Halifax, or 'Fax', works in the Southern Zone against the Rift monsters. He works in the attack department and goes out on field with Ross, sometimes Tori and Brian too. He joins in the revolt with other members of the organisation.


Full Name: Halifax Reid Young

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Fox

Accent: Scottish

Personality: Laid-Back, Cheerful, Joker

Alliance: Good

Theme Song: xKore - Magnum

Favoured Weaponry: Desert Eagle, M16 rifle

Relationships with Others

Ross: Best Friends, Ross is the person that Halifax looks up to. End of story

Tori McClane: Also Best friends, even though Tori swears a lot.

Brian Chambers: Good Friends, He finds Brian as good company

Diana Bell: Good friends, they like to banter a lot. He feels that she treats him too much like a child though.

Ray Cutter: Good friends, they treat each other like brother and sister.

Logan: His Boss. He jokes about Logan's crush on Grace, but he respects him alot.

Grace Valentine: Friendly, He likes talking to her even though it annoys Ray and Tori

'Aussie': Neutral, He's weary of Aussie since his past record but because Tori is friends with him Halifax tries to be too.

'Jekyll' Cox: Neutral, He hasn't talked to him much.

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