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Hanging Doctor Eggman (A Loony-Jack-Centeral FAN-made story)

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Hang Dr. Eggman High

Hanging Doctor Eggman High

Hanging Doctor Eggman

*A W.i.p Story, starring Jack


The Hunter (Jack) arrives in town, which happens to be in bad shape from the results of war. He heads into Uncle Chuck's local restaurant and fishes for information about the town, which Uncle Chuck readily provides. An idea forms in Jack's mind to pit the two warring groups, the Eggman empire and the remains of the Resistance against each other. While doing this, he tries to take advantage of both sides by working as a gun for hire to increase his monetary gain.

Please note that this is a FAN-made story and does not tie in with any official characters as a canon story. All Canon characters are owned by their respective creators and SEGA. This story is just for fun ^ ^

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