Name: Hannah

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Spieces: Wolf

Friends: Shelbie, Ember, Rosetta, Shelly

Neutral: Rosie, Ari, Starla,Star

Rival/Enemies: Raindrop, Freya, Vanessa, Julian, Ice

Alingment: Neutral


Hannah was born 100 years in the past.

Hannah was also on the ship travelling around planets with Freya. But she had been a quiet girl and stayed in a small group away from the rest of the "popular" groups.After it, she had joined Team Challenge. But she soon started to argue with them. During discussions she would be neutral. In the events of the Mobian War, Freya had got frozen so she could escape from her depression. And in Sonic Survival 2, Team Challenge and Freedom where taken forward through time to find out that Freya had been frozen to the same time period. Freya should unstability, and in an attempt to restrain her they were attacked - Freya lost an eye. She soon became anti social and believed that team challenge were their enemies. Rosie desided that its better if they teamed up with their rivals, Team freedom to find her. Hannah however decided she should follow her own path, as she believed it would be better since the arguments have become more frequent.


After leaving another team, Hannah adoptped Wenona in an attempt to have a more peaceful life.

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