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Halia's current design

Halia Airam the Badger is a fictional fancharacter created by 13snumber14 ( She was originally created in mid-2008.

Personal Info, Powers

  • Age (current): 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: American Badger (Taxidea Taxae)
  • Height: 3'2"
  • Weight: 56 lbs.

Though she may not look it, Halia's species is an American Badger. Her family used selective breeding to enhance hearing underground, making them three times as huge, resulting in Halia (and her parents) acquiring very powerful hearing, especially while digging. Her powers include; Super Strength (on par with Knuckles), powerful hearing, and the ability to spin her hands rapidly to form drills, with which, she fights or tunnels underground. She is also a trained martial artist, learning various skills from many sources. Her downfalls are that she cannot run very fast and cannot maneuver well while airborne.


Halia was born on Day 115, in year 3222 in the city of Grand Metropolis. She was raised by her loving parents Lecter (father) and Anna (mother) Airam the Badgers, who were originally from the Badger clan in Sandopolis. Her father, who served as an honorable Knight in the clan as well as a soldier in the Grand Metropolis Defense Force, knew of most treacheries in the world from battles, and taught her how to defend herself if the occasion should arise. Her mother, a gym teacher, disapproved of this, and tried to raise her to be more of a "lady-like" figure, often pressuring her to wear dresses and fancy getup, which Halia resented. They eventually found out that Halia had inherited super strength, a noncommon gene in her family gene pool, only found in badgers that have been known as legendary warriors.

She went to Grand Metropolis Elementary and made friends with Spirit the Hedgehog, a small, sickly hedgehog who could run quite fast and heat his hands with a purplish glow, which could burn on contact. As children, they were often both revered and teased because of Halia's tomboyishness, and Spirit's health issues (mostly because he would sweat often for no reason). However, at the age of 8, only their sheer luck prevailed during the Robotnik Invasion, when he ordered all organic lifeforms to be taken immediately to be roboticized. Halia and Spirit were hidden out of view by a Grand Metropolis Police cadet, Nexus the Wolf. Nexus told them to wait until he came back, but didn't. The children waited almost six hours before emerging back into the city, which was completely in ruins, and everyone had either been killed or captured. They began to look for their parents, but were encountered by Nexus again, but this time, sporting a bloody bandage on his head and staggering, hungrily eyeing them and spouting delusional sayings to the kids. He tried to attack them, but they finally panicked and ran out of the city, with a half-insane Nexus slowly following behind.

They arrived in Mercia after discovering and frantically using a Warp Ring, and were taken in by a kind bat schoolteacher they came to know as Mrs. G. She fostered and homeschooled the children, completing their education when they reached 11/12 years old. Spirit and Halia then made the decision to leave on an adventure to find their parents. After a sad farewell, they left the home they had made in Mercia and began roaming the continent. Since then, Halia and Spirit have been adventuring around Mobius, learning about their world and getting life lessons from wherever they can. After 3 years of adventures, the duo discovered R.E.G.I. (Ring Emulator Generation I), a robotic Red Panda who could fly and create rings on a whim, and since then, has rounded out the team by contributing his Fly ability, as well as his great companionship.

The three have gotten quite famous, and are known as Team R.G.A. (Random Group of Animals), often encountering official and fan- charactera alike, including Sonic, Knuckles and the Chaotix, and others. They have set up base in an undisclosed location, and now rapidly go on missions to help the world they live in. However, they still have to deal with their greatest enemy Nexus, and find their missing parents...

Other Forms/Doppelgangers

Halia cannot go super. It is rumoured that she can use Chaos Control (or rather, a version of it), though this has not been proven.

- She currently has six alternate entities; Anti-Halia (Isabell), Dark Halia (clone created by Nexus), Princess Halia (alternate universe), Zalia (zone-cop), Metal Halia, and Eartha (SIlver Saga MxYL).==Secret== It is the creator's rule that all of her characters have at least one secret in their name, or in their design. Halia's name, as well as a certain item in her design, has a special meaning. Though the secret item has now been discarded for the new design, there is a rumor that one can research the meaning of Halia's name (full name. As in Halia Airam), to find the hidden development secret.

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