Full Name: Hanshi Neiza Yurimens

Alias: N/A

Age: 10, 30 (War for our Freedom: 20 years later Trilogy. Fail name for the win)

Gender: Female

Species: Dalmation

Alingment: Neutral

Nationality: Eliáncen (Born in Eliánce but lives in Kepithia)

Religous Beliefs: Atheist

Languages: French, Kepi, English and a little bit of Russian.

Friends: Bryce, Ivy, Chloe, Jamie, Karin, Arlen

Neutral: Ritzuki, Ebenezer, Zira

Rivals/Enemies: Zephri, Sylvia

Love Interest: Arlen

Known Relatives: Mother and Father are unknown (as they never appeared lol) Eleanor (sister, but barely sees her)

Theme Song: Can't think one ;_;


Working on it again e.e

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