looks like his number is 0800-THERAPY.

"You Mobians and your technology..." Zoralth chuckled and went to his rotary phone. "Back in my day, we had to talk to people for the numbers, or call an Operator for a number."

Amy: Why do you use a rotary phone? Don't you have a smartphone?

"I just can't pay the bills for a smartphone. And plus, I love vintage stuff that still works, so. I'm willing to go this route than the smartphone route. Plus it hurts my eyes."

Amy: I see.

"I'll call him whenever I can. Thanks for the suggestion."

Amy: You're welcome.

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"Are you finished with your Chili Dog, Amy?"

Amy: Yes, I am.

She handed Zoralth her plate.

Amy: Thank you for the nice Chili Dog.

"You're very welcome. The TV is all yours." He says this as he starts cleaning the plates.

Amy: Thank you.

Amy walked over to the tv and turned it on. She began watching a reality show called Wade + 8.

Asonja was sleeping on the other couch, snoring very softly. He's been sleeping for probably over 10 hours by now.

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Meanwhile, in Mertopia...

Merna and Randall arrived at Emma's house. Randall's face was covered in lipstick stains after Merna kissed him a lot.

Merna: Hey, Emma! How's it going?!

"Good how about-" She turned around, and almost laughed prefusely upon seeing Randall's face. "I can tell you lovers had a great time while I was away!"

Randall blushed.

Randall: Yeah, Merna took me to a club, and we made out in the janitor closet. It was really nice.

Merna: *giggles* Yeah, Randall's a good kisser.

Emma giggled as well. "I'm so jealous! But, regardless, I'm very happy you two are amazing together."

Merna: Thanks. Randall's the best boyfriend I could've wished for, even though we've only been dating for such a short amount of time. *giggles*

Randall: Well, I gotta go home. My friend Zoralth told me I had to be home around dinner time.

Merna: Alright, here's my phone number. I think you can call it using your phone on land. You want Emma's number too?

Randall: Sure.

She nods and writes it down on the same paper Merna's number was on except in the color of her tail to help differenciate between the two. "Alright, there! Have a fun time on the surface Randall and say Hi to this Zoralth fellow for me!"

Randall: I will. Bye!

Randall left the house, and swam up to the surface. Once he arrived there, he took off his necklace and regained his legs. He stood up and walked home. He walked through the door.

Randall: I'm back!

"Oh, Randall, welcome back." Zoralth walked up to him. "You smell of seawater and merbians. Did females get up on you as their thanks?"

Randall: Yep, turns out Merna is a princess, and we're now boyfriend and girlfriend. I also met her friend Emma, a Merchidna. Merna and I made out in a janitor closet in a club. That's why my face is covered in lipstick stains.

"I see," Zoralth smirked a little bit and sat down. "You also have some numbers in your pocket. Are those their numbers?"

Randall: Yep, I got Emma and Merna's phone numbers. According to Merna, I should be able to call from my smartphone while they're underwater. I don't even know how, but it's pretty amazing.

While Randall was busy telling Zoralth about his adventures with Emma and Merna, Amy was getting sad from hearing the stories. She wants a love interest too, but it doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon.

Asonja had just woken up, mainly from just hearing Zoralth and Randall talking. He seemed to look bummed out too as he was laying on his stomach on the couch.

Randall: And that's how I became Sir Randall.

"That's a rather interesting adventure you had," Zoralth says. "I'm quite glad for you. Now, if you would like, I just prepared lunch not a moment ago and I was wondering if you would like something to eat before dinner rolls around."

Randall: Sure, I'd like some sandwiches.

(Also, should we start up another RP now that we can't do the Guardian Angel one anymore?)(Nah, let's just finish this one up first and then we can start a new one later) (Okay.)

"Sure thing," he says. "I know exactly what you want."

(It took you long enough to get here. It's almost midnight here in The Netherlands. Were you working?)

Randall: Yep. A sub sandwich with egg, lettuce, tomato, ham and cheese.

(Yeah, surprise change in schedule. Now I work from 10 AM Eastern time to 5 PM Eastern. It's a nightmare -w-)

"Done." Zoralth was actually already done with it.

(Nice, f**king beautiful...So does that mean you'll even less time to RP?)

Randall: Thanks.

Randall began eating his sandwich.

Amy: *whispers to Asonja* It's not fair...Why does Randall get a girl and I don't get a boy?

(Yyyyup. Sunday is usually the time when I would be having this issue, but today was an extra 10-5 shift. I still have it tomorrow but Fridays are always 5-10)

"Why can't I get a boyfriend/girlfriend?" Asonja whispered back.

(*deep sigh* God damn it...Well, I better go find a hobby for the weekend then...At least, until your schedule changes again...)

Amy: *whispers* I don't know...

Amy walked up to the fridge and looked around. She grabbed a bottle of beer and opened it. (That's right, she's drinking at age 12.)

Randall: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Amy! Are you gonna drink beer at your age?!

Amy: Yes...I'm that depressed...

Zoralth used his telekinesis abilities to yank the beer bottle away. "Now hold on, are you seriously just going to be giving up that easily? You remind me of my brother with his math homework; he looks at the problem and doesn't even try it."

"OI!" Asonja said in the background.

Amy: It's just not fair! Randall gets a Mermaid Princess while I don't get s**t!

"Amy Rose, don't you dare start giving up. You didn't even try." Zoralth speaks up with his arms crossed and his tail flicking behind him. "My brother doesn't have a girlfriend, but he's 18 years old. I could make him younger if you wish..."

Amy thought about it.

Amy: It's worth a shot, I guess.

"Alright then Asonja, you heard the lady." He picked Asonja up and went down to the basement with Asonja flailing. "H-hey! Put me down!" He shouts in the back.

Amy looked at Randall.

Amy: We'll just see if this works out...

Randall: Yep. And if it doesn't work out, don't give up and just keep searching for your knight in shining armor.

Amy nodded silently.

Eventually, Zoralth got back up and placed Asonja down. He was shorter, with bigger eyes and shorter hair. And a higher voice when he protested. "Zoralth! Bring me back to normal age now!"

"No way, little brother." Zoralth giggled a little bit.

Amy put her hands together.

Amy: Awww, Asonja's so adorable when he's my age...

"I'm not adorable!" He shouts, having a temper tantrum. Zoralth only giggled a bit more.

Randall chuckled.

Randall: She's right, bro, you do look adorable like this.

Amy hugged Asonja.

Amy: How about we go clothing shopping together?! You look like you could use a new outfit!

Amy took Asonja outside to her car and they went to a nearby shopping mall.

Asonja eventually just gave up with protesting and sighed when Amy took him. Zoralth seemed to snicker. "Man, I love being a brother with godly's rather fun."

Randall chuckled.

Randall: I hope this'll work out for Amy.

"Perhaps," Zoralth says. "Only time will tell as of right now."

Randall nodded.

Meanwhile, Amy had taken Asonja to a nearby shopping mall and they were in a fashion store. She had picked a yellow t-shirt, blue jeans and yellow shoes for him. She was waiting for Asonja to show her.

He nervously stuck his head out. "Uhhh...Amy, I'm not sure these...well, match very well but, are you sure these are good for my dark grey fur?"

Amy: Fur color doesn't affect your outfit! Besides, all those black clothing of yours made you look like a Skrillex wannabe, so this change is good for you!

"I suppose..." He comes back out, showing his clothing. He wasn't willing to give his opinion really. "How do I look..?"

Amy squealed.

Amy: You look so good! I think we should buy it! But first, let's try on more clothes!

Amy then went to get more clothes. She came back with a white tank top, slate jeans, blue sneakers and a red fedora.

Amy: Try on this too!

"O-okay..." He takes them and goes back into the changing room. It was much later when he came out with them. "How's this...?"

Amy squealed again.

Amy: That looks good too!

Meanwhile, with Emma and Merna...

Merna was sitting in Emma's house, watching a teen comedy drama called Mean Mergirls.

Merna: That Regineshark George is downright awful!

(Apologies. Just got back home. They took away my Sunday morning shifts so now I'm back to a 10 hour night shift during Friday and Saturday. A lot happened that I don't feel like explaining at the moment.)

"Damn straight. Come on!" Emma says, still watching. "Why'd she have to go with that snob?"

(I'm extremely confused now...)

Merna: I know! It just baffles me!

Suddenly, Regineshark gets hit by a bus in the movie. Merna couldn't help but laugh at this.

Merna: Getting hit by a bus might be a cruel punishment, but it's also hilarious. *giggles*

(Sorry x3. Let's just say that one of my shifts were removed when I didn't want it to be for unexpected reasons.)

"Well, yeah, but I did kind of jump at that.." Emma says and shivers. "That must've hurt..."

(I see...)

Merna: Yeah, I bet...Oh well.

Suddenly, Summer and Tim came swimming in.

Summer: Hey, girls!

Merna: Hey, Summer!

Tim had a crown on his head.

"Sweet crown!" Emma complimented, giggling.

Tim: Thanks. I was the 1 millionth customer at the cinema Summer and I visited, so I got a crown, a free movie of my choice to watch and 20.000 Merbian Coins.

Tim held up a big bag filled with 20.000 Merbian Coins.

"Aw, lucky you!" Emma says, getting up and giving Tim a congratulations hug. "I'm so glad you guys are getting together so nicely."

Summer: Yep. Tim is my little Merchidna, and no one's taking him from me.

Summer stroked Tim's dreadlocks, making him blush.

Emma giggled. "Of course, of course. Hey, Merna, do you think we all should go somewhere?"

Merna: Yeah. Let's go see a basketball game. Tim's gonna pay, since he's got enough money.

Tim: Sure, I'll pay.

Summer: Alright, let's go.

Merna, Summer and Tim swam off to a local sports hall for a basketball match.

"Yay!" Emma cheered a bit and swam off with them.

The foursome arrived at the sports hall. Tim paid for tickets and concessions and they took their seats in the spectator area. It was the Mertopia Gentlemen vs the Sublantica Hurmen (A team consisting of human mermen).

Tim: I don't see human mercreatures that often, but when I do, I'm amazed.

"Me too," Emma says. "It's rare to even see humans on the surface too."

Summer: I know. Humans on the surface are indeed rare, because Mobians are the dominant species there, it seems.

(I'm watching Grapefruit from Annoying Orange play Undertale, and I FINALLY understand what the lady from the Underground Training Facility is based on.) (Yuuuuuuuuuuup x3)

"Mhm, that's true," Emma says. "Oh, Summer, could you pass the popcorn please? I'm starving."

Summer: Sure, honey.

Summer passed the popcorn to Emma.

(Next time we have Undertale elements in an RP, should we name the lady Loriet, as in Toriel with the letters mixed?) (Let's do that) (Alright, remind me to do that.)

"Thanks!" Emma takes the popcorn and starts eating the salty, buttery goodness.

Summer: You're welcome, honey.

Summer proceeded to eat a hot dog.

The Mertopia Gentlemen scored a point.

Merna: Yay!

Tim: Go, team, go! Go, team, go!

Summer: Show them how we roll, honey!

Emma was just silently enjoying the game and the food. Apparently she loved eating...a lot.

Merna and Summer giggled at Emma enjoying her food.

Merna: *inside her head* Emma just loves eating. I don't blame her, I like eating too.

Summer: *inside her head* Emma's quite the food lover. She's just like my grandpa, as he loves eating too.

Eventually, the game ended in a win for the Mertopia Gentlemen with 42-30. Merna, Summer and Tim cheered.

(Going to bed, because I've got work to do tomorrow.) (Good luck at work)

Emma giggled when the game was finished. "Quite a good match, wasn't it?"

Merna: It sure was. How about we go hang out at the palace?

Tim: Sure.

Summer: Okay.

(Also, I'm not sure if you watched, but if you've seens shows like Jerry Springer and Steve Wikos, they deal with revealing the fathers and what not with like these absurd accusations. I just got this random idea that involves Asonja, Emma, and another Mobian that dispute over Winnie and Marty [Emma's kids] and to just see the reactions. XD)

Emma nods and follows them along. "I did have a rather great time, guys. Thanks for spending this time with me."

(I've never watched those things, but it would be interesting. Should we make a roleplay out of it?)(I was thinking of just making a side thing out of it, or it just popped into my head x3)

Tim: You're welcome, sis. I was happy to keep you occupied.

Summer: Me too. It's good to spend time with your friends from time to time.

Merna: Yes, Summer's right. Spending time with your friends and loved ones is good for you. It shows that you care.

The foursome arrived at the palace. The guards let them in. They then swam to Merna's room.

Emma was quite amazed by the inside of the palace. She might not have been inside much, but she's always fascinated.

(What do you mean with "Making a side thing out of it"?) (I mean that by it can be in this rp but just like not that important to the plot) ('K.)

The foursome entered Merna's room. It had a ShayStation 4 in it.

Tim: Whoa, you have a ShayStation 4?!

Merna: *giggles* Yup, my mother bought it for my 13th birthday, and I've had it ever since.

"That's cool!" Emma says. "Though, I've never played video games before. My dad says they're unhealthy for me.."

Merna: Video games are unhealthy for you? I don't believe that. Let's go play some Grand Theft Knuckles Online.

Merna turned on the ShayStation and booted up GTK Online.

Summer: I'm not sure about it...

Emma didn't say anything negative about it. "Well, if you like the game I won't judge you for it. I'm still kind of hungry."

Merna: I'll fix that.

Merna grabbed her butler bell and rang it. A butler swam into the room.

Butler: Yes, Princess Merna, you called?

Merna: Yes, my friend Emma would like something to eat.

Butler: Okay. What would you like, Mrs. Capulet?

"Do you have, uhm, pastries or forms of bread?" Emma asked. She loves anything bread.

Butler: Yes, we have breadsticks. I'll get you those. Would you like herb butter on them?

"Yes please~!" Emma giggled excitedly. "I love herb butter!"

Butler: Alright, I'll be getting it.

The butler swam out of the room to get Emma's food.

Tim: You're quite the eater, Emma. Why is that? Are you pregnant or something?

"N-no!" Emma blushed a bit at that. "I just love to eat bread..."

Tim: Okay...Sorry about that, sis.

(I'm thinking she's actually pregnant. XD) (Maybe she is, maybe she's not >w>)

"It's quite alright. I just love eating." She awkwardly laughed as that what she actually likes to do.

(I'm here! I just got home from a hot air balloon event.)

The butler later returned with Emma's breadsticks topped with herb butter.

Butler: Here you go, Mrs. Capulet.

"Thank you!" Emma says, smiling and takes the plate politely from the butler. She sat down in a nearby chair and began eating the sticks, seeming to enjoy the tastes.

(Just finished reading your Mobian Civil War story. Pretty impressive.) (Thanks. Now you know what happened in the past .w.) (Yep.)

The butler had left the room once Emma took the plate. Merna was currently playing GTK Online as Tim watched. Summer sat down next to Emma.

Summer: Have you ever wondered what it's like to live on land? Walk on legs and all that stuff?

"I'm not sure." Emma says. "It seems pretty interesting to try out. Though, I wish we could just grow legs."

Summer: That's gonna be a little hard if you're a born Merbian...Though, I've heard that Queen Diana's trident posesses the magic to give a Merbian the ability to grow legs by using heating powers.

"That sounds painful...but I'm willing to try it!" She says after eating the bread sticks.

Summer: I've been told it stings a bit, but other than that, it's not that painful.

Merna: If you want heating powers, you can ask my mother. She's probably in the throne room as usual. She doesn't leave the palace that often.

(Going to bed. Bye, Silva.)(Alrighty. Sorry for not being here for so long)

"Sure! I'll go ask." Emma says and gets back up. "I'm uh, not sure where to put this empty plate..."

Merna: You can put it on the dresser.

"Oh, alrighty!" She does that and quietly search for the Queen; however, Emma can be easily lost since it's a palace. She walked into the same room at least 3 times already.

(I'm really mad right now, because Donald Trump took away transgender rights.) (I did see something about that. I might need to look more into it.)

A guard swam up to Emma.

Guard: Are you looking for something, Mrs. Capulet?

"Oh, yes! Sorry, I'm just looking for the Queen to ask her a quick question." Emma was slightly embarrassed by asking.

Guard: She's in the throne room right now, I'll take you there.

The guard took Emma to the throne room. Queen Diana was sitting on her throne. She smiled when Emma entered.

Queen Diana: Hello, Emma. How's it going?

"Very good, your Majesty." She bowed a little bit too. "I was wanting to ask you about..going to the surface. Like these...'heating powers'. I was wondering about that and would like to ask if that's possible.

Queen Diana nodded.

Queen Diana: Yes, that's possible. I can give you those powers. Just use those heating powers on your tail and you'll grow legs. If you touch salt water, you'll turn back into a Merchidna.

Queen Diana grabbed her trident and used it on Emma. She glows for a moment and it then fades.

Queen Diana: You now have heating powers. Before you go up to the surface, I have to warn you: Not all surface dwellers are nice. There are surface dwellers with malevolent intentions out there, so watch out for those.

She nods and takes note of that. "Thank you, Diana!" She says. "I'll be very careful."

Diana: You're welcome. Also, say goodbye to your friends and family before you leave.

She nods and swims over to Merna and Summer. "I got my powers! I'll be back real soon!"

Merna and Summer: Okay, bye, Em!

Tim: Have fun!

(June Foray died yesterday...She was so close to turning 100...RIP...)


She swims out of the palace, once finding her way out. She looked up at the surface and started to swim up to the surface. "This is going to be so exciting!"

Meanwhile, with Amy and Asonja...

Amy was currently taking Asonja out for a drive.

Amy: This is fun right, Asonja?

He nods, being in colorful clothing. "Yeah. It is rather nice to get out for once..." He scratched his head for a moment.

Amy: How about we go to a movie?

"Sure thing," Asonja replies, itching his ear. "What movie should we watch?"

Amy: Hmmm...How about Next Hogvengers: Heroes of Tomorrow?

"Sure, that sounds pretty good," Asonja states. "I'll go for that. Though, I'm not paying for the concessions there; way too freakin expensive..."

Amy sighed.

Amy: Okay, I'll pay for the concessions if you pay for the tickets...

Asonja spawned his wallet and looked inside, some flys coming out. "Well, I believe that the tickets are 5 each and I luckily got a 10 bill's all I got"

Amy: Alright...

Amy parked her car at the movie theater and she and Asonja went inside.

Amy: Hello, two tickets for Next Hogvengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, please.

Ticket Stand Worker: Certainly.

Amy looked at Asonja, waiting for him to pay.

He went into his wallet, trying to make it look like he was completely normal doing so and handed the Euros over.

(Aren't you glad I know what Euros are? XD) (That's awesome. In my country, and pretty much all European countries except for Britain the Euro is currency.) (Poor Britain's not like the rest x3)

The ticket stand worker gave Amy the tickets.

Ticket Stand Worker: Enjoy the movie.

Amy: Thank you.

Amy took Asonja inside. Amy bought some concessions and the two went into the screening room.

Meanwhile, with Emma...

Emma had just reached the surface of the beaches and began making her way to the shore. Once she did, her legs started to grow in. She stood up, but was highly clumsy and fell over on the sand, eeping a bit.

There was no one on the beach who saw Emma transform. She should consider finding some clothes, since she's currently nude.

She yelped a bit after she realized this and tried covering herself. She looked around all over the place to find some form of clothing.

Emma saw some clothes hanging over a bench.

She hoped to the divine beings above that they would fit. She quickly runs over and puts them on as quickly as she could.

The clothes fit. Emma's outfit consisted of a white tank top, blue jeans, white socks and black tennis shoes.

She sighed in relief and laid down on the bench. "Thank goodness..."

Now would be a good time to explore Hoofton so Emma could get herself familiar with it.

She had that thought and practically nodded to it. "Right, I can't sit here forever; I'd be caught. Now let's see the life of a surface-dweller..." She walks into the town.

Emma saw all kinds of buildings and things. She saw people working, people driving in cars, people eating food and drinking coffee from cafés, etc.

"'s almost like the same down below but...a little less open and there's no water here at all." She was mainly speaking to herself.

Randall: Emma, is that you?!

She yelped a bit upon hearing her name, and then noticing it was Randall. "O-Oh! Yes, Randall, it's me! Lookie, I got legs now!"

Randall: Amazing! Let's go to my house so you explain everything.

Randall took Emma to his car and got in.

She followed and got in the car as well. "To start, I found out the Queen had these heating powers that gives us these legs onto the surface. And the moment we touch seawater, our regular fins come back."

Randall: Sweet. Alright, buckle up, because we're going to drive.

Randall put on his seatbelt.

She nods and does so after a little bit of a struggle.

Randall started the car and he drove off towards his house. Once they got there, Randall parked the car and got out.

She got out as well, just finishing her story about the Queen Diana and the King as well, having such a big palace.

Randall: I didn't know Mertopia had a king too.

"Well, yea, how'd you think Merna was born?" She giggled.

Randall: *chuckles* True that. I'll introduce you to Zoralth.

Randall took Emma inside after locking his car.

Randall: Zoralth, Emma is here! She has legs to walk on!

Zoralth poofed right in front of Randall, noticing Emma. "Ah, greetings! I see you can finally be on the surface freely, my dear Emma."

Emma giggled and blushed a bit. "So you helped Randall as well with bringing the weapons?"

"That's right, Emma, I helped Randall with supplying your race with weapons. I do believe you and your people will be well-protected from now on."

"Yup! We're so thankful, that Diana knighted Randall! I was so happy about it."

Zoralth chuckles at that and smiles. "Good to hear."

Randall chuckled and rubbed his neck.

Randall: Yep, I can now call myself Sir Randall. Say, how about a little snack?

"Sure, I'm up for it!" Emma says happily.

"I'll go ahead and prepare it." Zoralth says as he poofs to the kitchen.

Randall: I'll have your home made hamburgers with mayonaise, Zoralth. What would you like, Emma?

"Oooh! I wanna try that too! Two please, Mr. Zoralth!"

"Got it!" He says while he flips a spatula for show and then gets to cooking on the grill inside.

Randall sat down at the dinner table.

Randall: Besides Zoralth, we also have Amy Rose and Zoralth's hedgehog twin brother Asonja around. Amy lives next to us. They would love to meet you, Emma.

"I'm sure they would love to chat," Emma states. "Anyone who's a friend of saving our people is a friend of mine."

Randall smiled.

Randall: That's great. Are the burgers ready, Zoralth?

"Almost, just a little further." Zoralth says as the smell of the burgers are already making the majority of the bunch hungry.

Randall licked his lips, as he couldn't wait any longer for his burgers.

Zoralth chuckled a little bit at that before eventually the burgers went onto the buns. Condiments appeared on the table for anyone to add whatever the way. "Alright, they're ready to go! Enjoy, Emma, my dear. "Zoralth says that just to be a gentleman.

Emma smiled and blushed a bit. "Thank you Zoralth, thank you very much." She then ate into the burger, actually seeming to absolutely love it. If Emma loved the food, it must be good.

Randall put a lot of mayonaise on his burger, and then began stuffing his face with the burger.

Randall: Hmmm... *Gordon Ramsay's voice* F**king delicious...

(Sorry I'm late, I was playing Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy for the first time in my life. I've never played Crash Bandicoot when I was little so I fell guilty that I'm not a 90's kid..)

"I'm glad you like it, you two," Zoralth smirked and crossed his arms. "I'm an expert cook."

(It's okay. I'm not a 90's kid either, I was born in 1998, so I never experienced the 90's that well. I'm more of a 00's kid, because that's basically the time I grew up in. And let me tell you, a lot things have changed since the 00's.) (Yup. I remember when iPhones weren't a thing and I had a flip phone but everyone else had an iPhone or iPod Touch. It was kind of dumb .w.)

Randall nodded.

Randall: Yeah. If you're planning on staying on the surface for a while, you can stay here with us, Emma. I have enough room in my house. Heck, I can even fill my pool with sea water if you'd like that.

"Well, the sea water sounds nice, but could it be inside? I don't want people to steal me..." Emma says, blushing a little bit still after she inhaled the burger.

Randall: Sure, I could fill up the bathtub upstairs with seawater. Zoralth, let's go get some seawater for Emma to put in the bathtub. Emma, you stay here.

Emma and Zoralth nod. She stays inside and Zoralth heads outside with Randall and some buckets. "Right, let's get going now. Day light sheds."

(I have to go to work in about 2 hours. Just a headsup. I'm free tomorrow btw) (I know that you're free tomorrow. And thanks for the heads up.)

Randall gets in his car and starts it. Once Zoralth got in, they drove to the beach. They filled the buckets with sea water and then went back home. They took the buckets upstairs and put the sea water in the bathtub.

Randall: Okay, Emma, it's ready!

"Thank you!" She gave both Zoralth and Randall a hug before going into the bathtub. Her tail returned and she leaned on the bathtub, sighing happily. "It's rather warm and cosy!"

Randall: It certainly is. If you need anything, just give me or Zoralth a call.

Randall then went downstairs to watch tv.

Emma nods and waves. "Later~!"

Zoralth chuckles and joins Randall. "Do you want anything else to eat, Randall?"

Randall: Sure, I'd like a pepperoni pizza.

Once Randall went down the stairs with Zoralth, a pepperoni pizza was on the table, hot and ready. "Nice and fresh as they come." He says.

Randall: Thanks, Zoralth.

Randall began eating his pizza.

(I'll take a quick shower. I'll be back ASAP.) (Alrighty)

Zoralth let him do so and he sits down on the couch, sighing in relaxation. "I love feeding hungry individuals."

(Alright, back.)

A few hours later, with Amy and Asonja...

Amy and Asonja walked out of the cinema.

Amy: That was a great movie, right, Asonja?

"I actually quite enjoyed it. I don't usually go out that often to see movies."

Amy: We should definitely do it again some time.

Amy took Asonja back home in her car. Once they got home, they got out of the car and Amy locked it.

Amy: Thanks for the fun day, Asonja. You really made me a happy girl.

Amy kissed Asonja on his forehead and went inside her house.

He blushed a bit from that, not having shown any form of affection in over 9 years. He rubbed the back of his head with a faint smile on his face. "Y-you're welcome, Amy..." He says before coming back inside Randall and Zoralth's house.

Randall: Hey, Asonja! Nice new clothes!

"Thanks, Amy got them for me while we were out." Asonja responds and sits on the couch next to Zoralth.

"Well, you do look more festive," Zoralth playfully teased and chuckled. Asonja rolled his eyes at that before explaining what he and Amy did.

Randall: You and Amy went to a movie? Awesome! Also, we have a Merchidna named Emma in our bathtub upstairs, so don't freak out when you see her.

Asonja shrugs. "I won't freak out. As long as she's clothed, I'm not worried."

Zoralth smacked Asonja in the back of the head. "You're being immature again, Asonja. You gotta learn the ways sooner or later..."

Randall facepalmed.

Randall: Merbians don't wear clothing, dumba**.

"So you're telling me there's a nude Mermaid Mobian upstairs in the bathroom?" Asonja states, completely calm about it.

"That's not what I meant with being mature about it..." Zoralth muttered.

Randall sighed deeply.

Randall: She has a shell bra and a fishtail, so she's not nude, Captain Dumberpants...

"Hey, I know he's my brother, but come on, could you be less rash please?" Zoralth asks nicely.

Randall: Sorry, Zoralth...And sorry, Asonja...

"No problem." He pats Asonja's shoulder. "Now, I know Randall just ate an entire Thanksgiving feast, Asonja and I have yet to eat. I know he didn't eat much and I haven't eaten in...pratically 3 weeks. Dragons have very slow metabolism."

Randall: I see. Well, I'll be at the tv if you need me.

Randall went over to the tv and turned it on. He began watching talent shows.

"Don't stick around too long; we just got an order not too long ago for a medieval reenactment downtown," Zoralth says. "Said they needed a specific list of appliances and are willing to pay whatever for it."

Randall: Sure, we can do that. After 10 minutes we can get to work, because this show is over in about 10 minutes.

"Great. I'll show you the list downstairs while I get the molds ready. Asonja, go ahead and help yourself to your own personal cheese pizza. I know how much you love grease and cheese, so eat well for me."

Asonja nods at that.

After 10 minutes, Randall turned off the tv and went downstairs to the lab.

Randall: Alright, whatcha got?

A floating piece of paper was in front of Randall. "20 steel spears, 8 cast-iron swords, and steel-tip arrows with feathers at the end of the stick made of mahogany. I have the molds already done."

Randall: Okay, let's do it.

Randall began working.

(I'll be out on the road for a few hours with my parents soon, so I'll probably be back in the afternoon. Keep watch for me.) (Right. I also have trouble sleeping as of right now so I'm up and watching some Anime to help me get back to sleep)

After a while of steel-working, Zoralth noticed something. "Aw, sh*t. We don't have the right materials for cast-iron. It'll take us weeks to get the stuff we need for it."

(Alright, I'm back!)

Randall: *facepalm* Damn...I guess we won't be completing this job anytime soon...

Zoralth looked at the order form. "Oh, additional comments! I forgot to read that part...let's see...quote: Take as long as you need before the winter season. I understand not many people own the parts for any of these things, but I know you guys are elligible to do so, end-quote. Well, that makes this a bit easier, don't ya think?"

Randall: Thank Gaia...Well, where do you think we could find materials for cast-iron?

"There should be some supplies nearby. I'll go ahead and find another expert on where to get the items. We can take a break here as we have a long deadline."

Randall: Okay, I'll go out for a stroll.

Randall went up the stairs and opened the door. William Gibson, a local businessman walked up the path.

(William Gibson is my version of Trevor Phillips from GTA V. :3)

Randall: Hey, William!

William: Hey, Randall. So...How's it going?

Randall: Doing just fine. What about you?

William: I'm fine too, thanks for asking. Say, about we go hang out?

Randall: Sure, I'm in. Let's take your car.

William: Sure.

William and Randall walked to William's car and got in. William then drove off.

Meanwhile, Emma was still in the bathtub, taking a nap in her Merbian form. She sighed happily in relaxation and thought that nobody would come in.

(So...What should I do now?)(Hmmm...I'm not sure. I'll continue this on then.)

Asonja was sleeping on the couch. Meanwhile, Zoralth had found an expert that knew how to make cast-iron in another town hours away. He stayed with the expert for another few hours while Randall was out.

Meanwhile, Randall was playing pool with William at a bar.

Randall: You're quite the pool player, William.

William: Thanks, Randall. I was the Canadian under-18 champion at pool.

Randall: And you've still got it, which is amazing.

William: Thanks, let's continue this!

A few hours later, William dropped Randall off at his house.

Randall: Thanks for the fun day, William. Also, you should consider washing your clothes sometimes, they reek of unpleasantries. You should also consider buying different clothing.

William: I don't care, Randall! I don't give a f**k what I wear and if my clothes are dirty! You know that!

Randall: I know, sorry...Well, see you!

William: Later!

William drove off as Randall entered his house.

Zoralth wasn't home yet, but left a note saying that he'd be home soon. Asonja was still in the same couch, being asleep for around 9 hours and hasn't moved.

Randall: Man, Asonja sure is one lazy fellow...I'll go check on Emma.

Randall walked up to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

Randall: Emma, it's Randall! I'm coming in!

"Okay! You're good to enter!" She says, putting a towel over her top while still laying down in the tub.

Randall then entered.

Randall: You need anything? Are you thirsty or hungry?

"Hmm...I could drink something...what do you have?" Emma asks, her tail flopping inside the tub for a second.

Randall: We've got all sorts of drinks: E-Cola, Sprunk, orange juice, a lot of drinks.

"Ooo! E-Cola? You have that too?"

Randall: Yep. We imported it from Los Santos, San Andreas, located in Fictionerica (That's what I call GTA America at this moment.). Want some?

"I would love some!" Her tail wagged excitedly.

Randall: Okay, I'll be right back.

Randall went downstairs, grabbed a can of E-Cola, went back upstairs and gave Emma the E-Cola.

Randall: Enjoy. :)

She takes it and smiles, her tail wagging just when Randall came back into the room. "Thank you Randall!"

Randall: You're welcome. I'll go downstairs. Call me if you need me.

Randall then went downstairs.

She drank from it and sighed happily. "So gooooood~!"

Meanwhile, with Merna, Summer and Tim...

(You can play Summer for a bit.)

Merna was still playing GTK Online.

Summer watched Merna. "How do you think Emma is coping on the surface?"

Merna: I think she's doing just fine.

Tim: Yeah, I bet she's having a good time up there.

"I'm just a little worried, is all. What if she got captured?"

Merna: Yeah, that would be horrible...

Tim: Yeah...Who would take care of me if mom and dad died and Emma was dead too?

" about we speak to your mother, Merna? And check on her?"

Merna: Sure, let's go do that.

Merna shut off her ShayStation 4 and together with Summer and Tim, she went to the throne room.

Queen Diana: Hello, Merna, Summer and Tim.

Merna: Hello, mother. Could we get ourselves heating powers too? We would like to check on Emma.

Queen Diana: Certainly, Merna.

Queen Diana then used her trident on Merna, Summer and Tim.

Queen Diana: Here you go. Now you can go onto the surface anytime you like. When you go onto the surface, you'll grow legs, and when you touch sea water, you'll grow fins again. Understood?

Merna and Tim nodded.

Summer nods too. "Understood Diana!"

Diana: And be careful up there, not all surface dwellers are nice.

Merna: We will, mother. Bye!

Merna, Summer and Tim swam out of the palace and up to the surface. They crawled out of the water and grew legs. They noticed they were nude and squeaked.

Merna: Ohmigosh, what if someone sees us like this?!

Tim: We gotta find some clothing, quick!

"Over there!" Summer points to a nearby bench where people left their clothing.

The threesome ran over to the bench and quickly put on the clothing. Merna wore a white t-shirt, blue denim shorts and blue sneakers, Summer wore a pink tank top, black pants and white sport shoes and Tim wore a purple t-shirt, green pants, black shoes and a purple cap.

Tim: Thank goodness...

Merna: Well, let's go look for Emma.

"Yup! I'm pretty sure she's in town."

Merna: Wait, I know! I have my shellphone with me! I'll call my boyfriend Randall, he lives here in town!

Merna called Randall.

Randall: Hey, Merna. How's it going?

Merna: I'm fine. Look, my friends, Summer, Tim and I are worried about Emma. We actually came up to the surface to look for her. Where is she?

Randall: She's actually in my house right now, in the bathroom. I'll pick you guys up.

Merna: Really? Thank you so much, Randall!

Randall: You're welcome. Where are you?

Merna: The beach.

Randall: Okay, stay there, I'll pick you up.

Merna: Okay, bye. *hangs up* My boyfriend Randall will pick us up! Emma is in his house!

"What a relief..." Summer sighs a bit. "I'm glad she's okay."

Tim: Me too.

Randall later arrived in his car. He honked his horn to get Merna, Summer and Tim's attention. They walked over to the car and got in.

Randall: Hey, guys. How's it going?

Merna: We're fine. And we're glad Emma's okay.

Tim: Yeah, we were afraid she was captured.

Summer was nodding among them, agreeing.

Randall: Okay. Let's go to my house.

Randall drove to his house. Once they got there, everyone got out and Randall locked the car.

Randall: Emma is in my bathroom upstairs. Knock before you come in.

Merna: Okay.

Merna, Summer and Tim went into Randall's house and went upstairs. Merna knocked on the door.

Merna: Emma, it's Merna, Summer and Tim! We have heating powers now too!

"Yay!" Emma climbs out of the tub and regains her legs. She grabbed the towel to cover herself and opened the door. "It's so nice of you guys to come check on makes me feel so much more loved when there's hardly anyone else around." (You can take back Summer now if you want) (Okay.)

Summer: You're welcome, honey. We were worried that you might've got captured.

Tim: Yeah. Thank Poseidon you didn't.

Merna: We'll let you get dressed. We'll be downstairs.

Emma nods and closes the door, smiling a little bit. She went back to where she left her clothes and put them on, exiting the bathroom after about 2 minutes. She made her way downstairs, sitting on the couch with the three. asonja, unsurprisingly, was still sleeping on the other couch so the 3 Merbian girls and lone Merbian boy were hunched together on the other couch.

Tim: Who's the black hedgehog kid?

"I believe his name is Asonja?" Emma says, uncertain herself. "He's Zoralth's twin brother."

(Sorry, I was caught up in my manga x3) (Okay.)

Tim: Okay. I don't know who Zoralth is but I'm sure he's nice.

"He's a nice dragon. Very sweet and compassionate too." She was blushing a bit as she said so.

Merna: That's great. Also, I have an idea. Let's give Asonja Merbian powers. Then he'll turn into a Merbian whenever he touches seawater, just like us.

"Ooo! I actually quite like that idea. That'd be pretty cool. When should we do it?"

Merna: How about now, while he's sleeping?

"Sure, just to make sure he doesn't notice a thing." Emma giggles a bit, very quietly.

Merna nodded and quietly snuck over to Asonja. Her hands began to glow, and she carefully placed them on Asonja's chest. Asonja sparkled and the sparkling faded. Merna sat back down on the couch.

"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting your mother can do these magic things," Emma giggles. "Should we put him in the bathtub full of sea water to give him a surprise?"

Merna: Sure, let's do it. *giggles*

Summer: I'll help you girls. *giggles*

Merna, Emma and Summer picked up Asonja and took him upstairs. They put him in the bathtub with sea water. Asonja's clothes disappeared and he grew a black fishtail. The girls quietly giggled and they snuck downstairs.

It was only a matter of time before they heard a scream from the bathroom. It was Asonja finally waking up to see his tail.

Merna and Summer walked up the stairs and entered the bathroom.

Summer: Nice tail, honey. You look cute with it. *winks*

Asonja blinked a few times, and actually blushed from that. "T-thank you..."

Merna: I'm Merna and this is Summer. We're Merrbians, and I gave you Merbian powers. Whenever you touch sea water, you'll turn into a Merhog.

Summer: Yep. We thought you could use something new in your life, so, here you go.

"This does feel pretty new and relaxing..." Asonja says. "I used to be quite afraid of seawater, it being so cold and what not. I appreciate your kindness to me." His tail flopped inside the tub for a moment as if he was repositioning and trying to get used to having his tail.

(I'm going to be gone for a little while as a real-life friend invited me over to his house. I'll try to edit as soon as I can.)


Summer: You're welcome, honey. Say, how about Merna and I teach you how to swim in your new tail?

"S-sure. That'd be nice, actually."

Summer: Okay, let's go.

Summer sang the Song of The Sea and she teleported to the sea with Merna and Asonja. In the sea, Merna and Summer turned back to their Merbian forms. Asonja could now see how beautiful Merna and Summer looked in their Merbian forms.

"Whoa..." Asonja blinked a few times. "I never knew how beautiful Merbians were. I wasn't even sure of their existence up until now."

Merna: *giggles* Merbians have been around since the early 1800's, so our kind has been around for a long time. Now, let's work on your swimming skills. It's pretty simple: Just move your tail up and down like this.

Merna demonstrated it to Asonja. She moved her tail up and down to swim forward.

Merna: Your turn, Asonja.

He attempts, but he was swimming up instead of forward. "Whoop, well, I learned that."

Merna: It's okay, you'll learn it soon.

Meanwhile, with Zoralth...

Zoralth had just gotten home with supplies in a wagon outside. "Yo, anyone home?" He calls. "I need some help with the back!"

Randall and Tim came outside.

Randall: We'll help you.

Tim: Yeah, we'll help you get that stuff inside.

"Sweet, thanks. I'd do it myself but my energy is too low to grow and the house is too small."

Tim: Alright, let's get this inside!

Randall and Tim brought the stuff down to the lab.

They were both pretty heavy stuff, probably containing materials for the weapons. There were also some lumber as well.

Randall and Tim put down the supplies and panted. They went back upstairs.

Tim: Whew...That's some heavy stuff...

"We're almost done, don't worry," Zoralth says, as he hands a few more lighter supplies to them. "I got the rest from here, boys. Thanks a bunch."

Randall: You're welcome.

Randall and Tim brought the lighter supplies down to the lab, went back upstairs and sat back down in the living room with Emma.

Randall: So Merna gave Asonja Merbian powers and now she and Summer are out in the sea training him, Emma?

"Yup! It was my idea, mostly. Just to surprise him and get him around the house."

Randall: Nice. Asonja doesn't leave the house that often, so it's good for him to go swimming for a bit.

"Well, that just depends if my friends could deal with him," Zoralth says, as he joins in the conversation. "He's quite the downer."

Randall: Friends? Do you have friends down there in the sea?

"I've met few of them, and I'm sure they're watching him," Zoralth says, scratching his ear. "Though, I'm not sure if they got captured or they're still at sea somewhere. It's been about a month or so since I've seen them or got word of them."

Randall: I see.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door rapidly. Randall went to answer it. A panicked William was at the door.

Randall: William? What's the matter?

William: Randall, there's a man passed out in town square! Come with me!

Randall: Okay. Zoralth, you coming?

"Seems like a sudden ER is needed," Zoralth cracked his knuckles and his wings spread. "Lead the way."

William took Randall and Zoralth to town square, where a male skunk servant was passed out.

Randall: What happened to him?

William: I saw him collapse from exhaustion, and I knew I had to get you guys here.

Zoralth had suddenly appeared behind them, checking the skunk's temperature and everything. "His muscles are tense and his body temperature is above normal, almost to fever level. He hasn't had water for a good 5 hours, walking and standing in the 90 degree weather. This skunk needs immediate treatment."

Randall: Let's bring him to Hoofton Central Hospital.

"On that right now." Zoralth picks up the male skunk and flies off to the hospital at around 150 km/h.

The hospital workers saw Zoralth arrive and they took the male skunk and brought him to a room for treatment.

Receptionist: We'll let you know when he's feeling better. What's your name?

"Zoralth Masenko, sir," He replies, his wings flapping as he relaxed.

Receptionist: Okay...Address?

"563 Littleburst St."

Receptionist: Okay...We'll send someone over to your house as soon as the patient is better. Thank you for bringing him in.

He nods. "No problem. I'll be waiting for results." Zoralth walks out, stretching his arms a bit.

Randall and William arrived in William's Canis Bodhi.

Randall: We're here!

William: Yeah, we had to run a few red lights to get here.

Randall: Did you bring him in?

"Yes. We wait at our house for results whether he's fine or not. I'll be paying the bills if necessary." Zoralth gets inside their vehicle in the back. His wings were a bit large, even while folded, so he shrunk to the size of a teddy bear in order to fit in the back seats. "Let's roll."

William drove Randall and Zoralth home.

William: So...Zoralth, right?

"Indeed it is. William I presume is yours."

William: Yep. William Gibson's the name. I live here in Hoofton, I'm a businessman. If you want to, we could hang out sometime. Here's my number.

William handed Zoralth his phone number.

He flies up to take it, since he was smaller than around a foot. "Sure, I'll take this into consideration. For now, Randall and I have a huge order to take care of back at the steelworks shop."

William: Alright, sure.

The threesome got to the house on Littleburst St.. Randall got out.

William: Thanks for helping, guys. I'll drop by again sometime.

Zoralth flew out as well, going back to his original size. "Sure thing. We'll let you know when we're available."

William: Sure. We can hang with Randall or without him, I don't mind. Later!

William drove off.

Randall: Let's get to work.

He cracked his knuckles again. "Right. We just gotta do the molding and put them together. It shouldn't be long."

Randall nodded as he went down to the lab.

With Merna, Summer and Asonja...

Merna and Summer were still teaching Asonja how to swim.

Summer: Move your tail up and down to swim forward.

He was slowly starting to get it, as he was moving forward slowly, of course also having to lean foward. "There we go...50 tries and I'm getting close."

Summer: Yep. Keep trying, Asonja, honey. You're doing well.

"It just doesn't feel right, is all, since I've been on legs for as far as I can remember. I should be used to this soon..." Asonja says as he was slowly going around that water near them.

Merna: It's okay. We've had fins our entire lives, so we gotta get used to walking on legs.

"I suppose that's fair enough," He says as he had spiraled onto his back. "Oh dear, I flipped myself over again.."

Summer and Merna giggled as they turned Asonja around.

Merna: We'll help you swim for now.

Summer and Merna each put one of Asonja's arms on their shoulders and they swam off towards Mertopia with him.

Summer: We'll show you something awesome.

"Something awesome? What'll that be?" He asks as he tries following their tail motions.

Merna: You'll see.

The three of them made it to Mertopia. Asonja could see all kinds of Merbians swimming around.

He whistled at that, keeping mainly quiet.

Merna: Welcome to Mertopia, Asonja. This is where I live. I live in the palace with my mother, Queen Diana, so I'm the princess here.

"You weren't kidding when you said it was awesome," Asonja replies. "Must be pretty cool to be a princess."

Merna: It sure is. It has it's ups and downs, but I enjoy being a princess.

Summer: I'm a princess too, of a neighbouring city known as Atlantis. It's about 10 minutes swimming from here.

Merna: How about we introduce you to my mother?

"Sure! I'd like to meet a queen any day."

Merna: Okay.

Merna and Summer entered the palace with Asonja, and swam to the throne room. Queen Diana smiled when Merna and Summer entered with Asonja.

Queen Diana: Hello, Merna. Hello, Summer. Who's this new Merhog?

Merna: This is Asonja. I gave him Merbian powers, causing him to grow fins every time he touches sea water.

Queen Diana: Well, hello, Asonja.

"H-hello Queen Diana.." He says, being slightly embarrassed that he was infront of a monarch.

Queen Diana: So, are you perhaps a surface dweller like Randall?

"I am." He nods. "I'm a bit new to the Merbian culture. I just learned it whenever I got my tail.."

Queen Diana: Okay. If you spend some time as a Merbian, you'll get used to our culture. Try it some time.

He nods, acknowledging that. "I'll try everything I can. I don't do much on the surface anyway; it's pretty boring as it was.."

Queen Diana: I see. Well, I wish you a pleasant stay in our underwater world. Merna and Summer will guide you.

Merna: Yes, we will.

Summer: We'll show you the wonders of the deep blue sea. *rubs Asonja's hair*

He seemed to visably blush upon doing so, having a faint smile. "Thank you...I appreciate the kindness."

Summer: You're welcome. My daddy always told me to be kind to people, or you won't make it in this world.

Merna: My mother taught me the same thing. I want to teach my kids the same thing when the time comes.

"I'm sure that time will soon come. I'm not sure about my own time, though. I shouldn't worry too much," Asonja shrugged a little bit and then looked around again. "I wonder if there are some bakeries nearby..."

Merna: There is one nearby. It's called Benedict's Bakery. It's run by an elderly Mermunk named Benedict. Let's go there.

Merna and Summer took Asonja to Benedict's Bakery. Benedict was behind the counter and he watched the threesome enter.

Asonja was clearly excited, but showed no expression. The reason his excitement was present was his stomach growling. Apparently he loves bread.

(By the way, I found out why I couldn't edit the Guardian Angel RP. We can now continue it if you want.) (Ah alrighty. I can't find it though so I might need the link x3)

Benedict: Princess Merna, Princess Summer! Who did you bring with you, girls?

Merna: This Asonja, a new friend.

Benedict: Alright. *to Asonja* Hey, sonny. Would you like something to eat from old Benedict?

"Sure, what do you have may I ask?" Asonja was interested as his tail seemed to flick occasionally.

Benedict: I have bread, I have muffins, donuts, cake, lots of things. I also have sub sandwiches if you want those.

"Hmm..." Asonja thought for a moment. "Do you have a whole loaf of Whole Wheat bread?"

Benedict: Yes, I do. Coming right up.

Benedict grabbed a whole loaf of Whole Wheat bread from the cabinets and gave it to Asonja.

Benedict: That'll be 10 Merbian Coins.

Summer: I'll pay for him, since he's new here.

Summer paid for Asonja's bread.

Benedict: Would you girls like something too?

Summer: No, not really. I'm not really hungry.

Merna: Neither am I.

Benedict: Okay, have a seat and a nice day.

The girls nodded and they sat down at a table with Asonja.

Asonja looked at the bread, and his stomach only growled more. "This looks amazing...I can't help but just slice it up and start eating."

Summer: Eat it then.

"I will, I will. I just felt the need to say that." Asonja shrugged with a smirk and he started cutting the bread and eating it. He made a purring noise.

Merna and Summer giggled at this.

Meanwhile, with Amy...

(You can play as her for a bit.)(Alrighty. I'm a bit busy with a game for right now so I'll try to edit as fast as I can)

Amy was just sitting around inside her house, sadly watching TV. She was desperate for love at this point, wiping some tears away.

Tim was looking through Amy's window, and saw her wiping her tears away.

Tim: Poor hedgehog girl...

Tim rang the doorbell.

She jumped up for a second and wiped her tears again to calm down. When she opened the door, she looked normal.

"Oh! Hey there Tim. What can I do for you?" She asked.

Tim: How do you know my name?

"O-oh! I'm sorry, there was a name on the TV that was named Timothy. He looked a lot like you for a second that I kind of liked, I'm sorry.." She blushed.

Tim: I see. Well, I looked through your window and I saw you pretty sad. Is everything okay?

"Well, not ex boyfriend, Sonic, recently turned himself into a female. I lost all respect for him and now I live in this house alone. I dunno why Sonic would think of such a thing to do..."

Tim: Gee, that's terrible...Well, Merna told me that Randall said Sonic is probably transgender, because Randall finds that the only logical explanation for Sonic's sex change operation.

"That might be true..." Amy replies. "But I'm straight. If Sonic changes into a female, I'm not going out with him."

Tim nods.

Tim: I respect that decision.

He then puts his hands on Amy's shoulders.

Tim: I've heard you're currently trying out a relationship with Asonja, so try to spend some more time with him, and if that doesn't work out, continue looking for your knight in shining armor. Don't be desperate for love, because the more desperate you get, the less chance you'll find a boy.

"You're right..." Amy nods. "I'll try not to be so desperate. If you see Asonja some day, please let him know that he's willing to come over to my house any time. I'd love to spend some time with him."

Tim: I will. Well, if you need someone to talk to, I'll be in Randall's house. Bye!

Tim waved and walked back to Randall's house.

"Thank you!" She shouts from behind as she gets back into her house, watching TV. "Man...if only Asonja was more available..."

Back with Asonja...

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He had finished the entire loaf of bread in a short 10 minutes. He sighed in relief and leaned back on his chair. "I do not regret a single thing after that."

Merna: Yeah, I bet.

Summer: Yeah, but I think we should go back to the surface. Something tells me you have someone very special waiting for you.

"I might have a suspicion on who that is. I think I should go," Asonja looked up at the surface of the water. "But shoot, I'd hate to leave this place so soon."

Summer: I have an idea. I'll bring your special someone here.

Summer got out a special emerald. It was a red one.

Summer: This is a Sea Emerald, a very valuable jewel. You can use it for various things: Teleporting, special attacks and if you collect all 7 Sea Emeralds, you'll turn into a Barracuda Form. I'll be right back.

Summer used the Sea Emerald to teleport to Amy's house. She appeared in the living room.

Amy screamed a bit since it was so sudden. "Woah! W-who are you and how did you get in my house?"

Summer: My name is Summer, I am the Mermunk princess of Atlantis. I'm a friend of your boyfriend Asonja. He's currently underwater, and I decided to bring you there as well so you can spend time with Asonja. I teleported here using this Sea Emerald.

Summer held up the Sea Emerald.

Summer: Now let me give you Merbian powers, so you can survive underwater.

Summer walked up to Amy, her right hand glowing. She touched Amy with her glowing hand, and Amy began sparkling.

She looked at herself for a moment, not entirely freaking out but was curious to what was happening.

Summer: You now have Merbian powers. Every time you touch sea water, you will turn into a Merhog. Let's go.

Summer pulled Amy close to her and they teleported back to Benedict's Bakery, under the sea. Amy had turned into a Merhog. She had a pink fishtail and a red shell bra. She saw how beautiful Summer and Merna were as Merbians and how cute Asonja was as a Merhog.

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She couldn't help but squeal and hugged Asonja tightly. "You look so cute in that form! I was just wanna pinch your cheeks since you're so adorable!"

Asonja was just blushing and couldn't help BUT to blush.

Merna and Summer giggled.

Amy then looked at her pink fishtail and flexed it. She squealed again.

Amy: Thank you, Summer! This is amazing!

Amy hugged Summer. She giggled in response.

Summer: No biggie, honey. I just knew that spending time with your boyfriend as Merhogs would be the perfect way to spend the rest of your day.

Amy: So, what are we gonna do first?

Merna: We'll leave that up to Asonja.

"Perhaps there are some places for entertainment?" Asonja questioned.

Summer: Well, there's an arcade down the block, maybe we could go there?

Asonja's hair seemed to twitch. "An...An arcade? You mean there's an arcade I can go to?" Everyone can tell that Asonja always wanted to go to an arcade, but was never able to.

Summer: Yes, there's an arcade here in Mertopia.

Merna: Yes, we'll take you there.

Summer took Asonja's hand and Merna took Amy's hand. The girls took the couple to the arcade. There were all sorts of games in there. Dance Dance Revolution, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, all sorts.

"No way..." Asonja looked around, quite amazed. "This is honestly the best thing I've seen thus far."

Merna and Summer giggled again.

Merna: So, which game do you want to try first?

"Hmmm...How about Pac-Man?" Asonja went over to it, as it was the only one open. "Dang, I don't have any coins."

Merna: I have coins. Here.

Merna handed Asonja a bunch of coins.

Surprisingly, Asonja took them all without dropping any. A bucket randomly appeared next to him and he slowly put them in. They were a perfect fit. "Sweetness. Time to play, shall we?" He goes ahead and grabs a coin and puts it into the machine.

(The Guardian Angel RP was deleted. Do you know what happened to it?)

Amy, Merna and Summer watched Asonja play.

Even though it was his first time playing a video game in general, he seemed to be doing pretty well. He suddenly knew the objective and what purpose some items were. He managed to get to the 3rd stage before getting a game over. "Aw, shoot."

Amy put her arms around Asonja.

Amy: You did well for your first time, Asonja. Try again. *kisses Asonja on the cheek*

He seemed to blush at her hug and kiss and he nods. "Once more, before I start hogging the machine," He chuckles just a bit and inserts another coin to start again.

Amy: If you can get to level 5, I'll give you some sugar~.

His ears perked up just a bit, seeming to chuckle again as the game starts up. "Let's see if I have what it takes."

Amy, Merna and Summer began cheering for Asonja.

Asonja was actually so concentrated, all he could see was the game. All he could hear was the game. He didn't care what was happening in the outside, but that's what was happening. Eventually, level 5 came about. He had gotten some extra lives previously.

"Right...Level 5, with a total of 256..." He muttered these things to himself as he played. How'd he know that there are 256 levels in Pac-man? Even he doesn't know that.

The girls looked at each other as Asonja continued playing.

"Perfect Score, 3,333,360..." was another one of them he muttered to himself, and as far as he knows, only one person managed to get that score in 3 hours of constantly playing Pac-Man...without dying.

Though, he couldn't hold himself for long as he lost all lives on Level 10. He sighed and backed off from the game. "Phew...what a session that was."

Amy put her arms around Asonja and wrapped her tail around his.

Amy: You did well, Asonja. Here's your sugar, like I promised ~.

Amy began kissing Asonja. Merna and Summer squealed softly at it.

Asonja's reaction was just as what everyone would expect to happen; he happily accepted it for a while.

Meanwhile, with Randall and Zoralth...

Randall was working hard on the order he and Zoralth got.

Zoralth was working hard as well, mainly on the molds. Considering he can touch the scoulding liquid metal with his bare hand-claws, He hadto make sure the weapons and the molds were not damaged in the process.

"Hey, Randall! Make sure you have the blueprints for the handles! I'm going to be giving you the blades here in a moment as I start on the next batches!"

Randall: Sure, I've got those blueprints! Here!

Randall passed Zoralth the blueprints.

He wiped his hands off to not burn the blueprints and he examines the prints to work on bashing the finished models into handels that were to be hand-made.

Randall: So, what do I do now?

"Well, for right now I've already mixed the ingrediants we needed to make part of our order. But we need to make the hilts and the handles for the rest of the weapons. The logs should be in back and I'm going to need you to make them for me. We'll be coating them in a paint as well that should take just the right amount of time for me to shape the molds and put them with the handles. Understood?"

Randall nods and gets to work.

Zoralth follows, leaving the molds to cool. He followed only for a short while to work on the next batch. "Careful on your way out; it's slippery over there."

Randall: Understood.

Randall got the logs and then returned with them. He began making the hilts and the handles for the rest of the weapons.

With that going on, Zoralth was sharpening/leveling the finished molds on his workstation nearby.

Randall eventually finished making the hilts and handles.

Randall: Finished!

"Good! I just have these left to melt and we should be good by tomorrow with the first part done."

Randall: Okay. I'll just wait for you to finish up too.

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"Not much longer, just a few more spear tips."

(Silverknight has restored The Guardian Angel RP, so we can continue that too.) (All because of the troll attack from two nights ago. She thought she restored it but ended up deleting it and didn't notice until later.)

Randall nodded as he watched Zoralth.

He banged his hammer at the tips to straighten them out, sparks flying, and proceeded to sharpen them with the grindstone.

Randall continued to watch Zoralth.

Afterwards, the wooden parts that Randall created flew over to Zoralth and floated there as he was using his powerful chaos energy and core. He placed the metal parts in place and also hammered them into place, being nice and sturdy.

"There we are," Zoralth says, hanging the floating weapons on the delivery rack. "First part of the weapons are done."

Randall: Alright. So, take a break now?

"Yup," Zoralth nods, cracking his knuckles again. "Burgers?"

Randall: Sure. With Heinz Seriously Good Mayo, please.

"You got it, my rhino," Zoralth snapped his fingers and flew up to the kitchen area upstairs. He proceeded to cook the burger meat.

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Randall came upstairs and sat down at the table.

Tim: Can Emma and I have some burgers too, Zoralth?

"Yup! On that now." Zoralth was seen suddenly cooking 3 patties. They looked thick and juicy just looking at them. "Keep in mind, I never make small burgers."

(Don't be sad, Silva. I'm sure you have a talent you can show on Youtube.) (Even so, I'm not sure for what that would be.)

Tim: I'm fine with that. Are you too, Emma?

Emma nods. She stuck her tongue out jokingly. "Oh please. Of COURSE I can eat all of it. You should see me eat; I love my food."

(Alright. Well, let's continue playing.)

Tim: Okay.

Tim sat down at the table too.

Eventually, Zoralth finished the burgers. He placed the burgers down in front of Randall, Tim, and Emma. Condiments were also supplied on the table. "Help yourselves, guys. Free food is good food."

Randall and Tim put Heinz Seriously Good Mayo on their burgers and began eating.

Tim: Oh, this is so good...

Randall: You know it! Zoralth makes the best burgers!

Emma was acutally curious as she put Ketchup, cheese, and the Heinz Seriously Good Mayo as well and took a bit. " kidding! It's like it's perfectly cooked!"

Zoralth only blushed greatfully and watched everyone eat.

Back with Asonja and the girls...

Amy had finished making out with Asonja.

Merna: I have an idea! Let's go to the palace and have some fun with Asonja!

Summer: Yeah, let's go!

Amy: Well, okay.

"W-what kind of fun?" Asonja asked, still blushing like a tomato.

Merna: How about a lap dance from all 3 of us~?

This made Asonja perk up some more, his tail almost freezing in place for a moment. He nodded regardless. "O-okay...sure."

The girls giggled and they took Asonja to the palace. They were let inside by the guards and they took Asonja to Merna's room. As Amy was Asonja's boyfriend, she was allowed to go first. Amy began her lapdance.

Amy: Do you like this, Sonny boy~?

He nods, still quite red.

Amy: That's good~.

Amy continued her lap dance for a while until she finished.

Merna: It's my turn~.

Merna began her lap dance for Asonja.

Merna: Amy's lucky to have you, you know that~?

He nods. "Y-yeah...I'm glad to be with everyone here too.." He was still tomato-faced.

Merna: That's great~. This lap dance is just as a friend, just so you know. I'm already taken, and you're a bit young. But I'll still give you a dance~.

Merna wrapped her tail around Asonja's, put her hands on his shoulders and continued her dance.

Asonja nods again and allows her to continue. He seemed to enjoy it quite well but was still blushing quite a bit.

Merna eventually finished her dance.

Summer: Now it's my turn, honey~.

Summer began her lap dance. Summer shook her hips, poked Asonja's nose with her fin tail, stroked his tail and did other seducing things.

Asonja probably wasn't getting as tomato-faced as before, but if it was possible he'd be so red by now. But he was enjoying it.

Summer continued her lap dance.

Summer: Even if you're a child, you're still cute~.

He continued to blush and even smiled. He wanted to play along, but he wasn't exactly sure how. "T-thank you, Summer.."

Summer: You're welcome, sugar~. You're a good boy~.

Summer hugged Asonja, stroking his hair.

His blush stayed, but he allowed her to do that. His hair was rather silky, considering that he probably put conditioner on it a while ago.

Amy and Merna looked at each other and agreed it was time to stop.

Amy: Okay, Summer, it's time to stop.

Summer: Okay.

Summer let go of Asonja.

Summer: Well, I think it's time for the four of us to return to the surface.

Amy: Agreed, I've got work to do.

Merna: I wonder what Randall's up to.

Asonja got up after a moment and stretched. "He's probably working with Zoralth again, my brother. I don't do anything there so...but Amy's on the surface to begin with so I'll go to where Amy wants to go."

Amy: I want to go to the surface.

Summer: Okay, I'll teleport the four of us there.

Summer got out her Sea Emerald and teleported them back to the surface. They ended up in Amy's house in their Mobian forms.

Amy: Thank you, Summer, for the fun time.

Summer: You're welcome. I'm going back to Randall's house.

Merna: Me too. What about you, Asonja?

He thought about it for a minute, like someone outside in the fourth wall was deciding for him. He shrugged. "I'll stay here with Amy as she seems to need the company."

Amy: Aw, that's sweet, Asonja! <3

Merna: Okay. We'll be going. Bye, guys!

Merna and Summer walked out the door to Randall's house next door. The two of them entered and saw Randall, Emma and Tim eating Zoralth's burgers.

Merna: Well, it looks like this dragon guy is really taking good care of you and Tim, Emma.

Zoralth chuckled and throw his spatula up in the air before catching it again. "I am an expert cook; I don't let anyone starve, including my brother. He likes to push me away, for whatever reason...with that aside, would you girls like to try some of my burgers?"

Merna: Sure, I'd love some.

Summer: Me too.

"Alrighty! Keep in mind, they're rather big, but I'm more than welcome to shrink them just a bit," He put two more patties down on the indoor grill.

Merna: Sure, you can shrink them. I can't eat burgers if they're too big.

Summer: Neither can I. You can shrink my burger too.

"Hehe. I got you girls covered." He finished cooking the patties that were rather small, almost adorable-looking, but not too small or too big. "How's this girls?"

Merna: Fine by me.

Summer: Me too.

Merna put ketchup on the burger and Summer put mayo on it. They then tasted their burgers.

Merna: Delicious.

Summer: Agreed. You really are an expert cook, sugar.

Zoralth giggled and crossed his arms, his tail swishing behind him. "Oh're flattering me."

Randall and Tim rolled their eyes.

Tim: So, did you do anything interesting with Asonja?

Merna: Yes. We took him to Benedict's Bakery, then Summer took Asonja's girlfriend Amy down to the Mertopian underwater world, and me, Summer and Amy then gave Asonja a lap dance at the palace.

Randall and Tim had a look of jealousy in their eyes, which Merna and Summer could notice.

Merna: Don't worry, Randall. You'll get a lap dance some time too.

Summer: Yes, you too, Tim.

Randall: Okay...

Tim: Sure...

Zoralth only chuckled. "Boys can dream, ya know. I'm already taken, though. Randall and Tim will get their matches soon enough, I know of it. The less they think about it, the faster they'll come. Surely there should be some in town as well."

Merna: I'm Randall's girlfriend.

Summer: And I'm Tim's girlfriend.

"Oh. Right." Zoralth blushed a bit and rubbed the back of his head. "Didn't know that."

Summer: Right...Well, we'll be sitting around the house a bit. How about we chat it up a bit, Emma?

Emma nods. "Sure! I finished my meal and if you're done we can chat."

Summer nodded and she and Merna continued to eat. Once they were finished, Summer took Emma to the living room to chat.

Summer: So, did you and Tim do anything interesting while Merna and I were gone?

"Not really, no." Emma replies. "Why do you ask?"

Summer: I was just curious.

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"I see." Emma says. "I didn't do anything bad to him while you weren't there, I promise."

Summer: I'm not worried about that. I mean, siblings having a romance is just weird.

(But in a game like Tomodachi Life, a lot of things are possible. For example, my daughter has a relationship with her cousin. Very strange, but also very interesting. XD) (Lol. Also, I have to go to work soon as I had overslept. I'll try to edit as much as I can as of right now.)

"True..." Emma replies, crossing her arms. "But no, I haven't. He's in good hands."

(Sorry for not getting here sooner. I was busy with other things. Also, are you available tomorrow?) (Tomorrow I have work as well, but around there I'll try to be there sooner by not sleeping late)h

Summer: Okay, good. If we're going to stay on land for a while, we're going to need more clothes. I mean, we can't walk around in these clothes we stole all the time.

"Yeah. I should have some extra clothes in my room. Ask Zoralth."

Summer: Okay.

Summer got up and walked over to Zoralth.

Summer: Zoralth, honey, do you happen to have extra clothes for us? I'm asking in case I wanna change clothes.

"Ah, yes, I have some clothing. Go ahead into my closet upstairs to the left. You'll see some clothing there that you are allowed to wear."

Summer nodded and went upstairs and checked the closet. She found some clothing.

Summer: This looks nice.

She put on the clothing. She then went back downstairs.

Summer: How does this look on me, guys?

"I do like that one," Zoralth remarks. Emma nods as well.

(I wrote that yesterday, I meant to say if you were available today.) (I am for right now, as I got up early, but I still have work at 5 PM eastern U.S time.)

Randall: Yes, those clothes look nice.

Tim: They sure do.

Merna nodded in agreement.

Summer: Thank you, guys. I appreciate all the kind words. I'll be watching tv.

Summer walked over to the tv and turned it on.

Emma decided to watch with her, Zoralth stretching and patting Randall's shoulder. "We gotta continue on our order."


Randall: Okay, let's go.

Randall went back downstairs to the lab.

Zoralth joined in. Meanwhile with Asonja, he was taking a nap on the couch like always at Amy's house.

Amy was watching a romantic movie on the couch, sitting next to Asonja.

TV Actor (Heard on screen): Oh, Monica, you're the most beautiful woman I have ever met! Let my heart be touched by your beauty and my soul be fed by your love! You're more beautiful than the most beautiful melody! I wouldn't trade you for all the money in the world!

Tears of joy rolled down Amy's face.

Amy: Oh!

Monica (Also heard on screen): Oh, Sterling, I'm so glad you're back from the sea! Your heart will now and forever belong to me!

Amy: *sighs happily* I wish Asonja was that romantic...

Asonja could be, if he wasn't this lazy and non-energetic. Though, a strange invisible aura was going around him as he slept. It was either the Merbian power he know had or something else...

Amy: Oh well, back to the movie...

Amy continued watching.

He fell off the couch and snapped awake, yelping. "Gah! Oh...I fell asleep again, sorry.."

Amy: It's fine...Now that you're awake, I want to ask you something: Could you be a little more romantic? I mean, I want romance and chivalry in our relationship, like in this movie I'm watching. Take a look.

He blinked tiredly and looked at the TV. "Oh. I mean, I could try, yeah. It's not going to be immediate but I can definitely try to if that's what you want." At least he respects her decisions.

Amy: Thank you, Asonja. I really appreciate that. *hugs him*

He smiled a bit and hugged her back. "No problem."

Meanwhile, Randall was busy manufacturing more supplies for his and Zoralth's order.

Luckily, they were almost done. They had another wave of metal to go through and they were ready to ship. "Heat of the boilers to get the next batch of weapons. We need about 28 pounds of the iron."

Randall: Alright, on it!

Randall did what Zoralth said.

Zoralth kept a close eye when Randall dumped the materials in. "Now, we wait for that to fully melt and we'll dump them in the molds. Keep an eye on that while I get started on the wooden parts.."

Randall: Understood.

Randall kept an eye on boilers while Zoralth did his work.

He would begin to notice the boilers doing their thing, the temperatures inside rising to more than 500 degrees celsius.

Randall nodded and continued to look at the boilers.

Nothing was cracked, which was a good thing. Zoralth wanted to keep a specific pressure point inside the boilers for them to melt in a more purified state. Since this type of Iron was a carbonated type, there tends to be multiple types of melted iron. With a high temperature with a specific pressure, either lower or higher, a different melted iron is created. Of course, this was hard to think about, but from where Zoralth was going, he seemed to know a lot.

Randall: Everything's going fine, Zoralth.

"Good!" He yelled back from the woodworking station. "Glad to see everything's good!"

Meanwhile, Emma and Summer were watching tv. They were watching a talk show.

Summer: I find it so interesting to hear those surface dwellers talk about their trivial matters. It's like with our talk shows down under the sea, only these ones are on land.

"Yeah, it's super cool and weird at the same time!" Emma replies. "But, I love it."

Summer nodded and continued watching.

Merna and Tim were sitting around, bored.

Merna: I'm bored...

Tim: Yeah, me too...

"You wanna watch this show with us?" Emma asked them.

Tim: Sure. What about you, Merna?

Merna: Okay.

Merna and Tim sat down on the couch with Emma and Summer.

Tim: What's this? A talk show?

"Yup. It's like the one we have underwater, but it focuses on the land dwellers instead. It's fascinating!"

Tim: Awesome!

Merna: It certainly is fascinating. Let's listen to what they have to say...

The Mobians were talking about an actor's upcoming movie. The actor's name was Angus Weston, and his upcoming movie was named Undead Nightmare.

"That sounds like an awesome movie I'd watch any day!" Emma says. "When's that movie coming out so I can go see it?"

Tim: Well, according to the actor, Angus Weston, the movie's coming out in a few days. It's premiering in Mobiwood, in Los Pandos.

(Last edit) (Okay, thanks for tonight.) (Actually, I got a few more to squeeze in. I got about 20 minutes left.)

"Yay! We should book for seats and tickets there!"

Merna: Let's ask Randall about it once he's done working.

"Sounds good. Shall I make some popcorn for us to snack on?"

(F**k...You should've said so earlier...)(It's alright. This'll be my last edit, for real this time)

Merna: Sure, go ahead.

"Yay!" Emma went over to the pantry and got some buttery popcorn into the microwave. "I think this is how it works..."

Merna: We'll see how it turns out.

She left it in there for a moment after turning it on and suddenly the popcorn starts popping. "Ooo! I got it! And it smells so good!"

(I'm sad at the moment because of personal issues, so I'm in not in the best mood right now, but I'll still play.)

Tim smiled.

Tim: It certainly does.

"I can already taste the butteriness..." Emma sat there, trying not to drool too much. "Cmon pop faster >~<"

Eventually, the popcorn was finished.

(I'll take a shower real quick. When do you have to work?) (5 PM. It's 10:46 AM here.) (Okay, great.)

Merna: The popcorn is finished.

"Oh! I thought it was almost done." Emma jumped up to open the door and open up the popcorn. She took a bite and murred at the buttery taste "So goood~!"

Summer, Merna and Tim took a bite too and sighed happily.

Summer: This is really nice.

Merna: Agreed.

Tim: Yeah.

"It's buttery deliciousness! Alright, now we can watch our show in style and in luxury"

Tim and the girls nodded and they sat back down on the couch with their popcorn.

Emma had poured the popcorn in a bowl for everyone to share while they watched. Meanwhile, Asonja was also watching TV with Amy next to him, all while Zoralth and Randall were still waiting for the iron to fully melt.

Randall: When will the iron be fully molten?

"I'd say it should take another 30 minutes." Zoralth replies, staring at the large boiler. "It's been sitting for about 2 hours now, I believe. It shouldn't take too long."

Randall nodded as he went upstairs to get himself and Zoralth some coffee. He then came back downstairs.

Randall: I got ourselves some coffee.

"Oh, thank you, I needed this." Zoralth takes the blazing hot cup and put some sugar and cream in it. He takes a sip of it and shivers, sighing. "That hit the spot nicely."

Randall nodded as he drank his coffee. Randall always drank his coffee black.

Zoralth spawned in seats with cup holders on the arms. "So, what shall we do in the meantime?"

Randall thought about it.

Randall: Maybe check up on Merna and the rest?

"Sounds like a pretty good idea. I'll be up there shortly." He took another sip of his coffee before putting placing it in the cup holder on his chair.

Randall nodded and walked upstairs. He saw Tim and the girls watch tv while eating popcorn.

Randall: Hey, guys. How's it going?

Zoralth had appeared in the second sofa on the side. Emma sees Randall and waves. "Hey! We're doing just fine, I just popped some buttery popcorn and would like to know if you'd like some! Unless you're not too busy, of course."

Randall: We're not busy at the moment. We'd like some.

Emma happily nods and passes Randall some popcorn. "Don't hog the popcorn, mkay?" She giggles.

Randall nodded and began eating his popcorn.

Zoralth decided to have some as well, but got his own little bag for himself. He had his pocket watch out to keep up with the time.

Tim: If you girls don't mind, I feel like watching something else now.

Merna: I don't mind.

Summer: Me neither.

"Sure! Choose anything you want Tim and we'll watch," Emma says. Zoralth nodded in the side.

Tim nodded and he changed the channel to a shopping channel.

Meanwhile, Asonja and Amy's show being long over by now, Asonja had decided to get something to eat in the fridge. " do have a lot of vegetables in here," he points out.

Amy: Yeah, I don't really need a lot of meat.

"That's fine. I'd love to help make some pasta if you wish."

Amy: Sure, let's make some vegetarian pasta with cheese.

Amy turned off the tv and walked to the kitchen. She got a bunch of ingredients ready to cook.

Asonja got some butter, milk, and some herbs from Amy's spice cabinet. He put them in a seperate pot to simmer along with some water. "I like to make this special kind of sauce for the pasta to simmer into. It tastes like melted cheese and it's amazing."

Amy nodded as he began washing and cutting the veggies for the pasta. Once that was done, she put a pot of water on the stove. She put the pasta in it.

Asonja was constantly stirring his own sauce and the spoon that he had even kept spinning around the pot as he went to get some more milk in the fridge. He poured more milk into the pot with the spinning spoon and he took control of the spoon again with his right hand.

Amy: Do you need help with that sauce?

"I got it Amy, thank you." He made a small smile before continuing on. He got some angel hair pasta and dropped them in.

Amy nodded and continued to watch the pasta boil.

Meanwhile, Randall, Zoralth, Tim and the girls were still watching the shopping channel. It was currently airing a homeshopping show for hobbyists. The show was called Hochanda (It's a real homeshopping program for hobbyists in my country. It is aired on SBS 9 from 8 AM to 11 AM.) (Interesting. I don't think I've seen much shopping channels in my time but that's pretty cool. I'd love to go to the Netherlands for a summer in college to study abroad.)

Emma pointed at the screen. "Ooo! Look at those necklaces! I'd love to get one of those."

(We have plenty of colleges in The Netherlands, as there's a University in Amsterdam, I think there's also one in Leiden, one in Groningen etc., so you have enough to pick from.) (Sweetness. Any colleges that deal with mainly science/math/technology?)

Summer: Me too, they look beautiful!

Merna: And it's really cool we can make those necklaces ourselves! Can we buy materials, please, Randall?

Randall thought about it.

Randall: Okay, I'll call.

Merna squealed and hugged Randall.

Merna: Thanks, Randall!

Randall chuckled.

Randall: You're welcome.

He grabbed his smartphone and called.

Emma giggled and then went to Zoralth. "Hey, Zor, do you think you could-"

"Mhm." Zoralth nods, smirking. "I will also get you the materials to make those necklaces as well."

Emma gave him a quick hug, squealing as well.

Randall: Uh-huh, okay, thank you.

Randall hung up.

Randall: The materials will be delivered tomorrow.

"Good. I'll go ahead and pick them up as well. But we must go back to work Randall; the melting process has just finished."

Randall: Okay. Let's go.

Randall put down his smartphone and went downstairs to the lab.

Emma waved, smiling. "Good luck!" Zoralth waved back, smiling a bit. "Thanks, Emma."

Randall dumped the molten iron in the molds. He waited for Zoralth.

He appeared behind him and expected the molten iron by touching them with his scaley hand. "Yes, good, we're on time. Now we wait for it to cool and mold.

Randall nodded as he sat down in his chair.

Zoralth properly cleaned off his finger from the iron and sat down along with Randall. "Now then, we just wait a little longer."

Randall nodded as he got out his Nintendo 4DS and began playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf (One of my favorite Nintendo games) (I actually have that game .w.)

"Interesting..." He muttered a bit and looked at his watch for a moment.

(YOU HAVE ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW LEAF?! WHAT'S YOUR FRIEND CODE?! WE COULD PLAY ON THAT GAME TOO!) (Well shit hold on let me go get it keep calm mah boi XD)(Try 3969-3952-5903) ('K.) (Now I need yours too .w.)

Randall continued to play his game.

"So, Randall..." Zoralth asked. "You want 50-50 of the total order, right?"

Randall: Yes, I would like that very much.

(My friend code is 4768-7785-0120) (Got it. Now we can play together.)

"Sweet. So we both get 550 Euros then."

Randall: Okeydokey.

(Your real name is Jason? Cool!) (Mhm. Dat's-a-me. Also, I have to go shower to somehwat get a headstart before work. We won't be able to play today, but tomorrow I'll be available.) (Understood, see you tomorrow then!) (Yup. Later Alex) (Later, J!)

"Here you are then," He hands Randall the money in the most simpliest way bills can be handled in Euros.

Randall: You already got the money for the job?

"Yup. They just mailed it in today, I told them you can pay upfront, during the order, or immediately after. They just had to gather the money."

Randall nodded.

Randall: Nice. Now we just gotta wait for the weapons to be finished.

"Yup. Shouldn't be too long before the molds are done cooling off. Once that's done, we can connect them properly and they'll be ready to ship."

Randall: Alright.

Zoralth got up to check on them, examining them closely. "Almost. Two more minutes."

Randall: Understood.

(Yo, J! I'm here!)(Hiya. How was the working)

Over in the radio station near where Zoralth worked, he was streaming from his phone. Apparently Radical Train The Abandonded mine started to play over a collection of other rock music. Zoralth seemed to like the song and shrugged, his tail flicking to the song.

(Work went well. Was done in about half an hour. I always deliver my stuff starting at 1 PM and I'm usually done before 2 PM. I fill most of my time there with recreational activities. XD)

Randall: You got a nice taste in music.

Zoralth chuckles and shrugs. "It's usually just rock music. Other times I just like listening to a game that had potential to be good. But that's what happens when greed gets to you; it's gonna smack you in the rear when you least expect it."

Randall: Athletes can certainly be greedy: Greedy for victory.

Zoralth shrugs, "I mean, yeah, that too. I just hope Asonja and I don't become greedy....I mean he already is, for power."

Randall nodded.

Randall: I just hope he stays on the good path.

(How about we play Animal Crossing: New Leaf while we do our roleplays?) (I can only do one thing at a time, Al -w-)

"Well...he hasn't been." Zoralth shakes his head. "He's currently on the corrupted side, being on two sides at once. As an Identity, he can be Pure, Anti, or Corrupted. Corrupted core means that he's been going through emotional and mental trauma, which has been causing him to think of nothing but the negatives. He's done this for more than 8 years, and I guarantee you that hardly anything will make him Pure-cored. It's going to be a long fix."

(Okay, then we'll play Animal Crossing later.)(I had the game up x3)

Randall nodded again.

Randall: I see. Well, I think the molds are done.

"Ah, yes, good." He runs over and collects the molds, putting them on the work table. He did the rest for about 20 minutes.


Randall just sat there, drinking another coffee.

Eventually, all of the weapons in the order were wrapped up and ready to ship. "Alright Randall, help me put these in boxes please.

(Can you please open your ticket gate? I wanna see your town.) (I have it open)

Randall: Okay, coming.

Randall started helping Zoralth with the weapons.

"Put the spears in the longest box there. Make sure the wrapping around them won't cut the box."

Randall nods as he did that.

"Right then, let's see...I believe that does it! I'll go ahead and do the rest and ship them."

Randall: Understood.

Zoralth took the boxes, that probably weighed so many kilograms that would crush someone, and headed over to the post office down the street.

Meanwhile, Randall was looking after Tim and the girls.

(Out of curiosity, I converted how much I owe to Tom Nook from Yen to American Dollars and I owe about 550 American Dollars. That's about 446 Euros x3)

Emma had seen Zoralth walk out of the house with the boxes. "Is that the order you guys were talking about?"


Randall nodded.

Randall: Yep. Someone placed an order for weapons and other things they need for something. Apparently, Zoralth and I are now weapon manufacturers. *chuckles*

"That's great! You get decent money though! That's awesome!" Emma clapped a bit. "Actually, I think Zoralth told me that he was more of a smithy kind of guy; making hands-on things. It's sweet."

Merna: Yeah, now you've basically got an occupation and you can get some income.

Randall: Yeah, you're right. Well, let's just take it easy for a bit.

"Come on and sit down, watch some TV, maybe eat a little bit with us. I'd love to relax for a while."

Randall nodded as he watched the shopping channel with Tim and the girls.

Emma was still eating some snacks, one of which were Cashews. Not that she was having anything, but just loved to eat.

(I'm still thinking she's pregnant. XD) (She's not, I'm just saying she loves to eat x3)

Tim watched Emma eat.

Tim: Are you sure you're not pregnant, Emma?

"No, I'm not. I'm still virgin." She says after swallowing a mouthful of cashews. "I just love this surface-dweller food!"

Tim nodded.

Tim: You've inherited that love of food from grandma. She sure was a nice Merchidna.

"Oh she was. She gave me food everyday and spoiled me." She giggled.

Tim nodded.

Tim: She gave me lots of toys, and I've kept all of them ever since.

"Aww, that's sweet!" Emma giggles and continues to eat the cashews. "Though, I'd love me some pasta any day!"

Randall: I still have some spaghetti leftover from a few days ago. Would you like that?

"Sure! Though I think I'm reaching my breaking point, so maybe just a small service of pasta would be nice please ^^"

Randall nodded as he put a small portion of pasta in a plate and heated it up in the microwave. He then took it out, put a spork in it and handed it to Emma.

Randall: Here you go, Shaggy Rogers the Second. *chuckles*

She rolled her eyes and chuckled, digging right in. "Ooo, this is good!"

Randall: Glad you like it. ^.^

Merna: *giggles* Emma's hungrier than Shaggy Rogers, Scooby-Doo and Burger Beagle combined.

Emma just giggles and eventually stops eating, leaving an empty bowl of the pasta. "Phew! Okay, I'm done for the day."

Randall nodded as he put the empty bowl in the sink.

Randall: Well, I'll be out for a walk. Would anyone like to join me?

Merna: I'll come.

"Nah, I don't think I can move after stuffing my face." Emma giggled.

Summer: I'll come too.

Tim: I'll stay here with Emma.

Randall: Okay. Let's go, girls.

Summer and Merna nodded and they followed Randall. (You can play Summer again for a bit.) (Oki. I'm off to go watch a movie real quick because I was being told that my internet is about to shut off.) (Understood.) (I believe it's back up for a second.)

Emma stayed inside while they left.

Meanwhile, Asonja was just cleaning up the bowls from dinner Amy and himself just got done with.

Amy: That sauce you made made the pasta extra good, Asonja. I'm impressed.

"Thanks, Amy. I learned it myself." He blushed as he was complimented.

Amy: That's great. Say, do you have an idea on what we should do now?

"I might have one," he replies, walking over to her and sitting next to her. "Perhaps a little bit of time with you?"

Amy smiled.

Amy: I'd love that.

Amy then began making out with Asonja.

He happily did the same thing to Amy. Meanwhile, Zoralth had returned home, only to find almost everyone in the household was gone. "Oh. Am I late?" He asked whoever was there.

Tim: Randall took Merna and Summer for a walk. Emma and I are still here, because Emma ate too much and can't move much.

He chuckled at that, and Emma did as well. Emma says, looking at Tim, "Hey, I'm not fat I just love eating -w-"

Zoralth chuckles again and pats her head. "Relax, relax. If you're ever hungry I'll make anything of your choice at whatever time of day, dear."

Tim: I wasn't saying you're fat, sis. You said yourself you couldn't move much after all that eating.

"True, true..." Emma blushed a bit, especially when after Zoralth patted her head. "But, it was worth it. Food is just so delicious."

Tim: It sure is. I remember one time with Christmas that you ate a 3 course meal all by yourself. We had to order more food because you ate so much, which was tough considering most stores are closed on Christmas.

She giggled and blushed. Zoralth was impressed.

(I just adopted two characters, one from Silver and another from Jared. I'd love to rp with them so I can build their personality a bit more soon)

(Should we use them in one of the RP's we're currently using?)(Yeah. Obviously Jared's character is a giant, go figure, but I'd actually love to use her. Her name's Gi. Or, we can use a dragoness named Lucy.) (Lucy would make a nice girlfriend for Zoralth in this RP.) (True. I'll introduce her later. Your turn, Al.)

Meanwhile, Randall was walking around town with Merna and Summer.

Merna: Hoofton's a really nice place. It's rather bustling, but also rather peaceful.

Randall: Yep. That's why I decided to settle here. After I left the hero business, I came here, and I've had a very nice life since then. Say, tomorrow I'm gonna do a radio show. Would you girls love to be on my show?

Merna: *gasp* Really?! I would love to be on a surface dweller radio show! What about you, Summer?

"A radio show! How fun!" Summer replies. "Sure! I'll come along!"

As they walked, they found a rather tall figure in the streets. She was bumping into people and saying "Sorry!" repeatedly as she was blushing embarrassed.

Randall: That girl is a bit clumsy. I don't blame her, though. Also, I've never seen her around Hoofton before.

Summer looked over as well. "Yeah you're right...hey wait, aren't those wings? What is she?"

Upon closer inspection, the figure had giant wings that were about the same size as her and they kept knocking back objects, being twice the size of normal mobians.

Randall: I think she's a dragon...

Merna: Yeah, it sure looks like it.

"Like that Zoralth guy! He's been wanting a girlfriend, hasn't he?" Summer looked to Randall. "Do you think we should talk to her?"

Randall smiled and nodded.

Randall: Zoralth could use a girlfriend, yes. Let's talk to her.

Randall and the girls walked up to the dragon.

Randall: Hi there. Who are you?

She looked down and even around herself so nobody ran into her. "U-uh...L-l-lucy, sir..." She poked her claws together, looking away while blushing, her wings folding behind her. It seems she's super shy.

Randall: Okay. I'm Randall, and these are Merna and Summer.

Merna: Hello.

Summer waved, smiling. Lucy looked around again to sit down in front of them, being somewhat their size. "H-hey..." She replies, still looking down. "Y-you three didn't want my name because...because you hate me, don't you? Knocking into everything, being a total embarrassment of myself..."

Randall and Merna shook their heads.

Merna: No, we think you're a great girl.

Randall: Yeah. I have a housemate who would probably love to meet you. His name is Zoralth Masenko, and he's a dragon, like you.

Her ears perked up at that and her tail flicked excitedly. "R-really? I hope he's not distrustful like most men are...but I'd love to meet him one day!"

Summer smiled at that. "We promise you, you'll love him. He's smart, really kind, and a breadwinner. You know that yourself, right Randall?

Randall smiled and nodded.

Randall: Yes, he is. Together with me, he runs a smith from my basement. It's really fun to do. How about we walk to my house?

"W-would I fit?" Lucy asked, blushing. "I'm pretty big and this small as I can get."

Summer had to think about that for a second. "...As small as you can get?"

"Yeah...I'm 80 feet tall, actually..."

Randall thought about that.

Randall: I might have a little something that could shrink you to our size.

"R-really? What would that be?" Lucy leaned forward a bit, curious but also excited.

Randall got out a shrink potion.

Randall: This is a shrink potion. If you drink it, you'll become our size.

He handed it to Lucy.

Summer looked at Randall confused. "Since when did you have that?"

Lucy had drank it and poofed to the common Mobian size. She looked around and yipped happily. "Yay! Finally I won't hurt anyone at this size! That is, this should help me until I learn how to shrink more...thanks!"

Randall smiled.

Randall: You're welcome. Let's go.

Randall, Merna and Summer took Lucy to Randall's house.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis...

(I'm gonna be using that whale character I adopted from Trisell now. I decided to name him Willy. You can play Summer's dad King Lester for a bit.)(okay)

In the throne room of the Atlantian palace, King Lester was sitting on his throne. His right hand man, Willy the Whale was standing next to him.

"So, Willy," King Lester says. "Have you gotten any word from Summer at all today? I was going to invite her back to the palace with her friends for some dinner."

Willy shook his head.

Willy: Not at all, my King. She told me she was gonna leave for Mertopia this afternoon, and then I heard nothing from her after that.

"Hmm...I suggest sending someone up there to check up on her and tell her about the feast we're having. Could you do that for me, Willy, as a favor?"

Willy: Yes, my King. I could do that.

Willy left the palace and began his trek towards Mertopia.

Meanwhile, Amy was with Asonja in her bed (In case you're wondering, no, they didn't bang, you perv. XD). (Didn't hurt to assume x3)

Amy: Do you think Zoralth will mind if you stay here for the night?

"I'm sure he won't mind," Asonja answered, stretching a bit. "Thanks for asking though, he does get a little overprotective of me."

Amy: Okay. So, what should we do now?

"Your choice, Amy," Asonja says. "You're the important one here; I follow."

Amy thought about it.

Amy: How about we watch a little tv here in bed?

"Sure. I'm up for that." Asonja nods.

Amy nodded and turned on the tv.

Meanwhile, Randall, Merna and Summer had taken Lucy home. They stepped inside.

Randall: Zoralth, we have someone here you'd like to meet!

Zoralth stopped, noticing Lucy. "...O-oh my..."

Lucy blushes massively and hides behind Randall, shy again.

Merna put her hands together.

Merna: Aw, it's love at first sight... <3

Summer giggled a little bit and brought Zoralth closer. Lucy only blushed more and continued hiding.

"Another dragon...exists?" Zoralth blinked a few times. "I've been searching for so long."

Randall: We ran into her in the streets, and we decided to take her home for you.

"She's....quite beautiful I must say." Zoralth replies. This only made Lucy feel a bit more awkward, but she still liked the compliment.

Randall: That's good to hear. Say, Lucy, do you mind staying over for the night?

"I...I mean I guess?" Lucy said.

Randall: Okay. Zoralth, could you show Lucy her room?

"Certainly." Zoralth motioned for her, and Lucy followed.

Merna: Did you see all of that, Emma?

"I sure did," she replied. "Man, I'm quite jealous.."

Randall: I have an idea! I'm doing a radio show tomorrow, how about we hold a dating session during it, Emma? People can leave a message on my hotline and you can pick whoever you feel is right for you.

"I suppose that might work. I like what you're thinking." Emma nods.

Randall: Good. Tomorrow around 12 PM, my radio show will begin, so do you think you can be in my studio around that time?

"Yup! I'll be there." Emma nods.

Randall: Okay. That's good. Well, I'll be heading to bed for a bit with Merna. Let's go.

Merna giggled and she followed Randall to his room.

Emma just continued to watch TV.

Tim: Hey, Summer, what do you feel like doing now?

"I suppose watching more TV?" She shrugged. "I am getting kind of hungry though. Also, I do wonder how my father's doing with me gone for a while."

Meanwhile, Willy had made it to Mertopia. He asked Queen Diana where Summer and her friends were and she told him they were on the surface. Willy called King Lester on his shellphone.

"Ah Willy!" He answers. "How goes the search?"

Willy: Well, your Majesty, I was just at the Mertopian palace, and Queen Diana told me Summer went to the surface with her friends.

(Now that the Guardian Angel RP is finished, should we start a new RP or just focus on this one first?)(Focus on this for now before we start any new ones)

"I see...I just hope that she's safe with them. Send someone up there to tell Summer and her friends that I'll be hosting a feast tonight and they're invited."

Willy: I will, my King. I'll report to you later.

Willy then hung up. Baby Krabs walked up to him.

Baby Krabs: Hi there. I heard you on the phone. You need help getting Princess Summer and her friends down here?

Wlly: Yeah, if you could do that, that would be great.

Baby Krabs: On it!

Baby Krabs then went to the surface.

Back at Randall's house...

Summer and Emma ate some snacks. Emma went slowly, but Summer was going at the popcorn.

(Where'd you go?)

Tim was just sitting around, getting hungry too.

Suddenly, someone rang the doorbell.

(Getting ready for work.)

"Oh, I'll get that." Summer gets up to the door

(-_-)(Sorry. ^^; Later)

Baby Krabs: Hello, Princess Summer. I've been sent by Willy the Whale, one of the members of the Atlantian Royal Palace Staff to get you and your friends.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I forgot to give you guys a notice! Is my father too worried?"

Baby Krabs: I don't know, but he sent Willy to get you and your friends for something. Can you gather your friends and then come with me?

"Oh alright! I'll be right back!" She nods, while Emma had already heard. Tim probably did as well and Summer went upstairs to Randall and Zoralth's room. She went to Randall's first. She knocked on it as well.

Randall: Yes, who's there?

"It's me, Summer! Want to come to Atlantis with me?"

Randall: Sure, I'd love to!

Merna: Me too!

Randall and Merna came out of Randall's room.

Randall: Whatever were gonna do in Atlantis, I'm in. Are Emma and Tim coming too?

"Yup! They said they wanted to come as well. Oh, and check to see if Zoralth and Lucy want to come along."

Randall: Sure. Can you ask Amy and Asonja if they wanna come too?

"Sure thing. Asonja's next door, right?"

Randall: Yes.

"I'll be right back!" She says and runs down the stairs and proceeds to head outside to Amy's house.

(You were taking so long, that I left. Whatever you are doing over there, it doesn't matter. I understand you're busy with work and preparing for school and all, but your inactivity is f**king pissing me off!)

(I'm not perfect; don't expect me to be here at a precise time every single day. Not all days are going to be the same, and it's not my fault I have chores and work to do and it's shortening my time. Just appreciate the fact that I'm doing this with you, please. It's making me feel like I'm not worth your time and extremely petty. And that's what's annoying me.)

(I know, I'm sorry...I just don't have a lot of friends outside of the wiki, and I have trouble doing things by myself most of the time, so my parents usually do a lot of things with me and sometimes I game with my brother, and I sometimes I go out on cycling tours by myself, like I did today, but other than that, I'm lonely irl...Again, sorry for saying that, it's just that I'm extremely lonely irl...)

(I understand. Just don't say anything you might regret when you know you're having issues, like I am. Appreciate the fact that I'm here with you, and I'm not backstabbing you like a bunch of people did to me.)

Meanwhile, Amy was in bed watching tv with Asonja.

Summer knocked on the front door, waiting both patiently but also excitedly.

Amy got out of bed and walked down to the front door and opened.

Amy: Oh, hi, Summer! what are you here for?

"I was wondering if you and Asonja would like to come with me to Atlantis. Would you like to?"

Amy: Sure, I'd love to. *calls upstairs* Asonja, do you wanna go to Atlantis with me and Summer?

"Ooh," Asonja appeared over in a cloud of nanites and reformed to normal. "The Atlantis?"

Summer nods. "Yup! THE Atlantis. Want to come with?"

Asonja shrugged, his eyes shimmering a bit in an odd color. Nobody noticed. "Sure, why not!"

Amy: Great! Let's go!

Amy went upstairs to turn off the tv, went back downstairs, stepped out the door and waited for Asonja.

He was already out. "Alright, we ready to go?"

Amy: I guess.

Randall, Merna, Emma and Tim then walked over with Zoralth and Lucy.

Randall: Merna has given Zoralth and Lucy Merbian powers, so we're good to go.

Lucy was holding onto Zoralth nervously, but Zoralth stroked the top of her head reassuringly. "It's going to be all right Lucy. We'll protect you from any evildoers."

Lucy smiled, blushed lightly, and nodded. "R-right," she says and her tail flicks.

(Do I take Summer back now?) (Of course) (Okay. I'll take a shower real quick and then I'll be back.)

Summer: Okay, follow me to the beach!

Summer then walked off towards the beach and everyone followed.

Asonja had his hands in his pockets and Zoralth followed with his left arm around Lucy protectively. Emma was by herself but around Tim and Merna.

Eventually, everyone made it to the beach.

Summer: Okay, let's go!

Everyone ran into the ocean and turned into their Merbian forms. Randall put on his shark tooth necklace and turned into his Merrhino form. Zoralth had a dark blue fishtail and Lucy had a white fishtail with a white shell bra to match.

She seemed to almost panic for a moment but Zoralth comforted her and told her that this is normal for Merbians and she's safe. She nods and swims along with Zoralth.

Baby Krabs: Let's go to Willy.

Baby Krabs took the group to where Willy was.

Willy: Ah, you're back with Princess Summer. And it looks like you've brought back even more friends, Princess Summer.

Summer: *giggles* Yup, I made quite some friends up there.

Willy: Okay. Your father is planning a feast, and he invited your friends too. If you would be so kind to follow me.

The group nodded and they followed Willy to Atlantis. They arrived at the palace and they were let inside. They then went to the throne room where King Lester was.

Summer: Daddy, I'm back! And I brought my friends, including a bunch of new friends I made on the surface!

Zoralth bowed and Lucy just waved nervously. Asonja only did a headnod and Emma happily waved.

Randall, Amy and Tim bowed too and Merna smiled.

"My, that's a lot more friends than I made when I was your age!" He chuckled a bit. "Well, with that out of the way, no need to be so formal everyone. In this palace, we're all family. Now come and have a seat, and enjoy some of our freshest wine."

Everyone nodded and they took a seat. They each poured themselves some wine and drank it.

Randall: Oh my...Is this what luxury tastes like...?

Amy: Woo, this tastes good!

Tim: Yeah, it's really good.

Summer: The Atlantian farmers grow the finest sea grapes for this wine. It's quite luxurious, but it's rather normal for princesses like Merna and me.

Merna: Yeah, Summer and I are used to drinking this.

Zoralth was quite impressed. Lucy was afraid to drink some but did anyway. She only took a small sip and said nothing else. Though, Zoralth could tell she enjoyed it because her tail was wagging softly. Asonja blinked surprised for a moment and nods, putting the wine back down.

Summer: So, what's next, daddy?

"We shall wait for our feast." He replies, nodding. "Our cooks are making sure that our meals are just right for all of you. Now, tell me, my lovely daughter, tell me all about your new friends here."

Summer: Okay. Well, this purple Merrhino with the yellow cap is Randall. He has a big house in a town named Hoofton.

Randall: Yep. I have a blacksmith in my basement, and I also have a radio studio in another basement. In my free time, I host a radio show where I discuss various topics on my mind.

(Can I come visit your Animal Crossing town? I have a special character who wants to go to another town.)(Sure, one sec, let me power up my 3DS and open the town)

"Interesting. What about these couple lizard fellows here?" He asked. Asonja pointed out politely, "sorry to interupt but they're dragons, King sir. They're lizards, yeah, but mythical creatures."

"Ah, yes, apologies," he nods and corrected himself, "Could you tell me about this dragon couple here?"

Summer: This dragon couple consists of Zoralth and Lucy. Zoralth runs Randall's blacksmith alongside him. Together they manufacture weapons to sell to surface dwellers. Lucy is a shy dragon whom Randall, Merna and I met while strolling through Hoofton. We hooked her to Zoralth. *giggles*

Lucy blushed in response and Zoralth chuckles. The king chuckles as well and nods. "I see. Though, I was getting to this young hedgehog here. He doesn't appear to look so offense, young one." Asonja shrugged at that.

Summer: His name is Asonja, he's Zoralth's twin brother. I don't know how it worked, but it did. I don't know why looks so bad. Maybe you could explain, Asonja?

(Have you got your town set up?)(No, not yet. Sorry, I was a little busy)

Asonja shrugged. "If I were to explain it I'd darken this whole atmosphere. I'd rather not say." The king nods, understanding. "Just a few more minutes then."

(It's okay.)

Summer: Alright. Well, this pink Merhog is Amy Rose, Asonja's girlfriend.

Amy: Yes. I'm also Randall's neighbour. I just moved into Hoofton yesterday or so, so I haven't spent a lot of time in town yet.

(It's open now. It should be.)

"It's a pleasure to meet every single one of you. I hope you all enjoy our feast." At the moment the King says this, the chefs brought out plates upon plates of Atlantis' favorite foods in large quantities. They all look amazingly cooked and prepared to perfection.

(It's not showing up. Probably because I'm playing as a non-mayoral player. I'll go to my mayoral player, hold on.)

Randall rubbed his hands in delight. Tim was excited and Amy looked happy. Merna and Summer weren't surprised, because they were used to the food.

(Fixed it)

Zoralth and Lucy were amazed. Asonja was just curious. He wasn't much of a sea-food eater.

Randall, Amy, Tim, Merna and Summer began eating. They were delighted with the food.

Zoralth and Lucy went into it, after finding some food that they liked. Asonja looked around too, but wasn't eating much. The King had noticed but didn't seem to ask about it.

Eventually, everyone finished eating.

Randall: This was quite a treat, Your Highness. I really appreciate it.

Amy: Yeah, back home, my food wasn't that luxurious.

Zoralth and Lucy nod. Lucy's tail wagged happily and Asonja had eaten quite a bit himself which was a first.

Randall: So, what's next, Your Highness?

"Well, let me ask you this one other question: Who's ready for dessert?" He asked. Zoralth and Lucy seemed to get hungrier thinking about it. Asonja just laid back a bit, looking like he can't eat anymore. Emma was more than excited.

Randall: I am!

Tim: Me too!

Merna: I'd love some dessert.

Amy: Me too.

Summer: I wonder what dessert will be...

"It can be whatever you want all of us to have, Summer," the King points out. "Feel free to choose."

Summer thought about it.

Summer: Let's have the Honeyed Horn of Plenty.

Randall: What's that?

Summer: That's a horn filled with a few scoops of ice cream and drizzeled with honey. Can we all have that, daddy?

"Why certainly! Our chefs are now working on that now." He nods. Asonja thought about it for a moment in silence. Lucy was excitedly waiting and Zoralth excitedly anticipated the dessert as well.

Tim: By the way, Your Highness..Your daughter and I are now a couple. Do you approve of our relationship?

"Oh! Why certainly!" He nods. "I am trusting you with her life and you protect it with yours."

Tim smiled.

Tim: Thank you, Your Highness. I will certainly protect her with my whole life.

Tim and Summer smiled and then hugged and kissed. Randall, Amy and Merna awed at that.

(I'll be playing some GTA Online. Will you be here again tomorrow?)(I hope so. I have open House at my school in the evening and I think you'll be asleep for that. I might get here at noon my time, which is probably after your dinner in the Netherlands. Sound good?)

(Sure, I'll catch you tomorrow. Bye, J!)(Seeya)

Zoralth and Lucy gave each other a small kiss too. Emma smiled for the two wonderful couples. Asonja just took a glance and turned toward Amy quietly.

Amy kissed Asonja as well.

He blushed slightly and kissed Amy back as well. Zoralth chuckled at that and Emma clapped her hands lightly for a moment.

Randall and Merna kissed as well. Everyone smiled at all the romance going on.

Eventually, the deserts had arrived. "Dig in everyone! Please do enjoy." The king says, taking his own platter.

Everyone began eating their desserts. They really enjoyed it.

Amy: I should ask the cooks for the recipes of the food they make here. It's so luxurious that I feel like making it myself.

Summer: That's a great idea. Say, daddy, could Amy take a few of our recipes home?

"Sure thing!" He nods. "Though, there might be some ingrediants that you can only get from here, but you're more than welcome to make it yourself at home! It's quite easy to make, surprisingly." He chuckled at that.

Summer: Alright. I could get someone to deliver Amy those ingredients.

Summer got out a bell and rang it. A servant came swimming in.

Servant: Yes, princess?

Summer: Subject, if you would be so kind and get this pink Merhog girl some of our recipes?

Servant: Yes, princess! I'm on it!

The servant left to go get the recipes.

Amy: That's really kind of you, Summer. And you too, Your Highness.

He nods, smiling a bit. Asonja was actually quite interested, but kept quiet about the whole thing.

Summer: You're welcome, Amy. That's what friends are for.

The servant then came back with some recipes and they handed them to Amy.

Servant: Here you go, young lady.

Amy: Thank you.

The servant saluted Amy and left the room.

Merna: So, is there anything else we're going to do?

"I suppose we've done all that we could," Zoralth says and gets up from his chair, bowing a bit. "We thank you for inviting us to your feast." The king chuckles at this and only smiled. "You're welcome, mister dragon," he says. "Though it is a shame that I cannot keep you all here in my palace for so long, including my sweet dear daughter. I believe that she has found a lot more peace in the overworld."

Summer: I guess so, daddy. But I'll still come back here if I feel the need to go for a swim or visit here. We really appreciate the feast you organised for us all, and we'll come by again soon. Bye, daddy!

Summer hugged her father and everyone swam out of the palace and back to the beach. Once there, they got out of the water and turned back into Mobians. Randall had taken off his necklace and turned back to normal too.

Merna: That was really fun, wasn't it?

Tim: It sure was.

Amy: Yeah. And now I've got some undersea recipes I can make here on land. I'm very excited about it!

Randall: Well, how about we all go to bed now?

Summer: Yeah, I'm getting kinda tired.

Amy: Yeah, me too. Want to sleep at my house, Asonja?

"Of course, as I obviously have no other place to sleep, heh..." He rubbed the back of his head, slightly embarrassed while saying so. Emma just patted Asonja on the shoulder. "Hey, Sonj, you're a good guy! Quit being such a downer and take the chance, ya know?"

"Emma's right, Asonja," Zoralth speaks up, keeping Lucy next to him. "How else are you going to progress when you pass up an opportunity like that?" Lucy nodded in agreement, but silently.

Amy: They're right, Asonja. Come on, let's go.

Amy took Asonja into her house. The others went into Randall's home.

Randall: Alright, girls, I got some clothing you can sleep in if you'd like that.

Summer: Sure.

Emma clapped happily. "Sweet! I could use some new clothes!" Lucy was quite embarrassed as, well, dragons don't really wear clothing. Their scales technically ARE their clothing.

Merna: Sure, I'd like that.

Randall nodded as everyone went inside. Randall gave Emma, Merna and Summer clothes to sleep in.

Randall: Night, girls.

Summer: Night.

Summer then went to her room.

Merna: Hey, Randall, can I sleep in your bed tonight?

Randall: Sure, sweetheart.

Randall and Merna went to Randall's room.

Tim: I guess I'll go sleep too.

Tim found a spot to sleep and crawled under a blanket that Randall had prepared for him.

Zoralth and Lucy went to Zoralth's room, where they slept. Meanwhile, Asonja slept in Amy's room on the left side, lightly curled up.

The next morning...

Randall was preparing breakfast for everyone. Randall decided to make the gang pancakes. Merna, Summer and Tim were patiently awaiting their pancakes.

Tim: I can't wait for breakfast!

Merna: I wouldn't mind having something to eat.

Summer: Me neither. I'm a bit hungry.

Lucy zipped to the table, apparently in love with Pancakes. Zoralth lazilly followed.

Randall: Is Emma still asleep?

"Yeah, I just checked on her." Zoralth states. "Still sleeping like a rock."

Randall nodded.

Randall: As long as she'll be awake before 12 PM, because she will be on my radio show then.

Zoralth nods. "Do you need assistance with those pancakes?"

Randall: Sure, go ahead.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Randall: I'll get it.

Randall handed his spatula to Zoralth and went to the door. A delivery man was there.

Delivery Man: Hello there. Thank you for ordering at Hochanda. Here's your materials for necklace making.

Randall nodded and signed for the order.

Delivery Man: Thank you. Bye!

The delivery man handed Randall the materials and got back in his van. He then drove off. Randall went inside.

Randall: The necklace materials from Hochanda are here!

Summer: Yay! I can't wait to get to it after breakfast!

Lucy seemed confused at that while Zoralth made the pancakes. "I'm sure everyone here is going to make some unique necklaces. I'd love to see them, ya know."

Merna: I'm sure we will.

Tim: Are our pancakes ready, Zoralth?

"Yup! Extra fluffy for everyone!" He says as he passed them around along with bacon.

Everyone then began eating.

Merna: Mmm, this is nice.

Summer: It sure is. It's a lot different from what I get at the palace back home.

Merna: Agreed.

Randall: Well, this is how peasants eat, girls.

Summer: It's nice.

Merna: Agreed.

Tim: Yep. Food tastes a lot better on land, because it doesn't taste as salty as it does in the ocean.

Emma and Lucy happily ate their share of pancakes. Lucy finished first, leaving Emma in the dust who was obviously surprised by that. "Whoa...someone who actually eats faster than me..." Emma muttered.

Tim: Wait, where'd you come from, Emma?

"I woke up earlier and zipped right in," she says. "What, you didn't see me come in?" She giggled a bit.

Tim: No, not really.

Randall: Well, good to see you're awake, Emma. Also, if you noticed, the necklace materials from Hochanda came in. You and the girls could go make necklaces after breakfast. Remember to come to my radio studio at 12 PM. You can recognize the studio door because it has an "On Air" sign above it.

"Oh! I forgot about that, almost," she giggled a bit. "I'll be right there, I promise." Zoralth went onto making some sausages and bacon as well as some scrambled eggs.

Meanwhile, Amy was having breakfast with Asonja next door. Amy had made toast with syrup on it for her and Asonja.

Amy: So, how was your first night with your girlfirend, Asonja~?

He smiled a bit, lightly. "Pretty nice, I must say," he replies. "Better than sleeping on the couch, no doubt."

Amy: Yeah, I bet. Say, how about we go out dancing tonight?

"Sure," Asonja says. "I'm not the best dancer but I'll give it a try."

Amy: Oh, good.

Amy then ate some more toast.

Amy: So, is there anything in particular you'd like to do right now?

Asonja shrugged. "Not really. It's all up to you."

Amy thought about it.

Amy: Maybe we could take another swim in our Merbian forms?

"Sure. I'm up for that." Asonja says as he had finished his toast.

Amy: Okay, let's go!

Amy took Asonja out the door and locked it.

He followed Amy, bringing along his trench coat. He can't leave anywhere without it.

Amy took off her clothes and dove into the water, gaining her tail.

Amy: Your turn, Asonja~!

He took mostly everything off but not his trench coat and upper shirt. He dove in and got his tail. "Right behind ya."

Amy giggled and dove under the water.

He followed shortly behind. "You seem to like this place moreso than the surface," Asonja pointed out.

Amy: Yeah, I mean, I feel so free down here!

Amy spun around and did some loops.

He chuckled at this. "I do feel more or less free down here as well, now that you mention it."

Amy: Yeah. Say, feel like having a make out session in that seaweed bed~?

"Sounds comfy. Sure, why not." He nods to this, blushing a bit.

Amy pulled Asonja down into the seaweed bed, swam onto him, put her arms around him and began kissing him.

Asonja began to do the same thing, though a little slow as he was just learning how to do it.

Amy continued to make out with Asonja. By the way she did it, he could tell she was happy about it.

With that being thought of, he continued and occasionally his tail fin wagged but only slightly.

Meanwhile, back on the surface, Merna and Summer were making necklaces with Emma.

Emma made a turquoise colored necklace. "Hey girls check this one out! Do you think this'll match the clothing and my tail?"

Summer: I'm sure it will, honey. What do you think of this yellow necklace I made? Will it match the colors of my fur, tail and shell bra?

"Definitely," Emma replies. "I love the accents on it as well; it makes it more unique."

Summer: Thanks, honey.

Merna: What do you think of my pink necklace? Will it match my clothing and tail too?

"I think that'll do nicely. What do you think Summer?"

Summer: It looks nice, Merna. It'll certainly match.

Merna: Thank you!

Tim sat around, trying to think of something to do. He wasn't a fan of the girly things Emma, Merna and Summer like to do.

Suddenly, a knock came to the door.

Randall: Can you get it, Zoralth. I'm busy getting my studio ready for my radio show in the afternoon.

Zoralth teleported right to the door and opened the door. "Yes?"

A hospital worker was at the door.

Hospital Worker: Hello, are you Zoralth Masenko?

"Of course, that is me," he nods. "Are the results in?"

Hospital Worker: Okay. Well, the skunk you brought in yesterday is fine. He has woken up and is currently in his hospital room recovering. I think he would really appreciate it if you visited him.

"Ah, yes, I will do that now," he nods and looked to the gang behind him. "Sorry guys, I got some urgent business down at the hospital across from here. Randall, can you take care of them and the food as well?"

Randall: Sure, Zoralth.

Tim: Can I come, Zoralth? I don't feel like making necklaces with the girls.

"You may, Timothy," he answered.

Tim: My given name is Tim Trevor Capulet. Many people think it's short for Timothy, but it's just Tim. Anyways, let's go. I'm right behind you.

"Ah, right," Zoralth nods and walks out to wait for him. "It's a common mistake, I believe it."

(Were you distracted by something?)

Tim nodded and followed Zoralth.

Tim: It's okay.

(Essentially, yes. And trying to wake myself up too)

"Right then," Zoralth leads ahead. "Glad you could come along. It gets lonely sometimes without Lucy around."

(Alright. I took a shower real quick, but now I'm back.)

Tim: I see. You and Lucy seem like a cute couple.

He chuckled a bit and nods. "Thanks. She's practically my everything at this point."

Tim: *giggles* Even though you two only met yesterday.

"I know, it was rather quick," he shrugs. "But, she seems to need the help."

Tim: Yeah, she needs someone to pull her out of her shell, and I think you're perfect for that, Zoralth.

"Hehe...thanks..." he blushed embarrassed.

Tim: You're welcome.

They then got to the hospital. The same receptionist from yesterday was there.

Receptionist: Hey, Mr. Masenko! The skunk you brought in yesterday is in Room 12.

"Great! Thank you much," he nods and walks over to Room 12 with Tim close by.

The skunk watched Zoralth and Tim enter the room.

Skunk: Hey there, livesaver! Thanks for helping me yesterday!

He nods. "No problem, sir. All in a day's work. I do appreciate the thanks."

Skunk: You're welcome. I really appreciate you bringing me here.

(I'll be going offline now, so if I don't see you again in the weekend, I wish you luck with your final school year, and that we meet again real soon.)

(Alrighty. Later)

Zoralth nods. "Oh, and this is my friend Tim. He wanted to come along to check on how you were doing too."

Tim smiled and waved.

Skunk: Alright. My name is Cody. I work at the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Acorn, and after Sonic the Hedgehog turned female, Princess Sally Acorn was heartbroken, so King Maximilian Acorn sent me to search the globe for a new lover for Sally. I had crossed most of Eurish and Northamer, and I collapsed here in Hoofton. Do you happen to know anyone who could be a potential lover for the princess?

"Hmm..." Zoralth rubbed his chin for a moment. "Not that I know of, no...but the only single person that I know of is Emma."

Cody: Well, the princess is straight and has no interest in females, so it isn't an option. To be fair, I have a crush on the princess, but the king would fire me if he discovered it. He doesn't want anyone at the palace to date his daughter.

"I would help out, but I'm already taken as well, and so is Tim," he says. "Very sorry Cody..."

Cody: *sigh* Well, looks like Princess Sally will be eternally lonely...If she's sad, there's no way she'll be able to rule the Kingdom of Acorn...I mean, the king is aging and Prince Elias is apparently unwilling to rule...If we don't find Princess Sally a new lover, the monarchy of the Kingdom of Acorn could collapse...

"I understand your struggles, but with all due respect, I would love to be with Sally to make her happy. But I'm already taken..."

Cody: I understand...

Zoralth sighed a little bit. "Though, please do keep looking. I assure you that there should be someone who'd be more than welcome to be with Princess Sally."

Cody nodded.

Cody: I will was soon as I recover.

(I gtg, if I don't see you toinght, I hope I see you tomorrow, and if we don't meet tomorrow, then I hope we'll meet again real soon.) (Alright. Later Al)

"Good. There's no time for giving up now."

Cody: Indeed. King Max prefers Sally to be with someone who was properly raised to become a king. That's what he told me before I left on my search. I'll go look for someone like that. By the way, do you have ChaoBook, Zoralth? If so, then I could friend you.

"Of course. I'll send you an invite once I get the chance. I am a busy fellow, after all."

Cody: Okay, cool. Do you have ChaoBook too, Tim?

Tim shook his head.

Tim: I don't know what ChaoBook is, so no.

Cody: Oh, okay. Well, once I've recovered, I'll come by your house, Zoralth. I'll see you soon!

Zoralth saluted a bit and nodded. "See you then. Come on then Tim."

Tim: Okay, Zoralth. Bye, Cody!

Cody: Bye!

Tim left the hospital room and waited for Zoralth.

Zoralth eventually joined, with his large wings extending out for a moment to stretch them out. "I suppose we'll be heading home now."

Tim nodded as he walked out.

(Timeskip to 12 PM)

Randall was sitting in his radio studio, ready to begin his radio show. He was waiting for Emma.

Emma had joined in with a sandwich that she had made for both him and herself. "Alright! I'm ready to go! What're we going to be talking about today?"

Randall: We'll be playing a dating game so you can get yourself a boyfriend, we'll be talking about the garbage movies Mobiwood keeps pumping out, and we'll be dishing up the political dirt.

"Great! This'll be exciting." She says as she sits down. "What'll we start off with first?"

Randall: We'll start with the dating game. Let's go on air now!

Randall then went on air.

Announcer: Up next on Rhino County Radio, it's the Rhino County Radio Community Hour, with the Sultan of Subjects and battling the war on people's minds, Randall the Rhino.

Randall: Hello, and welcome to the RCR Community Hour! I'm your host, Randall the Rhino! Today we've got quite a program: Mobiwood garbage, politics, and you'll get the chance to get yourself a real nice girl. Please say hello to my new friend, Emma Capulet!

"Hiya~!" She says over the microphone. "Pleasure to be here today!"

Randall: So, Emma, today we're going to try to find you a boyfriend. Tell us some more about yourself.

"Well, I love to eat. And cook foods," Emma started. "I'm really good at it too. I'm pretty kind to a bunch of other people and would defintely love to hear opinions from them."

Randall: Okay. And you're 17, right?

"Yup! 17 and a half, I believe."

Randall: You've heard it, boys. She's 17 and a half, so if you're interested, call the Romance Hotline at 555-188846. So, are you excited for this, Emma?

"Oh definitely! I'm sure we'll get along nicely soon enough~!" She giggled a bit at that. "And now, moving onto a different subject. Shall we go for politics first or the Mobiwood trash?"

Randall: We'll start with the Mobiwood mess-terpieces first while we wait for messages to be left on the hotline. Mobiwood has been running out of ideas and keeps pushing out trashy films to earn money. The greedy bastards don't have anything better to do, it seems.

"That reminds me; doesn't that correlate to the fact that most people who're rich care less about what they make just so long as the public pays to watch it?"

Randall: It sure seems that way, and it's something that really peeves me in the film industry. Movies were a lot better when I was growing up, including G.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassegg Park and Dwindler's List. Those were the days.

"If only I watched similar good ones..." Emma sighs. "But, ya know, that's where everyone's going these days. I just wanna stuff my face with popcorn and enjoy it with a movie for once."

Randall: Certainly. Here's a listener who agrees with Emma, and also shows interest in her.

Male Caller: Hi, my name's JB, and you're right, Emma. Most people who're rich care less about what movies they make as long as the public pays to watch it. It's a scheme in the film industry to keep the cash rolling in, and I f**king hate it! That's why I think you'd be perfect to be my girl. I'm 19, and I live in a village near Hoofton called El Pancho. If you're interested, we could have a little date some time.

"Sure! I'll keep that in mind by writting down your name, age, and your area!" Emma giggles. "Thanks for agreeing with me JB and I hope to meet you soon!"

Randall: Thanks for calling in, JB. Without listeners like you, my show wouldn't be such a success. Anyways, back to the Mobiwood money farming scheme. They delayed the new Bugeye Movie for a super duper trashy movie called The Emoji Movie. Like, seriously? A movie about emoji's? What's next? A movie about fidget spinners or dabbing? Apparently, they delayed the Bugeye Movie because they did not have money for it, but did have money for a trashy movie about emoji's? I call bulls**t! Just goes to show you what schemes the film industry has up their sleeve for money farming! Here's a caller who agrees with me.

(You can do the next message.)(Alrighty. I'm gonna try all I can)

It was a female caller. She says, "Oh my Gaia yes! Yes, I totally agree with you! Finally! Someone very popular who agrees with me! Phew, I thought I was the only one, hehehe....with that out of the way, yes I do agree with you on that one. I actually researched Mobiwoods for a while now and I found out that they had several thousands more than the Bugeye movie to make the Emoji movie. It's like they just borrowed that amount of money because they thought the Emoji movie would "fit to the public." I think they're mocking us, what do you think?"

Randall: You're speaking the Gaia honest truth, girl. I think they're mocking us too. There's just way too few great directors these days. One of my favorite directors, Steven Peelberg still makes a lot of great movies, and I like to watch them. I also really like Clinton Durianto. I was actually at the premiere of his movie Benji Unchained in 2012. It was one of his best movies so far. What do you think, Emma?

"I think it was pretty good myself, though I don't watch that many movies anymore than I used to," she replies. "I haven't spent much time with movies than I have with my friends lately."

Randall: Okay. Let's see if there are more messages from potential lovers on the Romance Hotline...Ah, this guy left a message.

Male Caller: Hi, Emma, I'm Walton from Hoofton and I'm 17 years old. I like nice, smart girls like you, and I'm available anytime in the weekends. I'd love to have a date with you some time.

"Hi Walton~! You're next on my list for people to meet!"

Randall: Thank you for calling, Walton. Emma really appreciates all these boys calling in to leave sweet messages. Anyways, back to the Mobiwood mess-terpieces. Have you ever of Michael Clay? He's a director who's very difficult to work with, and also makes bad movies. He hates it when people call his films trash, but it's the truth. One of the actors who worked on a movie by Clay just left this message.

(You can do it again.)(Alrighty)

It was a male voice. "He was a tad difficult, always saying that he wanted every scene to be perfect, no matter exactly what accident happened. I almost got killed once in a stunt and I had to do it again because I wasn't doing it the way he wanted me to do it. I'm still glad I got my life intact though...but yeah, Michael Clay is a bit of strange case."

Randall: Ain't that the truth. Critics state that Micheal Clay ruined their childhoods with Strangeformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Terriers, and I understand that. I mean, many of Michael Clay's movies feature too many special effects, explosions, plot holes, Megan Wolf's terrible acting, and so on. It peeves many movie fanatics like me, and he should consider retiring, since he's gained so much money from the mess-terpieces he made, that I think it's time for him to call it quits. Isn't that right, Emma?

"Yup! I can't add onto any of that, Randall, you're perfectly right. Now, before we take too much of our time up with that rant, how about we move on to a different rant?"

Randall: Yes, let's move on to politics. Today, we'll be having an interview with a very special guest. She's the current governor of Pandafornia, and she knows how to get things done. Here she is, the one, the only: Deanna Johnson!

Deanna: Thank you, Randall. I really like listening to your podcasts, because when it comes to politics, you do your best to stay out of them. But if you feel the need to discuss it, you let yourself be heard on the matter.

Randall: Agreed, Mrs. Governor. About 65% of this county is conservative, while the other 35% is liberal. I just try to stay in the middle, because I don't want anyone fighting over my political preference.

Deanna: Yes, you're a rather smart young man for being that way.

Randall: Yes. Now, Emma, do you have any questions for our governor?

"I might know a few," she says. "Now, Ms. Govenor, what would be your go-to strategy for getting things done in Pandafornia?"

Deanna: Well, I go across the state and hold surveys to see what people need the most. However, when I come here to Rhino County, most of the people I talk to just scoff at me because I'm a liberal politician. As a politician, you have to deal with critique from both sides, my child. So, do you have any more questions?

"That was really the only question that I had, actually," Emma giggled a little bit. "Sorry! Your answer was just too good for me that I ran out of questions. Honestly making a survey is the best choice to see what people need."

Deanna: Alright.

Randall: How has business been for the past 4 years?

Deanna: It's been skyrocketing after I came into office. The environment's become way better since then as well. Because like I said during my campaign, it's important for our children and their children that they have clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe.

Randall: Well said, Ms. Governor. Can't put it any better than that.

Deanna: Indeed.

(My parents are currently heating up the barbecue, so I don't know how much time I have right now.)(Alrighty. Enjoy your barbecue!)

Randall: Emma, is there anyone on my telephone line who wants to ask the governor a question?

"Let's see...oh! I think this female caller has left a message for her. Randall, if you would, because, well, I don't know how to..." she giggled lightly. (You can also be the caller here if you want) (Alrighty.)

Randall: Alright, let's see if we can get her on the show...Hello, ma'am! You're live on the show! What would you like to ask Ms. Governor?

Female Caller: Hello, Ms. Governor! Even though most of this county is conservative, I really appreciate you coming out here to talk with Randall! My question is: What is the key to becoming a good politician?

Deanna: Well, you have to take your time to study politics, and you have to be willing work really hard to become one. That's what I did after I left Pandafornia News. I would really recommend going to the University of Pandafornia to go study politics there.

Female Caller: Okay, thank you, Ms. Governor, I'll gladly take that advice.

Deanna: Okay, you're welcome. Bye now.

The caller then hung up.

Randall: Oh, it looks like we have another caller coming in. It's my right wing colleague at this station, Carol Ann Stanton. *mutters under his breath* I can tell this isn't gonna end well...

Carol Ann: Deanna Johnson, you liberal traitor! Why'd you come all the way out here to Rhino County?! We don't want people like you here!

Deanna: Ms. Stanton, that's kind of rude to say to the Governor of Pandafornia. don't you think?

Carol Ann: I'd like to give you a bite of my delicious homemade cooking if I were there in the studio.

Randall then hung up on Carol Ann.

Randall: I'm sorry, Ms. Governor, Carol Ann's...not very fond of liberals, to say the least.

Deanna: I can tell...

"That was a little bit awkward," Emma brought up. "But, regardless, thank you very much Deanna for coming onto our podcast tonight. Keep working hard out there in Pandafornia and we'd hope to hear from you soon!"

Deanna: Thank you, my child. It was my pleasure. Thank you too, Randall, for having me.

Randall: You're welcome, Ms. Governor. Please do come back soon.

Deanna: Okay, bye.

Deanna then left the studio.

Randall: Let's see if there are any more potential lovers on the Romance Hotline...Ah, yes. Here's another one.

Male Caller: Hello, Emma. I'm Dwight from a farm near Hoofton, and I'm 20 years old. Even though I can't see you, you're probably a beautiful girl and I'd love to be your guy. Call me.

She giggles. "Hi Dwight! Pleasure to have you in the call. I'll put you on my list for our meeting. Thank you! I call everyone after the podcast to chat with them. Can't wait to talk to ya!"

Randall: It's quite a lovey dovey podcast we're having today. Time for some commercials!

Randall then started playing commercials and turned of his and Emma's mics.

Randall: Do you have radio down there under the sea?

(Gonna go shower for a moment, brb)

"I think we do, as there's only one in Mertopia," she answered. "I have a membership card to access it whenever I want, so, yes!"


Randall: Sweet. I wonder what Amy and Asonja are up to...

Meanwhile, with Amy and Asonja...

Amy was now making love with Asonja (I'm such a dirty guy XD) (I noticed x3 We shouldn't stick there for too long anyway, lol).

Asonja wasn't quite sure what to make of this, but actually quite enjoyed it for the time being in the seaweed bed.

After that, Zoralth and Tim had returned home. Zoralth speaks up, "It seems that Randall and Emma aren't back yet. As long as they're okay."

Merna: They're in Randall's studio doing a radio podcast.

Summer: Yeah, they just had the Governor of this state in the studio.

"Governer Deanna?" Zoralth questioned. "Darn, they're lucky. She must like Randall's podcast."

Summer: Yeah, we heard her say she really likes to listen to Randall's podcasts. When she came inside, she even greeted us.

"Dang...I'm jealous now to say the least."

Summer: Hey, at least you can say you've met a king and two princesses.

"True." He chuckled a bit. "Anywho, I'll be downstairs in my workshop drinking some beer and what not. I know it's early but I'm a little thirsty."

Summer: Okay, do your thing, honey.

He waved and went downstairs, leaving Tim to do what he wants to do.

Tim decided to watch some tv.

(I'm having a lot of setbacks right now. I'm not too happy.)

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