Name: Hanna Steinalah (Or just Hanna)


Age: 17

Specie: Hedgehog

Hair colour: Blonde

Skin: Tann

Likes: Independency and handheld items (Swords , guns)

Dislikes: Cake and worms

Relations: Tia the cat (Mother) Shenton the hedgehog (Father) Sasha the cat (Younger sister) Steele the cat (Older sister)

Special someone: Kenta the hedgehog

Personality: Calm and determined

Fear: Needles

Attire: Blue all in one with stripe , Blue boots with stripe

Eye colour: Odd blue

Power: Flying and general fighting.

Canon ship: EspiAnna

FC ship: KentAnna

Backstory: Hanna and Shadow were originally born all those years ago in pompeii . Hanna was princess of the lands , she found shadow (Theif) lying in the streets . She wanted to become close to him and didn't want to be princess because she was controlled . She followed the paths of Shadow and became very close to him . So they stayed together . When the volcano struck she ran away with shadow to the ice cold sea 4 miles away . They froze there for an amazing 2005 years and the water had carried them hand in hand to a new Island . It was technology all over, Hanna didn't understand anything. She stayed with shadow as a "sister" . Then made Freinds, A best freind (Ruby) and Hanna bumped into her true love, Kenta . Kenta was always in the same area when she passed by him . Eventually , they got together. They were shy and never spoke at first , but that doesn't matter. Sasha and Steele (Sisters) Were rivals and caused most havoc in the city as they were both very strong. Hanna had realised these were her sisters as she could recognise them from 2005 years ago in Pompeii, Steele was eldest princess and Sasha wasn't a princess at all , so they always got into fights ... Sasha doesn't have much freinds , alough shes actually lucky to have a boyfreind ! (Benjamo the Werefox) I guess thats it.