Gizoid MK.Mad is madzos uniqe modle of a gizoid sadly blackmail is jeoulus of his leader having one

Ok so gizoids can asorb caos edmrels right so dose this one absorb sol or caos edmrals?

True your quite smart arnt you?Its true yes they asorb caos edmralds or is it just emerl eany ways nope,but the sol edmrald thing makes sense but no this guy dosent asorb anything strange huh?


Thank god thought youd never ever ask thank god.

  • feet:yellow,under:red
  • legs:yellow,stripes or other?:red stripes on sides
  • body:yellow Other?:yep:red core (weak spot but hes working on it)
  • arms:yellow
  • hand left:chainsaw
  • hand right:very dark yellow
  • head:yellow round head, red eyes,3 orange spike things a bit like gemerls but orange


bleep lop bloop if getting E rank

... (getting natious and falling down)if getting a F rank(tecnicly not a quote)

RRRRRRRRRR if getting an d rank bad i guess:if getting aC rank

more like it!:if obtaining a B rank

whoo hoo man!:if getting a A rank

HARDCORE!!!:if getting an S rank

Scraps:if hes goning to get beaten

urgh no!:if beaten

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