Hannah Angels

Full Name

Hannah Gina Angels








Neutral Good


Hannah uses a slingshot that she can use to throw elemental stones that summon a ball of elemental energy


January 13th, so she's a Capricorn


Hannah is very sweet and spunky. She rarely loses her temper and she does have a bit of a stubborn streak

Sexual Preference

Hannah is straight and wonders if that will change later

Voice Actor

English: Hynden Walch


Hannah wears a simple purple dress with a silver chain around the bottom with a pair of blue jeans underneath. She also wears a pair of blue heels and a purple headband.

Hair Color: Mint Green.

Hair Style: Her hair is fairly long and is slightly wavy.

Fur Color: Dark Blue.

Eye Color: Hazel.

Height: 3" 1'

Weight: 124 Lbs.

Hannah's Family

Burst: Father. Hannah's father and the source of her vampiric blood. At first, Hannah was mad at her father for creating her and for being born a freak. But over time, she got over it and began to accept him.

Sadie: Mother. Hannah and her mother have a tight bond and they love to do things together such as feeding hungry people and going shopping.

Blake: Brother. Hannah's younger brother and her favorite target for pulling pranks. She loves her brother but she also finds him very annoying at times.

Olette: Aunt. Hannah doesn't see her aunt much, but when she does they get along just fine. Hannah loves receiving gifts and having a good time with her aunt.


Friends: Julia. Hanna's best friend She is ok with the fact that Julia likes her little brother and actually supports it. Casper. An old friend from her hometown. She enjoys catching up with him and taking him out. And, Majorie. Hannah's classmate and a real gossip. Hannah likes to gossip with her and they get into trouble a lot for it.

Rival: Cassius. Hannah and he are on the cheerleading squad together and they always compete to see who will get the best position in a routine. 

Enemy: Debby. Hannah and her met when school started and things didn't start well because Hannah accidentally spilled coffee on her shirt. Now Debby tries to upstage Hannah at every corner.


Abilities: Hannah is a gifted songwriter and loves writing for her friends. She is also trained in ballet and has been since age five. Lastly, she is also very good at giving directions and being organized.

Special Ability: By accessing her vampiric blood, Hannah is somehow able to turn invisible and she uses this to her advantage.

Weaknesses: Hannah is somewhat allergic to spinach and tries to stay away from it. She also can't stand extreme cold as she gets sick easily. And, she is easily scared of worms due to one nearly crawling into her ear when she was younger.