Good or Bad:good fast or slow:fast

best freind:brother

Story of his life

when his brother left him he got a bit mad and hetook his petat the same time as he got mad! so he went in Dr Eggman`s ship and askd were did my brother go and Dr Eggman said in the dark forest so howler went in the dark forest and seen lots of werewolfs but not his brother werewolf so he stayd and stayd untill he seen his brother standing on a rock so he went to Dr Eggman`s ship and bit Dr Eggmanand his brother too and when the seen bones the ran and ate the bones and the Dr Eggman`s robot`s capcherd them the rest of the werewolfs bit and scrachd the rope the rope brock and howler and his brother got out of the rope all of the werewolf got free and ran away for ever and never came back the Dr Eggman`s ship agen.


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