Humphrey the Hamster is a guard for a super chaos emerald.


Huphrey was minding his own bisness then Eggman took him captive. He brainwashed him and told him to destroy Sonic and the team. He then almost killed them till sonic help't him snaped out of it and he help't them stop Eggman. At the end of the day they ask't him where the chaos emerald is and he told them Eggman had it. After that Eggman was making a plot to destroy Sonic and Humphrey and the team. Then Eggman got a perfect plan and made Huphrey v89. A robot of Humphrey. Eggman sent Humphrey v89 to destroy Sonic and Humphrey and the team. So then the team was just doing there every day thing's Knuckels was out. That's when Humphrey v89 attack't and was beating them all. Till Knuckels came back and took a big bolder out of the ground and thew it at the robot and they thought he destroyed it but he didn't. The robot started up again and hunted them down. It found them and attacked them. No one could beat it not even Knuckles. Then it captured them and took them to Eggman. Then Eggman put them in a laser chamber he started it up. Then Eggman was going to destroy Huphrey v89 because he had no use for it but the robot ran and broke the chamber with its scythe but the laser shot. Huphey v89 bloked the laser with it chest and absorbed it but it got destroyed in the process.

list of distcriptions

name: Humphrey

age: 20

weapons: scythe look like the grim reapers but the blade is thicker

love interest: unknown

distcription: he is tan, with nice black shoes and a nice russian coat.

friends: Knuckels, Sonic, Tails, Cream, Amy Rose and Rouge.

species: Hamster

height: ( 2 ft 11in

weight: 5 pounds

burthday: October 7

enemys: Eggman and his robots

powers: super senses

IQ: average

personality: a nice guy