Giovanni the Wolf is a member of an organization, and maily deals with poison.


As a childEdit

At a young age Giovanni had been taken to his father's workplace, where he then saw his father get melted by acid. When he got home, he found out his mother died in a car accident.

Growing UpEdit

While he was in school, his best subject was science, and he learned how to make chemicals. When he got to high school, he was made fun of by most of the people there, and in turn, he took revenge by mutating them. This resulted in him being expelled.

As an AdultEdit

As an adult, Giovanni homeschooled himself. He later learned of an organization that could use his talents, called N.O.V.A.



Giovanni finds Beta annoying, however he also finds him useful the the organization.


Xeon is Giovanni's boss, who he is fearful of. While Giovanni treats Xeon like he would a friend, he is afraid of being killed by him.


Natalie is Giovanni's pseudo-daughter. After Xeon and he made the observation that she was a very special girl, they took her into N.O.V.A. and experimented on her, leaving her thinking that Giovanni was her father. A Father-Daughter relationship is slowly forming between them.

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